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craigslist | missed connections in charleston, SC

What did I do in the military?

We put our car in the sublease program with Matrix Auto Solutions and payments have not been made in 6 months! We have not been able to contact anyone with the company in these 6 months... If [...]

Outstanding performances no other can compare Silky soft body long toy also functional.. Hosting

  • John? Still Out There? - w4m (chs)
    • I've been thinking about you. Still out there? I miss our hot chats! So many Johns! Tell me your passion and your favorite fantasy so I know it's you. Nibble, nibble, baby.
  • Zaxb's - m4w (rivers av.)
    • U was bye you're self at lunch,, It was around 11;30. U came in after me. and I could not stop myself from looking at u .We had made eye contacted two times the last one was when u were living. I would love to C u again Beautiful...If this is u readi [...]
  • Brown T-shirt w/"Cotton" in bright green - m4m (N. Chas./Dorchester)
    • You ordered a meal to go at the restaurant next to the hotel you said you were staying at. You went into restaurant, ordered, and waited inside while it was prepared, then left with the meal to go. You walked back to the hotel you're staying at. You [...]
  • new girl at element - m4w (west ashley)
    • You just moved in above me. You have seen me and smiled at me an petted my dog. You are tall, slim, sexy, and have a beautiful smile and kissable lips. You drive a corolla. Message me if you think it you.
  • Chocolate Beauty at McDs Walmart Rivers ave - m4w (N Charleston)
    • I think you said your name is Tiffany. I wish I'd had more time to really convince you that I am single. You are the most stunning beautiful and sexy dark skin woman I've ever laid eyes on. I was so touched by your dark skin-tone and beauty that I kn [...]
  • driving down 17 near 526 - m4w (mount p)
    • i dont expect this to work, but i figure it was worth a shot! you and your 2 girlfriends were driving down 17 next to me. you were the cute brunette riding shotgun and we exchanged a couple looks before you yelled for me to call you and started to gi [...]
  • i walked by a man singing our song on the corner - w4m 20yr
    • everytime i think of you or walk past someone who smells like you (fresh strawberries) or hear a song that reminds me of you, my stomach drops and my head starts spinning and i fall short of breath and i am taken back in time to when i am in your arm [...]
  • Flowertown Player at corner store - m4w (Summerville)
    • I was at the gas station on the corner of Richardson and Main last night and one of the lovliest girls I've ever seen was behind me in line. You spoke with the attendant about being in Romeo and Juliet in Charleston and talked about working on your c [...]
  • Looking for Jake - w4m (n charleston)
    • We hooked up in a bar in North Chas. and went back to your place, even though you have a girlfriend. I thought about popping in to the tech. college where you work but that would be bad I guess because your gf works there too. Anyways, guess you thin [...]
  • Tree cutting - m4m (mt pleasant)
    • What's up saw you yesterday working on so trees. If you are ever into receiving head NSA let me know. Tell me my name I gave you a card when we talked
  • Pool today - m4w (Mt.P)
    • I walked by you when I came into the pool. Layed down not to far away. All day was thinking how can I ask you out. Clearly my shyness got the best of me. You'll probably never see this, and I'll probably see you again while you walk your dog or ride [...]
  • We danced at Mynts Night club - m4w (charleston) 23yr
    • We danced for a little while at Mynts night club, it was fun. I can still remember talking to you and seeing your smile and how cute and beautiful you are. I bought you a drink. You told me you were not from the area, and had planned on leaving on Su [...]
  • Bikini Girl at Rite Aid on Monday - m4w (West Ashley) 32yr
    • I like your style! You totally rocked that bikini in the drug store. You obviously just came from the beach/pool. We exchanged looks in the parking lot and then again in the store. I couldn't keep my eyes of your cute figure. That towel was such a te [...]
  • w,j wallmarts,u short wht light hair, :) - m4w (j.i,w.ashley)
    • hi i am looking for you ,,,short not to big white women you may be at the james island wall-mart or the west ashley one i think i have seen you in both not for sure i have a job and a place but no car you come to me,,,i am 50 i do not know how old yo [...]
    • we have talked several times, while we have been walking our dogs, we have talked and smiled.

would love to get to know you better. if your interested tell what kind of dogs we have. don't worry about not being out I'm not and I don't think I will [...]

Simply smokin'! Even if you never see this...

  • Papa Johns delivery girl... - m4w
    • To the very sexy delivery girl that delivered pizza next door to me today. You were very cute so i had to speak to you about the weather! Your tan shorts were very nice sitting atop those lovely long legs. If you think this was you and your intereste [...]
  • Talked to you in Walmart Sunday evening! ! - m4w (Tanger outlet walmart)
    • We talked to each other when we were standing in line waiting for cashier. You were wearing mix brown color shirt with black spandex. I want to tell you I really liked your cute smile and beautiful eyes. I want to know you more and go out enjoy. I go [...]
  • You bought all the crab legs in front on me - m4w (Harris Teeter WA)
    • That was cute. Thought you were going to come up with something witty and we could have made dinner together. But I turned around and you were gone..... I know this is a long shot. but I had to attempt to try to get your attention and let you know yo [...]
  • First day new job - m4m (Downtown charleston ) 36yr
    • Young guy, you started work today at your part time job. You also work at publix on savannah hwy. We chatted briefly, also you sat beside me in the van. Got a vibe from you....
  • mcdonalds in west ashley on saturday - m4m (west ashley) 55yr
    • you are blond hot soccer boy with smooth legs. my friend and i was checking you out. would love to meet you sometime for pleasure. im 6'2"180 wm age 52.
  • beautiful long black hair - m4w (clements ferry )
    • I saw you this morning at the gas station, the one with the bojangles connected to it on Clements Ferry rd. You had on a flirty skirt and black shirt. You are so beautiful, probably Indian or something like that. You will probably never see this but [...]
  • black haired beauty Jostens - m4w (charleston) 32yr
    • We only saw each other for a short time, last Thursday. You probably wont even remember me. I walked into you building thinkin it was another place, I was the brown haired guy in a blue shirt and khakis on. You had the most amazing smile and eyes, an [...]
  • SHARON-moss creek apt 7 -read - m4w (i want you) 50yr
    • SHARON,,,you lived in moss creek apt. in bldg. 7 i do not know if it was a,b,c or d just know yours was close to parking lot..you are short and very good looking and you do dye your hair now i hope you get this or someone know you and will tell you t [...]
  • Junior - w4m (kansolina) 24yr
    • this is the dumbest idea ever. you'll never see this, most likely. i just want to know what i did wrong...and why you still keep popping up in my dreams.


  • Burger King by Harley shop - m4m (Paramount/Dorchester)
    • Sunday evening, when I arrived in the BK, you were waiting for your order to come up for dining in. I couldn't help but check you out. You are probably about 5'11, 190ish, brown hair, facial scruff, wearing a visor type cap, short sleeve shirt, about [...]
  • best friend - m4w 32yr
    • I consider you to be my best friend... You are closer to me than anyone I've ever known. So, why haven't taken another step? We've talked about it, and we both want to, but we keep making excuses... We're "too much alike"... "We'd ruin each other"... [...]
  • Harris teeter - wa - m4w (west Ashley) 33yr
    • My basket was in your way tonight at the store. I was on the phone but wish i could have talked to you. What color was my suit and what color were the onions we were both shipping for? I doubt you will read this but it has to be worth a shot. Hope to [...]
  • mcdonalds james is - m4w (under a shade tree ;-))
    • How cute were you ??? Really really cute, down right hot. Nice friendly wave and beautiful smile too :-) why didn't I walk over and say hello ???? Idk, I'm kickin myself now cause you looked amazing when you got out and walked around your SUV. SOB wh [...]
  • I miss my Adanvdo - m4w
    • Why can't you tell me things to my face, instead of running and vanishing without a word? Are there things you want to say but don't know how, or are you afraid to face me? I don't get it. I do know that I lost trust in everyone because of you. Thank [...]
  • I <3 ny - m4w (Exxon red bank ) 2330yr
    • You were wearing a I heart ny shirt I was near you while you were getting gas, you're so damn pretty you drive a ford fusion, I remember seeing you years ago at your Job and crazy I saw you, your 50x more beautiful and I love the tattoos you have hop [...]
  • re: Tick tock 9/1 is fast approaching (James Island)
    • This is on you...don't make promises you don't want to keep. If you want out, be out already.
  • Law Enforcement - m4m (Summerville)
    • We use to meet to get off together. You're a blond guy in law enforcement, who loved getting fucked and giving head. I really enjoyed our times together, especially those times you were still in uniform. I moved away but am now back in the Trident ar [...]
  • Tick tock 9/1 is fast approaching - w4m (James island)
    • Your deadline of September 1 is fast approaching. Let's just get this over with and move on!
  • females in tall pines $$ - m4w (ladson)
    • Any females in tall pines want to party. Im white 42 male and want to have fun. Ill provide everything $$
  • At Target register 8:10pm - m4w (west ashley) 37yr
    • i was in line at the register and with the back of my eyes saw you kinda checking me out so i turned and looked at you and smiled and you can tell we were just checking each other and smiling. you were with two kids a teenege girl and a younger boy a [...]
  • Cupcake - m4w
    • Hey cupcake it's FC. I'm pretty sure how we ended off you won't want to talk to me anymore. But we used to look at these adds and laugh together back in Texas, so it's worth a shot. I miss you. Massive
  • Dont go - m4w (moncks corner) 36yr
    • I know it's been forever since you left. But every time I see you I'm reminded of every reason why I miss you. I can't move on. I want you home. I want us together. Our kids want us together. I'm sure your family wants us together. Everyone wants us [...]
  • Regarding mr. director, direct me! - w4m (mt pleasant) - w4m (MP)
    • Interested in learning more about this post. Where was the missed connection? What were you wearing?
  • Moustache - m4m 27yr
    • See you at the gym and don't have the nerve to talk to you so thought I would give this a try. You're tall, muscular and incredibly handsome. You also have the coolest moustache!

GL, muscular guy here interested in getting to know you.

  • Foodie - w4m 30yr
    • It was great seeing you the other day tomas. You give me butterflies. Wish I could talk to you more.
  • Cute girl I use to work with - m4w (charleston)
    • So we use to work together. We never really talked other than saying hi to each other. Or a random work conversation. Our job required us to be someone busy most of the time, but we always noticed each other from a far. I think youre beautiful and wi [...]
  • So many hot cofc and citadel guys downtown - m4m (Charleston) 31yr
    • So many hot guys moving in. Just wondering if there's a discreet guy looking to explore things sexually with another in shape discreet guy. Have a girlfriend so have to keep things on the DL. I'm white and clean. Send a pic and tell me a little about [...]
  • Shelter - m4w (Mt Pleasant)
    • You looked like you were on a really boring first date. I tried to think of a way to say hello, but couldn't come up with anything. Anyway, I should have tried harder - sorry.
  • looking for Spike in Summerville - m4m 52yr
    • I got onto Zoosk and do not have an upgraded membership and can not check messages.

You want to meet from the messages to me. get a hold of me on here with a message. thanks niceguyinchas

You are a gorgeous blonde that was driving a Buick small SUV I am pretty sure a women as sexy as you isn't checking out Craiglist but on the slim chance you do I wanted you to k [...]

  • And then the bubble burst... - m4w (downtown)
    • Words cannot compel the happiness I had, but like a bubble they show beauty in a moment and burst as if never to have existed at all. Every touch, taste, smell, and word etched into the walls of my mind as I let the last of this go. I love you still, [...]
  • Welcome to Moooooooe's! - m4w (Wescott)
    • I know that this is a giant long shot, but here it goes. You were the stunningly beautiful mother of four with a pink tank top and hair that was pulled up. You had your full. It was tonight, Thursday, shortly after seven. You caught my eye, and I cou [...]
  • west ashley walmart - m4w (west ashley ) 54yr
    • Older gentleman talked with beautiful young mom with her hands full in the dairy isle. You are gorgeous! I wish i was younger. Lol If this is you,,,, id love to take you out to a nice relaxing dinner. You deserve it!!!
  • Fischer's Bar (Bohicket Marina) - m4w (Bohicket Marina)
    • I feel weird posting on here and you'll probably never see this, but what the hell. You came in with your friend. You were going to Red's and I told you guys you should come in to Fischer's. We all talked a bit but you guys were mainly talking to an [...]
  • hummer h2 - m4w (charleston) 22yr
    • I drive a black hummer h2 with chrome rims on it. I'm bored and want to see how many responses I get and also am curious as to how many people see my truck. Yes I'm semi arrogant
  • Bojangles in Monks Corner - m4w (Monks Corner,SC)
    • I came in around noon yesterday in full uniform and I saw you sitting down eating lunch as I stand in line to order. You was a beautiful dark skin female who worked there with contact lense in that had on an orange shirt. Maybe we can get to know eac [...]
  • Shared creampie with you... - m4mw
    • I shared your significant others creampie with you on our first meeting. I had some issues at home then lost my email contacts! We emailed for a long time before we met and then you had a relative have some health issues. If this sounds like you cont [...]
  • wolf pest control guy - m4m (north charleston ) 24yr
    • You came to my house in cedar grove to spray the outside. I answered the door and found you to be very attractive. Idk if you felt the same, but if you did id love to chat. You have blonde hair. So bb i know its you what happened before you left.
  • Bilo - m4w
    • you work at Sangaree bilo as a cashier. i think your name is Whitney. not sure how old you are but you are super cute. way to cute to be working there. has anyone come through your line that you were interested in recently?
  • Taco Bell off Ladson Road & 78 - m4w (Ladson) 26yr
    • So I know this is a long shot but I figured I'd give it a shot... You were working the drive thru at the Taco Bell off Ladson and 78 last night around 12:45 a.m.... I was the white guy with the Miami hat on. Anyways I think you're beautiful and I wou [...]
  • white olds allero - m4w (our apts)
    • I see you sitting on your front step smoking sometimes. You are super sexy and would love to see more of you. If you see this and interested, what color car do I have?
  • Folly Beach rooftop - m4w (Folly)
    • You and your friends were on the rooftop getting some sun and I was at the house doing some work, you all left shortly after I got there because the storm was coming in. You were blonde and came down and talked to me about something. What was it?

Th [...]

  • library stud - m4m
    • Saw you in the library today and I couldn't even do my work because I was too busy looking at you. Super cute! I saw you watching me as I left. Was hoping you would come outside. I even came back a little later to get a second look. Hope u see this. [...]
  • Money man - m4w (summerville)
    • I went to money man today there was a very beautiful women that waited on me today your name start with A I don't want to put full name out there but glad it took long in there cause I got to just look at your beautiful eyes and nice smile I loved yo [...]
  • mr. director, direct me! - w4m (mt pleasant)
    • use me, use my skills! let's see what kind of trouble we can cook up together. can I see your...
  • you were at the barrel with a hot dog - m4w
    • We were at the barrel on james island....you have the most beautiful eyes and showed me the way to the hot dog stand. Im lame and didnt ask your name. Hope to see u soon.
  • "Majic" - m4w (west ashley)
    • You cross my mind from time to time...just wondering how you are.......................................................................................................................................................................................... [...]
  • Orange is the new glasspro - m4w (Dorchester)
    • You should hit me up some time.

Your name starts with a T and you are NOT an IRS agent lol

  • Subway WA - m4w (West Ashley)
    • I opened the door for you at around 5:30 today. You sat down to eat alone, and I went home to do the same thing. I would love to buy you dinner and chat...no expectations, just company. Please put "Subway" in the subject line, and tell me what you we [...]
  • Met you at the bar on Folly Beach - m4mm (Tides)
    • I think it was tides. You were cute and stocky. You were with a group of guys on vacation. I was going to come to Loggerheads. But didn't find it. My name is Billy.
  • jersey mike's goose creek - w4m (goose creek)
    • At about 12:30pm, we both walked into Jersey Mike's in Goose Creek. You were in front of me and I instantly thought you had to be from Mars because your ass in those blue jeans (with a dark blue shirt tucked in) was outta this world. I was grateful f [...]
  • RE: Sunday guy from goose creek walmart - w4m (Goose creek)
    • I have got a lot of emails and I really don't know who is the real you! You had the blue fishing shirt I wanna say a white hat. You was looking at the grills. Had facial hair along with a pretty smile. And great voice I was listening to you talk to t [...]
  • Avanna Apts - m4w (summerville)
    • Your office is the first when you come in the front door. You are an amazing person, I always look for a reason to come and see you about anything without being too obvious. Having packages to pick up makes it really easy to come see you and make the [...]
  • Amanda - m4w (Charleston)
    • I just wanted you to know

that I'll never care how far you push me away. When I told you that I would stay I meant it. You're a little lost and hurt. I know who you are. I love who you are. I will always be here for you when you need me. [...]

  • Ups guy I think - w4m (N charleston)
    • You wasn't working yet. You was drivin your personal truck. Anyway you was driving a dark blue f150 single cab truck. You have dirty blonde hair very short. But you did have on brown ups uniform. You came through and got food yesturday. I have seen y [...]
  • Blonde in BILO yesterday black shorts, red shirt - m4w (Summerville)
    • Blonde girl in BILO near summerville high school. Wearing black shorts, red shirt. I guess you was with a friend shorter then you. You work at the place on your shirt, what was it.. im single, 5'11", atletic build, tan body..lets chat
  • Scott 33 yo W/M from Zoosk - m4m (Moncks Corner) 45yr
    • Looking for Scott (a 33 w/m from Moncks Corner, SC) who has a profile on Zoosk. You seem really interesting and I would really like to get to know you. I am not willing to pay the fees Zoosk wants unless I have to as a last resort.

You really are cu [...]

You're a handsome guy, usually shirtless, we've nodded at each other (like everyone else on the bridge haha). I'm a masculine guy, new to town, but you're [...]

  • Down the Rabbit Hole - m4w (OXF)
    • Well...I've only been to Charleston once, and that was before I knew you. But that's where your heart is, even though you're three years and 600 miles away, and so Charleston is where I'm posting this. You probably won't see this. That's okay, I gues [...]

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