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craigslist charleston, WV | missed connections search

  • ohio state - w4m
    • This is a long shot but hey what I got to lose. I was at work getting ready to close my station as u were going out the door u fist pumped me n said OS n then asked me if I bought the new Ohio State Hoodie yet. I smiled n shook my head. I think there [...]
  • Pink Hair - m4m (Charleston)
    • I was waiting on the bus the other day and saw you walking down the street You had pink hair and at first I thought you was a girl but you was a guy. As you was on the other side of the street I nodded as if too say Hi and you nodded back and then I [...]
  • Muscular Targét Employee - w4m (Southridge)
    • You were working yesterday evening, stocking the front section. Wow! Very good job sir!
  • It was beautiful.. - m4w (charleston) 31yr
    • You asked me if I wanted cheese. It was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't stop thinking about you. If you think this is you please respond and tell me what kind of cheese you offered me.

Maybe the cheese doesn't stand alone...

  • WalMart - m4m 28yr
    • We checked out right next to each other and met eyes a bunch of times, but you appeared to be with someone (or even a few people) at the time. You are one handsome man! I felt my face get red when you came up to checkout. I'd love to meet you.
  • Southridge Hampton - m4w (Southridge Center)
    • I see you there when I stay, you're a beautiful Indian girl with an incredible smile that just melts me. I know you're supposed to be nice to the customers, and honestly I'm horrible with women but I'd swear there's something there when you look at m [...]
  • Walmart Southridge - m4w (Charleston)
    • I saw you shopping and we made eye contact a few times. You were tall. Curly hair with glasses. I think you had three boys. Tell me what color sweater I was wearing. Would love to meet you.
  • Big Sandy - bald head - m4m (charleston)
    • you were at big sandy with your wife on Saturday afternoon. Bald guy, wearing a grey jacket. you kept eyeballin us as we were walking around. damn sure you're interested. hit us up.
  • Looking for AMANDA at McDonald's - m4w (McD's by Capitol Complex)
    • Hi I was in McDonald's and saw you. Your name tag said Amanda.. I would like to get to know you better and see what happens. Tell me what color shirt you wear at work so I will know it is the correct person.

Hope to hear from you soon..

  • Santa is Gone:( - m4m (Charleston, WV) 63yr
    • Well Santa is gone but3 we can still have fun, I would0 really appreciate meeting a sweet boi to help me release4 some tension. If you are 18-24 and really interested in meet5 an older man for some fun and friendship hmu. If you home from school and4 [...]
  • St Albans abs - m4m (Friday night)
    • Was at the abs Fri night/Sat am......there was a hot couple in the back lounge. Young guy sucking big daddy dick from hot older man....anyone know them?
  • Lois/BunnyBear - m4w (west coast)
    • We chatted a while ago but lost contact. Would love to chat again. Hope you are well. August858585
  • You wore grey sweats, white short sleeve TShirt - m4m
    • We met late Saturday night or you could say early Sunday morning. You came in. I had immediate eye contact with you. You were hot as hell. Nice cock too. You obviously enjoyed yourself by the time you left. We both live in Charleston. You had a very [...]
  • Happy BDay - m4m (Nitro)
    • I have been thinking about you and am interested being with a man. I think it should be with someone I love and trust. If you are interested I would love for you to use me as your virgin sex toy and do with me whatever you want. I don't want to inter [...]
  • I need a local fuck buddy luv licking - m4w (charleston wv)
    • Yes I would luv to find a nice pussy to lick and then cum deep in her pussy as I'm pulling her hair and pulling her tight against me as I unload in her.lets talk
  • Go Mart Westmoreland - m4w (Charleston)
    • This is a long shot....but here goes. About 730pm Sunday night.....we made several glances at each other (or maybe it is wishful thinking on my part). You were pumping gas right across from me. You had some pink in your hair and drove a white car. If [...]
  • Missing Daddy - m4m (Kan City ABS)
    • Yesterday afternoon (01/10/15) we met at the KC ABS, Daddy. We played a little and you tasted so good. I want more time with you. Tell me something about me to make sure I'm talking to the same person. (What did you do to me to turn me on so much?)
  • B-Dubs 1/10 - w4m (Southridge) 25yr
    • I'm sure you noticed me checking you out and pretty sure you were checking me out too. Both you and your friend were really cute. If you are interested just tell me what I looked like and what I was wearing.
  • ABS Bookstore - m4m (Saint Albans) 34yr
    • It was around 8pm tonight 1/10/15 when I came in. You was sitting on the couches playing on your phone in the main theatre. You were wearing a light grey sweat shirt, and jeans. I came in and stood there watching the TV for a few minutes before I wen [...]
  • Girl at Go Mart in Danville - m4w (Danville)
    • Seen you at go mart about 3:30 on You had dark hair with red streaks. We smiled at each other. Then I drove off. Actually turned around and looked for you with no luck. I was driving a silver SUV. Know this is like a 1in a million chance of you seein [...]
  • Rough n rowdy! - m4w (Charleston)
    • Woman setting in front of me at the rough n rowdy brawl you were talking about your husband being out of state. Would like to talk to you more.
  • Taylor Books - w4m (Taylor Books)
    • Wednesday morning, around 11 am - You were paying and leaving as I was requesting the bathroom key. I don't think you live in Charleston anymore, but you dropped some names of some people I know to the clerk, and I didn't catch yours, and wish I had. [...]
  • pliny bookstore - m4m (pliny)
    • I was there the other day you walked in with two other guys looking to go back in the gloryholes but they were not open I would love to suck you and your buddies. I'm a 33 black male looking to suck you guys off.
  • I helped you find your son some gloves at Walmart - m4w (Ripley)
    • This is a long shot, I helped you find your son some gloves to go skiing and would like to have talked to you more. so i hope you find this
  • Do you know this lady - m4w
    • Do you know this lady? Think her name is Kate. If you know her tell her to respond to this add

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