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craigslist | missed connections in amarillo

  • needing you - w4m (route 66)
    • I miss you so much baby. I only pray that you read this and know its for you. Everything seems like its falling apart..don't let it. Hold on to everything we've said to each other. I love you.. I won't give up on you. I promise. You're my number one! [...]
  • sexy black kllm truck driver 130 miles away from amarillo - m4w
    • I thought you was sexy so if by chance you did stop here in Amarillo and would like to meet and see what might would happen then email me and lets set something up. thanks. and if you do stop through here a lot let me know and we can meet up sometime [...]
  • Let's do this - m4m
    • I'm tired of this. I'm tired of not being able to take off all your clothes and suck every inch of your tan, smooth body every time I see you. Don't make me wait, Joey.

All I want to do is see the look on your face as my dick slides deeper and deepe [...]

Me -- Lane #42 -- we met our eyes every time you walked by my lane. Few long slow eye-contacts. Some smiles. That was really a turn-on! What the heck, let's meet somewhere for a drink.

ive been thinking about you and i m wondering if u r ready 4 me again beautiful?

Please tell me what you were wearing.......

  • came in my store for engineering stuff - w4m (amarillo )
    • this is crazy, my friend told me about this section of CL and it was definitely a missed connection. I helped you find the engineering stuff for your class with the teacher that's hard to understand. We chit chatted a bit and I thought you were cute. [...]
  • blonde and black hair toot'n'totum on i40&georgia - m4w 27yr
    • You are very very sexy.. I liked the way you looked at me..I think you and I could have fun if your not taken. I would love a shot ! Excellent body and a sexy smile and face 😉
  • Rounders - m4w (Amarillo)
    • We meet at rounders, you're blonde and gave me an e-mail..... I lost it.... Send a message with what is on your left shoulder.
  • atc locker room - m4m (cornell)
    • I saw you checking me out after my shower. I think me dropping my towel turned you on some since you were getting a little chub. You got into the hot tub nude, I know it's a long shot since you were wearing a wedding band but lemme know. Wouldn't min [...]
  • w4m, w4w, w4mw; I HOST TONIGHT - w4m (Amarillo) 21yr
    • I'm twenty one, medium length blond hair, brown eyes, 36 C, and a nice body. Tonight I am feeling adventurous. Fetish friendly and wanting to please. If you are wanting another man involved I know one on standby just don't know any other females. If [...]
  • Roasters!! - m4m
    • You: Taller hunky Latino with tattoo neck, pierced eyebrow -- you are looking amazingly!

Me: The Guy behind the MacBook -- Cannot help staring at a sexy tattoo guy!! Let me buy you a coffee! Inbox me!

  • DEAR HEART - w4m (XOXO)
  • Workout at ATC Hillside - m4w (Amarillo) 36yr
    • I saw you yesterday at ATC on Hillside. It was between 5 and 6 pm. You had on long black stretch pants and a pink top. I was the tall blonde guy. I think you are very attractive! I would really like to talk to you and get to know you.
  • 212 bathroom guy - m4m (downtown)
    • Met at the 212. You green shirt and big dick. ;) would love to finish up what we started.
  • Beautiful blonde at my job - m4w
    • You came into my job at about 8pm or so. Maybe a little earlier. You were wearing a pink dress and were having some problems with your vehicle making a noise and I fixed it for you.

I just wanna say that I think you are so damn beautiful. And I'd lo [...]

  • Danielle Box - m4w (Amarillo)
    • Does anyone know anything about Danielle Box who used to live here in Amarillo. She and her husband used to hang out at Marty's Bar. VERY sexy! I'd like to found out more about her.
  • Cat and mouse amarillo to lubbock - w4m (I-27 Ama to lubbock)
    • Saturday the 23rd I was driving from amarillo to Lubbock and you honked at me. You were driving a truck. I think you were trying to tell me something but I didn't understand! You made me smile though and it made for a quick drive. You should at least [...]
  • tascosa walmart - m4w 35yr
    • You red shirt green pants. Blondish hair. A few tattoos. We shared some nice glances. What was I wearing. Hmu!
  • Allison - m4w (amarillo)
    • We met on CL back a spell and hooked up. I really need to tell you something. I can't remember you real name or if you even gave me one.. You were in your 20's maybe 30's, super skinny with brown hair wore a tshirt and nike shorts. If you should read [...]
  • ATC steam room - m4m (cornell)
    • We were in the steam room together, I wanted to say hi but we weren't alone. You had a nipple ring and a nice tatt on your back. Long shot hope I see you again
  • Looking for the hot blonde from Westgate Mall - m4w (Amarillo) 24yr
    • On Monday I meet a young blonde woman that worked at Forever 21. Built like a high school volleyball player, probably 5'4", 130lbs, large breasts, and you wearing a short sundress with tall high heels. You and I went into the ladies bathroom and got [...]
  • looking for Cheri Hardie - m4w
    • I know this is a long shot, but I've been looking to get in touch with Cheri for a while now, its been 7 or so years since I talked to her, I moved away, we were pretty good friends, I think she lives in Borger now but not totally sure, if anyone can [...]
  • Mary at the orange place - m4w
    • Hello mary I really enjoy talking to you. So I know some stuff and I was wondering if you would like to email me to see if maybe you know what I am saying you are really smart.
  • Adorable red head!!! - m4w (Ama)
    • Im looking for a very cute redhead with a beautiful smile:) I hope you recognize the picture;)
  • long haired ebony woman - m4w 25yr
    • At the bowling alley last night,there was a lot of sexy ebony girls .but you stuck out the most..you were dark lol with long black hair,and a very sexy body.. I thought you were perfect and it was hard to keep my eyes off of you.take a chance let's p [...]
  • Atc cornell locker room - m4m (Atc Cornell ) 30yr
    • We have spoken several times. You're an older white guy. You even saw me get hard once on my way to the shower because you were stripping down in front of me. I know you looked and you know I look at you too. We sat in the hot tub today and talked. W [...]
  • Hottie Bud Girl - m4w (AMA ) 27yr
    • Looking for that cutie bud girl with short hair. Is she single?? I was nervous to say hi.
  • yellow mustang gt at tootntotum - m4w 34yr
    • Your a very sexy blonde with a badass car i kno u saw me checkin u out ..cause you did a double take.wish i had a chance.i would go out of my way to not dissapoint ;)

Hope you see thus and like what you hear

  • fuck - w4m (borger)
    • So not sure what's going on. One sec ur begging me to see you. Then ur telling me no more. u say we need to talk, then just push all the blame onto me. Guess ill just have to get over it and u.
  • August 17 Market Street on Georgia - m4w (Amarillo)
    • You were wearing a Pepsi Shirt we made eye contact several times and spoke outside the store next to your car.

I am very interested in getting o know you better. Please respond by telling me the color of your car and wand the occasion of the new ca [...]

Lady I've never had anyone do that to me with just their eyes... not even close. I can't wait to explore this insane chemistry... I guess you could reply to this but I doubt that I will believe it's you...re [...]

Am I serious, I cannot believe that's what's came out of my mouth!!! You are Gorgeous!!! Beautiful!!! Speechless!!!! I want to know more about you, I cannot get the glimpse of your eyes out of my mind... I want to see m [...]

  • to gourgous blonde at the block party - m4w (polk street block party in amarillo) 35yr
    • i saw u a few times and we smile a few times at each other u were wearing cute blue and white top with a cute blue jean skirt and cute set of shoes to show off ur gourgous feet. i was where a gray black and orange harley davidson hat that says 1903 o [...]
  • lady in red at dollar general - m4w 23yr
    • I know this is a long shot and can't believe I am doing this but here it goes... we were at dollar general on river road late this afternoon. you were wearing a red Polo top .I was with my dad. I couldn't help but check you out the whole time, you ar [...]
  • older guy hosting weekly massages? - m4m (amarillo) 35yr
    • What happened to the older guy that gave working guys massahes with happy endings for freee? Could use one
  • Beauty at TNT on Georgia Thursady Night 8/14 - m4w (amarillo)
    • You drove up in a blue ford pickup, our eyes met, we smiled at each other. You were wearing a pink shirt, jeans. As you left, we smiled back at each other, and as you were driving off. I was talking to a gentleman and his wife about his Harley Davids [...]
  • Brenda?? - m4w (Pittsburgh, Pa) 49yr
    • Your name is Brenda, mine is Jim. We never knew each other's last name. 33 yrs ago you and I had sex in a red amc gremlin. The car belonged to Carrie. Your last words to me were "inside me but just don't leave me with a kid to raise alone". I've had [...]
  • TOWN CLUB SW HOTTIE... - m4m (Amarillo) 25yr
    • You were working out the same time I was. You had on a black shirt, blue shorts, and green/yellow shoes. I would love to suck you off on the DL and see that body you were showing off in the bathroom when I was in there. Your super cute. We stood outs [...]
  • You work at a acapulcos - m4w
    • I know you probably won't ready this but hey just thought I'd write about it and well, you never know.

I know your name and last name. You are beautiful! I am so attracted to you. I went in the other day just to see you in person, i sat at the bar. [...]

  • saw you today in borger in your white deer shirt - m4w (borger)
    • hello, saw you today, in borger in your white deer shirt, you are very cute, and I would like to know more about you, if you would like ? my name is Robert, this you could have heard when she called my name, I should have talked with you as you sat n [...]
  • Wind Farm Man! - m4m (amarillo)
    • so this is weird and I don't do this but you seemed like a really cool guy and I'd like to get to know you before you're off to Nevada. you came to my work and we talked about your job and where you're moving. even if we just went to get a drink befo [...]
  • Drive thru at taco bell at ama blvd. - m4w
    • I came thru the drive thru in my old car and you helped us I winked at you and you smiled and stared at me. If you would like to get a bite to eat sometime email me thanks.
  • darling - w4m (borger)
    • I miss talking to you. I miss you...........................................................................................................................
  • Our First - mw4w (Amarillo) 3827yr
    • You hadn't been getting the attention that you deserved and posted here looking for some weekend company. I know that you had more fun with us than you had in a long time, and she and I enjoyed making you feel like a queen. You were our first as a co [...]
  • I'm to shy.. - w4m
    • We are working at the same site right now, I doubt you look on here but just in case, I think you are one gorgeous man. I can't help but stare every time I see you, sorry if I creep you out by the way if you notice lol. Please if you see this and you [...]
  • Girl at Kelly services. - m4w (amarillo)
    • You said you liked my tats, you had 2 kids with you. You seemed interesting and I'd like to get to know you :) I would have talked more but I'm shy. this is a long shot but if you see this reply to it. Let me know what tat I had so I know it's really [...]
  • Quiet lately - m4w (Out West) 39yr
    • It's been quiet, and I understand the things that could be running through your head. I'm thinking I might not be the guy you seek, and can't be upset over that fact for more reason than one. From square one, I only wanted the best for you, and if no [...]
  • black and white striped dress at walmart - m4w (gem lake) 33yr
    • So u kinda busted me checkin u out... i did one of those quick turn aways.. i was actually surprised you looked at me as we passed eachother.. you are so gorgeous. You have all the right looks and perfect height. Youll probably never see this,if by c [...]
  • pak a burger - m4w (pampa)
    • To the very sexy manager wearing the black tank top i wanted to say hello and wanted to pay you a complament keep that whole sexy look going you owned it
  • big booty at dollar general - m4w (avondale) 27yr
    • When i walked in to the store the first thing i saw was a beautiful ebony woman checking out. Youwere very beautiful. I think u might of even had your nose peirced. When i walked passed you i could not help but notice that your grey sweatpants were v [...]
  • Blond at Marty's restaurant bar, Danielle - m4w
    • Anyone know the blond hottie, VERY sexy dresser, that used to hang out at Marty's restaurant bar on Friday and Saturday nites with her husband?
  • Blond in Subaru Tribeca at Gem Lake TootNTotum - m4w (Amarillo)
    • I saw you getting gas at the Gem Lake TootNTotum on a Friday evening a few months ago. You were wearing a gray shirt, jeans, and a brightly colored bra barely visible through your shirt. Short blond hair. GORGEOUS!! I want to know more about you.
  • I miss you... - m4w (pampa?)
    • d..

I miss you like crazy. You are in my dreams constantly.. We talk a little.. but I know you are not interested..

or atleast a hint? can't reconcile if i don't know who you are.

  • You parked next to me at a park.. - m4m (John Stiff) 30yr
    • I was at the park going for a walk and you parked next to my car. I couldn't help but to look in your truck when I was leaving and you had your dick out and it seemed to me that you were jacking off. I wanted to join you but was shy and in a hurry. I [...]
  • Shoes... - m4w
    • I am unsure of the author of the "poem"...

I am wearing a pair of shoes. They are ugly shoes. Uncomfortable shoes. I hate my shoes. Each day I wear them, and each day I wish I had another pair. Some days my shoes hurt so bad that I do not think [...]

  • you said you where going to united after this - m4w (79121)
    • God you are so sexy! I can never keep my eyes off you. Me and you could have a lot of fun together
  • Would you have offered to keep me warm? - w4m (AMA)
    • Just curious as to what you would have said that was so inappropriate. Reply back if you want to say it after all.
  • waiter at red lobster last friday - m4m
    • Wasn't able to know your name as we got a different waiter. Would love to go out, see a movie with you. We made eye contact a few times. Tell me what I was wearing so I know it's you.
  • friends... - m4m (amarillo)
    • So we work in the same building and we both travel for our companies. Your younger than me but i have taken a liking to you from a far and visit with you every time we meet in the halls etc. If your interested, tell me what building and where I'm hea [...]
  • I saw you twice.. - m4w
    • I saw you first yesterday you had on a black shirt and colorful pants. Then I saw you today and you were wearing a red shirt and Capri jeans. Anyway, you are older than I am but you were amazingly beautiful. You caught me staring at you but I couldn' [...]
  • Good looking woman talking on the phone - m4w (Amarillo)
    • You was outside talking on the phone today about 1:30 on North Tyler by the tracks.If you want to talk a little hmu,you never know!!Hope you see this....................lol
  • sarah - m4w
    • We talk ever time I get around you you seem so unhappy sometimes I know I have my own obligations but with my current career I have all the free time in the world its not sex unless you make it that way maybe you just need a get away a hug something [...]
  • I'm Sharing pics of two girls (pampa area) - m4t 32yr
    • Male interested in showing off pics of two girls I've met online. Both are from Pampa. If sounds interesting let me know. U might know them. :) add me on flickr for all there pics. My id is chillguy806
  • Black 18 wheeler-east bound west of Amarillo - m4m (Amarillo)
    • I was in a small SUV heading east on I-40 just. You were driving a black rig. We passed each other several times and we both exchanged hot glances and gestures. I'm totally so wanting to hook up. You are so good looking and I can't keep from thinking [...]
  • buying recliner with your grandma - m4w
    • You bought a recliner with your grandma on sunday the 27th. I gave you my card with my cell number on the back. You should txt me :-)
  • Your star is getting closer - m4w (Out West) 39yr
    • I am now heading to work earlier in the morning, and can see your star just before the sun rises over the mountains. It makes me smile thinking about you. You know it kills me thinking of the what ifs and how our lives might have been different in an [...]
  • Golf store RAMPAGE - m4w (retail store)
    • I saw you today, we kept exchanging glances and smiles, immediate and obvious

mutual attraction, wasn't sure of your relationship of who you were with but did not want to disrespect. If you would of been alone I would walked right up and asked you [...]

I guess this is the beginning of the rest of my life. Maybe I read too much into it, but I'm pretty sure when someone only responds to you and doesn't initiate conversation- they've lost interest. I.e. 'He's just not that into [...]

  • Other Goober - m4w (The texas panhandle)
    • I tried to email you through your post. I didn't want to text for obvious reasons. Plus, maybe I'm not the only one in this situation right now. Who knows. I've been reading your post over and over all night and can't help but think about you. I have [...]
  • Not so sweater weather - m4w
    • I had a dream about you, one where we reconciled and kept pushing forward into the unknown.

I wish it would come true, so that we could be happy again. I miss you, I'm going back home. You know who I am.

  • Pak a Sak 58th and Georgia Drive Thru - m4w (Amarillo) 32yr
    • you have dyed red hair, and I was in a white sports car around 10:30pm. Would love to take you for a ride in it sometime. Tell me what it said on the back window so I know it's you.
  • The Park At 54th Apartments - m4w (Amarillo) 23yr
    • Looked out my window and there were 3 of you and my god you were gorgeous! You looked like college girls and what I wouldn't give for a fun time with you guys. I'd eat your sweet young pussy's all night long and do whatever you wanted. Just to nervou [...]
  • Black car, out of state plates - w4m (Amarillo)
    • I first saw you in the drive-thru just after noon yesterday. I didn't think much about it until I saw you again driving down the street. When I passed you, you sped up. Were you maybe interested? :)
  • Desk of the Holiday Inn, beautiful blonde - m4w (Amarillo) 30yr
    • Your name started with a J (but it was hard to read your name tag), my colleague caught me at the desk and was talking to me so I couldn't flirt! I checked in this afternoon around 8pm and I'm staying on the 3rd floor. I had a black t-shirt on, maybe [...]
  • alicia - m4w (Amarillo)
    • I doubt you look on here. But if you do and you have a thing for someone attached and its me...describe me
  • It's been seven years and I still think of you. Am I crazy? - m4w (Pampa)
    • So this month marks seven years since I let you walk away. I still love you and think of you everyday, am I crazy? Two questions I always have. Will I ever get to know the feeling of holding you in my arms ever again? Will I always have you in my min [...]
  • Walmart check out 7.20.14 - w4m
    • You and your daughter were in line in front of me. We were flirting a little. would like to find you. tell me what kind of alcohol you were buying so I'll know it is you...
  • Cute Starbucks Boy! (Soncy Location) - m4m (Amarillo) 24yr
    • You were sitting with your friend and having a conversation in the corner. Wore a blue plaid shirt and khaki shorts! You were adorable and would like to get to know you more. We made eye contact several times. Message me and let's chat. It's a long s [...]
  • Dave from okmeet - w4m (Amarillo) 41yr
    • Was just talking to you in the chat room on okmeet. My laptop froze and when I logged back in you were gone. Please message me here if you see this.
  • want to jerk and suck?26for older - m4m
    • Are you Looking to jerk and suck clean cock for tonight looking for older...must be clean!strickly jerking and sucking! You host or meet somewhere!
  • Guy at Lang Tire - m4m (amarillo)
    • Hey bud.....we where sitting in the waiting area together.....you looked like you were in great shape......I noticed that you had a hole in the crotch of your jeans.....our eyes met a few times....tell me what kind of hat I was wearing and what color [...]
  • Thursday nite,Hoffbrau Steakhouse - m4w (Amarillo)
    • Saw you sitting at the bar with a friend. You are a beautiful Latina, and I believe you had on a white and pink top. I was uncertain if it was friend your were sitting with or significant other.

Guess its not always best to be safe rather than risk [...]

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