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  • TnT Georgia, South of 45th 6:45am - m4w (amarillo)
    • This is crazy and can't believe I'm even doing this. I've scrolled thru these before for fun and here I am actually using it! And who knows if you'll even see this but here it goes. You were in a blue sports car with a white stripe putting gas. Me a [...]
  • Blond at Marty's restaurant bar, Danielle - m4w
    • Anyone know the blond hottie, VERY sexy dresser, that used to hang out at Marty's restaurant bar on Friday and Saturday nites with her husband?
  • Medi-Park meetings - w4m (Amarillo)
    • We used to meet at medi park all the time and take long walks and just talk about everything and nothing. My hand fit so perfectly inside yours. I miss laughing with you. I miss the far away look you'd get when you would stare into my eyes. I miss th [...]
  • Hotty at fall carnival jump jumps - m4w (canyon)
    • We exchanged a few sensual smiles when you first walked up to assist with running the jump jump. I thought you might have been thinking about the same Dirty thoughts as I was... I knelt down to tie my shoe and when I looked up you came and stood righ [...]
  • Bowie St?? - m4m (Amarillo)
    • Late August you posted.

I saw the post. I Send email. You on Bowie St. Plz respond

  • short guy at the store - m4m
    • Hi guy you checked me out when you were walking out the door, you had a black shirt on, what color was mine?
  • Waitress at Braceros - m4w (Amarillo) 34yr
    • You served me and some friends on Wednesday, late lunch like 2pm, food and drinks were awesome, i was having a great time, but i was distracted by you, i would have left our table just to spend a moment gettinv to know you but i could muster the cour [...]
  • Cintia nava. I miss u baby. :( - m4w (Pampa)
    • Hey Cintia. I really mess the time we used to share at night together. U are a real women. Also hope our night together was just as good for U and Damn baby U were right about knowing how to pleasing your man GOOD. Mmmm still feel your mouth all over [...]
  • Walmart, biker?? - w4m
    • You were at wally world by yourself and I seen you by the frozen aisle. oOOOhhhh weeee!!! you were so fine!!! You caught me staring a few times and I caught you staring a few times and we even shared some flirty looks. You were a very tall ( maybe 6' [...]
  • we lost touch - w4m
    • Used to talk through here somehow we lost touch. You work at bsa and I would like to pick up where we left off. If u see this msg me.
  • Kyle - w4m (Ama)
    • I had a dream about you. It was crazy. I hadn't been thinking of you at all but when I had this dream, it brought back the times we used to chat. If you couldn't tell, you are hot!!! Beautiful blue eyes, brown hair, fit body and this smile that could [...]
  • A Guy at Pak A Sak on Hollywood Rd - w4m (Ama)
    • I had seen you at the Pak a Sak on Hollywood Rd on Monday morning. You were getting gas. You were in a white truck with a DitchWitch thing on the back of the truck. I wanted to tell you that you looked like the guy from Sons of Anarchy, the main guy, [...]
  • petite woman at toot n totum drive through - m4w (amarillo) 35yr
    • You are always at the window when I come to get drinks at the tascosa road store, and I can't help but stare.. you are beautiful.. you probably notice lol. I wanna ask if you are single or ?? I just never seem to have the courage to do it .. you wear [...]
  • Friends at Bww - m4w 37yr
    • I was out and having a drink with someone and couldn't help but notice more than a few looks. You were quite beautiful long haired brunette. I wished I had been there with you. If you read this please message me
  • Town Club-Cornell - m4m (Amarillo)
    • We were both in the steam room Monday around 5:30. You kept pouring water on the thermostat and showing your meat. We both were hard and stroking but were interrupted. I'd love to take care of that boner for you.
  • latina/phillipina ? grey jacket walmart - m4w (walmart on bell) 32yr
    • You walked passed me and smiled real big said "hi", i said "hey" .i shouldve asked for your number.you had a little boy with you,brown hair.

You are gorgeous woman! Hope you see this and remember me

  • Walmart - w4m (Pampa)
    • To the large man at Wal-Mart in Pampa around 6pm on Monday. You are hot! You are tall 6ft4 or so and blonde with black rim glasses and a beard, were wearing a red polo. I really wanted to through you down on the floor and do nasty things to you! If y [...]
  • lowes cashier bell st - m4w 30yr
    • Lil sexy white chick working at night. You are very attractive and have a beautiful smile,i am def older than you,your short with a very nice booty lol. If you like older guys and want to meet ,maybe you should reply ;)
  • Looking for a submisive/girlfriend - mw4w (Amarillo)
    • Hello, We are looking for a submissive girlfriend. Must be single, ddf, no small children. He has 8+ years in the lifestyle and she has 10+ years. If you don't know what the lifestyle is pease feel free to ask. Neither one of us are looking to cheat [...]
  • mexi white shirt blue jeans soccer game - m4w (grand and 34th) 33yr
    • I saw u at the game ,looking so fine. You have a sexy body and you are very beautiful ,can we meet ?your kinda short but thick and i like whati saw. Are you as naughty as i think ?
  • Favorite day of the week. - m4w (amarillo) 40yr
    • I saw that you posted looking for me awhile back. I never responded and I did delete that email account. If you still want to talk write me back and you can have my new burner email.
  • You were closing - m4w (Ama)
    • We work together but last night was the first time I had seen you. You were looking for an item and I helped you find it. Doubt you will see this but just wanted you to know I thought you were sweet. Maybe I'll see you again soon.
  • I've thought about you every day since the day we met. - w4m (Highland Park) 19yr
    • Look, I know you're married now. But just like before I don't want you. I don't miss our relationship. I miss YOU. I don't regret leaving you for him, I regret the way I did it. We're still together and I've never been happier, but your friendship, t [...]
  • ATC 1 friday - m4m (ATC)
    • You the guy in the grey FTL boxer briefs, with the semi, would love to take care of it for you, NSA! meet, I take care of you, we go our separate ways. If you need a weekly release, great! This was friday bout 1, you was at locker, getting ready to g [...]
  • Western bowl - m4w (Amarillo)
    • You were bowling in the number 5 lane with you daughter , you were wearing wrangler jeans and white bowling shoes . If you reply , what did I borrow from you . Your hair was in a pony tail .

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