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  • Palmetto Cup Shirt at Golds - m4m (Charleston)
    • You were wearing a palmetto cup TShirt at the gym this afternoon. Gave you a few head nods when we passed each other. Not sure if you are into bi stuff but hit me up if you can be discreet.
  • Roper Downtown Katelyn - m4w (Downtown Charleston)
    • You waited with my mother and I as I was being discharged from the hospital. You were beautiful and so kind. You grew in Ravenel and live on James Island. If it's you, please tell me the random thing that was going on with our car or another car that [...]
  • Piechmonte in Crowfield - m4w
    • I. Rang the doorbell but I mustn't of push the button hard enough so I knocked you were doing dishes and showed great appreciation that I had arrived let me know what I brought to you i'm married and pretty sure you are toojust wanting to know if you [...]
  • Hope at Chic-fil-a in Summerville - m4w
    • Saw you this morning and you are a simply beautiful girl. I know you probably want see this but had to say it. Gorgeous girl!
  • Black Biker at Club NV (Hwy 78) - m4m (summerville) 41yr
    • Amazing Black Daddy on sharp motorcycle at Club NV. Curious if any one know how I can meet Him - usually parked in front around lunch time. Can a white boy enter, Sir?

Very discrete, and most confidential. Respect!

  • I miss you! - w4m
    • I miss you! Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. ******************************and a bunch of asterisks because I had nothing more to say! :)
  • Juliana Renee - m4w (summerville)
    • Saw your FB post good luck with the groove someone will be a lucky man with all you can give
  • blue covers the gray - m4w (summerville) 45yr
    • I should have asked for your number but rejection has become way to familiar. I was behind you in line at Wal-Mart. You said that your blue hair covered the Gray. I was on my bike and honked as I left. Missed opportunity my fault.
  • Saks 5th - m4w (Charleston)
    • To lady who helped me pick out bag. Wow, Thank you for your help today; good choice both ways
  • I still miss you, Trek Girl - m4w
    • I have known you for a long time. We were once planning our wedding. Then you were gone.

I still miss you. After all this time without you in my life, even though I am no longer looking for you, I still miss you more than I will ever tell. I hope yo [...]

  • Shoe Dept citadel mall - m4m
    • You are tall wm with dark hair and work there. You are one fine man. You are poured into those black jeans like liquid showing off a perfect body. I'm very much interested in pursuing you. Hmu if interested.
  • same damn culdesac - m4w (sangaree)
    • We live in the same culdesac... we see each other every now and then but never talk cause well you know...... but every time i see that dark hair with red tint, those thick thighs with that smooth round ass my mouth literally waters lol. I doubt you [...]
  • WW N. Chas - m4w (n charleston)
    • I was sitting at the bar having dinner with a friend and you were with several friends. We caught each other looking 5 or 6 times and I waited too long obviously, because you left. You were wearing a great top under your jacket.

I can't say I've don [...]

  • Drunk night - m4w (north charleston) 28yr
    • One night while we were drinking, I passed out. I woke up to you "playing" with me. You probably thought I was still out, but I wasn't. I enjoyed it very much, but I never brought it up thinking it would embarrass you. If you want to talk about it, p [...]
  • I took a few pictures of 3 ladies - m4w (Chas)
    • I took a picture for 3 friends that were having a good time as you left last night. You walked back by me to your car and told me thank you they looked good. I wish i was leaving with you. Tell me where I took the pic so i know its you.
  • while leaving voodoo - w4m 28yr
    • I was out with my friend at voodoo and right as it was closing you came in. I wanted to talk to you but was nervous, plus my friend wanted to leave. So with all my courage, my voice was most likely shaky, I said " Hey you look good!" Then I winked at [...]
  • Barry the super hot cleaning guy - m4m (Charleston)
    • You have a cleaning business and while you were working we chatted a bit. Your story about coming out and rising above past struggles was an inspiration to me. Your always smiling upbeat and goofy swagger is sexy as hell bro. Love your Maya Angelou i [...]
  • Stacey at Claudias - m4w (NC)
    • Stacey. You are so beautiful. Thank you for all you do !!! I look forward to seeing you again.
  • Apothic Red - m4w (Charleston) 24yr
    • I'm looking for a beautiful woman that I used to share some heated conversations with. You were a bit older, tall and had such an amazing body. It has been awhile since those conversations, yet I still find myself thinking about you. We planned to ge [...]
  • Lona??? - m4w
    • Looking for this sexy girl I used to hook up with on the regular...if you are her hit me up
  • George of the jungle - m4m (mt pleasant)
    • Several years ago we chatted often and got together a couple of times. I'd like to talk to you. Tell me what was of particular interest.
  • Folly Christmas parade - m4w (FB)
    • Have never done this before, and the chances of this working is probably -1%.. When I saw you I felt like a deer in headlights you are so beautiful I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. Whoever gets to wake up with you every morning is one very lucky p [...]
  • NetFlix - m4m 50yr
    • We recently discussed NetFlix and things to watch when we had meeting. Any interest in more? Discreet as hell here. Tell me where we met...
  • Never Gonna Be Alone... - m4w (home)
    • That was your song...

I don't know Why you want to quit even though I've been trying to reach you this whole time. You won't listen to me by phone so Maybe you will here. And if you're not listening to your friends and family then Maybe you should. [...]

  • Imzadi I need you - m4w
    • I have so much on my mind and heart. I need your input and opinion. Help please. Contact me. Thoughts are tangled in my head...


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