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  • reeds my point (duluth)
    • the point is this regardless of what reeds is classified as . he needs strict rules in place that need to be enforced . instead of the good old policy of if they can make it up the stairs then they r ok

and yes it is good to have these places to hel [...]

reed has 3 places he runs each client costs roughly 1700 a month to the county times 30 to 40 clients big $$$ [...]

  • RE: Reed's (Duluth)
    • I hate to be the one to break it to you, but people OD in schools, public parks, on the highways, and just about any other place you can name. Should we shut all of THEM down too? Reed's offers a place for the indigent and near indigent to go when th [...]
  • re OD at the boarding house. (duluth)
    • what the hell are you so upset about. One less sucking off of the system junkie in the world is reason to celebrate I say lets find out just what it was that killed it and then put tons of it on the street free
  • NANCY RAE (duluth)
    • Does anyone know how to get ahold of Nancy Rae from Sheer Katz salon in which closed down last Monday?
    • how many ppl need to die at these board and lodges before there licenses are taken away 21 year old od and barely even a blip in the local news about it . when i was there i was amazed at the amount of drugs in the house ppl shooting up daily and sta [...]
  • Fleshlight....
    • Dudes. You don't need some fuckin ho stressin ya out all the goddamn time in exchange for a little pussy from time ta time. Get yerself a Fleshlight. Take care of it, and it'll take care of you. Trust me. I know about shit like this here.
  • Re Trees
    • Really you people are crying over trees. Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bicycles (Duluth/Superior)
    • Adding fee's to cover all of this new construction for bike lanes and trails is a good idea, but probably won't ever happen. They will just keep taxing drivers while drivers are being forced to give up street space and parking space to the very few w [...]
  • Duluth bikes (duluth)
    • how come no one is talking about bicycle license fee,s ? if it is so dam important that we the tax payers have to have bike lanes shoved down out throats why then cannot the bike riders also pay their FAIR Share that was so hyped in the past , I thou [...]
  • Broken Windows
    • You haven't figured that one out yet?

Why is it that most busted window sprees are Minnesota? Because glass coverage is cheaper than Wisconsin. In Minnesota, it is billed into your insurance separately, where in Sconnie, is part of your comprehensiv [...]

  • bikes (duluth)
    • Ness and the Duluth/Superior metropolitan interstate council are in bed together, they are the ones who reccomend putting in bike lanes (because they all ride bikes) look at the unused bike lane in Superior on Tower Ave. Go to their web site and look [...]
  • Duluth wall o shame
    • We now have a mobile site!

→ Go to the mobile site[x] Hide this DFL Duluth Exposed A view of a one political party city DFL Duluth and 'progressive' liberalism, one news story at a time, with a hint of satire. ← DFL Duluth Exposed hom [...]

  • Downtown to become more bike friendly (Duluth)
    • This was on WDIO yesterday. City Council plans to take space away from parking and pedestrian use to make more room for bike riders. Why doesn't anyone speak up? Don Ness is ruining Duluth just so he can make another magazine cover.

As bike use goes [...]

Login Don Ness Interview The Town Cycling Saved Don Ness, the 40-year-old mayor of Duluth, Minnesota, used bike trails and green space to transform this Rust Belt city into one of the most desirable communities in America By tracy ross [...]

End of the big trees on East 4th Street? By Richard Thomas on Jun 9, 2014 at 11:20 a.m. Email News Al [...]

  • Re: Illegal tax (minit mart)
    • I am hoping someone reported this to the department of revenue. They can do everything from imposing fines to shutting them down. And I would also report to the department of agriculture as they will hold up their ebt licenses .From the post I have s [...]
  • bikes (ness ville)
    • I saw a bike once. It was riding on Superior Street,on the other side of the road from paved trail. It was impeding traffic cause it had to go around cars.

Go up to Spirit MT. or out to Jay Cooke (Chambers Grove) and observe the destruction the bike [...]

  • Gag me / The town that bicycling saved (Duluth)
    • So the great outdoor, green space loving city is taking down old trees to make way for a paved bike trail? Makes no sense. That article is vomit inducing, Ness is so full of himself it's sick.

Today when you're driving home from work, school, or jus [...]

  • RE: GAG Me (duluth)
    • OMG,OMG and to think this was ALL done under the watchful eyes of the democrat Mayor and city council now you get to pay and pay and pay. but the city should be proud as they proudly march toward their goal of making dalute da welfare capital of the [...]
  • Free tickets to ZZ Top (Duluth)
    • All you have to do is call the police and turn in the people who shot out all the windows the other day. KQDS will send you to ZZ Top FREE. Saw it on television this morning so I know it's the real deal.
  • Downhill Duluth (Wheredoyathink)
    • Duluth going downhill? It's amazing what you see on the Rants, Raves & Whiners section in the Duluth Craigslist. A bunch of dope smoking, bike riding, tree hugging babies. Get over it assholes.
  • re gag me
    • Well, said Mayor Ness, we are so optimistic now! We have turned our City into the prostitution and heroin capital of the Midwest!!! We made sure we discriminated against any trail user who didn't support my campaign with $$$ and are turning our hills [...]

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