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  • You are not fooling people-N - w4w (Swannanoa)
    • Everyone is tired of hearing you stories. They do not make sense ,but we nod our head because you are crazy. You are not as hot as you think and your son is not anything special. Close your legs ,and get to work on time.
  • Sunshine
    • Always.... I am

So proud of what you have accomplished. I am glad you are participating in one Of your obsessions...I know your little One loves that... There are days that I Crave you so much As long as as I know your good ... I'm good...

  • Ingles - w4m (New Leicester)
    • Probably nothing but a few friendly words... but I would enjoy exchanging a few friendly words with you again sometime! If responding, tell me something to let me know it's you.
  • Battle Cat - m4w
    • I don't know why I'm writing this. I don't even know anything about you, just that I was drawn to you immediately when you came in and sat with your friends on the couch across from me while I was reading. Of course, it was for this reason (that you [...]
  • black man.... - w4m 32yr
    • I miss you....

Thinking of u still makes me heart beat fast..... I don't want to forget about you!!! I wish you felt the same way. .....

I'd like you to be still. Stop talking or doing anything else for a minute. No. Please. For three minutes, maybe five minutes. Tell me which walk to take over the hill. Is there a bridge there? Will I want compa [...]

  • Brian is a horrible guess - m4w
    • You have been at subway the past couple of times. I would really like to get to know you better, but I'm always to nervous to ask you when you are at work.
  • Only for the real! - m4ww (asheville nc) 28yr
    • Saw you with child struggling to carry your things. All I could wonder is who's wife is she. Maybe she isn't but why. Or at least why is she alone. It bad wether out. is there a woman who I can't keep company , smiling, holding. I'm just a Man lookin [...]
  • Wearing you out - w4m
    • It makes me feel so bad that you would just leave me hanging like that. I wanted so much to just talk. Maybe I said to much to fast. I have a big heart and can't help say what's on my mind. Usually happens that way what comes to my mind usually comes [...]
  • Re:know - m4w
    • It might be a far stretch to believe this post is for me. Yet the chemistry longs for this lady friend to learn more about each other... Yet, no hint, no clue to further Persude the call of the wild , the days of our lives just fade and time slips aw [...]
  • black man.... - w4m 32yr
    • I'm sorry for what I said about your moles on your face. You are a very handsome man.

I'm not a rude person ....you hurt my feelings....so I thought I would hurt yours. I'm sorry! !! I wish we could be friends. I miss talking with you and I think [...]

  • Re: I want - w4m
    • That's an awesome post. Just what I wanna hear. I won't assume it's for me..how vain. I can be patient as long as he needs me to be if I knew those words came from him. Cause I sure feel the same. What a lucky lady! I can only hope for such luck!!! G [...]
  • Janitzio Hendersonville during the snow - w4m (Hendersonville)
    • I know this is a long shot....we were both eating dinner at Janitzio on Spartanburg hwy tonight when it was snowing. We talked a few minutes then left about the same time. I got tongue tied and couldn't talk much but you were friendly and cute. If th [...]
  • Gray Elantra - m4w (Hendersonville) 27yr
    • You got on 26 right behind me. You are extremely cute and I'd love to take you out. Tell me what kind of car I was in (or some other specific fact) if you're interested.
  • Asheville Arts Museum - m4w (Asheville) 22yr
    • I was at the Asheville Arts Museum today with a friend when I noticed you. You seemed to work or volunteer there. You have dark hair. I first saw you in the shop area, then saw you once more as my friend and I were leaving the sparkly exhibit. I wish [...]
  • from Ohio in target - w4m (tunnel rd)
    • We caught eyes as i was running around looking for a measuring tape. Then i turned another corner and you mentioned summer items, and wishing it was here. You have a great smile. And I'm sorry i was so short. Im a little shy, and i don't usually talk [...]
  • Looking for this Marine.... - w4m (North Carolina area)
    • He is Adam, 27 old year, in Marine Corps, who was stationed in Station Cherry Point, North Carolina in 2010.

I'm Adam's friend and looking for him because I lost touch and do not know how to communicate with... If anyone know him, please let me kno [...]

where the insane go sane; where bones climb out of the earth and recede to the first slime of love. And in the evening the sun is just rising. Lovers cry because they are a day younger, and [...]

worthless useless directionless desire love touch ennui

  • Saw u at Walmart - m4w (asheville) 22yr
    • We walked into Walmart at the same time, you were wearing a yellow shawl or cloak. Dark hair and glasses. I was wearing a red ski jacket, also dark hair and glasses. I glanced at you at check out, you were buying what looked like a bundle of cardboar [...]
  • you waved at me at gas station - m4m (asheville)
    • You are a younger white guy, waved at me at a certain gas station, tell me which one and what you were wearing....i know you are interested
  • Tractor Supply - m4w (bm)
    • I make small talk and smile, and often stop in there for one reason. -to see you. I don't know if you read these, but i hope you and those blue eyes do. So if you do read this and would respond, i'd like to talk to you beyond the awkward, nervous wor [...]
  • Snow Day Billiards Sesh at WALK - w4m (WALK)
    • You bold, sexy man, you. You wore a stringer tank top and gym shorts, aka the key to my knickers. I am ashamed to admit that I didn't notice you until you got up to play pool, but when I did - let's just say things downstairs got frothy...extremely f [...]
  • tick tock - m4w
    • Time, is when u think your gonna run out, I think so anyways. When (I wonder) do u feel like your going down hill? I myself think I'm at the crest, I want someone, I wanna make life before its to late! Isn't there a decent woman left on this planet? [...]

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