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craigslist | rants & raves in cape cod / islands

  • re: my condolences (you sir, are a fucktard)
    • "Any person with even an 8th grade education THAT SEEN this site". Really asshat? You actually think you can accuse people of noy having enough brain cells, when you yourself cant write a fucking sentence?? Look in the mirror shitstain, THAT'S the pe [...]
  • My condolences (CC ) 42yr
    • The brain cell challenged have overcome this r and r section of craigslist . Any person with even an 8th grade education that seen this site would either be laughing confused or depressed at the level of stupidity that exists here . What happened her [...]
  • Bearded hoe-bag skanks
    • A quick question about your skanky pig-bitch crack whores...

Oh wait U's calls ems hos... Now do they actually share the needles they shoot up with or do they each have there own? Oh yeah one more question do the real ugly faced ones cost the same [...]

  • Bearded way whores
    • Oh them bitches is fine,you don't have ta pay that kind of money ,you can get some ass for lot less.
  • april 18th (orleans0)
    • Just Curious, why not post your whine on the Boston CL page?. After all, that is where your "tragedy" took place. You didnt post there, because you are a fucking piece of lying shit. Go away, and stay there.
  • april 18th (sandwich )
    • I think, based on what Ive read here, that your fraudulent post has been exposed. Its so fraught with bullshit sentiment, it can't be true. You are NOT a victim, stop milking off the tit of this tragedy. You are OFFENSIVE to the Nth degree, please go [...]
  • april 18th (enough is enough)
    • I think Ive had my fill of this non stop, memorial to the Marathon bombings thst have been on every minute, on every media outlet in this state. 911 didnt get this much attention on itd 1 yr anniversery. And Im sick of eveybody in this state claiming [...]
  • April 18th 27yr
    • Ok. I get it, I posted in the wrong place. I feel sorry for you all being such cruel people. I hope the world treats you all more kindly than you've treated me. There are good people out there. I hope you all find the path that leads you to become ha [...]
  • april 18th (I agree)
    • Yep, she sounds like a twat, trolling for sympathy, I mean seriously, how do we know if she is, who she claims to be.
  • What Happened In Here...
    • What happened you might ask...

Well, you're right about the lil wiggers driving everyone out. There are a couple of idiots in here that pounce on anything they can, I can't even imagine how they act in the real world. We had a couple of entertaining [...]

  • RE: april 18th ... go to a s.o.s meeting (serious) 33yr
    • Get out of craigslist and go to an s.o.s meeting "survivors of suicide " they are everywhere and help immensely if either you lost someone to suicide or are contemplating it yourself. But have some common sense and stay out of this freak show..
  • re: re: re:April 18th
    • Again with the whining. Is there no end to your crap? Look lady, dont take it out on me because the meaning of the words RANTS and RAVES is fucking lost on you. When you see either of those words, do either one remotely resemble the word VENT??? And [...]
  • RE: brazil, wheres the intelligence ? (Cape Canaveral) 29yr
    • What happened on this post ? same bull shit every day ... whores , bearse way , lil wiggers are driving the intelligent posters out of here .
  • Cape Brazil (dunkin do nots ) 71yr
    • WTF is going on here ? any original and logical or real posts ? Bunch of wet brained clowns. Wheres shit bird and his cap'n gayleb or the silver beach drunks?
  • re: bearded way hoes (in your ass)
    • Shut the fuck up with this shit already. The 10 people a day on here don't give a fuck about your posts, so go suck a dick. And learn to spell, you illiterate fuck.
  • bearded way hoes (hyannis)
    • Excuse me fuckface! Did i hurt your feelings? Why did you flag does your mother work there?
  • Bearded way posts (Hyannis) 55yr
    • You think you so smart, using this board as advertising for you flea bag whore house.

The police monitor this site just like you crack heads. You're only setting yourselves up. Gaurentee you're going to get busted. You're telling on yourselves and t [...]

  • wtf Bearses way whores
    • Everybody knows about them whore's ! There is one big whore house on Bearses way that is very popular don't know the number but they call it the candy shop.Bring you rubbers in the front out the back,keep them moving.
  • re:re: April 18th
    • While I believe the last reply on this could've been phrased much more sympathetically I do have to agree wiyh the premise. This is "Rants &Raves.

", not "Lets take a walk down memory lane. Its Friday for crying out loud, lets keep it light, and hum [...]

  • re: April 18th
    • Oh jeeze, not this crap again, enough already with this shit! Anybody have any RANTS or RAVES??? Last time I checked, thats what this section is called for fucks sake.
  • re: suicide post
    • "No matter what is going on in your life" blah blah blah. Just one less junkie throwing dirty needles in the street. Good riddance to the asshole. More of his kind should follow his lead, be a much better cape because of it.
  • suicide post
    • no matter what is going on in your life, suicide isn't the answer. I can understand disappointment and feeling there is no hope...but there are people who care about you and nothing is worth taking your own life over...

To those who post otherwise.. [...]

They have been standing at intersections holding signs. They say it's a retirement sale. I think I saw Mrs Gladstone holding one near Kmart. I saw an old lady holding a sign , wearing what looked to me to be a p [...]

  • Charlie and Jill Crovo are thieves (Osterville) 25yr
    • Charlie and Jill Crovo are thieves!! Stay away from Bush Gardens and Osterville Design Group formerly Dunhill building they are low life ghetto thieves!
  • Expect to pay more for you stuff 58yr
    • The Democrats just gave Public Unoin Employees an increased retirement package. This will be paid for by the private sector tax payer. They make more, we make less.
  • nips/trash in yarmouth (glennwood/grove st) 27yr
    • To the lazy slob that throws his/her nip bottles and snack trash on the ground daily.. Don't worry while i was working my job today i noticed your litter and took my time to collect it all and dispose of it like a normal person should. There is a tra [...]
  • back page hoes (hyannis)
    • Go to back page cape cod and get your self a hoe! No they don't charge anything for sucking on you knob,you just pay them to be your friend and that is not what you think.SO FUCK OFF
  • Re: Foreigners (everywhere) (Cape Cod)
    • Obviously, you've either never met any real Russian women or, if you have, you approached them with your head up your ass and they didn't want anything to do with you; otherwise you wouldn't be bad-mouthing them. I personally have found them to be ex [...]
  • @ This Friday
    • Don't give up! Being lonely is awful, but things could change anytime. Please call a suicide hotline and PLEASE don't listen to the mean moron who posted go ahead.
  • Re: housing 52yr
    • I could not have said that better myself. I completely agree. I own a property in hyannis and ive run into this same problem. I will not rent to non local people anymore. The last two years ive rented out to russians and occasically some irelanders. [...]
  • bearses way (hyannis)
    • Some of those girls are hot, one in particular Is super hot! Leave them alone and let them do there job. Haters

Keep it up girls

Housing For J1-NOPE (Brewster) BEWARE if you are considering this. It is a crap shoot and ha [...]

  • married home wrecker (brewster) 30yr
    • I'm Sorry but if you're already married with kids, having an AFFAIR with MY HUSBAND makes you a tramp!
  • socialism (USA)
    • Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory int [...]

  • Re: Heroin dealer scumbags (Once again, the revolving door!)
    • Yeah, I recognized that thug Perry from last December when he got popped at the International Inn. Same MO, hiding the shit outside the motel room, thinking he would fool the cops. Hey Andy, it didn't work last time, try a new trick! Once again, a ca [...]
  • re: Shirley Reine (Karmaville) (Falmouth) 53yr
    • You should really know the facts first before you judge. She was not killed by karma it was strictly greed. Like I said..... before you say sh*t know the facts
  • Bearses Way Hyannis (sluts)
    • Leave dem dare bitches lone,I be dar pimp a eyes make doe from doze dar bitches so does ya here me?
  • Little bags of Poop (Hyannis)
    • Thank you for picking up after your dogs at the beach, that is so very kind of you! Nothing worse than stepping in dog shit while walking on the beach.

Now take the little bags of shit with you asshole! Please don't leave it at every entrance to the [...]

  • Good Sunday (C C C L R R )
    • Good Day everyone! Enough of this bullshit Eldredge and Muir and Galeb bullshit..who are you people, where do you come from?

Trash train leaves at 7:00. Be on it you phuk-nuts. A Sunday Morning Phuck-Yoo to: Hiramar Scumbags, East End of Hyannis Di [...]

  • Heroin dealer scumbagss
    • Really andrew perry and jon bridge arrested again?? Am i supposed to be shocked. Typical cape cod losers that will be in and out of jail the rest of their lives. Do us all a favor and just keep those losers in jail for life. Along with kevin robie an [...]
  • Bearses Way Hoe's
    • I know the place and yes there is some hoe's there.I walk by and you can always smell pot .Let those hoe's alone .
  • RE: Forget Those Hookers
    • You know back in the day hookers sure did dress

up purdy'. But. all that sex and stuff really wears on the body. In that post referenced here, here is what the lady in the dark dress to the left in the picture looks like now. SOOOOO Sad...... A [...]

  • Rachet Cape Cod Bitches (Scum bucketss)
    • Whats with all these nasty ass rachet bitches that want to bail "their man" out of the slammer. "Free my baby!" "Keep your head up boo!" Really? "Your man" is obviously a complete disgrace to society if hes currently in jail for drugs or stealing. Th [...]
  • Forget Those Hookers On Bearses Way... (Party Like A Sea Captain! )
    • The folks at Eldridge & Muir are always looking for a way to please the public (and make a quick buck off the tourists), so we have recreated a historically-correct 19'th century bordello! It's a trip back to the days of old, when men where men, and [...]
  • Bearses Way Hyannis
    • You may not get much response until they wake up over in that area.I would check back when Jerry Springer is on ( like 3) then most of of them are up.
  • Hey Captain. Where is your Boat?
    • Heeeellllllllloooooooooo. Captain? Where are you BIG BOY?

I saved a spot for you to tie your boat up. And, you can tie me up if you want to.... Yesssum Captaino'... Hollar at me soon!!

Come Sail The High Seas With The Captain! (The Caleb Zone) That's right folks, the Eldridge & Muir Trading Post is proud to announce the grand open [...]

Aspen Dental is in my future... Honey Bunny... Easter is just around the corner.

  • Worried About Home Invasion? (We Have The Solution!)
    • Are you a Cape Cod opiate dealer who worries about home invasion? If not, perhaps you should be! You never know when one of your drug-crazed "customers" might come to your home in the middle of the night, knowing that you have lots of dope and cash o [...]
  • Come Sail The High Seas With The Captain! (The Caleb Zone)
    • That's right folks, the Eldridge & Muir Trading Post is proud to announce the grand opening of Cape Cod's first and only medical marijuana dispensary, The Caleb Zone! We stock only the finest grades of Cannabis Sativa (up to 25 varieties), always the [...]
  • Bearses way hyannis
    • Hey anyone need some good drugs??? A good piece of ass?? Well try bearses way there a girl there giving head in the parking lot out back actually she gives good head for 50 you can get laid as well just go in the house (free nitety too) you can have [...]
  • Sue Fisher needs to slow down 60yr
    • As I was driving down route 6 in Eastham the other day a big red car flew past me and I caught Sue Fisher for something...further up I saw the car had pulled into the Eastham town offices.

More politics..... It's just who you know. Why the hell can [...]

  • Brockton By The Sea... (Scott Jean)
    • Meet Mr. Scott Jean, another classic example of the revolving door at the Barnstable Court House. Below is the official Barnstable PD Press Release of his latest adventure...

"On 4/9/14, BPD Narcotics Detectives were conducting surveillance in Hyann [...]

Understand and if you shop the BULLSHIT SALE you will see there are no BIG SAVINGS, just regular prices. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 WASHINGTOM W=1 A=2 S=3 H=4 I=5 N [...]

Dis is Stuart Goldberg, my friends call me "Shady Stu". I can't practice in New York anymore (long story), so I moved to Cape Cod and set up an office in Hyannis. My practice is basically criminal defense and liability cases (slip and fall, dog [...]

Take a look at this nice write up ;-) http://welcometobarnstable.blogspot.com/2009/07/michael-okeefe-you-are-b [...]

  • home invasions
    • Why is there so little information about all of the recent home invasions? First Keating Road, then Bearses Way and Skunknet. Are they all random? Pretty freaking scary if so. It seems like there is very little in the way of updates from the police a [...]
  • reB and B Pizza (West Main Street Hyannis)
    • The place sucks. The owner is an ahole who treats his help like crap and his wife is a real see ya next tuesday. I know this from the posts that are on here. The only people who go there are the tourists. Speaking of tourism, the cape is nothing more [...]
  • More mass attacks with knives. (Cape Cod)
    • Quick....let's outlaw all knives!

If somebody get's killed with a mechanical pencil, we'll have to start regulating the ammo, er, I mean lead...

When calling in a drunk driver that you may see on the road, you may not want to give your name because all it will get you is and upaid day off from work (Summons) and questionable protection from retaliation from the defendant. The defendan [...]

/article/2013/01/17/16560-alleged-dennisport-business-burglar-caught-red-handed has been through the trial?

  • This fucking sucks
    • Why is it so hard to buy weed? I bet if I was looking for smack I'd already have it.

Now I'm sure some holier than thou assmunch is going to equate the two, my response to you is to go pick up the liquor bottles you toss on the road

  • I'm here to ask BO supporters 58yr
    • So you voted for Obama, once maybe twice. How is it going for you? Is your life better? can you afford a vacation in Hawaii? Do you have more money? Truth is no. We all have less discretionary income and guess what, this is now excepted as the new no [...]
  • Obama's "recovery" (USA)
    • This week marks five years since the New York Stock Exchange hit its low point at the bottom of the financial crash that erupted with the collapse of Lehman Brothers investment bank. On March 6, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its post-col [...]
  • Obama....Let's check the results shall we??? (USA)
    • We now owe $ 17 trillion in debt even though Obama said $10 trillion was wrong and he voted against a debt ceiling increase.....

We now have 48 million on food stamps.... We now have more people in poverty than ever before... He never closed Gitmo [...]

  • BEWARE: Only for men. (E. Falmouth)
    • First of all "straight" men don't fuck other men, no matter how passable they are. This one is NOT passable in the dark, very poor hygiene and only wants BB. No condom, look at his pics. Stay away for this sad MAN. Bad, bad juju.
  • Don't
    • Please don't play with yourself. You will end up with

bad eyesight. At least, that is what my eye doctor told me.

    • There is no discrimination when it comes to purps throwing their unwanted anything out the car window. It comes out of reject shitboxes to $100K imports. My guess is 8 out of 10 Massholes do this daily. #1 on the list is cigarette related crap and #2 [...]
  • I need a haircut
    • I really need to find a good hair cutter.

Please post if ya'all know any... Thanks

  • Re: Trash In Yarmouth
    • I can't tell you how many of those Smirnoff Nip Bottles are all over Yarmouth. 1/2 the people buying them smell like weed, or shoot up..Nermind all the rest of thr scum migrating down 28 from Hiramar. And, the local restaurants can't get the immigran [...]
  • Re Road Trash (W Yarmouth)
    • How about the nip bottles every 5 feet? Someone is going to die very soon because of that.

Yes, someone will die very soon because of all the nip bottles tossed everywhere.

  • Road Trash (W Yarmouth)
    • The Cape is covered with litter thrown from cars Kathleen Parrish likes low fat fig bars and maintains her grill with Dental Quest She has the audacity to throw her trash out in a sealed ziplock bag just minutes from home
  • Sunday AM Rants on C C C L R R
    • 1. Bird Brain Gunnawanna: Get lost you loser, people keeping flagging the punk.

2. Joe's Fish Market: Burn it down, with him in it. 3. Funeral Home: Old News. 4. Caleb - WTF are you? 5. Gay Infactuation Poster from Upper Cape Area/Falmouth: Get l [...]

  • re: William "scam"woods sr the dentist?
    • William Woods, the accused scam artist with a long criminal history, is not the same person as Dr Woods in Sandwich. The Cape Cod Times story which stated that Woods, the criminal, lives in Sandwich, is most likely a mistake. They are very good at ma [...]
  • Re: Joes Fisk Mkt (Cape/ Sandwich)
    • How disappointing and disgusting this whole story has been. As a native Cape Codder, I have gone to Joes for as long as I can remember, those days are over! How could he have ever done this not only to his customers but to all the local shell fisherm [...]
  • William "scam"woods sr the dentist?
    • Is this the same guy that is an orthodontist in Sandwich and south Yarmouth ? Pretty terrible thing to do, ripping off an old lady
  • Father and son scam artists
    • William Woods Jr and Sr will be going to trial on May 27 in Orleans District Court. They are accused of scamming an 87 year old Dennis woman out of nearly 40,000 dollars. These two bottom feeders have long criminal records for everything from drugs t [...]
  • Bird-brain Persona (Grade School) 2yr
    • No one here thinks you're witty or funny in fact, your moronic sputum has always annoyed everyone. That's why your idiotic gibberish continually gets flagged. Get some new material you phuking loser!
  • Re But Jim Gordon, and those who pimp for him
    • Jim Gordon? He's got some pretty wild and powerful people supporting him. This Wayne guy is a backer of him. He's a billionaire and I hear he's a little batshit crazy

Maybe we should plant some tulips on the windmills and all wear leader hosen smoke [...]

  • RE: Stop destroying Cape Cod (Nantucket Sound)
    • Vinyl siding and modern building destroying the Cape? Really? The epidemic of opiod drugs and associated crime are destroying the quality of life here far more than vinyl siding. But an even more insidious future could await Cape Codders.

CapeWind, [...]

  • Private club rude post (Mid cape)
    • Post from private club looking for "energetic & professional" bartenders says don't bother to apply if you've worked every restaurant on cape.

How rude! I have worked multiple bars on cape and have quite fond memories of previous seasons with rehire [...]

  • Re stop destroying the Cape
    • What's destroying the cape is people who to keep it in a time bubble. People who only want to have a tourism industry. You know what's destroying the cape? All the nip bottles and heroin needles lining the roads. Those are symptoms of addiction, whic [...]
  • stop destroying the Cape
    • vinyl siding and modern building will ruin the charm it will end up looking like NJ and NY
  • Beware shawn higgins fired from tim higgins tree service stealing and (cape cod)
    • Beware shawn higgins was fired from tim Higgins tree service before Christmas he knocks on doors to get tree work. If he worked for u and your house was broken into after tree work or jewelry stolen call police detective Murphy .don't hire call polic [...]
  • Napa
    • NAPA know how!!!! They know how to help you get you all the parts you need to get the job finished.
  • Joe's Lobster Mart (Sandwich) 145yr
    • restaurant owner Joseph Vaudo pleaded guilty to a charge of receiving stolen oysters...

Fuck You Joe!

  • Station Ave. Shell (A Question)
    • Someone posted the other day that they failed a RMV sting, Jeep with a rotted frame. The poster even went on to say that the employees told the RMV guy to "fuck off".

This morning someone said that his mother-in-law flunked yesterday because of bad [...]

  • Station Ave Shell (S Yarm)
    • I have been there once, place is kind of shady. Seems like there's a lot of unhappy customers out there. That whole front brake metal to metal story is crazy and can't believe how dishonest they are. No go for me, don't trust.
  • napa (So yarmouth)
    • I use Orleans Auto for most of our cars, counter guys are ok but they don't stock anything. They never have a pair of anything in stock. I tried to use those guys but just don't offer enough parts same day, it's always I can get one from Hyannis, jus [...]
  • How to find a court report (Orleans)
    • Any idea how you find out the court report from Orleans this past week? Cannot seem to find anywhere on the web to get the info.
  • re: Station Avenue Shell (Yarmouth)
    • looks like they got their feathers ruffled..lol. My mother in law took her car there yesterday for inspection. They told her that her front brakes were metal to metal. So I (her son in law & master technician with a well known dealer in Hyannis) took [...]
  • Nip Bottles (My street) 50yr
    • Yup! I also have noticed this trashy behavior. I know one individual in my area who has been reported to the BPD. Lets see what happens ...Somewhat of a minor issue considering all the trouble in Hy-town... But still, what a piece of crap you lousy l [...]

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