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I Still Love You - You opened it. Good luck. Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they miss you. Something good will happen to you between 1:00 pm and 4:40 pm tomorrow, it could be anywhere. Tonight at midnight the [...]

You were in an Enclave I believe with a camouflaged jacket on. You really turned me on. I will be here a couple of more hours if you see this. :)

Hear the sirens. Hear the sirens, Hear the circus so profound. I hear the sirens More and more in this here town Let me catch my breath to breathe And reach across the bed Just to know we're safe I am a grateful man The sli [...]

  • cant stop loving you - m4w (sj)
    • Its you.. Its always been you since the day we met. I can't and don't want to let you and your love go. I've gotten a taste of heaven in you and that's where I want to stay. You know its you who holds my heart. Don't let go baby.. you've sacrificed s [...]
  • Walgreens on Georgia - m4w
    • Not sure you will even see this. I was there today in the aisle you were working on. You dropped some things and mentioned it was like a domino effect. You checked me out at the cosmetics register... Late afternoon. You have a wonderful smile, and ve [...]
  • This afternoon at target! - m4w
    • You were wearing a black dress and was with a guy wearing a Watt football jersey. I was in front of you checking out today and couldn't help but notice you staring at me. If you are interested please tell me what I was wearing in headline so I can we [...]
  • Amy .. works at totem 3rd & Western - m4w
    • The one that "brightened" my day...

Tell me what I had on that we had a blast discussing. Well I did anyway. If you're interested in getting to know me better let me know. If you're unattached of course.. Hope you see this. Guess I could just call [...]

I was in a truck , your car is grey, tell me what kind so I know it's you! You had to see me [...]

  • your beautiful flower - w4m
    • My one and only handyman.. I love the way you look at me..as if I am the only woman in the world. When our eyes meet, You take my breath away and I can literally see you gasp for yours. I love how you're so genuine with your feelings and how you expr [...]
  • Outlaws restaurant - m4m (Amarillo) 35yr
    • You were a good looking guy with a go-tee. You sat at a pub table with a woman and man. We made eye contact and you smiled. I would like to get to know the you. Email me with my race.
  • Missing out on the party amarillo. (Zita)
    • A kik group has started specifically for amarillo's swinger crowd. Single males will be denied and single women will be contemplated. This is for any and all Swingers use. Message me to get details on joining group and let's gather as a community of [...]
  • I saw you today - w4m
    • I hate you

I hate you so much Because I absolutely love you You were mine and now you're just a memory

  • Devil - m4w (ama)
    • Dude. She did me the same way. Hot then cold then hot. She's older curvy and fucks like a kinky porn star. And u know what? She can keep jerking me around so long as she still swallows me whole when she's running hot.
  • To the beautiful brunette at Wally World... - m4w
    • By the off chance you see this... I was looking to checkout and you were the only one among your co-workers that was waiting to help someone. I was about to head to an empty line when you asked, with a angelic smile, if I was ready to checkout. You t [...]
  • I Should Have - m4w (Amarillo) 26yr
    • Not a day goes by that I don't think about you... I really did screw up. Theres no reason you should ever give me another chance. I've thought many nights would just pass by without even a single moments recollection of you. I've sat here and contemp [...]
  • Thompson Park - m4m
    • I walked in on you guys in the restroom. I thought you both were HOT!! I would have loved to join you or even just watched you have been amazing. HMU if you are interested. Tell me what you were driving and what I was driving. Hope to hear from you.
  • Looking for the guy from lunch at studio 1 - m4m
    • You sucked me and another guy with long hair off during the lunch hour. You give amazing head and I'd like to meet up again. Also the long haired guy with the uncut cock message if you get this as well.
  • Drowning in it - w4m
    • Each day, each minute, each second I am sucked further and further under. From the beginning I told you who I was, what I need. I gave you the knowledge of my fears, my past, my hurts. You said you were different, wouldn't hurt me, leave me, torture [...]
  • Lustfull Sex - m4w
    • Nothing sexier then walking in the door and seeing you butt naked panties on the floor. Its true we some freaks.
  • braums canyon - m4w
    • To the beautiful woman i made eye contact with.....damn you're so hot!!! Long shot i know but would love to chat with u n look into those beautiful eyes of yours! Tell me who i was sitting with so i know its you.....hope u see this!! Again....damn yo [...]
  • My God Given - w4m (79109)
    • Oh how I miss you..

Your touch.. Your smell.. Your love... We were enough... The timing was so off... You cross my mind everyday and I know that I do yours... Because our love was real.. Is real... Now all we can do is with the best... Some [...]

  • Willow creek TNT - m4w (Ama)
    • You were in a blue dodge and smiled at me as I walked out of the store. Just wanted you to know you have a very memorable smile and are very attractive.

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