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This company will make you wait by the side of the road for hours and keep telling you the towtruck is right around the corner but one was never sent. I found out later that this Brian guy that [...]

  • Aids or lethal disease (Colorado ) 20yr
    • Looking for someone to infect me with aids or just fucking kill me. Slowly or quickly
  • Detached 23yr
    • Have you ever hit that point where your life is so incredibly boring day to day you wonder why you get up to do the daily grind again? You would love to leave to pursue what you want to do but don't want to leave your coworkers/family/friends hanging [...]
  • True Story (by D.I.A.)
    • A few years ago I met a great man. Not great by many of today's standards, he didn't seek reward, money nor fame. In my brief encounter with him, he sought only to help a couple of dolts in need.

One of my close buddy's showed up to pick me up from [...]

It's going to be your fucking fault if you get run into. USE SOME FUCKING COMMON SENSE!!! If it's dark out, guess what? People cannot see you! You can afford a $5K bike but refus [...]

  • Women are exhausting (Boulder) 58yr
    • Why do some of you expectant, entitled women of Boulder make such a big deal out of nothing so often? I can't tell you how much time I have spent "talking" about ridiculous issues because you didn't "get what you wanted". It never changes, no matter [...]
  • In Short: You're Pretty Awesome
    • We barely know each other, but you mean a lot to me. I guess to be more accurate, you mean a lot of things to me.

You represent my best friend in high school. He was in love with me but I just wasn't attracted to him, even though it would have been [...]


1) are your tires in good shape? 2) do you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid in the reservoir? 3) driving well in the snow is about your ability to brake and turn. Remember, it's really easy to get up to speed, but can y [...]

It's going to snow again. Let's put down your fucking cell phones and pay attention. Let's clear all our windows so you can actually see while driving - what a concept! Let's clear your headlights and taillights so other people can [...]

  • Mindy kaling 39yr
    • Comedy is getting pretty smart. These were some of my favorite pieces of 'is everyone hanging out without me'.

"One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about." "Teenage girls, [...]

  • Craig's List SUCKS !!! (Longmont) 55yr
    • I have deleted the few ads that Craig's list let me run - and I will not be posting any more ads to their boards - I will be deleting my account - They are a miserable organization that deletes your ads no matter how you word them - where you post th [...]
  • re: her period is killing me 42yr
    • Earlier, I wrote down a rant to get some things off my chest without making things worse in my marriage. I ranted about how much it sucks to try to facilitate (hunt, gather, migrate and provide) when my wife goes hyperbolic during her periods; acting [...]
  • Dont protest in front of me! 21yr
    • If you decide to lay down in front of my truck to try and protest and keep me from putting food on my table be prepared to get you're legs run over or worse. Just a bunch of pretentious privileged kids thinking you are making a difference. Hey keep y [...]
  • Savannah at Circle K (Boulder) 24yr
    • Hey Savannah,

I know you probably are never going to read this, but on the off chance you do I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me today. I've seen you share snacks with the homeless people that hang around outside before (while I was g [...]

  • Re: Boulder sucks - the farting asshole
    • LOL You fart in my direction? That is just nasty. I guess South Park was right. You do like to sniff your own farts. I am thoroughly grossed out by the smell of your quinoa scented farts now so congrats on that you little shit.
  • Re: unhappiest person
    • It's so true, life's better together with others. For instance, you don't have to throw yourself under the bus by saying you pretend to be successful, which is probably human nature when you feel lonely and uninspired by your weekdays. Your friends, [...]
  • Re boulder sucks.
    • I think you're the one that sucks. Perhaps if you want to live in a nasty place with skyscrapers and smog so that people can be "accommodated" you should move to Denver or even worse, Los Angeles. I bet they would like you there! Also shut your god d [...]
  • Needing a ride!!! 19yr
    • Hey everyone! Me and my friend are in need of a ride to a concert on the 12th(Dec)from Lafayette to Denver. Need to leave no later than 4:30. I have the directions to the place, all we need is a ride! If you are willing to drive us to Denver, please [...]
  • Re: Boulder sucks...and here are just a few reasons why (north)
    • I once helped a woman in Boulder. Her car stalled and she could not restart it. I opened the hood. Her contacts to her battery were green with corrosion. I got my tool box out and started cleaning the terminals. The job was slow because there was so [...]

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