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craigslist | missed connections in albany, NY

  • Beautiful Blonde woman at The Fountain - m4w (albany) 56yr
    • You: dressed in black, middle aged, gorgeous. Looked like you were carrying some gifts. You smiled at me and said hi on your way out. I'm smitten. Small chance you'll see this but, nothing ventured nothing gained.
  • Cobleskill Walmart Fri nite (cobleskill)
    • You were waiting in a long checkout line with family. Wearing a zipper hoodie w/ a low neck t under it. You have a very nice smile & deep eyes that seemed to wink a few times. What did you get teased about ? I would love to meet up for coffee or drin [...]
  • waitress at the factory - w4w (The Factory)
    • Hi! I really hope you read this...even though you could be into men; however it seemed like we caught each others glance...and you smiled at me a few times....if my sister wasn't so tired I would have stayed longer to try to talk with you more...give [...]
  • I need you baby - w4m (Albany county) 42yr
    • I need your gentle humor everyday, it gives me a reason to smile and go on with living. I need your supportive words and encouragement to make sure i push myself further so i can better myself. I need you by my side, to make my life worth living. I a [...]
  • Starbucks on Thursday, April 17 - w4m (Clifton Park)
    • I was walking in Starbucks on Thursday and you were leaving. We both said Hi...but it looked like you may have been on a business meeting, so I didn't say anything more. I wish I did...since you were very handsome. If by chance you read this, would l [...]
  • Nina - m4w (Schenectady)
    • Hey Nina we met and hung out several times. Lost touch when I screwed my back up. Tried to call but your phone is not working. Get in touch, would like to hang out with you again.
  • Where were we and what magazine was I looking for? - m4w (You tell me)
    • Just like the title says. Tell me where we were and what magazine I wanted and did I find it?
  • Lark Street - Crisan Bakery/Edible Art Gallery - m4w (Albany)
    • You were at the Crisan Bakery on Lark Street around 6 p.m. Friday. You were wearing jeans and a pink jacket and were with a friend. I was at the front table sitting with a female friend. I thought you were cute and thought I'd take a shot in the dark [...]
  • In a nutshell....week 13 - m4w (saratoga springs) 38yr
    • Very simple this week. I found our wedding website on The Knot. Did a search of our names. September 12, 2012. Heartbreaking. Just Heartbreaking. I know you are out there. I know you still have SOME feelings for me. Please, please, please, find a way [...]
  • citizen bank - m4w (albany) 57yr
    • I wanted to be with you immediately when I first laid eyes on you. we have an age difference and I know its impossible but I just wanted to say if you read this my heart is yours
  • bar stool in Saratoga Springs (do not know)
    • Your name is Chris. You told me you were a chef. Wish I would have gotten more information from you. My brother and I stopped in for a drink at some side road place to hear the band and you were sitting next to me.
  • hagaman - m4w
    • we shared some looks. if your interested in talking describe us. or where we were.. something.
  • Black Nike ball cap - m4m (Schndy)
    • Bway Adult shop video Around 11;30am.

We met in your booth. Tell me what we did and describe me.

  • Burger Den - m4w (Cambridge) 37yr
    • Ok, I'm sure this is not going to work, but thought I'd give it a try. I was in there yesterday for lunch and thought you looked cute in those glasses and had a great smile. Wish you had been out waitress for the whole time so we could have talked so [...]
  • you were walking in the rain - m4w (altamont ave) 34yr
    • You cut through the advance parking lot as I was walking in. I couldn't take my eyes off you and almost hit myself with the door. I wanted to give you a ride, but didn't want to seem like a creep. Then again, maybe this is even MORE creepy than if I [...]
  • coca cola guy - w4m (albany/colonie)
    • Your initials are J.H. I believe I find you extremely sexy.you work late night thats when I see you, by chance if you read these silly things email me back...am sure you will have a idea who I am..lol :)
  • Room for rent lol - m4w (Galway)
    • Not sure if you have noticed,,,but I like talking to you. Sitting in the brief I was wondering about you....if you felt the same. I don't think it would be appropriate to ask you at work....would you go out for a beer with me? I think your very inter [...]
  • Hudson Body Shop - m4m (Hudson)
    • You own a place in Hudson, tall and thin, and damned good looking. ( not to mention sexy )

Was there today to pick up a family member's car that you had repaired. Aside from the great work, I'd come back just to look at you. There's almost no chan [...]

  • Crazy lights - m4m (Albany) 29yr
    • Prolly a long shot but oh well. U ride ur bike around washington park area. Saw u on lark couple times too. u have some crazy ass lights on ur bike. i think ur hot and sexy. prolly will never see this but i gave it a try. if you do hmu
  • Puma hat at the gym - m4w (Amsterdam )
    • Hot!!! We made eye contact a couple times. Let me know who you were with or what I was wearing...
  • Outside Dunkin Donuts on Lark Street - w4m
    • Almost literally ran into each other last night outside Dunkin Donuts on Lark Street. Kicking myself for not asking your name!
  • I can hear that buzz now. - w4m
    • Steel cables stretch across the desert floor....relief dips in the eighties. There are visions of Carrot Top dancing in my head...dancing and dancing...

I think I can hear it now, the distant buzz of those neon signs you talked so much about. I thi [...]

This is my way of venting. Will never know if you see this or not. It's been 7+ years since I first laid eyes on you on our campus. I am still in love with you and I have no idea why, but once in awhile I check your FB just to see your pr [...]

Anything I can do to help you out. Anything

  • oral on algonquin - m4w
    • I wish we could of had round 2 on that wensday,i will always remember that hot lil body of yours.................
  • Re:Are you fucking kidding me?? - w4m (B-hills)
    • Sounds to me like someone is pretty bitter?!?I take it you weren't the one he was looking for huh?? Just because you're jealous doesn't mean you should put down other people...Just so you know u sound pathetic! Grow the fuck up!
  • Restaurant Saratoga Springs - m4w
    • I came in and said 'hi'. You gave a nice smile and said hello back. You were waiting for take out and asked if I had the time, as you had a hungry kid back home. You seemed nice. Reply if you would like to chat and tell me what restaurant we were in.
  • Ken - w4m (Recovery Rm)
    • Ken thanks for easing my nerves with ur smile last night Although u were not my blind date, I enjoyed our brief hello. Sorry I was flustered and didn't say good bye
  • You had a wheat penny - m4w (Colonie, NY)
    • You worked at Price Chopper... I was a customer... You asked me what year they stopped making wheat pennies... and I said 1946... I found out the actual year if you're interested...
  • Cop at dunkin donuts - w4m (New Scotland ave)
    • Came in last night/early this morning... You were with other officers and I with a nurse from St. Pete's. We talked about her being a rule breaker and my shoes and tattoo. I have seen you once before but briefly. If on the chance you see this let's t [...]
  • To P from M - w4m (Albany)
    • P

I can't believe I don't have your number after what I did to you! So unladylike ;). I haven't seen you in a minute. Been busy, Mr. Lobbyist? Next time you find yourself in Manhattan you better come visit. - Your Friendly Neighborhood Bartender M.

  • bad mood Julia - m4w (hoosick street)
    • Some one was in a bad mood today.. Can I help? You know who this is. Respond with some sarcasm
  • delucias this morning - m4w (malta.)
    • Made you laugh with a comment, I said sorry you said not to worry nothing can offend you. You drove a silver car and wore pink sweat pants. Let me know what I said. I would like to get to know you better. I should of said something then.
  • Dunkin - m4w (Wolf Road)
    • Wow saw you again today and kicked myself for not coming in more often. You're alot younger than me, usually see me with my teenage kids but I can never take my eyes of you. I know you see me watching you. Your breasts are so beautiful to me and I fa [...]
  • Lindsey from Billie Collins - m4w (hvcc) 25yr
    • We met this morning at the Billie Collins reading at HVCC. I was originally sitting in the front middle but there was some other girl annoying me so when I noticed you sitting by yourself, I asked if I could join you. Long story short, I just realize [...]
  • "Matrix Man" Works at Tax and Finance - w4m (Albany)
    • You are always dressed to impress and often wear Affliction clothing. Other days you can be seen in your long black coat. You fill out your clothing very nicely and intrigue me! I stare at you as often as the opportunity arises and I know you notice. [...]
  • Was Flagged, White hat - w4m 23yr
    • Six months ago. How many pics were in the ad. Kelly who was flagged White hat................................................................................... ..............................................
  • Waitress - m4w (Waterford)
    • You were our waitress at a restaurant in Waterford tonight. I was on a date but no connection. You were friendly and cute and I saw no ring.
  • Stewarts Handsome west milton - m4m (Saratoga)
    • I was in around 5:30 and said hi handsome....and you laughed a little...reply if you liked it...west Milton store
  • Maddie from gabriels deli - m4w (scotia)
    • You have the most beautiful body and a smile that would melt anyone. Would love to get to know more about you. Hope that you see this and may want to chat some.
  • Planet Fitness girl - m4w (Rotterdam) 31yr
    • Hi... you will probably never see this but I'll give it a try. You are in your late 30's maybe, brown hair, slim, and usually wearing a blue Nike cap. You always workout with a pretty big guy... I'm thinking your husband. I was just thinking maybe yo [...]
  • Where are you? - m4w (Capital District) 35yr
    • If you are you reading this then remind yourself and keep reminding yourself that you still have hope deep down as faint and hard to find that it may be at times that there is someone out there that will find you and love your heart and soul for the [...]
  • Are you fucking kidding me?? - w4m (B-Hills)
    • Glad to see you found someone that you feel comfortable around and that you can open up to. Are you going to fuck her over and vanish like you did to the others that cared about you or is it different this time? Oh well, I hope you and your skanky bi [...]
  • Up there, on the porch! - m4w (Schenectady)
    • Relaxing, enjoying the 'better' weather up there!! I don't have an excuse to initiate conversation. Would love to join you.
  • Julia Hulia - m4w (Troy)
    • I see you ever day. Tell me where and let's gets thus rolling. let's skip the games..now we know each others name..it might have been more fun if we didn't..of course discretion will be granted..I know your situation.
  • we used to talk alot. - m4w
    • we used to talk alot and hung out a few times. awhile back. we met online you liked me but for some reason we lost touch. if this sounds familiar say something that may make sense to that person. *update* it was not craigslist we met on but pof or ok [...]
  • Latham Mall - m4m (Schenectady)
    • Still think about our times in the parking garage M----s and would really like to dt you again. HMU and lets see if we can make it work this time. Might have to find a new spot if they tore down the garage. lol.
  • Nice truck - m4m (albany ny)
    • You blocked me in and were about to head home I tried to be witty but only said something stupid very handsome
  • Gorgeous dark hair woman with her son - m4w (eastgreenbush Price chopper)
    • We walked in the same time. you were with your son. Gorgeous black shirt with long skirt. Would love to get togother for a good time.
  • Brad, once upon a time you looked for me here... - w4m (DC/NY ) 33yr
    • Brad,

You've told me in the past that you always think of me around a holiday. Imagining the prep I'm undertaking. I guess that's why on the first night of Passover (this evening) my thoughts are turning to you. I wonder if that's still the case. I [...]

My CB Handle was Eagle and you were Dreamweaver. I have a lot of good memories and want to see how life turned out for you. I believe you were Ichabod Crane Class of 80 Click reply and say Hi. S

  • M....A...... - m4w (albany)
    • The past few times we have encountered each other, ive noticed something in youre eyes when you look at me. Is it just my imagination?
  • Hannaford Niskayuna today - m4m (Niskayuna)
    • We glanced at each other a few times and locked eyes at one point for what felt like eternity. You are so cute and I'd love to chat, or more. You had short blonde hair, blue jeans and sneakers. I thought you might have been following me around, so I [...]
  • Takio aka TK - m4w
    • Yo it's your old buddy Tom..lets get up..holla at me..I've been searching for you for some time now hmu. .
  • Sand Creek Wine/Liquor/Hot, sexy guy - m4m
    • Young hot guy at Sand Creek Wine and Liquor....

You are so sexy. Would love to rip those sweats off every time I go there and see you.

YOU were a beautiful asian crossdresser/TS/TG walking towards the lingerie section. You were [...]

It was not too bad Free pens for the survey Cell phones while driving

  • As a bottle of wine - m4w (518)
    • For some reason I can not work up the courage around you. I stand for so few things, that I consider dear, but I fell for you like a ton if bricks. I want to protect you, and care for you and be someone you can turn to when things aren't going like y [...]
  • Girl at Panera(latham) - w4w (albany)
    • So I've come in a couple of times and you're always working. I don't even know if you like other girls but I thought we made eye contact a few more times than we should have. I also don't know if you are in a relationship or if I'm your type. You hav [...]
  • applebees latham ny - w4m
    • We were both at the bar and u ask did I need a nipple for my drink. You were from Louisiana where was I from
  • First guy - w4m (watervliet)
    • You were the first guy I fell for in a long time. But all you thought of me as is a convenience. I wish things were different
  • tuesday night stewarts coffee - w4m (niskayuna vlye rd)
    • Im hoping to find the man who made me smile all the way home. You have a very nice white car. You bought me coffee and we chatted a bit. I gave you my number but you didnt call. I was hoping for another chance to catch up and chat. You seemed like a [...]
  • Pretty Girl - m4w (New Lebanon)
    • We locked eyes a couple of times. I am interested in getting to know you. If you are interested, contact me.
  • Kristen at DD Colonie - m4w
    • Im dying to get to know you.

I see you almost everyday, you must know i have a crush on you.

  • the church sale today - m4w (Albany) 21yr
    • You gave me a ride home with my stuff, and you seemed very friendly. I'm very shy, so I didn't ask you anything personal.
  • red prius - m4w (87/latham) 29yr
    • I was driving from saratoga on Thursday and u saw you driving and singing along. I was in a bad mood until I say you dancing and singing in your car and it perked me up. Thank you for adding a little levity into my life.
  • cute worker at Panera - m4m (Glenmont) 31yr
    • You work at Panera in Glenmont. You're younger, probably in your early 20`s, great smile, and nice personality. You waited on me at lunchtime on Thursday, April 10th. I'm a 30 something guy. I tried the new wild berry smoothie. I think you're cute an [...]
  • In a nutshell....week 12 - m4w (saratoga springs) 38yr
    • 12 weeks. 3 full months. And yet everyday, I stare at the reality that no matter how much better my life gets, it is still empty, and without you. Things are going well, financially, and "on the surface". My family doesn't know I'm sick. And I probab [...]
  • playdium bowl - m4m
    • Ryan you're so fn hot! I was in the bar buying you shots. I would love to hang out with you discreetly. Hmu if you remember me..very discree t here.
  • citizens bank municipal branch - m4w (clifton park)
    • This is lame but I have no clue how to approach this. If by some strange chance you check these. Your name starts with an A .. and I'm willing to guess you know what mine starts with. If you have any interest I'd like to chat more than our usual enco [...]
  • Just so you know - w4m (Here)
    • I hate this. Everyday.

Haven't figured it out yet but I will at some point. I hope. I'm tired of it. I don't know how to the future without you. I'm scared, you were the one that kept me safe and you are the one that left me most vulnerable. Pl [...]

I'm going to throw myself into work and keeping busy for the time being. Pondering this stuff is really bringing me down and making me sad. I need to just focus on my relationship and if my life needs to change because it needs to change, I [...]

  • Late Thurs Diet Coke - m4w (Latham)
    • Can't stop thinking about your incredible smile. I can't be lucky enough that you're single. If you'd like to talk more, tell me where you were, what you bought, and why...
  • Hot wife at Colonie Price Chopper - m4w (Colonie)
    • You had jeans on, a tan/white coat.. highlighted hair, You were with a guy in a black tee-shirt. You kept wandering around and looking back at me. I had a black jacket on, dark hair /goatee. I don't normally go there, but I will definitely go back! Y [...]
  • Citizens bank in Rotterdam - m4w (Rotterdam)
    • I think your name is Jen? You were a teller there, but I believe you have a new title. I think you are absolutely beautiful and would like to get to know you better. I am there on Fridays, mid afternoon. I wear black. You say hello to me by name. Wri [...]
  • Erica - m4w (A.M.H)
    • You are incredibly gorgeous. Amazing personality. I'd love to know you even as friends. You seem like an amazing person. I wish I could have stayed longer to chat. Tattoo left arm and super cool sunglasses. Amh ccu. You are beautiful !
  • love of mine - w4m
    • Love of mine, won't you lay by my side, and rest your weary eyes, before we're out of time. Give me one last kiss. For soon such distance will stretch between our lips, now the days losing light. Lost at sea. My heartbeat was growing weak. Hoping you [...]
  • two tall boyzz - m4m (troy)
    • i think i heard u 2 talking. your name is mirk, his name is nack. you're both so handsome. and look good in tshirts. and seem funny. seem. i wanana hang out with both yer fine asses, and play some version of some mario game. maybe mirk and nack would [...]
  • Progress Rd - m4m 30yr
    • Uh, the walker up Progress and 29...NICE. I'd love to walk with you ANYTIME bro. Hit me up...we can walk or work out...or talk...whatevs.
  • missed my opportunity - m4w (greenville)
    • We locked eyes exchanged smiles and man you were beautiful. I doubt you'll check this but if you do please respond with what store we first saw each other at and what I was doing.
  • jake csm at target in niskayuna - m4m (target niskayuna)
    • I saw you working the front end. You helped me out with a few problems I was having. I thought you looked like a great guy to get to know and see were things go. If you remember me you will remember this. My phone is broke from a result of your store [...]
  • Re...Re: Mistakes - m4w
    • Thank you for the words... It was a fantastic relationship.... I just did not move forward as I should have... she has moved on... I would never make that mistake again....

As for the rambling and mean replies to my mail... you idiots need to get a [...]

  • Re: Mistakes
    • The good thing is when something is lost, it can be recovered.

But the question is, when you recover it, will you make the same mistakes?


This is a long shot.

  • Green Eyes (clifton park)
    • I don't know why it has to be like this. You know my number. I can't be the one this time as much as I would want to. To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world. It all started with a little drool
  • foods truck on Elk - m4m (albany ny) 50yr
    • white foods truck driver on Elk Street today 4/10. You were some hot guy do you like hot tubs and or massages? I am 175lbs, clean shaven, slim build, clean d/d free. If you see this and are interested let me know what building you were in back of aro [...]
  • Guthrie - w4m (Schenectady) 28yr
    • for a year i wanted to know what a carnal foray with you would entail. it just so happened that i also found out, by firsthand exchange, more that intrigued me and piqued the interest i had already vested. i can't help thinking about you every now an [...]
  • beautiful creature cumbys schy - m4w (schenectady ) 41yr
    • I saw you at the cumbys in mt pleasant ,your long brown hair,beautiful slender body and the nicest smile iv seen , we made eye contact around by the milk cooler.if by chance you see this please contact me ,if I don't hear from you ,id like to just th [...]
  • beautiful smile at brueggers - m4w (latham)
    • You were in line when I walked in, and then a friend joined you. You were wearing a leopard print jacket.

I smiled at you. You had the most beautiful smile.

You're the most beautiful person I know. Not just physically... but as a whole person. I want to wake up next to you everyday from now until forever. I wish I could just let it be... but I can't. I'm not sure if I'm to [...]

  • Latham Verizon sales rep - w4m (Latham, NY) 32yr
    • You were the strikingly handsome sales rep who helped fix my phone when it wouldn't stop rebooting. I think your name was either Mike or Max. Blue eyes, brown hair. Your smile is incredible and you made me laugh like I haven't laughed in years. I can [...]

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