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craigslist | rants & raves in cape cod / islands

This is hilarious. You post on here like somebody gives a shit about your posts? Like your the Alpha posting male. Nobody cares. Trust me. Is this your life? I come on to kill work boredom and read some of [...]

  • re re jacks new strategies
    • So let me get this straight. When your posts get flagged off, you start bragging about how all you have to do is re post them, and they appear at the top of the list. When somebody else does the same thing, you call their posts "fillers" and accuse t [...]
  • looking for older (Martha's Vineyard) 46yr
    • Are you an older single man with your own place? Looking for some relief myself. Looking for 40-55 race no issue. Make your visit interesting.

ME: white 46 ,versatile will top or bottom. Send pic in response. Put relief in subject line. I'm here for [...]

Your post has me worried, I was at Westport and when we left as a group we all crept out of the lot like gentleman. Did you actually see a CCCR sticker on the truck to cringe at or did you just assume? We all know what [...]

  • still thankn yaself .... (C C C L R R )
    • fa jerkn yaself off ...aint that right shitbird ...u stink ...get back ta ya own section....ul neva learn....
  • reJack's New Strategy... (Caleb's Island)
    • This is hilarious. You post on here like somebody gives a shit about your posts? Like your the Alpha posting male. Nobody cares. Trust me. Is this your life? I come on to kill work boredom and read some of the shit on here. You are one messed up dude [...]
  • Jack's New Strategy... (Caleb's Island)
    • Any scumbag politician or attorney will tell ya the best thing to do with a scandal (or bad news of any type) is to break the news late on a Friday. By Monday, the news is old, and usually buried by other breaking news. Jack doesn't wait for Friday, [...]
  • THE CAPTAIN!!! (rererere) (cape cod) 99yr
    • THE CAPTAIN!!! (rererere)

Here it is folks. Now you too can join in with the Captains creation of getting to those tasty little boys. Get a membership now while they are still available and be eligible to be sworn in by the Captain himself at the bi [...]

  • re:RE:Homeless OP
    • I think many people have misunderstood or misread my OP - it's intent was to question the number, money, and efficacy of the non-profits dealing with local homelessness, NOT the homeless themselves. Sorry if my post was vague in that regard. And I'm [...]
  • Any legitimate posts (centerville) 43yr
    • What has happened here ? there has not been one legitimate post since the calebs and the other idiots getting off looking at their own foolish posts with the threats and the lets meet here and there . You idiots know there is not on iota of courage o [...]
  • Sincere. 1st what is a roller (east falmouth)
    • What is a roller ? job , occupation, and if it gets people working and thriving to make something of themselves . All you see here is negativity and dispersion on other folks ,lets give some poor souls a chance to work and flourish. Enough with the k [...]
  • Cape cod coal rollers ie Cole Parker's (Face)
    • I've seen a few of these cape cod coal rollers....I know some of these guys and gals might have trucks that are worth mentioning, but the rest of you suck, I mean bad.

I've been driving and modding diesels for almost 20 years now, I'm embarrased at [...]

  • RE: "CL cop" - funny stuff (((LOL-land!!!!)))
    • Someone's paranoid!! Who is the idiot that's so nervous about "CL cops"? He must have done some really dumb, really bad or really stupid shit to get the Police interested in his online "activities".

Innocent people have nothing to worry about, only [...]

  • Salty's (Rt 28 W Yarmouth)
    • I was looking for someplace to go for fresh seafood in West Yarmouth. I used to often go to Captain Parker's, but after reading about the terrible service and overpriced mediocre food there I decided to try somewhere else. So I tried Salty's right ne [...]
    • I live on Flicker Lane, so I know exactly what you're talking about! I'm trying to take a nap in the afternoon (I got laid off at the Caleb's Island Country Club last fall, so I try to sleep off my morning buzz after lunch) and all I hear these stupi [...]
  • Re: Parker's (Yarmouth)
    • Fuck All the posts...Parker's is lousy and over rated. The manager is a real dick and doesn't give two shits about anyone but himself. Salty's sucks too, screw that poster. BUT go spend your hard-earned money some other place that appreciates your bu [...]
  • Salty's vs Parkers (Rt 28 West Yarmouth)
    • I've always thought Salty's served far better food than Captain Parkers. They have a great outdoor dining area and a full bar. And the staff at Salty's is very friendly. Everyone knows that the staff at Parker's is very rude.

Try Salty's for an auth [...]

And Reasonably Priced Lobster Roll Would of Never Even Tried It, But I Saw all The Talk on Here & Figured I Should See For Myself Overall Not Bad Food! Service is Slow But There Was Also a Big Crowd

  • RE: Homeless OP
    • Cigarettes at $12.00 a pack? Where do you live? Certainly it's not on Cape Cod! If your "research"(A guess maybe?) is that bad for the price of cigarettes here (all you have to do is look at the price at any gas station, convenience store, Pharmacy, [...]
  • Jack And His Filthy Pig... (Caleb's Island)
    • Glad to see you finally got your filthy pig back, as I know it's been loose for quite some time! This guy from Animal Control was nice enough to bring him back home to you, I hope you thanked him. BTW....could you explain what this crap that you post [...]
  • Jack And Photoshop.... (Caleb's Island)
    • How very clever Jack...you took one of my Photoshop creations and modified it! I don't know what you're using for a photo editor, but it's gotta be one of the shittiest ones out there...or more likely you simply don't know what you're doing. This is [...]
  • Homeless on Cape Cod (W.Dennis)
    • the problem with the homeless on the cape is the numbers are growing faster than the services,it used to be that a few dozen (mostly in hyannis) homeless people were the only ones needing help,after all the economics crap that number is more like a f [...]
  • Homeless OP
    • As the OP of the Homeless question, I am shocked at how little legitimate response there has been on this "rant and rave" forum, instead, in checking for replies, being subjected to the daily barrage of crap from the one or two disturbed losers who d [...]
    • Thanks for the heads up.

I also got an instant EMail threatening That I better have back up about "my complaint SHOULD IT BE NECCESSARY TO GO TO COURT" My "complaint " was actually AN ACCOUNT OF MY EXPERIENCE. CUT THE CRAP. NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO [...]

  • RE: look out!!! a filthy pig in Falmouth.
    • Whoa... what is your deal man? Why all the fuss? If he's as bad as you say, people will figure that out. You seem a bit obsessed, with this guy. Did he hurt you that badly? You need to let it go. You're starting to sound a little, no wait a lot CRAZY [...]
  • RE: look out!!! a filthy slob in falmouth.
    • Dude??? WTF? Leave this guy alone. So he turned you down. Get a life. Move on. He's a great guy. Clean, cute , a nice house and gives the best head, I've ever had. Stop the hate, Leave him alone and let everyone make up their own minds. You'll find s [...]
    • We are offering a reward of Free Ice Cream For Life to any person that supplies information leading to the arrest of whoever broke into Polar Cave Ice Cream in Mashpee early Friday morning.

Someone knows who did it, be a hero and turn them in!

Other states are sure to follow suit with completely electronic tolls. Do you see any advantage to still having EZ Pass? [...]

DSL was $50.00 a month , Comcast wants $94.00 just for internet , and a bad attitude. My DSL is just as fast cable ,but who is to say my Comcast was running properly. Both company's su [...]

bikini_maids(at)mail(dot)com Phone: Dan show contact info

  • RE: Verizon Horror Story (Cape) 100yr
    • Verizon has had the idea to drive all of it's customers from it's copper network. Either by offering Fios, or just referring them to Comcast. They do not want to maintain the outdated copper pair telephone cable that you see hanging from pole to pole [...]
  • RE: the pig is still loose.
    • What is wrong with you ??? Why do you care so much?? I think this guy really fuck you up by rejecting you. POOOR YOU.. Fucking MAN up and move on. Really....WTF !!!! Stop all this bullshit. Hey. are YOU , this NORRIS MAX, everyone is talking about?? [...]
  • Scumbag that broke into Polar Cave (Mashpee)
    • It's just a matter of time until they find you. Turn yourself in! You would get free ice cream for life I hear from the owner. Bet one of your friends would turn you in for that much ice cream! You know they will.

Did you buy some Band Aids? Ouch be [...]

  • Oh!...lookee here... ("Nantucket" flap-jaws back)
    • Check it out!...the sissies from Nu Yawk, or Roe Dielin, or Lung Eyelan, or wherever the fuck they claim they're from this week -- you know...the disgrunted little pukes you used to beat up in school, and are all grown up and mad at Cape Cod now (a c [...]
  • RE: a filthy slob in Falmouth
    • Hey man. What is wrong with you? Why are you so concerned about this guy? Sounds like sour grapes to me. This guy has been servicing me for years. Trust me I am clean and happy and so is he .Get over it. And BTW? Get a fucking life!!!
  • Nantucket Time (Islands of fun) 50yr
    • Will be flying over to the Island shortly. Thank god that I don't have to deal with the cape traffic and all that crap. Looks like we will arrive in time for some nice dining. I may do a clam bake on the shore this weekend depending on how much time [...]
  • Family Outcast (Cape Cod)
    • So again events occur and you can't attend. Your family detests you, your cousins think your a complete whack job and your aunts and uncles all know the story.

Sad, everyone will be there and no one will even ask how you are or if we've seen you. Y [...]

  • What was that? (Up Uranus)
    • Wordswordswordswordswordsandsomemorewordsholyshitlookatallthewordswhyamidingthisihavenoideamybrothergotbittenbyagiraffewordsworfsohnoihavetotakeashitsobye!
  • This Weekend: Take Your Hard-Earned Money to Better Places! (Yarmouth)
    • This weekend folks, screw fighting the traffic and the idiot drivers from New York and Connecticut! Why fight traffic to drive over to Captain Parkers because you think they have the best chowder? You can actually buy the chowder at local stores, and [...]
  • about the "731" ad comments
    • I hope you also contacted the OP of the 731 ads as well as coming on here to question their legality and validity. Possibly they are not aware of your concerns without direct contact through their ad's contact address. Best of luck.

I have been in t [...]

  • Homeless?
    • Dear OP, don't waste your time posting actual rants and raves here looking for a serious, informed, mature discussion. This is a playground for the local mental cases, basket cases, head cases, crack heads, loonies, physically inadequate and therefor [...]
  • Tavern 731 bartender opening (Cape Cod) 40yr
    • I have been bartending for nearly 10 years and continue to see your job postings week after week after week. Maybe you don't get any respondents because people are insulted that you ask for a photo and can only assume they will get the position only [...]
  • Verizon Horror Story
    • I had Comcast cable and internet , my deal ran out.

Verizon was running an ad for telephone internet and cable $115 .00 month I called they said there wasn't fios on the Cape but they had A DSL, Telephone, Direct TV deal. I said ok lets do it , th [...]

Grow up! How about you? What do you stand for? Fuckin Idiot.....................

"... Hey...we ALL wish/fantasize that we could drive someone off a bridge at some point in our lives, but we all know that we, unlike a Kennedy that you want to make a diety out of, can't REALLY do it. ..."

  • [...]

Here it is, a summer weekend coming up. Can't wait to get over to Nantucket. The worst part is having to drive thru the cape to get there. All the poor locals with service industry jobs that don't make any money so the [...]

  • Crackheads in Yarmouth (South Yarmouth)
    • Lately, there seems to be an increase of little punk dealers riding around on bicycles in yarmouth--and in our own neighborhoods! I watched two deals take place the other day while little kids played outside on the front lawn of their house. Never th [...]
  • Homeless on Cape Cod?
    • After being accosted yet again by a bum with a cellphone and smoking a butt (at what, $12 a pack?) for money, I have to wonder about these people on Cape Cod. Namely:

1. How many "homeless" are there on Cape Cod? 2. How many are native to the Cape? [...]

  • Re: "re: Kennedy intruder..." (all over the place) 57yr
    • Obviously, YOU - the responder to the original post - don't get the joke. You're SO busy living the hype that was the Kennedy family that you don't realize what THE REST OF US realize about that line: it was a humourous little quip that, unlike THE R [...]
  • Nautica and the Conundrums (Over at the Haba)
    • Yep, WE know all who the troll is...We know HIM not HER....a nautical tyrant on a Craigs List Cape Cod Tyrade...Arrgh....Matey..........it won't last forever...........Argh...this view looks familiar..........eh?


Theres Gunna Be Booze, Dope & Hoe's Come on Down To The Trailer Park! !

Why is that? Are you jealous of the Kennedys? It's too bad you are underprivileged and have been uninvited to the "compound" for so many years. The l [...]

"RE look out!!! a filthy slob in falmouth Guy. What is you're deal??? This guy gives the BEST head. He is cute and clean. WTF??? Just because he turned y [...]

  • Kennedy Intruder (mid cape)
    • Somehow I always pictured people trying to break OUT of the Kennedy Compound..........
  • Looking for daddy's girl (South shore)
    • White male, early 40's, looking for that special girl that wants to be spoiled and pampered by daddy
  • Re w Dennis beach (W Dennis)
    • Than don't ride your bike on the beach if u don't like it, problem solved, ..........................................
  • Re: Donut Conundrum (YARMOUTH)
    • Nautical reference??? Hmm.....now..............We know this is not CCM, or Captain Caleb...We know this is NOT MR the Retard from the Tech School.........WE know this is not the Commander of the Districts (or as you put it District 6), WE know this i [...]
  • All this "East Yarmouth" blab (Land of Jesiah)
    • Listen..in NO way does that shitstain hole-in-the-wall contagious-disease-ridden shack known as the 28 Club represent us on the other side of the Bass River in ANY way, shape, or form. Have you ever seen the cretins that go in there during the day... [...]
  • West Dennis Beach a disgrace (West Dennis)
    • unbelievable an disgusting is the only words that come to mind,recently (Saturday) i took a bike ride down to the beach..1/3 of it is shut down for those stupid plovers,the tourist area was pristine (clean..no trash,no seaweed),the tiny section assig [...]
  • Coffee Shops (Cape Cod)
    • Is it too much to ask, that we have a coffee shop that stays open past 9pm on this worthless island?
  • the DD conundrum (District 6)
    • Whomever posted these 3 different posts is not from Cape Cod or even the "Dunkin Donuts" service area or is exceedingly stupid. Anyone who has been in 95% of the DD's around and ALL the DD's on the cape knows why!! Should I tell this fool how and why [...]
  • Postings and the Like... (East YAW-MOUTH)
    • Here is the resident troll #2 making posts again about the other troll's posts...when is it going to end? Who is this commander guy you keep nitpicking about?

How about you both go roll around in some donut batter at the Patriot Square Dunkin Donuts [...]

You must be getting ready to head to the doughnut shop to make the doughnuts all the slobs will come in to get this morning. Don't forget the senior and cop discounts! Do you work at the one in Patriot Square? I want [...]

  • Re: Hungry Yet? (Yaw-Mouth)
    • It appears the troll is back folks, stirring up more crap..someone has a lot of free time on their hands...

Am I Hungry, no not right now. Who is that supposed to be?? Attempt at dry humor, or copying someone elses' pictures? Did you pick up that do [...]

  • Aren't you hungry yet?? (District 6)
    • Yum yum, no bullshit, no exaggerations, no judgments, just a fresh fucking donut. Eat up commander bullshit! You know what I'm talking about! Has JM called you yet? You did prove me correct, you are a liar!!!!
  • re: Fred (Cotuit)
    • After reading the marginally literate post about Fred I had to drive through his neighborhood and see what the commotion was about. An address is easy enough to find via a multitude of internet sources, and the ride is but a few miles. I won't repeat [...]
  • Why Do You Post This Stuff Jack? (Caleb's Island)
    • Two "RE's" to a post that never existed. This is more of the Wizard's weird bullshit...

"RE: Beware a pig is loose. (Falmouth) Dude, what is your problem? Just because he turned you down? Get over it. This guy gives the best head I've ever had. He' [...]

  • re hey jack (huh??)
    • Wow! All those words, and still nobody gives a shit. You must be proud of all that meaningless crap you call "posts".

Are you dead yet? No? Keep working on it, your family can't wait for you to go! Ok? TERRIFIC!!!!!

  • green jaguar for sale at side of the road (Dennis/yarmouth/barnstable) 45yr
    • So this weekend a friend of ours offered us a free hotel room at Ocean Edge for Saturday night. Don't know how they ended up with it but we jumped at the chance and went down with the two kids on Saturday afternoon, had a great time, and drove back u [...]
  • Hey Jack... (Caleb's Island)
    • I see you flagged my posts from yesterday, much as I figured that a spineless coward like you would. I came home today and saw them zapped, and you had a post up saying that you were sick of my tirades, and that I should kill myself. Your post got fl [...]
  • Re: DENNIS DUNKIN DONUTS (East Dennis) 33yr
  • Re: Caleb/CCM (G)
    • commander here....no beef with you CCM (or Dave or the like)..glad to see you were working hard around the way like the rest of us (except that wizards guy you call em)...I believe B&B and the gay guy is one the same..For Parker's, well I think I kno [...]
  • Re: Dunks. Did someone say... (K3L50)
    • ....FOWL?

Ha but really. Yeah, the place looks a mess in that picture, I will agree. And as I've worked as a server in a few different restaurants here and there over the course of my life (I'm expecting some resident douchetard here to say, "LOL U [...]


  • While waiting for coffee
    • So there I was standing in line at DD in XXXXXXXXXXXXX when I noticed a guy dressed in an all black suit. At first I figured it was a funeral director until I noticed he had a flesh colored ear bud in one ear trailing a curly pigtail that disappeared [...]
  • I like Captain Caleb (Hyannis) 23yr
    • Just wanted to say I like the Captain. He's quick witted. Hope of have a beer with him some day on the USS Mud Duck.
  • Beautiful morning (Harwichport)
    • Did anyone else see the full moon last night? It was really bright and looked huge, especially when it first rose. Today looks like it's going to be a perfect day. It's nice and unusually quiet in my neighborhood so far this morning. Have a good day [...]
  • why are drivers so stupid?? (Hyannis)
    • would someone please explain to me why drivers in Hyannis are complete f&*ing idiots when it comes to making illegal left hand turns? Case in point: Route 132, Christmas Tree Shop, McDonald's & Harbor Freight. All 3 stores have "no left turn" signs & [...]
  • RE: Re: Puzzles Getting Solved (Dennisport)
    • Why would the guy (or woman) who says he (or she) reported you to both CL and CP's possibly need a lawyer? What do you intend to sue them for? Hurting your feelings? Calling you out? Exposing you for attempting to ruin other people's lives, jobs, bus [...]
  • White 4 Door F-150 (longpond rd Harwich)
    • Passing me at approx 80 mph then slamming on the brakes and burning out in reverse. Oh yeah I yelled slow the F down and pointed to the hi-way. I hope you hit a tree and not a person. I would have stayed on the road but a psyco like would run over so [...]
  • Credibility ..... (Truro Dunes)
    • ..... is just about impossible to regain once it's lost. I read the CP posts, the "Commander" changed his story multiple times. It's sad to see someone so obsessed by revenge that they sacrifice the truth and consume themselves in the process while t [...]
  • Fred (Cotuit) 100yr
    • What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Its not nice to rant and rave about good people.
  • Confusion reigns supreme....
    • .... about the Cappy Park poster! I mean I just read about 34,761 posts and re's and re re's and re re re's, all posted in the last month and 1/2! holy crap, looks to me like the "distrust" guy got nailed big time on this one! You said a lot of times [...]
  • Re: Puzzles Getting Solved (You're an Idiot!)
    • Ok folks here we go...........MR the Retard or Donut Boy behind this last post..

1. I am not the poster of the men posts, that is someone else, let's get that straight you goof. 2. I am not the poster of the B&B Pizza crap or anything of the like, [...]

  • puzzles getting solved
    • So is "jack" really a pre-op "Jackie"? That's the only thing about it that makes any sense at all! He is the poster of those "only for men" and "real men wanted" and "Let's have fun" ads and getting more customers so he can save up for his "pussy" su [...]
  • brewster aka rooster aka coksukker (brewster) 47yr
    • jackie? you need nurse jackie to administer some lethal meds to you caleb... you paranoid cop groupie . caleb you have more aliases than jeffry dahmer and gacy your idols . caleb is the principle shit stirrer here folks .
  • Answer Pants the Fucktard
    • Go screw off buddy! Funny how you're not the keyboard commando yet today...what happened? Where is CCM? Shitsmell Birdbrain?

Where is everyone? Let's unite against this resident Craigs List Security Troll!! Let's all get a lawyer, and send him email [...]

  • in a funk (east falmouth) 50yr
    • My life sucks.I'm a blue collar worker who has worked hard all my life Im married and have kids,always try to do the right thing.I don't lie or steal,so someone please tell me what have I done that is so wrong that I am always behind the "8 ball", it [...]
  • RE:School St Laser (Cape)
    • I went there this past winter. Coupon bait and switch.

While he did not work on me, I was encouraged to get extra "firming" services and I told the girl that this was unaffordable for me, so there was a negotiation for cash, and there was a terrible [...]

  • Re: Answers
    • You get a lawyer you retard...it's ok for you to threaten everyone that makes actual review posts (which is not in violation of the CL Terms of Use) and claim to be sending all the businesses a message on their websites "because you want more busines [...]
  • laser wrinkle-remover: DANGER!! (hyannis) 62yr
    • The laser treatment given by the man on School St in Hyannis is DANGEROUS and fake!!! Don't waste your money. He burned my eyelids and gave my eyes more wrinkles and bigger bags under my eyes than I had before. [He said, "Most places only go over you [...]
  • Re: Captain Parker's (We all Know They Suck)
    • What gets me is we get this jackass that sits there at his keyboard (must be at work because I see a network connection icon on the lower right box on his desktop) then he has about 10 craigslist pages open in his internet explorer if you look closel [...]
  • I Think It's Becoming Obvious Jack...
    • More than a couple of people in here are sick and tired of your bullshit, and we're all wise to your little troll-tricks...here's a good example:

"BEWARE: Only for men . - 38 (E. Falmouth) This sad MAN can't seem to get it through HIS head , that " [...]

  • BEWARE: Only for men . (E. Falmouth) 38yr
    • This sad MAN can't seem to get it through HIS head, that "STRAIGHT" men , DON'T fuck MEN. Wear all the panties and make-up you want . YOU are a MAN. With a COCK !!!! No condoms. Go ahead and get an STD....you've been warned !!!!
  • illegals are now ok? (USA)
    • So Boston is going to pass a law which prohibits cops from detaining illegal immigrants. What the fuck? This country is being taken right out from under our feet and everyone is just happy go lucky with that. How fucking awesome. Try asking one of th [...]
  • Review: Captain Parker's (Yarmouth)
    • If you are looking for a great place to go eat, GO ELSEWHERE OR SIT IN THE DINING ROOM! Don't fool yourself because you think the chowder is good..don't go there for the chowder or the LOUSY SERVICE FROM THE DICKHEAD BARTENDER/MANAGER ROGER G. who tr [...]

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