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craigslist | rants & raves in duluth / superior

  • hayzuez keyrystz (anywhere up here)
    • did you really warn me that if I jizzed in a cup and gave it to some skank I would legally be the father if she stood on her head and dumped it in her vent ? where are you inbred tbi junkies from, middle earth? guess I'll be more cautious where I han [...]
  • Re: Knuckle Draggers
    • This is the direct effect of Da-loo not adopting a modern, diversified economy. A lot of the real "knuckle draggers" were the types who were scared of anything that was new, novel or "weird". The town, not surprisingly, stagnated.

Your town got stuc [...]

  • ranger wanna be (somewhere else)
    • I wish you stupid flaggers would leave the iron range 'hater' alone and let him rant by himself. the lack of any response must drive him nuts. by flagging you're giving the poor looser some needed attention. plus he's funny.
  • re scarface-
    • Looks like someone got pissed about the Proctor Peckerwood PoPo Postings and flagged them...perhaps Officer Douchebag ? or was is Scarface himself the prick who had nothing better to do than go around harassing kids standing in front of their own gar [...]
    • That means YOU ..everyone is "militia" according to the Constitution. There are many related like the DICK ACT ..stop giggling it's a real thing.

BUNDY RANCH ...has militia, Americans, running rotations/providing security; and plan on it for some ti [...]

  • BLManagement not OWNER derp (N\V) 9yr
    • BLM doesn't own it moron ..it manages by contract. NV owns it ..and NV is a FREE-RANGE state ..but you keep sticking up for RIED & son crony-global CHINA CORP land thefts, while lying about some turtles they are killing ..,

because, "they don't have [...]

the Ranch has used that NEVADA PUBLIC LAND since long before the B.L.*MANAGEMENT *ding ding ...admitted by the BLM commander recorded on site by Pete Santilli, radio host. The BLM .." [...]

DHS Commissioner Lucinda Jesson has announced agency goals and action steps for 2014. The goals and action steps with a focus on people, innovation, equity and integrity are contained in the docume [...]

  • Re Scar Face (Proctor)
    • Scar Face ending getting a job somewhere else. Remember when he shot the keg at a party while people were close by and never got trouble for it really.
  • re cops
    • Well that sounds about right for the Proctor peckerwood Police Dept. What ever happened to Supercop Scar face?
  • RAVE!!Police Officers every where
    • Just finished watching most terrifying police stops on you tube and want to THANKYOU for your service. So thank you and stay safe.
  • cops
    • called the cops because my husbands crazy ass ex was in the driveway in a stolen car, high, using a stolen cell phone and calling us at 10:30 pm....creepy! They wanted to know all our info, date of birth ect..."I said "why"? They said for "contact" i [...]
  • re proctor police
    • Trust this is get around. I submitted this on here after the local paper wouldn't run the story, City hall has copy of this as well. My reason for posting this so people would hear about it and keep this in mind when dealing with the police to tread [...]
  • tri state buisness systems (superior) 51yr
    • that place is gay. i bought some furniture from them and the stuff was scratched and they tryed to sell me it for more than what it's worth.wow. what a dump. people standing around when i needed help. the 2 girls there looked bitchy that they had to [...]
  • idiots on the road
    • including the people who drive in the left lane on there cell phones. you f...cks cant

drive and chew gum at the same time. move the f over so we can get to are real jobs yes i saw that deans trucking do that to you today.aint they from superior. w [...]

  • deans trucking
    • i was driving company truck coming up the 57 ave west ramp to 35 south and this deans trucking semi would not move over. really.there was no one in the left lane.you could of let me onto the f...cking hwy. thats how that company opperates?

thats rea [...]

Proctor has in dealing with a citizen trying to make a complaint because he was feed up and worried about a crazy neighbor that was a threat to his ex and daughter. I have seen [...]

  • Duluth (Duluth)
    • just as I had mentioned previously all you have to do is sit back and watch where all the money for the cities [pet] projects will be directed to. I bet the greater downtown Duluth ECONOMIC "REDEVELOPMENT" athuorities who will justly spend our tax do [...]
  • Duluth booby prize Mayor Ness (Duluth.)
    • Duluth had a buyer last summer for central high school, but refused to sell to them.

Instead they heated the building all winter and footed all other expenses of the property at tax payers expense. The people making decisions for the residents / ta [...]

Have you nothing better to do with your life then to "police" the Craigslist ads for those evil people who post things "multiple times" . How empty and sad your little life must be. Get a girlfriend, or in your case, a boyfriend and [...]

So lets all celebrate the fact we live in a country were we have access to clean water, state and federal parks, public libraries and hospitals abound. Lighten the fuck up ya'all

  • Bundy & the BLM (everywhere)
    • "I do believe since the federal government and not the state own the majority of property in the west that it's time to give that land back to the states. Keep your parks and let the rest be used by the people who pay the taxes in that state."

The F [...]

  • BLM-Bundy
    • First Bundy admits he owes money but 300,000 not the million the BLM say he owes. BLM says land is public and that 16,000 or 160,000 other ranchers also pay to have there cattle graze on the land. Now if I were those other ranchers I would be pissed [...]
  • bundy
    • I do believe since the federal government and not the state own the majority of property in the west that it's time to give that land back to the states. Keep your parks and let the rest be used by the people who pay the taxes in that state. It's not [...]
  • re: more drive-bys (more sand for libs)
    • The Drive By City (Arrowhead)

This is what is expected when you have an influx of knuckle draggers from Detroit, Chicago, MSP, and other areas south and east. Since Minnesota is so liberal in its handing out of public assistance, it will only get wo [...]

  • Federal land (everywhere) 99yr
    • I'm as right wing as it gets, but this Bundy vs. The Man talk is just crazy assed bullshit. Federal land, just like state, or county, or township, or whatever, belongs to the people of that particular municipality. In this case, Bundy is grazing his [...]
  • Re: unfair 45yr
    • Could you translate to English for us? Or get the hell out of this section!


  • Unfair-unfair (Duluth)
    • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure d [...]
  • Re:"Chi_town" 32yr
    • I do blame partially the landlords letting the knuckle draggers in. Where in the hell do you think this scum is living? How do you think they are getting appartments? They are not buying homes, they are renting! Start there then you will keep them ou [...]
  • BLM and cattle ranchers
    • Here's some enlightening info to those who think the feds should prevail in the cattle issue. Percentages of land owned by the FED's in the west: NV 84.5%

UT 57.4% AZ 48% NM 41.8% WY 42.3% ID 50.2% OR 53.3% WA 30.3% AK 69%. All other States have any [...]

  • BB and reply! (Duhville)
    • You are too e-mailing me! Duh! You press reply and it goes straight to my e-mail. If you want to reply with a new post, just post. Do Not hit "reply"....DUH! You are such a creeper. You try to look so smart but it's not working, so quit while your ah [...]
  • another fail on duluths part
    • Apparently if you are black you can kidnap someone and get charges dropped!! This why duluth is such a shit hole..And everyone's moving away clearly drug related also
  • Keep it Classy WEST DULUTH (Somewhere..)
    • WTF happened to West Duluth? I recently moved here and can't believe my eyes.

Lock all the doors and hide the kids! lol. So much white trash and screaming liberals it's beyond belief. What's up with people dumping TV's, furniture and trash in public [...]

Just because someone's been doing something for a long time, doesn't mean it's right OR legal. And believe it or not, an individual cannot [...]

  • chi_town (north)
    • it's not a landlord's fault these sociopathic players are heading to duluth, it's the county board and city council that decides where we spend our money. a board and council that is controlled by afscme money, and union thugs that demand these 'peop [...]
  • Chicago, LSC, shootings, Chiraq 34yr
    • CHIRAQ, the new term for Chicago. Here's the deal. They come to northern MN, St. Louis county, because we have the best welfare benefits around. They bring all their baby mamas and whoever else-they come up from "Chiraq" and apply for school loans an [...]
  • BB? (craigslist)
    • Why do you keep e-mailing me? Nothing better to do? And by the way, I have always treated the employees of SLC with respect no matter how poorly they treated me. You are what is wrong with this country, an entitled little brat public "servant"....hop [...]
  • Scannell
    • The reason they pressed charges in the first place is because members of the community were picketing outside the court house calling for his arrest. The reason they did bring charges is because he was in a position of authority, IE, a parental figur [...]
  • idiot
    • So if they work for you, why don't you fire them? Ohhhh, because they don't work for you! IDIOT!

Who else works for you? Lmao if you buy cookies do the girl scouts work for you? You sure have a simple mind. Comparing a museum to a church is like co [...]

  • Look Left then Look Right (Street)
    • Just as there are ignorant pedestrians there are equal if not more foolish motorist. And if you assume that a motorist will not run a stop sign, then you're a fuckin idiot; and you deserve to get hit. FYI-Always be mindful that there are fools everyw [...]
  • Will Tim Scannell escape Justice? (Northland) 65yr
    • Will Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell escape Justice? That is the question. Anyone else would be headed for MSOP. Tim knows the system because he is part of the system!

He is off on Medical Leave collecting tax payer dollars while his case slithers [...]

  • idiot? (slc)
    • Yes, the police DO work for ME. Serve and Protect! Duh!!! If someone does something wrong they give a ticket or arrest someone to protect those of us that don't! DUH! Run a stop sign, you endanger the person with the right of way! Ticket is meant to [...]
  • re: street meat
    • I'll explain only once, but I'll do it very slooooooowly for you so you understand -

My son and I have lived in Duluth nearly 20 years, and I'm sorry to say that we probably share our pasty white skin color with the likes of you. I'm not sure what p [...]

  • slc employees (duluth)
    • If I was the 12th person coming in and asking a question beyond the employees control, they need to "suck it up" and answer with respect and be helpful. THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE PAID FOR. It's not my job to be helpful to them and not ask questions! The f [...]
  • re I am wrong (slc)
    • Then why don't we tax the Children's Museum and all the other non profits? When will the taxation end? Government employees keep negotiating higher wages while we spend all our discretionary money on taxes! To make sure their standard of living is hi [...]
  • OP re: Hit and run coward (Cody St and 57th Ave W)
    • THANK YOU so much for those who have responded here or privately with leads and with kind words for my family - We will find this person and have hope for my son's complete recovery!

Please keep looking until we find this truck: Newer Ford F 150 ex [...]

  • church and county (slc)
    • All money is taxed over and over and over. Your argument that the church shouldn't have to pay taxes doesn't make sense. They hold some of the most valuable property in every town, and by keeping that property off the tax rolls communities are forced [...]
  • thats sad
    • really. i just saw the poste about the person who hit in run. only cowards run and heartless ones too. step up and be a man or woman and take responsibility for your actions.if i caught you u would get your ass beat for hitting someone in my family a [...]
  • BLM Cattle Rustlers (mn) 7yr
    • The BLM is cattle rustling from the last of the hold out ranches in NV. The BLM are admitting to killing cattle, to save a turtle...and then it turns out there are millions in contracts for Fracking, and a China "rare earth", that ain't "green" anyth [...]
  • Hit and run coward in west Duluth (57th W and Cody)
    • PLEASE HELP me find the coward who ran over my son last night!! Shortly after 11pm Thursday night, someone driving a newer Ford F 150, blue (royal/electric/cobalt?) with chrome trim across the tailgate, ran the stop sign at Cody St and 57th Ave W in [...]
  • drive bys (Duluth)
    • 10 years ago you could walk down ANY part of this town, alone, in the middle of the night, and not give it a second thought.

You all think we sound racist?? Maybe that's because WE WANT OUR TOWN TO REMAIN A NICE PLACE TO RAISE OUR FAMILIES, not have [...]

  • The Drive By City (Arrowhead)
    • This is what is expected when you have an influx of knuckle draggers from Detroit, Chicago, MSP, and other areas south and east. Since Minnesota is so liberal in its handing out of public assistance, it will only get worse. You can go back 8 years, a [...]
  • church/taxes (rants 7 raves)
    • is anybody getting of paying these bullshit taxes. The government feds & local get more than enough

money from us GREAT AMERICANS who keep getting up every day & going to work so those that don't want to don't have to. The revolution war was because [...]

  • drive by city (duluthland)
    • another day, another shooting, another vague report and description of the 'duluthian' involved. there was an eye witness on a roof across the street that says the shooter looked up at him, but not a word on what he looked like. yet the police ask fo [...]
    • People of the Virginia/Mt Iron, Iron ,MN areas*

Are you tired of all the continues obnoxious train horns blowing at all hours of the day and night? Did you know that you could establish what is called a "QUIET ZONE" under FRA(FEDERAL RAILROAD AD [...]

  • Public emplyees (and church) (st louis co)
    • First of all the money that is contributed to churches has already been taxed, and taxed and taxed. Every time you get a paycheck all kinds of taxes have already been paid. If you tax the church the money you earned and decided to give away is taxed [...]
  • Welfare is a corrupt but needed system (usa)
    • The amount of money Americans actually pay toward food stamps and other America social safety net programs is such a miniscule amount. The average American family making $50,000 annually pays a whopping $36 a year toward food stamps and $6 toward the [...]
  • RE:RE: Tax churches
    • Just wondering if you're one of those people who think the top 10% who pay 60% of th taxes think that is too much? If so the top 10% make 90% of the money so they should pay 90%. Also people who have children do pay less for taxes already its call de [...]
  • Re tax churchs (rants & raves)
    • Why do people (mostly liberals) sit around & think of new ways to tax the shit out of working people.

This week I have now heard tax the church, tax the people who don`t have kids so people who have kids don`t have to pay so much. They raise gas tax [...]

  • Churches and taxes (the state of MN) 99yr
    • Maybe time for some reality re: churches and taxes. Churches do pay taxes on any entity of the church that is not directly associated to the ministry. Also, in the state of MN, a church cannot have a business that is in direct competition with other, [...]
  • Re Tax The Churches
    • Biggest Organized Crime Syndicate Is The Catholic Church and 2000 Years Of Genocide and Lies ..............
  • Tax Welfare (in duh church)
    • Yes tax Welfare recipients!!! Welfare has become HUGE business in Duluth.

Running day cares, Running Meals-on-wheels. Why shouldn't they pay taxes?? There a few big ones right here in Duluth that even own Rentals! HRA owns shit all over town. What [...]

  • Tax the church (Duluth ) 55yr
    • Yes tax the church!! Churches have become big business .. Running day cares . Restaurants. Why shouldn't they pay taxes?? There are a few real big ones in Mpls that even run rentals.. There are some that also own resorts .. We have to go to summer ca [...]
  • re tax the church (esko)
    • i do agree, some what but dont tax the free ones tax the ones that have a mandatory donation
  • Duloot and Libtardia (Mn) 9yr
    • It's too late for Duluth, it is a festering wound on northern Mn, and has to be cauterized. If Mn is to survive, Duluth must be given to S. Mn, and the North must secede. It won't be too painful, and will be over quickly, just draw a line from the No [...]
  • Duluth has to go (Mn) 9yr
    • It's too late for Duluth, it is a festering wound on northern Mn, and has to be cauterized. If Mn is to survive, Duluth must be given to S. Mn, and the North must secede. It won't be too painful, and will be over quickly, just draw a line from the No [...]
    • Small and large tax all churches. Its a good buisness they sell lies and manipulate the weak minded to pay them.
  • lie detect (jail)
    • contact an investigating angency for a private investorgater they can tell you alot
  • Lie detector
    • There was a posting a while back for a lie detector test. Does anyone have any info on how to get ahold of someone to do one? Any info helps!
  • Scott Maikish
    • After reading his post I realized that I know this Heather. She is nothing like what Scott Maikish is babbling on about. HERE IS THE REAL STORY: This guy wants to get in her pants, then becomes creepily obsessed with her, then starts stalking the poo [...]
  • www.ifan.tv (Twin Ports)
    • We paid $25 for a video of my daughter's figure skating competition after the guy told me how great the quality would be. When I asked to see a sample of their work, Jared told me they didn't have any, but they shoot in HD and get nice and close sinc [...]
  • Duluth (Duluth)
    • Duluth

Living in Duluth is the worst experience I have ever had. It is a hole stuck 20 years behind the rest of the country. It is a dying town with irreconcilable problems that needs to be leveled. I have no good things to report after living here [...]

  • Freeway Auto/kia do Duluth (Duluth) 44yr
    • I took my car to freeway auto for a rattle from my A/c compressor, and a not so skilled tech there diagnosed that it needed a whole new engine. The reason I know this is because after the so called tech put a brand new engine in my brand new 2014 Sor [...]
  • Boycott Fond Du Luth
    • Please everyone, lets boycott the casino, form the !st to the 5th of every month they know that the low income people of Duluth will be going there to try and win a couple extra bucks to help them through the month, they have done studies and know ho [...]
  • re;re not all bums from chicago cause trouble (twin ports)
    • You are write but about 85% of them are here for the welfare and drug dealing. I have a friend that works with the drug task force in the twin ports and crime is up a lot because of it, also its not just that its Chicago it Detroit, and the twin citi [...]
  • To the last poster of 'fake ads' 31yr
    • True that!! I found my boyfriend SEVERAL times writing to women on casual encounters. Like, hundreds of emails. Just gross. Males are disgusting.
  • Which one is Ness supposed to be (Ness pet project)
    • I'm confused which one is Ness supposed to be?

Don Ness, Jim Carlson immortalized side by side in new art exhibit April 5, 2014 Updated Apr 5, 2014 at 10:40 PM CDT Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - To some he's a freedom fighter, to others he's the scourg [...]

  • RE: Phony "Women for Men" Posts (Duluth/Superior)
    • Another good way is to "copy" a sentence or two from the ad, right click then choose "search with Google" and Google opens put quotation marks around the passage (makes results more accurate) and see where else it's been posted. It's not foolproof, b [...]
  • something for nothing (midwest) 26yr
    • why do ppl expect the get everything for free .... when you put a price on something that is well worth it why do you little fucks try to get it for free and then also they try getting 3 times what there piece of Shit is worth a 25 year old Honda wha [...]
  • nessy and oil tar (usa)
    • Well, I suppose any way you look at it there are risk. Your post seemed intelligent till I got to the part about 'carbon". You fools and your global "climate" change crap. We are actually still in an "ice age" because the planet still has ice on both [...]
  • re: not all bums from chicago cause trouble... (more sand to bury head in.....)
    • Not all people from Chicago are black drug dealers - 36

age : 36 Last time I checked I am white and don't sell drugs. Nor am I on any aid or state assistance. I moved here for a job because we were told that Duluth was a great place to live. After [...]

  • re cops
    • ok dumb ass tell me how in the flying fuck hwy 33 goes from Cloquet to Two Harbors? either you fell out of the short bus or you need to take your meds. As for the cops go, they are doing what they are paid to do, pull over dip-shits like yourself
  • train horns
    • gosh, I hope this isn't an ass hole comment; you sound like a park point dweller that gripes about the traffic on minnesota ave or the long waits for the bridge to come down. it's part of living in a specific area, next time you're buying a home try [...]
  • watch out (duluth/cloquet)
    • if this wheeler skank is truly a gold digger she really struck paydirt with you diamond jim. look in a mirror, look at your bank statement, look at her....what's wrong with that analogy?
  • cops/state patrol (rd 2 nowhere)
    • there seems to be more enforcement on the roads because people who text drunk probably drive drunk too. if you're on highway 33 looking to get to two harbors maybe you deserve to be tailed.
  • re: auto (soup)
    • any dealer in the twin ports will finance you with terrible credit, you'll just pay out the ass for it. try calling someone or doing a bit of research.
  • Auto (Superior) 56yr
    • My wife and I just moved here and does anyone know of a car dealer works with people with poor credit? We have a good income and we need a new car bad. Thank you for your time.
  • bull shit (USA)
    • If your government would pull their heads out of ass and fix the issue here and not worry about the rest of world's problems.
  • bull shit (duluth) 50yr
    • The slum coming from Detroit and Chicago has made duluth the hell it is today. I've been here all my life. 10 years ago it's was a safe place.. Niggers are what's partly the problem the other problem is the ass holes running this town
  • detoilette (Duluth)
    • anybody going to Detroit to march in the Al sharpton ,jesse jackson race parade against the white guy who was beaten almost to the point of death for being in the wrong neighborhood ?
  • Re:, train horns (Mt. Iron)
    • It's sad to see that the crazy bastard that is responsible for all the "onions" in the rag of a so called newspaper on the range, has brought his narrow minded views to craigslist. Do all of us mt. Iron residents a favor and pack your bags and move t [...]
  • short reply to Daloot... (facts on the ground)
    • A SHORT REPLY TO"Da Loot"

Who composed and wrote that for you? It seems very unlikely that such a stupid person could have done it all by him/herself.

I thought like many, that the or [...]

The crowd of 6 - 10 beat him and stole all his stuff. Every one of those criminals is the product of a system that encourages bastard births, no support [...]

  • Re. 10 reason daloot voters
    • I vote Democratic because their are so many idiots like you on the other side who don't know what there talking about all you do is parrot something you read in your email.
    • Who composed and wrote that for you? It seems very unlikely that such a stupid person could have

done it all by him/herself.

  • Where are the plows? (Duluth) 55yr
    • K storms over. Been over for hours. Where are the plows? Snow is 18 inches deep on my street, they just plowed the snow emergency route not 2 hours ago. At least 4 people on this block who are such poor health that first responders are an almost dail [...]
  • 10 reasons of daloot voters (daloot)
    • Subj: 10 reasons why I vote democrat....
  1. 10. I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I've decided to marry my German Shepherd.
  2. 9. I vote Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of [...]
  • Dulth has to go "dipshit" (N Mn) 9yr
    • The only dipshit is the one that evidently uses COMMON CORE reading comprehension ...reference "bush..." in the post, and the content that follows. I am sure you couldn't read a CAFR for comprehension as well. No really, try reading the post again .. [...]
  • re Duluth Has to Go
    • WOW are YOU a FUCKING DIPSHIT Time to slither back under your rock.....................................

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