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Ignorance and the pedantic Bruised and battered lonely hearts Resentful desperate restarts Caveat Emptor Junkies lookin' to score Misrepresenters and masturbators Closet-case misogynistic racist haters Oh! Anon [...]

Why aren't the Gay's speaking out about tolerance for muslims? their should be a gay bar on every corner in Turkey or in the Gaza strip. The Muslim Brotherhood. Should embrace Gay's Why are Gay's excluded from being openl [...]

and why not? Why waste 2 billion us dollars on an election,how about a CHANGE Electoral SUPERBOWL2016 red state blue state.... America REALLY loves her and if Hillary dosent do Some other Wo [...]

and why not? Why waste 2 billion us dollars on an election,how about a CHANGE Electoral SUPERBOWL2016 red state blue state.... America REALLY loves her and if Hillary dosent do Some other Wo [...]

  • Just Wondering (Boulder) 55yr
    • Does anyone know how long it takes to get to the stage where you stop trying to make other people happy at the sake of your own happiness? I think I'm really getting too old for this game.
  • RE:RE: Why is it ok ... (world)
    • You have never been so right about anything in your life ! There is definitly something missing in relationships. If the relationship is a few years old and the shine has worn off, we all just walk over to the chalk board and put another check next t [...]
  • Rockets Red Glare (Gaza)
    • I hope Israel bulldozes every living thing into the freakin Mediteranean Sea. If Mexico fired 2000 rockets into us, and dug tunnels (besides the ones they already have) in order to kidnap some of us and hold us captive in order to blackmail us, I thi [...]
  • i got the hots for a someone in boukder (boulder/denver) 3yr
    • So i see a few of you everynow and then, i know you know of me. Jus not sure how to keep up with a few things um aware of, an exchange between u.s. dosent have to be an akward situation. So if you think know or want to know me pull me aside?, or offe [...]
  • thanks for stealing my bike.. i'm a disabled VET.. hope you enjoy hurt (BOULDER) 60yr
    • thanks for stealing my Raleigh talus 3... right in broad daylight.. while I was at home..I m a disabled VETERAN... and needed that bike to repair and rebuild my body.. and you have caused me a nightmare week.. this is something I can not replace.. fi [...]
  • RE: Why is it okay for women (world) 30yr
    • There's really no right or wrong answer to your question. In both genders, there's something fundamentally missing.

A married woman will perhaps cheat because her emotional and spiritual being is being denied or has never really been there since she [...]

  • ENTROPY (Boulder) 60yr
    • I've lived here and there and ultimately, found my roots in Boulder, a few decades ago. Boulder has definitely changed, little by little and here we are; a bunch of transplants from many countries, many states, diverse backgrounds, diverse ages and r [...]
  • My spaceship went through a time warp and I ended up in Colorado ! (Planet of the apes)
    • Am I trippin or what ? I feel like Charlton Heston. I've landed on a planet that is so abnormal that the normal people are having to deal with creatures that are always taking drugs to hide their ignorance.These creatures don't remember how they got [...]
  • small trees needing removed (Broomfield)
    • Are you re-landscaping or have some old bushes or small trees needing removed ? If so please take a quick photo and send me info on what you have I will come dig up for free. Boulder / Denver
  • Boulder = Doucheville (Inside the city limits) 43yr
    • Just a periodic reminder to Boulder: You a bunch of idiodic doucheholes. I could go on about retard bikers, or the entitled pedestrians, or bobble head soccer moms driving suv's and talking about something stupid on their cell phones, men with purses [...]
  • Why is it ok for women to openly cheat but if a man does it they are scum?
    • I don't get it!! I know a few men and women who have cheated and I also have listened to a lot of friends and even strangers reactions to cheating. It is almost always the same reaction!!! Men are scum for cheating torn down as being a dog and being [...]
  • Bike Lanes (Boulder) 58yr
    • Bicycle Riders - PLEASE stay within the bike lanes. If you choose to ride 2-3 abreast and are riding in the traffic lanes, I "will" honk at you. I ride and have no problem staying within the bike lanes.

For those of you who like to chat on your phon [...]

  • Charity Starts at Home ! (Border)
    • So president Obama asked Congress for 3.7 billion dollars ? So we can house, feed and doctor thousands of illegal immigrants ? I'm watching a group of adult illeagals pointing their fingers and fists at the news camera yelling that we who are citizen [...]
  • Re: sex offender
    • I'm not going to research this but the dude is probably obligated by law to inform his neighbors that he is a sex offender.
  • Awesome peeps/Nature you scary (South Boulder)
    • Thank you very much again D and J for letting me chill in your car while it was hailing. Sending good vibes your way, my fellow Chilloradoans.
  • Met my new neighbor (registered sex offender) (boulder) 22yr
    • So, I'm finally out of my parents house and living on my own. The apartment isn't great but it isn't that bad either. I got a knock at my door last night and a good looking guy is there to introduce himself. Wow, this is awesome! was my first thought [...]
  • why dont you just start asking about items im not selling (boulder) 25yr
    • I'm so tired of you stupid mother fuckers texting me and shit when I put up my god damn phone number. And I don't mind when people contact me in terms of my items for sale, but what I'm talking about here is you motherfuckers who text me saying "Hey [...]
  • all you m4w posters are pussies (boulder has no balls)
    • You post over and over the same stupid shit. Then you are always too busy to meet lol. Fucking pussies! And whats up with all that "Are u real" bullshit? I never resoond after that. I cant believe how hard it is to get fucked in boulder. And im a pre [...]
  • Dead Bear (Nederland) 26yr
    • So a bear gets in you house

you call Parks and WildLife They kill the bear Thanks Ari for making life safer in Ned Move down to the flats if you don't like wildlife.

  • black pick up truck (36 East) 30yr
    • To the young, distracted driver in the black pick up truck last night. . . You need to spend more time actually paying attention. . . less time texting. . . and slow the fuck down. As you were veering in and out of traffic. . . and failing to use you [...]
  • Alone Time
    • I made the mistake of taking a break from my Netflix binge and checking up on Facebook. Husband's out of town, visiting all of our friends and family out of state. I would be with him but we can't afford the plane ticket.. he was only able to go beca [...]
  • Phew! (Boulder) 30yr
    • Ok, so I understand it's hot and I understand that summertime is an opportunity to feature and highlight parts of your bodies that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day!

However, do you women need to let those parts hang and flap around, with bits [...]

Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! Ho. Ho! Ho! [...]

Watch where you are going and learn some road manners. Else get the F*** out and go back to NJ. You pulled out of the Sprouts parking lot on Baseline, made a left and kept coming into the west bound lane without stopping in [...]

I wasted 2 hours of my life driving from South Denver to drive by that piece of shit house to see if I wanted to get a showing. The house is a dump, it should be [...]

  • RE: Re Are you....
    • go ahead pussy try to make a citizens arrest on me. haha. you better bring your gun I won't let you arrest me. Im about to get high and go drive to the store. Come get me bitch.
  • fuck you emily
    • I don't give a fuck if someone we used to know got married. If I wanted to creep on everyone I knew; and know every detail about everyone I would get a fucking facebook account. Its just a lame excuse to remind me that we were going to get married.


  • Spare me the chit chat... 43yr
    • I never initiate any conversations with you. There's no need for you to with me. I'm not interested. Never was, and never will be. That goes for your entire department. Get over yourselves. Nobody likes you people. Anyone more worried about keeping a [...]
  • to all of boulder
    • I've been here in Boulder several years now and I keep waiting to find the thing that makes everyone shit their pants with excitement and has them deciding to commit the rest of their lives to being here.

Boulder is easily the most priveledged, naiv [...]

Employers...why in the world would you list a job posting requiring all these insane qualifications for only $10 per hr? And on top of it want someone to take a drug test? Seriously, who do you think you're going to attract [...]

Recently, it was brought to our attention that the City of Boulder and their Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) division have been in direct violation of Colorado law by posting [...]

  • RE: Bigot (Earth)
    • In any relationship there is a butch and a femme, some of these lesbian couples who are getting married contain just that. There has to be a dynamic of the initiator of affection (usually the butch). I think that God played a joke on humans making so [...]
  • SkyTran Colorado (New Video) (Colorado)
    • What is SkyTran? SkyTran is an elevated, high-speed, low-cost, high-efficiencyápersonal rapid transportation system. it can travel at 150mph and takes only a few weeks to set up at the cost of merely $3 million per kilometer. far cheaper then highwa [...]
  • RE: to the bigot - no worries! (Boulder) 50yr
    • No worries! I've lived in Boulder for over 40 years and as much as I wanted to believe it is a relaxed little town and accepting, embracing diversity, I must finally admit it is one of the most bigoted, racist, judgmental place you can imagine. Ever [...]
  • re killer drones
    • that's just stupid.

grow up next thing , you'll want to outlaw paper airplanes. p.s. you're a douche

  • To the bigot (Pearl Street)
    • Perhaps I've been in the "Boulder Bubble" too long. Maybe I was just being naive all this time. Walking down Pearl Street on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon hand in hand with my love. We didn't kiss or grope or anything else you might see a young couple [...]
  • fun
    • I'm in Boulder today working and looking to maybe have a little bit of fun if you would like to take some time and I'll fun email me please put your favorite color in the subject line so I know you're not spam and we can get together and play
  • Don't go to Banfields Pet Clinic (Bouler) 25yr
    • I took my cat to Banfields. My cat had a UTI...They didn't give her any thing for it, had me come back a day later and got me for a bunch more costs. Now she has to go somewhere else because she is constipated and they drained my pocket book. I am ta [...]
  • Bicyclist idiot (Right off 63rd and jay road) 20yr
    • To the douchebag bicyclist who doesn't know how to use a bike lane properly, I enjoyed the refreshing water in my face from your now most likely empty water bottle. I thought you might've wanted to save it for the hot ride up such a steep hill but I [...]
  • re:re;re! "Just say no" 28 45yr
    • You just proved my point! Another idiot who knows he's an idiot and makes assumptions by not reading nor processing the message, but is very fond of using the newest and most exciting word "supercilious". Spelling is way above your capacity therefore [...]
  • Recycled Wooden Faces? (Boulder, Art Fair) 26yr
    • Ahoy!

This is a long shot, but worth asking. I lived in Boulder for a few months with my girlfriend in 2009. We went to the art fair one day (I think it was near Pearl Street). People had little stands with items they were selling. I specifically re [...]

  • re re just say no 28yr
    • It has come to my attention that a certain attention starved disgruntled psychic vampire has become angered that no ones reading his pathetic rant entitled "just say no". So I shall feed the starving.

I certainly can't speak for everyone but the thu [...]

So I present these facts to the rants and raves readers and I'm not just fucking around; the fees described are REAL! And I didn't even make the long list! I am one lucky puppy to have received one [...]

  • RE, RE, RE Supercilleousness (Bouder) 28yr
    • Wow! Not are you only a na´ve, ignorant, d-bag, fruitcake, you are fucking insane. You sound like a completely delusional psychopath. I think you forgot to take a few of the many meds the courts have hopefully forced you to be on. Maybe your tin foi [...]
  • greed is destroying - m4m
    • They cant take it with them. How can these people risk so many lives to line there pockets?
  • Fuck you amanda
    • Fuck you Amanda!Fuck you Amanda!Fuck you Amanda!Fuck you Amanda!Fuck you Amanda!Fuck you Amanda!
  • Looking for Victoria who used to work at I.C.E. spa (Longmont) 41yr
    • I had the best pedicure ever about 3 weeks ago from Victoria at I.C.E. spa in Longmont. I went in today to get another, and was told she didn't work there anymore.

If you know her, or if you are her, I would like to know where she is now working, so [...]

  • JUST SAY NO! (anywhere) 45yr
    • So if I call in my payment, there's a $10 processing fee? So if I send in a check as payment, there's a $25 courtesy fee? So if it's direct withdrawal there's a $6 blah, blah fee? So if the payment date falls on a weekend, there's a $35 late charge? [...]
  • re heavenly father king of kings 69yr
    • Please lord help this king of yours to understand that it is your will for him and his family to struggle for no other reason than its amusing to watch his blasphemous sense of self entitlement.

Please heavenly father keep rewarding his selfishness [...]

We all feel so bad for you. Take your brainwashed slave ass back to ur Audi laiden pad on the hill and get prepared for when ur illuminate controlled Masoni [...]

You know this person, you see all the efforts put forth and the strength that perseveres through the enemies attacks.... God; You know this current financial struggle and I request, that You bless the financial needs... I will seek w [...]

  • Rentals-I'll take a tent thank you! (colorado)
    • To all the people renting places to live, If i am going to lets say, spend 1200 a month on rent with a 1200 deposit for a year. Thats $15,600 dollars of my own hard worked for money. So for you to tell me i can't smoke, have pets, and half of the pla [...]
  • what would you do? (colorado) 40yr
    • So what would you do if your in-law is the ***** from Hell? Not only is this creature cold, calculated, cheating, pretentious, manipulative, petty, vindictive but highly prejudiced. To this vermin, Americans are just stupid gringos to be taken advant [...]

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