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And if I'm "something else" why don't you do something about it other than giving me more talk than rock. Prove me wrong and send me flowers or some shit. Let my coworkers see they're not just watching me fall [...]

close to it.. not sure if you are into it.. but if you read this.. then you are most likely up for it. What is my name.. where am I from?

Your situation seems eerily similar to my current one. I would like to wish you luck in your endeavor. If you are anything like the woman I've fallen for, he will ha [...]

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  • Lowe's Weaverville - m4w
    • Damn girl!....Over there in the lawnmower section with all that body. I think you might have noticed me?
  • Re: Wishes - w4m (AVL)
    • I read this post and knew that the one I love would think I had written it. I don't want to reach out just to make sure my B didn't read it and feel hurt. If you saw it, you'll see this. I wished for you, and I'm glad I met you.
  • Blue Mountain Pizza - m4m (weaverville)
    • Seen you sitting at the bar on Saturday and found you to be very cute. I was with a group so could not speak. If you see this and are interested in knowing more hit me up
  • worked together at hotel-MD - w4m (Asheville)
    • Keep thinking of you and what we had shared so briefly. We lost touch over the past few years. I'm not sure if you read these but I'm hoping.

We worked at the same hotel and we were of different race and both involved. We were Yankees. Please get i [...]

  • Wishes - w4m (AVL)
    • I wished for you. Not once or twice but dozens of times. I wished on the stars, the full moon, on found lucky pennies and even on wish paper that drifted away into smoke.

Now I wish I'd never met you.

  • Mom at mountain play lodge - m4w
    • Mom in black pants and white shirt with hot green sleeves. Just thought you were beautiful. Just wanted to let you know!
  • I miss my honey bae bear boo thang - m4w (Asheville)
    • Well, well, well. It appears you are the lucky individual who clicked this link. PLEASE.. Quit looking around attempting to identify the individual I am speaking to. It is you. In all of your glory and simple pleasures, it is surely you.

May I ask w [...]

  • I could really fall for you.. - w4m (United States) 31yr
    • We have been talking for months and taking things slow but I don't know how much slower I can go. I am falling for you and I know we have been dealing with a lot from our pasts but I want you. I know you read these things and I said I would never put [...]
  • LOVE - m4w (Asheville)
    • We met years ago we had a LOVE that few people ever experience yes life threw us curve balls and we worked through them all the ups and downs we still LOVE each other or I'm still in LOVE with you you say you LOVE me i keep that in my heart I can't e [...]
  • Kristi from Weaverville - m4w 31yr
    • Kristi, I miss you so much. We spoke a lot about having a baby together. I had fallen for you, but I guess I got scared of rejection. I've gotten to a really great place in my life and I'm ready to begin the next chapter with you.

I hope you see thi [...]

If you read this, [...]

  • Gawd girl, you're something else. - m4w (Black mountain) 37yr
    • Lose the wall already. Not all men are evil. Just because one fucked it up doesn't mean another one will. You're too pretty to be single for very long. You can still carry out your life plans with a little bit of companionship. I think you're funny. [...]
  • Shannon H - m4w (Asheville)
    • If you happen to see this and interested in meeting up for a talk, please give me a call and let me know when and where.

Hope everything is going well for you. AY

  • Kyle? - w4m 43yr
    • Im embarrassed to put this up... but I saw you in the bushes today and I think your name was Kyle. You looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. I loved your muscles. Im that girl with the blue ball cap on drinking a highland under that bush. I [...]
  • White Van Sat around 4pm - m4m
    • Saw you and you saw me. You: white van. Pulled into Days Inn eventually. Tell me what I was driving, and let's get together.
  • White Truck in Town - m4m (Waynesville) 43yr
    • I turned in front of you at traffic light, you white truck, we made long eye contact. I flashed my break lights after I went by and saw yours flash also....let me know if you want to talk. What color car was I driving? week out spam.
  • The Noodle Shop - w4t (asheville nc) 42yr
    • You came in with a friend and stood in the doorway waiting for a table. I was wearing the purple sweater and eating an enormous bowl of soup. I looked up at one point, went back to my soup, and ended up getting a dose of whatever the hell those peppe [...]
  • at gas station on brevard road few months ago - w4m
    • I couldn't tear my receipt off at the gas pump. I tried and tried but it wouldn't tear off. I finally got it and when I looked up, you were watching and laughing at me. You were really cute. Wish I hadn't been so embarrassed and had talked to you. Yo [...]
  • clarence howard - w4m (forest city) 33yr
    • clarence,

its francesca...your a ltcol know but i am the enlisted wife you had a affair with. francesca

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