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craigslist | rants & raves in boulder

  • Hi my name is Johnathan Paul Roy (Pearl street mall in boulder)
    • Hi I am having a bit of a shreek of luck today I didn't make it to the Homeless feed this even I come to boulder to write my book even if it meant roughnecking it just to get this typed up anyways I will be lingering around the mall this evening. Any [...]
  • RE: No Right Turn (Boulder) 30yr
    • Hey why don't you shut your mouth and hop on a bike? That whole area is full of retards, shopping consumers who don't have anything better to do than waste money on crap. So instead of complaining about where you can and cannot drive, get on a bike a [...]
  • warning best buy (boulder)
    • don't purchase Toshiba laptop from best buy I purchased two laptops and the hard drives failed after 3 days, Toshiba wants me to send both laptops to them with a check for $199.00 each, and best buy

said the same thing, and they both refuse to warra [...]

  • coca (denver metro)
    • need your nose fixed and your brain melt? Contact logan pelter for aids and cocaine needs find him rape children and zombifie his buddies
  • Beware of this person and her business
    • This woman claims to be a trustee of these peoples trust-estate,she is a con,a lier,and a ripp off artist,This woman is Jeanette Goodwin business-visionary advacosy of Denver-303-322-3630,This trustee sold there estate[home-land]]with out there conce [...]
  • RE: Anti-Semite...lol 34yr
    • Well it's obvious you dont know what the word Semite means...

Considering modern day jews aren't semites...They are descendants of Khazar converts and have no historical claim to anything in Palestine... These white wannabe zionist jews were never [...]

"Even though I am a resident of Thornton, I regularly visit Boulder for work as well as to do shopping around Pearl St. As such, I often park in the parking garage located at 14th and Canyon. [...]

  • job search woes (Longmont) 9999yr
    • I hate being unemployed. I've worked since i was 12, thats more than a quarter of my life. Looking for jobs has changed over the years for sure, but I have never seen it like it is today.

Scams, discrimination, credit checks, 30 year criminal backgr [...]

This information needs to be shared in order to protect other women from this man. I met this man from a dating site who proclaimed to be single (go figure). After a few months I found out he was still married. Through t [...]

  • re: IQ zone (boulder) 29yr
    • Speling nd gramer, ar no mesure of intelegence I bet pleanty of exelente spelrs died doen sumptin stupit!

O look u could read that Witch meens it dont madder Yea im a cave man, grunt softly carry a big stick, I guess beating a dead horse is bette [...]

I am in my late 20s I could beat the shit out of most these" healthy"folk Because I WORK for a living I find curvy/heavy woman VERY attractive. And I am not the only one! Especially when there confident If u want someone in your life [...]


  • Re: Am I The Only One?!? (drone-central)
    • Although I don't agree with your analysis completely, I will say that what's portrayed in the media is really the tip of the iceberg. We are controlled and manipulated in ways that would mentally shock the masses, hence why denial and cognitive disso [...]
  • re JD (Boulder) 15yr
    • First off you idiots talking crap to this dude are douche bags.

You are lucky you are trolling craigslist personals section talking internet shit else I would come put some 40 rounds through your heads just for fun...kidding. Anyway didn't really m [...]

Do you stick it to the butt of your car? It's a trailer. Good fucking god, you owned the fucking thing, how do you not know how to spell the word that describes it? [...]

i never compromised and by the grace of God I'm still alive and ill never understand, I'll never understand, whichever way the wind blows, Did you try? did you fight? Did you love? Did you pray? How could you choose to turn t [...]

and why not? America REALLY loves her and if Hillary dosent do Some other Woman MUST does America say Yes? if not OPRAH who? which Woman is strong enough and Good enough to sit in the white [...]

  • RE Greg the homeless guy (boulder) 99yr
    • It's been pretty obvious that Greg has been writing these posts the whole time. Who cares? He is still homeless! It's pretty cruel to say that he should not be given money because he is thinking outside the box by writing these posts. He still needs [...]
  • cast your vote (boulder) 44yr
    • FW: Vote for Carla and Uriah - Colorado Springs, CO in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness

  Please help a Cerebral Palsy child by going to the website below and voting for him. WE are hoping to win an Accessible Wheelchair Van for Uriah.   Please [...]

I would say God Bless you, however you HAVE been! You met Greg!! I do not live in the area, fact is I am stranded in Alabama and have been looking on C/L CO. for a decent place to call home. When I saw your post it brought more than a te [...]

But why take it out on the fish and the creek??? Solves nothing and fucks up the creek, which just makes you the moron. Moron!

  • pedestrian/bicycle payback (boulder) 35yr
    • I think for every asshole pedestrian and bicycle rider that crosses a road infront of me with out even stopping or LOOKING BOTH WAYS, I will keep tally and for every one I. Think I will toss 1 fluid oz of used motor oil in the boulder creek bitch.
  • re:Rental Background Scammers on Craigslist (Longmont)
    • It has been ugly since even before the "floods" our landlord has overcharged us for 2 years knowing full well the hardship caused with zero care or concern.

There are good people out there you just have to dig really deep sometimes but they are ther [...]

  • I found your glasses (peal st) 100yr
    • If you can tell me what kind they were I will give them back to you. They are expensive. I looked them up.
  • Rental Background Scammers on Craigslist (Longmont)
    • If it wasn't hard enough to find a place, due to displaced flood victims and greedy landlords jacking the rent 30%+, due to lack of rental inventory and just plain greed. We have another thing to contend with...Non-existent properties being listed fo [...]
  • I'll video your amateur time
    • Do you want your time wit your significant other videoed? I am a professional videographer and can do this service for you and keep it very secured. Email me to find out more!
  • RE: panhandler on the hill (Boulder) 22yr
    • After sitting at Starbucks a couple of days and watching him,this guy actually gets up and puts his trash in the garbage can,and he really doesn't beg like the rest of them,went over and got him a moutain dew and a pack of smokes,the guy started to t [...]
    • This is the exact response one would expect from the one's making money on the suffering of their fellow Citizen. Just sayin'
  • RE, RE: Boulder Real Estate 22yr
    • unfortunately for the two of you thats not how the real estate market works. The prices would never go down after any form of natural disaster, especially real estate. Price levels skyrocket because supply suddenly and dramatically dropped and theref [...]
  • Need a place to live! (north of denver) 43yr
    • Hi everyone, I was just asked this morning to vacate the now ex-girlfriends

house, and now I need a place to live. I'm a 43 year old guy, and most ads on CL are looing for a female room-mate. I can provide proof of income, and anything else (withi [...]

  • Re: Real Estate
    • Over 10 years I have been listening to the "talk" for affordable housing in Boulder County.

After the floods property owners thought it "good business" to raise the rents. What is happening now is people are being Priced Out....no regard, no consci [...]

  • Real Estate??? (Boulder area.) 57yr
    • Can anyone tell me why Real Estate is soooo expensive in the Boulder area??? I would even think after all the flooding it might have gone down but it is an impossible area to live in.

I do not know how people can afford it. I have looked at all sur [...]

  • Need Advice! 23yr
    • Last Saturday I went dancing with friends. I danced with one guy and at the end of the night he got my number. To my surprise he text me to make sure I made it home safe. We started talking non stop. He invites me to come over Wednesday night to go s [...]
  • re: So there's this chick I want to ask out... (where ever) 44yr
    • When she's at work, she's not looking to get hit on and whatever you decide to do, make it snappy. Some of us might be behind you.

Here's what I would do. Since you only know her from there, that's where it has to go down. Know what you are going t [...]

I could only guess he wanted to show others at the bar his powerful position ???lol or maybe because I dont look gay ? as for the female bartenders there they have alway [...]

You call yourself responsible, and a man? A man doesn't take what isn't his, a man considers the impact of his actions and delays self-indulgence if it is going to hurt other people. You sound like a teenage kid. Everybody has had fucked u [...]

  • re - bad bartenders Catacombs (Boulder)
    • these are the worst ! rude and crappy service, the gay dude refused to serve me saying I appeared intoxicated when my b.a.c. was zero, I had just got off work, the dark haired gal takes my drink order then serves others and chats away whilst making m [...]
  • lipstik on a pig! (Boulder & Denver) 60yr
    • The problem with buying packaged delicacies from ethnic stores or international markets is the lack of conscience in the sellers!

I love oriental and international stuff, but most do not have an expiration date or what I want, is soooo mangled, dent [...]

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