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Your likeness may be reconizable with-in the finished art, but not always. I only share the finished product with those who agree not to sell it.

i have been in a commited relationship for the last year and a half. And well thats the way i saw things apparently it wasnt that way for him. This isnt the first time i have caught him cheating or "attempting" t [...]

He was kind and considerate, caring, loving, and only wanted what was Best. A smile was all he tried to put on her face, not black eyes. Sweet things are what he whispe [...]

  • Re: wanna get punched in the face (Moronville) 69yr
    • I just love posts like these...LMFAO!! Are you really that fukin' stupid to think after just 3 days, you are a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Crybaby) Champion and going to kich someone's ass. The only thing your girlfriend is going to post on YouTube is the [...]
  • really CL? (longmont) 20yr
    • If i post to CL for sex. I know im stupid. But seriously!? All i get it fake people on the rare occasion i get a real one. But other than that its all fake. It pisses me off so much. All i want is one real person thats all and to have a great time wi [...]
  • Breeze Thru Sucks harder than a $10.... (Longmont) 31yr
    • After spending $94 at Breeze Thru in Longmont my car isn't anywhere near clean. I've had better results spending $10 at a high school fund raising car wash. I asked for a manager and the person who came to speak with me advised that they don't offer [...]
  • Idiot In The Geico Car (Longmont)
    • You are an incredible MORON. Had I had time to deal with the police and the insurance company, I would have run you off the road into the ditch like you deserved. And, at the speed you were accelerating to, I can only fantasize that that event would [...]
  • Be careful of this towtruck company! (Eaglewing)
    • Be careful of this towtruck company, Eaglewing (Aurora)

This company will make you wait by the side of the road for hours and keep telling you the towtruck is right around the corner but one was never sent. I found out later that this Brian guy that [...]

  • bunk mushrooms 44yr
    • Laryssa. Fat. 5'7. Brown hair. Smokes. She goes to Colorado state university in aurora. She grows and sells low potency bunk mushrooms and herb.

She trades for weed. She is a con artist. Sells APE strain. I have her license plates and address if any [...]

I love this song! It is brand new, and the video of Lauren practicing the song with that guitarist from Well Perked who recorded with David Grisman [...]

It's hard to pick a place to begin. . . there is no doubt anyone and everyone should steer clear of this poorly run operation. I was quoted a good price on the refinish of a poor condit [...]

  • To all the Football fans (everywhere)
    • Every year you all waste 17+ weeks of your life obsessing over what some people call a sport. Ha. The only professional sport where you can be a fat bag of shit and still be considered an athlete. Oh and lets not forget how many felons are paid milli [...]
  • Alone in Waikiki
    • Remember when I wanted us to get away together? I told you, I would even pay for the whole thing? That I had been dying to go here? You didn't want to get on a plane, you said.

My heart hurts so much right now. You asshole, I wanted to come here wit [...]

The mountains are majestic purple indeed, and surround me with their strength. I need their support, while I make my way back to myself again. The trees are tall and naked as I feel, in new surroundings. Leaves that [...]


Your Posting Description is quite short. We do not charge per word -- please elaborate!

used to weigh over 300 pounds im not going to change, but want to know your thoughts.

  • Re: Asshats in Boulder (Science Line)
    • Sure, there will always be redneck Boulderites, but they became rare back in the 1980s, my friend. The reason Boulder IS Boulder is because of the alternative lifestyle. And all those people who landed here a long time ago for the alternative lifesty [...]
  • Stress+loneliness (Boulder) 21yr
    • Spent the day drinking, had a great time but all I can think about is how alone I am compared to those around me.
  • Boulder Asshats.
    • As a native that grew up in Boulder. I ask that you stop ruining the town I once loved. Why do u socialist fuckers think u know whats best for the rest of us in the real world? How many of u socialist scumbags grewup in Boulder? All hail to da Sundow [...]
  • Jobs 100yr
    • I'm sick of people offering shit money to clean your dirty ass house. Do you realize what cleaning someone's house entail? Let me fill you in. For starters let's take the bathroom. Your toilet for example, where your dirty ass sits and for some reaso [...]
  • Number of lesbians as ADAs (bldr)
    • Ever wonder about the number of lesbians working in the Boulder courtroom. In nature, studies have shown that about 10 percent of the population is gay. Boulder has a large concentration of lesbians and this number is even higher in the more higly ed [...]
  • Conversion Disorder (North)
    • Has anyone ever had to deal with the affects of a conversion disorder? This is a form of mass hysteria that generally effects a group of women. Examples of conversion disorders are in Salem, Mass during the witch trials and also in LeRoy, New York a [...]
  • To the asshole that hit my truck (Martin Acres, Boulder) 999yr
    • I understand it was icy out, but hitting my truck on Monday night and then sneaking off like some cur is inexcusable. I now have to pay for your mistake and your stupidity. My insurance will now go up because you are an asshole and can't be bothered [...]

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