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  • Re, Re Christs return (Boulder)
    • To belive in ones self is a noble undertaking. How is a person to grow into themself without instruction and example ? I grew into myself and scared people to death. Because of the ins and outs and ups and downs of life from the moment we take our fi [...]
  • Re:Re:Re Christs return (Boulder)
    • I guess you don't realize how how obvious you are. And by the way, who are the "We" that you mentioned ?

Tell me something, (in a real way) who is, or has, messed with you ? The sarcastic bitterness that you vomited out (again) is worthy of medicati [...]

  • RE: Christ's return (Boulder)
    • I'm not writing this to put you down. I'm not writing this to embarrass you. But I am writng this to correct you. Like so many Christians of this day and age, you speak half truths because of a lack of knowledge. It's obvious that you, like so many o [...]
  • Your sweet sticky donut hole 21yr
    • It's been a while since you have come by--

Do you remember when you gave me your night stick post donut snack?! Your hairy ass was in the air, as you yelled, "more!!!"" . Your beer belly flapped forward and I watched your fat ripple. You looked so v [...]

  • RANT (Loveland) 36yr
    • I've been single for three years and havent had an orgasm in two. I put on a level-headed facad and act normal, but, I'm going mad. my ex sees it, but does nothing but rub it into my face.

Everyone always tells me i'm the most awesome person...that [...]

  • are there any asian massage parlors (longmont)
    • I have a messed up back and could use the services of an Asian massage parlor. They charge less than the other people and clinics. Where could I find one in Longmont or just north? Thanks for the help
  • broken 28yr
    • I seem to have lost a part of myself. I don't know exactly when or where and actually am beginning to think that I might have never had it in the first place.

I feel like a piece of me is missing. Like there is the empty rotting pocket deep in my ce [...]

  • Re:Re:Re Christs return (Planetwide)
    • It's revealing that you chose to tell us about your life. Your belief in yourself and everyone else is the key to everything. I hope you choose to BELIEVE in your child. I hope you choose to BELIEVE in your wife. I hope you choose to BELIEVE in yours [...]
  • Sure Am Glad Trader Joe's is here (BOLDER)
    • I figured all the excitement when Trader Joe's announced it would place a store in boulder was just over-hyped BS. But after shopping there a few times I see why it is so well liked. Unusual products, very reasonable prices (unlike whole foods) and g [...]
  • Another excuse ! (Boulder)
    • The one caampaign promise that "O Bummer" kept was that he promised "CHANGE". Without a doubt he has provided that. One long string of lies from then until now. He won't close the border because all of his Muslim buddies wouldn't be able to just walk [...]
  • Re: RE: Christ's return - (Planetwide)
    • You poor, deluded human. Sucking the teat of a fictional narrative assembled by the power brokers of the past. Swallowing the palliative of organized religion. The brokers have assembled this system for you. Don't worry about anything - they say. Jus [...]
  • The state of religion and Christ's return
    • With so many believers and so many churches and so many dollars passing hands in God's name... Christ must be happy now, right? Financially secure, at least? Hasn't mankind tithed for enough centuries to fill the Lord's pockets? Is God still in need [...]
  • Goldbell
    • I hate my cat. She kind of rocks, but she's kind of a bum, too.

She is deficient. What do you think? Should I have her euthanized?

  • Re: Direct TV
    • Honestly, why are you going with Direct TV? In the first year of service, you get a smokin deal. But then, after 12 months, they hike up the rates without telling you. All this is a contractual obligation that you must meet because you signed on with [...]
  • Starting Directv?? (Colorado)
    • Hey! If you are starting service with DirectTV for any reason, let me know and I'll give you my account number and we can both save $10/ month on our bill for ten months! Let me know, thanks!!

Cable TV internet satellite directv directtv

Bad bitches welcome bring liq or bitches that are about that life. First 20 bad bitches get a burger ps. And fires.

You can highlight and paste the youtube links into your browser to watch them. CL won't allow for the hy [...]

  • re: girl named tina
    • everyone knows you are looking for meth. why do you want to do that to yourself? What a disgusting drug. find something better to do with your time like not kill yourself.
  • what's a girl to do ...yolo
    • I may not be as old as you but we all have body issues....

fix them if your breasts are stopping you from living get surgery. I want to die with few regrets...I will get surgery on mine this winter or next spring because the girls onky have 10-20 [...]

  • Re:Re: burger king
    • Yum! doesn' own burger king. Maybe don't tell people to do their research when you haven't done yours.
  • Yay God!!
    • Way to go God! How many babies did you kill today?

How many Christians died today? "The wages of sin is death?" It seems the wages of living is death, too, doesn't it. Last time I checked, it doesn't matter if we sin or not... we suffer, we bleed, [...]

  • Shout out to my main man! (World)
    • I want to give a shout out to my main man - Jesus Christ - who loves me more than anyone ever has or will and actually died for me so that I can live forever.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth i [...]

This company will make you wait by the side of the road for hours and keep telling you the towtruck is right around the corner but one was never sent. I found out later that this Brian guy that [...]

  • Boulder second to last (north) 60yr
    • Boulder came in second to last as being the least American City in the U.S.A. It qualifies as part of Transexual Tranvestite Translyvania. You can just see the members of the choris of the Rocky Horror Picture Show as members of the city council and [...]
  • Re: Burger King should be De throned ! - (Planet wide)
    • Do your homework, raving ranter! Your threat to eat at the other restaurants (excepting McDonalds's) just puts more money into the corporate pocket of Yum! Brands. Yum is the parent company of not only Burger King - but also KFC and Taco Bell.

But y [...]

and why not? Why waste 2 billion us dollars on an election,how about a CHANGE Electoral SUPERBOWL2016 red state blue state.... America REALLY loves her and if Hillary dosent do Some other Wo [...]

  • Hey WG
    • I miss you. I understand why you're doing this, I just need to explain it to my heart. You're my best friend.

I love you with all my heart. There will never be another you.

know . . . and the media refuses to publicize! Mark Udall is married to Maggie Fox. Who? Maggie Fox. If you wonder why she uses a different name than her husband, read below to find out! Mark Udall is a m [...]

  • Colorado soon...... (York County , Pa.)
    • Must be nice to live in a state to legally get lightly toasted if one chooses to responsibly. Even if I wanted to catch a buzz to tap into the creative portals I once did , I do not have the time to relax out here in Pa. , this state sucks , too many [...]
  • Veterans Support Foundation is a RIPOFF! (Everywhere)
    • Veterans Support Foundation is a RIPOFF! Watch out! They've hired their phone scammer companies to call and try and steal your money. Don't give your money to these creeps! If you want to support veterans, donate through the U.S. Department of Vetera [...]
  • ★★ Protect Our People!
    • We have all heard the story. We as Americans have accepted the fact that the Native Americans were robbed and violated in the formation of our great nation. Things have happened that we are not proud of but we have come to learn from some of our misg [...]
  • Room Renting Scammers (Boulder) 33yr
    • Surely this has been posted on before but I want to get this out : I rent my extra room and have had wonderful people live in my home through posting on Craigslist. EXCEPT for the people who want to mail me a money order for more than the room rental [...]
  • Colorado- the new Amsterdam (boulder) 30yr
    • I trust I am not the first person to realize and experience this...

In an effort to please the voting majority (with the given right to have its voice heard), Colorado has initiated an extensive country-wide cattle call for assholes. By this, of cou [...]

  • The common experience for all! (Boulder)
    • Do you know why, after they chopped my breast off due to cancer, I cannot do what I need to do to stay alive, such as chemo, radiation and/or hormonal treatment?

It's because, as studies show, it costs over 10.000.00/month, including sickness, misse [...]

we stopped kissing long ago then I couldn't even touch you you made me sick you made me hate myself you made me hate you you made sex a job you made being a woman hell you made me choke back tears because I couldn't stand to let you get [...]

If you know her, or if you are her, I would like to know where she is now working, so [...]

  1. 1 slower vehicles pull over. This means just what it says not I'm going the speed limit what's wrong with them or conditions are wet or snowy what [...]

I have a lot of time to sit around and watch the bias news because I am un [...]

They are not from me, but are for you Haiku are easy But sometimes they don't make sense Refrigerator I wake, reluctant; Too cold to get out of bed But need to pee A Hypotenuse Is on the opposite side Of the ri [...]

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