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  • One Last Good Bye - m4w (You Know)
    • I don't know if you read these and if you try to contact me I won't even read the correspondence. This is the last contact I will have with you, in this life anyways. Soon I will be gone and I will never return to this shameless,God forsaken state. I [...]
  • Amber at hess east greenbush - m4w (east greenbush)
    • Amber if you read this please respond. I am trying to contact amber that works at Hess in eastgreenbush. I Waz in there Friday night October 24 around 1030. I thought you very beautiful and I would really like to talk to you! I saw you and thought yo [...]
  • AGAIN! - w4m (Amsterdam)
    • Fixed myself up real pretty & went out to the stores AGAIN.

Still no missed connection for me. No one posting for me. Pay attention u dumb guys! I'm making eye contact and saying hello constantly. Let's do this! And don't message me for a picture. I [...]

I'm regretful of how tough I was on you....sometimes.... especially the last time we met. I enjoyed the limo ride to dinner. And I wonder how Ashley is.... I'd like to catch up. Tell [...]

  • re: some dude (so tired) - w4m
    • Sorry you're hurting. You're not this person as I didn't leave him, he left me. Not trying to get him to come back. Just throwing it out there. I read something recently that said giving someone a second chance is like giving them another bullet for [...]
  • dominos - w4m (troy ny)
    • I see you every day when I drive home. You have the humiliating job of waving a Dominos sign on hoosick street around 5pm everyday. At least you have a job though right. You do what you have to do. I think you're cute as fuck. I'm way too old for you [...]
  • Troy Rd and 3rd Ave Extension - m4w (east greenbush)
    • You were at intersection in a black Kia around 5P on Friday. I drove by and we stared rudely at each other without so much as a hello. Let me say hello...
  • the sparkle in your eyes caught my attention - m4w (health office (NEG&H)) 49yr
    • A beautiful women led me to wait this after noon , as we chatted. eye to eye your smile so real. Not sure if it was just Friday afternoon happiness or you saw my interest, my curiosity. I wonder if you saw this you would remember how the pounds melte [...]
  • RE:"AAAAHHHH!!!! (A.E.S. Building) - w4m 52yr
    • It was today (Friday) around 4ish (?)

You have blonde hair, glasses, & had black on.... And beautiful peepers too lol

You have blonde hair, glasses, & had black on.... And beautiful peepers too lol

  • Bleached Blonde Walking around 155 and 20 - m4w (Guilderland)
    • I see her all the time walking around near where 155 and 20 meet, Bleached Blonde hair and always wearing sunglasses. Would love to meet for coffee sometime.
  • feel like a complete idiot that you did it to me again - m4w (nowhere)
    • Can't really believe I got sucked into Being worried, emailing, texting, caring only to just feel like an idiot again.wow . I'm an attention bore.... I apparently try to find out how much attention I can bore you with. and you for your part play this [...]
  • Shikira... - m4w
    • I think I spelled the name wrong... Lately I've been thinking about your titties... I want to fuck them again ;)
  • smoke shop girl - m4w (Scotia) 30yr
    • You helped me out today getting a piece. You looked very good in those black leggings I wish I had gotten your number.....but I didn't want to bother you while you were working. If you see this tell me what shop I saw you at and hopefully we can dabb [...]
  • "AHHHHHH"!!!!!!!!! - m4w (A.E.S. Building) 52yr
    • I may have looked like I was scared getting off the elevator on the 1st floor (and you were getting on) but I don't mind saying I wanted to turn right back around and get back ON it with you........You're gorgeous!
  • EGB Bookstore 10/24 - m4m
    • Met up today at EGB bookstore around 5:15. You: younger, beard, glasses. Was very hot! Would love to do it again, maybe more. Interested?

Tell me something about me so I know it's you. Hope you see this!

Let me know some details so I know it's you. Maybe we can have a repeat.

  • Your heart knows the truth & so do u
    • I know you read these things and mention me from time to time as well as all the other women you meet. For many years we have known each other and I can honestly say without a doubt the only thing I'm guilty of is loving you! You made it very difficu [...]
  • Stop - w4m
    • R...Please stop texting me, you are married, remember?

I dont want to get together to "talk", we have nothing to talk about. You made your choice a couple years ago when you put the brakes on your divorce. Your choice. I won't be the "other woman". [...]

  • Poison (Clifton Park)
    • Greed, neediness and a lack of realization of your true identity are not traits that are generally attractive in a woman. Yet for nearly four years I allowed myself to be subjected to this on a daily basis. Being around such a person is physically, m [...]
  • Red Hot - m4w (Guilder-ish)
    • I was walking in just as you finished paying the clerk. That's when the visual exchange began, and didn't end till you got into your car. If you find this post email me. I think we need to talk. Tell me something significant about that night.
  • looking for Nicolina - m4w (Rotterdam) 34yr
    • Met this wonderful woman a few years ago. We saw "the other guys" at Malta Drive in. I met her mother and family. I ended up having some professional issues and changed careers, I understand we were too new for the support I wanted. Maybe someone tha [...]

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