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craigslist | missed connections in columbia / jeff city

  • I miss you mr.m - w4m (xxxmotel) 33yr
    • I miss the way you looked at my body before you devoured it. I miss the way your hands ran along every inch of me. The couple of years that we saw each other you learned so much about me yet I learned so little about you.

I miss the way you would se [...]

  • Starbucks Drive thru - m4w (Broadway, Columbia MO)
    • I was at Starbucks this morning in the drive thru lane with my little brother and was buying him some coffee before taking him to school and i wanted to thank you for buying the coffee for me, wish there was a way to thank you, please say what kind o [...]
  • Little General Cutie - m4w (Midway)
    • To the cutie at Perche Creek Little General Your cute and thanks for the soda refill. You make the day brighter.
  • walking backwards - m4w (jc)
    • You should watch where you're walking next time. You could walk into my arms :) kidding. but maybe...
  • Lost soul mate - m4w 27yr
    • It's been nearly two years and I still can't forget your smile, your touch, your love. In my dreams it's always you. It's like your there haunting them so I never forget what we had together. Waking up is agonizing because I look for you and your nev [...]
  • Brunette with Glasses at Kaldis today - m4w (9th Street)
    • Wow, you were the drop dead gorgeous brunette sitting next to me for a few minutes along the front window at Kaldis. The electricity was unreal, and not just because you were waiting for a table close to the electrical outlets to open up. It took eve [...]
  • blonde at roxys VIP on Saturday night. - m4w (roxy's ) 23yr
    • I saw you looking at me, so I came to dance with you. I think your name was shanna. I told you I had a girlfriend but it was cool I was with you. I wanna get to know you better. Hopefully someone knows this girl!
  • Golds - m4m (Columbia) 22yr
    • To all the in shape guys at golds. You're hot and I want to find a work out partner there. I am real tall and in good shape. Serious inquiries only. I'm a December college grad. Looking for similar age group.
  • Do you miss me? The sex? - m4w
    • Our relationship ended badly. It was a long passionate affair. Where we were both with other people. But the sex was amazing. I miss it. I've seen you around every now and then but we don't speak. I wonder if you miss the sex too?
  • yellow reebok's - m4m (gym) 38yr
    • I see you often at the gym. you always say hello or nod. not sure if you would like to get together for some NSA fun. discression a must...your on your phone off and on while working out...
  • Mustang's Sallys - Looking for an Army Guy ( Ramone or Raul ) 23 or 24 - w4m (Marshall Area)
    • I am the girl you met that you friend kept trying to cock block you and I kissed you to proved my point to him. I would really like to see you again but you were gone by the time I was leaving. Tell me the color of your shirt you were wearing so I kn [...]
  • Kilgore's pharmacy N providence - m4m (columbia) 35yr
    • You are the young guy today working behind the cash register helping someone. You had a white polo shirt, dark hair, early to mid 20s (skinny) and kind of look like Toby Mcguire but much more handsome.

I noticed you kept staring at me several times [...]

My boyfriend and I are looking to have are 1st time with another female. I have always had thoughts about a female, I'm not sure where all to look for the right girl never done this sort of thing. Age 23\21 Please reply with Green in the su [...]

  • Venus Tonight - m4m (venus) 28yr
    • you were at venus tonight around closing time. I saw you in the theater and we said hey to each other and smiled etc. You are hot man. You spent most of your time there talking with one of the store clerks so I assume your friends with that person. I [...]
  • in front of us in line - m4w (mo blvd target, Apr 14, 4:45pm) 38yr
    • We had stopped in to grab some new undies and shorts after he'd had an accident. You were ahead of us in line, checking out with just a few items.

You were interested my son, who made you try to guess his name. I assumed you were just flirting with [...]

You are one. Banging a married woman but pissed because your wife cheated on you. Big difference between us and you all is at least she is not a liar due to our lifestyle. She was open and honest to me and to you. I kne [...]

  • AM Suzi_Q_zee - m4w (como)
    • Suzi_Q_zee shoot me an email. I noticed you wanted to chat ;-). Put your age in the subject so I know it's you.
  • golden corral - m4m
    • you was with a child and a lady in red. I was with a guy, girl and kid. You saw me checking you out cause you kept getting up. I liked what I saw. would love to show you my skills...
  • little silver convertible - m4m
    • I saw you today. you saw me. let's leave the past behind us. I want you. I know you want this hot ass. I live alone. you was looking. I saw you.
  • bob evans - m4w
    • I came in friday night around 6:30 pm and You were having dinner with your daughter. You were wearing a green shirt sitting by the front windows. We made eye contact and I smiled and sat down. I'd enjoy buying you a cup of coffee or juice and have co [...]
  • Crazy Girl in Red Saturn SC - m4w (Morley St., Moberly)
    • Your crazy and cute. We were messing with each other last night on Morley. If you read this reply back.
  • Stephen, - w4m (1,924 miles)
    • I'm in love with you.

I just wish I could tell you this; I wish I knew it'd be easy, and that you feel the same way, but I fear it'd only scare you away. I should feel lucky, seeing as I've your long standing friendship, but in some ways (especially [...]

  • UPS delievery guy - m4m (JC) 26yr
    • There was a UPS delivery guy that deliver my package on lake st. If your reading this, tell me what you said when you first pulled up. Your pretty hot.
  • Girl Walking into Walmart around 9 - m4w (West Broadway)
    • You were looking down at your phone when I was driving up so all I could see was your rockin body...then you looked up at me. Oh my god! Show stopper! You had black glasses on and long hair...took my breath away. I'm the one that you had to look up f [...]
  • Kim - m4w (Columbia)
    • Kim, we've had some fun together over the years but we don't talk as much anymore - it happens. I've tried to keep my distance since we are both with other people. You have any thoughts still?
  • RCH - m4m (Jefferson City)
    • Just like all the other missed connections, this is a long shot. Though when other forms of stalking fails, here we go!

You came into my work a few weeks ago around dinner time (probably before you went to your job across the Blvd that evening). You [...]

Holy crap, you're cute. Don't ever let anybody tell you different.

  • Too shy to ask in person - m4w
    • I come into your Casey's most mornings I am too shy and it is always busy to ask in person if you want to go out I always buy a breakfast sandwich You have short hair and you are thin If you recognize this Tell me something to recognize you, like whe [...]
  • Dude Who Hit on me Blatantly at the Gas Station up North of Town - w4m (COMO) 27yr
    • Let me paint a picture for you. I was just going into the g-stat for some beer. It was my first night off in a very long time, so I wanted to get loose. I made my selection, walked over to the register where I saw you staring at me even though a cust [...]
  • You're pretty much perfect - m4m (DT como) 28yr
    • First saw you working down town and saw you tonight again. Your eyes are beautiful and we definitely made contact tonight at Willie's. Let's get to know each other.
  • Sorry I didn't remember.. - m4w (JC)
    • Although, I did recognize you...I couldn't recall from where and when. I've been extremely busy/stressed that my memory has been scattered to the point that I'm barely functioning. I apologize, and hope to see you again.
  • art gal bought metal - m4w
    • I'm curious what kind of art you do?

Cute petite Beautiful brown eyes! Reply with size of metal

  • Looking for Ashley Nichols - m4w
    • We met Saturday night at a sports bar. We went outside and talked a couple of times. You said that you were 25. We were supposed to find each other on Facebook but I cannot find you.
  • at the light - m4w (ellis blvd)
    • You waved at me when you left the stop light Monday (4ish) afternoon in front of Sonic. if you see this and are interested in chatting, reply with the model and color of your car. :)
  • The UN Sat nite the 5th 11pm - m4mw (columbia)
    • She had a blue top, we made eye contact several times as you were about to leave. Like to meet you. Maybe you drove a dark older Toyota.
  • pro dentel - m4w (cloumbia)
    • you work at the front desk,, blonde,,

we talked and told each other things i would love to hook up with you some time tell me what we talked about and lets have some good times

I was at Walmart tonight and saw your sexy ass walking around a red t-shirt and black shorts. u were on the same aisle I was a few times. I think I saw you checking me out and I loved when u bend over in front of me. if u know who I am and ar [...]

: ) If you fish, camp or 2step.. let's talk?

  • Came to you on Truman across from hyvee - m4m (Jc)
    • One Saturday afternoonOver a year ago we sent messages and I came to your work. It was across from hyvee area. We went to back room and played. Really enjoyed it and would like like to do all again. Tell me what you had on in subject. I will do more [...]
  • Wilson's locker room - m4m 28yr
    • This wasn't the first time I caught your eye. You looked at me while I was running and apparently liked what you saw. Enough, anyway, to casually end your workout at the same time as mine. You followed me from the shower, to the sauna, and back again [...]
  • Fixed your friends car you fed me - m4w (Columbia) 40yr
    • I fixed your friends car you fed me after . I know you said you was married but I couldn't keep my eyes off you something about you I really liked. Love your body well any way hope you see this and hit me up
  • Cute barista at Starbucks on 9th - m4w (columbia) 31yr
    • I came in about 9:00 pm tonight Sunday, you handed me my coffee, you're a brunette with longish hair, glasses, and one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. I really wish the store had been less busy, I would have taken my ear buds out and sto [...]
  • MIZZOU MOM AT DEJAVU - m4w (columbia) 48yr
    • You wore an orange top. Daughter had left you. We talked parent to parent about your daughters college life,where you were from, ..... contact me, tell me what branch of the military we were in,..... you were wholesome,radiant,and left me wishing you [...]
  • Met again at Luckys - m4m (Market) 50yr
    • Met you Tuesday then again Saturday at Lucky market... I know I would definitely be interested!
  • Alex..its me again - w4m
    • Just want you to know I miss you! All the weirdo things about you I really do find endearing except for your OUTSPOKENESS!! If you still miss me......text me!! Mindi and Angel say HI!!!
  • Have you found what you were looking for yet? - w4m (Ashland)
    • You were on a mission to find a woman to spend your life with. How's that working out for you?

Mac Donald's isn't really a good place to meet women.

  • Pizza Hut -scotthill dr - w4m (JC) 23yr
    • I'm looking for group of guys that came this afternoon. I thought few of them were hot. Respond where you were sitting. I'm 23yo, slim body, cardio workout, dark hair. Looking for FWB
  • Adam g - m4m (Fayette) 20yr
    • Adam there is something about you that makes me want to suck your cock dry if this is you send me a pic of your newest tattoo
  • Wilson's (North) - w4m
    • You definitely caught my attention. I'm to shy to speak to you, so if you see this....Hello:)
  • Wal-Mart - m4m (Marshall)
    • Noticed you today as I glanced down an aisle. You kind of stared at me. Thought you were cute. As I was checking out you came to where I was at and checked out as well. Thought it was odd that you came to the other end of store to check out and then [...]
  • Helzeberg Diamonds - m4w (Columbia mall)
    • We spoke at Helzeberg Diamonds about Movado watches taking cruises etc. kicking myself for not asking for your number. Have gone by to try and catch you but not at the right times...
  • YMCA Lady - m4w
    • You were working out today, said you had only been here once. I wanted to talk to you more, but didnt wanna bother you during your workout. Also noticed a ring on your finger. If your interested in a one on one workout, tell me where you said you mov [...]
  • Shakes At Culver's And Sex - m4w 42yr
    • We met about a year ago, had shakes at Culver's, then went to my house for sex.

I lost your email address and would like to see you again. If you want to see me again, I can host somewhere else, as you weren't comfortable using my house. I doubt yo [...]

  • big o tire - m4m (hyvee w broadway) 41yr
    • I parked beside your truck. you were bald with goatee. We exchanged glance as you drove off. message me...discression promised!!
  • transgendered at comic shop other day - m4t (columbia)
    • looking to see if we could chat a little bit thought I would try this on the off chance of a long shot that you might see it. you said you got a years worth of hawkeye comics. hit me up would like to talk abit
  • domino's delivery guy - m4m (columbia)
    • you were a young guy that delivered my pizza and stated "I have your package". I'd like to taste your package. no recip needed.
  • Country boy at bighorn gas station - m4w (Bighorn gas station)
    • I didnt even get your name...you said you were moving and you had a fieance...if your lookin for someone to talk you out of it im your man...tell me what state your moving to so i know its you xoxo baby
  • Ashland Mom - m4w (South Columbia)
    • You were ahead of me getting your car worked on, then left before I could get your info. If you would like to hang out and get your soon to be ex off your mind hit me back. It seemed like you could use some company.
  • venus this morning - m4m (columbia)
    • You walked in after i did. I was at the counter when.u walked in. Bald guy tan pants i think white shirt. Driving suv. Your names starts with M_ _ _ i have seen you before where i work. When u walked in you walked to the back by videos. In the subjec [...]
  • Workout hunk at Wilson's - m4m (Forum)
    • Thursday morning at Wilson's on south Forum. You were working out in your black shirt and red shorts, I was playing racquetball. You saw me checking you out several times. In the locker room I asked if you had a good workout and you smiled and said y [...]
  • Hispanic girl at Bus Station - m4w (Columbia)
    • This is a long shot, but I saw you at the bus station. We also ended up traveling on the same bus. I was amazed at how beautiful you were, which is surprising because the bus station is such a rare place where one would see beautiful women. You had o [...]
  • Megaplex 3-27 yellow shirt - m4m (Megaplex)
    • Sexy guy at the megaplex yellow shirt,jeans, and sexy ass hell!!I AM The tall blk guy you met there 3/27 afternoon. Would love to meet again sometime you're hot man!!
  • on Sunday 3/23 .. local truck stop - w4m (boonv)
    • Around 10:30pm give take few minutes. Think I've seen u bfor (not n person).. it was either dr thru or inside, u get rest.. very fine!! U did have mustash.. u had wild hair do..
  • Chipotle boi - m4m (Columbia) 24yr
    • Ok. I'm nearly certain you have boys drowling over you often but you got me salivating me today! Haha. You're black. Tattoo on your left arm and have gauged ears. I probably didn't make much of an impression but I tried to communicate my lust through [...]
  • Study distraction - m4m 24yr
    • So I was at a coffee shop for the majority of the day. Turns out- so were you. I'm sure it was obvious that I was into as I kept looking at you all day long. :) the chance that you even read this is a long shot. But if you do, I apologize if my stari [...]
  • Venus Tuesday March 25 - m4t (Columbia) 68yr
    • I complimented you on your outfit. I was wearing a Mizzou sweatshirt. Would love to do a photo shoot with you. I somewhat lean toward crossdressing myself but am very limited and too masculine to be even partially passable.
  • Beer Pong - m4w (columbia)
    • We played beer pong at your boss's house Saturday night. I thought we shared a moment. I wanted to throw you on the table and have my way with you. Then you left....

I can't stop thinking about you! Email me.

...I hope you read this! ;-) We did have a good conversation and wouldn't mind chatting again. You had two little girls with you. Were they yours? You moved to Pennsylvania from Columbia. What kind of work do you di? ;-)

  • church service/mcbaine street - m4m
    • I saw you at church. I think you had been gone for a while. you got up and read. my family had to leave at 1130. I had on a brown sweater.
  • PetroMartGirl - m4w (St. Charles Rd)
    • We emailed for a while late last year...I had posted about one of your co-workers. You replied. Miss talking with you. You gave me some advice about approaching one of your female co-workers...

Email if you want to catch up... Put "petro" in subjec [...]

Send [...]

Yesterday I went to the food bank and outside there was a guy standing in an orange long sleeve shirt, grey gym shorts, black and green Nike's, and a white hat giving out free stuff. I wa [...]

You said you recently moved to Pennsylvania. Change the subject line to something specific, that only I would know. Hope to hear from you.

my family wants me home, spoke to your friend, who you thought i was seeing - i don't touch married dames! my family is bribing my return... the talk on the steps - i was being [...]

  • Picks up food for the food bank - m4m (columbia)
    • You picked up donations from a retail store back on Feb 14th. We talked about what we were doing for Valentine Day.
  • Trying to find Tommy Boy - w4m (Central Mo?) 37yr
    • I don't know if you will ever read this, or see this, nor do I know if you even live in Missouri anymore. I think it might be worth a shot. I long since lost your number and your email. We met under unusual circumstances and we hit it off like we wer [...]
  • FIJI BUS - m4m
    • You rode the fijI bus to whiskey wild and then rode the same fijI bus back to 5th street. You had a mint green shirt and tight jeans with everything hanging to the right. What color was your belt and or jeans? I would love for you to fuck my mouth wi [...]
  • Beautiful college girl - m4w (Wilsons gym north (rangeline))
    • I saw you at Wilson's North this morning (Wednesday, March 19). You were with two other women, you all appeared to be in your early twenties. You are a gorgeous woman! You were wearing your hair in a pony tail and were wearing purple spandex type sho [...]
  • Veronica at HuHot - m4w (columbia, MO) 25yr
    • Your name is Veronica, and you are a beautiful woman.You were eating outside about a week ago at another restaurant with a group of friends. I overheard several in the group say they worked at HuHot, so I assume you do as well. I couldn't figure out [...]
    • Hey I seen you, may be a little older late 20's-30's avergage female height

had all black on. Your pretty thick! Nice big ass, thick thighs/ legs! I believe you had on black tight jeans, black boots, black jacket a black purse. Blond hair. You were [...]

  • parked next to me in a blue yukon - m4w (conley walmart)
    • Looked up and saw you loading up,u caught me looking at you and i swear u smiled. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful i thought u were
  • SOCO club Saturday night - m4m (Columbia)
    • You were wearing a grey button up and were alone the entire night. I first saw you come in the drag show part of the club, you are very handsome and seemed like a genuine type of man. Late 20's early 30's kind of guy......you saw me looking at you se [...]
  • You drove a new Lexus - m4w (Fulton)
    • Chances are you won't see this. I enjoyed talking with you waiting for our vehicles to fill up. You seem like an amazing woman and I would like to get to know you if that's possible. if you see this and just like to talk...e mail me with what I was d [...]
  • cute mom-lazer lanes 3/15 - m4w
    • Thx-for agreeing to play tag. If u r unattached and willing-reply with some reference to team we played on and against. Thought u were great-missed my chance to talk afterwards. :)
  • Natalie at h&r block - m4w (columbia)
    • I saw you working today. You had a beautiful smile. If you are single let me know
  • sixth and cherry garage Boise girl - m4w (Columbia ) 40yr
    • I think you are beautiful. Id like to know you better:) let me know the type car you drive and if you'd like to hear more from me.
  • Holly from Longhorn in Columbia. . - m4w (Columbia) 40yr
    • You're the most beautiful woman i've ever seen. I was there sunday morning with some friends. If you see this I just wanted you to know I appreciate you:)
  • Dish Tech guy - m4m (Boonville) 40yr
    • You were at my place Friday afternoon fixing my Dish Satellite. We talked for a while about different things (like how old the building is that I'm living in). You seemed real nice and personable, plus I thought you were good looking. If you're inter [...]
  • Wedding DJ - m4m
    • You did a wedding reception on nifong. You was trying to get me to say my name on the Mic to thank me cause I had helped set it up and tear it down. I want to talk to you...I have a few questions.
  • You sold me a car... - w4m (Columbia)
    • And all I could think about the entire time was you fucking me on one of those desks. I wonder if you thought about the same things? You will know a way to let me know it's you :)
  • PetroMart on Stadium Sat. afternoon - m4m (Columbia) 40yr
    • Saw you about 2pm Saturday Afternoon at PetroMart. We passed each other and then while I was in line at the cashier, you were standing close by talking to a girl. I kept looking at you and you looked back several times. I also waited for you to see y [...]
  • Ace's n Tipton 3/14 - w4m (tipton)
    • u had spikey hairdo goin on, very hott!.. u had stripped shirt on n id say 21-25 age wise.. u was hangin with group of friends around pool tables/jukebox..

needles say, ur mitey fine young stud!! if i didnt no any better, id say u b watchin the grou [...]

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