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Only way to gain attention is if consumers boycott one station in every town every day for a month. Watch prices drop!

  • Re: Guys on cl
    • To the winners who responded, especially the obsessive nut who accused me of being male. Thanks for proving the point. I have nothing to prove to you. LMAO. You are in dream land...tug away. Your frustration is palpable. Is the truth that painful for [...]
  • Re: dudes in the CL section
    • try what Captain Caleb and his scumbag butt buddy, Bill Watley do.... Try the m4m, m&mm. We hear they get lots of action. They are very experienced faggots, so the m4mm might be to much for you..... They also enjoy hitting the beastiality and NAMBLA [...]
  • Dudes in the cl personal section-ugly truth
    • Most of the guys posting in the m4w section make me wish I was gay. Most of you are a little clueless. For those of you complaining about a lack of luck/responses on cl, it's because women are not going to take the time to respond to everyone, most w [...]
  • NAMBLA's man on Beacon Hill (Barnstable/ Yarmouth)
    • Is Brian Mannal still in the race? Let's hope his history of advocating for pedophiles (at the taxpayer's expense of course) continues. Among the first bills he sponsored were one which sought to eliminate the encumbrance of GPS monitoring for parole [...]
  • RE: Bill W in hospital (Yarmouth)
    • I always knew Big Bad Billy was a cock sucking, pussy... Thanks for the proof, with that picture.... Captain Cockroach, must be heartbroken
  • Change is Good at Sandy Terraces Associates (Marstons Mills) 73yr
    • Well, well Allyn, Paul and Alan you were so correct in your thinking.

The three of you deserve to run the place in light off all the background stories. The stories aren't healthy and they are not good for the long term at STA. You three showed no [...]

R...................E..................T...............A.................R.................D!!!!!!!!!! R...................E..................T...............A.................R.................D!!!!!!!!!! R.................. [...]

  • off cape gas prices
    • Our local gas stations are screwing us more than I've ever seen. Usually we pay 25-30 cents more than inland areas. Now it's about 40+ cents.

Anyone have any inside info regarding this? Do our stations actually pay more from their suppliers or are t [...]

  • re: Bill W
    • Is Bill W out of jail already? I had read that the father and son scam team had gotten two years for scamming the elderly woman in Dennis. They should have gotten life, both are career criminals. It either or both are out I'm sure they'll be back in [...]
  • RE: Where is Bill (Dennis Port)
    • Last repot I heard about "Big Bad Billy" was that he was caught peeping through a 9 year old boy's bedroom window and got his ass kicked
  • where is bill w (ccclrr)
    • where you be at bill ? ya bein buzy buggering yung boyz? ya no ya just a carbuncle on da cape your breed is dying out if not extinct... c'mon blly boy watley where ya been at the cub scout jamboree
  • read below e-mail from caleb . p.s no pal o mine (cataumet mental health center)
    • Your worst nightmare is still in it's embryotic form, but captainclaeb.com is well underway and will ring your fucking bell! I'll still be posting on R&R just to fuck with your head (and get my website address out there), so your not getting me out o [...]
  • Management at Sandy Terraces Associates (Marstons Mills) 35yr
    • Jim has had a relationship with Cathy forever. When she gets liquored up she seeks him out because the guy she is married to works his butt off to support the family and he is seldom around. Is that unprofessional? Yes Does he care about her and her [...]
  • Sandy terraces 48yr
    • STA had an older man incharge named Paul, he ran the place like he was god. He left all pissed off and now the place is great to visit. We've never became members but like visiting now that the old guy is gone. I bet the nasty post are from him! The [...]
  • RE: Sandy Terraces on Wakeby Road (Marstons Mills) 48yr
    • Can't see STA getting sold and don't believe there are EPA issues over on Wakeby.

What I do believe to be are issues within the management group and those probably have been going on since Day 1. The place is a fit for all denominations who are loo [...]

  • RE: Sandy Terraces (Marstons Mills) 59yr
    • Really don't see STA being sold and think the EPA claim by a disgruntled person is bogus grand standing. There has been inn fighting within management on Wakeby since Day 1. The place is a legal spot to be nude regardless of one's denomination. Furth [...]
  • Why You have been FLAGGED! (((LOSERVILLE)))
    • Please point out to me where it says anywhere that you have rights on someone else's property...

This web site is not yours. You don't pay for it, you don't pay to use it, and you don't have much to say about how its run. You have the right to free [...]

There needs to be some testing do to inferior septic systems, grey water disposal and general lack of following appropriate waste management procedures. Th [...]

  • Brian Mannal's Agenda
    • Now Mannal is posting this on his facebook page...."I wish that I could share this "My View" written by Rep. Cleon Turner with every person who has called my office to complain about my alleged stand on an issue". I'm sure the "alleged stand" is the [...]
  • Buyer beware :Cape cod ecigmass (Mall kiosk )
    • Do not purchase products from this kiosk. They do not guarentee their products for ANY length of time. On Oct 11, 7 days ago, I purchased an evapor kit, containing 2 epipes from them. Two Days later, the heating element, just fell out, when I opened [...]
  • da metric system (usa)
    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [...]
  • need info on dom/sub relationship (close)
    • I would like to chat with a Dom type woman who may be able to give a little advice regarding the lifestyle.thank you
  • re: Brian Mannal
    • what kind of "representative" would want to "make GPS tracking devices an optional parole requirement" for sex offenders (regardless of what the actual offense was)? I cannot believe that this "pig" Mannal would want such a thing. There HAS to be som [...]
  • please attend the meeting tonight on banning the trouble (rte 151 new church)
    • This meeting will be held by carl edwards , bill watley and d. noodles and special presenter captain gayleb , Discussions will be on cross dressing , why it is lawful in our minds to have our way with 12 year old boys and farm animals . free coffee a [...]

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