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craigslist | missed connections in charleston, SC

that color shirt did i have on? it would be fun to connect

ME: in my early 40s dark hair, clean cut Le me know what time and which [...]

Please keep me posted, Sir.

You have repeatedly proven exactly why I wish to have nothing to do with you. I said I don't want ANY KIND OF CRAZY. You made a problem where there wasn't one. I respected your wishes and did EXACTLY what you wanted. Then you chang [...]

Male 60 white, Brown Hair, Blue eyes. Tell me where and if you are interested.

  • Pepsi Guy where are you? - w4m
    • I was in the gas station on the corner of 78 and Von Hosen and there was a Pepsi vendor who we talked about Diet Dew and me moving here from Alaska. I thought you were great looking and regretted not giving you my number. You told me you worked for P [...]
  • Missed you - m4w
    • met you on love4two dot.net but lost your info. Please come back and match up again.
  • We were at Sullivan's Island today - m4m (Sullivan's island) 27yr
    • We were both at the same station on Sullivan's Island today. You are so cute and I wanted to come talk to you but I wasn't sure if I'd be bothering you or if you'd be interested so I chickened out!

You were reading a book from time to time and I'm s [...]

  • Church Sunday in MP - m4w (MP)
    • You go to service the same time I do. You sit on the right side . . . second row. Today you had a black top with a colorful patterned blouse over it. You have long brunette hair. We look at each other but have never spoken. I would very much like to [...]
  • Ice cream - m4m (Downtown) 29yr
    • Doubt you are gay but thought it was worth a shot since you were cute and seemed really cool. I got your two favorite flavors... what were they?
  • pantheon dancer - m4m (aiken)
    • You were dancing in the VIP lounge Friday night. Brandon (?)

I was the old guy who talked with you about New Orleans. Thank you for being so nice. And so HOT!! It's been a while since I felt such joy. You made my trip to Charleston a hit. Again, t [...]

  • re water park in mp - w4m
    • Is there a reason I should have noticed you or have the slightest clue who you are,sir?
  • Oceans Cowboy Club - m4w (north charleston) 58yr
    • You're a waitress at Cowboys. The a/c was out last night and Axus was playing. I ordered a 7&7 with a twist of lime. You brought it to me quick! LOL You looked at me and smiled every time you walked by. We've spoke briefly before a while back. Would [...]
  • 3885 39 year old woman - m4w (Mt. Pleasant)
    • Can't get to you on dating site but hoping you read CL now and then. I would love to hookup and see hgow it works out. Contact me here and mention site name when you write back. See yoou soon, I hope.
    • Pam our conversation got cut off, I think due to someone named Rich K. You're in G/C about 2 miles from the aluminum plant. I'd truly enjoy a restart of our conversation & would love to meet you eventually. Jim
  • Superman's Princess - m4w
    • They say that the first thing you forget about someone is their voice... Well, Christina, I haven't forgotten your sweet, beautiful voice and your face sometimes still graces my thoughts.

Our love haunts me like a ghost some nights. But I don't regr [...]

  • bear of the nation where did you go - m4m (patheon)
    • Came back by for you at patheon for you but you dissapeared on us. We would have loved to take you back to our room and had our way with you.hit me up if you'd be down.
  • We danced at Mynts Night club - m4w (charleston)
    • We danced for a little while at Mynts night club, it was fun. I can still remember talking to you and seeing your smile and how cute and beautiful you are. I bought you a drink. You told me you were not from the area, and had planned on leaving on Su [...]
  • William - m4m
    • Will I miss you. I still touch myself to the memories of you. I want to feel our sweaty skin against each other. I hope you see this but i'm sure you won't. Just tell me your last name to prove it's you.
  • Justin in Summerville - w4m ( apartments on Wescott)
    • Trying one last time... we talked at the grill by the pool. I Enjoyed the conversation and think we have things in common. You may be in a relationship or not interested cause I'm older, but would you like to get together-- no expectations, just hang [...]
  • Cute Stocker at Harris Teeter - m4m (Folly Beach) 32yr
    • Man oh man your one handsome fella stocking in the dairy dept. tonight close to 9pm. You filled out those Kaki pants you were wearing well buddy! I was wearing black/red gym shorts with flip flops. We made eye contact but wasn't sure if your into dud [...]
  • Nice Shorts, Nice Body - m4w (Walmart - Summerville) 46yr
    • It was Friday night, you were in the arts and crafts section at Walmart on Dorchester Road. You, wearing blue jean shorts, yellow shirt and could see your black bra right through the shirt. You caught me looking and smiling at you a few times, you sm [...]
  • Eduardo at Six Mile-Saturday Afternoon - m4m (Mount Pleasant)
    • Eduardo, you are beautiful. I wanted to pull those Izod Khakis down right there. Amazing ass. Older man here. Would love to suck you off and would make it a 100 times worth your while. Tell me what you were doing when we spoke today.
  • I love you Billy. - m4m (Downtown) 45yr
    • I love you Billy H. Your red hair and sporty suits are hot. You can feed me anytime.
  • Naomi - Rec Room - m4w (Charleston)
    • Met you and your friend and you asked for my name and we talked for a little bit. You kissed my hand instead of me kissing yours and I thought you were absolutely adorable.

Maybe you'll see this?

  • west ashlely,w-mart,u skiny short wht,reply! - m4w (i host u) 50yr
    • i could not tell you how old you were i am 50 swm ddf 6ft 180 i live on johns island and we look at each other a few times..i would love for you to come over to my place talk and see where it goes...average looking short skinny light hair maybe dark [...]
  • TJ MAXX WEST ASHLEY WEDS NIGHT - m4m (West Ashley) 46yr
    • We were both at the register...you had several household items in your cart and the clerk had difficulty with the card processor. When you left you stopped and made mention of my shoes...They were TO BOOT NEW YORK btw. What style were the shoes and c [...]
  • Summerville laundromat this morning - m4m (Summerville)
    • We talked this morning at he laundromat. I told you where I was going in October and you asked if I wanted company on the trip. Wish I had pursued it more. Holler at me and tell me something about our conversation so I know it's you.
  • rest area I-26 - m4m (North Charleston) 42yr
    • You were next to me at the urinal, you showed your nice cock, I wanted to show you mine. We washed hands at the same time, would love to have done more but it was very crowded. You got in a black car, tell me the make and model so I know it was you a [...]
  • Embassy suites - m4w (Hotel) 34yr
    • I saw you coming into the hotel. You waved, I smiled but you and your friends got on the elevator before I could say hello.

If you're still up I'd love to say hi.

Honey you need to find somebody else! You sound like a nice person and he is a jerk ! Don't waste your time on him. Unless he was good in bed!! LOL! Just kid [...]

| |

  • Moncks Corner DMV - w4w (moncks corner) 27yr
    • I was in there twice this week trying to get my SC driver's license. I got it today and you remember me from earlier this week. We have the same. You were very friendly and cute. Not sure if you're into women though. What's our name or describe our s [...]
  • Our hotel - m4w (North charleston )
    • Second floor of our hotel. Exchanged smiles and eye contact. There were three if you. Wanted to say hi but was on the phone. You are beautiful.
  • Mellow Mushroom, Thursday night, cute hostess - m4w (summerville)
    • You were wearing tight white shorts that looked terrific on you. I struggled not to stare at you while we waited to be seated. I was wearing a light blue shirt, and had dark hair. I was with my father and my daughter, so it didn't seem appropriate to [...]
  • Woman at IOP with blue bottoms,nice butt - m4w (Mount Pleasant) 25yr
    • I passed by you and your friend, she was wearing pink top, tan hat. You had very sexy blue bottoms. Very nice butt, sorry lol. You were laying out close to the water. I would love to get to get to know you, if you dont have a boyfriend. Im Brazilian, [...]
    • So, I rode the bus out of downtown today and you were already on it. You were sitting up front, but then moved to the back. I don't know what it was, but your face reminded me of a fox.

Very cute.....

Tell me what I said, so I know it's you.

  • Starbucks on Rivers - m4m (North Chas)
    • You're actually sitting across from me right now. We are sitting at the community table. You have a black VW backpack. You are fine as hell. Email me.
  • 2001 grads - m4mw (Summerville )
    • Looking for any guys or girls that graduated Stratf high in 2001 that I can ask some questions about a couple girls I know from back then. Hope to hear from you soon
  • wolf pest control guy - m4m (north charleston ) 24yr
    • You came to my house in cedar grove to spray the outside. I answered the door and found you to be very attractive. Idk if you felt the same, but if you did id love to chat. You have blonde hair. So bb i know its you what happened before you left.
  • Hadn't Seen You For a While - m4w (Summerville)
    • We bumped into each other the other day at a store in Summerville and hadn't seen each other for a long time. I always felt there was a connection between us and wouldn't mind reviving that if you're interested. If you would like to take this to anot [...]
  • cycle gear bike night - m4w
    • U had a red jacket on and was riding a black zx6r with red rims we made eye contact a couple times
  • oakbrook walk mart - m4w (Summerville) 25yr
    • You work at the oakbrook walk mart on Dorchester rd. Your short brown hair and I believe your name starts with an S you were working by the self checkout tonight. I have seen you the last few times I've been in there and just thought you were gorgeou [...]
  • White man for black woman... looking for david - m4t (west ash)
    • Hey baby I lost your info and Ive been missing you and wanting to see you again. You came to see me a couple of times and I walked out to meet you. I'd love to see you again if your interested.... you always looked good even in those hard to walk boo [...]
  • Cutting grass, nice view - m4w (North Charleston)
    • Saw a white female cutting grass in my neighborhood today and I liked what she was wearing and showing off. The view was nice. Hope you see this and were showing off in order to get my attention. Would like to get to know you more. You have my attent [...]
  • CVS - m4w (Orangegrove Rd)
    • You showed me how to get a free roll of paper towel. Too old for you and already spoken for but you were very sweet and a real knockout. Loved your ink.
  • walking your dog in Neighborhood - m4m (johns Island) 32yr
    • Hey neighbor, you were walking your great collie mix dog in the neighborhood and even showed off some tricks when we stopped and chatted. Would be neat to have a NSA discreet hook-up within walking distance. Let me know if you wanna see some of my tr [...]
  • sex on my couch - m4mw 29yr
    • Im looking for a couple that I had a little fun with one Friday night about 1year ago. We met at the Wal-Mart (Dorchester) parking lot. Yall drive a blue or gray mini van.yall were in yall 30s.the wife had dark hair,and wore sexy stocking with the ho [...]
  • KB...... - w4m (Charleston) 37yr
    • There were some really good times while it lasted. It was one hell of a run! I hope life treats you kind :-) farewell old friend~
  • Raleigh NC Sun July 20 topless on I40 - m4w (Charlston)
    • You were driving topless on 40 headed west We flirted for awhile.. and Stopped and..... I have to say I can not get you out of my head... Beautiful smile from South Carolina small Petite. I only regret that I was so caught up with you that I neglecte [...]
  • I want to know you! - m4m (charleston) 48yr
    • I see you a few times a week at Citadel Mall Planet Fitness. I have seen you in the shower a number of times. Each time that I see you naked drying off, I want to lick you dry. You are a tall handsome silver daddy, much like the pic posted of This Ho [...]
  • your offer of assistance - m4m (n chas) 49yr
    • Your offer of assistance was most appreciated this evening. I was watching your pecs flex while you talked - had I not had somebody coming to pick me up I would have offered you a reward for your offer. Tell me what happened so I know it was you. Wha [...]
  • tow truck driver/ George from St. George - w4m (St.George)
    • We worked for different companies, you came to my lot to get cars about once a week..... posted on here before and you replied..... lets see if i can find your sexy self again.....
  • cute crossdresser in the kangaroo - m4t (rivers & 526)
    • Looking for that cute white crossdresser that was in the kangaroo on rivers avenue and I-526 damn you were cute, had me mezmerized the way you were wiggling that cute ass if you see this hit me up would definitely like to see you again
  • Nice Car! - m4w (university blvd ) 30yr
    • Im sure youll probably never read this but here goes nothing....I saw and breifly spoke with an gorgeous dark skin lady today, she had pink lipstick, nice classy but sexy tattoos and had on this very nice dress showing off some well defined smooth le [...]
  • FIREHOUSE SUBS MT PL - m4w (mt pleasant)
  • Ashley from some time before... - m4w (JI)
    • we dated some time ago. if you are still interested let me know. my name is Max. if you know who you are let me know something and lets talk...
  • back 2 health - m4w (gc)
    • Wavey short hair. Very sexy. Hard to keep my eyes of you. . Blue skirt white poke a dots n blue heels. And your always on your phone lol.. so Write back ;)
  • STAPLES. Mt. P - m4m
    • We me there. Got together in car then started seeing each other at another store especially over the Christmas holidays. What store was it? Hope to hear from you
  • the beautiful woman at Chateau experience bookstore today applying for - m4w (Chateau experience bookstore)
    • man you're gorgeous!we locked eyes a few times I felt a bit off an attraction.I hope you read this.we also followed each other out i-26 tell me what I was driving
  • Hardees - m4w (Summerville)
    • To the woman in the Nissan Xterra at Hardees Saturday morning. You were very good looking and I couldn't stop staring.
  • Curvy Racheal - m4w
    • You are an excellent massage therapist that has made me feel good plenty of times. I was wondering if you are willing to hang out with your clients. I want you lol
  • Tatiana - m4w (North Charleston)
    • You came into my work on Sunday, 20 July and bought a few things. You referred to something I do as being a "lady killer"...I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes upon.
  • sangaree - m4w ( missed connection) 38yr
    • I come in and eat lunch ..you always take my order..we always flirt...I leave you notes and you leave me notes .are you single....tell me what your note on my truck said.........
  • i still love you - m4w - m4w (long distance)
    • I still love you... - w4m


  • Bouncer outside Oku around 1 - m4m 32yr
    • Was standing out side with some buddies. You were there doing your job. You are hot! If you want to hook up hit me up with a descrip of what I looked like. I would love yo take care of you;)
  • The Grocery on Cannon - m4m (DT Charleston)
    • Long shot, but was at the Grocery for a late brunch around 2:30 you work there. You did wait on my table but we made eye contact a few times, damn your handsome. If you happen to see this hmu, tell me where I sat and if you remember what I was wearin [...]
  • Im thinking about you, cant wait to see you again - m4w (Ny) 22yr
  • midtown 7/18 - m4w (charleston)
    • never used this before but here goes:

alex from uva, 20 with bangs you left and i wasn't sure if you were taking care of friends and we got separated or if it was wholly intentional... but i just wanted to get your number. doubt this will work bu [...]

is not getting the attention & passion at home that she wants & needs. I'm 5'9", 180, S&P hair, blue eyes, a non-smoker, do very little drinking, no children at home or clo [...]

Overall Costco is great.

  • Chateau last night - m4m (Dorc Road) 45yr
    • I was leaving Chateau last night and you followed me out to parking lot. You asked about people in theatre. Then u walked over to car and asked if I was going back in. I said no but was nervous as to what u were looking for. Hit me up!

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