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craigslist | missed connections in asheville

  • Ingles across from Mall being tore down - m4m 42yr
    • I am a local, but shop at the Ingles on Brevard Road. There is always some nice looking guys in this store that work there, plus lately there have been lots of men, that are staying in the hotels close by on that exit.......Sure would be nice to meet [...]
  • Zoosk Rampart!!! - w4m (asheville nc)
    • I tried to respond to your messages but since I don't pay and I refuse to, I can't even read your message let alone send my own. The moderator edited my profile when I tried to include my number in it, the cocksucker. I say it like it's a bad thing. [...]
  • re: cat - m4w
    • Wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [...]
  • re: black cat chicago
    • I recognize this condescension. Not purposefully arrogant. Just so.

I know you aren't him. I know he isn't here. I know you've created an "entertainment" - or from my view - a sticky web. Its a crap shoot when some cyber zorro takes a fancy to you [...]

I choose you. Original Post: I waited. For years upon months upon days. I waited. Careful and at peace with knowing when the time came I would know. Never still or silent, but waiting. A gift I gave. Of unrepentant celibacy a [...]

  • Comely Nurse at Urgent Care - m4w (Asheville)
    • So, I came in this afternoon to get patched up and you took very good care of me! I wanted to ask for your number, but it was dead and your co-workers could hear all the banter between us, so I remained silent. You told me a funny story about a frien [...]
  • Pissing in parking lot of apt building - m4m (downtown)
    • I came out of the apt and saw you beside my car with your dick out pissing. I didn't mean to stare ( yes I did). You are very cute and I wanted to drop to my knees right there and suck the cum from your nice cock! All I could do was say " we all have [...]
  • black cat from chicago - m4w
    • You're the only person who I actually wanted to talk to. connect. I'll entertain you until you get tired of me. You got me wrong, but I like your answers. You don't have a trapped mind. I like that, TRUTH
  • I chose you
    • I waited.

For years upon months upon days. I waited. Careful and at peace with knowing when the time came I would know. Never still or silent, but waiting. A gift I gave. Of unrepentant celibacy and emotion. I chose you.

  • pink moped - m4w
    • Saw you today around 10am in woodfin I see you all the time in downtown asheville. You are blonde and have a tattoo on your right thigh. This is probably a long shot but I just wanted to say that you have caught my eye every time I see you.
  • The chocolate fetish - m4w (Asheville)
    • Talked to you in the store. We were looking at yummy things in the glass display case and talking about how good some of the stuff looked and how decoritive some of the chocolate rounds were.

Would like to talk to you again

you had me suk your big uc dick I would enjoy doing that again

High School. I am an old friend from Milwaukee.

We keep meeting, in and out of time and space and circumstance, you always come back. And you may be an empty vessel, but you can't deny the existence of quasars. I miss you, [...]

  • Army Pfc Tim (not real name) - w4m
    • I want to apologize to private first class "Tim" (not your real name) stationed at Fort Bragg. You were in Asheville six months ago for a bachelor party. We hooked up in your hotel room that night. It was fun. I left while you were sleeping. I didn't [...]
  • "Perch" at O'Henry's, Tuesday night - m4m 50yr
    • You were sitting at one end of the bar - close to me - at first. Then you said you were moving to your "perch". Just wanted to let you know you're a nice looking man..sorry that I didn't tell you that while I was still there. (I was wearing the white [...]
  • I hope you still read these - m4w
    • We had a great beginning, you awakened me to feeling once again that evening in the playground. We shared poetry and late night conversations. Crazy times at LEAF. We had fun, some on again off again, but good connection and fun. I learned that I lov [...]
  • talked on chitnik - w4m (Franklin) 32yr
    • Looking for Steve from chat on chitnik. You said you lived in Franklin and you work in Asheville. Message me here if you see this.
  • Recently Missplaced Email - m4w (Asheville,NC)
    • I recently made a post (which should still be up) called "The Girl Of My Dreams" I checked my spam mail (before I deleted it) and when I went to my inbox it seemed that all of my spam was there so I started deleting it from the inbox as well. When I [...]
  • Dear Mr. F - w4m
    • You certainly know how to do a number on someone don't you.

You weren't at peace when we met, and if you are honest, you won't have it after I am gone either. However, when we met, I did have peace. I was completely sober and had been for years. I [...]

  • re: I just wish-----Mary C? - m4w (Asheville)
    • I just wish too Mary. That you had choss Me!! I was immature but it was True Love to me and I loved you with ALL my Heart and I still do and I lost other loves because of my love for YOU!

Maybe it hasn't gone away for you or Me because it was Meant [...]

  • Pet Store Beauty... - m4w (asheville) 26yr
    • You were driving a red Chevy. You were dirty blonde and I think we both caught each other's eye. I'd love to spend some time if you're still in town from Johnson City(?)...


  • Babe with station wagon- goodwill 7/21 - m4w (Hendersonville rd) 30yr
    • You: cute, choppy brown hair, big smile, nose ring, plaid sleeveless shirt tucked in a pair of black high waisted jean shorts that did your tiny waist and amazing, toned legs perfect justice. You looked like an ashevillian punk version of Mary Anne f [...]
  • @ ruby Tuesday Saturday - m4w
    • I'm pretty sure you will never see this but here goes anyway. I saw you and what I'm guessing was your friend around 6 pm. You were in the corner both and I was in the adjacent one. I know you caught me looking at you and that it was more just once. [...]
  • High Five - m4m (Asheville)
    • You were at the window late this morning working on your computer, handsome man with thick beard. Sorry if I was being too obvious in my attraction. Should you need any additional attention, please let it be known.

Maybe mention something about my n [...]

  • Running on Trail - m4m (Parkway)
    • You were running on a trail on the parkway. We chatted a bit then later on you followed me and we played. Would love to do more. Hope you see this. Let me know what you were wearing or what you were driving. This was about two weeks ago.
  • doesn't matter anymore... - w4m
    • I know it doesn't matter now but nothing has changed for me. I still think of you, too much. It's hard to forget someone when your heart or brain not sure which one won't let you. I don't look for you anymore. I used to have this hope you would try t [...]
  • I wonder if you will see this one. - m4w (asheville)
    • My life is a weathered down shipwreck

Splitting at the seams, held together by memories and dreams Every face I have seen, a stitch on my mind On a shadow of a dream And my heart is its cargo, a worn out old thing Been dragged around this rock m [...]

  • Ingles men - m4m (Asheville)
    • Ingles must have a policy about hiring hot men. Just about every ingles I've been into has them all over the place. If any of them would like their dick sucked just let me know. I'm clean and healthy, in good shape, discrete and sane. Respond with pi [...]
  • O'Henrys, 915pm, Sunday - m4m 52yr
    • You were sitting at the end of the bar. I was the guy who asked you (politely) the reason you moved to Asheville.

Just wanted you to know that you're a really handsome man, and I hope that things work out well for you here. :-) By the way, who won t [...]

Not looking to meet, really, cos you're a few years younger than me (unless you found m [...]

  • Malvern Hills - m4m (Asheville)
    • We used to get together late nights for mostly oral. You are a hot dad with beard and tatts who also liked a little ass play... What happened to you, did you move? As you'll remember, talented but very discrete here.
  • Bull&Beggar Bartender - m4m (Asheville) 34yr
    • Is it just me or is the bartender at B&B so freaking hot???!!! I love going there...best food in town but I also get to look at him all night. And he is great to talk with. Just a perfect hot man! Geez....

Wish he were into men. If by chance you are [...]

  • I just wish - w4m
    • I wish it was as easy as deciding I don't want to feel this way anymore, and it would just go away.

No one else has ever treated me as well as you did. No one else has ever treated me as carelessly as you did. I chose you. I wish you could unders [...]

I still think of you, favorably (mostly). I'm still the lost one.

  • I Never had a chance - m4w (asheville)
    • It was hard to talk, it's like I got punched in the face with a wave of emotions when you walked in. Seconds felt like minutes, it was hard to breathe, and I didn't know how to act. Run, cry, fight, or laugh?
  • Sweet Guy at Asaka - m4m (Asaka - Biltmore Village)
    • You were working the window at Asaka this afternoon and you were super sweet and cute. I was the guy in glasses in a Prius. I'd love to hang out sometime. :) Tell me what you asked me and what my response was.
  • Karaoke Night - m4m (The Social)
    • I doubt you'll ever see this but I came to the karaoke night for the first time last night and the guy running it was awesome. You came up and were super friendly, chatted with everyone. And are just the cutest guy! Would love getting to know you bet [...]
  • Erica at Sears - m4w (Sears at Asheville Mall) 29yr
    • I was in the store the other day and you were helping another customer, but I couldn't take my eyes of you the whole time. I tried waiting until you were available, but someone else asked if they could help and I chickened out and left.

If you happe [...]

Me: black car with yellow riverboard on the roof racks, short dark hair and beard, making a left [...]

  • dirty blonde w black shirt and glasses - w4w (90s night ohenrys)
    • I tried to buy you a drink but your friend beat me to it! I was in a red top with red lipstick. I think you said your name is tiffany but I can't be sure... I want your number. And I want to take you out.
  • Today in Sylva - m4m (Sylva)
    • We met today we had a good long look in passing and a definite attraction. You are very good looking. I kept seeing you like you were making a point to find me. What were you wearing. Describe yourself so I will know its you and where we met.
  • I STILL LOVE YOU! - m4w (oshkosh)
  • Red Volvo 240 on Kimberly Av - m4m (north asheville) 47yr
    • Was behind you heading northbound on Kimberly Av about 6:30 Saturday evening. You: a handsome bearded guy. If you're interested, let me know me where you turned off and what bumper stickers you have.
  • the shitty pit at Hank III - w4m (OP)
    • so this is dumb as I should've said something in the moment, considering we talked a tad... we were standing next to each other, close to the lame mosh pit that was going on, bumping into one another. at one point you innocently touched my ass and I [...]
  • Hayes Carll and UNCA lunches
    • I feel bad that my memory lags my recognition. It was good to see you. Let me know when you are back in Asheville and we will have lunch again.
  • Met a year ago today - w4m (EAVL)
    • I really hoped you wouldn't let me down so much or hard this time. You did. You hurt my heart. Still I would come to you if you called just to feel you once more. I hope you pop up again in my life, which is the only reason I'm not blocking you. The [...]
  • 4th July CHEROKEE POWWOW Dancer - m4w (Cherokee Rez)
    • I bought you a soft drink as you waited in line. I offered to help you, I wore a baseball cap. If it's possible I would like to correspond. I saw your number and know the dance category; to prove this isn't spam please enter your registration number [...]
  • very pretty girl at the shelter - m4w
    • This is a sad shot in the dark. I met you while adopting a kitten. I wish I had had more of an opportunity to speak with you. if you remember this at all and also interested in meeting up, i'd be happy to hear from you. hate to have resorted to a cre [...]
  • Downtown Asheville- Denim and a Map - m4w (patton ave.)
    • You were downtown Asheville. You were wearing jeans and a denim shirt. Blonde. Stopped to look at a map on Patton Ave. in between the Patton Ave. Pet Store and Jack of the Wood pub.

I wish I could've helped you out... :) Have a great day you beauti [...]

  • The the woman of my life - m4w (asheville)
    • I'm sorry for all the wrongs I've done. I warned you things could get worse and you accepted that. I'm happy you still love me.. because I love you too. I miss your scent... you voice... your touch. I miss the soft kisses and the warm embrace of your [...]
  • DANCER years ago form Scandals (Asheville) 41yr
    • I watched you dance for years, tipped your few times. My bf and I always talk about you. When we see other box dancers, we always compare them to you. I so wished that you somehow could teach all other dancers how to smile and love the tippers. We ar [...]
  • I open doors for you - m4w (asheville nc) 29yr
    • I open the door for you at the mall we said a few word then moved on you had a bad foot you said maybe i should have said more!
  • lunchtime Robby's char grill - m4m (sylva) 45yr
    • seen you there today your handsome black man .we made eye contact a couple times your smile is amazing . your the best looking man I've ever seen, know your probally straight but would like to know ya anyhow. Think you caught me checking out your chu [...]
  • I just sucked you at FW - m4m (Swannanoa)
    • You tall, bald, glasses and beard, wearing a plaid shirt. Me similar stats. I sucked you and swallowed every drop. I really enjoyed that, you had tons of pre-cum and then filled my mouth with a big load. I would love that again. Let me know if we can [...]
  • Asked direction to Murphy - m4w (Waynesville ) 35yr
    • Still can't get you off my mind when you pulled up all I could see was those beautiful eyes and long sexy legs. I noticed as you drove off you had a Florida tag. So this my be a long shot but worth trying. Tell me where we were when you asked.
  • Tamara, it's time. - m4w (hendersonville)
    • It's going on three years now. You stole a Rolex GMT II Stainless/Black Dial. A Model 760 Remington in .243 with a high dollar Leupold scope & a custom sling. A Remington Viper .22 with a custom synthetic stock. A rather mundane Raven .25, that was i [...]
  • oh..chantrelle ( your alias) - m4w (asheville)
    • We met here on craigslist...had a very hot kik friendship....then funally met in person and had crazy naughty fun...both of us married...i got scared a little....and now i cant find you.....will you please say hi again!!
  • The Mothlight - 7/17 - Bicycle Helmet - w4m
    • You rode up on your bicycle this evening as I was sitting on the windowsill of The Mothlight.

You eyed me a few times. I was wearing a floor-length dress and had long, wavy brown hair. Eventually, we both migrated towards the stage to enjoy the mus [...]

  • I seen you twice today - m4w (Asheville)
    • You drove a red Mustang seen you this morning and then again this afternoon. It was on Patton Ave. can you tell me who I am and where we might of ran into each other at.... the second time you did stop and look 2 or 3 times. I must say you are very b [...]
  • I meet you on here! - m4w
    • I meet you on here. You worked at the hospital. I used to come see you at night then it faded off. What happened to you. You were taller in those shoes you had bought...lol. I just want to know what happened to you.
  • Bear Paranoia - m4w (Mt Mitchell)
    • I know it's a long shot but...

We chatted briefly on the trail last Saturday (7/12). You were on the way down, I was on the way up, maybe an hour from the peak. I had just had a minor injury. You asked if I was sure I was OK. I was impressed with [...]

You thought I worked there, or were just looking for an excuse to talk to me. I thought you were pretty cute but I was awkward and left before I could get your number while you were talking to the attendant, sorry! I doubt you will see this... [...]

a man with full body tats.....I like to see them ...good ones are a turn on...don't have any myself. older guy here wants to hear from a man with lots tat [...]

  • holy store - m4m (asheville) 69yr
    • U work at a bible store. Your chunky like rosie o donnel with facial hair. U told me to meet u in the parking lot u came out in the virgin Mary outfit like I asked and I showed up in the jesüs costume. U brought out the bigger text version like I as [...]
  • ROADHOUSE - m4m (asheville)
    • watched u take selfie out back and would like to see it close up........mmmmm. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • at dough, 17 july, 1130am, red vw - m4w
    • exchanged some glances, didn't we? i think you got a cinnamon roll and you let us order first. i've not seen someone like you before, so i was staring. some outfit on you, and some face, too.
  • Big Bang Theory on Saturday night. (Candler) 32yr
    • You know who you are. I do not know if you will see this, but I thought I would try since you acted like a coward and blocked me from replying on Facebook. You said for me to move on but you originally contacted me. I just wanted you to quit botherin [...]
  • Working - m4w
    • Four houses down from yours,close to ball field. Wishing I could catch you taking that dog for a walk. I,d pretty much give anything to be on one of those walks to talk to you and tell you what a mess I,ve made. I still want you but your just disgust [...]
  • Absolutely gorgeous - m4w (Asheville Mall)
    • We work directly across from each other. You never say anything other than hi, and I just say hello back, because I'm pretty reserved when it comes to approaching women due to the many snooty, conceited & self-righteous women in Asheville. In my opin [...]
  • Battle Cat - m4m (Asheville)
    • We talked today on the porch of Battle Cat. You chimed in on my comment about todays weather and told me what you had been doing today. Your smile was amazing and seemed inviting. Message me with a pic if you think that I'm talking about you.
  • You work at Sam's Club pushing carts around - w4m (Asheville) 19yr
    • I visit Sam's regularly, but I just haven't really gotten the chance to talk to you more.We have a shared interest in tattoos and you have a tattoo. You mentioned my henna tattoo last time and told me about the large koi fish tattoo your mother was p [...]
  • Re: G.L. - w4m
    • Incredibly vague post, as so many ladies are goddess like and exquisite in this city. You could be more detailed... Or.... Ask the beauty out!
  • Sofalove - m4w
    • I saw you in the crinkles in my bag o' chips. You were in the crinkles of the plastic bag. You were in the crinkles of the chips. You were my dreamgirl. I miss you so much. It was only one bag of chips. Nonetheless, miss. Miss so much. Love. Nonethel [...]
  • walking your dog today - w4m (oakley park)
    • You were running/walking your puppy. I was with my nephew and sister in law. I think you and your pups are pretty cute. It's a long shot.. but I wouldn't mind running into you again :)
  • How to Miss a Stranger - w4m
    • How to Miss a Stranger

Step One: Become captivated, infatuated With someone whose heart Is only slight more closed Than your Own Step Two: Believe that you possess Some magic To crack thier shell You'll need your tools Step Three: Hammer, [...]

This is a long shot, but worth it if you happen to see it:) P.S. I really do like your Wrangler;)

I just wanted to let you know that I am now single. There for a while, I ran into you all the time and you asked a mutual friend if I was single. At the time I wasn't. Now I am... I think about you sometimes and how I would like to g [...]

  • Why... - w4m
    • I just wish I could figure out why this hurts so damn bad.

I don't want to cry like this anymore.

I can feel your warm skin beneath my lips, soft skin at my finger tips, the weight of your arms [...]

You were in your way to meet me and I received an email from your sister "T" telling me you had a wreck and were in the hospital! I have not heard from you since. Just let me know what you decided! The unknown is worst than telling me " [...]

We crossed paths yesterday by the river/park. I had my dog, on my way in. You were hefting a raft over your head, presumably on your way out. You are beautiful. We said hell [...]

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