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craigslist | missed connections in asheville

It's Thursday night and my friends and I made a trip up to the mountains to see Mac ( demarco) play guitar. We drove through the city made in the mountains touching the clouds. The wind carried me through the streets while i waited [...]

  • SOCO Tower Guy in Cherokee - m4m (Cherokee)
    • Hey, you had a post and pic on here and then you took it off before I could e mail you, you are staying at the casino in the Soco Tower, I am here also, Hit me up maybe we can hang out
  • miss you - w4m (asheville)
    • I often find myself thinking of you. Trying hard not to visit you at work. I wonder how the new relationship is going, however I wish you would be a savage again. I miss your arms, I miss the thrill.
  • Met near the gate--Instant Friends?
    • We were at a sporting event, and it seemed like we were friends instantly. I can't help but think we have a connection worth exploring. If that feeling is mutual, tell me your first name and where we were. Hope to hear from you.
  • hot sexy black delivery man - m4m (sylva)
    • You delivered propane this afternoon saw you in convenience store you SO fine wish to see you again with that gorgeous body
  • Thinking about you - w4m (Earthfare Wetgate) 35yr
    • Every time I hit Earthfare I look for you in the Deli. I am sure you are just a dark angel player, but you do something to me. Is there more than "dinner"?
  • Tennessee temporary - m4m (in the woods) 55yr
    • we met and had a discussion in the forest. I would like see you again continue our discussion. That is if you are interested. Get back to me if you are.
  • O'Henry's Two Years Ago - m4m 26yr
    • I know this is a long shot, but about two years ago I met a very handsome man at O'Henry's during Pride weekend. He has to be one of the best looking men I've ever seen. We shared a few beers and great conversation with pool, and I think I fell in lo [...]
  • That smile! - w4m (Downtown)
    • We haven't seen each other for a long time since you're working in Fletcher now, so it was extra nice to see your handsome smiling face this morning. I meant it when I said you're looking good. I doubt you read these, and I don't think we'd make a go [...]
  • Richard Kevin anderson - m4m (Candler Asheville) 27yr
    • If any one sees this boy call your local police he us wanted by the police for many charges
  • Earthfare - m4w (Westgate)
    • I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I'm sorry if I was staring, you just looked so attractive... brown hair and a kind face and smile. I wish I had tried to start a conversation.

You were wearing brown pants, I was the bearded guy in a blue shirt.

  • Summer of 73 Beech Mountain, NC - w4m
    • We met in the Summer of 73. I was working at Beech Mountain. I do not remember if you were working or visiting but we went out and you took me on a daytime date that I will never forget. It was a very sweet date and to this day I think about it becau [...]
  • The Rush, Hendersonville Rd - m4m 26yr
    • So been going about a month and there are plenty of hot guys some who set of my radar. Whats the protocal for gym flirting? Average lookin dude here always wearing red trunks and usually a gamestop shirt. come say high i dont bite...much
  • Sylva/Franklin Guy - m4m (Sylva/Franklin)
    • Hey for the guy who is from Sylva/Franklin area and always calls me on a blocked number, get in touch with me. I really want to have you over bud. Call me, but not so late. I work early on weekdays. Weekends are always better. CALL ME PLEASE!!!
  • across from farmers market - m4m (asheville nc)
    • I came in today to get a drink. You were listening to your music on your phone at the register. We made eye contact several times. You didn't say anything to me though. I thought you were adorable. Would like tp talk more with you.
  • Pizza Hut and Kevin - m4m (asheville)
    • Dudes, fucking drop it already ! we are tired of seeing your stupid posts on here. People please start flagging these idiots !!!!
  • Asheville Racquet Club/Ultimate Ice Cream - m4w (ACR and Target)
    • We spoke in line at Target. You had just finished your workout at ARC as I did and you were headed to Target and then to Ultimate Ice Cream before heading home.

In short, you're nothing short of a goddess. You are quite the beautiful woman and a wor [...]

  • Running on Main St Weaverville - m4m (Weaverville)
    • Saw you running today around 4:00 or 4:30 on South Main st. I was using a leaf blower and stopped for you to pass. You waved and smiled as you passed. You have a sexy body. Would like to know you better. If you see this tell me what you were wearing.
  • I Bee - where are you? - m4m (asheville)
    • Been trying to reach you and I got some crazy messages on my phone. What happened????
  • re:pizza hut dude (asheville)
    • you know your post are starting to get old so if i were they pizza man i would meet you and beat your fucking queer ass to a pile of blood and leave you laying in it.Get a fucking life!
  • Kevin is Love of My Life! - m4m 23yr
    • I love u Kevin! Thanks for being the best partner in the World! Since we've been together our World has been perfect. Saturday night was especially nice wink*. LOL.. I love u baby! It's nice waking up to you every morning Kevin. Our love is eternal, [...]
  • candler - m4w (candler)
    • You drove a black camry. We shared a nice smile. Tell me what I was driving and how many people was in the back of your car.
  • all night love is over J - w4m (asheville) 35yr
    • I miss you like something crazy i miss everything about you your kisses your hugs and my c*** but this was my choice and i know to not have pain caused by you is to stay strong and not give in and ask you back still dont make it easy i do wish it cou [...]
  • Trader Joe's Store on Merrimon Ave - w4m (Asheville) 26yr
    • To the lovely young gentlemen of the Trader Joe's on Merrimon, you make shopping there the best part of my day!!! ;)

So many cute, gorgeous guys wandering around stocking the shelves and asking me if I found everything alright. Trader Joe's certainl [...]

God I am so fucking nervous just writing this but, just so I can put it out there, I really like you. We have never really spoken before. I see you every now and again but never looked into your eyes until yesterday. I wanted to kiss you. Just [...]

I had a tank top and green shorts on. Let's take a walk around town [...]

  • Hot chick at cjs - m4w (Marion) 24yr
    • Does anybody know the name of the hot short chick that works in cjs. I went in there earlier today and she made a comment to me and I was gonna try and go back to talk to her again. Just wondering if anyone around knew anything about her.
  • You disappeared...but why...Mr.Brown. - w4m (Waynesville)
    • Where did you go? I miss hearing from you. Come back. Tell me what happened. I want to know why you disappeared and you never said bye.
  • Beauty on Sunset - m4w (Asheville ) 37yr
    • Sunday I was sitting in my car for a moment thinking and enjoying the warm sun. I looked down the road and I saw you walking towards me in a sexy bikini top and shorts,I couldn't take my eyes off of you and as you passed by we said hello and smiled. [...]
  • Are you single? - w4m (Earth fare parking lot)
    • You knocked on the window of my car to let me know how I caught your eye and asked if I was single. I replied no, which was a lie. You caught me off guard and couldn't register the question properly. That was the first word that came to mind. Not tha [...]
  • JC penny in hendo - m4w (hendersonville)
    • Hey I saw you at jcp you had on a pink top and a black skirt We made eye contact a few times but I was to shy to speak just wanted to say you are gorgeous even though you probably won't see this
  • Abigail(?) Harris Teeter deli - m4w (Merrimon)
    • You're enticingly beautiful. And hopefully single? Might have to start buying my lunch meat from there more often...
  • Any top need service today - m4m (Franklin. L) 20yr
    • Looking for someone around franklin that needs to be serviced I can't host but I know a spot or you could pick me up and we could do it in your car what ever works for you send pic in first email
  • bookstore monday morning - w4m (DBN)
    • You came into the bookstore on Lexington Ave Monday morning and bought a Jack Kerouac book.

I think you are super cute and if you are interested, we should chat over wine or whisky...maybe a stroll. "There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just [...]

Did you remember to pick up the dog treats? Sorry about the ears but glad you do not have any tattoos... Michael

  • Walgreens - m4m (Leicester)
    • You injured your leg playing ball and we talked about it. Would like to help you with that. Tell me what you drive so I will know it is you.
  • looking for Jay - m4m (hendersonville)
    • really just always turned on every time i see you, i know it is a long shot. but hit me up if you thinks it is you
  • Sarah at Harrahs Massage Girl - m4w (Poker Player)
    • Sarah, we made eye contact in the main poker room, and then again in the casino. You moved to Cullohwee(sp) from Florida. I manned up for a massage at the blackjack table. We talked about New Orleans Jazz Fest. You mentioned camping.........etc. Your [...]
  • quyte the troglodyte - w4t (AVL)
    • I'm posting in missed connections because I seem to have missed the connection between landlines/communal library computers/windows 7/and internet explorer! Can you help me? I don't care if you're a man or a woman or in between I just wanted to get y [...]
  • Purple dress, early afternoon... - m4w (Walmart Asheville)
    • I'm gonna keep this short and see how it goes.

You and I stood next to each and watched some guy give his demo for knifes. Kinda strange thing to be going on in a Walmart, but what ever. We chit-chatted a bit as I did my best not to just stare at y [...]

  • O'Henry's - m4m
    • your name starts with a "M", new in town,,,really enjoyed talking to you,would like to know you better, tell me where your from and how long you've been in town,
  • blonde with yellow scooter - m4w (asheville)
    • My buddy and I came to your work. He ordered food from your line. I just didn't have the nerve to talk to you. Uhg you're beautiful. I may have been covered in tattoos.
  • glancing back downtown wearing brown - m4w (lexington)
    • you - wearing all brown, brown hair, walking down lexington around 5. I was walking into work, suddenly out of your path, and saw you looking through the window as you passed. where was this in the subject line.
  • purple cutoffs - m4m (west)
    • I saw you for a while, you noticed me when you were smoking.

I wish I had have had the balls to talk to you

  • Can't stop thinking about you!!! - m4w (Belks/Asheville) 50yr
    • You were working and I came in to exchange a few items......you helped me without hesitation.......then I had you cancel my order! You are beautiful! I felt so much like I wanted to touch your face.....hold your hand! I haven't been able to stop thin [...]
  • Joey - w4m
    • What the fuck Joey? Why do you let this keep happening? Stand up for yourself!


  • I'M NOT SURE IF IT IS YOU... - m4w (Marion) 39yr
    • I don't know exactly where you work in Marion. It may be at Autumn Care, Community Medicine Old Fort, or Hospice of McDowell. I usually see just for a second when you come to my work. We never had a chance to talk together for long. I really want to [...]
  • Ms. Vodka, oj, and pineapple - m4w (Bens) 26yr
    • I meant to ask you out last night but I missed you before I left. I think those Jell-O shots got me a little spun around. Thanks for that! I told you that you were beautiful and looked like a certain actress. You out there? I'd like to see you if you [...]
  • Redhead in Yoga Pants - m4w (S. French Broad) 32yr
    • I saw you taking out the trash and I got a good look when I drove by and I waived at you. I thought your waive back may have been an invitation but i had to get to work. your ass should never be in anything but yoga pants though. damn.
  • Mimosa and polka dots - m4w (W. Asheville)
    • You rocked my world today and I apparently rocked yours. You were with 4 of your lady friends and I put that drink in your hand. Does it have to end there? You were wearing a white blouse with polka dots (purple I think) and black leggings. What was [...]
  • At Scandals Friday - m4m (asheville nc) 64yr
    • We spoke about 10 am at the bar. You were talking about needing new tires on your car and perhaps I could help. Your buds came by and interrupted us before we could work out details and exchange numbers.

You 23. Twinkish.

Me: admired you from afar, our shopping patterns passing by one another a few times. Doubt you will ever see this, but it's wo [...]

  • beer swap - m4w (HT Asheville)
    • To the young lady that traded a beer for beer... Thanks, I almost messed it up by partially freezing it but it was salvageable. Good beer is good. :)

W1ld B1ll

I was there with three other male coworkers. I've always been partial to brunettes, and you were the most beautiful there tonight.

  • Scott in Lenoir - w4m
    • We spoke on here before. You had a couple pictures; one I said was awesome 'cause it showed your personality. I don't have your contact info anymore. I've had a lot going on. But I might be moving out your way and could definitely use a friend. I'd l [...]
  • Potato-shaped Box & Miller High Life - w4m (Asheville)
    • Out of everything that I lost when I got sick, I miss you the most.

I still can't get you off of my mind, especially late at night. I've tried everything, even rebound sex and writing a letter I'll never send listing all of the reasons why I should [...]

Loved your tats, loved your smile. I took a picture of your tats. Would love to talk more. I'll be back next Thursday afternoon. Hope you are too. ~M

  • cute girl at bywater on 3/9 - w4w (avl)
    • saw u at bywater this week.....u were the cute girl with the green trucker hat on that said slow jams...i want to know more about u ;)....hollar at me
  • Waiter in Saluda - m4m (Hendersonville) 60yr
    • You waited on my table today. I think you remember me. Email if you would like to talk.
  • water delivery man - w4m (brevard) 23yr
    • Hi u work for blue ridge water company and deliver to our office. U have to go thru treatment area n into the back to get to our cooler. Ur very hot with I think a couple tats. I'm very interested in getting to know u. Email me if u wanna know more b [...]
  • im scared - w4m 100yr
    • I enjoy reading these and usually am wishing that the two missed connections meet each other or get back together. However, these I'm Scared posts are so irritating. You two should move on. This is annoying to read. Seems like it's either two people [...]
  • re: im scared
    • Just reply to this post so it goes to my e-mail instead of posting on here again.
  • shadows in the black lodge - m4w (no) 40yr
    • You are serious business.

When we talk there is energy bouncing between us and it often makes us disengage. You are a friend but I can smell your scent when you blush and it becomes hard to think rationally you blush and sometimes I say something a [...]

I'd like to handcuff you. I'd like to make your bottom red. I'd like to make you cry, a little. But all of this, only if it is what you are looking for, if your neck [...]

  • Looking for Alan Fisher - m4m (Wilmington, NC)
    • I am looking for an old friend of mine that I haven't seen or heard from in years. He is a 55 y/o white male prob around 6 feet tall and when I last saw him prob around 250. He had a white beard and sometimes people would call him Santa Claus, I have [...]
  • 12 Bones, Lunch this past Monday - m4m (Riverside) 37yr
    • we chatted a moment at 12 bones, I was at the counter waiting for something and you were seated at the counter for lunch and having a drink. You were in jeans, red track jacket w V-neck tee under.

very handsome and interesting, would have liked to c [...]

  • CVS Woodland Hills - m4m (Woodland Hills)
    • Saw you in CVS around 8:45 tonight. Your younger. I'm older. Ran into you first in the grocery section. Then I was standing behind you at the checkout. You had on a Grey shirt and black shorts. You are a handsome and sexy young man. Would love to be [...]
  • Hikeing (hot springs)
    • You was hikeing with your dog on the rail heading north. We talked a long time the I went too Painted Rock. Wish I could have located where you camped
  • Roses employees - w4m (weaverville) 21yr
    • You had an energy drink and we made eye contact twice. I guess I should shop at roses more often.
  • Trumpet player - w4m
    • I talked to you on the street today. I would love to hear you play sometime. If I hadn't been with my daughter, I would have talked to you longer.
  • 2 beautiful girls at Subway tunnel rd 3 oclock - m4w (Subway tunnel rd) 26yr
    • I came in around 310 or so I was the only one in the store besides you 2 lady's! Chances are slim that you will see this but I just wanted to say that both of you are very beautiful, and I wanted to see if either of you would like to go out sometime? [...]
  • re: im scared
    • If you don't know whether or not its me then pick up the phone and call/text

It's the only way you will know for sure Yes, I walked away from you but you drove me away

  • Re:Richard Kevin anderson - m4m (Asheville)
    • Hey man I can help you with your problem just email me your contact info and I'll let u know what I can do for ya
  • re: im scared
    • I read the two posts you made last night about how I will always be in your heart and you miss me. If that were true....if anything you ever said to me was true then you would be with me and not her. I don't hate you I hate what you did to us.
  • asheville airport (AVL) - w4m (asheville) 21yr
    • Friday April 4th around 6:20am, I met you going through security you were behind me and we talked for a few mins you were really nice and attractive tell me the question i turned around and asked you and what color shirt you were wearing.
  • Talked to you today at The Fresh Market on Hendersonville Rd - m4w (Asheville)
    • You had dark brown hair with colored highlights, and you were wearing a metal necklace in the shape of a tree. I complimented you on both of those, and you seemed very flattered.

You said something along the lines of "I feel so much better now, with [...]

  • hummm - mm4m (all nc) 32yr
    • So i get a call today from a buddy that needed help!!! He says some gay man is blasting him on cl so for all who is talking there shit and putting fake post on here just cause someone dont wanna be with u no more!!! Take all of it down take your loss [...]
  • re: I'm scared
    • Glad you can move on and learn to love again.........you totally ruined that for me. I will probably never love again. BTW I give it two months tops. That's about as long as you can pretend to be normal
  • jackson county - m4w (social service)
    • saw you this morning at social service blk pants long black hair spanish sexy women we where in elavator together im interested in meeting you
  • I also prefer pencils... - m4w (Your yard) 33yr
    • I was outside your window playing our song on my portable stereo while you tried to sleep. You were (apparently) loosing attack dogs on me. Who the christ owns attack dogs in this day and age? Are you a super villain? Thanks for the scars. Now I hate [...]
  • 3-some. Your name starts with a P. - m4m (FW) 48yr
    • We had a hot 3-some (2 of us older with a 3rd younger dude). Your name starts with a P. and you drive a small car (brand unnamed for discretion). Tell me something about that day, what I drive, or my name (if you remember). Will like to make out with [...]
  • Male worker at Earthfare who looks like Leon Kennedy from RE - w4m (hendersonville RD)
    • I came in around 8:30pm and you were over by the vegetables and you smiled at me. I just wanted to apologize for not smiling back. I feel bad that I didn't. You kind of caught me off guard. I had long, black hair and was wearing a big green military [...]
  • You're an ex-pat and the boss's wife... - m4w (Asheville area)
    • ... And I think you are incredibly sexy and unbearably charming. And maybe you're a bit under-appreciated, too? That's the way it looks from my angle.

I'm not sure you have any idea who this may be, or what my intentions would be given the chance. I [...]

guys 3 walking dogs.. 2 doing construction work... and 1 just walking down road this guys all hot great beards....just wondering if some you guys or any hot bearded [...]

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