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  • Katherine Cathey (Erie)
    • Normally I choose to live and let live till I came across this. I'm not the poster child for American of the year but this left a disgusting taste in my mouth nevertheless.

I came across a familiar face in the personals and was sure now that a pig w [...]


- If the thought of driving in these conditions scares you into white-knuckling the steering wheel - stay off the road today - If you only brush the [...]

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  • Longmont (Maggots In Charge)
    • The city enforces very strict sign code limitations on downtown store fronts that unfairly obstruct business owners' Constitutional rights to advertise and to contract under guise of protecting drivers from being distracted by visible signage.

Howev [...]

Think before you hit send. Dummies. M4w w4m

  1. youmustbeugly

Historical Vote Tampering by Longmont Mayors and Council members. The reason Judge VanDeHey is not fit for office is that there is NO oversight authority over her. According to the Colorado Supreme Court Bar Association, they have no [...]


  • Wormhole pt. 2 (boulder)
    • Late night cognitions in an insomniacs brain, the unknowns of tomorrow, and the introspective pain. I don't want to sleep, because I don't want to dream. I don't want to feel your soul as it tears at my seams. I know life's fragility better than most [...]
  • " Just friends " dont exsist in Co. for a Women!
    • I have been though a hallacious battle with loosing my best friend and soulmate recently.

I have moved to this side of town and dont know anyone and have tried to reach out and connect with like minded individuals here, even posting some adds for - [...]

More likely you are a broke ass jobless Welfare leech. Another LOSER, just what Boulder needs.

  • Welcome to Boulder Colorado! (Boulder)
    • The home of steers queers and everything else weird. We'd love for you to come join us. Unless of course your not one of us.
  • Re: you
    • Do you work at King Soopers on Table Mesa? I might be the pop star you are looking for.
  • Re: Re: I grow fire 420 (Colorado)
    • Shove it where the sun don't shine, buddy. I am a serious entrepreneur looking to create some serious cash flow out in CO. Are you trying to corner me out of the game? Will you be the connection I am looking for? I really want to start a career.

P.S [...]

  • Re: I grow fire 420 (Colorado)
    • How about you keep your dumb ass in your Mom's basement in California. We do not need another Pothead moving to Colorado. You probably collect Welfare on the side too. Colorado natives end up having to pay for that because you are lazy and want to do [...]
  • you (boulder)
    • The most beautiful specimen of a man I've ever seen in real life shops at my store all the time. He looks like a certain type of pop star, and... Actually, what more do you need? He looks so shy. Who are you, beautiful pop star man?! Why are you so b [...]

SIGN PETITION (10 SECONDS) ONLINE HERE: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/revoke-scientologys-tax-exempt-status OR GOOGLE: REVOKE SCIENTOLOGY TAX EXEMPT STATUS SPREAD THE WORD FACEBOOK, G [...]

  • Boulder Farmer's Market SCAM ALERT!
    • This is a scam alert for BCFM. I have personally worked at this farmer's market with one particular vendor. I learned about the market's stringent requirements for vendors, all which can be found on their website. Basically vendors are required to se [...]
  • so horny I'm cross eyed (Boulder)
    • I love my wife but fucking hell she hates sex. I'm a sexual being and deeply enjoy the connections created during sex. I am always an left wanting for more. I get rebuffed more than I get it on. But she won't let me seek my satisfaction elsewhere. Aa [...]
  • Blonde in Red(?) Car Tailgating (Louisville to Boulder)
    • At least I think your car was red but since it was so far up my tail pipe for 3 miles I had a hard time seeing the color with the sun behind me. Where do you think you were going to go? Where did you expect me to go? Both lanes were dead slow (almost [...]
  • dogs in cars (Flagstaff trailhead)
    • yes, I called 911 when I saw your 2 huskies in a dark subaru on a 70 degree day with all the windows rolled up tight and no water because I was concerned about them, and no, I am not at all concerned what you think about it. If you are that stupid, n [...]
  • Pathetic Vandal (Boulder)
    • To the pathetic vandal that threw the latte into my wife's car - you are lucky I was not there, you'd be in the hospital. Please contact me to discuss further.
  • Looking for day time T'ai Chi / Chi Gong Classes (Longmont)
    • Can anybody recommend a community-oriented, ongoing T'ai Chi / Chi Gong class in Longmont? My schedule is such that I need something between 10-2, weekdays. No nights, no weekends. Is it out there?

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