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Between the screaming kids (screaming HELP! HELP! ...when they don't need REAL HELP, because believe me, I get up and look to make sure EVERY. TIME. ), the dirt bike screeching around constantly and the pedophile status you carr [...]

  • re. alcoholic deaths high in duluth 33yr
    • This posting forgot stats like car accidents, abortion so the mother can keep drinking, homicide, accidents, the list goes on. I think weed be thought about more seriously. I find it awful that so many people go home drunk or drink by themselves, mak [...]
  • Contractor named "Under Construction" think that should have told me. (Duluth, MN)
    • Wow, you'd think that with a name like "Under Construction" you'd know better than to hire them. I mean, who wants to stay under construction for ANY length of time. You always hear about these crap contractors who leave you high and dry but for them [...]
  • Quality Lawn, Paul and Keith from MoronVille personal opinion I'm sure (Duluth)
    • I've had a run in with a few people who claim to know how to run a business but never one who'll scream at you because they don't want to pay for the damages they caused. And oh yeah, if you're going to get your lawn mowed by them, ask for their Insu [...]
  • Re: Best Food In Duluth/Superior (Duluth)
    • If you want to try a great pizza and love sauce and crust most, go with Do North in Hermantown off of 53 and Lavaque. Great pizza! Sandwiches are good too and if you get a salad it'll feed two people with a small side of garlic bread.

I've heard tha [...]

  • Broke & Black in Duluth (Duluth) 30yr
    • It's annoying...living in a place where the color of my skin is an automatic strike against me. I've gotten asked by employers, "so where are you from, Chicago, Detroit?" I hate to disappoint them when I say Tucson, AZ. They usually tell me "how arti [...]
  • Re Race (OP)
    • I knew a reply such as the social workers would come, but I didn't think that it would be so off the mark.

Not once did I ever mention the word welfare. That word is nowhere in my original post. So why go on and on about it when it wasn't part of th [...]

I wanna know who has the best food in town I vote Green Mill love there pizza and also Smokeys over in Superior has anybody tired there smoked meat sandwhich, its delicious!

  • Truth about USA (USA)
    • Wanna know the truth about our country and where our world is headed? If you have charter cable, watch channel 16 It's an eye opener and we need to be outraged at what's going on. Wake up America! Let's do something about this!
  • re: re: about race issue 58 canal park (Canal Park) 58yr
    • You can put any spin that you like on it the numbers that I used were simply an example. If you had read what I have wrote the numbers were representing the issue of who commits the must fraud. Not who i serve but yes the Caucasians number is greater [...]
  • Re: Sexting cheating
    • Sexting is cheating! Anything you would not do in front of your significant other is cheating! I don't care if it's sexting, looking at porn, or even eating a doughnut. If you won't do it in front of him or her it's cheating!
  • Re: No truer words have been spoken 28yr
    • Well put sir. Well put. For some reason racists can't understand that whatever 'problem' some people propose it's situational, has nothing to do with race. Black, white, asian, mexican, canadian, english, whatever; they're people. Just plain ol' peop [...]
  • re: re: about race issue 58 canal park
    • It is funny how you try to make it sound like more white have problem than blacks. But by your own ommision blacks see you more than whites if you go by statistics. You say you see 13 whites to 2 blacks. I bet there are at least 25 whites to one blac [...]
  • re:re: Race/drug/housing (Canal Park) 58yr
    • Families are limited to 60 months of benefits. And in some instances we do grant exceptions to these time limits for certain cases. But unfortunately some people do slip though the cracks and come from a different state applying for benefits some soc [...]
  • sexting and fantasies (somewhere) 47yr
    • so I hear about all these people saying sexting cheating just talking about sex is cheating.so is it inappropriate and cheating if a guy talks to another guy about it or a girl talks not another girl about it. People told me that talking to females w [...]
  • re:re: Race/drug/housing.
    • 1. Doctors in duluth have alot to do with current drug craze. They handed out Oxycontin like it was Asprin when it hit the market because purdue was offering big incentives. Then when the D.E.A said whoa not so fast you have to require this this this [...]
  • Re: About the race issue (Canal Park) 58yr
    • Did you all forget about Carlson and the last place on earth the man was selling and smuggling more drugs then anybody!

You blame Afro American people for the so called problems Duluth faces.Your excuse as to why this town is a bad place to live. Bu [...]


  • Really? Look at what you just wrote. You really are a fool. But I suppose you can't fix stupid.
  • About the race issue
    • Now, just in Duluth, where has the drug problem "come" from. Who is responsible for most of the drug crime, the majority of the murders and violent crime in Duluth.

It's just a simple question with quite a definitive answer. When I talk about the d [...]

We hate to miss your sale. Oh, yah, quit posting on the light pol [...]

    • Unlike the rest of the human race,Niggers are slipping backwards on the evolutionary scale.During the days of segregation they sought to emulate some of there finer points of "WHITE SOCIETY"( as best they could) in order to attain better lives for th [...]
  • let me jump in here....
    • Maryland. Been there. I have to say in all honesty, I have seen dumpster fires with more appeal.

Of your there, what the hell do you care about a jerk water town like Duluth for? This is like watching two verified special needs people trying to argu [...]


  • I've been to Hermanton once. Why back in the day I had just graduted from East and me and the guys were cruising. It's on the outskirts of Hermantown there you will find all the rejects they live by rummaging through the trash of the people that live [...]


  • Re: Mr.Maryland
    • LOL I've never laughed so hard in my life. You know, I was gonna reply back to your comments , but what's the point!? You yourself JUST showed my point as to why DULUTH is a shitty town with the inbred white trash like you hanging around they'll stay [...]
  • Gangsters and free housing (central hillside)
    • Just wait till they open that new free housing they are building on 1st ave west and forth street. there is going to be so mutch crime going on the cops won't be able to contole the HOOD!! just the other day i stopped by 4th street market and i count [...]
  • [[http://duluth.craigslist.org/rnr/4581998637.html|Re: Mr Maryland and Mr Hermanton


  • It's spelled Hermantown. There's too many grammatical errors for me to even try to read that or take you seriously. Oh my goodness I am just too embarrassed somebody like this is living in are area.
  • Mr Maryland and Mr Hermanton
    • Maryland puke, so living in Detroit makes you a bad asd, huh? Punk ass bitch is more like it. Where you were and where you are should make you an expert on shitholes since those two you lived in star on top of the list. No niggas here give you any pr [...]
  • mr maryland...
    • You moved from Detroit to Maryland.. wow, what an upgrade. That is like moving from a latrine trench to an outhouse. You're slightly father from the shit, but you're still stuck in the stench.

And you live "near" black people. You win a fucking cook [...]

  • Racist Rants (duluth, mn) 49yr
    • As a white man you make me disgusted! I actually read the original posters ad and it's refreshing to see someone with the intelligence to realize at the end of the day we're all human beings. Where exactly do you think all this hatred is gonna get yo [...]
  • re:re:cartoon county
    • Really how would you know how a victim acts? What kind of crime was I a victim of assault, robbery, rape, identity theft. .. never did say so how should I act!? Sorry I wont sit down and play the victim!! I just expect our legal system to do there jo [...]
  • re: racist rants
    • I'm the person who said Duluth was a crappy shit hole town and I know it for a fact! Fuck, I use to live in Detroit bitch ! I've seen the good and bad in each and every race. I currently live in Maryland and yes i do live near black people you moron. [...]
  • RE racist
    • Yup, the POTUS is waging peace all over the world! Israel is being attacked, Hamas gets money. Our borders are pouring criminals, Cartels, meth, heroin, disease, gangs and he sends money to the lawbreakers.

Ukraine is being attacked by Russia, he go [...]

It's because of the white trash fucked up people like you that make this whole town garbage! I fucking live here so i know. You'd never have the courage, to say this to a black person! Do you know why? Because [...]

  • re Weed/Smoke
    • Of course smoking IS not good for you Dumbass ANY smoke is not good for you including standing there breathing in smoke from a fire pit. There are things called vaporizers that deal with that problem of smoke or you can use it in cooking as well
  • racist rants
    • "First off, I work with, friends with, live near...." etc.

Thanks for prefacing your bullshit with more bullshit to raise yourself to a higher level than you're really at. Why is Duluth a shitty run down place? Because the welfare cases, white tras [...]

  • re: racist rants
    • Both of you sound like complete idiots and to the other poster I work in an area where Afro Americans and Mexican Americans are the majority in my workforce and never once have I heard any claim on race if one was to be let go I've been a manager for [...]
  • RE re racist rant
    • So, the Repubican party brings peace and prosperity?

Let's talk about the peace portion of that shit pile of a statement. Tell that to the families of soldiers that never came home or vets came home with pieces missing, from the middle east. Tell t [...]

  • Hippy Librul Duluth
    • Will never change. Keep voting for those union bought and paid for DFL'ers.


  • Funniest post I ever read 4 types of men on cl
    • This is the funniest and truest post I've ever read on this board . This lady outted all you guys out hilariously btw. Please Please write more post make duluth r&r interesting again.

4 types of men on cl I put up a normal ad looking for a normal m [...]

Second as far as the DA is concerned he could c [...]

  • cartoon county
    • Ok so whats the deal with the district attorneys I get victimized (person is arrested) da takes over case but doesnt call the victim or return my calls wtf I know its now a state case but I bet the asshole gets away with it because our lovely da does [...]
  • re: racist rants
    • The reason the KKK wore hoods is because they were all coward Democrats. The reason people rant about people about color abusing welfare and housing is because all the abusers are Democrats. The reason there are killings, mass shootings is because th [...]
  • RE:No truer word were ever spoken.
    • Here is the problem you have people out there who think they are better than other people because of their race. You also have people out there who think that the white people owe them something because their forefathers did something wrong. I have s [...]
  • re 4 types of men (ports) 59yr
    • hi your comments hit the nail on the head there is another type of man out there should I be married to get laid I don't think so a man should treat a woman with respect be courteous kind exactly we are suppose to be adults yes chivary is not dead wi [...]
  • Re: weed-
    • Perhaps, but I have never seen it personally. The very limited amount I have tried many many years ago, I couldn't move much less throw a punch. Liquor on the other hand, I have seen some very bad happenings with people drunk. I'm not saying that smo [...]
  • ??? (Duluth mn) 34yr
    • What happened to chads auto body shop on 28th? Did he sell? Lose it due to forclosure? Or ripping to many of his customers off? Sleeping w the female customers?
  • I need a girl to give me a hug...
    • I need a girl to give me a hug.

It's really as simple as that. I'm not a mouse that in giving me the cookie Leads to me needing the milk. Not that i'd turn my nose at the offer but I really could use a hug more. From a girl.

We were woken up in the night to two large thuds on our wall outside of our bedroom. I learned this morning that the vandals were trying to s [...]

  • what happend to Glenwood East of 40th (lakside) 19yr
    • What happened to the road surface on the newly paved Glenwood Ave. For most of the flat stretch of roadway it settled in a way that can bottom out your suspension. If you were to haul a large boat or trailer a load, one would have to slowdown to walk [...]
  • weed
    • I'd you don't think that people high on weed didn't act violent, you haven't been around the right people. The whole idea that people are only mellow is a fallicy.

I have seen plenty of people act violent when high. Lets not act like this is a hamle [...]

  • RE:Did someone say Weed?
    • Ahhhh some of those death by car accidents were by being under the influence of marijuana. Plus you have a convincing argument by another post claiming any smoke from burning marijuana is a carcinogen. I don't believe there has been any long term stu [...]
  • Weed and Booze.
    • I don't see what the big damn deal is with marijuana? I've never seen anyone stoned beat their wife or pick a fight with someone standing next to them? I have seen so much damage caused by alcohol its sick. I don't smoke it nor do I drink much anymor [...]
  • Did someone say Weed?
    • Did someone say Weed? Weed does the body Good :)

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

  • re protesting islam
    • Words have a tremendous impact on us. Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or evil. The basic tool for the manipulation of truth is the manipulation of words. If one can contr [...]
  • re ness
    • I thought the same thing too, then I gave some thought to the last few mayors Duluth had. Bergson liked to drink and drive, (you would think a cop woul know better) Doty was in the pocket of A&L Development, and no doubt was getting kickbacks. And be [...]
  • ness...... (duluth)
    • Wow, you really have a hard-on for the guy. Im not a fan of his but come on, he ran a freakin' red light, I probably come close once a week. It doesn't sound like the intersection was busy or that he took it on two wheels, guy was in a hurry is all. [...]
  • RE Re: Must people REPLY? ((Niether here or (There) ))
    • "If you do not live in a COMPASSIONATE STATE, and medical marijuana is illegal, does that make your source of medicine a DRUG DEALER or DRUG STORE?"

Why is is that no one of your ilk ever addresses the issue of smoking marijuana, and yes, I am fully [...]

  • Ness... Are YOU above the law?
    • At 1:52pm this afternoon, I was stopped at the red light on 1st Avenue and Mesaba, ready to turn left and head my way south on I-35. As the light on Mesaba was turning yellow, I could see two cars slow the stop on the "uphill lanes" and on the "downh [...]
  • Cops in Oliver
    • What happened in Oliver last night? The whole neighborhood was blocked off with cops everywhere. Anyone know?
  • Another reason to break up (Duluth)
    • I looked at her son face book page. OMG, i think I committed murder, so be it, i was sick of you anyway.
  • superior speedway noise (soup-town)
    • well put poster, I live across the pond from you and with a good wind can hear the races from both superior and proctor like they are in the neighborhood and love the roar. it's part of american life, if you live up near the airport you hear the soun [...]
  • islam supporters (lake ave )


Why are there brail dots on the drive up ATMs? Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways? If pro is the opposite of con, is progress the opposite of Congress? If corn oil is made up of cor [...]

  • Superior Speedway Noise (U.S.A.)
    • The races were really loud tonight. I've lived in this dumpy port town every day of my 48 years of life and I've NEVER been to the races. I've lived a mile and a half from the track since '98 and I LOVE the sound of the races! Why? Because it sounds [...]
  • city crew painting lines by hwy dept (duluth)
    • today around 1:30 up by copper top church.i and a bunch of cars are turning to go up twards the mall

by the copper top church and this city crew pulls out in oncoming traffic,don't even look.i'm driving a delivery truck and had to hit the skids.wtf [...]

  • lake ave and superior st.
    • you fuckers really need to get a life. holding up signs supporting the islam people in gaza,,really.

who the fuck cares about terrorist and that country. take your stupid opionions somewere else and do something positive,losers

  • please slow down/pay attention while driving! daughter lost her puppy (Wrenshall) 27yr
    • I know It's no ones fault and I am not angry by any means other then the fact the idiot didnt even stop to say sorry. All im asking is to please slow down around housing areas and areas with children or pets. This was my daughters best friend and com [...]
  • Must people REPLY? (Here)
    • Can we just make our RANTS & RAVES without someone ALWAYS replying to them!? Some people just want to let out the RANT or RAVE. Leave the discussion threads to the millions of comment sections on the internet if you need keyboard interaction.

Bottom [...]

  • Bank Robbery (La-la land) 46yr
    • To his "coach", you said he received a full scholarship? I am going to call BS on that one. The guy is 22 years old and a thug. Hope he enjoys his scholarship at Nigger U.

For anyone who is doubting that Basketball Americans are subspecies, I sugges [...]

The idiots that try to act like they are above it all buy posting about posts.... Thanks for adding to the shit pile and acting like yours doesn't stink

First, everything smells like "urine" to you, then you so eloquently use the word "fucktard" in a little tirade where you attempt to elevate yourself to a higher social order rising above the rabble [...]

To the Clown who cry's like a school girl about the firewood guy - Boo Hoo (Grow (the fuck) up)) To the Ass Clown who weeps about Duluth being a Shitty place to live - Le [...]

  • re: bank robber (barnum)
    • oh, I can lump together anyone I feel like lumping. it may not sound fair but it's so often accurate. I don't give a shit what his gpa was or how fast he could run the 40, he's nothing but an intelligent, quick felon now. if he does make it to texas [...]
  • Sal. Army / Rummage signs
    • Yea,yea, we get the fucking point. No need to violate CL rules and spam the shit or of the board.

To correct you, it's the West End, not West Duluth that the Salvation Army store is at. Secondly, is probably you that reaks of piss, and not the stor [...]

  • RE: Robbery 40yr
    • I think the first people to be deported are the ones so small minded that they need to use racial slurs in order to express themselves. You can not like whom ever you want, but at least have a broad enough vocabulary to express it in an articulate wa [...]
  • Salvation Army---West Duluth (West Duluth) 62yr
    • I was in this store Tuesday about 2pm. I didn't buy anything. The store smells like urine, and the odor is STRONG in the back two big rooms with furnishings, jackets, and china.

It smelled that way 4 or 5 weeks ago. No one should buy anything there [...]

Do any of you ever think about taking matters into your owns hands? Maybe fix a pot hole on the street or alleyway were you live? It's a little over 10 bucks, some pe [...]

  • Dumb ass riding a red in white supermoto
    • Who ever rides a red and white supermoto is a dumb ass. I see him riding wheelies everywhere and he is seriously gonna hurt himself...
  • My car is disabled due to the pot holes (Pot Hole City) 65yr
    • Go to a reputable front end shop, may I suggest Johnson frame & axle in west end, get an est stating what and why they think the damage happened,and how much it will be, take that to the duluth city adjusters office and file a claim, also go to the d [...]
  • re re bank Robbery
    • Well this punk is nothing but a worthless Nigger in the definitive sense, most likely had other students doing his work for him and the teachers giving him " special" privileges just because he is black, IF he was so fucking smart then the rocket sci [...]
  • RE: bank robbery (Cloquet) 32yr
    • You cant group anyone together. I was one of this Kids Football coaches at Fond du lac community college. What the news does not tell you is that this kid just graduated this past spring with a 3.8 GPA in business and finance and also was awarded a f [...]
  • Blatnick bridge, roads broke my car, etc (Duluth)
    • Look, I agree that the city does a piss poor job maintaining the roads here. Yes, they SHOULD have money dedicated to the roads from the Casino, but our city administration botched that up and didn't use the money for what it is intended for. They ke [...]
  • roads...~~~~~~~~~~........^^^^^....[[Profiles/ July 25, 2014, at 11:56 AM (duluth and Superior)]]
    • As we drive our roads..and get to experience the UPs and Downs of the Pavement..I have to think...hummmmmm..the Taxpayers are paying more and more..the Takers are taking and taking. The Taker population grows and grows without have the gumption to do [...]
  • My car is disabled due to the pot holes (Pot Hole City)
    • My car finally hit one too many pot holes and broke down.

I always look to avoid them { which causes distracted driving by the way } but this time when I tried to swerve to avoid the big hole it was either swerving into another car or take my trusty [...]

The DOT may have devised this but are required to get the Mayors approval before the plan is put in place, now who is the Dumb one? Previous poster writes: As much as I don't want to defend Nes [...]

  • about hwy 53 and businesses
    • As they say follow the money. Figure out which businesses gained and who lost. The two biggest who would have gained is Super one (Minors) and Kohls. The ones that lost were small business Mayas and car wash plus a few others. I would not doubt if Mi [...]
  • re re re: sexting sex
    • Lol as a person that has dated several married men. Its not always as easy as that. Most of the time its coded. Like hey you enjoy work today? Or man did you get your work out in at the Gym. And its not always woman just because you think your man wo [...]
  • re bumpy roads (Duh Loot)
    • Well I recall that the Fon du Luth Casino profit sharing was suppose to fix our roads and sidewalks but the money only went to this cause for the first 5 years and then was funneled off for other projects and to pay salaries to "the powers that be ap [...]
  • 19th w. little store (duluth)
    • What's up with the little hottie behind the counter? Does anybody know? Name? Single?

She's maybe like 5 ft4, 130 pounds. Dark brown hair and brown eyes I think her name might start with a K?

  • re: Ness put strain on businesses bankrupt
    • You damn idiot. You are the typical resident of Duluth dumbass. As much as I don't want to defend Ness, he had nothing to do with it. You need to go up the hill and ask the genius traffic engineers at the Minnesota Department of Transportation who di [...]
  • Ness put strain on businesses bankrupt (Mall area) 47yr
    • I think it is so terrible that the mayor closed down the existing access road to the Miller Hill car wash & the Mexican Maya and other businesses have been financially ruined because of this nonsense.

The road was very functional and now borders on [...]

  • bumpy roads (duluth)
    • Hey....whats up duluth...hear your roads are bumpy...I think a filling just fell out...;-)
  • re blatnik bridge
    • well IF you are a delivery driver like you claim then YOU need to Chill The Fuck out and maybe YOU need to be fired from YOUR job for Road Rage....coming on here and threatening people and all, perhaps the truck driver seen you driving like a retard [...]
  • blatnik bridge around 2 :30pm
    • fucking assholes wont let a person merge into the right lane.fucking dave evans transport asshole.

i see you again i'm going to beat the shit out of your ass you prick.you saw me merging over and you speed up.that's some real safety there.i see how [...]

  • Woodland Buisnesses Are Missing out, Mr.Mayor (woodland) 40yr
    • Mr.Ness, I know you cannot be all things to all people, however please consider the following: Traffic flowing into Woodland from Martin Rd. along Woodland Ave. Has become so rough that it is being passed over sending wouldbe customers further into t [...]

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