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craigslist | missed connections in albany, NY

  • Steel Walls - w4m (Schenectady)
    • I just wanted to see you because I miss you so much! The thought of never being able to look into your eyes again and feel that special connection is killing me! I really felt we had a lot in common and we were perfect for each other.

I'm sorry that [...]

It's hard to say hi doing 75mph.

You said 'guardian angel'. I'm beginning to believe that's true. What do you know?

hope all the gas wasnt for a boyfriend haha.. ..and hope ya see this!

seeing you everyday. Your stolen glances coming my way. I sent mine to you tenderly wrapped. Heart pounding. Always longing...for so much more. And I know if things change, too late I will be when I rush to your door. For I am a fool. Not [...]

I find myself, more than a year later and no where better. Never has such a strong feeling stayed for so long. I didn't understand it then, and I do not understand it now. I am not sure why I [...]

Please call me and tell me where we stand. I haven't heard from you in awhile. You have my number. I won't reply to emails since I can never be sure whom they are from. P

you did not take my order but u handed me my food i kept trying to make eye contact with you but you were kinda busy looking at schedule

  • Longshot from concert this weekend - w4m (SPAC)
    • This is totally crazy that I am even posting this! But if you are reading it, you must be thinking it too! We went to a concert as part of a group. You know someone I know. I am much younger than you are, but very interested in getting together!
  • Route 50 rider - w4m 50yr
    • I see you riding your one of a kind purple motorcycle on route 50 almost everyday in the Burnt Hills area. You never have a passenger, would you like one?
  • Looking for CMT Sprakers - m4m (Mohawk Valley)
    • We meet on a Saturday. You were with you family and purchased something from me. Thought we might have a connection. HMU and tell me what it was that you bought from me so that I know its you if you see this post. Would like to get together.
  • I wonder if you still look at these, Brad... - w4m (DC/NY) 34yr
    • You're on my mind today (why I'm posting, obviously) and I'd love to hear from you. Say hello. You know you miss me too:)


Your t-shirt photos turned out well. I missed you in Amsterdam. Please contact me if you want to resume modeling or hang with the 'ole dude. Charlie

I've loved you for nearly 8 long years. We could not be together then...and now it's too late. You're married to someone else...and by now, you're likely the most beautiful mother this world has ever seen. When I think that the first th [...]

  • A.S. - m4w (Albany)
    • Those are your initials according to the slip you handed me as I crossed your path this afternoon.

I felt some connection, I think you did too. I'd like to know if there is potential.

You don't workout together. One of you is skinny and sexy as hell. I kept staring at you as you worked out. Old love to chat with you. The other guy is a little chubby with a big beard. Last night we kept glancin [...]

  • Fine mature Blackman - m4m (Willett)
    • On Monday August 25th I saw you talking to a lady on the steps of 88 Willett, you noticed me looking at you as I passed. When I turn around you were watch me. I believe there was a connection. I was in black pants dress shirt and tie, you were a dist [...]
  • Drilling the side walk - m4m (Washington ave Albany)
    • The guy that drives the white construction truck with the attachment on the back and you also do the drilling with the big tractor. You're the guy with the long blond hair that is alway in a bun damn you're hot! I see you on my breaks and sorry to st [...]
  • Cumbys connection. - m4w (mechanicville)
    • Every time i see you,i just have these thoughts of pleasing you.you are so sexy and hot, get back to me if you see this........420 and your pleasure.....it would be hot
  • Mobile, Shodack Center - m4w (Shodack ) 29yr
    • I was walking in to the gas station and you drove by me. We smiled at each other and didn't stop staring. I wanted to talk to you but you were leaving. I was in uniform :) I'd love to go out to lunch with you. Tell me what kind of uniform it was if i [...]
  • DD on 5 towards Schenect - m4m (Rotterdam Jct) 24yr
    • Dude Andrew that works there. Wanna know if u dl with the fellas? Would be cool if u were.
  • Guy working at Enterprise - m4m (Amsterdam) 24yr
    • Brian you seem like a cool guy man. Great personality and a stocky build. Hmu if you want to chat or chill
  • Cute guy at Target Starbucks - m4m (Amsterdam) 24yr
    • This guy named Mike who is a barista seems like a girly guy. Wondering if he's down?
  • Cemetary - m4w 48yr
    • Hello saw you today was surprised to see a good looking gal alone in cemetery was thinking would love to say hello but lost my nerve and you drove away - I remember your vehicle and maybe if there was interest we could say hello sometime - tell me th [...]
  • Verizon - very tan very sexy - m4w (Latham)
    • We were at a store the other day - was not sure if the look was angry or curious - hoping curious you were very very sexy very tan dark hair wow - would love to know if there was any interest not sure you will ever see this or if I am way way out of [...]
  • central ave napa girl - m4w
    • today central ave.... napa girl.... thanks for helping me.... and those eyes.... omg.... thank u for your pretty smile....
  • Dot.. the landscaper - m4w (voorheesville)
    • iv seen u around.... just wanted to say. ..i think your a very sexxy lady.. iv seen u many times... u probly dont notice me.... i dont say anything to u cause im married...
  • Gaffney's after Travers - m4w (saratoga springs)
    • Dinner at Gaffney's in Saratoga after the Travers. We glanced at one another numerous times, you were at the table next to mine. You were with friends, I was too. You were younger but I think our eyes were saying it didn't matter. So I know it's you, [...]
  • Price Chopper - m4w (clifton park)
    • I spoke with you briefly at the Artisan bread counter, Monday 8/26 around 3-4 pm. Would like to talk with you more.

Please respond through Craigs List

  • thought you lost your keys - m4m
    • holy fuck man you are hot! the chest hair sticking out of your shirt and that buldge in those blue sweat pants you had on made me want to drop to my knees and suck you off right there. it was early morning that i seen you. tell me where you were what [...]
  • Crossgates mall - m4m (albany ny) 30yr
    • Saw you in the parking lot next to Dave and buster tell me what you was doing in the Parking lot, and I give you lights when you was leaving think you would turn back, I will love to take care of that for you.
  • You just said "raison d'etre". God damn it. - m4w (East.) 28yr
    • We were just talking. You responded to my missed connection. And... I hit the link in the email on accident and flagged it. Story of my life. Now I cannot send you my response.

I enjoyed speaking with you. Please respond, if you wish to keep speakin [...]

  • miss my angel - m4w
    • Missing you and my little angel.their not one day that your not on the thoughts.been in my dreams and all.I can hear the voice at certain times..after all the things and protecting and all. I still luv you and the little one.I know you might not read [...]
  • Cashier at Burger King/Central Ave - m4m (albany ny) 57yr
    • I was in today for a Jr Whopper. You commented on my height and the ring I was wearing. I got some vibes from you. Would you like to chat further? I'm interested. What color was my ring?
  • talked in chat - w4m (Schenectady) 33yr
    • We talked in chat on okmeet sometime last week. You went by Rick and you lived in the albany area. I sent you my yahoo but you never sent me a request yet. I hope you see this, I really want to talk to you.
  • motley crue shirt blonde hair two miles long - m4w (galway)
    • You took my breathe away with your beauty.I couldn't help my self I had too say hi too you.you talked and so down too earth.amazing wish I was sitting next too a fire with you.
  • take me there - w4m (Latham)
    • I wanna know, everything about you.

And I wanna go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live, where you keep the rest of your life hid. I wanna know the man behind that handsome stare. Take me there.

If that's you please let me know who did you travel with. Would like to get you know more. You live in Troy.

I know this is a long shot but I've seen you a few times and I'm always drawn to you. You work at honest weight. You're usually pretty busy but when you smile I just wish I co [...]

  • not.counting.on.youseeing.this - m4w (Schenectady )
    • Ok so maybe its just me but you are friends with my gf and everytime I'm around you and we look.at eachother i feel likewe want to do it right then and there. If im right let me know message me my gfs name in subject title so i no its you l know its [...]
  • Girl in Troy in red dress at The Daily Grind (Troy NY)
    • Hey it was nice meeting you last week at The Daily Grind in Troy. I think you look good in red. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed our conversation and the coffee, corned beef hash and bagel was good too. You have a great taste for food and drinks [...]
  • Night walking - m4w (glenville) 30yr
    • I always seem to walk at night.....and a few times you've come out too. Or sometimes I see you looking out the window when I walk by. I think you are very beautiful and would love to walk with you sometime. If you happen to see this send me a message [...]
  • younger cute guy on 4th Ave. Watervliet - m4m (watervliet)
    • Saw you leave your house the last Wednesday on 4th Ave. in Watervliet. You were wearing white sunglasses and a hoody. You kept glancing my way, was hoping to talk to you, but I was with another guy. Tell me where we were coming from. I would really l [...]
  • Hot glenville chiropractor - m4m
    • I get hot every time you manipulate me. I imagine your cock pressing into me when your are working on me. Would love to bring the fantasy to life!
  • You were our waitress (Clifton Park) 41yr
    • You were our waitress in a Mexican restaurant in Clifton Park late Tuesday evening 8/19. You are the cutest and funniest thing ever! Tequila shots were fun:)

Thanks for the fun evening. Drop me a line if you find this...

  • Looking for telent now - m4m (Clifton park) 57yr
    • I am horny and missing you. I would love to reconnect now. We had a few hot encounters at you place. We even ventured out on you patio naked. If you would like to reconnect hit me up now!
  • 1 commerce state building - m4m (Albany)
    • I walked into the store around 1:20ish and I saw one of the hottest guys in the building. You had blond hair dressed in a dress shirt tie and grey slacks, you were going to let me go ahead of you but I insisted that you go first. When then went to th [...]
  • 99 Washington ave - m4m (Albany)
    • I see you every break time. I'm really attracted to you. We finally said hi as we walked passed each other. Let me know something about me.. 1 commerce plaza
  • Looking for telent - m4m (Clifton park) 57yr
    • Looking to reconnect with you. We shared some hot times at your place. Experimented with some outdoor fun on your patio. I would live to reconnect now. Hit me up.
  • searching for crws from glenmont - w4m
    • Trying to get a hold of crws he lives in glenmont and has a posting on OurTime. Blond hair 60 slender. We use to run into each other at an old job I use to have. If you know him please share this with him so we can touch base again...thanks!
  • White MINIVAN , rt 66 & 43 intersection - m4w (averill park) 31yr
    • You were stopped at the traffic light. We came up behind you on our motorcycles. Then when i looked up I saw your reflection in your sideview mirror. You are absolutely beautiful and I wish I had gotten off the bike and walked up to you. but the ligh [...]
  • Cumby,s Conection !!! - m4w (mechanicville)
    • i know you like the thought of being pleasured, form one friend to another, let me help........

dose this excite you?................wet panties?

  • connection at cumby,s - m4w (mechanicville)
    • We talk all the time,and use to flirt alot.......you are so sexy and cool......i would like to do it again,and maybe give you what you need, the panties were a gift, and i so wanted you to ware them,and give them back to me,with your scent and juices [...]
  • northway NB Sunday - m4w (exit 8)
    • Dark gray Honda. You waved as you exited on 8. Definitely a missed connection. Hit me up. Who knows? Could be nice
  • Asian at RSC Friday - m4m
    • I saw you shortly after I got to RSC and then you disappeared for a while.. I saw you again as you were leaving. We spoke briefly, but I would like to meet you there and fool around with you. Let me know where we spoke before you left.
  • someone - w4m 23yr
    • i am an independent female who works 2 jobs and doesnt get time to meet anyone and i am just tired of being alone. Not looking for just a fuck and i do not want a relationship of any seriouness but i am open to what ever may come :)
  • hot dad at hannaford - w4m (schenectady)
    • I was behind you in line at hannaford on altamont ave. This was Saturday night around 9 pm. You had on a red tshirt with gym shorts. Your hair was cut short and looked amazing all styled like you had it. I just wanted to tell you that I was flattered [...]
  • michelle beatle driverwhere ru saratoga diner - m4w (Saratoga) 47yr
    • havnt seen you since lunch at saratoga diner a few years a ago You werent doing too well I hope your ok now
  • Best fitness - m4m (Colonie)
    • Joey you are so damn fine! I felt like I was under your spell today when you was telling me about the new facility and about the gym. Bro I would love to fall under it again. Lol on my knees..very dl here by the way I ask if you was from Boston..let [...]
  • Ash - m4m (Alb Troy)
    • Met Friday. If there was a connection, you know who this is. Hit me back with the circumstances surrounding our knowing each other.
  • The Mill - m4w (Round Lake)
    • I spoke to you and the man you were with. You pulled me out to the dance floor. He appeared. Wish we had a chance to talk. Can't get you out of my mind. Describe me in the subject line.
  • possibilities - w4m (Schenectady)
    • Is it possible I could cuddle with u... we joked about working out together...I was serious. .in the gym and out... if you see this. . Tell me what gym we crossed at. .. And what we said to one another to weed out spam. .. gosh U are hot. ... Please [...]
  • Miss You - m4w (saratoga springs) 46yr
    • I'm walking down your street... pass by your door... but you don't live there anymore... it's year's since you've been gone and now you've disappeared somewhere... like outer space.... you've found some better place.....

And I miss you.... like the [...]

I realized very belatedly that you may have been flirting with me. If nothing else when I asked when your shift was over and then basically walked away I was not trying to be a jerk, I am actually th [...]

  • Girl with dark. Side shaved. You turned around - m4w
    • I pulled next to you. We stared at each other. I beeped at you and you turned around. We talked for a sec but you had a guy in the car. I felt akward... Tell me what I was driving and leave your number
  • Hope - m4w
    • I never realized the audacity of my own policy

I know I reject the colony for the chance at being what I could possibly be. Not autonomous but I create my own autonomy. Yearning for embrace I push away the requiem of a reconciliation until the requi [...]

Kinda wished I stayed and chatted some. I said hello as I was leaving. In enjoyed the view! Anyway, just thought you were easy on the eyes, plus.

  • amazing video tuesday - m4m (troy)
    • You came into my booth tuesday about3pm I blew you and you came in my mouth like to do it again tell what I was wearing
  • UPS Girl - m4w (Office Parking Lot)
    • I honked at you in the parking lot and you waved back. I want to get coffee with you.
  • Rob - m4m (alb/menands) 32yr
    • Am I crazy or was there some intense sexual tension going on? Hit me up. Would love to talk some more?
  • Gorgeous Skidmore equestrian girl - m4w (I87 - Saratoga) 25yr
    • You just got off the highway but we had been driving with each other since northern NJ.. Kept trying to make eye contact to ask you if you wanted to pull over and grab a cup of coffee to no avail. I think you are absolutely gorgeous and if by any cha [...]
  • Troy Rd - m4m (Niskayuna) 41yr
    • I came to your place the other day and you gave me great head. You took my load. I'd like to do it again. I deleted your e-mail. Let me know when you are free again. It was good..
  • HELP ! advice about a cutie needed! - m4w (Lansingburgh) 44yr
    • So , here is the situation . every day I see this really attractive young woman walking up my street , with her toddler child . I think she is very attractive , and I want to just start a conversation to see if she is single, and possibly interested. [...]
  • Ms Mary G - t4w (Schenectady)
    • Saw u in Yates... and gorgeous brown eyes... makeup... and your nipples were visible through your shirt... u had a pet... I would love to chat with u someday!

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