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craigslist | missed connections in asheville

You were out of the country for a while. Please only reply if your name is Samantha (or you know how I can contact her) and we were talking before.

  • In regards to ALL the bullshit about Richard Kevin Anderson (Western NC)
    • There's been so much bullshit spread out on here like Peanut Butter about this man that I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing it, especially when it's all a bunch of lies! This man fucking hates child molesters, so whom ever posted that he was on [...]
  • "You look familiar" - Obie - m4m (saturday night, west asheville)
    • We were both at that really great event on Saturday night. You just came up and introduced yourself after recognizing me from where I used to work, though I didn't recognize you. You seemed like someone I would like to get to know and be friends with [...]
  • Cute guy who was buying pizza at earth fare - m4m (south Asheville earth fare 4/22) 26yr
    • Hey what's up yesterday at earth fare on Hendersonville road you were buying a slice of pizza, we made eye contact with each other for a good bit as I walked by you. You were also kinda short black hair, you asked me about my tattoos but I quickly ga [...]
  • You Picked me up - m4w (Candler)
    • You gave me a ride to AVL and it would have been creepy to ask you out at that point, but I think I should have. I would really like to hear from you.
  • I want to watch couples have sex! - m4mw 21yr
    • Any couples! I would love to watch couples either in person or on skype/videochat. I will send pics if needed only if you will too! I can be discrete and quiet and join in also. Send me an email or text if interested!
  • Black Mountain Taco Bell - m4w
    • Hi there, I was with my friends and you were with your daughter. We had a brief conversation but would have loved to chat more. Yes! I am a bit shy and I don't want to intrude if you are already with someone but I would love to see if you wanted to g [...]
  • MY PERFECT STORM - m4w (West Asheville) 31yr
    • Would speak her heart and make it clear to me an all those around of her feelings instead of this CL BS! You speak up I will come running! But until you can be the woman I remember the one who showed me her dedication when we first met by leaving ano [...]
  • Andrea was that you in my driveway? - m4w (Hendersonville)
    • Andrea was that you in my driveway on tuesday in a green suv? If so, sorry I missed you. I saw you too late. You were already leaving.

Hope to hear from you. J

  • We met at Lowes on Tunnel Road - m4w
    • We had a great conversation in the garden center checkout line at Lowes on Tunnel Road. You told me you once lived in Virginia. I told you I lived in the Mediterranean. Your blond, nose pierced, tattoos on your ankle and arms. I was wearing a green b [...]
  • Tennessee Blount - m4m (in the woods) 55yr
    • we met and had a discussion in the forest. I would like see you again continue our discussion. That is if you are interested. Get back to me if you are.
  • blondie blue eyes - w4m
    • you commented on my hat one day, then kept greeting me everytime you saw me afterwards. were you just being friendly or flirting? (like i'm hoping).
  • IF.... - w4m
    • You know, you really are missing out....you could have the perfect storm!! You know this but you choose to stay away. Maybe one day...
  • Looking for Melody from Upstate - m4w (Greenville)
    • Looking for Melody. We met in Greenville a couple times with your old Job. would love to catch back up. your tattoo matched the sticker on my truck. shoot me your number.
  • Lookn for Gary from Ashland, KY,lived in Charlotte, NC in late 80s - w4m (Ashland)
    • I am looking for a guy named Gary(I can't remember his last name) who use to live in Charlotte, NC in the late 1980s to early 1990s but is from Ashland, KY. You had a z28 or a 280z blue in color 2 door. Brown hair about 5'11" or maybe a little taller [...]
  • 420 Flight from AVL to Denver - mw4w
    • We (guy/girl) met you outside of a Denver dispensary over the 420 weekend, and ended up that we had taken the same flight from Asheville to Denver for the celebrations, and ran into you later that day. We thought you were really cool, and in the rush [...]
  • charter guy - m4m (w. asheville)
    • good to see u yesterday....wish u had hung around awhile.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • doing better but still think your the one - m4w (in my heart) 28yr
    • I broke it off because you didn't stay true to your word.I know I left but it's two months really all that long to wait for "the love of your life"it's been over a year you have him now but you ask about my son at two in the morning via text...it's b [...]
  • Our dogs played at the park today... - m4w (French Broad River Park)
    • Our dogs wrestled for a little while at the park today. I'd like to do the same with you, if you're interested. You were wearing a bright orange shirt (that perfectly accented your amazing breasts) and a tennis skirt. Very nice legs you have. Tell me [...]
  • I saw At Joann's! - m4m (Asheville) 20yr
    • I know I've spoke to you before in Social media and I've spent hours searching after I left and I couldn't find you! I was so frustrated! You were wearing really short shorts that I believe were red running shorts. You were with two girls and you kep [...]
  • Gave you my number - m4m (Hendersonville)
    • Very attractive Spanish guy I gave you my number today at your work tell me something so I know it's you would love to get together with you
  • Black Elk Speak - m4w
    • It's conversation I seek, gypsy. Please, don't let your co-worker come to my table again. I want to look into your eyes.
  • Hampton Inn - Jeff - m4m (Marion)
    • You re keyed my room this evening. I'd love to chat with you. I have a proposition for you.
  • Liz at Advance Auto - m4w
    • I know you are with someone but everytime I see your sexy self I wish my cock was in your mouth just sucking away. If your curious and wanna have some discreet fun please respond hott stuff.
  • Re: Re: Beware of Guys wanting head who are HIV+ - 28 - m4m (WNC) 28yr
    • Oh, my God! This is like the 20th post about this guy, who all things considering, isn't all that hot. I am not sure what all the fuss about. So he gave you something a little extra after your impromptu rendezvous. Maybe you should stop spreading you [...]
  • Re:Richard Kevin anderson - m4m
    • I did a Google on the name, apparently he was in court two years ago about aiding in a murder at an Asheville bar. I also saw a petition by his supposed sister-in-law on change.org saying he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other than that, [...]
  • So, buttercup.... - m4w (Asheville area)
    • Well I guess you've disappeared again... I really want to know why you would contact me after 6 months and then drop off like you did the first time? I get the first time you gave no reasons, which you didn't owe me any. But now to get back in touch [...]
  • in search of Gabe - w4m (asheville)
    • I met you in the fall. On our first date we went to see Moonrise Kingdom. You have the most beautiful smile. I liked you immediately. We went to get drinks, we played ping-pong on a pool table. I remember, like it was yesterday, the first time you hu [...]
  • Sara with red curls at Animalia - m4w (asheville nc)
    • We chatted while waiting in line at the food truck during intermission. I wanted to talk more, but by the time I'd finished ordering you were already talking to someone else. If you'd like to continue our conversation, hit me up.
  • Am I the redhead that got away? - w4m (WNC) 40yr
    • We met a few years back - shared a few emails, finally met and it was so much fun. But you were working on things at home and trying to do the right thing. I wonder how it turned out for you?
  • Seeking Safe Sunbathing Space (Asheville)
    • Now that the season for sunbathing is here

We are looking for a Safe Sunny space where we can be unclothed and bask in the rays that the space has privacy is very important please get in touch if you have such a space to share regularly

  • 2 older guys at earthfare - m4m (asheville)
    • i saw you by the coffee. wanted to make eye contact. i know its a long shot but if you see this hit me up.
  • the still - m4mw (lester)
    • we were suppose to have meet saturday night just wondered why you got cold feet.
  • gas station - m4m (Black mountain) 20yr
    • U bought a bottle of mtn dew and 2 packs of ritz crackers. You drive a big ass work truck and were one of the best looking dudes ive ever seen. So hot. We stopped and stared and smiled for a few seconds was wondering if u wanted to hook up.
  • We met at a show - w4m (The Grey Eagle)
    • You were selling merchandise after the Milk Carton Kids show, and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful your smile was and how soulful your eyes were when you looked at me. I felt an immediate connection, although I realize that maybe you're just [...]
  • Looking for Scott - w4m (west asheville)
    • Looking for a guy named Scott that is a tree trimmer. He does excellent work and is very fast. Scott did some work for us and I have lost his contact info. I have more work for him. I think his helper was called Mike?

If anyone can help me locate hi [...]

  • PBR and Easter baskets - w4m (walmart)
    • Who reads these ... noticed you rummaging through the Walmart Easter isle apocalypse holding a can of PBR at about 10:30pm . You had a white chefs coat on and a tattoo on your forearm , dark hair and dreamy face .

I think if you, by the power of gra [...]

  • Dodgepickup - m4m (Wesfelt park)
    • Friday evening around 6 you were in a white pickup I drove in turned around and came back out. We exchanged a glance. Tell me the color of my truck if you're interested. Supposed to meet someone there but turned into a no show.
  • We met at a funeral - w4m (Waynesville )
    • We met at a funeral today. I enjoyed talking with you and I felt like we had an immediate connection. You weren't wearing a wedding band.... but who knows. A friend of mine mentioned me posting here so I could see if we could reconnect again. If you' [...]
  • beautiful black lady at walmart - m4w (asheville) 39yr
    • We keep running in to one another and you was about to leave you phone I ask you if you was leaving it for me I hope you see this tell me what you said when I ask if you was leaving me your phone you was wearing red shirt and black tights tgat looked [...]
  • farmersonly235246 - w4m (Lansing, NC23) 40yr
    • I am browneyes5914 and not a member. If by chance you see this contact me through this. You, 6'2 and only have a picture of a horse on your profile.
  • M at the store - m4w
    • Every time I come in we check each other out, happens to be TSC :) I'm sure you are asked out all the time, the main reason I say nothing if you blew me off with a line , I would have to say that's not true and I don't want start out wrong. Tell some [...]
  • Spencer silver bluff - m4m (Waynesville)
    • Anyone know spencer from silver bluff in canton ? He is such a sweet guy. I'd love to meet him and be friends.
  • black man at pj's - m4m (sylva)
    • See ya hanging out there time to time. Baseball cap seen ya this mornin g.would like to tale care of business for ya on the dl. Hit me up if you would let a man.
  • Black dress at Rob Garza - m4w (Orange peel )
    • I really enjoyed dancing beside you all night. Seemed like you might have had a +1, also...I didn't go to the show to hit on girls :)

But I wish I had gotten your name. I really like your style ~

I would pass your place everyday and see your sad eyes..staring off into space...perhaps thinking of faraway places....greener pastures... I should have said something...stopped and told you [...]

Because you're mine, I walk the line. Love you June

  • Metallic Crotch-Magnet - w4w (the odd) 32yr
    • Girl, you sure know how to rock some shiny leggings and a David Bowie eye... Dat ass though! I could watch it bounce all day. All. Day. Especially when you climbed your fine self up on top of that little buzz-cutty blond chick in the black backless d [...]
  • re: Star Crossed Lovers
    • As I was laying here thinking about you I started crying tonight. Then out of the blue this post appears. To think how could I ever let myself fall in love. If you had only wanted me. You were to busy wanting to be with everyone else.

I know you lov [...]

  • blah blah (blah)
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  • Star Crossed Lovers - w4w (Asheville)
    • It seems we were never meant to be, never going to really happen. Twice we have found each other back in each other's arms and twice we have broken and torn each other to shreds. I'm just truly starting to believe that it just wasn't meant to be. I h [...]
  • Even on a rainy day (asheville nc)
    • You were under the rain but not in it. Your incandescence spilling onto everything around you - as if the Sun asked you to cover for him while he took the day off. As if you exist to shine.

Do you even need an umbrella or does the weather naturally [...]

  • you look like kevin cosner - m4m (cherokee)
    • Hey man had fun laughing and sharing my cookies. Know that you probally wont see this. But you are so frigging beautiful the eyes the smile and laughter. The girl with you, is a lucky girl.cause bro this country boy just crushed on you, instantly enj [...]
  • We dated last year - w4m (Western NC) 33yr
    • We dated last year and I felt bad about how I broke up with you. You weren't the guy for me, but you really are a good one....

Tonight you replied to my ad on the women seeking men board. You didn't know it was me, I'm sure. So I see you're still si [...]

It's Thursday night and my friends and I made a trip up to the mountains to see Mac ( demarco) play guitar. We drove through the city made in the mountains touching the clouds. The wind carried me through the streets while i waited [...]

  • SOCO Tower Guy in Cherokee - m4m (Cherokee)
    • Hey, you had a post and pic on here and then you took it off before I could e mail you, you are staying at the casino in the Soco Tower, I am here also, Hit me up maybe we can hang out
  • miss you - w4m (asheville)
    • I often find myself thinking of you. Trying hard not to visit you at work. I wonder how the new relationship is going, however I wish you would be a savage again. I miss your arms, I miss the thrill.
  • Met near the gate--Instant Friends?
    • We were at a sporting event, and it seemed like we were friends instantly. I can't help but think we have a connection worth exploring. If that feeling is mutual, tell me your first name and where we were. Hope to hear from you.
  • Thinking about you - w4m (Earthfare Wetgate) 35yr
    • Every time I hit Earthfare I look for you in the Deli. I am sure you are just a dark angel player, but you do something to me. Is there more than "dinner"?
  • O'Henry's Two Years Ago - m4m 26yr
    • I know this is a long shot, but about two years ago I met a very handsome man at O'Henry's during Pride weekend. He has to be one of the best looking men I've ever seen. We shared a few beers and great conversation with pool, and I think I fell in lo [...]
  • That smile! - w4m (Downtown)
    • We haven't seen each other for a long time since you're working in Fletcher now, so it was extra nice to see your handsome smiling face this morning. I meant it when I said you're looking good. I doubt you read these, and I don't think we'd make a go [...]
  • Earthfare - m4w (Westgate)
    • I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I'm sorry if I was staring, you just looked so attractive... brown hair and a kind face and smile. I wish I had tried to start a conversation.

You were wearing brown pants, I was the bearded guy in a blue shirt.

  • Summer of 73 Beech Mountain, NC - w4m
    • We met in the Summer of 73. I was working at Beech Mountain. I do not remember if you were working or visiting but we went out and you took me on a daytime date that I will never forget. It was a very sweet date and to this day I think about it becau [...]
  • The Rush, Hendersonville Rd - m4m 26yr
    • So been going about a month and there are plenty of hot guys some who set of my radar. Whats the protocal for gym flirting? Average lookin dude here always wearing red trunks and usually a gamestop shirt. come say high i dont bite...much
  • Sylva/Franklin Guy - m4m (Sylva/Franklin)
    • Hey for the guy who is from Sylva/Franklin area and always calls me on a blocked number, get in touch with me. I really want to have you over bud. Call me, but not so late. I work early on weekdays. Weekends are always better. CALL ME PLEASE!!!
  • across from farmers market - m4m (asheville nc)
    • I came in today to get a drink. You were listening to your music on your phone at the register. We made eye contact several times. You didn't say anything to me though. I thought you were adorable. Would like tp talk more with you.
  • Asheville Racquet Club/Ultimate Ice Cream - m4w (ACR and Target)
    • We spoke in line at Target. You had just finished your workout at ARC as I did and you were headed to Target and then to Ultimate Ice Cream before heading home.

In short, you're nothing short of a goddess. You are quite the beautiful woman and a wor [...]

  • Running on Main St Weaverville - m4m (Weaverville)
    • Saw you running today around 4:00 or 4:30 on South Main st. I was using a leaf blower and stopped for you to pass. You waved and smiled as you passed. You have a sexy body. Would like to know you better. If you see this tell me what you were wearing.
  • re:pizza hut dude (asheville)
    • you know your post are starting to get old so if i were they pizza man i would meet you and beat your fucking queer ass to a pile of blood and leave you laying in it.Get a fucking life!
  • candler - m4w (candler)
    • You drove a black camry. We shared a nice smile. Tell me what I was driving and how many people was in the back of your car.
  • all night love is over J - w4m (asheville) 35yr
    • I miss you like something crazy i miss everything about you your kisses your hugs and my c*** but this was my choice and i know to not have pain caused by you is to stay strong and not give in and ask you back still dont make it easy i do wish it cou [...]
  • Trader Joe's Store on Merrimon Ave - w4m (Asheville) 26yr
    • To the lovely young gentlemen of the Trader Joe's on Merrimon, you make shopping there the best part of my day!!! ;)

So many cute, gorgeous guys wandering around stocking the shelves and asking me if I found everything alright. Trader Joe's certainl [...]

God I am so fucking nervous just writing this but, just so I can put it out there, I really like you. We have never really spoken before. I see you every now and again but never looked into your eyes until yesterday. I wanted to kiss you. Just [...]

I had a tank top and green shorts on. Let's take a walk around town [...]

  • Hot chick at cjs - m4w (Marion) 24yr
    • Does anybody know the name of the hot short chick that works in cjs. I went in there earlier today and she made a comment to me and I was gonna try and go back to talk to her again. Just wondering if anyone around knew anything about her.
  • You disappeared...but why...Mr.Brown. - w4m (Waynesville)
    • Where did you go? I miss hearing from you. Come back. Tell me what happened. I want to know why you disappeared and you never said bye.
  • Beauty on Sunset - m4w (Asheville ) 37yr
    • Sunday I was sitting in my car for a moment thinking and enjoying the warm sun. I looked down the road and I saw you walking towards me in a sexy bikini top and shorts,I couldn't take my eyes off of you and as you passed by we said hello and smiled. [...]
  • Are you single? - w4m (Earth fare parking lot)
    • You knocked on the window of my car to let me know how I caught your eye and asked if I was single. I replied no, which was a lie. You caught me off guard and couldn't register the question properly. That was the first word that came to mind. Not tha [...]
  • JC penny in hendo - m4w (hendersonville)
    • Hey I saw you at jcp you had on a pink top and a black skirt We made eye contact a few times but I was to shy to speak just wanted to say you are gorgeous even though you probably won't see this
  • Abigail(?) Harris Teeter deli - m4w (Merrimon)
    • You're enticingly beautiful. And hopefully single? Might have to start buying my lunch meat from there more often...
  • Any top need service today - m4m (Franklin. L) 20yr
    • Looking for someone around franklin that needs to be serviced I can't host but I know a spot or you could pick me up and we could do it in your car what ever works for you send pic in first email
  • bookstore monday morning - w4m (DBN)
    • You came into the bookstore on Lexington Ave Monday morning and bought a Jack Kerouac book.

I think you are super cute and if you are interested, we should chat over wine or whisky...maybe a stroll. "There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just [...]

Did you remember to pick up the dog treats? Sorry about the ears but glad you do not have any tattoos... Michael

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