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craigslist | missed connections in charleston, SC

I saw you today for the 2nd time Your face so pretty and divine With eyes that lit my soul aflame I really wish I knew you name Not sure exactly how to proceed But into my heart you did stampede I hope tomorr [...]

  • Wagon Wheel - m4w (Downtown)
    • You were a dancing, leg kicking hottie telling me about your connection with the song "Wagon Wheel" this weekend at a downtown bar - tell me what I was doing when we were talking.
  • Nite hiking queen!!! (travelers rest)
    • You moved here from upstate after your fight with Chap. I was away and I returned from Arizona to SC and now totally alone in charleston, no mountains to ride bike, but would like to go hiking. I don't talk to both of them anymore; Crown is hurting t [...]
  • Looking for Wanda Burrell. - m4w (SC) 54yr
    • Looking for old friend. Wanda Burrell. Worked at temp service. Palmetto Associates Temperaries


  • Ride my face - m4w
    • 6 foot HWP male. Looking for a girl to do exactly what the title says. Squat on my face and let me tounge fuck you. Open to all races. Maybe more if the mood is right. Please be attractive and have good hygiene. Looking for now and I'm mobile. Hit me [...]
  • Lost Love XXyears - m4w (Charleston)
    • R.

Hope all is well with your new relationship. I am still in need of the teacher if the opportunity is there. Please consider. ...................................................................................................................... J

the weight of your gaze while i chatted with others you heard the echoes of my loneliness howling at the moon, searching for harmony desperately trying to ignore the electricity between us it was just a couple of frien [...]

  • Looking for The guy at the bar - m4m (Southern)
    • It was your birthday and I bought u a shot and a beer. Anyone from Southern bar.. I also know you from my work, you are here only one week of the month
  • White Nissan - Battery - m4m (Ladson) 22yr
    • I changed the battery on your little white Nissan today, it was definitely the highlight of my day. I couldn't stop thinking about you, obviously I still can't. Your eyes are very pretty, and you're a very handsome man. While I changed your battery, [...]
  • Guy with Zelda tats. - w4m (Downtown) 26yr
    • I was driving down Cannon Street around 4 on Saturday and saw you riding your bike, but the first things I noticed were your tattoos. You have Majora's mask on your left calf and the Eye of Truth on your right calf. I have a Zelda tattoo also, so we [...]
  • beautiful TALL blonde in scrubs - m4w (James Island) 41yr
    • We actually see each other almost every day. You are probably 5-10 or a bit taller. stunning body, incredible smile, eyes that are hard to look away form and one great ass:). you are a good bit younger than me and, yes i am married..... but..... i ju [...]
  • Challenge You to Pac Man - m4w (Ladson)
    • Looking for a pretty young thing that thinks she all that at video games. Especially PacMan. Any Takers? I'll even sweeten the deal. If you win, I'll take you to Burger King for some chicken fries. Come on now, no need to be lonely.
  • Beautiful Woman From Rock Show Saturday Night - m4w (Summerville)
    • Never though I'd be posting here but here goes. U sat up front most of the night and I couldn't help staring at u all night.. U were wearing shorts and a loose top that showed your shoulders, I wasn't sure if u had a bf so I didn't approach u. If u g [...]
  • I miss you, Kevie. - w4m (Portland)
    • I wonder if you are feeling like me. Like there's a void inside of you that can't be filled. I miss you a lot. I want you back. There's no words for me to even say at this point, if you are reading this then there is truly hope though...what are the [...]
  • white woman in publix - m4w (mt. pleasant)
    • Seeking the single white woman that said she likes to date black men...I was buying beer and you were buying wine...
  • tall produce guy with a great smile / "tiny pineapple" - w4m (whole foods) 22yr
    • you were wearing a maroon whole foods shirt and manning the produce department

i was the brunette in a chambray shirt aimlessly searching for a ripe mango while a random talkative man made a comment about "the littlest pineapples" he's ever seen (h [...]

  • missed you at Tratorria Luca - m4w (Luca Restaurant)
    • I saw you last night at trattoria Luca. Should have asked for your number, no excuses. You are stunning and I could not keep my eyes off of you. You were in an orange dress with a party of 6. Me with the couple and baby. I live in the Washington DC a [...]
  • Mmm... - m4w (Citadel Mall)
    • I know this is a long shot. You walked in to get your haircut today at 3:45pm...next to me...right when I was done. You had gray hair...and thin...loved your dress. If you read this...what color was your dress and name of salon?
  • BiLo Babe - m4w (Hwy 17a smrville)
    • Saw you at BiLo dressed to get attention! Mission accomplished. I doubt no one could keep their eyes off of you. We kept passing each other in the aisles and we kept catching each others gaze and smile.

I helped you with the item on the top shelf. P [...]

  • Years ago when we were young - m4m (Chas area)
    • Years ago we lived in the same neighborhood you were a little older than me you were very confident when it came to the females and never really had much problem making GFs but anyway you befriended me even though you really hung out with my older br [...]
  • Panera, Dapper Daddy African-American - m4m (summerville)
    • Over a year I have been admiring You from a distance during lunch. You are a very handsome older gentleman who dresses quite handsomely. This week I saw You in a purple polo and Madras short pant, of course with Your hat! Many months ago You passed m [...]
  • chateau Fri 430 - m4m (n charleston) 48yr
    • To the dude at chateau on Fri about 430. I think we made a connection in the parking lot. Would like to get together. You: white Toyota p/u with cap. Tell me what I was driving
  • Verizon wireless - m4w (summerville )
    • I want you so bad you know who you are and most likely who I am get in contact with me
  • You Work At Boeing!!!!!!!!!! - m4w (Charleston SC)
    • Hey, this is a long shot but figured what the hell right. lol For starter's you are employed at Boeing. A few more hints. It's been about a year since we last spoke to each other. Your ad on clist was slutty house wife, very catchy and caught my atte [...]
  • guy driving yellow camaro with black stripes - w4m (hess gas station hwy 17 in front of publ)
    • Hi. I was driving red camaro and pulled in behind you at Hess gas station. i told you i liked your car and u said u liked mine. well i liked u too. hope u r not married. get in touch if u r interested!
  • chateau theater - m4m
    • Saw you go into the theater this afternoon and I followed you. I am so glad I did! Really had a good time. Wish we could have done more. We are both black. You are from out of town. Would love to see you again before you leave. Tell me where you are [...]
  • Brittlebank Park - m4w
    • I doubt you'll find this, but I don't think it'd hurt to post. You are a tall, fit, gorgeous, busty brunette. I was driving a blue trailblazer and checked you out, you seemed to like it. I think I'd like to get to know you better. ;)

Tell me what co [...]

  • You work at MATTS BURGERS - m4w (Summerville)
    • I was in matts today and you were real hot and kept looking at me. Tell me who I was with and what color shirt you had on. You should always wear those shorts tho ;)
  • Driving in your car in front of Trident Tech - m4w
    • I was waving at you in your car while driving... I'm pretty sure you thought I was an idiot, but you had a great smile. If for some miracle you do read this - please reply with what kind of car I had.
  • A long time ago in the theatre - m4m (n charleston)
    • This was quite awhile ago, but here goes.. It was a Tuesday morning.. only 3 of us in the back row at the Chat... I was sitting in the seat at the end of the back row.. You and this other guy were sitting more towards the middle... You were standing [...]
  • A beautiful smile - m4w (mt pleasant)
    • I just had to say it was a pleasure chatting with you this afternoon over clothes detergent.. pods.. in wallyworld.

You have the prettiest smile. You certainly bri htened my day. I wish I had gotten your name. I wanted to bump into you more but did [...]

  • Why do you pass me by?
    • I know, UR soon to be 64. I know you have had unhappy marriages. I know your religious preference and I know about your buddy, Corona. None of these keep me from wanting to be your friend. I hv tried so hard. U must admit that no one else has tried s [...]
  • Trent Reznor wasn't the kid on this old house. - m4w (Charleston )
    • If this is you, I'm sure the title got your attention... I know you're with someone now, and things are good. I've emailed you a few times to touch base, but I've gotten no reply. I understand why that is, but even after years apart you always seem t [...]
  • I know you know. You saw me. - mw4mw
    • How long can we keep reading this type of nonsense:

"I saw you at the place... you know where. You saw me. I think you looked at me, but not sure. Tell me where we were, and what I was wearing. Let's get together!" Who could possibly make a connec [...]

  • blonde girl next to me in court this morning - m4w (downtown Charleston) 25yr
    • Idk of you'll read this but you sat next to me in court this morning you were blonde and had on a dress with heels. We kept complaining on how long it was taking and you kept saying you were cold. If by Amy chance you see this feel free to email me I [...]
  • Tall Guy at Habitat - m4m (mt pleasant)
    • Thanks for helping me load my stuff yesterday! If this finds you let me know if you remember me. I think you know who I am lol. I'd love to buy you lunch sometime! ;-)
  • Taco Spot - m4m (west ashley) 57yr
    • Saw you at The Taco Spot yesterday you were looking for a seat when I said the back was full I was leaving with my boss when I said have a seat not sure if your into this but would like to meet up with you,tell me what I was wearing if interested.
  • King Street Land Rover - m4m 45yr
    • I see you often on King Street near Broad. U drive blue L Rover. Beautiful eyes and body. Doubt any interest but worth the try
  • you have my number - m4w (sangaree)
    • We texted last night for the first time in a while. I've always loved looking at you. I'm staying close for a short time.
  • Black girl in front of base library - m4w
    • You asked me if the library was open to the public. You have juicy lips and thick hips and I want to experience them both ;). Tell me what color was my uniform.
  • You work in walterboro - m4w
    • I get to go to your job twice a month on Mondays because of my job. I've been going there almost 4 years now. I make it a point to get my paperwork signed by you. Just so I can talk to you for a few. I think you are absolutly beautiful! You seem real [...]
  • Your mud minnows increased - m4w
    • You were fishing Sunday at the mt. Pleasant pier with your dad and had to leave for a short while. While you were gone I filled your bait bucket up with mud minnows. I left before you came back. You were cute as hell in a sun dress and I was catching [...]
  • woman moving/ bonneau gas station - m4w (bonneau)
    • I talked for a sec outside, yoi had a small pick up truck with a bunch of stuff you were moving. You had on a black dress and extremely hot!!! I drove off aftee you wanting to help but you lost me. Hope you see this and reach out
  • Nurse that works nightshift ICU - m4w (West Ashley) 24yr
    • Hawthorne Westside Apartments , you left the gym to stop by to print out something to do with your license.

What color was my skin ?

  • Mike - w4m (Hallway)
    • Did you speak to me as we passed this morning in the hallway by the bathrooms? I was distracted :) and half deaf, and only managed to mumble "morning." Hope you're there tomorrow.
  • Gym. 8/10. Evening - m4m (West Ashley)
    • Seen you at the gym a few times. Always make eye contact. Yesterday I approached you to ask a question. What did i ask? Desribe me, Describe you.
  • You just left where I work... - m4w (Dwntn)
    • You came in, red shirt, medium length brown hair, backpack, stayed for a while, left. Didn't get a chance to talk to you. So I'm resorting to this haha. Hopefully you happen to see this or come in again sometime.
  • Justin from Advanced - m4m (charleston) 57yr
    • I saw you in Subway on Monday. You are a nice strapping guy. You may have noticed me looking at you. I was with a friend.
  • Beautiful Blonde on walking trail - m4w (Summerville)
    • This will never work but worth a shot. Saw you today I think for the 2nd time walking on the trail with your ear buds. Would like to day hello next time. Let me know.
  • Looking for John from years ago - m4m (charleston)
    • I used to visit you "on demand" at your apartment off 17 in West Ashley.. You'd make me get on my knees, bend over, and beg for it... Was a long time ago but I hope you're still around... Went to your old place once a few months back, but you had mov [...]
  • Barberito's with your kids - m4w (JI)
    • We have seen you the last two Tuesdays with your adorable daughter and son. We are both interested in hanging out with you. We are totally discreet obviously. Maybe we can play tennis. Friendship would be great. You had a Purple tennis skirt on. Hope [...]
  • Math TTC main - m4w (n. charleston) 30yr
    • You are in my class, sit in front of me, and you always look amazing. Clemson fan. Just wanted you to know.
    • I just have to say you are so very beautiful. I would love to get to know you. I hope your single..You seem really sweet and down to earth. I hope you read craigslist lol. If you read this, reply with what I was buying in Family Dollar.
  • Tuckster (west ashley)
    • We had a cup of coffee several years ago. I walked on the bridge last week and thought I saw you.

hope all is well and your reunion turned out great.

There is much I suspect is [...]

  • Remount rd - m4w
    • You was walking down remount road blond hair pink shirt can you get back to me .
  • random gym shower - m4m 34yr
    • well, that escalated rather quickly. We met in the gym sauna and finished in the gym shower. one stall, two guy, hot kissing and the threat of being caught. Next time will u flip me around? please ?!

if not, thanks for braking the boredom of a Tuesd [...]

Re: GC Walmart blue t-shirt - w4m (goose creek) What day and about what time? You said "mommy." Was this lady with a child/children?

If you do see this and I know [...]

  • We Met at Flex in Atlanta - m4m (North Charleston)
    • Hello! We had all kinds fun and in the end I gave in and let you do you thing -- which we both enjoyed! You mentioned your hotel, but it was time for me to go. I may be coming to your town. Wanna continue where we left off?
  • Tyler from the gym - m4m (Mt P)
    • Sorry I had to ask your name again last gym sesh. You've lost 40 pounds you said and it really shows. You are looking great. Just looking for a friendship with you if you are interested in that. Invite me to hang out next time I'm at the gym.
  • Black swim tshirt at Kickin a few nights back - m4m (Dtown)
    • Can't get you out of my head. You were wearing a black swim shirt. We exchanged glances a few times. Not out so just furtive looks. What did the rest of your shirt say?
  • Destiny midnight release - m4w (gamestop-west ashley) 22yr
    • I know this is super lame but you were talking with someone when I got my copy of the game and I was ready to get home, but you're name is Brandi and as I walked in to get my group number you asked if I needed help because I looked lost. I think you [...]
  • Met in the upstate - w4m (mnt pleasant )
    • We met less than a month ago, you and your friend came down and harrassed me for a while, while I was at work. I'm sorry that I didn't come out with you an the friend, though you and your friend asked more than once. Well, I'm moving your way soon. S [...]
  • Desk clerk Quality Inn - m4m (Airport)
    • Dude, you're incredibly hot! If you're curious at all, let me know. Come by my room when you're off and we can chat. Tell me the color of your eyes and your shirt so I'll know it's you.
  • MY SWEET ANGEL, MY ONE TRUE LOVE - m4w (me mt p-u west ash)
    • RkC-

I doubt you will ever see this. but I'm going try until my love for you dies. Its been 6months now that we've been apart and I love you just as much as I did that day we said I do on a white sand beach with the greatest of the good people. I th [...]

  • I saw U & U saw Me - m4w (summerville) 37yr
    • I guess it really doesn't matter though. You obviously don't feel the same way about me as I feel about you. I've always tried to be good to you, I guess it just wasn't enough. You know how I feel about you because I've told you before. I've never as [...]
  • Blonde at shelter 9/8/14 - m4w (mt pleasant)
    • To the short haired blonde wearing the summer skirt/blouse in shelter Monday night. We made eye contact several times from across the bar. I regret not coming to talk to you, even though I think you were there with a guy. I think you are beautiful. I [...]
  • Missing u Trisha - m4w (Sc)
    • Miss u! More then words could even say! Lets give this a shot, believe in your heart!
  • Re: Kelley - m4w
    • As a guy, I have to say wow, how could Kelley pass up such an amazing offer? I mean, in one sentence, you took her from being a person and turned her into a commodity! Granted, you offered a lot of money so she's a "hot commodity" and should, therefo [...]
  • handsome sweaty bikers on Greenway today - m4m (Avondale / Byrnes Downs/Greenway) 40yr
    • Just wanted to give a shout out to all the handsome sweaty bikers riding on the Greenway most afternoons... Thanks for the eye candy fellas!

If any of you guys read this and are interested in a novice riding partner to give me some pointers hit me u [...]

I'd love to meet up with you guys and hang out. Let me know.

  • Blue shirt at bass outlet - m4m
    • Hey, you were wearing a blue shirt with your wife and I believe daughter. You made eye contact several times. I gave your wife a discount. Hmu :) you were handsome .
  • Mazda Miata on ravenel bridge - w4m
    • You were in a Mazda Miata, I a Nissan Z. It was Sunday around 1:45 pm. As I was exiting the Ravenel Bridge you kept going. Right before I went out of sight, you turned around and waved at me. Who are you? You've peaked my curiosity. Tell me the color [...]
  • Sam's club today, Sunday - m4w (north Charleston ) 30yr
    • Passed you a few times today, let's hook up you would definitely be pleased. If you see this..
  • We just spoke - m4m (Wa)
    • U had on a red shirt and grey shorts. Tell me where we were. Would like to meet u
  • Apple bees karaokee - m4w 40yr
    • Hi we chat for a little bit but made eye contact At Apple bees for karaoke night. . U had a sun dress of where u work... u left early but wasnt sure what u left in. If you remember me what did I have on or if u saw me leave what was I driving? Hope y [...]
  • We used to work together. - m4w (Walterboro) 28yr
    • Your first name starts with J and you had a list of sexual activities you had not yet tried because of your former sheltered marriage. You even came over to my place and almost played Mr. Microphone. You brought your daughter into work one day and ev [...]
  • Do you wanna? - m4w (Charleston)
    • The chances are obviously there, just show me a sign or hint at something! Just throw something out there to me, and if you don't possibly think it could be me, it just might. Like, for real..
  • Sorry i couldn't stop staring - m4w (Starbucks, WA Target)
    • You are beautiful and I'm sorry for staring. I should have said hello. Let's try again?
  • Beautiful - m4w (Wal Mart summerville)
    • Title says it all beautiful young lady at the money center in walmart summerville tonight 9/6/14. you were so beautiful when u walked by and smiled all i could say was hi . older guy here but dam you looked good , love to buy you lunch or something j [...]
  • Thanks Jennifer - m4w
    • Thank you for brightening my night and humoring me. Sometimes life makes you want a pain killer and tonight you were that for me. I wish I could do that for you. Next time I will offer you a beer.


  • delivery driver - m4w
    • I walked in front of your car at the intersection you drive for dominoes i work for pizza hut lol

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