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craigslist | lost & found in bloomington, IN

  • free toilet paper (17th street)
    • Free giant bag of toilet paper. I about to trash it unless someone wants it?
  • Lost Dog: Black/Brown Cocker Spaniel
    • Please help find Tori, an 8 year-old Cocker Spaniel. She's wearing a red collar. She's friendly but most likely scared and we'd all like her home safe.
  • Found Check (Indiana/14th)
    • I found an endorsed check for $460.66 earlier today lying on the ground. I would love to be able to return it to you. Please email me with your name and any further information you think might help identify the check as yours.


The phone is a black Samsung Galaxy S5 inside of a black Otterbox case. The keys have a Volkswagen car key, an IU bottle opener key and a few apartment and house keys. The wallet is black and i [...]

  • Lost Dog-Female Rottweiler Mix, Columbus, IN. (Columbus, IN. )
    • Lizzie is a Rottweiler mix and she is a bit chunky for her body type. She is a very sweet girl, and will come to you if you call her. We live in the Colony Parks addition near the Hope Vet Clinic and the outlet mall, just off of US 31 in Columbus, IN [...]
  • lost dog large reward (worthington in)
    • lost on tuesday august 27 2014 female american bull dog weighs approximatley 110 lbs white with brindle patches answers to the name of tia large reward offered for her return or info to her where abouts.
  • * REWARD* Lost Photos (Bloomington)
    • In the 2000 or 2001, there was a tub of photos that were lost from a storage facility. This tub had twenty years of photographs as well as wedding photos. This tub was approximately an 18 to 20 gallon plastic tote. This storage facility was located o [...]
  • Lost Kitten (Woodhaven Dr)
    • Gru is a white and beige kitten with raccoon eyes and dark tail. He was last seen on Woodhaven Dr. He was wearing a royal blue collar with a black bow tie. If you find him, please contact me as soon as possible. He is a great part of our family, and [...]
  • Lost Keys Southside Kennedy Dr? (Near Fire Station 11 or Kroger)
    • Lost a set of keys with a green tomagatchi & a red fuzzy stringy thingy & a photo of me & my mom. Somewhere from Avers Pizza to Kroger cutting through the nieghborhood close to the fire station behind the alhiemers place?

anyone that finds them , i [...]

  • *Stolen Bike!*
    • My bicycle was stolen last Thursday downtown. It was locked up at the Scholar's Inn. It is a black and gray Schwinn Discover 21 sp. If you see this bike anywhere, please contact me ASAP. Thanks!
  • Lost Jack Russell Terrier (Brown County)
    • Missing since 7/30

Adult male Jack Russell Terrier Name is Bingo Mostly white with two black ears and a big black circle on his back end. Microchipped and neutered Red collar Lost in the Gatesville Road/Clay Lick Road area of Brown County If f [...]

  • Lost Male German Shepherd (Poland )
    • Lost 7 year old Male Black and Tan German Shepherd Aug 3, 2014 Owen Putnam County State Park area. He was wearing hunter orange collar with little blue tag. He has spot on tongue and is well behaved. His name is Rocco. His weight is 80-90 pounds. Ple [...]
  • Camera left at Ferguson Dog Park (Bloomington)
    • I found a camera that looked like it had been left behind at the dog park. If you think it is yours, please contact me so I can return it to you.
  • Lost small white dog (West Pointe subdivision)
    • Our little white morkie snuck through the fence Wed evening. My children have been looking for him, and we haven't found him yet. He has a pink collar (yeah, I know he's a boy, but my daughter put it on him). He's about 4 lbs & answers to Si. Pls con [...]
  • Found kitten (East third street )
    • Found a 10-14 week old kitten. Tan/white with darker feet and ears. Must prove it's your kitten. Seems to be very skiddish of people.
  • Found Trek bicycle (IU)
    • Found an apparently abandoned, unattended Trek road bike near the Jacobs school. No lock, busted rear shifter, and front brake pads missing. I'm happy to return it to the owner!
  • lost female long haired cat (freedom)
    • My cat has been missing for a few days now. She is long haired, pale orange, and has a little nick in one of her ears at the top. Her name is Nala. She is very loving and will let anyone pick her up. It's likely if someone did see her they did get he [...]
  • lost black female cat w/white chest spot
    • We are looking for this cat. Her name is Rosemary, answers to ree ree. She is skittish around most people, but might come to you for some wet food. She is all black, with a small white patch on her chest, and a white patch low on her under belly. She [...]
  • MISSING Golden Retriever (Could Be Anywhere By Now)
    • Please help find Diego. He diseappeared on August 4th or 5th from our house in rural Brown County. He is actually our neighbor's dog, but like a teenager he started coming over all the time to play with our dogs and gradually ended up being at our ho [...]
  • Found orange and white female kitten
    • 6-8 month old dusty orange and white female tabby found 8/19. She has been spayed and is very sweet, not microchipped. Please contact me if she is yours!
  • Lost (Ellettsville near little league diamonds)
    • Black puppy with white chest. Wearing purple collar with orange tag. Answers to the name of Zoey. She is very skiddish. Missing since evening of 08-20-14, near the little league diamonds in Ellettsville.
  • Missing Ipad $$$$Reward (Bloomington)
    • Hello all,

Ive misplaced an ipad thats kind of banged up with a purple cover on it. Its my business Ipad and Its very important....no one can log into because I have a passcode and I have it in lost mode online but it has to connect to the internet [...]

If I borrowed them from you please describe the following so I can get them back to you: - When I borrowed them - Where I borrowed them - Where y [...]

Our dog loves to run away. He slipped out the back door today. He's super nice, goes by Chili Dog. Please text or email if you find him!

  • Found: Black and Silver mountain bike
    • Found a black and silver mountain bike. If you've lost one let me know the make and model and approx size and you can have it back!
  • Lost Female Hound Mix Near B-Line (Bloomington)
    • Mesa is a 50 lb spayed female hound mix who went missing from her home 8/16 near the B-Line trail at Country Club Dr. She is tan with white markings on her paws and chest, and was wearing an orange collar. Please contact with any information!
  • Lost / stolen pitbull mix (Bloomfield )
    • Kyro went missing Friday 8/15... I suspect he was taken from Tulip Rd. where we live. He is about 75 lbs., tan with white chest and wearing a reddish collar. He has a broken canine tooth on his left jaw. He is very friendly and an important member of [...]
  • Found Dog (Eastern Greene Co)
    • Found******* Large tan male dog****** Neutered***** Very Friendly***** Probably part Lab*** Loves people and attention.
    • Missing Yorkshire Terrier near the Bryan Park area. Wearing a pink harness and pink collar with dog tag. Name on tag is "Daisy Flower." She is 7 pounds with silver hair. PLEASE contact me if you have any information at all.
  • LOST Dog Brown with white feet (Bloomington, IN)
    • Lost brown dog named Mesa. Brown with white face and white feet.
  • MISSING DOG (Bedford IN)
    • His name is Berkley, about 3 years old, white, black, and tan. He is a Walker Hound. If seen please contact us ASAP. He went missing about 4 or 5 days ago in Bedford Indiana. He is really missed by his family :(
  • lost black german shepherd (nashville, indiana)
    • Dog went missing . Please call if you find him.
  • LOST/ STOLEN diamond solitaire ring (Bloomington)
    • Sometime between Tues. Aug 4 and Friday Aug 8 my diamond engagement ring went missing, west side of Bloomington. It doesn't have a lot of monetary value but has enormous sentimental value to me. If you somehow came into possession of a diamond solita [...]
  • FOUND: Black cat, pink collar (W 15th and Fairview)
    • Found - black cat hanging around the Fairview Apartments on West 15th and Fairview. Pink polka dot collar with bell, friendly. Cat has been outside for several days now - I can't take him/her in because I already have a cat. The kitty tends to hang o [...]
  • Lost Chi Mix Puppy-Reward (4899 N.Old St Rd 37)
    • Got off tie out cable today- was only on it few minutes. Black /bits of white. Male - 2 collars on him.

"Willie" . Autistic son's best friend.

  • FOUND Black Kitten (B-line/near Kroger)
    • Maybe about 4-5 months old. White spot on chest/friendly but reluctant/no collar.
  • FOUND CAT on B-line (4th & morton) (B-line)
    • A gray and white cat with a clipped ear (looks like an older wound) was found on the B-line trail between the new hotel and Wonderlab on Friday, August 8th around midnight. Friendly but nervous. No collar. The cat was reluctant to being picked up I c [...]
  • UPDATE: BIG REWARD Lost Indian Ringneck Parakeet (Martinsville)
    • UPDATE: I am asking for all my Martinsville and especially all Mooresville friends to keep there ears and eyes open to anyone (a lady) that says she has found a pet parrot in the Mooresville area. I got notice from St Francis Animal Hospital in Moore [...]
  • Lost Galaxy S3
    • Lost a Galaxy S3 on West 2nd Street near the Big Red Liquors. If found would appreciate a contact back at this email address.
  • FOUND: brown backpack
    • Found a brown backpack in our side yard on E. First St. Full of books, journal. Wondering why it was left there, who it belongs to...just want to get you your stuff back.
    • FOUND large female dog white with black spots
  • Found very sweet female dog (Worthington)
    • We found a very sweet tan and black dog. She could be cattle dog, sheltie mix with the coloring of a Rottweiler and bobbed tail, not very big about 40lbs. Or less I have pictures you can text me for them.
  • Found - Panasonic bicycle (bike) (Bloomington - 11th street)
    • Found vintage men's bike (Japanese-made) and newish helmet in alley this morning (Monday 4 August, 2014). Describe to claim.
  • Lost wedding ring (Bryan Park)
    • My young son lost his grandfather's wedding ring. My father died within last year and this ring was my son's keepsake from his grandfather. Very sentimental and would love to find it. Thanks.
  • Lost Cat!! (Henderson and Hillside)
    • My cat Duke is missing! Please if anyone has any information contact me ASAP! Im offering a reward to anyone who can help me find him.
  • Found male boxer/pit mix (Near lake Griffy)
    • My boyfriend found this dog running down the road out by lake Griffy with his leash and collar still on him. He doesn't have any tags but he's super sweet and we'd love to get him back home. Please let us know if you know him or his owners!
  • LOST --black, long haired male cat (3236 Leco Ln)
    • We were renting an apartment at 3236 S. Leco Ln and are moving out today (July 30), but unfortunately one of our cats has been gone for several days.

He is a black fluffy cat, with ear tufts and really fluffy cheeks. He's mostly an indoor cat but li [...]


  • Found: Black hat (Neff brand)
    • I found this hat in the street near my house. Let me know if it's yours.
  • Found "New Office Keys" (the square)
    • Found a set of keys with a tag that says "new office keys" on college ave just before kirkwood earlier this week. Email or text if they're yours. I'll be out of town after today.
  • Lost male grey cat (East side of Bloomington)
    • Monday afternoon my cat escaped while I was attempting to take him into College Mall Vet Office. I have searched for several days and have still been unable to find him but would greatly appreciate having him home. He is all grey except for a white p [...]
  • have you seen Frank?
    • Frank hasn't been home for 3 days. He's an outdoor cat, and always comes back but he keeps managing to get caught someone's house because he is so friendly. He was wearing a collar at the time, but undoubtedly he's wriggled out of it by now. If you h [...]
  • Lost: Innards to Samsonite luggage (Greater Bloomington Area)
    • Lost or stolen circa 1995 possibly in the Bloomington area: innards to a piece of blue canvas/pleather Samsonite luggage. Innards consist of metal frame upon which one would hang a suit and fold in upon itself like so.

Our dad has been very preoccup [...]

  • Lost Male Grey Cat (East side/ Crossing Aprts)
    • Our cat got outside last Thursday/Friday and we haven't seen him since. He is about 3 years old and all grey. He is neutered but he has not been declawed. He answers to "Whiskey". He is very friendly and will go up to just about anyone. We live in th [...]
  • Found Keys (the square)
    • Found a set of keys (3 keys) on the square outside of Oliver wine bar & JL Waters. Nearly in the street. Message me with a description and I'll arrange to get them back to you. Email or text
  • Lost Keys (Grant between 8th and 9th) (Bloomington)
    • Lost a pair of keys on Grant Street on July 21st. Big Honda key, Kroger card, a few house keys on the chain. Please let me know if you find them.
  • LOST necklace downtown (Kirkwood )
    • Lost a golden necklace 7/18 at the bars. Not expensive but has a lot of sentimental value.
  • found knife (Rogers)
    • You were on a motorcycle and waiting at a light on Rogers when you went into your pocket for something and dropped your knife. I didn't manage to get your attention, but I did pull over to pick up the knife. Provide a description and I can get it bac [...]
  • Long Haired Black and White Cat 9 months Old (Bloomington/Hillside)
    • He went missing somewhere between 3 pm and 12 pm yesterday. He's very friendly, lots of energy, and missed his pops. He is chipped so if you've called animal control, please, let me know. DO NOT KEEP HIM. Please, give me a call and let me know if you [...]
  • Found Black Pomeranian (Southside Bloomington)
    • Black pomeranian, shaved with very fluffy hair around the neck. He's got a broken or injured back leg. Very friendly.

Here are some pictures:

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