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  • BEWARE: Only for men.
    • Same piece of work from E. Falmouth. It's a waste of time. Big shake down , guy's . Only passsable at Perkin's school for the blind. You've been warned.
  • RE: Amazing (Priorities ?) ((Spare US the whining))
    • Hey Sporto, you post whiny, pompous "know-it-all" bullshit whining about your previous whiny, pompous "know-it-all" bullshit post getting flagged.

You seem to have abnormally high expectations for a CRAIGSLIST "Rant & Rave" LIST! What exactly do yo [...]

  • Business Partner. To Catch a Contractor Restoration Co. (Cape Cod/South Shore) 34yr
    • Looking for a reliable partner to join me in the fight to help people that have been victimized by Contractors. We will fix and finish the job. And I promise that we will GROW bigger then you could even imagine. I have all the financial backing and s [...]
  • Buyer beware :Cape cod ecigmass (Mall kiosk )
    • Do not purchase products from this kiosk. They do not guarentee their products for ANY length of time. On Oct 11, 7 days ago, I purchased an evapor kit, containing 2 epipes from them. Two Days later, the heating element, just fell out, when I opened [...]
  • WELL it happened crapton kale beat my ass (hyannis)
    • WELL I messed with captain came to my crib, beat my ass up them made me suck is dick , then raped my lil white ass. thank god his dick was not to big, he made me swallow his shit on is dick, so tonight he comeing over for a few beers he not a bad guy [...]
  • Amazing (Priorities?)
    • Yes, we DO have ourselves sorted out well here, don't we?

A few days ago I put forth on here just a little bit of reality about some of the things that are REALLY going on around us, be it on the cape, in the Commonwealth, the country, or around the [...]

  • re post captain caylib (you're an idiot)
    • Who the hell is "pedophile man"? Only pedophile on here WAS captain blowsemyoung, and I cunt punted that atrocity off of here weeks ago. I counted 1 post yesterday referencing pedophilia, not 10. Can't you fucking count?

And what the fuck is a "ceti [...]

The female masturbator is Cathy and she services Jim. The place has been in existence for 65 years and shows no signs of going away. Nudist camps hum to a different drum and STA isn't mentally challenged, just sex [...]

  • Post Captain Caylib
    • Now that the Captain is gone , your welcome , I smeared shit on his posts and drove him out.

We now have a bigger problem , Pedophile Man . he posted 10 times yesterday. Most people never think of child molestation , this cetin writes about it ten [...]

  • thank God!!
    • I'm SO glad that child molester is gone off this board. That creep was an absolute fucking asshole!.

Thanks to all for kicking his ass off of here. The guy should be in jail.

U r a fuckin lil bitch, fuck u. I'm gunna kick your ass when I find you. Better yet u should come by my house 825 rt 28 harwich port. I'll be waitin u little fuckin fruit. Big bad frank is gunna fuck [...]

  • captain skinner
    • You think your imaginary friend smells like "stale cum"? Please enlighten us captain skin beef (if it's really you) exactly what does "stale cum" smell like, and how have you gotten to be an authority on that??? HMMMMMMM???!!!??
  • PUBLIC SERVICE (Cape Cod) 66yr
    • Does anyone know of, or are you a victim of Olde Mill Remodeling, Jeff Fregeau?? Just scammed two seniors out of $13,000. 00!! Please post here with any information. Attorney looking for as many victims as we can find. Thank you
  • Kapt:kale liba (cape moled)
    • captain kangaroo .flagbert needs his condoms back ,pull your pud out da dawg there now,use got type'n 2 doos. ya hear.now get on.yo i from down south. south cape ya see..now flag.me.bert.
  • Sandy Terraces Associates (Marstons Mills) 46yr
    • Took the girl friend there this summer. The place is a home for the mentally challenged. Saw a woman with many tattoos and she was masturbating. When I told her to stop she asked if I wanted to get blown.

I asked another camper who ran the camp and [...]

  • NAMBLA's man on Beacon Hill
    • Is Brian Mannal still in the race? Let's hope his history of advocating for pedophiles (at the taxpayer's expense of course) continues. Has he ever met a convicted pedophile he didn't like? Either a future client or a future voter, right? Go, Brian. [...]
  • the diddler is dead
    • Captain blowspreteens is no longer here. I along with others here have bitch slapped the filthy pedophile off of this board.

Your welcome.

  • Job Looking Advice (USA)
    • For all of us searching for work online and emailing your confidential information on your resume here is a red flag warning for your safety and well being. Do not post your address or phone number on your resume. Anyone interested can email you and [...]
  • Man seeks woman (Cape Cod) 52yr
    • Seeking long or short term, a woman who needs a 50 yr old hung and horny man at her disposal...Also intelligent ...has own car and truck ... need a room. Willing to slave for it.
  • fireworks near bunting (W.Yarmouth)
    • Well here we go again....the idiot with the illegal fireworks blowing them off for any Ole Holiday. Or sometimes it's just for the hell of it. Boy! He must have a truck full over there! Maybe have officer Reno stop by.

Anyone else in the neighborhoo [...]

  • winter quiet on cape cod
    • Hey you know what's great about winter on cape cod? NO MOTORCYCLES! I always look forward to this time of year, and also no TOURISTS, BARKING DOGS, loud chippers, landscapers and big loud trucks because all of our windows and doors are SHUT! YIPPEEEE
  • Tomatoes/Sandwich (FOTM) 59yr
    • Anyone know why they stopped selling liquor? Did they loose their license?

Anyone got any news?

  • re:Re: Brazilian Grill - response
    • Like I said, YOU are the moron! Just because a restaurant has empty seats at 6 p.m., doesn't mean a dam thing! If they have reservations at 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, etc.. they aren't going to fill those seats when you're there at 5:45 or whatever because th [...]

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