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craigslist | missed connections in asheville

Crave you...I don't think I will ever Not want you.....

I was hoping you would say hi Tell me what street or what I was doing... I hope I hear from you

  • Alica - m4w (Avl) 50yr
    • If you are her , how do you know Mike ? From earlier this summer. You did not show up.
  • clarissa morrey - m4w (nc) 32yr
    • my name is jonathan im on here looken for my friend were ever she may be ive thought of her over the years and how much happyier I was when she was around im just hopeing to find my friend were ever u may be
  • Belk's - m4m (Ashville)
    • You work at Belk's, we made eye contact several times Saturday. You are so hot i would love to please you. Tell me what department you work in.
  • happy birthday mukosiej - m4w
    • Hope you have a great bday!!! Lost your email but still wanted to pass on happy birthday!!!!
  • was nice seeing you, on the jog - m4w
    • It was so nice seeing you even for a moment. I wish I has actually gotten to speak to just you. And regret not stopping back by, but my heart was maybe burning for more than one reason. Both feel pretty miserable though.
  • Cuter Scooter - m4m (lexington)
    • You were nice, and I enjoyed our brief chat and would enjoy an extended pontification of life at large perhaps even at one of the coffee or tea places we were 25' away from.
  • Warren Wilson - m4m (river trail)
    • You passed me tonight jogging. You "caught" me. What did you see or what did you say when you passed me? Interested in getting together?? I followed up but couldn't find you at the end of the trail. You are HOT!
  • girl on Haywood in a bikini top - m4w 30yr
    • You were in front of the odditorium today around 2pm or so in a bikini top and shorts. I was struck by your beauty(boobies?). You didn't see me as I was driving by, but if you're interested in going out for drinks with a nice guy, send me a message. [...]
  • Starbucks Saturday - m4w (Charlotte St) 39yr
    • We discussed motorcycles and I thought you were just so very sexy. I didn't wanna be one of "those guys" and hit on you. It was this afternoon around 4:30. You wore black yoga pants and drove a convertible. Email me with the word on your yoga pants a [...]
  • Pretty lady at Altamont - m4w (West side) 20yr
    • To the pretty lady in the stihl hat that shared her pup with me (us) Thursday night at altamont....it was really nice meeting you and I hope to see you there again. See you around!
  • BIG DAVES - m4w (FOREST CITY) 50yr
    • There are so many hot waitresses at BIG DAVES in Forest City. I would love to eat one of them until she came so many times she would be too weak to walk------younger or older. If interested, let me know.
  • ABC store muscle guy around 645 tonight - m4m (hendersonville upward rd) 30yr
    • Nice body man, hit me up if you are interested. would be nice to see whats under those cloths.
  • Whole Foods today - w4w (back of store)
    • You were working towards the back of the store when we caught each others eye. I didn't notice much about you other than the fact you were a hottie & had your nose pierced. I'd love to chat if you're interested....
  • You still don't know how special you are - w4m (asheville)
    • We've tried to connect, albeit awkwardly. I will try again, quietly, because you still don't know how special you are. You're incredibly intelligent, creative and sexy. Things will get much better when you let go of what you believe makes you otherwi [...]
  • Sweet lady that help me pay for my groceries (Ingles,Haywood West Asheville)
    • Infinite thanks to you!! I want to return the money. I hope you see this,and get in touch with me. I was so overwhelmed and emotional,I didn't realize to ask you for a contact number,so I could pay you back!! I go to that store pretty much every day, [...]
  • Thursday's Child - w4m
    • Has far to go...

Fitting. For both I'd say. Wishing the us a peaceful if not swift journey.

  • One year ago today - m4w (downtown) 46yr
    • Looking back did one of the stupidest things I've ever done, you set it up so perfectly and I did not slow down and try to talk to you. You have such a great and distinctive smile that I still remember from the first time I ever meet you and I'd love [...]
  • Looking for Mr. B. - m4m (AB Tech) 44yr
    • We made eye contact in the bathroom about a month ago. I want to follow up on that. Discreet here.
  • tuesday - m4w
    • Those eyes, that smile. To think I will never wake up next to you ever again is pure agony. Be happy sunshine, I miss you. Always.
  • re: a convincing love story
    • Thanks for noticing! Yes, there is always hope for everyone it seems. Give me a call, would love to chat.
  • cute white boy/Target - m4m (Asheville) 34yr
    • hi, you asked about my shirt, told me where you are from. You are totally my type. I am white, cute, 6'2", 155, 6cut, brn/haz, 29" w, bi, vers, discreet but can't host...I have no tattoos/piercings & am a non-smoker.
  • Room 106, - m4w
    • So I know you probably won't ever see this, and even if you do, I get you don't want anything to do with me no matter how many times I've reached out. I just have to get some sort of post out there expressing how much I really do miss what we had, es [...]
  • fairview tavern - m4w (fairview tavern) 28yr
    • Megan, I can tell josh was a little jealous. O well. If he cant satisfty you then why bother. Reguardless, you where a lot of fun! I have never posted on here before but I really hope youll find this. I will show you how a real man treats a gorgeous [...]
  • Petco - m4w (Hendersonville)
    • I saw the most beautiful woman at Petco tonight...but got nerve struck. I came up front and you followed me so you could ring me up. I enjoyed your smile and laugh we shared at my email address for my Petco card. If you remember me and are interested [...]
  • MHU - m4m 20yr
    • Your name is Kevin, we've met before. We make eye contact a lot when we see each other.

If you're reading this, I think you're really attractive and we should go out sometime. Send me what you were wearing today to let me know it is really you.

  • Contra Dance Lady - m4w (Asheville)
    • I saw you at the contra dance and you smiled either at me or at someone behind me. I was the portly fellow with dorito dust on my sweatshirt. If you are interested in talking, I will be loitering in Parisian caffees for the next week or so. Call them [...]
  • you adopoted a girl - m4w (gsp) 48yr
    • I saw you on Tinder. You recently adopted a little girl and I think that is great. I have enjoyed raising my daughter so much. I would love the opportunity to know more about you.
  • You used my Ingles card. - m4m (Sylva)
    • Made eye contact with you a couple times in the store. I thought you were very attractive. When you went to check out you didn't have a card and neither did the cashier. I let you use mine... Tell me what your shirt said so I know it's you. Would lov [...]
  • Second blessing thrift store - m4w (Frog level waynesville )
    • To the hot lady up stairs with the guy at second blessing this afternoon you had tight jeans on you passed by me Looked back and smiled I smiled back I was looking at movies you was so hot I know you was with a guy I think he was wearing a cap But ha [...]
  • Inside Clyde yard sale - m4w (Clyde )
    • To the Blonde haired woman in end building yard sale in Clyde today Carhartt pants to big You showed me pair shoes to small I just wanted to say you was so hot
  • Saw you at the BP in the Red Solara - m4w (bryson city)
    • I saw you friday at 5pm at the BP in Bryson City. You were driving the red solara. I opened the door for you. You were cute and I was in a hurry. My bad I should said hello.
  • Which Wich gorgeous guy - m4m (Asheville) 24yr
    • You work there. You're a college kid I guess and your name starts with a J. We have spoken a couple times, mainly about nutrition and health. I think you're gorgeous and I know you like guys. I'm respectful and discrete and would love to get to know [...]
  • You Bought a Grill Today! - m4w (Tunnel Rd)
    • So you bought a grill today and lucky me was able to help you load it into your car... I don't work at the place you bought the thing at, I just happened to be heading in at the same time you were patiently waiting for someone inside to come help you [...]
  • Blowing Kisses - m4w (Haywood Rd.)
    • I was sweeping outside at work today and you were walking down Haywood Rd. We were both smiling at each other, then you blew me a kiss. I had to look behind me 'cause I thought you might be looking at someone behind me. It takes a lot to catch me off [...]
  • Red-head dreads and reiki tattoo - m4w (W. Asheville)
    • I saw you at lunch today, and I asked you about the meaning of your rainbow reiki tattoo. I didn't get a chance to talk to you more before you left with that pretty smile you gave me. I would love to get the chance to see you again!
  • To Bywater Bicyclist From Kayaking 10 miles - w4m (Bywater parking)
    • I was parked next to you. You gave me some good information about the bike I just bought. You were nice... and attractive. If by chance you actually see this, you're available and interested, please respond.
  • Beautiful woman working at zuma - m4w (Marshall)
    • I was in Zuma today, and you took my order. You have dark hair and a beautiful smile, you were wearing a orange skirt! If you see this and are not seeing anyone, I would love to take you out sometime. You told me to have a beautiful day as I was leav [...]
  • RE: K-Trash - m4m
    • Dude I used to live with those two pieces of white trash. Enough of posting this crap please. Everyone who knows those losers know what trash they are dude. The rotten teeth thing and his so-called straight boyfriend are probably homeless living in a [...]
  • beautiful italian brunette - m4w (hayesville)
    • I met you a few weeks ago and cant get you out of my mind.if you see this and are interested message me and lets set something up.
  • I wonder. - w4m
    • I wonder if the day will ever come that I am truly over this.

Or if so many days of me saying I am will pass, that eventually I will believe it's true.

If I weren't fairly sure you have a girlfriend I would have asked for your number. If you don't and you see this... drop me a message, I'll tell you which girl I was.

  • Somebody - m4w (UNCA) 26yr
    • I was walking home from school as I heard you yell SOMEBODY at the top of your lungs.. I'm pretty sure you were singing a long to a tune, which is okay. You had beautiful brown hair and cute glasses. I can tell your were fun just by the look of your [...]
  • Re: Sunshine - m4w
    • Let's see . . . you could describe the place where we met or remind me of why you called me "Sunshine" in the first place--not that I've forgotten--but really, only you know what's on your mind and in your heart. Whatever that is, that's what you sho [...]
  • Asheville Savings Bank in West Asheville - w4m 37yr
    • Hmm. Never made one of these posts but thought I'd give it a try. Saw you today in the drive through part of the bank. You smiled so big and I smiled but felt shy. Before you left the bank we waved goodbye. For some reason that made me really smiling [...]
  • Re: Sunshine - m4w
    • Perhaps you should send me a message on that other site, so I know you're you.

What was it we always said? Your turn. ;)

  • I still think of you daily AMB - m4w (Sylva) 36yr
    • I haven't seen you in over 4 years and haven't spoke or texted you in almost 3 but I think of you everyday. Every time I visit the mts I think of the life we could have had together if only I hadn't screwed things up. I doubt you ever think about me [...]
  • Crossdresser in Leather Pants - m4t (Charlotte St.) 35yr
    • You were wearing Leather Pants and had a netted sleeve thingy on your left arm. I passed by just as you tossed your cigarette. I wanted to take you anywhere you wanted to go and then have fun with you. Tell me what song I was listening to in my car a [...]
  • Bill - w4m (henderson county)
    • I am seeking my former teacher Bill Worley in Hendersonville. You were so good to me and I

cherish the extra time we spent together after school. I got married not long after Graduation, but always thought of you. I am now single and would [...]

  • Best Friends - w4m (WNC) 35yr
    • I love when you look at me with a smile on your face. It makes me break out into a smile back at you, not because I always know what you are smiling at, but because you're happy, and that's enough to make me happy.

I am sooooo super glad I met you. [...]

I am more interested in the new blonde lady that lives near us. So thanks but no thanks.

  • Home depot hottie-vdub - m4w (R ridge)
    • Just had to let ya know you helped end my day right! The glimpse I got I liked ... And hope your rental from them wasn't too labor intensive ... Jus wanted to let ya know my day got a lot better when I saw you!
  • Blonde from CVS - m4w (Sylva)
    • You came into CVS this afternoon after a prescription. I joked about drinking after work. You were about 5'3" and very attractive. Blonde hair and a pretty smile. I remember your last name was Vining. If you want to talk tell me what you complimented [...]
  • yellow shorts wall st - m4m
    • You walked by me twice today first time

im sure you caught me checking out your package. would love to take care of that for you!!!!! Please get back to me about anything about me or what you had in your hand so i know its you. you wont be Disa [...]

  • Re: Addy - mw4mw (Asheville NC)
    • I see her everyday. She has had alot of plastic surgery and looks 20 years old again!!! Its crazy. She is a good friend of mine.

I can let her know you're looking for her. If this is the same person that was looking for her a while ago, tell me some [...]

i'm in need , will bring molly along she's always a good time gal

  • You are a teacher...of art :) e.w. - w4m (arden)
    • I am so incredibly taken back by you, every few days that I am lucky enough to see you. Even though, it's a quick drive by, seeing your smile, makes my day every single time. I wish we could say more. I always wonder, do you feel it too?

You are an [...]

  • hottie at tractor supply - m4w (forest city) 38yr
    • To the girl in the Grey yoga pants that was in the store this afternoon. I know you were with your bf when you were there but you have to be one of, if not the hottest girl I've seen around here. Thank you for improving my day....
  • Chance meetings or are they - m4w (asheville nc)
    • I saw you again today. You are so beautiful! The way that you have that shy smile it just crushes my heart. We see each other again and again and I don't know if you really know how much I care. The way you sit, the placement of your hands. You are s [...]
  • Beautiful Lady in 5Walnut Wine Bar - m4w (asheville)
    • Could not help but notice you at 5 Walnut. You were tall, brown hair in a bun. You were wearing a tan business skirt. You were with a friend and you had a cute dog with you. Would love to hear from you.
  • 9 3/4 - m4m (biltmore)
    • I love you, if you love me.

Give me a sign, please. Show me how to get to Hogwarts.

  • Clean teeth - m4w (Asheville )
    • Had an enjoyable time chatting with you today while reclined in your chair. If you'd like to continue the conversation, let me know a couple of the things we discussed.
  • Donuts in CLT Airport - m4w (Airplane)
    • We had the most enjoyable talk on a plane from Dallas to Charlotte. I think I messed up nor asking your name & particulars.

So I am hoping you get bored & mess around on Craigslist. All I have been thinking about are donuts & Italian sheep cheese.

  • Hot momma in candler mtn energy - m4w (Candler)
    • Oh my goodness. I just got off work and stopped into the mountain energy off smokey park in candler to grab a beer. I am sorry I looked like shit. Had just let my hair down and started to breathe a little. That was until you took my breath away. Me g [...]
  • Mars Hill - m4m (Mars hill)
    • I wish you knew how I actually felt about you - CLN. Too bad you'll never know.
  • re: Hero
    • There is no hero in the word coward and that is what I am. I cannot confront or understand my own demons that live within me. How could I expect anyone else too. Rest assure, I will never be far. I will always watch over and protect you. Always!

wil [...]

Just damsels who learn how to save themselves. For the first time, there was someone I felt would protect me. I felt safe. Like I didn't have to fight.

  • Artisan - m4w 46yr
    • Great seeing you again today seems I run into you every couple of years. You still look great. Wished I would have ,could get to know you much better . Maybe you,ll see this and we can make that happen. D
  • Met at ohenrys - m4m (asheville nc)
    • We met at ohenrys sat night. You are so hot and so. Nice but you said you were feeling out a bad situation and wernt ready for anything just yet. You drove a silver impala. Let me know if your situation worked out love to take you out. Let me know so [...]
  • Missing My Baby - w4mw (west asheville) 7yr
    • Hello Dearest Missed Connections Perusers,

Well, after years of searching for the special one, I'm at a loss. I hope, beyond all hope, that this forum can reunite me with my long-lost love. This child of mine is the eldest in a series of children I [...]

Not the bashful smile, or the polite smile, or the entertaining smile. The smile that says, right now in this moment, I feel happier than I ever have, righter than I ever have, like I am exactly wher [...]

  • Hendersonville walmart - m4w (Hendersonville)
    • You were wearing a red and white striped shirt....we kept locking eyes....I was with my daughter
  • Staples copy CRT Merrimon - m4m (Asheville) 52yr
    • You work at the copy center at Staples. Tattoos. Beard. Handsome. Would love to talk some time. Just send a message and I'll get a pic to you.
  • Alan in Riverview Park - m4m (Black Mountain)
    • You drive a pewter Toyota ext cab truck. Older dude with S/P hair. I've always wondered if you're into guys at all? Clean & discreet guy here. Tell me something about your pets so I'll know it's you. No regrets....let's chat sometime.
  • Savannah blue eyes - w4w (Coxe )
    • Long shot here. But... That's what this platform is for, yeah? I met you, along with three other girls tonight. It was "bow tie Saturday" for you, and you saw me through the glass at Coxe Ave. Brewery. You tried the line at Ben's Tune Up... Ugh!

We [...]

Did all that face paint come off?

If your interested in older guys would love chat more and have a drink? Let me know what you said you are in school for if interested so I know it [...]

We ran into each other last night at the benefit, and got to chat a little bit. I would've liked to chat more or follow up with some kind of inquiry about plant talk (or walk, etc) outside of an organized setting, but I was exhausted, sca [...]

I'm not really sure if t [...]

  • Azalea dog park - m4w
    • To the girl at the dog park this morning who was reading...you are beautiful. I liked your pants, was there galaxies on them? Sorry I was too shy to say hi.
  • Snowy Day with Sarah (on my mind) - m4w
    • Sarah, I emailed this to you three years ago. I don't know if you ever saw it. If somebody knows our story, I hope they get this to you. You inspire me inescapably.


  • Re: Missing You - m4w
    • Forget that douche. Could you leave the initials of the person this is really for. I'm sure he is missing you too.
  • Re: Re: Missing You - w4m
    • I have no idea who you are or who you are mad at, but it isn't whom my post was directed at, and I am not whom your anger is directed at.

Let me count the ways. 1.) The gentleman this was meant for would never be so ignorant or disrespectful as to [...]

  • courthouse and swain game - m4w
    • Ive never seen you before which is odd in this town, but when i saw you in the court room I was intrigued, when i saw you and the game i was interested. Mind starts to wonder.
  • fantasy world about a month ago - m4m (swannanoa)
    • the short stocky white bald guy with the huge dick. we tag teamed a short dude with a black mustache. you are really hot with your big belly and your bald head and huge dick. chances are you will not remember or even see this post, but if you do I wa [...]
  • Blonde dreads black dress , green life - m4w (Greenlife merrimon )
    • I think you are so attractive. I see you occasionally but we have never exchanged words. You were there tonight with a friend. It was about 8:30. I wanted to say something to you but when I walked by ou were on the phone. Let's hang out . Have any id [...]
  • Waiter at The Local Joint - w4m (fletcher)
    • My aunt and I came in for a late breakfast and sat outside. We were later joined by a friend who the entire staff knows. You complimented my tattoo. I thought you were very nice. I could be wrong but you might have been eyeing me? My aunt seems convi [...]

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