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craigslist albany, NY | missed connections search

I said something before I walked through the door what was it?

Smile!!!!! I wanted you to talk to me but you were too busy. I even came back a second time to buy another of the same part just for another chance to talk with you---------FAILED miserably [...]

Our steps aligned, and hands entwined lingering down across the battlefield. Whispered thoughts, that escaped your pain there etched on your face, letting out the secrets too hard to bear. Remember, for [...]

I felt there was a vibe especially with you bodu language you had when looking at me . Mayb [...]

  • Crossgates Mall Valentine - m4w (albany ny)
    • You were with your Mother and Daughter. I was with my Daughter and her friend. We exchanged smiles in the designer shoe store around 7:30pm. Would like to see that smile again. Reply CL.
  • Tiny beauty at macy*s - m4w (Rotterdam) 5000yr
    • We made eyes, you were petite and wearing grey sweat pants. I couldn't help by stare at you and your tight little body. This was today at about 10:15. Would love to show u a good time. Hit me up.
  • can't stop looking at you - m4w (cobleskill)
    • I don't know what to say to you we used to go to school together. I've been seeing you alot lately specifically in cobleskill. You are so pretty i saw you again yesterday you were working and i was with someone else. When you were in highschool your [...]
  • CAR HEAD - m4m (schenectady) 44yr
    • we met at another world and decided to move to my car in a park. you gave me the best blowjob ever! I lost ur email which had ur phone number as well. hit me up if you see this.. Love to see ya soon!
  • Barnes and Noble Colonie Center - m4w (Colonie)
    • We smiled at one another a few times. You were with your daughter? Otherwise I would have struck up a conversation. Or I would have chickened out and regretted it.
  • my bearded hottie in Saratoga - w4m (spring street) 26yr
    • I saw you again today, first time in awhile but you saw me today with out a doubt!! please contact me!! go out for dinner and drinks? email me...
  • Met today - m4m
    • Chatted with ya in the sauna today at the gym. We talked for a bit about work and what not. What color shirt was I wearing so I know it was you.
  • Red dress seeking Army Vet - w4m (Rotterdam)
    • I would love to say I'm sorry

to take away the pain lessen the existance upon the refrain. So many wrongs I committed, and I don't know why. things I said. The way we said goodbye. You made me feel so alive, and I was falling inspite of me. [...]

  • It was so good and you ended it anyway - m4w (Albany) 30yr
    • You know it was. Not the kind of thing you just end because you're busy. You could have made it work, but you didn't. You didn't even try and you know it. You were just scared and you let the past fuck with you. It wasn't the kind of thing that happe [...]
  • Stuck on 2nd ave - m4w (112th street)
    • You were stuck for a little bit, your tire was spinning on the ice. I was about to come over to assist you but you got yourself free. It was the 2nd time I saw you in 2 days. I must say, wow you are pretty. Let me know what kind of car you drive. Or [...]
  • stewarts-1030 this morning - m4w (youll know if its you) 32yr
    • you were an older women wearing blue levis jeans this morning. I think you bought a pack of gum. I saw you leave in a dark SUV (yes, i know the make/model but im trying to stay somewhat secretive).

I found you to be extremely sexy and wow you have a [...]

  • re: crybaby - m4m
    • maybe next time you should try another crybaby who doesn't care if you don't use a condom. I might freak if you do use a condom.
  • Pediatrician's office, 2/24 - m4w (Saratoga County)
    • Your little one couldn't stop staring at me, and we shared a laugh about it.....I complimented your boots, and couldn't help but notice the rest of you was very attractive as well.

I'd love the opportunity to tell you more about what I noticed. Tell [...]

  • girl for schaghticoke - m4w (schaghticoke) 39yr
    • im looking for a girl name jen i met her at the hilton in troy last april she took me back to her room she sed she was at a work party and she sed she was from schaghticoke she is a big girl anyone know her if you see this jen tell me what we did
  • Dayz gone - m4w (albany NY)
    • Unbeleivable, 2 days in a row, don't know why someone keeps doing that to you. I didn't see anything wrong with your ad!
  • Untitled 3 - m4w (Even farther away)
    • Albeit disconcerted I still hurt for the picture perfect. Absolutely introverted still sign cursive for my drinks and service and a few in you might find me quickly worded that or just so sick I need to reword the bullshit. When the table can't be tu [...]
  • Looking for Chris, skinny sub mid 30s - m4m (Colonie)
    • Wondering if anybody knows this guy, we hooked up a while back and I want to find him. Thanks for any help. I think he lives in cohoes???
  • the cry baby - m4m (Albany)
    • me and my bud dropped our loads in you in the park. later you realised we didn't use a condom and freaked out. would love to fuck you again. loved spraying my load in you. now I'll always be a part of you.
  • Goldstein jeep dealer - m4m (Latham) 25yr
    • Was at goldstein 3 times this week just got a vehicle salesman name was Sam idk if u swing that way but I would love to blow you in my new vehicle tell me what vehicle I bought and year.
  • You were AJ and I was the mysteryman - m4m (Capital District)
    • Trying this again. I could not regain access to my old email account. I wonder if you have been trying to get ahold of me. I have posted on here a few times hoping you'd find me. Don't want to break our descretion by calling you.

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