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craigslist | missed connections in amarillo

  • Jogger on evening of 7/30 - m4m (Canyon) 30yr
    • Ok, I know this is a huge long shot, but you have to be one of the sexiest guys I've seen. You were jogging South down 9th or 10th about 6 or so this evening. You were shirtless and had really short hair. I was driving by in a dark colored car and I [...]
  • friends... - m4m (amarillo)
    • So we work in the same building and we both travel for our companies. Your younger than me but i have taken a liking to you from a far and visit with you every time we meet in the halls etc. If your interested, tell me what building and where I'm hea [...]
  • I saw you twice.. - m4w
    • I saw you first yesterday you had on a black shirt and colorful pants. Then I saw you today and you were wearing a red shirt and Capri jeans. Anyway, you are older than I am but you were amazingly beautiful. You caught me staring at you but I couldn' [...]
  • Good looking woman talking on the phone - m4w (Amarillo)
    • You was outside talking on the phone today about 1:30 on North Tyler by the tracks.If you want to talk a little hmu,you never know!!Hope you see this....................lol
  • sarah - m4w
    • We talk ever time I get around you you seem so unhappy sometimes I know I have my own obligations but with my current career I have all the free time in the world its not sex unless you make it that way maybe you just need a get away a hug something [...]
  • Trading pics (Pampa girls) - m4t 32yr
    • Male interested in trading pics of gf here online with other boyfriends or husband. Must be from Pampa or surrounding towns also. If sounds interesting let me know. U might know her. :)
  • Black 18 wheeler-east bound west of Amarillo - m4m (Amarillo)
    • I was in a small SUV heading east on I-40 just. You were driving a black rig. We passed each other several times and we both exchanged hot glances and gestures. I'm totally so wanting to hook up. You are so good looking and I can't keep from thinking [...]
  • buying recliner with your grandma - m4w
    • You bought a recliner with your grandma on sunday the 27th. I gave you my card with my cell number on the back. You should txt me :-)
  • i still love you - m4w 23yr
  • Your star is getting closer - m4w (Out West) 39yr
    • I am now heading to work earlier in the morning, and can see your star just before the sun rises over the mountains. It makes me smile thinking about you. You know it kills me thinking of the what ifs and how our lives might have been different in an [...]
  • gorgeous blonde at walmart on georgia - m4w (georgia &i27) 30yr
    • You are a very gorgeous tall white woman with curly blonde hair.you were wearing a white shirt,sky blue pants and brown open toed shoes . Totally out of my league,just wanted you to know ,dayum ! Lol good job today sexy!
  • Golf store RAMPAGE - m4w (retail store)
    • I saw you today, we kept exchanging glances and smiles, immediate and obvious

mutual attraction, wasn't sure of your relationship of who you were with but did not want to disrespect. If you would of been alone I would walked right up and asked you [...]

I guess this is the beginning of the rest of my life. Maybe I read too much into it, but I'm pretty sure when someone only responds to you and doesn't initiate conversation- they've lost interest. I.e. 'He's just not that into [...]

  • Other Goober - m4w (The texas panhandle)
    • I tried to email you through your post. I didn't want to text for obvious reasons. Plus, maybe I'm not the only one in this situation right now. Who knows. I've been reading your post over and over all night and can't help but think about you. I have [...]
  • Not so sweater weather - m4w
    • I had a dream about you, one where we reconciled and kept pushing forward into the unknown.

I wish it would come true, so that we could be happy again. I miss you, I'm going back home. You know who I am.

  • Other Goober - w4m (The Panhandle of Texas )
    • To get the obvious out of the way, I know posting anything on Craigslist is ridiculous and kind of pathetic. There is a one in a million chance you will ever see this, but I either post here or text you. Since we aren't talking at all (I guess?) text [...]
  • Pak a Sak 58th and Georgia Drive Thru - m4w (Amarillo) 32yr
    • you have dyed red hair, and I was in a white sports car around 10:30pm. Would love to take you for a ride in it sometime. Tell me what it said on the back window so I know it's you.
  • The Park At 54th Apartments - m4w (Amarillo) 23yr
    • Looked out my window and there were 3 of you and my god you were gorgeous! You looked like college girls and what I wouldn't give for a fun time with you guys. I'd eat your sweet young pussy's all night long and do whatever you wanted. Just to nervou [...]
  • Black car, out of state plates - w4m (Amarillo)
    • I first saw you in the drive-thru just after noon yesterday. I didn't think much about it until I saw you again driving down the street. When I passed you, you sped up. Were you maybe interested? :)
  • Desk of the Holiday Inn, beautiful blonde - m4w (Amarillo) 30yr
    • Your name started with a J (but it was hard to read your name tag), my colleague caught me at the desk and was talking to me so I couldn't flirt! I checked in this afternoon around 8pm and I'm staying on the 3rd floor. I had a black t-shirt on, maybe [...]
  • alicia - m4w (Amarillo)
    • I doubt you look on here. But if you do and you have a thing for someone attached and its me...describe me
  • It's been seven years and I still think of you. Am I crazy? - m4w (Pampa)
    • So this month marks seven years since I let you walk away. I still love you and think of you everyday, am I crazy? Two questions I always have. Will I ever get to know the feeling of holding you in my arms ever again? Will I always have you in my min [...]
  • Walmart check out 7.20.14 - w4m
    • You and your daughter were in line in front of me. We were flirting a little. would like to find you. tell me what kind of alcohol you were buying so I'll know it is you...
  • Cute Starbucks Boy! (Soncy Location) - m4m (Amarillo) 24yr
    • You were sitting with your friend and having a conversation in the corner. Wore a blue plaid shirt and khaki shorts! You were adorable and would like to get to know you more. We made eye contact several times. Message me and let's chat. It's a long s [...]
  • Dave from okmeet - w4m (Amarillo) 41yr
    • Was just talking to you in the chat room on okmeet. My laptop froze and when I logged back in you were gone. Please message me here if you see this.
  • Wish - w4m
    • U r tall dark & handsome

im someone u used 2 love I wish u thought of me like u did b4. Ill never replace u. Im broken. Ill miss u always. fix this.

  • want to jerk and suck?26for older - m4m
    • Are you Looking to jerk and suck clean cock for tonight looking for older...must be clean!strickly jerking and sucking! You host or meet somewhere!
  • Guy at Lang Tire - m4m (amarillo)
    • Hey bud.....we where sitting in the waiting area together.....you looked like you were in great shape......I noticed that you had a hole in the crotch of your jeans.....our eyes met a few times....tell me what kind of hat I was wearing and what color [...]
  • The look . . . . ! - m4w (Texas)
    • Have you ever seen "that person" across the room or parking lot, and for some reason, just could not take your eyes off of them? They don't have to be beauty pageant contestants. Just a beautiful person in their own rights. I have seen absolutely gor [...]
  • Thursday nite,Hoffbrau Steakhouse - m4w (Amarillo)
    • Saw you sitting at the bar with a friend. You are a beautiful Latina, and I believe you had on a white and pink top. I was uncertain if it was friend your were sitting with or significant other.

Guess its not always best to be safe rather than risk [...]

Bottoms up, baby! ha Hugs, J

  • Red head in South amarillo - m4w
    • I have seen you walking around the neighborhood a few times on 42nd. Your hair is red and last I seen you you were wearing aviators. You have a sexy figure and I'd like to talk to you
  • Hot Cab Driver - m4m (Amarillo)
    • You gave me a lift this morning- thought you very very nice looking. If you are interested, let me know my destination and what I drove. I hope I hear from you.
  • She dont know - m4w
    • Will be on my way soon.....Lmao at that..........They Dont Know.....Sex Tape?.......;)
  • Finally Happened - m4w
    • All I can say i see why she didnt want us to talk. Loved how you took this dick yesterday evening!!! Ready to see that sexy pussy again
  • Sexy red head in united - m4w (amarillo) 49yr
    • I couldn't keep my eyes off ya at the united, tight black dress,red hair and I thought we had a moment I looked for ya in the parking lot but I left before you and was in a bit of a hurry.What to chat?
  • fun - mw4w (Amarillo)
    • Me and hubby looking for a female to have fun with I'm bi curious and would like a female to show me how things go and to take care of me. Must send pictures to get mines
  • I want a LADY - m4w (Tulia Plainview Hale Center)
    • If this is you change subject to when we can meet. I just want company that can enjoy a licking and take a sticking. Professional DDF average all shapes and sizes. I dont mind. The wetter the better if shes a squirter. Sorry no cross dressers or esco [...]
  • seen u walking downtown this morning - m4m (tootNtotum) 27yr
    • Saw you walking to tootntotum. We walked in the same time and got a fountain drink. You left before me and started to walk across the street. I found you cute and if you see this message me. You were wearing dark clothes, had curly messy hair with th [...]
  • Turns out green hair can be sexy! - m4w
    • to the Krafty Green Goddess: I was in your store, a craft store, Sunday afternoon...I know you remember me...that was fun flirting with you. Just wanted to say thanks.! Probably too old for your taste but hey, if ya have some secret thing about older [...]
  • I missed your smile today - m4w (34th & soncy)
    • Ms A,

I come in where you work almost every day, just to see the smile that makes the typically aggravating day much easier to bear. And tho our conversations are short, I always leave with a smile I don't often have. I've just never mustered up the [...]

  • Miss you j - m4w (Amarillo) 49yr
    • We met on Cl . We had known each other from the past . We tried to start a relationship . I was a little gun shy , she wasn't . I drug my feet and she left me for another .. I could kick myself .. I'm sure I won't get a second chance.. I wish the bes [...]
  • ❤️ WARM VANILLA SUGAR ❤️ - w4m (Amarillo , Tx) 23yr
    • Ready for some hardcore fun , come join me I can please you to your expectation I promise you won't regret it take some time and spend it with me it's gonna be really fun I do all kinds of tricks ..(:

🚫no pimping 🚫no rude talking & [...]

  • happy bday to my high school sweethart - m4w 23yr
    • Hi chio I hope you see this you probably know who I am I just wanted to tell you happy birthday you still have a place in my hart you know we are ment to be together. You are all ways in my mind hope you read this
  • RE: I went to your store and you were helpful. - w4m - m4w
    • In reference to shopping at "my store.." Where were you shopping ma'am? What specific day was this and what time?
  • Vicki - m4w (Restaurant )
    • I was the guy that was giving you a hard time and told you I was high maintenance :). Would like to connect with you.
  • Lacey A. H. - m4w (miami)
    • Hello Lacey, I just wanted to get these feelings off my chest, you are very sexy, and you are so nice every time we have talked, I would love to have a chance to get to know you, and to see if how I feel is real or just because you are just so sweet [...]
  • ❤️💕💕Cherry Blossom 💕💕❤ʊ (Amarillo tx) 23yr
    • When you need someone to please you , that'll be me .. When you need time away , spend it with me .. Baby I'm everything and then some you'd be a fool to pass me up I'm freaky , caramel color , and I'm horny waiting on someone like you .. Give me a c [...]
  • The girl in the black sun dress - m4w
    • We seen each other when we walked by smiled at each other and I couldn't stop looking. Tell me where we were at
  • Neighbor in Blue Escalade - m4m (45th and Georgia)
    • Hey man, we have seen each other a few times in passing and said hi to each other when you were out walking. You live a few houses to the south of me and I think you just moved in not long ago. You seem like a cool guy, hit me up if you see this and [...]
  • Pak-a-sak on 45th coulter - m4w (Amarillo )
    • I saw you around noon, you picked something up at the counter and I told you that the red ones and orange ones were better and you said that your son would probably like them. I just had to say that you are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to talk t [...]
  • Blond in Subaru Tribeca at Gem Lake TootNTotum - m4w (Amarillo)
    • I saw you getting gas at the Gem Lake TootNTotum on a Friday evening weeks ago. You were wearing a gray shirt, jeans, and a brightly colored bra barely visible through your shirt. Short blond hair. GORGEOUS!! I want to know more about you.
  • Blond at Marty's restaurant bar, Danielle - m4w
    • Anyone know the blond hottie, VERY sexy dresser, that used to hang out at Marty's restaurant bar on Friday and Saturday nites with her husband?
  • I saw you at the mall and you had niiice curves!! - m4w 32yr
    • My goodness you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen!!!! I know you will never see this and i'm sure you're married or in a relationship but I cant stop thinking about you and youre beautiful curves. We glanced at each other and you smi [...]
  • I went to your store and you were helpful. - w4m
    • And you were very handsome. I should've asked if you were single. I thought you were polite and nice! Maybe I will shop again soon! ;) You work at the mall and im sure you will never see this..
  • United/Pak a sak in Pampa - m4m (Pampa)
    • Hey Bud! I talked to you in Pak a sak on the 4th. We were both getting gas and then started talking by the drink fountain. I had met you in United a couple of years back. We talked about roasting a whole pig on the cooker vs. in the ground....Holler [...]
  • Darron from Omegle - w4m 18yr
    • K I know this is crazy but I was talking to this really cool guy but his screen froze out of nowhere. I know the chances of him finding this are slimmer and he'll probably think I'm weird for even doing this but I have nothing to lose XP He's Viet, t [...]
  • POPTART!! saw u at walmart - w4m
    • cant ever remember your real name!! we went to river road together and I called you pop tart lol! believe you were class of 02?? anyways saw you tonight we glanced at eachother for a moment it was only when I got home that I remembered who you were!! [...]
  • Frank's Plumbing - m4m (Amarillo) 55yr
    • This is more than a long shot. You replaced our hot water heater last week on South Western. Wore a wedding band, but had a great smile and a tight ass! HMU if this is even a possibility.
  • see you at planet fitness in the mornings - m4w 34yr
    • Your a beautiful red head and i see you at planet fitness during the week in the mornings. I think you look amazing and would like to see if you are intrested in some discrete workout. I noticed a wedding band on your hand but you have given looks an [...]
  • Good Luck♧ - w4m
    • I don't know why I'm posting on here, you won't ever know it's me... I was never your choice, I do think you enjoyed the idea of having an option tho! I think what pisses me off the most is not that I believed everything you told me or that you just [...]
  • Thompson Park/White Dodge - m4m (Amarillo) 40yr
    • Well fuck!!!!! gonna try this again... lol Its probably been 4 to 5 years ago, I've lost track but you were hot as fuck. You were in a white dodge pickup and I was in a white ford f150 from Colorado. We met up and you know the rest lol.... I really w [...]
  • darling - w4m (borger)
    • I want to see you but at the same time I don't. It sucks that I know u have to go and that the time I get with you is so short. May not mean anything to u but it does to me. This is the way it will always be :-(
  • just letting you know - w4m (Amarillo) 26yr
    • I never post on here but I just wanted to let you know. I thought you were very handsome and you had an amazing smile! I was standing behind you in the check out line at Wal-Mart on Georgia on Sunday 7-6-14. You were wearing a light blue shirt.
  • Flânuer in Kalopsis - m4w (FernWeh)
    • She was my muse.

She split my mind. Sparked my imagination into a whole other world.... Another Dimension. Where my thoughts of how to be pleased were turned upside down and inside out. Open my mind to a whole other thinking. When I was with her [...]

  • beautiful girl walking down wofflin street - m4w (wofflin st)
    • you where wearing a beatles shirt I had to drive by a couple times you are the hottest girl ive seen in this town wish I would have talked to you if you see this message me I was in a white car Id like to get to know you
  • fun - mw4w (Amarillo)
    • Me and my hubby are looking for a female that would like to have fun with me and him but mainly me. I'm new in this and I love to experiment the fun with another female. Just females only . Have to have pictures to get ours. Age and race are don't ma [...]
  • fun fun fun - mw4mw (amarillo)
    • Me and my husband are looking for the couple to have fun with in bedroom and outside of bedroom. I'm 21 and he is 27. Must be between ages of 20 to 35 . We will travel if we have to. Must have pictures to get ours . Let's get the party started
  • Vendors!! - m4m (Sw AMA) 27yr
    • Hey there is some cute vendors that work at my store WM #3383. Coke,bud light Pepsi and Coors light miller light if any of y'all out there let me know. I sure would like to get to know y'all ;)
  • You come into my work - m4w (34th and coulter)
    • you come into my work pretty regularly. We always talk and I have wanted to get your number for a long time so we can talk outside of here but I havnt asked for it incase you dont feel the same and I didnt want it to be awkward every time you came in [...]
  • Elevator Beauty - m4w (Texas Tech)
    • We met in an elevator this afternoon at the Texas Tech medical campus. I complimented your patriotism and you flashed me the most beautiful smile I've seen in a long time. We talked about what program you were in, and why I was there. The ride up was [...]
  • Help - m4w
    • If anyone knows LaKeisha Coley from Dumas tx, please have her respond to this Ad!
  • Hot Fireman Sparked Something in Me - w4m (Truck7? Walmart)
    • I wouldn't have noticed if Walmart on Georgia was completely engulfed in flames as fire truck #7? pulled up to front of the building; I was mesmerized, unable to take my eyes off way too hot fireman as I drove past.
  • One more final try - w4m
    • So about mid may I posted an ad searching for you and no luck. So I'm gonna try one more time.As crazy as this sounds you have only seen me twice and both times it seemed like we wanted to say something but we didn't. (Yes I'm so regretting this now) [...]
  • as bbw at Bk on i40 u stopped for the restroom - m4w
    • I kept starring at u and u looked really hard at me and I really wanted to see those bigtits of urs if u r interested let me know thanks
  • I made the right decision - w4m (Amarillo)
    • When we first started talking, it was non-stop. It was amazing, interesting, and intriguing. It was wonderful. I did see a future with you. I wanted to share a life with you. But suddenly the honeymoon was over. Not that you did anything bad, I just [...]
  • you stayed at laquinta on ross - m4m (laquinta) 19yr
    • You and another guy stayed at laquinta on 7/1/2014 and i think yall are together I worked the front desk when you checked in. Your name is jeremy katz and i said I liked your dog. Would love to hang with you.
  • You work at Progressive You made my day - m4w (Indianapolis, IN) 26yr
    • So today I rear ended a guy because he's a crappy driver and still hasn't mastered the brake pedal. Anywho, I had to call you. You being, whoever answered the phone at Progressive. When you first picked up I was shitty as everyone is when they're fir [...]
  • Pampa Braums - m4w (Pampa)
    • You work the drive up window at braums in Pampa. I've been lucky enough to see you twice. The first time you mentioned something about my hat. Hope that's a good clue. The last time you were pretty busy and we were unable to talk any. I think you are [...]
  • Saturday at wonderland - m4w (Amarillo)
    • I kept seeing you around wonderland Saturday. You are a beautiful woman that was wearing a black dress and had several tattoos. The first time I saw you was by the scrambler. I was with some one so I was not able to talk to you. I made sure to make e [...]
  • Adore You - m4w (WonDerLanD)
    • Laying on your chest in our hotel room. You picking songs for us to listen to. You play Adore You. I listen as I lay listening to your heart beat. Looking into the bathroom thinking how beautiful the evening was. Thinking about the song playing. My h [...]
  • seen a ghost - m4w
    • I seen you at Fast Eddies. You have red hair and was wearing a tank top and cutoffs.
  • Cross dresser long hair recently moved to Amarillo - m4m (Amarillo ) 26yr
    • We started talking then you moved to AMA you came back to town and I missed ur txt if you remember me lets talk. Tell me what u remember about me
  • Where did the Deaf guy go? - m4m (Amarillo)
    • Just found out that he no longer worked at a club. I want to reach him, if possible. Where could I find him? I cannot believe that he is still single. Why is he still single??
  • walmart on georgia - w4m (amarillo)
    • Hi, I am to shy to even talk to you but thought I would give this a try. I have seen you in walmart on georgia. You work in the deli dept and your name is Victor. Thats all I know. Was wondering if you are single and if you are if you would like to t [...]
  • Crystal - m4w (Amarillo) 36yr
    • This is for a beautiful lady named crystal 32 years old from Amarillo we have been flirting back and forth on a dating site if you read this tell me my screen name so I know it is you
  • RE: Subject: cute crossdresser lookimg for older serious search/ or ph - m4m (Amarillo)
    • This is in reply to the ad I saw earlier today. A young (18 year old) CD was advertising looking for a new Daddy. I saw the ad and replied to it but before I could get my reply sent off, you deleted your ad and craigslist would not forward my message [...]
  • Miss Fitness - m4w (Amarillo, Texas)
    • Man you are so sexy! I wish I had the nerve to tell you what I wanted to do to your sexy self right then, and there! I am a shy guy tho. . .. Well if this is you or you know her please tell her to answer this ad please!!! I can't stop thinking about [...]
  • Magarita - m4w (Borger Tx) 58yr
    • Miss the Lady at Lowes Named Margarita!!!! Sweetheart!!!!!!

Miss You! Dont know what else to say????,,?

  • Missing daddy's notes - w4m 18yr
    • I park my civic in the school parking lot in the same spot like you said, and for a few weeks you have been leaving me notes signed daddy, calling me princess and they have stopped showing up in my car window....

I want to know what happened did I d [...]

  • You wanted to be spoiled - m4w (Pampa) 33yr
    • I met you a while back on here you wanted to be spoiled. We talked a few times then we met up a couple of different places we lost contact and I have been thinking alot about you and wanted to talk to you again. If you think this is you reply the fir [...]
  • Blonde cutie at front counter - m4w (amarillo)
    • I was training in your store today. You were the blonde cutie at the front counter. We made eye contact a couple of times and on the way out, you spoke to me. I would love to talk to you and see where it goes. You probably won't ever see this, but I [...]
  • June Jazz Cutie - w4m
    • The title says it all. I am an avid people watcher (even though I can't see very well, irony) and as I scanned the crowd, your face caught my attention. You were absolutely adorable. Dark hair, scruffy, handsome and in a wheelchair, much to my surpri [...]
  • You paid for my dinner the drive-through Rosas I 40 (Amarillo)
    • You paid for my dinner Tuesday night around 9 o'clock at the drive-through you was in a red truck and would just like to find out who you are and maybe talk tell me what color of truck I was in
  • Hurtful - w4m
    • I don't understand why when I offer my heart, my honesty, MY INTEGRITY, you want to slam me into the dirt repeatedly. We both knew our situations when we got involved so why must you constantly make the little comments that are so hurtful. I have pro [...]
  • Pretty Hispanic girl - m4w
    • I went into ur work today. You helped me then told me about ur bosses old store. Then you told me to take something. I thought u were cute and think u might like me aswell.

Tell me where you work or what you told me to take.

I saw you in the card section of CVS pharmacy at Hillside and Coulter on 6/23. You looked amazing beautiful, mesmerizing and so sultry like Diva....While I left the CVS I was staring at you and you too [...]

  • Gray Nissan SUV TNT - m4w
    • I know this is a long shot but thought I would try. I held the door for you at TNT and we exchanged casual conversation. You are so gorgeous and a very stunning lady, I would like to learn more about you if you are interested.

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