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craigslist | missed connections in albany, NY

  • Nisky Stewarts union st. - m4w (Nisky) 27yr
    • You were in Stewarts around 1:00. Well this is a long shot but We made eye contact several times an I don't know what I was thinking I should have said something to you, you are very pretty. I would like to get to know you. Tell me what it is you bou [...]
  • vgl AMC - m4m (Albany Med) 32yr
    • Long shot here and do not normally post on here but was at Albany Med today and met you. You seemed really cool and seemed like had connection but not sure you felt the same way. You have really nice eyes! If you actually read these and are intereste [...]
  • beauty in a Lexus - m4w (westerlo)
    • You are definitely easy on the eyes...thanks;-) getting gas, I had to take a better look
  • Irish guy from Global... - w4m (Malta )
    • Looking for the Irish/Scottish guy who works up at global foundries. We met awhile back and I gave you my number. I lost yours. Doubt you even read these though. You seem to have a little more respect for yourself than to use these sites.. haha .. bu [...]
  • You asked if I was hot - m4w (Troy) 29yr
    • I just got out of work was about to enter my garage in Troy, you were walking by and asked if I was hot, I said no because of what I do for a living.. You said that you used to do the same kind of work and we talked for a min, I would love to talk mo [...]
  • BBW coming out of Walmart in Amsterdam - m4w (Amsterdam )
    • I really hope you see this ! Something about a BBW that really turns me on ! You had on nice tight jeans and a loose top , your boobs were popping out. You looked to be about 30 something , I really wanted you , I would of went down on you right in t [...]
  • Missing Person - m4w (New York)
    • Hello,

I'm looking for a long lost friend named: Margie DiMarggio that moved to California in 1980 from New York for a year or two. We worked together and I'm trying to locate her. She turned 65 yr. on July 21, 2014. Please help. Thank you.

You had brown eyes and hair slicked to the side You were also tall, stocky and bearded We made eye contact a few times as you passed me and my friend If you remember me and you're intere [...]

  • Crazy In B-Hills - w4m
    • Beware of Crazy Woman who hates all Mikes I Guess she has no life no anything other then to bash Mikes, Get a life, who ever this guy is he is fortunate not to be with you crazy wow crazies are everywhere
  • At the Flying Field - m4mw (mechanicville)
    • I see u a lot at the field and feel an attraction to you both. Ur a married couple always together. I would love to spend some special time w u both.
  • Target in Latham on Friday - m4m (Latham)
    • We made eye contact as my friend and I were entering the store and you were leaving. Then you turned around and followed us around the store. We said Hi, but you didn't take it any further, but continued following us. If you are interested in meeting [...]
  • Zoosk - m4w 43yr
    • Ikdnoaboutthis,I'm no longer a member,you messaged me a couple times,hope you see this a contact me.
  • Dangos Saratoga Friday Night - m4w (saratoga springs) 55yr
    • We shared a great dance and great conversation late Friday night. I missed the opportunity. I wish I hadn't. We have similar stories and the dance was truly great. Thank you.
  • Welcome to Moe's! - m4w (Colonie)
    • I held the door open for you as we got there. I could kick myself for not speaking to you. I'm newly single and just getting back into the swing of things. You looked great. It would be nice to chat again.
  • Dog Park Normanskill Farm - w4m (Albany/Delmar) 55yr
    • You were at the dog park on a Sat. morning aound 9 am a few weeks ago. You said hello as I was driving out of the parking lot from Normanskill Farm . I have a garden there. I have a blue Jeep and I am blonde. you have 2 small really cute matching dog [...]
  • Tire Warehouse this afternoon....Brunette - m4w (Clifton Park)
    • You drive a gray Camry. Just wanted to say You are Stunning....an absolute 10! Just an innocent compliment from an older guy.
  • looking for mallissa. - m4t (schylerville)
    • Just trying to get back in contact with you. I miss the fun we had by the river. If your still in the area I'd love to hear from you. Hope your doing well.
  • By George Foods Hottie.... - m4w (Ballston Spa)
    • To the tall, thin, sexy woman, in the short little sun dress. I wanted to rip it off you... Although I would leave those great shoes on you. I have noticed your beauty before. It's just seems difficult to get a chance to talk with you there. If you c [...]
  • to my future Husband - w4m (schenectady ny)
    • We work out at the same gym...You are built ford tough.. so am I. I am one of the larger womenthat comes to workout there. ..I know I'm not your type. .. You always talk to this slim young lady. .I dint know if she is your boo or Bestie. .. I'm not a [...]
  • RE: Your name began with a R - w4w - w4w (here and now)
    • That could be for me but seems a little vague. How about your first initial, circumstances we met or location we met at. If this is who I think it is, you wont be disappointed.
  • Ice with milk - m4w (Stewarts rt5) 28yr
    • You work at Stewarts, I have seen you twice. You're absolutely beautiful. I'm not trying to be a creep,and I'd like to get to know you. If you're single please get back to me, even if you're not please let me know. Today I got two things, what were t [...]
  • BY the Water - m4w (Coxsackie) 55yr
    • You were at CYC Saturday afternoon, sitting in a chair by the water and later you were sitting on a towel.

I was with a group of people just in front of you Couldn't stop looking at you and how pretty you are! Looking at your legs was just driving [...]

  • Empire State Plaza - m4w
    • you get coffee every morning around 7:20am with an older man, we exchange looks a lot. you are unbelievable and I have to say "What an ass"..... I'd say I'm sorry, but I won't...... lol. Thanks for the great scenery and great start to my day. Say hi [...]
  • Stewarts (national grid guy) - m4m (schdy)
    • We made eye contact a few times u held the door for me to go in store don't know if your interested but tell me what I was wearing.
  • To The very Attractive & Sexy Waitress at The Halfmoon Dinner On Sunda - m4w (Halfmoon) 58yr
    • This is for the Waitress at the Halfmoon dinner on Sunday. You were kidding me about the shirt I was wearing. If you see this tell me what was said about the shirt. I would love to talk with you and learn more about you.
  • "DRL SGT" - m4m (787 southbound )
    • You looked hot driving that jeep with the thin blue line sticker. You're a damn hot man. Would like to do anything your wife/gf won't do anymore. Respectful and discrete. HMU to tell me what you were hauling and how I can help you out.

Other Marines [...]

  • Friday RSC - m4m (RSC)
    • We hooked up a few times Friday at the club. Would like to do it again. Maybe at my place.

Tell me something so I know its you.

  • Jogger with the sky blue shirt - m4w (Troy-ish) 21yr
    • I'll leave this vague enough to not be embarrassing to either party. I saw you jogging up a short side road in the outer regions of troy where it is more suburban and even somewhat rural. You had a sky blue shirt on, dark hair, a gorgeous face and a [...]
  • lunch by vendor trucks in park - m4m (albany)
    • To the extremely hot tall dark and handsome guy having lunch with a blond, may be your g/f..bro I would luv to meet n greet discreetly some day! Stay hot cutie..lol dl here.
  • Kenwood Ave - m4w (Delmar)
    • Saturday around 1:30pm You were walking along Kenwood Ave when I passed by, you smiled I waved I didn't have time to stop. You appeared to be a women of class a true lady, I would like to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Please list you hair [...]

I've seen you a few times and all I have to say is you make me smile from ear to ear. I can't even think straight when you ask me how I am. So far y [...]

  • Driving on rt.5 - m4w (amsterdam)
    • Seen u on rt.5 last Thursday silver SUV driving to amsterdam you kept up. You r cute would like to get in touch with you. At the light u went right I went straight we made eye contact I winked and smiled. Get back to me in what I was driving we'll ta [...]
  • I 87South toll plaza collector 9w exit - m4w
    • To the very nice blonde.You'll probably never see this but I was the trucker that was totally lost trying to get to rt 20/ 146 in Guilderland Center on July 9th pm.. If it wasn't for you taking the time to explain directions, I'd still be driving in [...]
  • the one that got away - m4w
  • Walmart - m4w (Eastgreenbush)
    • You had a beautiful smile and were holding to many things in your basket. I though you were very pretty and seems so awesome. I offer to help you carry your stuff but you said you were find. I should have ask your name and number. I hope you see this [...]
  • Rt. 20 News & Video Friday night muscle man with amazing butt - m4m (Route 20) 45yr
    • Last Friday night July 18 (around 7:30 PM) at Route 20 News and Video; had contact with older-type muscle man (who knows the ropes) with amazing butt and legs - you got me off and then departed. Make contact so we can

possibly meet up on the outside [...]

  • Older guy at Grafton on Friday - m4m (Grafton park) 50yr
    • We went for a walk while our wives were talking on the beach. You told me that you liked my hairy chest and back and wanted to go in the woods to take care of me. I can't stop thinking about you and want to do it. This is a long shot, but I would lov [...]
  • Walmart Guy - m4m
    • I remember coming to the customer service desk to return cat treats, and I happened to see someone as cute as you. If you see this, I have something more in mind. What was I wearing? You had your tragus on one ear and three piercings on the other.
  • Re: Grow a Pair - m4w (Crap District)
    • Sounds like you have some deep rooted emotional issues possibly from your childhood. What is your role in this ordeal or are you an innocent party. Im going to college for psychology so maybe I could learn from you.


On the odd chance that you actually look at these and you would like to chat, let me know what aisle we we [...]

  • You made it - m4m (Lansingburgh DD)
    • I rarely come in. It was early this morning, you made my ice coffee. I enjoyed it, thank you.
  • Familiar - w4m (Liquor store)
    • Late morning Thursday. I swear I've seen you before. Wide awake or in deep slumber- it was like a Sesame Street clip- what doesn't belong- your presence in my small town- doesn't happen. Big sharpie circle around your flawless ass! Rubbing one out in [...]
  • I still love you. - m4w
  • Outside hotel - m4w (Wolf road) 35yr
    • You said "hi" when I walked by the door, not once but twice. I would love to chat and see if we click.
  • 4runner??? - m4w (following you 146) 30yr
    • I pulled up next to you a while back on 146 and thought you were very pretty. Finally caught back up to you and was behind you for a while.....trying to get your attention. Then we both made a left. I didn't have but again was trying to get you to st [...]
  • Cumberland Farms - m4m (Rotterdam)
    • Last night around 11:20 pm I was parked in the parking lot ...you.. Walked by and went into the store .. we both have a same cars.. and you came up to my window to ask me something about mine. .. what was that question? ? I thought you were very hand [...]
  • in line at dmv - m4w (troy)
    • older woman in line at troy dmv.. saw I caught your eye a few times.. u caught mine too! very sexy!
  • hot guy coming out of loewes - m4m (amsterdam)
    • we passed each other and smiled if u need to be relieved let me know-what did u buy ? i'm very discreet
  • Loudonville Subway - m4w 38yr
    • You were ahead of me in line at Subway in Loudonville yesterday (Wednesday) around 1 o'clock and were gorgeous in your dress and heels. As you were at the soda machine I complimented your dress and you said thank you. I wish I introduced myself and g [...]
  • Re: So sad - m4w (Crap district)
    • Sounds like you have some deep rooted emotional issues possibly from your childhood. What is your role in this ordeal or are you an innocent party. Im going to college for psychology so maybe I could learn from you. Thanks
  • Driving By You and Dog - m4m (Delmar) 44yr
    • For a few days now I have seen you walking your dog near your apartment. You are extremely handsome and cute. We first smiled at each other at Price Chopper a couple of days ago. I'm very discreet and clean. Tell me something about me or where I've s [...]
  • Stewerts, Saratoga Springs near Northway Wednesday 16th 11AM - m4m (Saratoga Springs) 44yr
    • You were driving a dark truck, I was in a wagon, we made I contact a couple times, you ended up coming back apparently forgetting something, you in were behind me in line at that time.

We were both in shorts I was in red shorts, which way did you he [...]

I don't care how love starved or lonely I get. You are gross and the exact opposite of everything I want in a partner. You hate on everything. You are a bad alcoholic. And you STINK. I am not [...]

I saw you having dinner with a girlfriend this evening. You had a blue patterned top, black pants, and looked gorgeous. I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. It seemed like you kept m [...]

  • Pharmasist in Amsterdam - m4m (Amsterdam)
    • I picked up a script around 8:30 Tues night at the Walmart pharmacy on rt 30. You had to speak with me about the bp meds. You liked my watch. This is a long shot but if you see this and are interested where did I say I bought the watch? Your name is [...]
  • Construction worker - m4m (Watervliet)
    • I don't normally post here but seen you working in Watervliet on 25th st. thought we had a connection. Hopefully you felt the same. Would like to give you a nice rub down or anything else. Let me know what you were doing and where in Vliet.
  • Has anybody seen my old friend John? - m4m (Schenectady)
    • We first met at the Flatts and then went on a hike up the hill by the river. Next time you saw me you followed me to the boat launch for some fun. We planned on meeting the following Tues but you never showed or else I was at the wrong bike path park [...]
  • Black man shopping at Family Dollar - m4m (schenectady)
    • This is a long shot, But you were in family dollar on state street,you were very good looking and don't know if you even get down like that, I checked you out a few times, Let me know if you like to be serviced, DL is cool or more. I would love to ha [...]
  • Carried your AC to your at at walmart - m4w (Latham) 27yr
    • Yesterday evening you bought a new airconditioner and asked me to help you put it in your car. You are older than me but sexy. Care to grab a drink? I can tell you what color and make you car was. You complimented something I was wearing. If you see [...]
  • Who ya gonna call? - m4w (schenectady ny Broadway Ave) 27yr
    • I seen you with your red hair, your ghostbusters shirt and your red boots I am surprised to see someone who likes ghostbusters as much as me please message me so we can talk ... spammers need not apply...
  • Leah at xtra mart - m4w (Clifton park) 21yr
    • I came in around 1 I was wearing a gray shirt you were doing this British accent and it was so cute ;) I hope you get this and get ahold of me :)
  • dreadlock girl at cumby's - m4w (b spa) 28yr
    • I posted a few days ago about a beautiful dreadlocked girl at cumby's in ballston spa; apparently craigslist isn't sending the replies to my email like it should, if you tried responding to this I swear I'm not ignoring you. Email me at f.zolller at [...]
  • Stewarts 155&Dr.Shaw rd - m4w (Guilderland)
    • You, blond with black dress pumping gas in your silver Toyota. Did I mention legs to die for???? Stunning.
  • Linda at The Fresh Market - m4w (Latham)
    • Haven't quite come up with a way in the last couple years to actually ask you out while you're at work... I was in your line today again until the "helpful" cashier opened another lane, grr lol, I tried to ignore her :)

Anyways, you are so cute, and [...]

  • Sexual gestures on broadway.. - m4w (schenectady ny) 33yr
    • I saw you today around 10-1030. you are black, bbw..short hair had a cup of coffee and walked through the plaza on broadway by the dollar general and the drug store. I was too shy to say much but I made a few gestures..if you see this and are interes [...]
  • The blame game - w4m
    • It's impossible to communicate with someone that hides and doesn't return calls and texts. You're the one that starts things that he can't finish.
  • Candy
    • Kinda the only way to reach you without causing problems. I have a feeling you miss the "subscription" at least I hope you do! Lots or warm rainy nights lately....figures lol

You HAVE to find a way before you take that step. ....or maybe youre afrai [...]

  • West Ave mobile, construction hotty. - w4m (Saratoga)
    • Idk. Worth a shot. You were with two other guys. On break. Lots of eye contact. You waved, twice. Can't shake your cute face. What color car do I drive. What was on my shirt?
  • S - m4w
    • It's been awhile, and I've thought about your blindfold long enough. Hoping to reconnect... K
  • Stewarts 7 & 22 in Hoosick - m4m (Hoosick)
    • You walked in after 8 pm. Your navy work pants showed off your tight waist and bubble ass, and the light gray t-shirt showed your pecs and big hairy biceps. I wanted to follow you into the bathroom or your vehicle.

Me: 40s, masculine discrete. Want [...]

  • guy in jean shorts and work boots - m4m
    • see you early almost every morning walking into a rest stop on i90. dont think you noticed me but man you are hot. looks like you have darker hair and a beard and always in jean shorts and work boots. thinking you might be a truck driver. if you see [...]
  • Melissa - m4w (Juniors) 38yr
    • Ok, so you made a bad judgement call and thought it would be a good idea to invite cat food guy out. That didn't end well.

Let me know u got home ok, and we can talk about your misguided desire to get drunk alone.... You are so pretty, you deserve [...]

  • clifton park target saturday 7.12 - w4m (clifton park)
    • i thought you were super cute in your shorts black t and boat shoes.. i was hoping maybe youd talk to me but it never happened.. ive never thought about a stranger so much before.. creepy, right?
  • hott blonde at Hess - m4w (Hess glenville) 28yr
    • You were walking into Hess with your friend. You had long ass blonde hair, black short and skin tight jeans. You looked amazing. I was pumping gas at my car. I def checked you out a few times.....and you were looking every time. If you see this tell [...]
  • I always see you walking - m4w (Glenville) 30yr
    • I always see you walking when I stand In my driveway. Today you were wearing yoga pants and a tank top walking your beagle and I was leaning up against my silver car. I think you are very pretty and would love to know more about you or maybe meet on [...]
  • We work together - m4m 43yr
    • I fell in love with you the first time I seen you a few years ago. Now you work with me and I see you 5 days a week. I cherish every day that you show up to work. You have beautiful blue eyes. I listen for the sound of your voice and it fills me up e [...]
  • Hannaford green dress - m4w
    • To the beautiful woman in the green dress at Hannaford today. I enjoyed sharing some aisles with you. Thanks for smiling, you made my day.
  • building 9 state campus - m4m 9yr
    • We usually run into each other. Pass by almost everyday. I find u super hot. Yesterday tan into u in the bathroom. You have nice white suited shirt on today. Reply if you think I'm talking about u.
  • Lee - m4m (Albany)
    • We talked. Had an awesome convo. You went for a run and I never got to chat with you again. I just hope this gets to you. Hit me up.
  • michelle beatle driverwhere ru saratoga diner - m4w (Saratoga) 47yr
    • havnt seen you since lunch at saratoga diner a few years a ago You werent doing too well I hope your ok now
  • Nitche! Chinema! Where did you go? - m4w (Troy/ CD)
    • Where did you go? You were in my life briefly and then all of a sudden you became among the missing!

Remember when you said that one day you'd live on that 1 particular road in Glenville? Well answer me back and restart where we left off.

  • Beautiful blonde in red SUV - m4w (Bspa) 27yr
    • I see you every time I close my eyes, I have missed you for years, even though I've talked to you everyday for almost a decade. If you think this is you,you're right. I love you and always have. If I could change the past I would, but let's work out [...]
  • "...cause you always make me smile." BD - m4w 29yr
    • As this was always true. The beauty I witnessed before me vanished into thin air without a trace of reason, without a trace of communication. Understandable; however, sad and unjustified.

You words were "always" when asked if you trusted me. I pray [...]

We said hello to each other, you have a great smile. Could not [...]

  • Today at RSC - m4m (Troy)
    • we met up today at RSC around 3:30. You came to my room. You said it was your first time there. Wished I had gotten your number. HMU with some details and maybe we can get together again. I can host.
  • Baltimore - w4m
    • We met Saturday night in Fed Hill. You spent the night with me but I never got your number.
  • easy on the eyes all around, at fast food - m4w (guilderland)
    • You handed me my order tonight, I really liked what I saw... Fast food place, you had a short name on your name tag...

I told your coworker about something in the store...


You were blonde and had an off white or light tan dress that had red patterns on it I told you how nice the dress was and how good you looked in it We talked again as you were leaving the boat Really wis [...]

You looked terrific and from what you stated so did I. I'm interested in getting together for a drink to find out more about you. You and your girlfrie [...]

  • Hot Man in Black Shirt - m4m (Cobleskill Walmart)
    • We were both in the Cobleskill Walmart yesterday afternoon. You were looking at phones for a while and then we almost ran our carts into each other in the food section. We spoke for a sec and you went down the aisle. You are so very hot and I would l [...]
  • exit 8 stewarts - m4w 32yr
    • light skinned, curly hair, ultra cute girl. we were definitely looking at each other and doing lots of silent flirting.

we should have spoken to each other. instead this is our only option. great. email me if you see this.

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