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craigslist | missed connections in columbia / jeff city

Miss me?

  • Running at Stephens Park - m4w 40yr
    • I scared you unknowingly while running on the Stephens Lake trail. I dont think you saw anyone behind you. I came up behind you on the trail and it startled you. I turned around and said "Did I scare you, Im sorry". I did not mean to scare you. You h [...]
  • Does your husband work weekends? - m4w (Columbia)
    • You answered my ad, we emailed, then met at the park. Now I think the Craigslist email stopped working. I'm still I very interested. Let me know if you see this.
  • Hot girl in Gerbes - m4w (W. Broadway)
    • Kept passing you in the store tonight about 530, wanted to speak to you but thought you had a ring on? Would love to talk to you or take you to dinner. You are very beautiful.
  • RE: More than I want
    • I'm not the person you are referring to in this post, but please know that I totally understand the hurt you feel but I am the woman seeing him everywhere! Just know you are not alone out there! Good luck!
  • Amy B. From corwin - m4w (JC) 25yr
    • Since the first time I saw you I wanted that bad! I know we are both married but I would love some time with you! Shoot me an email telling me something so I know it's you and let's see what clicks!
  • More than I want, Less than I need - m4w (fulton)
    • Why is it that once I make the decision to move on from you that I start seeing you everywhere I go? It's like you sense I'm getting better and you track me down just so I see your face and him trailing along behind you. I hate the way I can't get yo [...]
  • Fast Lane in Ashland, Mo around 10:00 pm on Wednesday on 09/10 - m4w (Ashland, Mo)
    • I pulled up to the gas pump across from your car, you were pumping gas in your car and we made eye contact. I went in to McDonalds and after ordering I went in to Fast Lane and made a purchase. While leaving Fast Lane to go back to McDonalds we met. [...]
  • Mcdonalds - w4m (Columbia)
    • We kept looking at each other last night. You asked me a couple questions and told me your name. What was it? Tell me what we talked about so I know it's you :)
  • One of those days... - m4w (J.C.)
    • Today is one of those days where I feel compelled to post. I woke up thinking about you and I haven't been able to get you off my mind since. It isn't a situation that's driving me crazy or anything and it isn't because of anything that happened or d [...]
  • girl at gas station on rt hh - m4w (hallsville mo)
    • I was checkin out.in line you was behind me.i was getting

A refill on cup of coffee.and you said you use to work there You was in a like tan or grey car with temp tags in it.anyways your so beautiful Tell me what color truck i was in.by the way lo [...]

Let's see more of each other. You said "I should be at home." If you see this, include my response i [...]

  • Memorial park - w4m (Memorial park)
    • I was at the park today with my son and you had your daughter with you we talked a little bit my son was the rambunctious one that you laughed a lot at we hit it off when responding tell me what shoes you were wearing and how old my son was
  • Sonic At The Round-about - m4w (NE Columbia)
    • You brought me breakfast the last two mornings at the drive-thru. You always have a smile on your face which is so nice but it's more then just a smile. You are always beaming! Makes me feel good . . . so good infact, I went back today and ordered br [...]
  • Sweet Kendal - m4w (Moberly)
    • You'll never read this. This is just a craigslist message in a bottle. I'm going to write down a few things that circumstances don't allow me to say out loud. Ready? I have met very few women in my life that I find as completely sexually intoxicating [...]
  • Martin - m4m (columbia)
    • It seemed as though you went to some effort to memorize my number. Please call or text me! I'm anxious to see you again. This is going to be good....better...and regular.
  • Tabplus3 - m4w 40yr
    • We have been trading messages on a site, and the site won't allow us to open the messages.

I'm from Columbia and you're from Fulton. If you see this put the name of the site as your subject line.

  • Jefferson City - m4w (Mo blvd )
    • You came into the shop to get something done to your trailblazer I work at Jim Lewis tire they had me take to to work at MoDOT if your single an see this an would like to chat message me I also used to see you at break time b4 they changed my hrs tha [...]
  • Fuddruckers - m4w (CoMo)
    • You were cute girl eating at Fuddruckers in CoMo on Thursday. You had a nice green dress on and turquoise converse shoes on. I smiled at you and you smiled back. I thought you were really cute.

If you would like to talk or get to know me hit me up. [...]

  • needing a connection - m4w (Hannibal/moberly)
    • Looking for a girl that would like nice gifts. 18-30 hwp up in the area most weekends. Send a pic lets chat.
  • 63 and 70 - m4m
    • You was in a white trick with a logo on it. I was in a bus. We made eye contact several times. What was on the side of your truck? I Wanna show you my skills
  • Jeff from Columbia - m4m (Moberly) 2yr
    • You came to my school to visit and you were nothing but handsome haha you gave me a wink at one point. So i know its you put the friends you were visitng with.
  • Conley Walmart - m4m
    • You was wearing red shorts. You saw me checking you out. I loved what I saw. We ran into each other twice. You had your cell phone playing music. I want to show you my skills...I saw you get into a car. But you did something before you got into it. W [...]
  • Youth worker - m4m (Columbia)
    • You work with teens, but you are not associated with CPS. We met last week. Thought you were crazy hot. Love your masculine demeanor. Hit me up
  • White semi - w4m (Columbia)
    • You were in a white semi and I was in my drive way I believe you were staring at me and I was looking back at you. I went one way and you went another on Brown School, and I believe you were still staring. Anyways Hello to you I wanted to smile and g [...]
  • Good looking guys at arc around 3pm-430pm - m4m
    • I was at the arc between 3pm and 4:30 I saw some really acctractive hot guys working out, blue, and grey shirts and others lol hmu if you know what color shirt I was wearing.
  • the little honey in the burgundy whip - m4w (Paris and Whitegate)
    • I was crossing Whitegate on Paris on Monday, you gave me a thumbs up for vaping. I saw you again today, you honked and a blonde passenger waved. I'd like to get a better look at you.

tell me what I look like in subject line so I know it's you.

If U R the guy tell me what color I wa [...]

  • its been a few years - w4m (jefferson city) 30yr
    • Im looking for my old friend josh Scarborough we was friends and lost contact .....not trying to make any moves just to see how my old friend is doing ...put your middle name in the subject line ...
  • daisy - m4w (mid mo)
    • The fact is what I want can never be for I care for you more than me I dream of it often the love we shared then get pulled back to reality that none will compare not many find their soul mate so I'm happy knowing It was there for a little while as s [...]
  • Blond in the pits at Moberly racetrack - m4w
    • Sunday night at moberly racetrack we crossed paths in the pits several times. You were in a neon yellow/green t-shirt and had a friend with you. Your smile was beautiful as I was getting in my truck. I doubt you ever see this, but just wanted to thro [...]
  • sunday morning panera bread - m4m (west columbia)
    • U were in the columbia mall panera and your little girl was trying to tell you where the bathroom was. As you were leaving we made eye contact. I noticed u got in a van and drove off. If u see this which i know u wont let me know what u remember abou [...]
  • Man at Guardians of the Galaxy/Stadium 14 - w4m (Columbia )
    • You sat by me at Guardians of the Galaxy on Sunday night, August 31, 7 p.m. showing.

You were behind me in line and sat by me. I wanted to talk to you but I didn't know how to strike up a conversation further than the small one we had. I want to kno [...]

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car Guy - m4m (Columbia)
    • Returned a red dodge truck to your business on Providence Friday afternoon. You then gave me a ride to the business who fixed my truck in that red dodge. Told me about your travels and some future plans. You are so good looking! Would like to meet yo [...]
  • lexi from rumors - m4w (rumors)
    • I got a bed dance from lexi at rumors right at closing time. Best dance I ever had. She rode the fuck out of me. All I can think About since. Amazing.
  • Nifong Break Time/Peachtree - m4m (Columbia) 49yr
    • You are a very nice young black guy whose name starts with T I think. I was in the store at 3:00 today(Sunday) and got a bottle of soda. It's unlikely you will remember me, but I was wearing purple shirt and I'm balding. I have seen you there a coupl [...]
  • mizzou game today - m4w (columbia)
    • This is most certainly a missed connection. A missed connection with all of the beautiful women at the Mizzou game today. I love football but was so distracted by all of the tight shorts and skimpy black dresses that I barely caught any of the game. [...]
  • El Campo Azul - m4w (columbia)
    • Wow! Sexy in Red.. waitress.. Sorry, but I could not stop staring at your... well, you in general. You are soo fantastically gorgeous! I doubt your single but if you are and by the slim to none chance you will see this.. I was the one in the DC shirt [...]
  • charles d - m4m (como) 22yr
    • This is way out there but I'm wondering if ur courious or not cuz when I look at you I think u could be the guy I could expieremnet with at least till the kids due

U work with a moving company and date someone with an animal name and I'm at ur house [...]

I imagine you've been looking for someone like me bout as long as I've been looking for someone like you. I'm sure your mom and dad, you being raised country an all, would never understand, that it's bad enough you look toward those of the [...]

Sat there for hours, looking incredibly cute. We made a little small talk and I gave you something. If you see this, respond back.

  • hello white truck - m4w (63/70)
    • I just wanted to say thank you in return for the smile. You made my day. I was wishing the light wouldn't have turned green, I was enjoying the view. :)
  • youre adorable - w4w
    • You come into my work frequently. You're cute and funny.. You crack a lot of jokes.. Some at my expense :P I really think you're attractive.. ;)
  • Tanya Lynn Whitley (JC) 36yr
    • I would to hear from anyone who knows Tanya or Tanya herself. Last I heard she was in Columbia but I lost track of her.

Thanks, Arepo

  • Parking garage and court house... - m4w 24yr
    • Prolly a long shot, and you'll prolly never see this.. But I seen you in the parking garage this morning and then the court house... With your mom or grandma maybe? Anyways, thought you were beautiful and is really like to take you out sometime. Only [...]
  • Re: That Kiss - m4w
    • I want to make sure you're who I think you are. Are you CD? If so, when do I get another kiss?
  • Met you where you work on friday 8/15-col - m4w 29yr
    • We sat and talked for a while you worked...shared some private time and talked about hanging out sometime when you were off work, but I couldn't get your contact info... We talked about my open relationship some, I said I would come back and see you, [...]
  • Cute redhead cashier at breaktime - m4w (Deerpark)
    • I occasionally stop in and you always catch my eye. I work for a local landscaping company and possess my own place. If you happen to see this and are single give me a shout.
  • Mad Spark - w4m
    • Looking Mad_Spark from Match. He does not have email and I am very interested. Respond with one of your pictures from there.
    • This is hardly a missed connection. You connected plenty when you hit my little brother on his motorcycle coming off Parkside onto Creasy Springs Road on Aug. 24 around 5:40 pm. The only missed part of this is you, because you drove off because you a [...]
  • angelika - m4w (fulton, mo) 24yr
    • Never has it felt as the perfect place in the world. U truly belonged here. Damn. I want u here .. wish there was something that could be said. ANYTHING..
  • its been a few years - w4m (jefferson city) 30yr
    • It was about 5 years ago and I know you have moved on im not looking for anything but your friendship your name is joshua Lee s*********** your about 34 now we talked for somtime well you was doing time in modoc well your from Jefferson City ....I wo [...]
  • Riverside Park - m4m (jefferson city) 35yr
    • Saw you hanging out around lunch time, was fairly sure you were interested.....find me again if you were, or just reply here....
  • Bill- Still love you - m4m
    • I have been searching for you forever. We served in the Air Force together at Bitburg A.F. base in Germany. This is Tim. I was a 20 yr. old dumbass that didn't know what I wanted. Shortly after I left you is when I realized that I made the biggest mi [...]
  • That Kiss... - w4m (columbia)
    • You'll never know how much it meant to me. Both of them.

When the timing is right... Right?

  • v in linn - w4w (jeff)
    • This is new to me so I hope it works.A couple months ago my friend and I ran into one of his friends.I was really intrigued by you.I wanted to talk to you to see if u was into females.

I know your names viola and you either live in Jeff or the Linn [...]

  • Tatoo'd From Head 2 Toe - w4m (Columbia Mo)
    • You were at Break time on the Business Loop Friday around 10am-Noon. You were standing next to your bike, you had tats all over your body, even some that enclosed around your face and I came up and told you no matter whatever impression your Tat's mi [...]
  • Gym aquaintance - m4m (Columbia Arc)
    • We've talked briefly a few times. You are middle aged as I am. I'd like to slid my hand up your gym shorts and feel the meat. Maybe later we could get together. Give me a sign. I'm very discreet.
  • Orange shirt at work gathering - m4m (Jeff City) 35yr
    • We talked a lot at the gathering... Lots of eye contact!! I think there was definitely a connection! Where do I work? Hood you see this!
  • Painter standing by red truck - m4m (west columbia)
    • You waved at me as i walked by. Tell me where we were and maybe what i was wearing.
  • Single spot missing a car (Walnut/Orr)
    • I spent weeks getting resurfaced and even got numbered and reserved just for you. There is so much emptiness I am feeling without being used. I am near downtown in the East Walnut/Orr street area walking distance to many fine businesses like Wilson's [...]
  • Do you miss me? - m4w
    • I've seen you around. Looks like you've got a new guy. We ended it badly, but I miss you at times. Our inside jokes. Long talks. The sex.

I don't know if you read these, but if you do and miss me too, tell me something private only you would know. [...]

  • Silver honda - m4w
    • This is to the red haired girl with the silver honda accord. You are hot, that is all. Hope your rear view mirror holds up!
  • Venus - m4m (columbia)
    • We met 2 Sundays ago, you black me white. We hooked up for about 15 min. and had a good time feeling each others body; Get in touch so we can try it again and tell me a little about what we did.
  • Truth or Dare?? - w4m (columbia)
    • Sorry, I chickened out. Hope you see this, promise I won't back out again!! I'll be in town later this week.
  • soco suit guy - ww4m 18yr
    • we were a group of girls who danced the cupid shuffle with your fine ass you were wearing a grey suit and fedora if you see this tell us how many of us there were would love to meet you
  • Blonde girl at Rec Center - m4w (Columbia)
    • I don't want to be too specific, but all I'll say is that we must go the rec center around the same time because I usually see you there, and you happen to come over to wherever I'm at (coincidentally, of course). I'm fairly shy but I would love to g [...]
  • James from Macaroni Grill - m4m 21yr
    • I came into Macaroni Grill tonight with my cousin 573and her two sons. Idk if you're even interested in men but we kept staring at each other eye to eye and I definitely felt239 some kind of connection. If you see this shoot me a text so we can get t [...]
  • passed you on the street - m4w (near library)
    • we passed each other and briefly spoke, after you noticed my dog. You were friendly and had a beautiful smile. If you would like to meet over coffee or a drink, and aren't attached, please respond. Tell me what you were wearing and about my dog. Best [...]
  • hurt - w4m (fulton)
    • I thought you were different as i have many before you and yet again i was wrong. Maybe its me. Iseen something in you that i dont see anymore. Ive done asmuch as i could and im being shown its time to walk away. Its hard for me to handle and i lose [...]
  • menards in Columbia. Beautiful red headed girl - m4w (columbia) 21yr
    • You were working at menards at customer service last night(Friday night). You also worked at check out once when.I was there about a week ago ( I'm the guy who was there with my dad haha) I didn't even get your name. You are extremely friendly and go [...]
  • lunch at taco bell - m4w (columbia)
    • to the good looking lady at taco bell on 8/15 just before noon. we exchanged smiles and looks across the room
  • Well this is a long shot (McD's on Clark Ln) - m4w (Columbia) 30yr
    • I saw you at the Mcdonald's on Clark Ln yesterday (8-14) at about 6 PM. You were with a kid who was presumably your son. You had long dark hair, were wearing a white long sleeve blouse with black dress pants. Our eyes met a couple of times and I just [...]
  • Remind heR - m4w 34yr
    • Two ten ton titties in a loose brassiere

A twat that twitches like a moose's ear Ejaculation and a bottle of beer These things remind me of you A toothless blowjob in the back of a cab Aborted fetus on a marble slab A cunt infected by a 10 foot [...]

  • Lost book at dog park - m4ww (Twin lakes dog park)
    • Looking for two girls who were at the dog park today and may have seen me drive off stupidly with my book on the roof of my car. One of you had two dogs named Goldie and Truman. Hoping you see this and grabbed that book. If you did I will reward you [...]
  • I finally realized.. - m4w (Columbia) 22yr
    • I know you have a restraining order on me right now.. I think it's ridiculous as I would never do anything to you.. but.. I hope you don't mind this If you find out who this is. Chances are that you actually see this anyway is.. low.. I'm doing alrig [...]
  • woman n skirt at chili's - m4w (columbia)
    • U were n a blue jean skirt around 7 or 8 this evening drinking at the bar.. I was so checking u out.. U were on ur phone a lot if by lucky chance u c this tell me what color case u had on ur phone so I know it's u..
  • Group of ladies at big dicks - m4ww (Loa)
    • Saw you group of ladies at big dicks. Looks like you were having a good time. would any of you like to meet in private. One lady looked little older that rest really caught my eye. Open to more,than one if agree or with your husband, ok with bi. Come [...]
  • Casey's Mexico - m4w (Mexico) 40yr
    • It was Sunday about noon you were filling up a red grand am very tall lady with a young boy I held the door for you as you walked in your simply gorgeous and sexy if you see this abd are interested email back if not interested just know you have one [...]
  • Cute girl in kitchen at south limit Casey's - m4w (Sedalia) 30yr
    • Hey I came in to Casey's on south limit on Sunday. You were in the kitchen you have dark hair and are really cute. I was with my daughter. I know we caught eat hothead eyes for a bit. If u want to talk and have kik look me up I am brad711980 on kik. [...]
  • I am the girl sitting in her car - w4m (Same Apartment Complex) 26yr
    • We first saw each other at the pool. Since then, it seems that every time I sit in my car and listen to music to chill, you come out to dump your trash in the bin right next to my car or get in your red car. We both look at each other multiple times [...]

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