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  • Friend a long time ago - m4m
    • We were good friends for a long time in school and after....one summer you hinted for a while you wanted to experiment but I never caught on...then we finally did that summer, many nights especially the first when we went skinny dipping....we carried [...]
  • Publix 449 mt pleasant - m4m
    • You work at publix working frozen food and are a gorgeous young white guy and was dressed to kill this morning. I wanted to tear your clothes off and blow you when I saw you. I spoke with you. Doubt you are interested. Your probably straight but if n [...]
  • Amanda S. S. - m4w (Mt. P/Clemson) 25yr
    • This is so wrong to ask, so wrong to think...but here it goes anyway. I want to meet up once a year, every year, for 24 hours of drunken, regrettable, rough, casual sex. I know you are married so this is only casual sex with no strings attached. I mi [...]
  • to "A" from "S" - w4m 30yr
    • To "A" from "S"

I doubt you'll see this, but going to take the chance that you might. We used to chat/email on and off over the years (since we were teenagers, years fly by). Usually naughty but we did have clean conversations from time to time. Im [...]

  • Sesame Place - m4w
    • It was a brief moment, just a hello. I realize I could be twice your age. Non the less, serendipity knows no boundaries, further more I was and am intrigued. If you remember me as I remember you then this should be easy. Italian man-you wavy blonde h [...]
  • My adanvdo - m4w
    • it was 36 years ago today that I first looked into your beautiful eyes. standing outside of the library, the light reflected in your eyes and I fell in love. I've been in love with you. Thank you for the times that you spent with me, thank you for th [...]
  • Sherman - m4m (Charleston)
    • We met in Charleston this weekend at homecoming. You're a physical therapist in the columbia area but you're from another state. We have some mutual friends. If you're interested hit me up.
  • Looking for Jamie- CoC - m4w (Downtown) 24yr
    • Jamie I lost contact with you. Still hoping to meet. Your posting was flagged for removal so I hope to find you again.
  • Shades of blue - m4w (My heart) 43yr
    • You can say you're sorry, baby

But it's goodbye forever this time I've been a fool for you too long . Sorry that it ends like this, but A love like ours can't last forever Now I think it's time I move along . . And there's a hundred ways to [...]

  • Office meeting this morning - m4m 46yr
    • Wow...you are good looking and super nice guy..felt a real connection with you today as our eyes locked several times in our meeting. Unbelievable vibes but i did not want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Your are from the west coast but have a place [...]

  • I Remember - w4m (Mt P) 27yr
    • I apologize to anyone reading this -- as it's probably going to sound crazy to anyone but me and him. But you know how you get to a point where everyone in your life is sick of hearing your sadness? Here I am. And I just want to get this off my chest [...]
  • UPS Shipping - m4w (N. Charleston) 28yr
    • Highly doubt this will work, but it's all I could think of....

First of all, I apologize for not holding the door open for you :/. We were the only customers in the UPS Station in N Charleston. You were picking something up and I was sending somethi [...]

  • marie at alexs in GC - m4w (GC) 43yr
    • Marie I always get a big smile from u but usaly with some one.are u single?you are to sexy and don't worry the baby's not mine.hope to hear from u
  • Wild Buffalo Saturday night - m4w (North Charleston) 32yr
    • You probably don't check this. You don't seem like the type that would, but it's worth a shot I suppose. You were with with another lady. She had dark curly hair. She had on a black top I believe. You on the other hand had on a gray shirt or sweater- [...]
  • I "raped" you. read please - m4w (north charleston) 28yr
    • A while ago we met through CL to play out a "rape" fantasy. It went well, and you said you wanted to do it again, but after a few emails you disappeared. I would really like to try this again if you are wanting it. To anyone else ready this and have [...]
  • moss creek - m4w (west ashley) 99yr
    • I saw you today i have never noticed your car before so i don't know if you live there you were parked in front of me and you you could tell i was staring because you smiled and gave me a little wave you were barefoot and had a red bag and absolutely [...]
  • Jack - m4m (Downtown)
    • We hung out for a bit tonight. Where were we? Where did I mention you should come hang?
  • cute guy ford Taurus ridgeville tan with green bumper - m4m (ridgeville) 33yr
    • Hey I Saw you today in ridgeville, you were passing thru town as I was backing out of a parking spot. Then you parked at a old store. Would like to chat or more with you. Doubt you see this but you did something as you were passing by. Tell me what i [...]
  • Whole Foods Sunday around 2pm - m4m (Mt.Pleasant)
    • Dayum! You were in the Whole Foods market buying a couple of items on Sunday, 10/19/14, one of which was a bottle of wine, or maybe it was champagne? You also bought a single Chicken Cordon Bleu in the deli area. You had another item or two in your h [...]
  • Beautiful Redhead at Carolina Ale House in Summerville - m4w
    • You had lunch at the Carolina Ale House in Summerville on Sunday. You sat outside against a closed window with an older woman and a young man. You had beautiful red hair, a pretty blue blouse and nice fitting blue jeans. We made eye contact a few tim [...]
  • Tall blonde nursing student - m4w
    • You are tall with tattoos and we have something in common. Tell me what you did before nursing school.
  • Slim girl with tattoos and small dog - m4w
    • I have seen you a couple of times. You have a pomeranian. You are extremely fit with tattoos and long brown hair. If you think this is you tell me what building number you live in.
  • looking for terri - m4w (mt. pleasant)
    • Looking for Terri N. in Mt. Pleasant. Hmu. May have deal for you if interested. Could be worth your while.
  • where is the charleston man 1226 - m4m (goose creek)
    • I had to go out of town now I am back would like to meet up with you again,email me
  • Last Night at the Chateau Theatre - m4m (N. Charleston)
    • To the hot and talented guy at the Chateau last night. We met just before 10:00 pm. It was way cool but I totally regret not taking things further. I can't believe I let you out the door. Would really like to make it up to you if you would like to tr [...]

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