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craigslist columbia, MO | missed connections search

  • MU Veterinary ER front desk guy - m4m (columbia, mo)
    • You were so nice and helpful yesterday afternoon when I brought my sick animal in for care. I enjoyed talking to you. I couldn't tell if you were gay or straight so I was afraid to say anything to you. You asked if there was anything else you could d [...]
  • im not going to sugar coat it boys im a woman looking for that bbc - w4mm 30yr
    • Chrissy is prefered an im ready to get me some of that BBC ages 21 to 50 dont be shy now. Plz i hate waitin
  • With bikes at Walmart - m4w (Walmart on Grindstone) 40yr
    • I was in front of you in the checkout lane. Me with two bikes, you with a cartload and a cute little daughter. I'm out of practice, but you are beautiful and I'm kicking myself for not striking up a conversation. I've never posted here before, but th [...]
  • White car curb on 9th - w4m (9th & cherry )
    • I was with two friends (females) and we were crossing the street. You pulled to the left on 9th & cherry. You ran up the curb and I saw you staring at us as we crossed the street. I didn't get a good look but you seem to have been distracted as you p [...]
  • Julia paul - m4w (Central mo)
    • I'm looking for little miss Julia Paul. Hope she see this. Hit me up!!! I need your help
  • Mcdonalds business loop. - m4w (Columbia)
    • You were with your friend/manager talking on the side and I was with my friend refilling our drinks. He made a funny comment about me and you seemed to blush quite a bit. You had just gotten a drink as well. You had an amazing smile and I want to see [...]
  • sharron at central mo cardiac truman blvd - m4w (jefferson city) 45yr
    • I am a heart patient. Every time I go to my doctor. A kind good looking older women looks at me with her seductive eyes. Her name is Sharon . I think she wants to ask me something. I can assure her all my parts are in working order. Get back to me on [...]
  • I was standing at the corner - m4m
    • You stopped at the stop sine and was turning right. You looked at me the hole way around the corner. You were turning on to College from a one way street. Tell me what I was holding. You were cute I hope this works
  • hardees - m4w (col)
    • saw you working there and those boobies are like wow girl sure would love to see them sometime
  • 3 kids and still freaking HOT!! - m4w (West of Jeff City...)
    • So I saw you last night at a party. You have 2 boys and 1 girl. The boys were there for the party. I thought you were so freaking HOT. Wish we had talked more but some dude was showing his ass and you got turned off by the whole scene and you had to [...]
  • fulton fastlane by tacobell - m4w
    • hello was last thursday at fastlane in fulton saw u there u was inside heard the lady inside ask how was ur day, u said not good u had forgot something but who cares u just got dog. then came outside and u was waiting on me ,and said u had to say som [...]
  • Cactusbeard from A4A - m4m (columbia)
    • I was really hoping to meet up with you and do a dinner and movie... I apologize about even mentioning that other profile's content at all... I was trying to be a nice southern Gentleman... and I was really looking forward to meeting you tonight..The [...]
  • tan nissan - m4m (jefferson city) 28yr
    • seen you twice today at two different places. you were driving a tan nissan car. wearing white sunglasses and a blue shirt. hit me up if you see this.
  • lake of the woods petromart - m4w (columbia)
    • Your name tag shows you're the assistant manager and I find you to be extremely attractive. I call you my brown eyed beauty. Email me back if you happen to see this. Let's see what we can do!
  • McDonald's fulton "car for sale" - m4w (fulton McDonald's) 30yr
    • today from McDonalds you workin I in my car its for sale sign you said maybe we can work something out maybe we could get ahold of me
  • Walmart Crosswalk - m4w (West Broadway)
    • I know this is a strange description, but I had no choice...you took my breath away. I was getting ready to turn through the parking lot, and at the last minute you walked in front of me. You waved a thank you my way and I got lost in it...dazed by i [...]
  • Cute Bear In Camoflague Shorts - m4m (Grocery Store)
    • You were the smiling and cute brown-haired man in the army shorts at the grocery store Friday afternoon. Didn't know how to approach you between all the frozen foods. You are cute and just my type. Tell me something about my jacket to let me know you [...]
  • You look my way every Friday night. - m4w (Mexico)
    • We see each other every Friday night. You look my way and I look yours. I want to talk to you but your situation seems complicated. We saw each other one morning and you purposefully mentioned it the following Friday night making a joke about me not [...]
  • Gorgeous co-worker - w4m (Jefferson City )
    • We work together downtown. I'd say you're about average height, in your 30s, blonde hair, sometimes you wear glasses, amazing eyes, so handsome! Kinda blows my mind how hot you are, and I really don't know what to say, and sure don't want to embarras [...]
  • re:Bob Evens - m4w
    • As soon as I step in I saw you....great stuff! Is this something that is perpetually locked in continuity? Is it happening right now?

Maybe you should have said seent; you know..."I seent you!" With your cunning use of grammar I am sure some lucky [...]

  • Shelly burton - m4w (jeff)
    • I'm looking for a lady that had emailed from jeff . Her name is shelly. We had planned to meet
  • bob evens waitress - m4w (columbia)
    • I was at bob evens sunday and as soon as I step in I saw you. Your name starts with an (L) and have black hair. You was the most stunning waitress there. Honestly I dont think you'll ever see this but its worth a try. Hopfully I can get in touch with [...]
  • Kingdom City Clear 99 Sing Along - w4m (Kingdom City)
    • So, I was going north through Kingdom City to head west onto the interstate and looked to my right at an intersection and saw a man in a silver car singing the same song I was! He was heading east. My immediate thought was "We should be friends!" plu [...]
  • I WORKED ON YOUR HOME - m4mw (in columbia)
    • When I was working at your house you talked to me a long time and then went back to your home office but sent your smoking hot wife to ask if I needed anything to drink. When I turned around to say no thank you she was dressed in extremely short shor [...]
  • Want to suck a big cock - m4mw (Columbia) 36yr
    • Any couples want an extra mouth this evening? Looking to suck a clean, disease free cock with you. Let's use our mouths to make your man feel good. Would like to lick some balls and clit while you're fucking as well. Any couples interested? I'm safe, [...]

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