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  • RE:you forgot a murder
    • Hey maybe you ought to get your facts straight. Adam sheda was the one who crashed a party threaten the black guy with a gun. The black guy got the gun away from sheda then shot him. If someone crashed your party with a gun and started threatedning y [...]
  • wtf? 48yr
    • Why are posts discussing ebola being deleted? It's pretty well known that we have had the vaccine since 2010 when the CDC patented both the virus and the vaccine. Why is discussing it being flagged?
  • you forgot a murder
    • Adam Sheda...served his country, came home and was beaten and shot to death by black thug.
  • girl kidnapped (duluth)
    • Thats messed up..:-( ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :'(
  • Crime Ridden Twin Ports (da spot) 22yr
    • Why is da crime so bad here? I been here 2 yrz and its worst here then in detroit mane!!!
  • Blacks doing all this crap!? 100yr
    • Too bad these 'N's can't be sent back to Africa. They are a race that doesn't belong on our Northern soil. They act like uncivilized apes, and belong in the Hell of the Jungles.

They cannot adapt to modern culture because they are too effing primiti [...]

  • Phoenix Nancy better shut her mouth
    • Your derogatory, condescending comments are meant to be nothing but insults and are mostly not true. You're not as smart as you think you are, that's why you got fired. Who the F would want the likes of YOU for a nurse?

Because your comments are con [...]

It is hard to believe that not one person was able to get a license number, when these men are caught they better cut their big black wieners off! [...]

Laura Ness helped the injured man who was taken to the hospital

He was in front of Pizza Luce on Lake avenue and Superior street

The man now has moved out of Duluth, was a lifer long resident

The black woman assault the 82 year old robbed the 82 year old, pushed her out of her own car ad drove off with it at the walmart in Duluth getting onl [...]

By Tom Olsen Today at 5:37 p.m. Email Duluth police say a 14-year-old girl was abducted by a man near Denfeld High School Wednesday afternoon and are seeking the public's help in their search for [...]

  • Just a simple rant
    • Did not mean to offend anyone . That was not my purpose . Just wanted to state that there or plenty of professions out there where people do not have to dress up and they still have a nice ride in the garage , own their own home , give their kids an [...]
  • RE RE RE Stewart mills
    • This is for the meathead that posted the re re stewart mills have you seen a ad yet that is not all bullshit I think mills was the first one full of crap with his hunting camp and his attacks. Nolan is no better but read between the lines the rich ar [...]
  • re: not such a simple rant (your life)
    • HA HA HA HA HA

I couldn't of said it better myself. A friend of mine was complaining to me about his job the other day talking about his dislikes or whatever self-perceived injustice was holding him back that particular day. I like being around him [...]

  • ad campaign (the world)
    • i know it's the "let's be offended" phrase of the hour but i't an incredibly effective one and not aimed at anyone than those who need or choose to dress well. if anything, it relays the message to the droopy pants, neck tattoo morons out there that [...]
  • Re: just a simple rant 37yr
    • You're right to be upset at that slogan. That's a terrible thing to say. The idea that men are only differentiated based on their clothes instead of their actions is pretty ridiculous. Advertising. Whoever came up with that ad campaign needs to take [...]
  • not such a simple rant (your life)
    • actually your rant is quite simple; you're a pissed off little man with an offputtinq personality and lack the discipline to put in the gunt work it takes to even start the climb to where those you loathe reside. you want the easy way: a dictatorship [...]
  • Not such a simple rant (D-town USAsshole)
    • I am so incredibly angry. Seething with rage and misanthropic lust. If the Big Red Fucking Button was right here in front of me I'd Nuke the world and laugh. I'd revel in the reset. I'd level the world and everyone in it. I was promised the american [...]
  • Just a simple rant
    • I did not mean to bash the store. I just do not like what the slogan implies. you shouldn't judge a person by their clothes. What kind of message does that send out to kids . Implying that they are not equal because they don't dress that way. Its not [...]
  • re Oil Refinery
    • Are you fucking High? a DISCOUNT on GAS! Hey YOU Should Be Happy and Feel Privileged YOUR Tax Dollars ARE Going To Subsidize Them and let's NOT Forget about all the Wonderful Air Pollution They Are Spewing Into The Air and into the Soil and Water, No [...]

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