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  • falsely accused (south yarmouth ) 59yr
    • do not shop at the version store in south yarmouth on station ave I dropped my cans in the recycling bin at the package store walked by Verizon store with empty bag version employee outside smoking I went into stop and shop he came in accused me of s [...]
  • give that boy up (orleans)
    • Turn your self in caleb , there are immigration people looking for fernando you pedo enslaver of little boys . This time you went to far with the telephone posters and forcing the boy o troll around for naked boys on the internet.
  • coyoteville hills (catless) 34yr
    • Played a few rounds at coyoteville hills. had a great game till a coyote stole my ball and the greenskeeper rang the dinner gong

goose was on the menu. the geeese got scared shitless LITERALLY. goose scat everywhere and lots of fat coyotes, do NOT [...]

  • best food ever (snack bar) 68yr
    • WOW just wow-- the food at the golf course in Yarmouth just puts B & B pizza to shame. Not only foes the snack bar serve deep fried goose chips it also has coyote nut kebabs and coyote burgers.. YUMMYLICIOUS

and while enjoying those epicurean deligh [...]

  • re: mannal (Barnstable/ Yarmouth)
    • Maybe Brian Mannal should be forced to listen to some of the perspectives of childhood victims of sexual abuse, and that of their families as well. Anyone who advocates for such human garbage as child sex predators is no better that garbage. NAMBLA m [...]
  • there is no jack , caleb is jack (bellevue)
    • this caleb clown is jack and gets off talking in the third person . We have to rid this site of this child predator and all around "jackoff" this old man sucks and is ruining this post. I have not seen a legitimate post in months due to this captain [...]
  • Shut the Fuck up Captain and Jack, and Troll Buster (Here)
    • So, I've been getting emails from "Troll Buster" who claims he's not Jack or Captain Caleb..well, then who art thou, we ask? I imagine one of the same. We have a bad enough time with the shit and trash over in the districts, why do we need more here, [...]
  • Captain Jackass
    • Hey asshole, i said nobody was there. I know, i checked. Not you or that little fagot Jack. Be careful who you call out old man. Unlike that chicken shit Jack, i will show up anytime, anyplace and put an end to all this bullshit! Enuff said!
  • He Zapped This One Already... (Caleb's Island)
    • He's already started flagging and flooding the board...this post got flagged almost immediately and the board will be filled with his bullshit by the end of the day. You can flag all ya want asshole, and post comments from your "supporters"...but not [...]
  • Hey dumbass captain (Police barracks )
    • Shut the fuck up already. You were a no show too. So stop acting like you were there. You weren't! I wanted to see both if your stupid asses so i waited for both of you to show and niether did. So both stop lying, shut the fuck up, and find a new hob [...]
  • captain no show
    • Once again our resident trolling pedophile shows us what an absolute moron he is. He's expecting us to believe he went to the barracks because why?? He claims he saw " a couple of cruises and an old couple in a Toyota Camry". Wow! Hows THAT for PROOF [...]
  • Worse PIzza on Cape B and B pizza
    • B and B Pizza is a fat family owned place that offers the worst cuisine in town. They have a FULL LIQUOR LICENSE, and a unfriendly drunken atmosphere. The menu is full of old food and crumbs . When I think of a delicous meal weather is is take out or [...]
  • Obama and Marx's Platform? (Hello Again!) (USA)
    • It can be startling to realize how much of Karl Marx's ten-point platform to socialize an economy (set forth in Chapter Two of "The Communist Manifesto") has been implemented in the United States. I even wrote a book about it in 1987.[1] Never before [...]
  • "You can't handle the truth!" (USA)
    • The not so rosy, real truth about US economy in 2014

President Obama and many of the nation's top economists entered 2014 predicting a breakout year for economic recovery. However, troubles in the housing sector indicate that there will be more econ [...]

B and B Pizza is a fun family owned place that offers the best cuisine in town. They have a FULL LIQUOR LICENSE, and a fun family fr [...]

  • some of the bills sponsored by Mannal
    • After seeing many signs for the re-election of Brian Mannal I had to look at the record of bills he has sponsored. As he represents me in the Legislature I was curious about what he has done over the last two years.

Sadly the record is very disturbi [...]

  • bullet hole barracks (cap'n and his open grommett)
    • Only barracks the caleb was at was the bullett hole barracks as in "ASSHOLE" or anal cavity aka bullethole this critter goes so far as to create a jacko to take the heat off him . Can you imagine any semi sane cop dealing with the the likes of caleb? [...]
  • police barracks circus (more sane lane) 52yr
    • Not a thing is going to change, even if this meeting occurs. Jack will still be jacking... The captain must still be captaining. The whole thing is like a bunch of unbalanced teenagers trying to fix a big problem They are clueless. So what police bar [...]
  • Captain jack ass hole
    • Niether one if you 2 fucking pussies showed. Now shut the fuck up and find sonething better to do in your parents basements when school is out. You both proved to be spineless pussy's to everyone in here. The board now owns both of your sorry asses. [...]
  • Waiting...
    • I'm here...will wait 30 minutes. Back online 4pm. I dont think he's gonna show.

The Captain

I didn't think so. So, back to smacking him around until he stops fucking little boys.

Molesting a young male coyote while he was being bottle fed this morning by a golf course worker. SICKO

  • Captain Jack
    • I bet $100 that pussy Jack doesn't show. Any takers? And I'll bet u another $100 we are gonna see these two idiots for a long time. My only rant is you 2.
  • captain colon
    • LMFAO! You're not going to the police station, you're an absolute certified fucking loser of a cunt!

No pedo, nobody's buying your bullshit. Invite whoever you want as many times as you'ld like to wherever you pretend you'll show up at. You're stil [...]

  • Jacko... (Caleb's Island)
    • Hey Jacko...I'm taking off shortly to run some errands. I'll be at the barracks at noon, and I trust you'll be there as well. It's about time we met don't ya think? We can put all this silly bickering to rest once and for all. Oh...if you don't show, [...]
  • captain pedophile
    • It's the ass rapists BIG DAY!! Before you pretend to go to the police( as if) make sure to wipe the 8 yr old boys shit off your little pecker, and let's get some mouthwash going to get that pre-teen cock smell off of your breath!

I hear it's going t [...]

  • Good Morning Jacko! (Caleb's Island)
    • Well buddy, today is the day! On Thursday you flagged every one of my cordial reservations, and yesterday you flooded the board with about 20 "filler posts" in order to bury my reminders of those cordial invitations. Pretty slick tactics on your part [...]
  • B and B pizza
    • Thought about ordering some Pizza tonight for the kids & I. Has anyone tried B & B pizza on W. Main St in Hyannis yet? They are somewhat new I think. Any info on the quality of this place would be appreciated. I am always a bit sketched out about try [...]
  • press release- (golden trophy) 32yr
    • Cape Cod's premier Yarmouth Coyote Spa & Golf Course has received the much coveted Golden Turd Award from the PGA of Massachusetts for having the best looking parking area of any golf course in the Eastern Seaboard area.

One individual has been inst [...]

  • re: 14 captain posts today
    • there's nothing like watching a child molester and a sodomite freak go at it with each other.the two of you SHOULD get a room and stay the fuck out of this room.
  • They're out again tonight! (Dykes Of Dennisport)
    • The 2 loudmouths are reportedly out again tonight: Linda, the dizzy 4-eyed dimwit of the 2 that has no idea she's even been "brought out" because she's too busy minding everybody else's affairs, and Jackie, the alcohol-pumped-up "lipstick butch" that [...]
  • Pizza in Hyannis (West Main Street Hyannis)
    • Thought about ordering some Pizza tonight for the kids & I. Has anyone tried B & B pizza on W. Main St in Hyannis yet? They are somewhat new I think. Any info on the quality of this place would be appreciated. I am always a bit sketched out about try [...]
  • RE: proposed meeting .......... (you gotta show troll!!!)
    • Yup, yup, yup! Just as predicted, it sure looks like the homosexual pedophile obsessed troll commonly known as "jack" (with many AKA's) has to show up tomorrow (Saturday September 20th, 2014) or be OWNED forever by everyone who is a regular on this l [...]
    • ......................................................................Craigslist Royalty...............................................................

SHE is the QUEEN of RE:........................................... RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: R [...]

  • Troll talking trash!
    • The asshole wont show tomorrow, betcha a weeks pay. This guy is a whack job, and he only takes up space in here and ruins rans and raves for everyone else. Go back to the m4m fag section and stay busy sucking cock you loser!
  • Troll (aka "jack) (Cape Cod)
    • The slimeball loser troll known here as "jack" won't show tomorrow. He is a chicken-shit wuss with no balls, he just stirs shit, that's all he ever does.

LOL, the "fight" talk is so funny! Are you planning on "beating the snot out of" THE Mass. Stat [...]

  • flooding the board
    • 20 posts today, and the "faggot of falmouth" is responsible for 15 of them. Why dont you just go to the cops tomorrow and end all this once and for all if you prove your case? Everyone is sick of your endless bullshit, like others said, put up or shu [...]
  • ROTFLMFAO!!!!!
    • Hey captain brain damage, you have saved 20 of my posts to show the cops?? LMFAO!!!! Well, let's make it 21(and counting)

You're a fucking kid raping pedophile, you're not going anywhere tomorrow, you know this, I know this. You rape little boys fo [...]

  • The troll is a chickenshit loser
    • Jack is a laughable fucking coward! If he really had all this evidense he would jump at the chance to take Caleb down. Why is he weaseling out? Because he's a fucking liar and he's terrified of the police! My money says he dont show.
  • ghost boy (light in the loafer house )
    • Who the fuck has such an irrevalant fixation on a bearded dead t.v personality none other than your capes own captain caleb ... What a fucking closeted homosexual this person is , if you people on the cape can't see this maybe you all need to see a b [...]
  • Captain ball sack
    • You two should get a room , if there is even two of you? Cut the shit why not just email each otherYou two should get a room , if there is even two of you? Cut the shit why not just email each other? ? You two should get a room , if there is even two [...]
  • If He Only Had A Pair... - (Caleb's Island)
    • captain sucks time wasted looking at this dumb post,captain sucks time wasted looking at this dumb post,captain sucks time wasted looking at this dumb postcaptain sucks time wasted looking at this dumb post,,aptain sucks time wasted looking at this d [...]
  • 14 captain posts today
    • You two should get a room , if there is even two of you? Cut the shit why not just email each other?
  • re-cheated on your wife lately greggy
    • You crazy bitch , LEAVE GREAG ALONE !!

You know Greg is dangerous , or maybe you don't? Your not safe talking about Greg , you know he is part of the Crosby gang out of Osterville? You could get run over by a golf cart or someone might throw a ten [...]

Yeah it's sad believe me missy... He's just a homo sissy. If he only had a pair! He'd show up at the barracks... And knock off the hysterics. If he only had a pair! He could prove he's not a liar.. [...]

  • what an idiot (Falmouth State police barracks)
    • Hey captain stool sample, what exactly are you going to tell the cops when they ask you what you're doing in their barracks? I mean you're either going to wait inside the station, or wait in your car. Either way, eventually, some cop is going to ask [...]
  • hey captain coward
    • So the answer to the question " how will you PROVE you were there " is, that we just have to take your word for it that your fed up with this guy exposing you for the anal intruding pedophile you are.

Sorry asshat, that's not going to cut it. Where [...]

How will we know YOU showed captain molester? What proof will you offer us that YOU made the effort (that we all know you won't)? We're waiting captain skin beef, we are waiting for you to explain how you're going to PROVE you were there. [...]

  • cheated on your wife lately greggy
    • cheated on your wife lately. cheated on your wife lately. cheated on your wife lately.
  • hey captain facial
    • You claim you won't meet him anywhere but the police barracks, because you're afraid he'll know what you drive and he'll take a pic of your plate and "run it".

I know the REAL reason is because you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag, and [...]

How will we know YOU showed captain molester? What proof will you offer us that YOU made the effort (that we all know you won't)? We're waiting captain skin beef, we are waiting for you to explain how you're going to PROVE you were there. [...]

  • re question
    • That's a good question. How WILL we know you showed at all? How you going to prove that captain asshole? HOW??

Why should this guy waste his time going there, if you have no intentions of being there? What are you going to do? Just SAY you showed a [...]

Your Photo shop skills are as BAD as that FAKE PASSPORT you tried to use a few years back. We all know how that ended up. You do realize that MCI in Framingham is offering classes in Photo Shop and Trolling! Your Creative Writing skil [...]

  • Dennisport, yikes! (more sane lane) 52yr
    • I was at Dollar Tree in Dennisport about 5:30 pm today. It was like an episode of The Walking Dead in and around the parking lot and across the street to the liquor store...except it wasn't quite zombies. It was low-life, drugged-up (?), crack head ( [...]
  • house slave (cape cod) 23yr
    • Trained house slave seeks living arrangement I'm exchange for doing household tasks,pleasing those told. Can send pics, and information about self.
  • TRICK or TREATs (Bayberry Coyotes) 41yr
    • the chow has kinda sucked these last few days.... just a faggy poodle and an alley cat for dinner. The golf course workers are SLACKERS!

They were all hunkered down in the tunnel under West Yarmouth Road waiting for the Napalm strikes to begin today [...]

Signed..................Yes, C.M.O.K.O.D

There's nobody here named Jack. How do you expect to physically meet your own made up invention? Drop dead pedophile, go molest a 9 yr old boy, or do whatever it is you do to snap out of your all to frequent delusions.

  • [...]
  • What happened to the beachfront (CCCLRR) 41yr
    • Please call oscar meyer if you see this ham thief posing as a" beachfront" massage therapist , can be dangerous if you get to close it could take your eyes with its nipples.ALSO known splinter collector for every hockey team he was on..aka jock strap [...]
  • The Pig Is Still Loose!
    • the pig is still loose ! - m4m (53 Falmouth )

he is a discusting dirty animal fetid breath nasty teeth and wants to suck you deep he has disease he is dirty and you may just put your dick in a sewer ! flag his ass ! so good guys may have fun /

  • [...]

It's a nightmare and sucks beyond words. Just don't do it !!!

Coyotes respond to fireworks. In truth it is flares and M-61's I use to disorient the prey for them. My pet coyotes are not afraid of neither heavy artillery or humans.

  • idiot shooting off fireworks (W. Yarmouth)
    • In the neighborhood of Cardinal, flicker, bunting or dove. There is someone shooting off fireworks for no particular reason other than to aggravate the neighbors, and every dog in the neighborhood! And it's usually a night during the week when people [...]
  • re: bacon buddies? (more sane lane) 52yr
    • Jack isn't me. I don't know who else he is on here,but he's not "more sane".

I have to give it to the captain for writing the funniest line I've ever read on here: "I love bacon, too, but I wouldn't suck dick for it." It just struck me so funny! I w [...]

We all promise to look at one , but come on , eight or nine posts. Don't you notice ? Just post once a day or you will have no audience.

  • Muppet Meth Hitting The Streets Of Hyannis!
    • Ever since Jim Henson died, the Muppets haven't been quite the same. We all remember when Kermit was bagged for human trafficing a few years ago, and who can forget Fozzie Bear being found dead in 2009, hanging in the closet of a Bangkok motel room, [...]
  • napalm easy to get (upper cape) 18yr
    • Your solution is easily remedied. To make napalm simply mix 50/50 kerosene and wisk ( the house hold cleaner) light it and toss it fast. Use a jar preferably glass. Stuff burns and you cannot extinguish it. Will burn you right to the bone much like p [...]
  • Napalm? (Yeah...Sounds Good To Me!)
    • I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a golf course bombed, for 12 fucking hours. When it was all over, we walked over to survey the damage. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' golfer body, or a single goose or [...]
  • re: hey more sane - 52 (more sane lane) (Honolulu) 56yr
    • Yeah I know this (in your words, DELUSIONAL) D-bag...

Its Paul N McKenzie, and sometimes refer to himself a "Norris Max". Self loathing closeted 59-61 year old white gay man with gills of a fish. LOVES to drink!! Surprised he didn't drink himself to [...]

  • Bayberry Hills, The Solution! (Carl Spackler)
    • Hey folks, this is Carl Spackler, famed groundskeeper from the movie Caddyshack. I've been watching the ongoing bullshit over the problems at Bayberry Hills Golf Course, and I have what you might call the final solution...Napalm! I've dealt with golf [...]
  • re: hey more sane (more sane lane) 52yr
    • Who in the universe is Paul from Bourne? I do not even KNOW Paul. I don't even know of his existence on this forum. Apparently Paul from Bourne is delusional. I have never been "locked up" in my life.

Many of the crazies on here seem to hail from Bo [...]

  • Time was wasted... (and so was the poster!)
    • Our resident troll venting his Sunday morning buzz on Rants & Raves. Too many Rock Star/Vodka cocktails this morning for this guy I think. He also attached a lovely picture of dog poop to this brilliant post.


  • strange sounds from Bayberry Hills (Yarmouth)
    • Last night the noise coming from Bayberry Hills was worse than ever. It sounded like pigs squealing or something. After reading the Klansville post though I think it might have been the younger employees being violated by the Grand Cyclops. Even if t [...]
  • re re I don't have mail (you still lurking in the bushes pedo?)
  • re: coyotes (Bayberry Hills)
    • Just imagine your working for less than $10an hr. You are no better than the Coyotes in the eyes of the golfers. You live on the fringe of society , just like the coyotes looking for scrapes from the

rich humans.Those workers look at the golfers the [...]

  • re:re: pig cig smokers (more sane lane) 52yr
    • To sum up objectively: There are local fines for littering. It is against the law. People who toss butts are violating ordinances. There is no valid justification for tossing trash on the beach. So stop yammering.

Me on welfare? Nope! Actually I own [...]

  • re: coyotes (Bayberry Hills)
    • Someone at Bayberry Hills must be feeding the coyotes. They are overrunning the neighborhood. Do the workers party down there after work because I here odd noises coming from there at night? Are they doing things to the animals or each other? Whats g [...]
  • Re: Thank God...
    • Atta boy Jacko! Keep cheering yourself on...someone is bound to believe you after a while. Almost everything on here for the past 2 or 3 days is you talking to yourself. Some of this horse-shit was posted at 2 or 3 in the morning. Keep up the good wo [...]
  • Do not rent list - for condo and cottage owners (Cape Cod)
    • Renting season is over and once again I had a couple of bad renters . Not all were bad ,some are actually great . The place was cleaner when they left and did'nt need a cleaner to go in . But you have those people who screw things up . If you have a [...]
  • RE:sick of pig cig smokers
    • And we are sick of you judgemental assholes!

I bet you have no problem with the fact your welfare comes from the taxes on cigs tho huh? Mind your own fucking buisness welfare scum the world needs more smokers and less assholes like you!

  • sick of pig cig smokers (more sane lane) 52yr
    • Cigarette butts are litter!! Lazy,slob smokers stop strewing your disgusting butts all over the beaches. It is lazy, thoughtless, selfish and just plain nasty to throw cigarette butts wherever you god damn please. Feel free to risk your health, waste [...]
  • Goose droppings and coyotes at Bayberry Hills (Yarmouth)
    • The employees at Bayberry Hills should be put to work with a shovel and wheelbarrow picking up the goose poop. Its a disgrace what that course has turned into. Is the redneck there feeding animals so he can hunt them? I don't feel good about going th [...]
  • Bayberry Hills (Yarmouth)
    • There are a couple of potential goose feces technicians at Bayberry Hills. The two that come to mind would probably have a hard time even doing that. Its time to drug test down there, and time to stop feeding the coyotes!
  • Coyotes (Yarmouth)
    • Its nice to see that Bayberry Hill Golf Course hires the intellectually challenged. I'm sure that the author of the previous post has a job filled with simple repetitive tasks at Bayberry Hills. He would be the perfect person to clean up the enormous [...]
  • Coyotes 58yr
    • Coyotes are often fed by the golfers, I know I have seen this. Coyotes are very dangerous and will attack people, it happens right here in Ma. From time to time. Should you appear weak they will attack. Go to the gym.
  • Katie Couric
    • Katie Couric is looking really rough , H.D. Tv is a bitch for old women.

I think it maybe time for a third face lift , or better yet , a 23 year old replacement. She has more wrinkles than anyone else on TV.

  • re: re: Bayberry Coyotes (Assholevill)
    • I work at the golf course, no one here feeds your "coyotes". That is bullshit. LMFAO, what an idiot you are. I'd like to see you chained to a tree out there and see how scared you got until you realized the coyotes do not eat adults. They are scaveng [...]
  • Norris Max (Otis Park Drive) 50yr
    • TO Troll Buster posting:

Here! Here! Same dumb shit, and different day. Landed in Honolulu International Airport 2 months ago...and posted something Saturday. Dumb assed people. Paul Mckenzie, let me say once again that it was so awesome you reporte [...]

  • nope
    • Nowhere near good enough. You rape little boys captain skin beef, and all your ignored posts you can muster won't change that.

Turn yourself in pedophile, end this molesting spree you're on. Or go fucking kill yourself. Either way, it's a win win.

  • Trollbusters (more sane lane) 52yr
    • I'm truly sorry about your friend. Psychos abound here on the internet. The low levels of maturity, sanity and intellect are astounding!

I browsed CL a few times this summer. I could not believe the same blather was still going on in this section. H [...]

  • Discount of the day! (Mid-cape) 62yr
    • Hey all! I have a slightly used bum rag for sale. In really good shape but does have a few light stains on it. It's about 18x18 so it is very convenient to wear around your neck to wipe the sweat from your face on a hot day. Very durable, has been th [...]
  • Ya Think Drugs Were Involved?
    • The other title I considered was "Horror On Hiramar!"...some scary looking dopers there. Imagine these "people" breaking into your home at 2am? I wouldn't live in High Anus unless I had a small arsenal of loaded weapons at my disposal. This event was [...]
  • re -children of the corn (caleb, nebraska
    • re -children of the corn (caleb, Nebraska)re -children of the corn (caleb, nebraskre -children of the corn (caleb, nebraskaare -children of the corn (caleb, nebraskare -children of the corn (caleb, re -children of the corn (caleb, nebraska
  • Good riddance (Osterville) 36yr
    • If that idiot stays away it will be a lot nicer here , but you know he will come back as another character . But he sure loved that ghost guy in his yellow banana smugglers . Well hopefully the gayleb is gone and realizes what a fool and donkey he wa [...]
  • Martha Coakley
    • Just when you think it can't get any worse , Governor Coakley we are all fucked.

I'm moving , You all should to , Charlie Baker vs Martha Coakley. We now have two candidates , that both suck , who do we vote for? I going to get into the race , but [...]

If I were Caleb, I'd be challenging you to meet me at the police station to prove I exist. Fortunately, I'm not Caleb so you're just going to have to tak [...]

  • My chastity cage has shipped
    • So excited. The device has shipped. This will be my last post on the matter until I receive my cage. There has been some interest, so when I get it I'll show a pic and give my thoughts on the experience, and how when I have a Queen to hold the key
  • captain taint patch
    • Post what you want, say what you want it doesn't change a thing.

You're still a child molesting pedophile. Go kill yourself.

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