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craigslist | missed connections in asheville

  • Erica at Sears - m4w (Sears at Asheville Mall) 29yr
    • I was in the store the other day and you were helping another customer, but I couldn't take my eyes of you the whole time. I tried waiting until you were available, but someone else asked if they could help and I chickened out and left.

If you happe [...]

I know this is a long shot but I thought I'd try. I was walking out of Green Life grocery earlier today when you were walking in. We made eye contact for a moment and I meant to smile but your gaze sort of took my breath away. Tell me th [...]

  • Ingles deli on Tunnel Rd today - m4m (asheville)
    • I've never posted here & I'm sure this is a long shot but...you are a very hot,bald,blue eyed,bearded construction dude...orange t shirt & blue carrhartt type work pants. You were at the deli having a sandwich made early this afternoon. I was next to [...]
  • Dark Haired, Freckled, Black Mtn Waitress - m4w (Black Mountain) 39yr
    • I couldn't stop looking at you last night, and it seemed like you were looking back. You're beautiful. If you remember, I obviously come with some complications, but if you're down with that (some people are), let me know which restaurant I was at la [...]
  • polka dot bikini - m4w (Rush)
    • you were in the sauna wearing a polka dot bikini, you looked amazing. I didnt say anything because you looked relaxed and I didnt want to bother you
  • Talked briefly Sunday at your house - m4m (Mars Hill)
    • My niece is staying at your place with new baby. We talked outside felt a connection. Would like to get to know you. If you are interested, tell me what your last job was.
  • An overdue response. For you, Dapper - w4m (this afternoon)
    • I went to malaprop's this afternoon after work and could feel your energy all over the store. Overtaken by giddiness, breathing in the atmosphere, surrounded by so many books I have yet to read, looking up and down, hither and yon, I kept expecting f [...]
  • Young cuties make me nervous..... - w4m (Outside)
    • I've been single for a loooong time. So when a fit, young cutie such as yourself tries to engage myself in conversation or a high five I get nervous. Maybe you're just trying to make a ol'broad feel good but maybe you are sincerely picking up what I' [...]
  • talked on chitnik - w4m (Franklin) 32yr
    • Looking for Steve from chat on chitnik. You said you lived in Franklin and you work in Asheville. Message me here if you see this.
  • Hominy creek greenway beach today - m4w (West Asheville) 32yr
    • Damn what a nice treat to ride my bike along and come across a sexy bunch of bikini beach beauties. Woman in white standing in the river was both smoking AND smoking! Chat?
  • LifeWay store - m4m (tunnel) 54yr
    • We fucked in your car outside but u had to go back in BC u were only on break. Had fun thanks but u left your Katy Perry CD in my car. We should fuck again I just need u to not cum on my face again.
  • Mountain Dew & Walmart - m4m (Vacant lot)
    • You asked for directions, I asked you to remove your sunglasses. Hope that is enough! Tell me what I do so I know it's you. :)
  • grassy creek mineral show - m4w (grassy creek)
    • Doubtful this will work but lets try. You were at the mineral show in grassy creek this afternoon. Dark hair gray shirt with the sides cut black shorts and great legs. Wanted to talk but was working and couldn't get away. In will be in town till Sund [...]
  • you work at marathon gas station near walmart - m4w (hendersonville)
    • I've seen you quite a bit lately at your work. And we're always smiling and laughing at each other. We're always locking eyes. I try to work up the nerve to ask your number, but there's always someone nearby that causes me to bite my tongue. So, thou [...]
  • Raven haired vision, yellow dress, Haywood RD. - m4w (haywood rd) 45yr
    • To the striking and friendly woman who said "hello" to me, walking on Haywood Rd about 1:30 today(wed). I would really, really like to talk to you. What did I say to you in passing?

You wore sunglasses, a yellow dress, and frilly black boots. Thanks [...]

  • fresh rice krispies treats - m4w (asheville nc)
    • Thank you for my delicious rice krispy treats you cut for me from the still coooling rack of fresh treats. You also had the sexist flour hand print on your butt from where you had wiped your hand of I guess. I hope your in the bakery again next time [...]
  • Nassssy K-trash!! UGHHH - m4m
    • To both of u obsessed with this piece of po-dunk white trash: I've seen the pictures you've both posted of him. Dudes!!! This guy is pure bred white po-dunk trailer trash. Someone here even posted his criminal record. This dude is a dredge of society [...]
  • Beautiful woman spinning staff - m4w (The by water) 22yr
    • I don't usually post on here but I wanted to say the way you spin was captivating. If you ever wanna go for a drink with a tall chef. Let me know!
  • Moe's bbq for lunch on sunday - m4m (Asheville)
    • You ate at the bar. Very short blonde hair, small gauges, a little facial hair. We made eye contact a few times, but I was seated behind you.

I hope you see this, I haven't been attracted to a guy in a while.

Want to talk more?

  • Ned - w4m (Thirst Parlor) 28yr
    • Cool guy. Terrible drinks. What did you do with my number? I won't be back for a while, but who knows...
  • FastFood - m4w (Candler)
    • Saw You a couple times working at the chicken place. Saw You again at the burger joint this afternoon. I love your smile, and your eyes. We've locked eyes a couple of times, and I waved at You from my car. I want to know more about You, so I hope You [...]
  • senorpizza - w4m (maggie valley)
    • You winked at me. And you made me smile. If you are him, tell me the last picture you posted.


  • blond at pisgah - m4w
    • you and I exited the restrooms at the same time. You smiled and we both walked to admire stylish motorcycle trailer. We chatted briefly. You wanted to show me something, I was stupid not to follow you and continue the conversation. You are very prett [...]
  • On the way to Chicago - m4w (Avl airport) 33yr
    • You were getting on the flight to Chicago today around 4 something. You had reddish hair and were last in line. I wanted to talk to you but you were getting on the plane. Chances are a slim you will ever see this but I hope our paths cross again as I [...]
  • Gun Show Hottie - w4m (mars hill)
    • To the Mars Hills Masterpiece.....you look amazing. Keep up the good work. Sorry about "our" missed connection in May. You are a great guy.... :-)
  • Why aren't you mine? - m4w (Asheville) 30yr
    • I wasn't supposed to like you this much. You warned me. Now it's too late. Don't say goodbye just because I care about you. You could date every ginger in town, they won't make you sleep the way that I will.
  • World Coffee Cafe - m4w
    • I was working but I had a chance to get a cup of coffee. Our eyes met for most of the time I was there. I would have said more but I needed to get back to work. Tell me where you were sitting and what I had said to you and I would love to take you ou [...]
  • Cute guy selling candy - m4m (asheville mall) 22yr
    • You're probably straight as hell, but I still think you are cute. Hit me up if you want something discrete. :)
  • Grove Park Inn Super Man - Fitness Center - m4m (Free weight room Tuesday Morning July 29)
    • Hot sexy muscle man. You should have been able to tell I wanted you from the time you walked in the locker room and caught a glimpse of me naked and putting on my jock. Thanks for letting me see you naked on the way out. I wanted to climb in that sho [...]
  • To the women slacklining at the park today... - m4w (West Asheville)
    • There were three of you, and I think two dogs, slacklining at the park today. Well, the dogs weren't slacklining, but I digress. I walked by with my pup and one of yours that was not on leash ran up and started playing. I kept walking because I had s [...]
  • Tall Guy at Ingles hwy64 - m4m (Hend.) 65yr
    • Hi R_____, we met this afternoon at Ingles on why 64. You are tall,the,good looking guy. I sure hope you read this because I want to take you up on your invitation. Tell me what I was wearing but please respond if you are still interested.
    • SEEKING FEMALE ASIAN MASSAGE THERAPIST.............................................................................
  • Hot Spot - m4m (Landrum)
    • I was standing in line behind you guys. Tell me what you were buying, or what was on my shirt. I felt like there was a connection.
  • I remember - w4m
    • I used to dance around my room

In my underwear Listening to sappy love songs When I knew I'd see you Like a teenage girl The butterflies danced The first time And the last we kissed Can you honestly say We're not out of place That you hones [...]

  • You work at Sam's Club pushing carts around - w4m (Asheville) 19yr
    • I visit Sam's regularly, but I just haven't really gotten the chance to talk to you more.We have a shared interest in tattoos and you have a tattoo. You mentioned my henna tattoo last time and told me about the large koi fish tattoo your mother was p [...]
  • coffee and conversation.
    • I wish you were here. Setting in that chair, making up stories and discussing the phenomenal project I'm about to take on ... the fabric. Omg I can just imagine what you'd have to say about this fabric.

The only thing that's missing from all the ama [...]

I miss you. Here's to missed connections that are "somewhere out there"

  • If you sleep with a girl n don't call her - w4m (WestAVL)
    • it should go without sayin that if u sleep with a girl and don't call her with in the week don't expect to get laid again by that same girl. m--f-- lame dude, no wonder u can't make a relationship work. i hope you don't call me again or u can expect [...]
  • Tartuffe - m4w (Montford)
    • You sat to my left, you were alone, I wasn't. We made eye contact a few times when you looked my way and caught me checking you out. Then my date wanted to leave early, as we got up to leave so did you ... That made me wonder LOL.

You got in a Toyot [...]

  • bill and danny are you still around - m4mm (hendersonville)
    • What's up lost your numbers plus mine has changed would like to talk to you 2 again and maybe even hook up sometime its been over 2yrs since we last played and you still have one of my tshirts a green one if I remember right woodtonka75
  • gl man at dollars general - m4m (cherokee) 47yr
    • Hey man seen you on saturday 07/26 evening around 7:00 pm I was coming in and you had just checked out our eyes connected we passed I turned around to look at you and you did as well. Don't know if we know each other or if it was a moment. Think it w [...]
  • the 6th man - m4m (sylva)
    • Our paths cross from time to time, sometimes by accident and sometimes I know where you are going to be and just the way that you smile and hold my eyes is enough to get me through the day.we are different I'm sure in ways but there is something ther [...]
  • The gorgeous guy at Mountain Energy Enka - w4m
    • I asked you to help me reach a few cans of tea. Thank you so much! You were gorgeous! Never posted one of these before. Contact me if you you wish :)
  • Ingles men - m4m (Asheville)
    • Ingles must have a policy about hiring hot men. Just about every ingles I've been into has them all over the place. If any of them would like their dick sucked just let me know. I'm clean and healthy, in good shape, discrete and sane. Respond with pi [...]
  • Beautiful woman with black & blue hair - m4w (Theatre)
    • We only got to talk for 10 or 15 minutes but I've not been able to stop thinking about you since.

You had amazing bright blue eyes with an extremely joyous laugh and smile. You were so intelligent and kind, I could tell immediately that you are a c [...]

  • To the man stuck in a Brittish accent - w4m (Downtown Asheville) 22yr
    • I saw you tonight (july 27) at Nightbell, we walked up the stairs together. Your love of Doctor Who piked my interest. Your French style kiss on the cheek made me want to give you my number, but you slipped out the door when I wasn't around. Feel fre [...]
  • Blonde at BlueRidge Humane Society - m4w (hendersonville) 55yr
    • It's a long shot but hope you see this. I come in from time to time and notice your beautiful face always smiling. I believe you manage the store.Would love to get to know you.
  • Red head at Wild Wings South - m4w (Wild Wings south) 26yr
    • Hey I don't know if its a missed connection but at least here I can tell you how Beautiful you are without you know. Without me being embarrassed, not embarrassed to tell you but just shy. Anyways you work there were in a skirt, wild wings shirt of c [...]
  • Gorgeous girl eats salad alone - m4w (downtown)
    • I served you a small salad today. You sat at the bar and were in and out quickly, and i was too busy to flirt with you. If I had more time, I'd have surely tried to find out more about you. If you think this is you, let me know where you had lunch or [...]
  • For you geeky sub, truth be told. - w4w
    • I've wanted to fuck the ever loving shit out of you since the moment I laid eyes on your profile. You're beautiful and vibrant, in body and mind and there's really nothing more I'd like to do than grab you up by that colorful hair of yours and smash [...]
  • Former Waiter At Bryson City Restaurant - m4m (Bryson City)
    • I think the name was Iron Skillet. You are probably about 20 now but are sooo cute and hot. Not sure if you like guys but seemed to be interested every time I was there. I don't think you are there now - maybe graduated and moved on. If this is you s [...]
  • Beautiful woman in black dress. - m4w (Target) 21yr
    • I seen you in target, we were both staring at eachother. Tell me what color shirt i was wearing or something you remember about me in the subject, so i know its you. You were with two other women and a baby. You were gorgeous.
  • RE: I hope you still read these - w4m
    • I'm pretty sure this isn't for me, but just in case it is:

You absolutely can not dance with me any more. I had broken up with you because despite all the times you claimed to be a grown ass man, you were jealous and insecure. You fucked with my he [...]

Available from Amazon. Trailer on Youtube.

  • dude walking in downtown Spindale - m4m (Spindale) 38yr
    • Around 1pm today you were walking through Spindale toward Forest City. You are so hot! You were wearing boots and listening to a walkman and walked passed me and we smiled.at each other. I was at an abandoned gas station. If you want to meet, give me [...]
  • Pizza Hut - m4m (Bryson City) 25yr
    • I came into pizza hut in Bryson City NC and damn. Bunch of hott ass guys there. If anyone guy sees this hit me up. I wont tell. Lets meet & stare at the stars for a while.

Im mid 20s skinny bi & checking your ass out!!

  • Ingles on Leicester - m4w
    • You seem like such a nice person. I would love to get to know you. I was going to ask you out when I returned the money you let me borrow but I chickened out. Reply with the amount you let me borrow or your name.
  • Babe with station wagon- goodwill 7/21 - m4w (Hendersonville rd) 30yr
    • You: cute, choppy brown hair, big smile, nose ring, plaid sleeveless shirt tucked in a pair of black high waisted jean shorts that did your tiny waist and amazing, toned legs perfect justice. You looked like an ashevillian punk version of Mary Anne f [...]
  • Fanny Pack - m4w (Cream-Zone)
    • I saw you scoopin' mad ice-cream wearin' a fanny-pack fit for a queen! You smiled at me and said said "Hey babe, want some ice cream?" and then you gave it to me for free! When the other customers left, you kissed me, and I thought "this must be a dr [...]
  • it's amazing what you can accomplish when someone believes - w4m
    • So the hobby I picked back up to help keep my mind off things. It's not cheap. So I decided to offer my services to help pay the cost of my hobby.

Yesterday a steady work and referral source literally fell into my lap. And the dream of havingetting [...]

  • you work at the burnsville liquor store - m4w (burnsville) 51yr
    • my son and i came in for some canadian club. you said hello and "that has to be your son, he looks just like you". hint: he has the same name as me. you were looking fine as always, i've wanted to ask you out for a very long time but i'm afraid of re [...]
  • Saw you yesterday - m4m (Waynesville) 60yr
    • I saw you walking on main street yesterday. I was in traffic and couldn't get your attention. We were neighbors in **. once and I took care of your need when the wives were out. Tell me what state or street and lets get together.
  • Green VW on I240 Charlotte Street Exit - m4w (asheville)
    • About 8:25 this morning, we wound up side by side on the Charlotte Street exit from I240 eastbound. I was admiring you in your yellow blouse, and you caught me. You smiled, and I think I saw you say "hello". Nice smile. It would be nice to see it aga [...]
  • Diesel - m4w (Marion)
    • Just when I think I set you down, Somebody opens their big mouth,

Speak of the devil here I go again, Right back there to what could have been, They say your name like you're just some friend, Asking if I've heard from you, I just smile as I'm f [...]

  • You hit my van - m4w (Greenville)
    • Actually its not my van its the company's. I thought you handled the situation well id of not been smiling . You seem like good people id like to get to know you If you're single . Put What color my van was in subject line
  • Black wood delivery guy. - m4m (saluda/hendersonville)
    • You delivered wood to me today. You are very sexy and it would be nice to get to know you better. hit me up if interested. Ive met you before but would like to get to know you. Hope to hear from you.
  • Tinder match with Dalek tattoo - w4m (Surrounding wnc) 22yr
    • I saw your photos on Tinder and you were exactly my type. Kinda geeky, with glasses and a beard and tattoos. Most prominently, a Dalek on your forearm. We matched up and when I tried to message you, everything disappeared. Now I can't find you at all [...]
  • K-Trash in Ashe!!! - m4m
    • To both of u obsessed with this piece of po-dunk white trash: I've seen the pictures you've both posted of him. Dudes!!! This guy is pure bred white po-dunk trailer trash. Someone here even posted his criminal record. This dude is a dredge of society [...]
  • Ingles across from Mall being tore down - m4m 42yr
    • I am a local, but shop at the Ingles on Brevard Road. There is always some nice looking guys in this store that work there, plus lately there have been lots of men, that are staying in the hotels close by on that exit.......Sure would be nice to meet [...]
  • Zoosk Rampart!!! - w4m (asheville nc)
    • I tried to respond to your messages but since I don't pay and I refuse to, I can't even read your message let alone send my own. The moderator edited my profile when I tried to include my number in it, the cocksucker. I say it like it's a bad thing. [...]
  • re: cat - m4w
    • Wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [...]
  • re: black cat chicago
    • I recognize this condescension. Not purposefully arrogant. Just so.

I know you aren't him. I know he isn't here. I know you've created an "entertainment" - or from my view - a sticky web. Its a crap shoot when some cyber zorro takes a fancy to you [...]

I choose you. Original Post: I waited. For years upon months upon days. I waited. Careful and at peace with knowing when the time came I would know. Never still or silent, but waiting. A gift I gave. Of unrepentant celibacy a [...]

  • Comely Nurse at Urgent Care - m4w (Asheville)
    • So, I came in this afternoon to get patched up and you took very good care of me! I wanted to ask for your number, but it was dead and your co-workers could hear all the banter between us, so I remained silent. You told me a funny story about a frien [...]
  • I chose you
    • I waited.

For years upon months upon days. I waited. Careful and at peace with knowing when the time came I would know. Never still or silent, but waiting. A gift I gave. Of unrepentant celibacy and emotion. I chose you.

  • The chocolate fetish - m4w (Asheville)
    • Talked to you in the store. We were looking at yummy things in the glass display case and talking about how good some of the stuff looked and how decoritive some of the chocolate rounds were.

Would like to talk to you again

you had me suk your big uc dick I would enjoy doing that again

High School. I am an old friend from Milwaukee.

We keep meeting, in and out of time and space and circumstance, you always come back. And you may be an empty vessel, but you can't deny the existence of quasars. I miss you, [...]

  • Army Pfc Tim (not real name) - w4m
    • I want to apologize to private first class "Tim" (not your real name) stationed at Fort Bragg. You were in Asheville six months ago for a bachelor party. We hooked up in your hotel room that night. It was fun. I left while you were sleeping. I didn't [...]
  • I hope you still read these - m4w
    • We had a great beginning, you awakened me to feeling once again that evening in the playground. We shared poetry and late night conversations. Crazy times at LEAF. We had fun, some on again off again, but good connection and fun. I learned that I lov [...]
  • Recently Missplaced Email - m4w (Asheville,NC)
    • I recently made a post (which should still be up) called "The Girl Of My Dreams" I checked my spam mail (before I deleted it) and when I went to my inbox it seemed that all of my spam was there so I started deleting it from the inbox as well. When I [...]
  • Dear Mr. F - w4m
    • You certainly know how to do a number on someone don't you.

You weren't at peace when we met, and if you are honest, you won't have it after I am gone either. However, when we met, I did have peace. I was completely sober and had been for years. I [...]

  • re: I just wish-----Mary C? - m4w (Asheville)
    • I just wish too Mary. That you had choss Me!! I was immature but it was True Love to me and I loved you with ALL my Heart and I still do and I lost other loves because of my love for YOU!

Maybe it hasn't gone away for you or Me because it was Meant [...]

  • Pet Store Beauty... - m4w (asheville) 26yr
    • You were driving a red Chevy. You were dirty blonde and I think we both caught each other's eye. I'd love to spend some time if you're still in town from Johnson City(?)...


  • @ ruby Tuesday Saturday - m4w
    • I'm pretty sure you will never see this but here goes anyway. I saw you and what I'm guessing was your friend around 6 pm. You were in the corner both and I was in the adjacent one. I know you caught me looking at you and that it was more just once. [...]
  • Running on Trail - m4m (Parkway)
    • You were running on a trail on the parkway. We chatted a bit then later on you followed me and we played. Would love to do more. Hope you see this. Let me know what you were wearing or what you were driving. This was about two weeks ago.

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