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craigslist | missed connections in asheville

  • normal height gum-chewer with teeth - m4w (downtown)
    • i saw you put a piece of gum in your mouth as you were walking up lexington. you chewed it maybe a good 100-110 times by my count before you spit it out on the sidewalk in front of the LAB. i waited for you to walk away and then i stood up out of my [...]
  • world coffee - m4w
    • Was with a couple friends and was playing piano you worked there and said "you're amazing" wish i would have asked you your name and number
  • YMCA Asheville (Asheville) 21yr
    • I used to mess around with you in the sauna/steamroom and then in the showers at the YMCA. I don't go there anymore. But I saw you the other day and took me by surprise. maybe we can get together and hang out soon again. Hope this works...
  • 3 girls at Charlotte St.. - m4w (Charlotte St pub )
    • to the 3 crazy hot girls at Charlotte St on Sunday evening.. I was sitting alone in the booth beside you... I wish I wasn't too shy to talk to you *blush * all 3 of you are insanely sexy and beautiful!
  • ingles - m4m (tunnel rd.)
    • Meet you at this morning, you were tall,slender,with a great smile.I asked you about a box of cat food. Would love to get to talk some more.I think I've seen you at O'henry's before.put great smile in subject line ,hope you see this. D.
  • Wish you would have stayed longer... - w4m
    • You came to visit your mom recently in our building. Thought you were absolutely adorable. Shame I didn't have the balls to do anything about it. Lol. I enjoyed our talks though. You'll probably never see this. Just had to put it out there. If you do [...]
  • I want to break our "deal" - w4m
    • CA,

I know it's difficult to be in touch because of our complicated past but you are like a drug, I'll always want another "last time". I'm free tonight if you have a lapse in judgement and want another night together. 💗T

I would love to own one of your figurative works I do have a feeling, that maybe you were interested in getting to know be better, I [...]

  • Ingles Gelato - m4ww (Haywood Rd)
    • To the two ladies buying some...was it gelato? at the Haywood Rd Ingles (blonde and brunette) last night. You are both very attractive and I enjoyed trading glances with you in the checkout line. Either of you single by chance?
  • Smiles at Greenlife - w4m (Greenlife )
    • To the adorable man working behind the front counter at Greenlife who smiled so lovingly and warmly at me this morning around 11am: thank you for making my day. Being out of practice in these types of interactions, I shyly smiled back & then took one [...]
  • I see you at Haywood Rec Saturday mornings (Haywood Rec Center)
    • I often see you and another soccer dad talking Saturday mornings. You are very handsome. Are you single? If so...what are your interests?

HMU if interested.

tall. black hair. polite. - i don't know you, but i would like to; let's be friends.

  • Hendersonville walmart - m4w (Hendersonville)
    • You were wearing a red and white striped shirt....we kept locking eyes....I was with my daughter
  • Geek out today - m4w
    • I was walking my friends son and you smiled at me. I wanted to talk a little but had to follow him around. Maybe we could talk if you are able.
  • Moose cafe this morning - m4w
    • I wanted to tell you that you had the most amazing smile. I would love to see if you want to go out sometime.
  • Waffle House SYLVA - m4w
    • U came in on Saturday evening whe I was paying in a black and white sun dress. U were young short and hot as hell. U sat down put ur legs across top of still beside u toward me showing me what u had as I payed. U we're talking to the girl cook behind [...]
  • Only a desperate fool
    • Believes there is glory in being remembered by those they'd like to forget.

Women aren't ignored long in this town. And boys are only on the mind until they aren't. If she matters ... stop playing games. If she doesnt, I offer the same advice. F [...]

We said goodbye- tried a hand at magic But we couldn't make us disappear Not a day goes by I don't wish I had you So in a way, I'm glad you're still here It's a bitter sweet victory Loving the ghost in front of me Now I can't laugh, c [...]

The last time I happened to see you was a few months ago. It was on Valentine's Day I think. You helped me pick out Prada because I was looking for something similar to Versace Pour Homme. You to [...]

  • dancing on bridge - m4w (above french broad clingman)
    • very refreshing..rock on ...........................................................................................................
  • to the 2 hot blondes at the Radisson - m4w (smokey Park Highway )
    • I hope you are enjoying your food :-) I am just dying to know what two smoking hot girls like you are doing in Asheville?
  • Crossing Patton Ave black hair, all in black. - m4w
    • I wanted to say hi and talk to you but was unsure what to say at the time. it was around 2 pm today. If you read this and want to talk let me know.
  • silver daddy - m4m (Asheville) 59yr
    • We met a couple of weeks ago through silver daddies, it was great you live in Fairview and it was really hot we have not been able to connect since because of scheduling difficulties I am trying to reconnect with you through here because you must hav [...]
  • Missing A. from Haywood - m4w
    • Where did you go? Apparently we have both changed our emails. I miss you and would love to talk to you again.
  • VA parking lot 2 days ago - m4w (Oteen)
    • To the blond lady standing by the trunk of your car talking to a guy. Our eyes met as I approached my car, and we both kept the gaze for a long time. Your face is in my mind all the time. I'm interested, and I am single. If you are interested as well [...]
  • Edna's - m4w (Asheville ) 25yr
    • We started and ended at Edna's. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever run into you again. I miss you in my life, I wish things were different.. Wish I had the strength to have you for my own when I had the chance, or if I will have the strength to forget [...]
  • Outside the bathroom at 51 Grill - w4m 22yr
    • You were standing outside the men's room at 51 Grill. You're rumpled corduroys and well worn shoes were reminiscent of a recent Urban Outfitters purchase.

You looked pretentious. I bet you were instagraming a picture of your cheeseburger. We locked [...]

Tell me what we were talking about after all the [...]

Dumb and pulsing we've become The bedroom door is an old black lung It's arrhythmic Uninviting and pliable With the noble irreverence of shrapnel she came for us Bore into our head and found though [...]

  • looking - m4m (asheville nc)
    • Looking for a guy I met on here nearly a year ago maybe December? You live off 74 on the left. I came over we fooled around. You text later maybe the be next day asking if I wanted to meet up again. Please let me know if you see this. You had a room [...]
  • Hot Cop! - m4w (henderson county)
    • Your red hair and green eyes cuffed my attention. I saw you at Jimmy Johns today wearing your uniform with your hair half up and half down. We shared a short stare and I caught glance of your ivy green eyes!! I wanted to say something and didn't and [...]
  • 4th of July Fireworks - m4w (At the Park!)
    • I always think of you when the 4th of July comes around every year! The picture of you behind me looking over my shoulder, and I had on those white shorts that showed off my package! Remember? I miss those times!
  • Pet Supermarket on Tunnel Road- I was the Red Head - w4m 28yr
    • I've never posted in Missed Connections before....buuuuuut, I was the redhead who walked in to Pet Supermarket on Tunnel Road and met you and your pup as you were leaving. I really liked chatting with you, but we never exchanged names or any other in [...]
  • bummed a smoke at Oteen Ingles - m4w (Oteen)
    • You came over and asked me for a smoke. I wanted to talk to you but I had my daughter with me and was a little distracted...you have a beautiful and inviting smile...it is really sexy.
  • rush wednesday night - m4w (w asheville)
    • Just before dark. You have long dark hair with a few blonde streaks.

I've seen you around but I don't know where. Don't want to be a gym creeper but I'd like to meet you. :)

of my truck at red light and do him there... if any you hot red heads with or without beard see this and want some good head ..hit me up and lets take ca [...]

I'm sorry too. (there is a minimum character count I have to meet here.)

we exchanged hello's when you entered the restaurant, I paid my bill close to where you were sitting.. we exchanged some eyes. Tell me anything about what i was wearing, or where we both were eating to let me kn [...]

  • hottie on motorcycle 191 - m4w (hendersonville)
    • You were on a bike...don't know the make, on 191/old haywood road crossing the bridges...we passed each other....don't think you saw me, but I definitely want to see more of you. This was about 2pm 9/17/14. If this is you, tell me what you were weari [...]
  • Vitamin Shoppe Tuesday - m4w (avl)
    • We crossed paths at the store. An associate was helping you. When I left the store, I didn't realize you were still in your car until I started to back out.

You have an adorable smile and a cutey. Be nice to hear from you so I can say hi

  • Dream - m4w
    • You were in my dream Monday night, as a ghost of the past, present, and future. I know time has passed between but I just have to say I'm sorry for my harshness when we split. I told you to scatter the ashes but the ashes won't remain ashes forever. [...]
  • You know who you are - m4w (Asheville, NC)
    • I just want you to know I'm here for you. I know you're going through some rough times right now and everything is stressing you out but I'm here. A lot of people don't have that and I know you're so far away from my physically, but I'm here. I miss [...]
  • oh that smile - m4w (downtown-AVL)
    • Was chatting with a couple coworkers outside a local bar, reminiscing about our horrid night at work, you walked by....flashed a smile.... and all the bad melted away

thank you S, you are magnificently beautiful, and you most definitely turned my ni [...]

Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long. No matter what I say or do, I'll still feel you here, till the moment I'm gone You hold me without touch. You keep me without chains. I never wanted anything so much than [...]

  • Battery park - m4m (Dt)
    • You are the very cute, very nice barista this morning. If you have any interest in getting together, hit me up :)
  • February 20th - m4w (East Flat Rock) 59yr
    • Only "you" will know what that day (night) means! I couldn't remember what parking garage I parked in after the club. We finally found it! You know what happened after that!?

Hope you see this! M

  • cute brunette who likes Chinese food - m4w (Asheville )
    • to the sexy brunette who just ordered some Chinese food in West Asheville.. was there a little something in your smile when I delivered your food? *blush* too bad I'm too shy to do anything about it, but if you happen to catch this message, and you t [...]
  • Hoping for a miracle!!! (Candler)
    • Ok. I'm going to tell a story in hopes to find a person who's name is unknown in hopes that by a wild hair, someone, anyone out there will know this story and respond! Ok, here goes...

In December of 2011, my cousin Brandon Davis passed away. Not to [...]

  • Lunch on Merrimon..we smiled - m4m 38yr
    • You walked by me on the way to the bathroom and we smiled at each other. I could certainly be wrong (kind of new to this), but I thought maybe I sensed a little something there. I thought I'd see if I could find you, then figure it out. You were in a [...]
  • Walmart - m4m (Bleachery Bld.)
    • Seen you in the parking lot next to your car, well built, arms and chest and legs. Your jeans had rips in the legs. And you were taking a smoke break next to the buggy return before getting into car, about 2:30 in the afternoon. If by chance you see [...]
  • Blonde walking at CVS Lester Hwy - m4w
    • You were walking in CVS with a guy, but didnt seem to be your bf. About 2 pm today. You have a rocking body. Can I buy you dinner sometime?
  • Chicago Riot Fest - The Cure - m4w
    • Hello, we met at Riot Fest and I never got your name. It was Sunday. I moved you in front of my tall friend. We talked and marveled over the woman that walked away. You had glasses, reddish hair that looked great when you put it down. I have glasses, [...]
  • Eurydice's Song - w4m (Asheville insomnia)
    • What I wanted was to fall asleep

Close my eyes and disappear Like a petal on a stream, a feather on the air Lily white and poppy red I trembled when he laid me out You won't feel a thing, he said, when you go down Nothing gonna wake you now D [...]

  • SORRY - m4w (asheville nc)
    • Years ago I found my soul mate I knew it from the first time I laid my eyes on them we seem to have both been through a lot in our lives already but our connection was as strong as you see in the movies it was a dream come true we both still have our [...]
  • M--at Ingles Waynesville??? - m4m (waynesville)
    • WHAT!!!!!!!!---their is NO reason for you to list names and work locations if guys--your a total ANUS if I were this guy I would lead you on to meet you then beat your ass till you never thought of doing such a ignorant uncalled for thing like this a [...]
  • waynesville runner - mw4m (local fire house area)
    • to the hot guy in blue shorts today, you always run between 330-530, love to get you out of them shorts, wanna get off let me know, ill say where ill be you run there let me take it out and see what u can give me
  • IT young dude - m4m (asheville)
    • I see you often at different sites. I do applications. Brown hair. Beard. Your nane begins with "D". Tell me where we work. Would like to play if you're interested.
  • Re: Dirt - w4m
    • I've always believed it's important to let someone know when they've appeared in your dream. Now I know why I woke tired but with a smile, and why my bunny costume is crumpled on the floor next to my bed instead of hanging on its usual hook in my clo [...]
  • Michael...........Ingles deli Waynesville - m4m (waynesville)
    • Your name is Michael and you work at Ingles deli in Waynesville. Just hoping you see this, your so nice and very good looking.
  • Beautiful Fall Morning. - w4m
    • Good morning!

The fall is in the air in WNC. As always you are in my heart, on my mind. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday, but you especially.

  • Lowes Cashier (Tunnel)
    • Am I delusional, or did you -actually- feel that? I've never done this and I feel embarrassed, but if you felt a fraction of what I did, anything's worth a shot. If you ever saw this mortifying attempt at a whatever, and were so cheesily inclined to [...]
  • WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ASHEVILLE???? - m4m (asheville nc)
    • I made a post today to meet up on the P-way--got 5 guys respond and "acted" like they would follow through--LOL they were all lame responses----as I was on the P-way I saw what SAD things Asheville has to offer anymore--the guys that totally ignore y [...]
  • We kissed at the fair - w4m
    • We met at the comedy hypnotist. You held my hand, and we talked for a long time. We kissed in the parking lot, and I still have the hickeys. You said you'd text me in the morning, but you never did. I hope you're ok. Please contact me. If this is you [...]
  • Carrier Park Sunday eve - m4m (west asheville)
    • We passed each other. I was sweaty. You white T shirt. Very sexy! Tell me which direction you went out of park. Would like to meet.
  • Haus in Hendersonville - m4w (Hendersonville) 49yr
    • Just wanted to say to the incredibly beautiful blonde waitress....sorry if I was staring....but damn, it was impossible not to!
  • Mercedez SUV - m4m (CHESTNUT COVE)
    • I ask if you had seen my friend on a bicycle. What color jacket was he wearing and what color was your car? I would luv to catch up with you.
  • Redhead - w4w
    • Downtown books and news. You are adorable, and you kept smiling at me. Interested? Tell me what section you sat in, or what I look like so I know it's you and maybe we can go from there :)
  • hendo co recycle center saturday - m4m (hendo)
    • We were there around 2pm. You were in a white truck with cap on it. We checked each other out a couple of times. You saw me looking back when I was leaving. You are a hottie and I am very discreet....you put two and two together. If you see this an y [...]
  • SUP - m4w (Nantahala River)
    • You are an amazingly beautiful SUP'r who I spoke with on Saturday. You had a great smile and I would like to see it again. What was I wearing? I hope you see this.
  • Wally World Check Out Line - m4w (Weaverville) 50yr
    • Your cheesecake provided the icebreaker. We spoke of pets, your gardening difficulties along the French Broad and my plans for an RV trailer. What I wished to speak of was nothing for I would much rather have been using my lips to kiss every inch of [...]
  • Erotic Story writter - m4m (Brevard)
    • I miss hooking up with you. Our first time was at the camp ground then my cabin then at your hidden spot. Your erotic stories of seduction were the great the best was your talented mouth. How I would like to feel that again. Send me your name so I kn [...]
  • Mountain State Fair - m4w (Asheville) 45yr
    • Thanks to all the beautiful women who were at the fair on Saturday. Made a great day even better seeing such lovely women. You were all noticed and appreciated. Thanks again.
  • Aladeen - w4m (your place)
    • You said you needed me to be the only stable thing in your life. You said not to worry about us.......now you flake....?
  • sexy uj waitress - m4w (west asheville)
    • You were wearing a sexual chocolate shirt. I noticed you noticing me notice you. Sex and chocolate, let me know if youre interested
  • Ryan from STAPLES copy center - m4m (hendersonville)
    • Hey, this is a long shot but i was in the staples store in hendersonville

and saw you behind the counter, your name tag said ryan and you helped me print resumes. Anyway you are a cutie and i'd like to hang out sometime if you arent already taken. [...]

You were photographing your son learning how to use his new camera. I was pumping gas at Brew Pump on Haywood rd. Today, about 1:15. I washed my windows twic [...]

  • Max Patch - m4w
    • Met you at Max Patch Sept 12th. But didn't get your name. I would love to go on more hikes with you. I enjoyed talking with you. I had the white jeep.

Tell me the color of your pack.

  • Beautiful blond - m4t (Avl)
    • I say you walking up cox avenue this morning. Blonde, skirt, heels. Simply the most stunning I'd seen. Meow
  • RE: K-Trash - m4m
    • Give it a rest dude! We know that both K-Trash (Kevin) and that piece of garbage "N" are trash. But, were sick of seeing u post it. They are both scum. Anyone who knows them, knows that. I lived with them both as room mates...I KNOW what trash they a [...]
  • purple short/ walmart bleachery - m4m (asheville)
    • saw u in wal mart today. u touched yourself several times and i wanted to show my appreciation. get back w/ me if interested.
  • City bakery this morning and after noon. - m4m
    • You where wearing a white and blue stripped shirt with jeans and brown shoes.

You are very attractive and would deffently like to buy you a cup of coffee. If you see this please feel free to email me. Thanks.

  • brew and view worker bee - w4m (north avl) 23yr
    • To the pacman man in the brew n view arcade room. You met my shootshki and gave me bedroom eyes. I regret not leaving my number. Holla at ya girl
  • McDonald's about 3pm - w4w (WEAVERVILLE )
    • We talked for just a minute while we got drink. You was rushing out you had just clocked out. Your very pretty and i loved your smile. I know this may be A long shot but i had to try. Reply back with a pic so i know its you.

hope to hear from you so [...]

  • I hate rollercoasters - m4w (asheville) 28yr
    • We both hate rollercoasters. I thought we had a pretty good time, laughing and carrying on. It's been too long. I can't be wrong. What caused the silence? I think you aren't giving yourself a proper chance.
  • To Jaquelyn, Jaqui, P.ath. Asst. - w4w (Chicago love letter)
    • I stare at a blank page and have been trying to get these words out everyday for months now; then again it is a fine line of drunk enough to write and then passed out. You screwed me up. I get it you made a decision and it's not technically your faul [...]
  • Sarah in swannanoa - m4w
    • Sarah, we kissed at the moose. I wish we would have done more. I'm glad you found someone, I felt I was intruding by texting you and flirting. I deleted your number to keep from overstepping my boundaries. You still have my number, anytime you want t [...]
  • best buy employee - m4w (arden)
    • You walked past me and caught my eye with your physique but I didn't get a chance to see your face. When you turned my direction I was still looking at you and was mesmerized by how beautiful you were. I kinda went stupid for a few seconds and stared [...]
  • Underwear housekeeper - m4m 20yr
    • I am interested in being a underwear/naked house keeper for men. For more info email me
  • Dancing in the kitchen <3 - w4m (west asheville) 29yr
    • I miss you so much tonight! I want to go back to when you couldn't keep your hands off me... You just had to stop me from cooking so we could dance and kiss around the kitchen. What could I have done different to keep that love for me inside of you? [...]
  • SO HOT!!!!!!! - m4w (FOREST CITY) 52yr
  • Blonde on elevator at renaissance hotel - m4w (north asheville)
    • You stepped into the elevator a little while ago and our eyes met. I thought we were both incr edible turned on. You looked me up and down and smiled. I looked at you in your short red Ted skirt and did the same. You had a girlfriend with you she got [...]

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