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craigslist albany, NY | missed connections search

  • Inspired by you - w4w
    • I'm married so this is not gonna happen, but if I were single? You wow me. I am attracted to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I definitely feel that heart connection but I really can't go there. You know that and you are tota [...]
  • Landau - w4m (ALbany)
    • THere are moments in the rain

at the sound of this refrain, as I wonder why we parted before there was anything started. You in those glasses, always looking so debonair. I admit... I am curious what did you hide there. There is a darkness th [...]

  • Dino BBQ - w4m
    • you held the door open for me, but i didn't want to "bowl everyone over." your face - i like it.
  • One Last Good Bye - m4w (You Know)
    • I don't know if you read these and if you try to contact me I won't even read the correspondence. This is the last contact I will have with you, in this life anyways. Soon I will be gone and I will never return to this shameless,God forsaken state. I [...]
  • Another friggen Linkedin updates - m4w (still a very much "missed " connection)
    • Great, just great another update... I don't know if you know this. but I refused to go to your profile... hard enough to see your pretty face and beautiful smile in a tiny picture on email on my phone... I know me and it's hard enough not to trigger [...]
  • At work - m4m (Albany)
    • We both kept making eye contact while smoking outside at work on the back patio. You're a good looking guy wearing green khakis, square pattern on your white shirt, and black hair parted on the side. I'm a shorter guy. If interested, what was I weari [...]
  • Victoria - m4w (Albany ) 48yr
    • we met almost 2 years ago but it was awesome - walked to the park then took a ride in my truck - enjoyed each other - would absolutely love to see you again - I remeber what you did for work and know it takes you away alot and I also remember you had [...]
  • Ryan Higgins at The Brook Tavern - m4m (Saratoga Springs NY)
    • You were at The Brook Tavern Tuesday night. You are so freak'n cute. Not sure if you're into dudes, but if you are I would love to get to know you or if you're curious contact me.
  • Jackie exit12 tb/kfc - m4w
    • we used to work together a long time ago. we made a deal. do you remember what that deal was?
  • BA - m4w (sdy )
    • Hey. Your initials are BA. I used to see you around all the time. There was something there. I haven't seen you in a while and cannot get you out of my head. I've thought I've seen you around a couple of times recently but didn't catch you.

Wonderin [...]

  • adult world eg - m4m
    • Hopefully you see this, you came into booth. What did I say when you pulled your pants down? I sucked your dick and then you did what? That was great and would like it again. Where did you bust? This all went down last Thursday afternoon.
  • Krystal Palmer - m4w (Paradise Falls)
    • Dear Krystal Palmer. I was really starting to dig you this summer but at long last winter had rolled in and I had to leave. I know I felt something special and I hope that you felt the same. I'm dying inside knowing that we are so far apart and can't [...]
  • Great Idea!!!! - m4w (Phillies Bar and Grill in Latham)
    • Wednesday October 22

So many unhappy married people So many people afraid to post a picture of themselves. So many people looking for love. Why don't all the people go to the same place and sort it out from there. If everyone just shows up at on [...]

  • Please play on my team! - m4w (Walmart Grocery)
    • I was nervous and almost pissed myself when I asked if you were married. You said yes and you play for the other team. I think we can look past our differences and make this work or maybe I can play on your team. I'm not sure how that would work thou [...]
  • capital district dentristry - m4w (latham)
    • to the amazing mom whom I struck a conversation with today while waiting you had an amazing smile and an even more amazing infectious laugh I kicked myself for not giving you my number but by some miracle you see this please shoot me an email.......y [...]
  • I delivered to you today - m4w (Rotterdam/Schenectady)
    • Hey, I delivered some food to your house today and I was too shy to make small talk, but you were really pretty. I was wearing a bandana.

If you think this is you, what's your address?

wild and and intense, I whisper secerts to the ash and than wait and wait again. Oh you with you're tall swagger, lanky limbs and all. You move me in utter wonder as I watch upon the floor. There are ageless musin [...]

  • Kyle Wal-Mart cashier - m4m
    • hey we met last summer you were cashier Walmart in the Outdoor Centre you help me with a propane bottle exchange you are extremely friendly kick myself for not having made more advanced towards you at the moment when I went back a few times trying to [...]
  • Dollar General Sacandoga Rd - m4w
    • A woman helped me a few times today named Linda... you are a little older than me - but I serious have the hots for you. Always tell you that it was good to see you when I'm there. If you see this, just wink at me the next time you see me if your int [...]
  • I miss my friend II - w4m (schenectady ny)
    • To the person who responded to my ad:

I am the original poster of "I miss my friend." I have emailed you numerous times with no response so either it all went to Spam or you are not who this message was intended for and you only responded as a cruel [...]

  • Brad, it's been too long - w4m (DC/NY) 34yr
    • I realized this morning it's been about 10 months since we've chatted. I wish I could just reach out. I'm hoping you'll see this but if you don't maybe it's because you're so happy your're not thinking of me and scanning these to find me. Part of me [...]
  • hot guy in locker room - m4m (schenectady ny) 18yr
    • To the hot guy that changed next to me in the YMCA locker room I really wanted you to take your underwear off. Please email back and so I know its you please email what got us to talk.
  • beautiful waitress - m4w (Brunswick )
    • You wait on our table at Duncan's yesterday morning. You had on black spandex and a tee, you are very beautiful. I realize I'm older then you but I couldn't help but notice you locked eyes with me a few times. If you see this and respond put how many [...]
  • Great Idea 2nd Event! - w4m (Schenectady )
    • Anyone interested in the next Great event Idea?

It's at The Grog Shoppe in downtown Schenectady this Thursday night 5:30-7p. Read back ALL old posts entitled GREAT IDEA from October 11 to learn more and don't message me. See you there or u can cho [...]

  • Watervleit - m4m (Niskayuna) 60yr
    • Let's do it again. Available today and tomorrow.....You were right, I did love it....I want more...Tell me something so I know it's you

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