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craigslist | rants & raves in duluth / superior

This is indeed a very exciting program, and I'll explain it by using a Q & A format: Q. What is an 'Economic Stimulus' payment ? A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. Q.. Where will the government [...]

http://secretlaboratory.org/?p=10312 (it's not spam or a virus, I swear)

  • Bird Killing (St. Louis County) 100yr
    • Good luck reporting that. The people in charge of Duluth/ St. Louis County/ DNR could care less about animals. Someone on this board lovingly refers to them as "Greenie Weenies" but nothing could be further from the truth. The idiots in charge are no [...]
  • re: killing birds underwater (st louis county)
    • I doubt killing a bird underwater is going to destroy our eco system, a bit over dramatic but I get the point oh sensitive poster.

rather than post a cryptic & anonymous cry for help, why not notify the dnr, us forest service or just some local cop [...]

Then I thought it was sad and cruel for guns to shoot, helpless beautiful birds for sports and 'fun.' Then I thought what is wrong with people who will st [...]

  • re: selling your crap on Craigslist
    • Amen, brother. What a bunch a dumbfucks. I liken the troglodytes you just very aptly described to the dirty mental midgets that have ongoing rummage sales from April through October, pedaling wares that the fucking Garfield Ave. Goodwill quality cont [...]
  • Selling your crap on Craigslist. (Duluth)
    • I cruise Craigslist every day to alleviate boredom here at the office, and it never fails to blow my mind how much people overprice their stuff. Here's a shining gem of an example:

"Samsung Galaxy 3, will only charge on a car charger, has a crack in [...]

  • Re: innocent people DO go to jail-sorry - 23 (duluth mn)
    • First and only thing you should have done what call the police, not matter if your roommate was on parole. Second was to not answer the door to anybody but the police. As much as I don't trust cops themselves. If you would have gotten your story on r [...]
  • parents of teens (all around you)
    • the parents of these teens you speak of are the eyeball models for the pic you posted. the kids don't have a fighting chance around here with the type of poverty duluth festers and welcomes with open arms.

might want to check for track marks and rot [...]

  • Parents of teens
    • Parents of teens going back to school this fall should be educating their children about drugs. the type of drugs that are out their and how they can and will affect them if they choose to use them. Do this before they get this education on the stree [...]
  • re. medical negligence!
    • I hear what you are saying. In 2009, I was pregnant and very ill. I went to the er and my hemoglobin was 6.2. This is extremely low. He sent me home. A couple days later my side hurt so badly I couldn't breath. I was sent to a hematologist who though [...]
  • re.2
    • My guess is its this 220# pig that had court today and is pissed off @ results n she lives in superior just a guess though :-)
  • re pos hubby
    • So, why you still with him then? Your tits sag too far, pussy too loose, ass too wide to get another man?

Or is it just your shitty attitude and nagging voice that's keeping you from getting strange dick?

with bullegged women And swim in-between their legs Along came a spider That sat down beside er And fertilized all er goddamn eggs. So then, feeling dejected, unsatisfied, inadequate, impotent, and (still) horny as fuck, I [...]

    • Those ugly bastards! They took my fuckin cheese!! I swear we need a goddamn revolution so we can use big words like "exterminate" and "eradicate." Hello everyone, I'm a rat! I came on Schindlers List here to bitch about those furry, big lipped, whiny [...]
  • pos husband (Duluth) 32yr
    • funny how a man will lie and accuse you of cheating while you find out he's the one on the prowl. keep looking on fb on pages of women you will never get, keep applying on those sites lying about your age and location. and I agree this is DONE!!
  • rave: 60th Ave E & Sup St this a.m. (Duluth)
    • To the woman running in a blue top & tight red shorts, turning W on Superior St @ 60th Ave E approximately 7:45 this morning: you are stunningly gorgeous. Thank you for making a dreary, foggy Monday morning worth driving through.
  • innocent people DO go to jail-sorry (duluth mn) 23yr
    • oh really? you saw a back pack in duluth and thought it was a good idea to pick it up??? where the fuck did you come from that doesn't have dope bags placed in spots for one runner to pick up from another, to then go off and deal to the lovely people [...]
  • re scum on 54th/storm
    • To the month breathing asswipe that blames the sleaze on the Democrats, your an idiot.

If the greedy fucking property owners would sell instead of waiting for their 80 grand shack too sell for 120k, and stop renting to HUD, there would be no problem [...]

But really, do you think it was safe running your computer in an electrical storm? Surge protectors aren't quite up to amp with voltage in a lighting bolt, and electron [...]

  • storm (esko) 30yr
    • what an awsome storm so far lighting every few sec and not to much rain its wonderful
  • re rental scum (west Duluth) 54yr
    • if you ever voted Democrat then all the screw ball low life renters crawling out of the wood work are your fault they are the dems demographic so keep voting Democrat
  • Re: Innocent people go to jail all the time (Duluth)
    • I doubt you have much to worry about. Tell the truth in court. Say everything you've said here. The lawn mowing guy is apt to discredit himself in court as he did the day he confronted you. Besides....where's the stuff that was supposedly in the back [...]
  • Nantucket (Fuck It)
    • There once was a man from Nantucket...

His dick was so long he could suck it. He said with a grin... As he wiped-off his chin... "If my ear was a pussy, I'd fuck it.."

  • RE:Innocent people go to jail all the time - 35 (superior)
    • I think you full of $h&t , claiming to be a good samaritan. First thing you should have done was call the police once you found there was pot in the bag if your story is truthful. I think you got yourself in trouble and are looking for a way out.
  • re everyone hates Duluth
    • I got the clue of what age group, ethnicity and chosen " social status " the little cup cake the O.P. is.

I am so sorry that your cost brimmed hat wearing, Abercrombie and Fitch shopping, skinny jeans having, white bread, tight assed, little bitch a [...]

  • West Duluth Rental scum bags (W.Duluth)
    • West Duluth,Near Denfeld school used to be such a nice area to live. Now it seems like the scum of the earth has invaded. W.5th st. used to be nice now renters fucking up property values. Totally disrespecting property of the folks that own homes and [...]
  • Re: West Duluth renters (w.duluth)
    • I couldn't agree more. Some of them types just moved in by me.What fucking hole do these people crawl out of is beyond me. Got a crazy lady across the street who likes to show off herself in her see through night gown.NOT A PLEASANT thing to see. The [...]
  • W.Duluth scum renters! (W.Duluth)
    • Fuck the scum renters that suck the values of our property down the shitter! Fucking low life mothers fucking cock suckers! Disrespect the homeowners that pay the taxes! Clutter up our yards! And fuck you all who defend these fucking low life fuck ta [...]
  • golfing buddies
    • Interesting fact about WHO Obummer was golfing with minutes after his press conference about the brutal beheading of an American journalist. Glenn Hutchins, multi millionaire and founder of a private equity firm which was a defendant in a collusion l [...]
  • Ruby Slippers
    • I took a shit on them, than brought them to the landfill on Rice Lake Road. Good luck finding them.
  • Everyone Hates Duluth, 100%
    • Every day theres nothing to do, nowhere to go. Every event they have sucks, and is boring. Every restaraunt sucks, with people that don't know how to cook. Everyone that is from here has never experienced the outside world, with their obvious stupidi [...]
  • Innocent people go to jail all the time (superior) 35yr
    • My lawyer recently told me this and I felt my heart sink. I did something that many people do day to day thinking they are being a good samaritan and helping. My court date is coming up and in case I end up in jail I wanted to post this. First to get [...]
  • new 100% $top smoking plan (cigar store)
    • $teal a box of cigars and it's the last $moke you will ever want. works like a charm down $outh and no reason it can,t here too. Minnesotas' new smoking cessation plan.
  • Real'ville observations from someone thats been around... (real'ville,usa)
    • My Twilight Years ~ Clint Eastwood

As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often struck by the inevitability that the party must end. There will be a clear, cold morning when there isn't any "more." No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate toge [...]

Two Harbors is very small town - everyone's been there their whole life and knows everyone, so yeah, they'll notice you're a visitor/tourist. I'm from the Twin Cities, live in Duluth, [...]

Now you can see what the citizens of Duluth are up against. There is a tight group of people that run the city they way they think it should be and to hell with the majority. This city is a sick o [...]

It is my mission to keep them down and expose them while all eyes are on them. Years and years of cover ups with no accountability.. Hats off to Brady Slater the first news reporter to r [...]

On Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 at 11:02 PM Duluth Police were called to the intersection of Lake Avenue & 4th Street for an armed robbery. Initial investigation revealed that [...]

  • RE:Spirit Mountain H8ers - 69
    • You're either a politician or a business, let's look at your logic. You claim the for every dollar lost tourist that go there bring in 3 dollars. Now lets do the math for every million dollars lost 3 million are gained by business. That would mean th [...]
  • re:spirit mnt (clayville)
    • i was wondering if anyone else thought it weird that this greenie weenie city owned and operated by enviro hypocrites would dig clay trenches from skyline to the hiking trails and call them a great business model. you need to hike the trail from the [...]
  • pictures (Duluth) 48yr
    • What in the world is WRONG with people, posting penis's on craigslist....Looking for hot sex here is a picture of my pecker....What the hell is wrong with people????? If your looking for someone to screw maybe you should walk down first street.....LO [...]
  • screw the ruby slippers! (duluth)
    • Give it up,sick and tired as probably most are about the damn slippers.They are gone and when the reward is high enough i bet they will return.
  • Spirit Mnt (trails)
    • The usual suspects are all gearing up to regulate the city trails and enact fines and restitution if any trail is damaged.....how do you decide on "damage" when you create miles of trails made of clay? Frequently wet clay. Could you imagine any other [...]
  • Spirit Mountain (Duluth)
    • There is a rumor going around that Spirit Mountain is going to reduce their operating hours and not open until 1 pm weekdays for the 2014/2015 ski season. I feel the reduction of hours is taking a defeatist attitude towards balancing the budget.

I r [...]

  • Spirit Mountain H8ers 69yr
    • What the hell is wrong with posters on this board? Spirit Mountain brings in tourists all year round. These people stay in our hotels. They eat in our restaurants. They spend money shopping in Duluth. Yes SM does not turn a profit but brings in 3 dol [...]
  • it's time people (northern Minnesota )
    • It is time we put all the hate behind us, it is time that we work towards knowing and loving our fellow man, it is time we belive that a small group of us can change the world ! It is time to put out own selfish needs aside and prove that charity is [...]
  • Justice
    • Talk about justice, With this shit going down in Missouri.

What do you think would have happened if the cop came forward right away and told his side of the story? The Negros would have torn him to pieces like a pack of wild animals.(fact) Or do yo [...]

  • occupancy checker job (duluth two harbors)
    • has anyone been hired by 24 hr field services for the job of checking for occupancy the guy hiring his name is ryan they ran a job listing on CL hard and heavy a week ago anybody that has worked for or had any dealings with these guys please give me [...]
  • re sins
    • 200 arrested in Ferguson MO, only 4 where from there. Al and Jesse and our Attorney's general failing again to address the real problem showing a complete disrespect for the black community. Appeasement instead of honest answers. If anyone cared, inc [...]
  • Re: candlelight in da hood
    • So how long did it take to shave that flag into your chest hair? And why didn't you opt for a swastika?
  • Sins Of The Present, That Can't Be Undone (Duluth) 94yr
    • Maybe we are the ones that glorify results. I can't help but think about how hip-hop has been one of the strongest enemies to the black community in our current time. The "stop snitching" moral code that rappers were pushing for years in their music [...]
  • re: candlelight vigil (da hood)
    • So touching. A candlelight vigil. I'm getting all choked - up just thinking about it. You're such a compassionate dumbass....er.. I mean....person. And just what the HELL good is that gonna do?! It'll get you a lot of attention. That's really what it [...]
    • I am going to organize a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL at the Whole Foods Co-op this weekend in support of the victim of this HORRIBLE CRIME Abraham Lamin. Abraham was an INNOCENT VICTIM of SENSELESS STREET VIOLENCE and needs to be HONORED WITH DIGINITY. We need [...]
  • spirit mt/ politician
    • I read your post, and I agree with most of it, but, that does not make you a politician.

Nowhere in your solution do you attempt to line your own pockets. How can you be a politician of you're not looking out for yourself first?

1.does the victim have a record and what for ? 2. what was in the bag ? 3. if the shooter is caught does he still not no who they were ? you no on the street snitches end up in ditches ! 4. are there any surveillance cameras in the area [...]

  • Shooting (4th Street)
    • I was just watching the news and the young man who was shot said he did not know the 3 guys who attacked him and then shot him. He said he's never seen them before. Hmmm...
  • Shootign
    • Regarding this..."Nice Post, ya tea-bagging tard. It is not the "liberals" parties fault that a shooting occurred in Central Hillside. Stop blaming violence and crime on a certain political group. It's because we have an influx of crime coming from t [...]
  • rioters and the police state (usa)
    • can't understand why a previous poster, of lots of pic's, blames the TEA party....seems to me the liberal Muslim lover in the White House is the one giving military gear to the police. Liberals have to control and kill people, that way people become [...]
  • Spirit MT. (Duluth) 39yr
    • Spirit Mountain has to cut hours due to the lack of skiers. There are less skiers period and this summer business that the last post talked about is only at the Alpine Coaster.

At this time, Spirit is in the red and the board and Duluth should be gl [...]

  • Re: Whole Foods shooting (Duluth) 41yr
    • Nice Post, ya tea-bagging tard. It is not the "liberals" parties fault that a shooting occurred in Central Hillside. Stop blaming violence and crime on a certain political group. It's because we have an influx of crime coming from the south and a hig [...]
  • whole foods..organic shootng site (4th st)
    • do you not just love the thought of all these vegetarians and food snoobies ducking for cover as the neighborhood negroes shoot up the area? diversity baby, learn to embrace it.

I think it's the same area where last year donnie boy's wife stumbled u [...]

  • re why riot
    • roses are red Violets are blue if U are a Fleabagger then U are a retard Too............................................................................... .............................. .................................. ............................ [...]
  • why they riot?
    • You act like the typical guilty whitey.

" They're trapped in the ghetto" . Bullshit! K - 12 education is free.....Still. " But the inner city schools are piles of shit " . And who made them that way? Inner city slums are dangerous, and dirty.... [...]

Could it be outsiders from IL. ? Could it be my imagination?

  • RE: Old People driving (Superior) 62yr
    • Very nicely and well put. I could extend that out to include the many people driving with various disabilities that I know personally or see leave a store, but here's what I saw today.

An elderly lady in a nice new shiney red Chevy or what ever at t [...]

  • RE; Re: why they riot
    • Finally...an intelligent post regarding the race issue. I, too, am white. It sickens me to read all the hatred spewed here. Where does it get any of us? What is ever resolved by it?
  • Re: why they riot
    • > Didn't you read the previous post about how blacks are separating themselves from society?

Yeah I read it. I just figured you had to be trolling, because it was too far-fetched to think someone could actually be obtuse enough to believe that in [...]

As far as the Duluth cops shooting.... the way I see it.... not nearly enough!

"Wtf if you flash ur lights behind me im gonna think your warning me of cop ahead or maybe I have a flat! !!! Not everyone has same ideas as you. And o sure hope you didnt flash your hi beams that would be dangerous you could [...]

Whats with the riot gear, shields, gas bombs and other heave artillery? All you need to do is to collect a couple of hornets nests, shut the hives up in smaller plastic bins and catapult them into the crowd. Or you ca [...]

  • re:pass on left
    • Wtf if you flash ur lights behind me im gonna think your warning me of cop ahead or maybe I have a flat! !!! Not everyone has same ideas as you. And o sure hope you didnt flash your hi beams that would be dangerous you could cause an accident blindin [...]
  • why they riot
    • Black riot because they get fucked by society?

Stop playing the victim, and take responsibility for yourself. Didn't you read the previous post about how blacks are separating themselves from society? Obviously not. You just wasn't to blame whitey [...]

    • Whites riot for soccer. There are riots over hockey and you know damn well there aren't any black hockey fans. Whites rioted when Joe Paterno got fired - yes, whites rioted because their favorite football coach got fired for covering up for a pedophi [...]
    • You are a liar, on cnn they are saying the crowd are throwing bottles of water to incite the police. The autopsy that the brown family had done shows there is no wounds on browns back. They say one or two of the arm wounds could have come from the ba [...]
  • re riots
    • Lets not fool ourselves. This kid was no " upstanding citizen " of the community. Prior criminal record, just strong arm robbed a store for some blunts, and fought with a cop.... for what reason?

Let me guess... " black rage ", and my tight white as [...]

Even IF the kid committed a robbery, and even IF he had a knife, that police officer flat out executed him. There are options available to police officers that do not involv [...]

  • Pass on left
    • Look, I flashed my lights one time to signal that I wanted to pass. That's not obnoxious, it's not irritating, and it's not road rage. If anything, it's a polite reminder that you (whoever is in front of me) are in the way and please move right.

As [...]

I did not justify anyone's poor choices in driving, nor say that you have to be content about it. (And for the record, flashing your lights at another driver repeatedly IS just as obnoxious and angry a behavior as shaking your [...]

  • smoking in cars (everywhere) 31yr
    • I think it should be illegal for anybody to smoke in a car that is transporting anybody under the age of 16. It makes me sick to see these low life pieces of shit lighting up with a child in a car seat sitting there helpless in a cloud of smoke. It c [...]
  • the rioting,blacks
    • really there rioting over a black kid that wasn't so innocent.he robbed gas stations and had a knife.

know why he shot him 6 times. he wanted to make sure he didn't get up and run at the officer again..lol but if it was a black cop shooting a white [...]

  • drivers on bridge, lost in space
    • how did you like me giving you the brights this morning at 6:35 am. lol i was right up on ur azz cause u were putting and driving like 45 in the left lane going to duluth. purposely driving slow to piss people off. i don't care cause i'll just get up [...]
    • A mirror would be a horrible thing to hold in front of you right now, would't it. Just the title of your post shows your hypocritical side.

Oh sure, prayer works.... a whole lot. Nice to see that you're a religious person, but are still willing to [...]

I for one don't mind the time spent on the bridge. That's irrelevant. I personally don't like being blocked in behind a bunch of people who don't un [...]

In the situation you so angrily describe, those inconsiderate asshats cost you MAYBE 70 seconds of your oh-so-precious time! Do the math - you were all of 1/3 mile behind where you think you should've been at the other end of [...]

    • You dumb fucks get what you deserve, every thing in this area that happens negatively is because of it's liberalism in this area, you people complain about just anything if you were Christians you would know that fate does take over at times. But whe [...]
  • Re: kid hit by car (Duluth)
    • As the prior posted mentioned, lots of things happen that are out of the driver's control and aren't always preventable. If you are driving at 30mph and a kid shoots through an intersection that you are going through (assuming you don't have a stop s [...]
  • RE: OP Of ( Boy killed by car test should be required (All over))
    • Sure you are probably right, but did you ever think maybe the vehicle was coming around a corner or cresting a hill and the sunlight hit their face? Maybe they were doing one of the two and they felt a thunk that seemed like it was in the back of the [...]
  • Priors or opens should dictate testing
    • Drivers with recent priors or opens are ticking time bombs for innocent people on the road.

The driver mentioned below is still happily speeding down the road today, hopefully not yours. A Sheriff in Rice Lake Township neglected to perform a DUI te [...]

It should be mandatory to test those who kill people and to check their cell phones at the scene DULUTH, Minn. (AP) -- Duluth police say a 6-year-old boy was [...]

  • strip clubs (duluth/superior)
    • strippers at lady vis are getten dirty its supposed to be $20 couch dances lately you can get a lot more the girls there are into anything they are smoking the 420 right outside the front door in their car and in the bathroom sniffin coke to poppin p [...]
  • SPirit MOuntain (Earth) 50yr
    • Spirit Mountain is in the hole for 1.3 million only according to the DNT. There is a rumor that about 1 million was paid to employees from kickbacks from that New Coaster. It is on the books even. It was a program of 5% paid for an idea and what an i [...]
  • various
    • rr sounds on the range mean you sods have jobs, learn to embrace the noise, jobs mean you can buy beer..

I wouldn't walk around the hillside or lincoln park in the daylight let alone at night, it's akin to walking thru an ape enclosure wearing a ban [...]

  • justice, spirit mtn and hillside
    • Why is it that when shit happens, and niglets riot, or at least start another march, some Tea Party fuckup blames it on the white house? You should know, niggers always start shit when a whitey shirts one of their own, but when a nigger kills another [...]
  • re Spirit Mountain
    • Spirit Mountain loses 1.9 million and the city is considering closing Lester Park Golf Course for housing development because it has lost 200K the last 2 years. Go figure. A simple solution for Lester would be changing the stupid city ordinance that [...]
  • Good bye Hillbillie brain disabled (W.Duluth)
    • To the human like residents at 4303 W 5th st.This community is so glad you are leaving,although not fast enough! The screaming brain dead bi-polar inbred knowledge lacking woman, Take the weird family with you when you go.Who ever the creep that live [...]
  • Re: Old people driving (Duluth) 62yr
    • You wrote:

"Very nicely and well put. I could extend that out to include the many people driving with various disabilities that I know personally or see leave a store, but here's what I saw today. An elderly lady in a nice new shiney red Chevy or w [...]

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