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  • green card whores from brazil (cape cod) 55yr
    • All good girls marry for love, but some girls marry for money, Brazillian girls marry for green card. what kind of person would spend in some cases years together with someone they do not love, just to obtain green card, A desperate brazillian girl w [...]
  • Thank you Joe (dennisport)
    • Thank you Joe Cocker for being such a huge part of the soundtrack of my life. We'll miss you, but we'll get by. (you know)


And Merry freaking Christmas.

  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [...]
  • If you could only..........
    • .......Flag all of the bad things in your Past, like you flag the Truth that has been Posted here about you.

Your long lists of arrests, your Prison Time. Your past is all there for everyone to see. Public Records/ Newspaper/Court records/ the lis [...]

A lady of your class shouldn't have a problem. Why would anyone want to waste their Hard earned money on a 50 something like your self? Guess you'll just have to settle for a few dozen glasse [...]

  • captain kid toucher
    • Once again the pedophile is back on here with the same tired shit nobody cares about.

What's up with the blog? How long does it take a child rapist to create a stupid fucking blog? Do us all a favor and stop diddling kids just long enough to create [...]

  • How's this? (Dennisport)
    • I own EVERY one of you bickering motherfuckers on here! That's right...I'm the guy that steps in and gets the cogs in motion then steps back and gets entertained by the way all you sheep react on each other. Never have I seen more dumb blindness than [...]
  • Que P-P-Pasa St-St-Stan! (West of Stan's canal) 2yr
    • Just got back from doing some cost-saving off-Cape Chirstmas shopping, then enjoyed a great meal at my favorite off-Cape Mexican restaurant and topped-off the tank with some $2.35 per gallon off-Cape fuel, all while you were probably home in your chi [...]
  • common link to spellcheckers and molestation (school of diddle)
    • You fucking diddlers are so weak in your priorities. Did you ever think that misspelling was don purposely? you fucks have a rude awakening in the form of imprisonment..AND LETS SEE HOW THAT GOES FOR YOU / CAN YOU SPELL ASS RAPE AND BEATINGS ON A DAI [...]
  • re re obsess much?
    • Wow look at you! Your all seeing all knowing crystal ball tell you I answered my own post? Or maybe you're psychic and know EVERYTHING! That must be so cool!

Or maybe, just maybe, you're a typical CL shut in, just another asshole who thinks he has e [...]

  • obsess much? (he owns you)
    • Some clown calls some other clown an asshat, and the clown that got called "asshat" loses his fucking mind. Even the pedophile jumps on board with this asshat shit.

Whoever started the asshat shit clearly owns the lot of you. One stupid word and you [...]

  • Re asshat guy
    • The Captain's puppet strikes again. This babbling fucking moron is to much.

Hey asshole, "asshat" is a slang word, example. "The Captain's puppet displays such extreme ignorance or stupidity, he my as well wear his ass as a hat." I'm sure you made [...]

Ever hear of a DEFENSE attorney? Know why you need one? Because if you're busted by the cops for something, you have to prove you're NOT guilty. Apparently you're an illeg [...]

  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent!
    • "Hey shistain, proof works both ways, instead of pissing in your panties demanding proof, why not prove he ISN'T a child raping atrocity?"

Perhaps the most retarded and outrageous comment I have ever seen posted in here, and that's saying a lot. Sti [...]

Really now. The Boston board is as much of an idiotic cesspool as the rest of the R&R's on this site. Goes to show what you think passes for "intelligence". Amazing. And [...]

He pretends to be 3 or 4 people , he responds' to posts and posts bullshit. His wife committed suicide , this is all he has , pathetic isn't he. This board is devoid of intel [...]

It's just that to the rest of us, your twice as big an asshole! Your brain has been taken over a turned to mush. You post stupid mindless disgusting photos and a constant stream of non ending diarrhea, run [...]

  • DO NOT GO TO CB PERKINS (hyannis) (Hyannis )
    • I would not recommend anyone buy from these people. The young man sold me something in the wrong package. He KNOWINGLY sold an older model item in new and updated packaging. After coming home and researching the product I thought I had bought I reali [...]
  • Re: "WOW" posts (RuSeriousville?)
    • Oh come on. You have to "re" to yourself to make it look like you have supporters? Nice try with the sock puppet posts, idiot.

The only "re" I think of when it comes to you ends in "tard". LOLZ!! Edit here: It looks like while I was typing up this [...]

  • reCaleb & St-St Studderin' Stan (Caleb's boat)
    • Here is another picture of Captain Caleb the child molester out on his boat. These poor kids probably were molested by this pedophile. My guess is there is a forth child who the Captain pedo probably is trying to assault down below in the boat. This [...]
  • A Re-post, And A Word About Flagging... (Caleb's Island)
    • Flagging...the last resort of a desperate, dull-witted troll who can only respond to his foes by zapping their posts and calling them pedophiles. It's strange that a guy who has no idea as to who I am can pick me out as a child molester, he must be o [...]
  • RE:The Captain's favorite time of year (Gayleb's Island) (kid toucher)
    • Here's a picture of the Captain heading to the mall with a bag of toys for the good boys. I called the authorities on him but I see from that posted picture of him at the CC Mall he made it to work as Santa before they could get to him. This disgusti [...]
  • The capt and The child molester are back
    • You morons are at it again , Captain not funny , and his side kick your a pedo.

No where in the world are the conversations , less intelligent. Why don't you two go to Hollywood , or New York rants and raves. I'm sure somebody will discover your t [...]

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