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  • young, tall and built - m4m (Canyon)
    • Young guy was in Canyon Wal Mart on Thursday afternoon. Dark hair, tight shirt, and athletic shorts, about 6'3 and look like you were built like a Mack truck. Just throwing a compliment your direction bro. Keep up the hard work in the gym.
  • love's gas station - w4m (off I-40 E)
    • idk what just happened. caught your eye on the way out of the gas station market. you were in a tan full sized pick up. I was that blonde in gray yoga pants and a black jacket. we kept looking at each other... who knows why but I felt like I wanted t [...]
  • Tascosa rd Walmart - m4w (Amarillo ) 29yr
    • Would like to talk to you again. Abby L. We connected 13 years ago. Texted awhile ago and some things came up. Email me back
  • Crazy Larry's on Thursday - m4m (Amarillo)
    • Our eyes met a lot during lunch, just curious if it was more than coincidence. I was wearing a brown coat over a bright shirt. You were wearing a company shirt. If you'd be interested in hanging out and messing around just for fun, hmu and tell me wh [...]
  • 13 years - m4w (Pampa)
    • I was shocked you remembered me, after 13 years! I have seen you a few times, but figured you had no idea! I am glad your son is OK! If you would like to talk sometime tell me your name and where we were at when you spoke to me! HTHS
  • You are beautiful - m4w (Amarillo )
    • We were dropping kids off for school today (12-18). You got out of your vehicle and we locked eyes for a few seconds. You are so beautiful. I figure this is a long shot but if you read this, what school were we at and what do you drive.
  • Do you know me? - w4m (That one Place) 25yr
    • I'm no-one special. I'm 27, 5'7" looking for someONE close to my age. I'm that one girl that you met that one time, in that one place, that one day in that one month, and did that one thing that made us get that one look on our faces that made a one [...]
  • missing you - w4m
    • so i can'tstop thinking of you if u ever readthis please come see me i just want to hug u and have yourheart close to mine again u were so good to me and i letu go:( ja##n j from nm
  • Ez pawn on 6th an Georgia - m4w
    • I was in line behind you an there system was down. You let me go ahead of you. I couldn't stop checking you out. I thought you were so damn hot. You had a necklace tell me how much they were going to give you for it so I know it's you. Hope to hear f [...]
  • whisper - m4w 22yr
    • I met you on whisper, you were older than me. I backed out because of my girlfriend, but i'm single now hoping you see this.
  • Rachel - m4w (Pac n Sac) 36yr
    • Rachel, you used to work at Pac n Sac in the mornings, but moved on. I miss see your face in the morning, and miss your smile. If you see this I would like to take you out to lunch or dinner sometime. Hope I hear from you.
  • Possibilities - m4w (Amarillo)
    • You are a sexy mysterious brunette with multi length hair andvery sexy eyes and lips. You work at best buy in the nerd herd section. Me and my wife were in there getting some computers picked up. We would like to get with you. If you read this and wa [...]
  • bj friends(: - m4m 22yr
    • Well I'd like to find a friend that likes messsn around exchange pics and stuff!the more the better HORNEY!
  • Ferguson - m4w 29yr
    • I know this is a long shot but every time. I go in to get parts and see you. All I want to do is say damn you look good. I have picked on you at a bar and up at your work. I know a lot of guys check you out Kayla and who wouldn't. You look very prett [...]
  • looking for briana - m4w
    • We meet awhile back at a toot n totum on my birthday i was in a red truck with two friends and you where with your sister and a friend we got together that day and had a strong connection with each other we saw each other more than once and even slep [...]
  • Walmart on Georgia---Vacuum cleaner filters - m4w (4215 Canyon Drive)
    • If you helped me try to figure out which filter I needed for my vacuum this morning and are single, and left Walmart feeling like there should have been more information exchanged please reply. BTW, I found my filter at Target.
  • Toot'N Totum on I-40 & Georgie - m4w (Amarillo, TX)
    • It was about 5:15pm today. You're a beautiful African-American woman. I'm a Latino male. I was behind you in line but we checked out at the same time. You had a pink, spaghetti-strap shirt with a see through flower long-sleeve cover, jeans and knee h [...]
  • * * One Time Thing Almost 3 Years Ago * * - m4w (Amarillo, TX)
    • We hooked up once almost 3 years ago. It was in your house near the corner of North Lake St and NE 15th St. I worked at a dealership and you came in to register for a giveaway. You gave me your number and we text. I came to your house and we had sex [...]
  • two girls at little store on 6th - m4w (amarillo 6th st) 29yr
    • Two little cute chicks were talking to some peeps in a white car,you were in a tan/ brown looking nissan ,the driver ,is who id like to holla at ! Lets get it, lol! Short with a nice booty and a cute face ,taken ?
  • Waitress at Extreme Cusine - m4w (Dalhart)
    • Came in last tuesday night with a big group. Just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job and have a great personality! Keep smiling!
  • Beautiful blonde at the soccer game this morning - m4w (Amarillo soccer facility on Ross)
    • Not sure if you were interested but you were absolutely gorgeous really wanted to say hi your kid was on the RED team I know you saw me looking a couple different time and I think I saw the same I am very interested and would love to talk if you're i [...]
  • life goes on - w4m (ama)
    • I hope things are well for you I'm sure you'll do what's right for you and your family. I think of you often and what could've been. But I know this is how it should be, you'll always be my almost lover
  • ay walmart subway on monday night - m4w ( borger)
    • I was ordering a sandwicj when you were behind me. You started a small conversation about the sanswiches we liked.. I think you are super pretty and loved that you were not shy about talking to a stranger. tell me what it was you said you didnt like [...]
  • Olivia - m4w (Amarillo) 45yr
    • Olivia. You needed help at one time and we got together. I helped you out a few times. I want to help you out again and want to see you. I had to change contact info again. Please message me asap. Hope your well
  • Clerk at Toot-n-Totum - m4m (Tascosa Road)
    • I was there around 4 o'clock this afternoon and when you were checking my purchase out I noticed you were getting a hard on. When you gave me my change back you tugged at your hard on but didn't want to bring attention to it or say anything because o [...]

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