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craigslist | rants & raves in cape cod / islands

Well, besides a couple of Saltys filler posts. He did have a "Captain bash post" up for a couple of hours, then self-destructed it. Hmmmmmmmmm...sounds like he's laying low since "Carl" arrived. I'm guessing there is some truth to what t [...]

Go kill yourself pedo.

  • La-La Land at sea WTF! (Nantucket)
    • Nantucket community, Nantucket Police Dept, Barnstable DA office as well - still responsible for our resident pedophile of 25+ years: unchallenged, un-prosecuted, the public still uninformed. 20+ victims,

many so damaged and ashamed to come forward. [...]

You're a fucking asshat that's run out of ideas, and time, on this board. No one wants you here, just go away.

  • He met Carl Edwards, then there was silence... (Misty Mountains)
    • Well, besides a couple of Saltys filler posts. He did have a "Captain bash post" up for a couple of hours, then self-destructed it. Hmmmmmmmmm...sounds like he's laying low since "Carl" arrived. I'm guessing there is some truth to what the Captain is [...]
  • Meet Carl Edwards... (Caleb's Island)
    • Avast thar maties, I'd like to introduce Mr. Carl Edwards, the latest member of the Captain Caleb Comedy Club. Carl was created only a day ago, and he's so far shown himself to be a team player. And just to let everyone know, Carl is gay. Shhhhhhhhhh [...]
  • "yours in Christ" (E Falmouth)
    • The "captain" has been ending his gibberish with this for a couple of weeks now. I don't normaly read his infantile dribbling , his infantile photo shop idiocy is enough to roll your eyes in the back of your head and say to yourself "NEXT", but I hav [...]
  • Caleb the pedo (cape cod)
    • Well in a couple of weeks the kids will be going back to school. At least they will be safe and away from the molester. Thank God Caleb is a convicted child molester and can't pass a cory. Otherwise you just know he would be driving the kids to schoo [...]
  • re:Salty's (w yarmouth)
    • Can U believe how desperate this place is? Can U imagine having to post fake reviews and totally unrealistic descriptions of your business to combat all the truthful post about how bad this place is? The grim reality is this is a tourist rape restaur [...]
  • The Bourne Indentity (Caleb's Island)
    • Back on top Jack, didn't want you to bury this too deep. Oh BTW, Carl can't make it over today...2am tomorrow morning OK? Can he bring a friend?

Pictured above, the Bourne Bridge. The "urban blight" has spread even to this normally quiet area. Hyann [...]

Your dead nuts on, there is NOTHING funny about any of your posts you child molesting pedophile. You must be excited though, 2 more weeks and the kiddos will be going back to school so you can st [...]

Did you ever think what it would be like for one of the parents to see their Child's pic on CL..........not to mention the multiple safety issues in regards to their t [...]

Yeah, that 68 SS has some balls huh? Obviously, the 454 is not original, in 68 the biggest factory motor installed on the SS was the 396. That 454 is blueprinted and "built to the hilt", that car will produce nearly 800hp when you eng [...]

Nobody cares, and they never will. Were you able to get your mouth around some 10 yr olds dick? You did?!?! Terrific!!! I see your inbred brother Rapebilly is up early to blow the family goat. Make sure you sh [...]

  • BJ'S Meat Quality Hyannis Store (Hyannis) 50yr
    • We have been purchasing meat exclusively from BJ'S because of the good quality cuts. However, recently I spent $50 on boneless ribeye's and sirloin tips. Both had the "Choice" label on them. "Select" grade is normally what you find at Stop & Shop, an [...]
  • Is it Gollum? (The Misty Mountains)
    • It looks like Jack is stirring up trouble on the Rhode Island board again...does this look familiar?

"Important info, when this plateboy is not taking plate numbers he has attached cameras in the little boys shit house in camp ramsbottom. He doesn't [...]

  • Howdy Captain! (Capebilly cove)
    • Holy rice rockets Captain, you should have seen this Corolla. The little fucker was mean and green, a screaming machine, drooling out the window and saying shit obscene. ALMOST had me, thank God for the nitros....By the way, did I mention that we sho [...]
  • Mr. P (Orleans)
    • There's a message in this song:

http://youtu.be/jxdsk-cFX-k ________________________________________

First of all, calling Anne a "Sea Hag" isn't very nice, nor is your insinuation that she once a prostitute [...]

Spamming this forum and many other local R&R's. At her age it does seem time to change her PROfession. She is Nothing more than a washed up old Sea Hag.

They also have Bull Pies which are 100% bullshit Just read any Salty's self serving self written positive review CL R&R post of this shithole for a free sample of Bull Pie

  • Reality no denying it (smoke bluffs ) 46yr
    • Keep blaming every one and every thing you idiotic undermining this country ass hole hypocrites. Benghazi, biggest deficit in u.s history moochelle obama 's billion dollar vacations russian crisis being ignored while the o bummers are planning their [...]
  • carharts and timberlands (Mo. ) 33yr
    • kermit says it all you liberal riot loving no working blame it on whitey cape cod fish skinners . Cap'n flagger aka glory hole in chuck e cheese diddle crab
  • re nothing funny about this (you're right)
    • You're right, there's nothing funny about your posts. They've gone from causing diarrhea, to putting people into comas.

BTW, blow any 10 yr olds today? You did?!?!, Terrific!

  • Really Nothing Funny About This... (Caleb's Island)
    • I found this image online and used it for a Photoshop pic. Afterwards, I really started to look at the original (the attached pic) and started thinking how out of control and heavy-handed our government has gotten over the course of my lifetime. Ever [...]
  • Pizza Wars (sandwich) 40yr
    • Sandwich Pizza has to be the best on the cape. Everything is home made, not frozen
  • Walmart 50yr
    • The four people who own Walmart have more money than the bottom 42% of Americans combined .

Time they paid all employees $15.00 hr They can afford it. Boycott Walmart

  • Hey Troll! (The Misty Mountains)
    • Good work kicking the Captains ass today, you know he's running scared now! Your attack has been spectacular, and many in here could learn from your clever technique and style. We need to keep the smart guys out of here, they make the rest of us look [...]
  • re: Jack And The Dinner Whore
    • Caleb's stuff isn't usually very funny, in truth I usually find it quite tiresome. But this whole "Dinner Whore" thing is actually pretty funny, all the more so because it draws on real people on the Cape. I thought he was making it all up until I sa [...]
  • mashpee-wakeby boat ramp (mashpee)
    • hey to the guy from connecticut launching his "" SKEETER BASS BOAT "" you got some balls giving me shit about " BLOCKING THE BOAT RAMP " for one thing i was all by myself launching this antique boat i have just got done rebuilding for the last 2 year [...]
  • Who the hell is Captain Caleb? (Cape)
    • ...and what is Caleb's Island? I am a vistor here, and have been seeing this crap for as long as I've been on Craigslist. I've never been able to figure it out or why it has been going on for so long. Can someone fill me in with the back story I'm mi [...]
  • captain racist
    • Wow!, captain pedophiles prejudicial, racist invention of " shady stu" is an obvious offense to anybody of the Jewish faith. What's the matter pedo, can't invent an Irish, Hispanic, or maybe even an African American lawyer?

Is every lawyer, doctor, [...]

Until then, fuck you pedophile, I'm just getting started.

  • Sal Monella's Cape Cod Pizza (Hyannis)
    • Hey, I been readin' all those bullshit posts in here about the "best pizza in Hyannis", including the guy who knocked the frozen pizza at Shaws. Let me fuckin' tell ya, there aint nothing wrong with them DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizzas they got down the [...]
  • Enough Is Enough Jack... (Caleb's Island)
    • You might have noticed I didn't rail on you this morning, I posted a "Shady Stu" and you responded with another pedophile post. You flagged Capebilly, and then posted ANOTHER "ped post", this one targeting him. Do you really want to continue this? Li [...]
  • rex3 lucky 13
    • Our inbred child rapist Rapebilly is back posting yet again! With his mom and sister both "on the rag" its back to blowing the mule, right Rapebilly? To bad your inbred brother captain pedophile won't share his friends kids with you.

Put one of your [...]

  • Hey Capebilly! (Caleb's Island)
    • The foot-long cock is a PROBLEM? OK...I can do penis-reduction surgery with a few keystrokes. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap...done! You're now a mere 9 inches (go check after you read this), just don't be asking for thos [...]
  • re facing charges
    • You had 2 friends who's kids died from overdoses? No, that's not right. You abducted those kids from your friends, and you still have them in your basement for your diddling pleasure.

Go kill yourself pedophile.

Hey Shady Stu, Can we sue Saltys for false advertising? Just wondering, we have PLENTY of evidence to prove such. If interested please contact me. Maybe we could turn this into a class action lawsuit and then we all can enjoy Saltys for [...]

I would have responded sooner but there is no signal offshore, and I HAD to take the new 36' Sunseeker for a cruise....get it, ....Cruise! haha. I hate to be a bother, and I do appreciate the new style and endowment [...]

  • Re: JetBlue and Salty Legal
    • 1. Fuck you to the jet blue poster...everyone else that lives close to the airport has to deal with those noisy crappy shitbox planes from.cape air flying over at 5:30 every morning so the rich snobs on.Nantucket can their their paper. Then if you do [...]
  • Comparisons
    • I got to wondering a while back if every CL R&R board is like the ones in New England, with all the bashing and trolling and such. I did a random search on CL R&R's around the world. There seems to be a direct relation between whether or not a countr [...]
  • Jack The Whack Is Going Back... (Caleb's Island)
    • Just a lesson to be learned Jack, burying my post under heaps of your garbage will not solve the problem. These posts are now bulletproof, you'll be up until the sun rises trying to flag this, and it will still be standing. Your best option? Go far f [...]
  • re: Salty's
    • Hey Salty's, you might wanna be careful with your "self reviews" cuz you're bordering on legal action with Captain Parkers. Yep!! Rumor has it that Jerry Manning is currently talking with lawyers to issue Salty's a "cease & disist" order for all the [...]
  • Re: Jet Blue "Tapatio"
    • "How about u go and fuck urself !! This cape needs development and because shitfuks like u the ppl here are getting more and more poor !! What the fuk

U want " How about Im USA citizen and mire American then you are!! U know hoe i know??? I pay tax [...]

  • Traffic jam (wellfleet) 1yr
    • Why is traffic backed up almost 5 hours after this accident. I hate people right now. Accident reconstruction my ass. Get the fing traffic going. U all suck.
  • Pay No Attention To Capt. Caleb, Read This Instead! (Salty's Seafood)
    • Salty's offers the best in R&R filler material! Want to bury your enemies posts that you can no longer flag? Are you out of any kind of ammo? If you're a witless moron, and just want to take up space, we are the perfect solution! Just add as needed, [...]
  • Re: Jet Blue "toapeseto"
    • "How about u go and fuck urself !! This cape needs development and because shitfuks like u the ppl here are getting more and more poor !! What the fuk

U want " How about you go back home foreigner??

  • Jet Blue
    • So who ok'd the Jet Blue flights into Hyannis that are now flying low over homes in Dennis?? Half the time it sounds like they are about to hit the homes around here! So, who approved this noise issue, let alone safety issue? Did voters get a crack a [...]
  • to the child molester known as captain caleb
    • Are you to busy analy raping little boys to start your war?

Or is it that you're a fucking chicken shit pedophile who is to busy sticking his tongue inside a little boys mouth, to actually DO ANYTHING you claim you're going to do? Which is it, you [...]

  • Thats All Ya Got Jack? (Caleb's Island)
    • Just a real quick one...don't get scared Jack, no bombshells in this one. Just wanted to comment on your excellent damage control...clever, well-thought out, and ever so convincing. You should get a job working for a crooked politician as a damage co [...]
  • A great lunch at Salty's (Roue 28 West Yarmouth)
    • After reading about all the horrible experiences people have had at Parker's I decided to go to Salty's for lunch today. I was able to see there menu at saltys-capecod.com/ so I knew what I wanted before I even got there. The chowder was absolutely d [...]
  • re the war
    • Captain pedophile VOWED to start a war, and, well, we're still waiting for ANYTHING other than the anemic puke/photo shop infantile diarrhea he always puts on here.

Why can't he just be happy licking the taint of a 5 yr old? It's his favorite hobby [...]

  • the war
    • What a monumental pile of feces.

All the words in the world won't change the fact that you engage in sexual activities with prepubescent boys. Go back to blowing 10 yr olds, you fucking piece of shit.

    • Let me be the guy for your financing needs on a car, truck, SUV, or mini-van!

Bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy or a repo? Where I am, your job is your credit!!!! This is a serious NO BRAINER! Follow my website for ez-finance! http://blevraul.wi [...]

  • The War On Slime... (Caleb's Island)
    • Like I said yesterday, you don't know whether to shit or go blind right now. I've made my post's "flag resistant", and now you don't know what the fuck to do about me....ROTFLMFAO, as you are so fond of saying.

"Wow, what a meaningless pile of shit [...]

  • war (Harwich)
    • I too am waiting for this war. Just not exactly sure who it's between.

So far I've seen nothing that looks like a war. Did I miss it?

  • pedo
    • Wow, what a meaningless pile of shit that post was.

Doesn't change anything you know. You're still a pedophile, you filthy piece of shit. And what seems to be the problem with "3 liners"? Just because you can't make a point without writing a fucki [...]

Get any good "stink finger" down at the playground yesterday? What's that you say? Captain pedophile beat you to it? Aww shucks, you just keep trying rapebilly, you'll get a nice 8 yr old eventually.

You have read all the massage ads, but you haven't experienced mine. Looking to give a free head to toe stress relieving muscle relaxing massage to guys in their 20 to early 40's. Dl/STR8/BI very welcome. Just be fit and craving the power o [...]

You really need to "off yourself", you disgusting human piece of garbage. My God, you're nauseating.

  • is that all it takes?
    • A quick bitch slap, and the child molester disappears? Wow! What a cunt. You know he squats when he pisses.

Blow any 10 yr olds today, you filthy child raping asshole? Of course you did, you piece of shit. Kill yourself.

  • Captain coward is a no-show
    • I can't believe you don't choke on at least 3 turds a day, with all the shit that comes out of your mouth.

Turn yourself in Captain, stop raping 10 yr olds. Do the time, God knows you've committed the crimes.

  • About "max-neo-hydra-dweeb-jacko-wiz's" memory (He has selective memory syndrome)
    • Our troll "friend" has so many voices in his demented head that he loses track of what he and his voices and the REAL people here say, and cannot distinguish between them. He seems to think every morning starts with a clean slate and that nobody reme [...]
  • The troll seems pissed
    • I bet we see a whole bunch of Saltys post come up soon. Whats wrong troll? Did somebody "out" ya???
  • so? where's this "war"?
    • So where is this WAR that's suppose to start? C'mon molester, whatcha got? You got nothing, You're just a fucking child molester, with a big mouth (his dads dick made it that way), and no balls (his mom sucked them off).

You're an impotent fucking s [...]

  • re well I tried
    • Nobody cares. You're an absolute asshole. You should be ashamed at the atrocities you've committed against young innocent lives.

You're a pedophile. You really should kill yourself, you human piece of shit. Fuck you diddler.

  • the "read THIS" poster
    • Hey, you speak only for yourself. Stop saying others agree with you. Don't use "us" or "we" as if you have anyone else's permission. Your opinions are yours alone. I for one, am sick of your constant unending name calling homophobic posts. You endles [...]
  • make sure you read THIS pedo
    • LMFAO! You're giving me options? YOU?? LOL!! Who the fuck died and made you king of anything?

Fuck you pedophile, and stick your options where your head is usually situated. The only thing on this board people are sick of is YOU. Can't you tell by [...]

  • Thumbs up, Ferguson! (A distant past)
    • This is one white boy that is CHEERING everything that is going on in Ferguson, MO right now. Any of you old enough to remember all the bullshit that went on in the south pre-60's?...finding out how long it had been going on?...how they all started m [...]
  • This Weekend Take Your Money Elsewhere (Don't go to Parker's)
    • This weekend, why wasit your hard-earned money at overpriced, mediocre Cape Cod Tourist traps? You work hard enough. You look forward to your vacation. You come top the Cape expecting fun and good food. This weekend, DON'T GO TO CAPTAIN PARKER'S OVER [...]
  • mac's seafood provincetown (provincetown) 48yr
  • Gina The Angel! (Cotuit)
    • I am so glad the judge saw thru the smokescreen Gina presented and kept her locked up! I hope all the girls at the jail keep her happy! Rot you low life!
  • late night for the pedo
    • With the tourist season coming to an end, Captain pedophile realizes that as far as 10 yr old boys go, "pickin's will be getting slim", he was up very late last night creeping around the bushes with his inbred brother "rapebilly" (how appropriate is [...]
  • Flicker ln (MM)
    • Shut those two over grown black poodles up. 530 in the morning?????What the fuck!!!!! Have a little respect for your neighbors.
  • Ferguson riots
    • Looks like the ferguson riots are going good. I give you a wide angle view of the action
  • re: Ready To Launch...
    • Will you fucking stop it already Capt.?

He is NOT Jack, that is so clear even Ray Charles can see it. He don't care what you post about Jack, cause he's NOT him. Get it you through your thick skull. God, I thought you were smarter than this? He' [...]

  • hey captain NSA
    • Hey pedophile, when your done getting another dose of the clap from your mother, and you strike out trying to diddle some kid at the playground, we sure would like to take a look at this "info" you claim to have. Unless you're a lying, cocksucking, b [...]
  • Re: captain shitstain (Caleb's Island)
    • Is this REALLY your best defense? Absolutely pathetic...

"Wow, another 50,000 word pile of dog shit. You claim to know more? More of what? Please share any and all "info" you have, we would love to see it! Btw, did you "score any tail" at the sand b [...]

  • captain shitstain
    • Wow, another 50,000 word pile of dog shit. You claim to know more? More of what? Please share any and all "info" you have, we would love to see it!

Btw, did you "score any tail" at the sand box today?

Arthur T is not going to hire you back , his next plan for the company. Seasonal guest workers ,to replace the high paid full timers. Your all unskilled labor , any 20 year old Brazilia [...]

  • Lucky #13
    • So, Captain, rumor has it that you made me up. I am one complicated individual and since I'm just one of 13, you must have quite the imagination. The thought of me being #13 on the list just makes me smile thou, "fitting" you might say.

Well then, s [...]

  • re; norris max
    • I also had same problem with this dirtbag no to long ago. Got pissedwhen I refused him to. Paul M is a fake name I know who he is and were he lives drop me an e mail
  • Rolling Coal around the Mall (28 & Bearse's)
    • Hey little pasty-white boy riding the big black cockmobile around the mall this evening looking for some excuse to finger your smoke sphincter. I'm the guy that rolled up next to you to tell you that you are the coolest fucking faggot on Cape Cod. Im [...]
  • other to JOHNNY TUNE LUBE (E. FALMOUTH) 44yr
    • After they close the doors to inspection bay is when the problems begin. They are behind the scenes looking for an opportunity to make money for unneeded repairs that will allow your car to pass the state inspection.

The visual inspection of the veh [...]

WE WILL NOT SHOP AT A MARKET BASKET SOLD TO A CHAIN OR SOME OTHER FACELESS CORPORATE ENTITY but rather, we will shop at one where Arthur T. Demoulas is allowed to run the company as he has bef [...]

  • Congratulations wizzie-boi jackie-gurl!!!! (NAMBLA award committee)
    • Jackie-boi, you flaggot! You deleted your invite, that was fucking rude! If you don't show up for your "party" Friday over at Norris's house, we'll just have to come and arrest (oops - "get") you. Your "butt buddies" from the "Big House" "up the Rive [...]
  • pretty obvious
    • Its pretty obvious whos starting the shit in here. This "Jack" character has got some serious screws loose, and the other guy is probably right about him being a child molester trying to make himself seem not to be one.
  • I Was Gonna Leave Him Alone, But He Persists... (Caleb's Island)
    • This was totally unprovoked, I only put up a Sal's Pizza post and then I saw this post below. Enough is fucking enough...

"re awfully quiet Sorry dude, the molester doesn't work, he is a certified EBT card carrying welfare burden of the state. Clos [...]

  • awfully quiet in here (Truro Port)
    • Not that I'm complaining. I think the captain works mornings, but the troll is always up and running by 6am and normally by now he'd have a half a dozen posts up. Maybe that idiot has mooved on to greener pastures.

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