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craigslist | missed connections in columbia / jeff city

  • Amber? - m4w (como)
    • Are these about Amber Hancox? Diane's daughter? I sure hope this isn't the same girl. This would break Diane's heart after all they've gone through with her!
  • Bring flowers - m4w (Jc)
    • I bring flowers to your office. I brought you something. Tell me what I brought. I think there is a connection between us.
  • Belle - m4w (jefferson city)
    • I often think of you, still think about your cute tattoo. I should have kept in touch, hope the new job work out.
  • Amber handlincocks - m4w (Boone hospital)
    • flaged my post again. Kept trying to teply to your post but couldnt sk posting this here for you again.

That's amber hancocks. Everyone knows about her. Party girl. Give her some pills or coke and she's yours. Total dope whore. Don't know how she ke [...]

the commitment for us to be together. If you are that person tell me something about me so that I know its you. Sorry I left you.

  • Batman tank top 7/30 - m4w (DT Columbia)
    • Didn't ask for a name and when I got back you and the friend you had with you had gone.
  • Sexy Todd - m4m (columbia)
    • I met you last night, you were all covered in grease and grim from working on your truck. You are tall sexy and HOT!!! Not sure if you are on the same team as I am but would love to get to know you. Tell me what part you replaced on your truck.. I th [...]
  • Taco Bell at the Mall - m4w (CoMo) 26yr
    • Hey, this was a from a few weeks ago, but I remember you being the shift manager at the Taco Bell in the mall. You're a cute brunette, and though I didn't see your name, I'm fairly sure we were flirting with each other. I'm the bald African-American [...]
  • Purple knit shirt and blue Ford Focus - m4w (PetroMart)
    • I was behind you in line at the Petro Mart on St. Charles. You were wearing a purple knit shirt, jean capri pants, and sandals. We checked each other out when I came into the store and I noticed that you were looking at me as you were driving away. Y [...]
  • I wish things were better - m4w (Columbia)
    • Well I am not even sure where to start, I wasn't even sure if I should post this in the "missed connections" or the "rants and raves." This isn't for a woman to read it's for everyone so I guess I should have posted in the "rants and raves." I am ter [...]
  • Monday at Gym - Red Hair, White Shorts, Red Shirt, Gray Chrysler - m4w (JC - Jefferson City) 22yr
    • You appeared to be 19-22, doing a full-body workout. I wanted to talk to you, but... yea.

I respect your strength. Message me and we can find a place to do pull-ups together. Thanks :)

  • Where are you now? - w4m (Central Mo)
    • I had posted looking for someone about a year ago and had started a email/texting relationship with a guy. Because of circumstances on my end he chose to end our "relationship". He said he lived in Midway and wanted to move closer to his job in Jeff [...]
  • Cali Mo Eagle Stop - m4w (California )
    • Just wanted to say you two girls behind the counter were very attractive and seemed to be quite full of fun and mischief . If this is you lets talk if your interested. I needed a bag for something. Reply with what it was.
  • Cute bratchers cashier - m4w (Moberly) 20yr
    • To the cute bratchers cashier I try and come to your line and say hi I really want to ask you for your number but I think it would be akward to ask you at work and it seems there is always somone in line behind me I usualy wear a navy hat or a black [...]
  • bethel - Cosmo park - w4w (Columbia) 22yr
    • You had a purple t shirt on, a blue ish bracelet on your left wrist, and dark colored shorts on.

I just wanted to tell you that you are very attractive, I was the one sitting at the picnic table behind you... If you know who I am, and you would lik [...]

I tried so hard and loved you so much. I was willing to give you anything to make you happy. I think that was the biggest problem. I tried and gave too much, I don't think you cared about [...]

  • Riverside pool Sunday - m4m (jefferson city) 46yr
    • You are an attractive mature gentleman who was enjoying your time soaking up some sun. You were wearing a white Hilfiger tank and a blue/black swim suit and a white Hard Rock hat. I watched you leave the pool and as you got on your bike and rode away [...]
  • I want to hear what you have to say (everywhere)
    • I like to hear what people have to say and what makes them unique. You do too. So take a look at this interactive listening project and pick up your phone. It is cheaper than therapy.


  • Looking for Mic - w4m (Rangeline)
    • You're in your 20's, live and work in Columbia. It's been a few months since we've talked. Email me.
  • Como Smoke n Fire - m4w (North Columbia)
    • I was with some co workers fri afternoon. We caught eyes several times.. U seemed unbelievably attractive. What kind of hat was I wearing.
  • dollar tree at crossroads/Broadway - m4w
    • Saw you at dollar tree today, sun. July 27, I said hi to you and told you that I thought you looked cute in the shorts you were wearing. You actually looked so amazingly sexy I couldn't believe you were standing there in front of me. I should have as [...]
  • algoa - w4m (algoa/jccc)
    • I know this is a stretch but I recently went to visit my son in algoa.It was my first time so I went to the wrong institution.It was very overwhelming for me,thankfully two wonderful gaurds steered me in the right direction.I can't remember the name [...]
  • Check out at Resort - m4m (Ozarks) 22yr
    • You came to my line several times this weekend at the resort you were camping at. I'm hoping that you see this and want to meet up. Seemed like a great guy and would like to get to know you better.
  • Dairy Queen - m4w (missouri Blvd)
    • You waived at me and said hi. I was in such a hurry to catch up to my son that I just had a chance to say hi back but wanted to say more.

You seemed familiar but my mind was so focused on other things i didn't get the connection and hope you read th [...]

Tell me the color of my truck and maybe we can meet up.

show your wife you were sucking this

Fall in love with me. Just kidding, I know you won't! You're alright. Life is stupid, isn't it? (rhetorical question) I know what you're missing. You don't realize it. But it's better that way. Because life is stupid. I am stu [...]

  • where's my Tat - m4w (Columbia MO ) 34yr
    • Looking for my hot as maid. I'm back in town to work and for good this time. You know I miss you and I just want my woman back finally. Please babe, find this and find me!!! So I know it's you, remember when you had to ship my belt to me in L.A.? Tel [...]
  • Rita at Gerbes Broadway - m4w
    • "It is the east and Juliet is the sun"

Shakespeare, in his many words, could know nothing of the light your smile casts upon the awestruck faces you shine it upon daily. Your charm is a blessing and your beauty a delight, we are all so fortunate to [...]

  • f n l bar westside lake - m4m
    • Man two of you were hot as hell 1 was a hot construction worker leaving in morning. Motor cross racer sure like to know you. Name began with a T. Other was hot in red cap shirt and black an red shorts. Was was written on shorts. Discreet time for you [...]
  • Fulton Diner - m4w (Fulton)
    • You sat across from me today at the diner your friend and you were discussing a matter. You are absolutely stunning. your friend is right about that conversation. I don't know if you will see this, but its worth a try..
  • Postman - w4m
    • You delivered mail to my work today around 10:10am. We made eye contact as you walked in. You were gorgeous. I was in a dress and heels standing at my desk. If you are single, found me attractive and happen to see this please email me. And just FYI, [...]
  • Gutter Girl in LaCrosse - m4w (fulton)
    • Saw you Wednesday and thought you were attractive.

Maybe I'm wrong but I got the impression you were interested too. If you read this and want to meet for lunch someday tell me what I was wearing and what you dropped as you turned to leave.

  • Blonde Cardinals fan - m4w (Columbia, MO)
    • You were the girl I was chatting with last Saturday about (what I believe is misguided) your love of the Cardinals. I don't know if you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did, but I would love to meet and/or argue with you again sometime. We were [...]
  • Hi - w4m (Jefferson City)
    • Hello looking for fun. Am need someone to rock my socks off. Am tall, thin, and horny.
  • Stephens leavins - t4m (Como) 33yr
    • Today you were a vision as you left your little red car in the park. I wanted to say something, but you were clearly on a mission chasing after two other hunks (who I'm sure you had a lot of fun with, but I digress). Next time I'm just gonna reach ou [...]
  • pathways - m4w (jefferson city)
    • To the blonde at pathways this morning 7-23. You had a baby boy with you I heard you say his name so put it in the subject line if you are interested in chatting. You had on a little dress I was wearing a black cap.
  • lady in white shirt at miller county fair - m4w (eldon)
    • I am looking for the lady with the white low cut shirt with the capri looking jeans. she had on a pair of sandals and mirrored sunglasses. she was with a guy and some kids in a wagon. she looks familiar and was wanting to find out her name to see if [...]
  • Sun tanning lady in black bottoms - m4w (Columbia)
    • I saw you taking outside your apartment today, absolutely gorgeous as you laid there. If you need someone to rub lotion on you, just ask.
  • Saw you the other day and couldn't keep my eyes off you - m4w (Moberly) 24yr
    • I went to a gaming store and you helped me find a game and lets just say your body looks simply amazing. I hope you can reply so we can hook up and see where it goes from there. I hope you get this and we can talk because I was going to say you looke [...]
  • middle eastern woman that waved - m4w (thornbrook)
    • i delivered food to your neighbor right before dark 8:00ish 7/21 and kept looking at you and when i drove away you waved. you looked beautiful. I doubt you'll see this but if you do maybe i can bring you dinner next time!
  • Subway on 9th - w4m
    • i was at subway on 9th by chipotle this afternoon around 2:30. To the guy that was working the cash register, i think you are very cute :) (think your name tag said Cameron)
  • DQ Blonde - m4w (Business Loop)
    • I came by around 11 this morning and gave you what we joked was a confusing order. Everything was fine, and I just thought you were cute...then our hands touched! I couldn't even think straight after that. It was even more intense once I saw how amaz [...]
  • Wal-Mart cart guy - m4m (Jefferson City-MO BLVD.)
    • You work at Wal-Mart all the time......you round up all the carts in the parking lot mostly, but I see you inside the store on occasion. You always have your headphones in, wear light colored blue jeans and some Nike shoes. The shirt you wear to work [...]
  • Gap Guy-sunday - m4m (Columbia)
    • you were leaving Gap around 1ish...i was walking in...we did double-takes on each other..u came back in...

hmu if you want to meet up reply with "outlet" and tell me something about me so i know it's u...we can go from there

  • Missed u at starbuck's saturday - m4w (Columbia)
    • Hey I guess we missed each other. My yahoo account was hacked and I cant access it. I have a new account. Would love to talk again.
  • Talked to you and your mom at menards - m4w (Jefferson City ) 42yr
    • You and your mom was talking to me about toilet seats thought you was a cutie.hope you see this and think the same xoxoxo
  • Iris at Rumors - m4w (Columbia) 21yr
    • I never do this at all. We met last night, don't tell me there wasn't a connection. I would still love to keep in touch and maybe make something out of the spark we both had. Hopefully you find this! :) Respond to this with my name in the subject so [...]
  • so I know it's a longshot - m4w (sedalia) 26yr
    • so I know it's a longshot you see this but every time I see you I go nuts. your constant what seems like flirting keeps me wanting more . You are older than me but I don't think that has anything to do with it. your beautiful from head to toe. you ha [...]
  • I STILL LOVE YOU - m4w (como) 29yr
  • Red head at el tap - m4m (Sedalia) 23yr
    • On 7/18 we were at el tap and you were at the table next to us and looked pretty bored. I kept looking at you because I thought you were hot. Tell me what was different about who was sitting next to me so I know its you. I'd like to hang out and stuf [...]
  • James from Macaroni Grill - m4m 21yr
    • I came into Macaroni Grill tonight with my cousin 573and her two sons. Idk if you're even interested in men but we kept staring at each other eye to eye and I definitely felt239 some kind of connection. If you see this shoot me a text so we can get t [...]
  • You were my best friends girl - m4w (columbia/warsaw)
    • You were one of my best friends girlfriend. To seemed like every time all of us got together we would always find ourselves together sitting watching the rest of our group being stupid. We both knew what the other was feeling but we had to hide it fr [...]
  • Re: One more for you!! - m4w (Jefferson City)
    • Correction: I dont want you anymore, even as a friend. You lying, thieving, conieving piece of excrement. Enjoy your new found life, because I am sure enjoying mine. My salary has expectedly tripled in the last six months. I've since bought a brand n [...]
  • Wal-Mart. Invading Space In Line. - m4w (Conley Road Wal Mart) 40yr
    • You were behind me in line at Wal-Mart the evening of July 17th. You kept crowding me a bit and making jokes about invading my space. Didn't have a chance to say anything, but you can invade my space anytime you'd like. Tell me the number of other pe [...]
  • saw u at the beach - m4w (sedalia)
    • I saw u at the beach u caught my eye and now I can't stop thinking of you but I can't say anything.
  • Pizza delivery driver - m4w (Fulton)
    • Hello, to the pizza delivery driver that showed up at my ex's appartment the same time I did. You are very attractive, and I am kicking myself in the backside for not saying something then. You probably won't see this, but if you do, send me a reply [...]
  • Girl with Red Hair on Worley - m4w (Columbia) 27yr
    • I was just driving in front of Worley and locked eyes with a gorgeous girl! I was so stunned I almost ran off the road. I saw you look back...hope it was at me. You were carrying a shopping bag...hit me back with the store that was on it (or somethin [...]
  • Here goes pissing in the wind - m4m (columbia)
    • OK. . . . .so here goes pissing in the wind. Even though I don't think you'll see this, for peace of mind I have to at least try so I can say I did. You were at work, you wore a dark blue security uniform. I was sitting at a table when you came out o [...]
  • biker full throttle - w4m (jeff)
    • if u single answer this add we saw each other when we were on 50..what was I driving...would like to get to know u if u are interested
  • "Cole" - w4m (Utah)
    • Not that I'm a stalker or anything, but there appear to be only four people with your name that live in your city, so I'm choosing to use the fake name that you first gave me when we met online nearly sixteen years ago.

Has it really been that long? [...]

  • Little Caesars East Broadway, HWY 63 - Friendly Counter Girl - m4w (65201)
    • We've talked a bit now and then. I don't know if you are 'free' or if you ever date older guys. Let me know, if you want.
  • guy at fastlanes - w4m (fulton ) 30yr
    • I was at fastlanes with a little a girl i was waiting for my ride we talked about pit bull puppies i hope to find you again and get to know you please message me put in subject line the. Length Of your hair
  • attractive redhead at pretromart near COMO - m4w (Columbia) 32yr
    • I saw you at the Petromart (I think exit 131 off of I70 just before Columbia, Missouri). You, very sexy redhead wearing a red Cardinals T driving a burgundy four door sedan. I first saw you in line inside the gas station and you smiled at me. Outside [...]
  • Deja vu girl - m4w (Columbia )
    • Looking for the blonde girl that was enjoying her self to much at a comedy show last month if this was you reply with who the comedian was
  • You almost ran me over! - m4w (Walmart JC)
    • You almost ran me over in the parking lot! My fault though....thanks for not doing it ;)
  • walmart 8am today - m4w (columbia conley )
    • so i seen you this morning an i haven t seen you in a while i have always thought you were HOT i use to see you when i delivery to your work a cpl different place you have worked at. i know you will never see this but if you do please reply with what [...]
  • hoping your single - m4w (columbia)
    • Waffle house columbia , Megan with the tattoo on your neck, If your single we could take the bikes out for a cruise sometime. I'm sure you already have a great guy in your life but if you don't hit me
  • nymph - m4w (Columbia)
    • tiny little sandwich girl I would totally rock your world. come by my place after work
  • Random girl who asked me if I could give her a ride - m4w (Columbia ) 19yr
    • Hey, I was by the parking garage near Walnut st downtown. I'm sorry I didn't give you a ride. Usually when a beautiful girl asks a stranger for a ride, it ends like a horror movie. Haha. I'm sure you were safe but I didn't want to take the chances. I [...]
  • Green Truck - cuties - m4w (JC)
    • I waved at you both while driving across MO. Blvd. Maybe we should hangout? Send a pic of you both or describe what kind of car I was driving.
  • rangeline sonic - m4m
    • you was/work at sonic on rangeline. we made eye contact a couple of times. tell mewhat you was wearing or what you was doing. This is July 10th at 1:30ish
  • Sweetemotion2014 - m4w 40yr
    • We've tried to make contact on a site, but haven't been able to do so.

If you see this, write back with the site we're both on. You are from Jefferson City. I am from Columbia.

Message me if you see this and include that was on my shirt.

  • Guy at old un on the 4th - m4m (Columbia )
    • Hey met you in the booths mid day. Would love to have another round. Let know what color your car was so I know it's you. Very Discrete here, respect the same contact me if you're interested
  • Asian at dollar tree - m4w (columbia)
    • Saw u there with some old obese man. Maybe you are his care taker? Tried to talk to you but you seemed shy. Hit me up if you see this I would love to hook up sometime.

Message me with my color of shirt

  • wibbly wobbly - w4m 27yr
    • Am I the only one now who feels the wibbly wobbly? I thought you said through all of time and space!
  • me black car - w4m (Jeff city)
    • today after 7 some time I was in a black car...we made very good eye contact..felt like there might be a spark...who are u..tell me what color car u were in so I know it is u
  • chinese place next to hyvee on conley - m4m
    • just saw you. black wife beater, gray shorts(nice package), gray shoes and black and white hat. The things I wanna do to you.... starting with that package. hit me up....
  • loudred7727 we need to meet.... - m4w 52yr
    • We've found each other online...now we need to find each other in person. I hope you'll see this and respond. I hope to hear from you....
  • roxan - m4w
    • looking for roxan would love to talk to you agin I lost you when I entered the navy
  • Hot dude at kostaki's pizza saturday - m4m (columbia )
    • You were working behind the counter. You are very good looking and you were wearing a dark grey shirt with chevrolet and checker flags on it. We were passing glances at each other while I was eating there. If interested, drop a line.
  • "Catch Me If You Can" on the 4th - m4m
    • I was in the front yard where I live talking on my phone. You walked by and said: "Catch me if you can." After a few more steps, you looked back to add: "My favorite movie."

If this was you, tell me what street I live on. Really love to connect with [...]

Where are you now? Do you ever think of me In the quiet, in the crowd? You were strangely less in pain Than you were cold. Triumphant in your mind Of the logic that you hold You said no one would ever know The love tha [...]

  • Walmart, red shirt and jeans - m4w (Broadway)
    • u gave me a look like u wanted to fuck. Tell me what I was wearing or a detail from that day.
  • Adrian from Columbia - m4w
    • We met online a few years ago and i came to your house once and we made love for a long time that Saturday night. I still think about it all the time. It was amazing. Please contact me, even though i live in Springfield now I'd still love to see you. [...]
  • The girl n short shorts ghost tour - m4w (jeff city)
    • U were on the ghost tour Wednesday night July 2nd n some little shorts showing ur very cute ass cheeks.. I couldn't help but stare the whole time.. U were absolutely stunning.. I doubt u will c this but if by chance u do tell me what color shirt u we [...]
  • Saw you in the waiting room 7-2 - m4w (Audrain Med Center)
    • I first saw you in the hallway. I was with my dad. I then sat near you in the waiting room, you were with your dad, I was with mine. I kept answering the phone. I think your mom was having surgery. I saw you again, after surgery on the floor and trie [...]

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