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- If the thought of driving in these conditions scares you into white-knuckling the steering wheel - stay off the road today - If you only brush the [...]

It's hard to pick a place to begin. . . there is no doubt anyone and everyone should steer clear of this poorly run operation. I was quoted a good price on the refinish of a poor condit [...]

  • so lonely (bouldee) 45yr
    • I'm feeling very lonely and lost today. I want love and companionship, but from a lover, a man, someone who really loves me. It just seems to elude me. There are no good men left it seems. I don't want a hook up or a date. I want a serious relationsh [...]
  • To the SoccerDad on Broadway 43yr
    • The speed limit is 30. I was going 30. That means sit your fucking stupid ass down. Road rage doucheyness set aside, society needs you to be a better father, especially when your daughter is sitting in the passenger seat. You are her role model, and [...]
    • Greetings and Happy New Year,

Brother and Sister cats need a safe place to stay for 4 to 6, weeks until my son, daughter and I get into a new home. They have been with us five years and I pretty much forget they are around til they want food or a sm [...]

  • where is she - m4w (Dacono) 30yr
    • where in the world is carmen san diego. if you know of her whereabouts please contact the local authorities. do not attempt to detain her or contact her yourself. she is very sneaky
    • This guy is DANGEROUS and a habitual liar. He's 32 and has a thing for emotionally hurting women. He caused so much emotional trauma and torment on a young girl over the course of 3 years that she became suicidal and suffered from a brain injury from [...]
  • Need space for photoshoot
    • I'm coming in from New Orleans for a few days to visit my best friend. I am also trying to squeeze in a photoshoot but being as I've never been to Colorado I don't know where to start. I'm open to many ideas but the set is a nude set. I'm looking for [...]
  • Re: Where do I start? - the ignorant reply came (Littleton) 99yr
    • I have a suggestion for Mr. Bob Smith...try turning on Spell-check you "stooped" idiot!!! By doing so, it would take people a little longer (maybe 30 seconds) to figure out what a dumbass you are. Hope this helps!!
  • incredible shatter..free delivery (boulder)
    • This dude rob SCAMS people with his trim run shatter. It's not nug..it's not live resin..and it certainly shouldn't cost 850!! Do not give this dude your money..HE IS A LIAR!! Here is his number

show contact info

Can we clone this dude ? First thing he'd do is arrest Obama and put congress on trial . Then [...]

  • News Programs ? (World) 2yr
    • OK. Deduct the time used for the introduction. And then commercials, then the overdramatic weatherman, (for craps sake! it's a front coming through! not a freakin nuclear weapon !) Then deduct the macho sports guy. (With every description sounding li [...]
  • RE divorced men in Boulder 43yr
    • I hear ya, brother. Women are only interested in getting unsuspecting sperm donors to knock them up so they can get child support. They used to wait until the kids were in school before dumping the husband, transferring all the bills to him, kicking [...]
  • 1970 Plymouth RR 'vert winterbird (Boulder) 44yr
    • Ok, I've seen this guy driving a yellow 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner convertible up and down Valmont for years now. Yesterday he was truckin' with a fresh 6" on top. What gives!? Your daily is a '70 'vert?!? If you know this guy have him call me - PLEASE [...]
  • Watch for us (On the Roads)
    • This is for all the cage drivers out there who have never been a motorcycle rider. The weather has been warm and that brings us riders out those of you in the cars in your own little world need to understand this there are these things on your cars c [...]
  • Grandview Meadows Apartments (must read)
    • They are some pretty nice apartments (in Longmont off Airport and Nelson Road) for the price. Lots for the kids to do. However, please be informed before you rent from these people.

First, there are some things about this business that are predeterm [...]

  • Re: question for women
    • I'd say keep it on the down low so you know that you aren't attracting a gold digger. The right woman will understand why you did it, the wrong woman will throw a fit. Easy way to weed out the wrong person for you. Good luck.
  • Tips for getting divorced in Boulder for men.
    • If you're a man in Boulder County getting divorced, here are a few tips that may come in handy:

Grow a VAGINA! It's a double whammy when you live in a woman's county, in a woman's state. If you can't grow a vagina, have one installed. We live only [...]

  • Question for women. Brutal honesty appreciated (Boulder-ish) 45yr
    • A serious question for the ladies....surely one that's rarely been asked in such a forum. I'm a pretty smart guy, but in this case, I just can't figure out what is best, nor can I seem to avoid being the bad guy. So, with the anonymity that CL provid [...]
  • Fucking beans! (of the mexican variety) (next door to them)
    • Are they born dumb or is it introduced by their idiot parents? I have the most ignorant beans next door to me. They are the most inconsiderate breed I know. They step on flowers, even though there's a sidewalk. They block my driveway even when the wh [...]
  • re: re: yoga teacher
    • am very impressed. you studied meditation for three years?

wow! very impressive.

  • yoga teachers
    • so im in the line at the DMV and i hear a 20 something speaking

to her 20 something male counterpart. she says " maybe you can teach meditation or yoga". i think they were trying to find him a job. i would NEVER take meditation instruction from a [...]

Your likeness may be reconizable with-in the finished art, but not always. I only share the finished product with those who agree not to sell it.

i have been in a commited relationship for the last year and a half. And well thats the way i saw things apparently it wasnt that way for him. This isnt the first time i have caught him cheating or "attempting" t [...]

He was kind and considerate, caring, loving, and only wanted what was Best. A smile was all he tried to put on her face, not black eyes. Sweet things are what he whispe [...]

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