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craigslist charleston, WV | missed connections search

  • you were my waitress yesterday - m4w (st. albans) 42yr
    • I was with 2 people you know well. I found you to be incredibly sweet and very attractive. I'd love to get to know you much better. Here's to hoping you see this!
  • lady at azz gal. at front desk - m4w (poca)
    • I was in there today and you looked very hot. would love to hear back from you. didn't see a ring but that doesn't matter anyway to me.
  • Mature lady pawn shop - m4w (Hurricane)
    • Just wanted to say the mature lady who works at ultimate pawn in hurricane is lovely, I love what you are wearing every time I come in, really enjoyed your shirt today
  • looking for guy i suck in dunbar .. - m4m
    • Looking for young I suck in my patio.. 2weeks ago.. U said you live between 21to 23... Text me please thre o 4 7sx7one two svn svn
  • crystal, I have social anxiety too - m4w (Logan wv)
    • We met in our drs office in south chsrlrston , you were all be ves and so was I... But together we let down our hair and laughed... My name is henry and I tried my best to find you on Facebook... I can't stop thinking about you...
  • Brick Salt waitress - m4w (Charleston)
    • God I wanted you so bad. You were flirting so hard, and I loved it. I'm the redhead and we talked baseball. Wish you could come up to my room. I want you to ride me hard. I know you could find out which room I'm in. All alone and wanting you tonight. [...]
  • You are my Sunshine - m4w (ny/wv)
    • Any chance of giving some hints for the person your looking for? Something that the two of you would only know?
  • You are my Sunshine - w4m (ny/ wv)
    • I will always, all ways, love you. I can't get over you. You will always be my only sunshine. I can't believe you don't call me. I truly thought pigs would fly...... I miss you. This sucks. Why don't you just call me? How could we let this happen?? I [...]
  • looking for lady that contracted me a couple weeks ago - m4w (charleston) 47yr
    • looking for lady that have an ad a few weeks back and we talked. we were suppose to meet at wine cellar but you backed out. you seemed to be sane and normal. wanted to just meet and talk but you wre thinking something else might happen I guess. would [...]
  • Mazda conv. White - m4m (One stop) 42yr
    • We were both in One Stop today. Made some eye contact. Thought maybe you would be interested in some discreet man time. Let me know what I had on.
  • girl walking by tbell south char. - m4w (South char) 21yr
    • I was sitting passage in a red dodge pickup saw you walk by holy shit you made my heart stop. The 2 guys in front of you didn't seem like they were including you very much. I could help but stare you did a double take looking back and I don't know if [...]
  • Big Otter GoMart - m4w
    • Going out on a wild limb here hoping for you to see this. But to the beautiful lady working the counter this morning at GoMart, If you see this shoot me an email back I was a younger male that came in there this morning and bought drinks! If you see [...]
  • eye contact - m4w (st.albans)
    • I know this is long shot but we saw each other at doctors office in St.albans...I was there and u came in with ur grandson that I couldn't believe u was a grandmother ..u had on leggings and tall black boots with a nice colorful shirt...we kept makin [...]
  • Brunette at nitro supermarket - m4w (nitro wv)
    • You have brown hair and wear glasses omg you are beautiful I would luv to get to know you.
  • Miss you Melva - m4w (Wv)
    • I miss your laugh and smile. I really hope things are much better for you than they were last year. Hope we can catch up...

You gave me hope and friendship

One of you, in a short skirt kept smiling at me. You walked up to the self checkout, and smelled fantastic. I let you in front of me. I would have eaten your ass on the spot if you'd have asked. I'd lov [...]

  • You smiled at me - m4w (Eleanor)
    • Friday evening at foodland. Longer brown hail. older. You had no ring on.................................................................................................................................
  • On the Bus - m4w (North Side)
    • You were on the bus with your 2 kids headed to North Side. I could not stop looking at you. You are the most beautiful girl I ever seen on the bus. You are so sexy and wow your eyes alone got me excited. You seen me looking at your and smiled. The gi [...]
  • University of Charleston - m4m (campus) 28yr
    • You helped show me to a professor's office. you walked me right to it and we talked some. I know your name and major. You were in a red shirt I think. I wanted to give you my number but chickened out. Hit me up if this was you...
  • Taco Bell South Charleston - m4m (Dunbar) 50yr
    • You work the drive thur have red hair that was blond if your interested in guys let me know I'm older
  • Looking for - m4w (Walmart cross lanes)
    • Looking for girl at walmart cross lanes on Saturday blonde. Black athletic pants. Kept looking at each other.
  • Josh L, it's me...your cougar! - w4m (Charleston)
    • Josh, you know who this is. It was so good seeing you a couple weeks ago. Please contact me. I just want to talk.

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