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It's hard to pick a place to begin. . . there is no doubt anyone and everyone should steer clear of this poorly run operation. I was quoted a good price on the refinish of a poor condit [...]

    • DAAP & One Night in Miami Cast A Community Conversation The Man of Color Experience, Then & Now

We must STOP this event from happening! It is racist. I was told I can't go because I am NOT a man of color. White is a color! I think I will have a whi [...]

  • Wormhole (boulder)
    • I walk around this city like a ghost. I work the night shift. And so naturally, I feel most comfortable in the darkness. Boulder is a city of unlimited weirdness, I can assure you. Like any place, the prestige is usually concealing a much more sinist [...]
  • DROWNING - I know there's a human out there that cares! (Boulder)
    • My best friend is just TOO much for me sometimes; everything he has to worry about ends up being my problem and I'm usually the one to fix it. I am sick of it. I got clean off of drugs so I wouldn't be stressed...now the stress of dealing with other [...]
  • Burning Bridges (Here and Now)
    • I walked across that burning bridge to reach you on the other side.

As the ashes blew around my face, I knew it wasn't you. I was tricked, the sun in my eyes, blinding me to the fact of all those lies. Even though the truth had cut me to the bone, [...]

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day (Boulder)
    • Happy St. Patrick's Day. Walk home. Don't drive. In a related thought, soccer moms driving and yapping on their cell phones pose a greater risk to society with their already aweful driving, then combine the uninteresting and unnecessary conversation [...]
  • Little Ceasars in Longmont
    • Don't go to this store. It is nasty! Check out my "hot and ready" pizza. It wasn't hot nor it was ready to go. It wasn't 6 bucks either. There were flies flying all over also.

So just stay away. Unless you like that sort of abuse.....

I am so, so sorry. I didn't realize you had come up in the other lane and failed to check my shoulder to make sure my blind spot was clear befo [...]

O, what a world of profit and delight, Of power, of honor and omnipotence, Is promised to the studious artisan! All things that move between the quiet poles Shall be at my command. Em [...]

I'm the guy that posted the "I am a liberal democrat" rant. I posted that rant merely to see how others would respond. Typically, those that respond only fit the stere [...]

Thanks for helping me analyze my life~ which has been quite the conundrum~ hence the "Liberal-Conservative combo with absolutely no political affiliation (at this point). I watch all the hypnotic, mind numbing "news" channels [...]

As in: You're sweet. You're in big trouble, mister! You're going the wrong way! "Your" --- a form of the possessive case of you. As in: Your grammar is atrocious. Your teachers should have [...]

Me: the guy in the Taurus First, you cut me off and caused me to slam on my brakes as you decided right at that moment that you wanted t [...]

- If the thought of driving in these conditions scares you into white-knuckling the steering wheel - stay off the road today - If you only brush the [...]

  • so lonely (bouldee) 45yr
    • I'm feeling very lonely and lost today. I want love and companionship, but from a lover, a man, someone who really loves me. It just seems to elude me. There are no good men left it seems. I don't want a hook up or a date. I want a serious relationsh [...]
  • To the SoccerDad on Broadway 43yr
    • The speed limit is 30. I was going 30. That means sit your fucking stupid ass down. Road rage doucheyness set aside, society needs you to be a better father, especially when your daughter is sitting in the passenger seat. You are her role model, and [...]
    • Greetings and Happy New Year,

Brother and Sister cats need a safe place to stay for 4 to 6, weeks until my son, daughter and I get into a new home. They have been with us five years and I pretty much forget they are around til they want food or a sm [...]

  • where is she - m4w (Dacono) 30yr
    • where in the world is carmen san diego. if you know of her whereabouts please contact the local authorities. do not attempt to detain her or contact her yourself. she is very sneaky

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