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There's truth in the thunder Love in the lightning, the feeling is frightening Yeah, isn't it exciting? I'm something like stormy weather If I weren't we would never Huddle together Do I have to tell you? That I'm also the sunli [...]

  • Re- your over due - w4m
    • I did not appreciate your flowers. Please leave alone. You are an emotionally abusive person. Wish I hadn't seen the craigslist ads. I hope you learn how to treat people well one day.
  • ingles sat you were in the express lane - m4w (Patton Avenue and Leicester Highway)
    • You were checking out, & I was getting a basket. We said hello, but I was in a rush, and didn't come over. I'm the guy in the dark green t-shirt with tattoos. It would be cool if you saw this :-)
  • Leaving the Y today - m4m (asheville)
    • As you were walking out you said "nice shirt" - I turned and said same. Don't normally do this kind of thing, but you're cute and sexy - if ur interested let me know what our shirts were. We'll take it from there. ;)
  • Nine Mile Sat 25 (3:00) - w4m
    • I was there by myself. I noticed you on the line immediately. You were talking to two very pretty young women but I saw you catch me looking at you in your blue hat. I got embarrassed and left shortly after that to go to work. I just wanted to say yo [...]
  • hot guy at the kitchen and bath show - m4m (arden) 34yr
    • You were working one of the booths. You were hot as hell. We looked at each other several times. Send a pic so i know its u.
  • I am clear on what I want - m4w
    • I know you and I are meant to share this journey.. Make a stance and join me..we would bring the best out in both of us
  • u worked at arbys - m4w (Weaverville )
    • You worked at arbys a year or so ago and drove a camaro. You "Haley are beautiful, I'd love to talk to you again. I regret stopping things. You will probably never see this but I hope you do.


  • Wish - m4w
    • Wishing I was with you! I will remain patient but I have to keep moving.. It's not lust - it's real !!! I think we will do naturally what it takes to make it happen because if I could be there now I would.. You are everything I dream of and all I eve [...]
  • wish you were here - w4m 36yr
    • Laying in bed tonight wishing you were here beside me. Miss hearing about the random things that happened in your day, your perspective, your laugh, miss your "blah blah blah" when you assume I've heard too much and am bored. I never was, only your p [...]
  • Looking for Sarah - m4w (Asheville)
    • I was at the Gorilla Carwash on tunnel road a couple of Saturday's ago and meet a beautiful girl named Sarah.

I was too chicken to ask for your number. She said that she used to work at the West Village Market. If you happen to see this and want t [...]

Everything wrong and we're both paying for it now but I want you to know that it was worth the time and money getting to know you. I really appreciate everything you taugh [...]

  • she was a presence to be reckoned with - m4w
    • I'd like to again meet the sort of woman that she is, someone whose being naturally solicits the greatest and most abiding feelings. Look at this place - it's beyond belief - ever other man here has been touched by her, seeks to connect - or reconnec [...]
  • Asheville Walmart Electronics dept after 10pm - m4w (Asheville)
    • To the brunette working tonight. You have a an earring that connects between 2 parts on your ear. Have to say you looked really cute and a great smile. We both locked eyes when I entered the dept. I was wearing a grey hoodie, black skinny jeans and a [...]
  • Dreaming - w4m
    • I am through trying to meet someone decent; apparently, there is no such beast. Decency is a fairy-tale, thought of by dreamers and believed in by children. But...

Everything is transient; happiness is fleeting and tears are temporary. Foolishly, I [...]

  • RE: Promised Real Estate......... - m4w
    • Well Literally "I WANT IT" and I will PAY to get it once More!!!!!!!! Come see me "J" and I will pay you Again for the one you OWE me that I PAID for Before that you NEVER gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Promised Real Estate - w4m Well it IS up for sale... not [...]

  • Ingles/millsriver - m4w 44yr
    • You where working self check out today and i was in another line,you kept making eye contact even after i caught you starring. You seem shy however you shouldn't be,you are so sexy and beautiful with your long hair . You have an incredible body and i [...]
  • H&M Store - m4m (Asheville Mall) 22yr
    • We were both waiting in line for the dressing room, you were in front, on crutches. If you'd like to chat more, message me. Totally discrete.
  • gorgeous brunette at pardee er - m4w (hendersonville)
    • Wow, you are absolutely stunning. I wanted to ask why you were here but you were with your mom. Hopefully you see this. You were wearing an orange and black shirt with a grey skirt that looked really comfortable, brunette with amazing eyes.

Feel bet [...]

  • Kristen - LEAF - m4w (black mountain)
    • I had a great time with you at LEAF :) I left my number in your tent on my way out but not sure if you got it. It would be good to connect with you again...
  • 80s Night at Tiger Mountain. We shared a dance. - w4m (Asheville)
    • You had blonde hair and I leaned in to thank you for the dance. You have a great smile and I wish I hadn't of left with my friends so soon... I hope for some crazy coincidence you read this, because I'd like to show you how I really dance. :)
  • still have it all
    • if only your friends and ex's knew how you have talked about them? I saved those text messages, fb pm's, and pics. why? guess if you would talk about them like that, then you would talk about me like that. Wonder how they would feel knowing how you t [...]
  • Missed connection - w4m (My couch)
    • Why am I brave with everyone else? Alone in the dark with only the light of the television. So close I can feel the warmth of your body. Yet not close enough to feel the heat of your skin. Again. With everyone else I'm brave.
  • Belks at the mall - m4w 50yr
    • I was looking at shoes in the mens department today and you looked at me in a special way when you asked if I needed some help. I commented on how pretty your hair looked as we walked thru the displays searching. If you read this please let me know t [...]
  • Mary Beth - m4w
    • I know the chances of you seeing this are basically zero but I had to try anyways. I know it has been a long time but I still think about you way too much, I heard sublime on the radio today and it brought back so many memories. You really did a numb [...]

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