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craigslist | rants & raves in duluth / superior

  • SLC....men haters (duluth area) (Minnesota)
    • I had a GAL tell me, 3 seconds after I met her, that "she had been a GAL for 8 years, hadn't recommended a male get custody yet, and wasn't about to start now." This was after reading reports about the mother of the kids, who had a dozen documented e [...]
  • Judge Mark Munger
    • This good ole boy is a corrupt piece of shit. Due process means nothing to this prick.
  • 3 guys (Pike lake)
    • So I was on my way to pike lake. On the way there I almost hit 2 deer darting across the rd. I bring my red box movies back and then go to dq! Yum! Btw! Leaving, I have the windows open for the dogs at the stop lite and who rolls up next to me??? 3 h [...]
  • Frank Jewell/ St.Louis County (Duluth)
    • If people want things to change at St. Louis County voting com ish Frank Jewell out of office is a good start.

It is part of his job to oversee SLC employees, not a option but a requirement. When a constituent presents evidence of corruption to com [...]

SLC, parts of it are corrupt and conduct illegal activities manipulating facts and ruining lives. If you the people are serious, contact each other then picket the county located at [...]

  • SLC....men haters (duluth area)
    • Oh, you are so right about the SLC man haters club. I helped my husband with a custody issue so we didn't have to pay an attorney. I was blamed for everything in the GAL report......19 pages of what a horrible person I was lol. Yet, the drug addict, [...]
  • STEVIE MARIE-ANN BERGREN and her "COUSIN" - beware! (Lincoln Park Duluth) 56yr
    • Okay so we sold a phone to the "cousin" of Stevie Ann-Marie Bergren (dob June 1986) at the Johnson's Bakery in Lincoln Park. She was kind enough to be there WITH him while he made this purchase.

The cousin was a native American "gentlemen" with bagg [...]

Following Miley's concert, local Monterrey lawmaker Francisco Trevino called for government officials to punish the pop star for disrespecting their countryAdding insult to injury: [...]

  • providers growing a pair (up here)
    • what the hell does a business protecting itself from sloppy or unethical govt. employees have to do with "growing a pair"? I guess just taking it in the ass is your version of being gutsy, twerp.

sounds like you just needed to write (c&p) some trash [...]

  • Using CAPS LOCK on Posts
    • Using Caps Lock on your "GARAGE SALE SUNDAY" "POS FOR SALE GOOD RUNNER $10,000!!!!!!!!" is really going to want to make me go to your sale or buy your awful vehicle. It makes your post look tacky and needy. We're going to see the post anyway, might a [...]
  • Daycare providers should grow a pair (Mn)
    • Published in: 2014 Minnesota Super Lawyers -- August 2014

Care for the Caregivers By Anna Befort Civil defense attorney Deborah Eckland is any in-home day care provider's best friend For even the best day care providers, things can go wrong in an [...]

About time someone takes advantage of that location,

I haven't had the honor of dealing with IT yet. Could someone who knows please snap a pic of IT 'working' behind the counter and post for all to see so we know what IT looks like and can avoid the headache of ever having to ever [...]

  • *lost small white poodle mix* (South superior)
    • I realize this isn't a rant or rave, but we're desperately hoping to find our little white pup that went missing in South Superior on Wednesday evening. Her name is Daisy and she has her collar/tag on. Please, please, please if you've seen her, conta [...]
  • RE: PATTI (Duluth )
    • Oh I have seen this lady several times at the west Duluth location and I refuse to go there when she is working, I will drive to another location before I have to deal with her again. Awful lady. No one does anything about it when I complain. She ask [...]
  • Rental agencies/web sites (Duluth)
    • I see lots of posts about "rental scum" and "sleazy landlords", but does anyone have any good contacts for searching for reputable housing in Duluth aside from CL or trullia? I've only been able to locate a few sites. Not a whole lot of offerings tha [...]
  • re Dealership Scams (Cloquet) 51yr
    • While I agree that Evergreen group is a shitty organization, I disagree that it's the customer that gets screwed. The ones who get screwed are their sales consultants, owing to the fact that commissions are hit with very large PACs (basically, money [...]
  • Patti (Duluth)
    • Don't I know it too. I've seen people come out of the Post Office and randomly tell me that she's the worst person they've ever dealt with. I've seen her before and I know exactly who you're talking about.
  • WHY VOTE PARTY LINES ????? (Uppa U. S.)
    • 1. I voted for a Democrat/Republican because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn't.

2. I voted for a Democrat/Republican because I believe the government [...]

Duluth police name suspects in East Hillside shooting Duluth police have named two suspects in a shooting last month near the Whole Foods Co-op on Duluth's East Hillside. Arrest warrants on aggravated robbe [...]

  • postal bitch (USA)
    • guess what ? she is a gov. employee and since she is not selling anything and you are not buying anything then she does,nt have to be nice to you. I have seen this in other cities,they can,t be fired and they know it, contact your local congressman a [...]
  • Mobile welding & auto repair (overpostville)
    • Forget the silly firewood guy, this overposting welding guy has his add on 15 get that 15 cattigories today and everyday. He is posting in Daycare, Arts and crafts, lost and found, matereals, lawn and garden, auto parts, autos for sale, wanted, gener [...]
  • Dealership Scams (TWIN PORTS)
    • Hello I am looking for anyone who has purchased a car from any of the following dealerships: Sonju Two Harbors, North Star Ford, Kia of Duluth, Avis Group, Cloquet car dealerships, Benna Ford, Northland Chevrolet, and any other dealerships owned by E [...]
  • Change your life...take this survey.
    • Hate your job...Love your job?

Do you hate your job? Do you love your co-workers? Are you a satisfied employee? Only you know the answers. You'll want to take this survey. http://questionpro.com/t/ALEGzZRcTv

  • Take your dog to the park. (Two Harbors)
    • Please old woman pick up after your dog,i have seen your dog shit and piss right on the sidewalk on 1st ave many times,(my office window looks right out on to 1st ave)i have almost stepped in dog shit leaving work. Take your dog to the park it's only [...]
  • Patti- Post Office Clerk- RUDE! RUDE! and a B%#$*H (Duluth ) 29yr
    • Her name is Patti, she seems to float from post office locations across Duluth. I work in customer service and I have never.....ever met a person this rude in my life. I do business with USPS almost daily and now I have to spend gas money driving to [...]
  • RNC ?
    • What happened to RageN Country? Last fall they were great, now this year totally different. (band and members) They went from kick-ass to suck-ass. Friends & family of the new band members I suppose will say different & defend them but there is no ar [...]
  • Spook Mountain/Mud/ Spirit (Duluth) 42yr
    • The new director of spirit is getting rid of the waste from what I see and hear. Renee Mattson, beside putting Spirit Mountain in the red by 2 million, had a staff of doing nothing people. One retired, some fired and a few still there. That place mad [...]
  • Duluth receives 150,000
    • Duluth Steam, Duluth, Minnesota - $150,000

Funds will help facilitate the detailed design, procurement and installation of an on-site biomass receiving, storage, and feed system. It utilizes up to 25 percent biomass feedstocks from local forestry op [...]

If you are hard working, enjoy other sports (besides biking or hiking), work to afford a nice hou [...]

If you have any tips, I would love to hear.

  • mud mountain (duluth)
    • those twenty foot mud culverts they call bike trails will cause more sediment and erosion to drain into the bay than a housing development on the side of the hill. send an email to.the dnr or epa asking how they got carved into the hill without any e [...]
  • spirit mnt
    • oh! they have bigger problems that the manager....go take a look at the bike trails. Un-frikkin-believable. These things are eroding all the way down and your tax dollar is going to keep the workers out there trying to fix them every DAY! Now they ar [...]
  • Spirit Mountain 28yr
    • So the new exec director is swinging the axe up there. More firings and the restaurant off Grand is only open on weekends now and I heard they didn't even tell the employees. Maybe she's trying to free up some money in the budget to pay the new gener [...]
  • Re: 16 - Rant or Do Your Part (Duluth)
    • If you see things going down, why come here to rant about it?

Report what you see - perhaps then investigations won't take a year. Nearly everyone has a camera/video equipped phone, or even pencil and paper. Take a pic, video or write the info/des [...]

  • casual encounters (duluth) 46yr
    • Why is it that I see women on w4m casual saying a guy has to be at least 8 inches? I don't see any men demanding internal dimensions, or even a tight pussy...

And just so we're cards on table, I've got an over average sized member, so gfy if you thi [...]

  • re Inline (Short Bus)
    • I agree what a Fucking Tard for NOT knowing how to get around this long time on going event so what was your 16 hour shift? sucking shaft to support your crack and meth habit
  • Domestic Violence (Virginia)
    • I for one think what Ray Rice did is unspeakable.

Domestic Violence is never the answer and I hate to use the word but, but I have to. If there were truely a law that states you cannot do this, why hasn't his wife been charged? The video shows her a [...]

  • Lie detector 31yr
    • Someone on here had posted once about giving a free lie detector test. If this is still available, I would be so interested.
  • Mandatory Sterilization, 3 strikes, yer out! (Twin Ports) 99yr
    • Too many people that cannot take care of themselves are making babies that the rest of us have to pay for. I propose a fair 3 strike system that would sterilize those that really do not need to reproduce.

IQ of 70 or less, 3 strikes. In the country [...]

  • meth addicts (duluth)
    • you ask how we can blame the drug problem up here on blacks, where are you living, st ann's? they mule the product up here, set up distribution through section 8 drug warehouses and sell the shit right on the unmaintained streets of duluth and return [...]
  • Re: Inline Marathon (Duluth)

The Inline has been going on for nearly 20 years. Most people know how to get around or avoid the area, same as when Grandma's Marathon is on. YOU'RE the Fucktard for not knowing better. This event generates revenue for the [...]

  • Inline marathon (Duluth) 30yr
    • So after working a 16 hour shift I have to be inconvenienced by a bunch a dumb mother fuckers that want to run and rollerskate down the freeway. I understand the need for events that draw crowds and revenue but at least grandmas marathon doesn't shut [...]
  • Re: Meth
    • I think most people will agree with you on that one. It is a community problem, and its going to take a community to get rid of it. If you know someone or see someone selling or using drugs turn them in. Its the only way to get rid of the problem. He [...]
  • Meth addicts (Duluth) 32yr
    • Please explain again how the twinports drug problem is caused by black people. This just goes to show that the drugs are a problem caused by PEOPLE not by races. The media and locals may set their sites more on a certain group of people but the probl [...]
  • morgan park rummage sale
    • what does some rude little runt at a rummage sale have to do with the new 'iron mug' coffee shop in morgan park other than proximity?
  • Rude Woman at rummage sale (Morgan Park) 53yr
    • I walked in to the rummage sale on Friday, Sept 12 in the 'Business Building' in Morgan Park to see what they might have for sale.

It was at least a half hour before the advertised closing time. The short, dark haired lady was extremely rude as she [...]

  • re: blowing stop signs (Stopsign is only a suggestion)
    • Come on people, bust out your video recorders and lets get some public shaming going on here. Record the stop sign runners, get their plate # (or the very least vehicle description) and POST POST POST! I love being part of the public when it comes to [...]
  • re race

Let me guess, you thought this would be about white people.. Watch this................ http://www.khou.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/09/08/over-100-teens-swarm-memphis-plaza-knocking-out-shoppers [...]

  • re Blowing stop signs (S. 59th Ave W)
    • At the end by the tracks, people blow through that stop sign all the time. Sad thing is......Fedex and UPS trucks do it all the time. Johnson Carpets of West Duluth too do it. Sad when drivers with major companies do not follow the law!!!!!
  • Blowing stop signs
    • I see people blowing the stop sign by my house. ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME. I don't care how brain damaged you are. If you want to risk your own life, fine. Whatever. But don't run stop signs and speed through areas where every other house in a four blo [...]
  • The most racist garbage you will see so far this year
    • Let me guess, you thought this would be about white people..

Watch this................ http://www.khou.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/09/08/over-100-teens-swarm-memphis-plaza-knocking-out-shoppers/15271973/ Now.... someone tell me that these black [...]

  • can't smoke in the house (earth)
    • you must be some troll posting, nobody can be that dumb and heartless. of course you can't smoke in his house, you can't light up in a nursing home, assisted living home or hospital either. it's common sense and decency. you refuse to go outside and [...]
  • Rapper from video set in Central Hillside in jail
    • So the dude in the video is in jail on a probation violation, while his "homeboy" is saying "Okay so we will make not just violent music but will make songs for younger kids to look up too and for the community. And the money we get for doing shows w [...]
  • casino (duhluth) 99yr
    • Leave it to Duluth to over look a money making idea.A city owned casino is the best idea Iv'e heard from the or one councilor yet! Stop spending tax dollars on money pits like the Norshore and other dead end investments.Stop stepping over dollars to [...]
  • RE: Mandatory Sterilization (everywhere) 63yr
    • Agree totally.

Who wants more of THEM around here, anyway? It's said far back that kids will be worse than their parents. Just sayin'.

  • RE: Jesse Beaulieu (whoredom)
    • Ik her that bitch is nasty. She got a brother to faron what a dumb name they both messed up. My girl told me her and somenher friends walked in on her having sex and she was all weird an my girl and her friend s actes like they was leaving but just w [...]
  • Mandatory Sterilization (Ports)
    • You, ma'am or sir..are brilliant. Someone on here who actually makes sense! (Applause)
  • Smoking etc
    • Sooo you want to smoke but because you took a 20 min test on line where its the same 7 questions over and over. And get paid on average 11 a hour. Well guess your working with wrong client. Find one that smokes and will let you. And let your grand da [...]
  • Jesse Beaulieu (Diluth) 22yr
    • THIS IS A DISEASED BITCH.. She will shoot meth and heroin with any needle she can find. I went through a bag of stuff she left unattended and found paperwork for treatments and meds for AIDS AND HEP C...STAY A WAY she will also steal anything she can [...]
  • Vote Frank Jewell out! Waste of skin (Duluth)
    • Election time is almost here and if you are like me sick and tired of those making decisions get out there and vote!

Frank Jewell is a big loser that had to go. Jim Booth a local business man is running against him, I googled him and found a few pr [...]

  • I posted the "Take some Prozac" (Hicks)
    • Well YEEEEEE-HAW!!! Look how simple it can be to agitate your average keyboard warrior of Da-Cooch, MN. These people have been posting on here for years, and couldn't wait for another opportunity to rant about blacks. I MUST HAVE STRUCK A NERVE. But [...]
    • To the white woman that keeps posting .trying to make everyone believe that blacks belong up here. What part of NO dont you understand? NO us working class people dont want them here NO we dont want our great town to turn into another chicago or Ferg [...]
  • prozac
    • Thank you for reinforcing my point, but what the hell was yours, " nigga"? Let me guess, educated working class blacks are out in force protesting thug niggas every day, huh?

Must have missed that one.

  • prozac
    • you're a bloody fool, I understand their lifestyle quite well and couldn't care less about anyone's skin color. blacks have been hoodwinked by their own rapcrap disrespect b.s. if you act like everything's about the hood then guess what...it is. I fe [...]
  • re Prozac
    • Sute, I'll say it.... I hate niggers, and they got to go.

If hating a lifestyle that contains illegal drug use, illegal guns, murder, robbery, rape etc, and it's all considerd being a "real nigga", then yes, I don't understand, and yes, I want it go [...]

  • Take some Prozac!!!!!!!! (Hicks)
    • Just say you are sick of black people, Duluth. You don't care about "tax paying" or the upkeep of your precious town. You are tired of different LIFESTYLES that you don't understand. You want everyone in Duluth to be caucasion. Anything short of that [...]
  • makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!! (This area!!)
    • So, they arrested the "person" for the stabbing of the football player...this element needs to be kicked out of the area....Black on White...just saying....the crimes have become ridiculous. Tax payers...working folks have to pay Public Defense attor [...]
  • RE erosion (duluth)
    • why don,t you contact the EPA they have more power than the city. I bet they would shit themselves if they seen the erosion , they mandate the laws on water runoff,just look them up or Email them I,am quite sure they would like to hear about this one [...]
  • RE: skyline
    • It isn't just democrats destroying cities. Look who just got convicted of corruption, yeah that's right a republican. Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife were convicted Thursday of using his office to promote a dietary supplement in excha [...]
  • re: Skyline, bike trails
    • Yup, it's really a mess up at Spirit Mountain with the bike trails. They are not legal and have cause erosion to go down the hill into the river.
  • skyline
    • To the previous poster about the 20' clay trenches which are suppose to be mnt. bike trails....thank Judy Gibb on the Park and Rec board. These trenches are not only causing erosion, they are illegally placed in the buffer zone between S.M and the re [...]
  • Another Ness import thanks Don (Duluth)
    • Thanks mayor Ness for raising our taxes for the expected money needed to fight crimes from the people you keep importing here, thanks but no thanks.

I just had a thought, has crime increased or decreased since Mayor Ness has been in office. With al [...]

  • skyline parkway (dulutistan)
    • Well I fear you are screwed if the builders of this scar on the skyline have money and are connected. you could try and use the environmental argument but this is a city that dug 20' wide clay trenches down the hill by spirit mt. for a bike trail. th [...]
  • Skyline Parkway Building (Duluth) 35yr
    • Does anyone have any word on building restrictions on Skyline Parkway? I'm asking because someone built a house on the lower side of Skyline a block above my house. Someone is working on a plot of land to the east which is also directly above my hous [...]
  • Low Info voters (everywhere)
    • It's good to see that the democrats are finally being held accountable for their increasing tax dollars to accompany non-wanting to-working people,and to increase government, like I said in a previous post, just think if you need to hire a baby sitte [...]
  • What the Bloody Hell we are in trouble (Minnesota)
    • And this woman will be accepted with open arms to blow up our country what a crock of shit!

Stuart Mills is looking better all the time, I need to find out what it takes to buy a gun, I am not going to be a sitting duck. St. Paul woman recruited to [...]

"system" that tax payers are forced to support, now he is going to raise the taxes again partially due to expected need for more law enforcement, cri [...]

by Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream | September 4, 2014 Did you know that one of the Americans that was recently killed fighting for ISIS once cleaned planes at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport? His name [...]

If you don't, here's what could happen: Gramps could get sicker You could get sick, and I [...]

  • ISIS near TX border
    • Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border--Ft. Bliss Increases Security

Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle borne im [...]


  • laurie gage 33yr
    • hopefully she is locked up somewhere so she cant steel from anyone else or crash there cars
  • re: "Can't even smoke in the house..."
    • He may be your grandfather, but you have accepted pay as a JOB to take care of him. That means your EMPLOYER gets to set the rules, just like at any other job.

Ever stop to think about WHY your grandfather doesn't complain about the fact that his wh [...]

By Brady Slater Today at 9:44 a.m. IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE DNT HAD A GOOD REPORTER LIKE THIS! The rapper behind a YouTube music video depicting gang activity in Duluth's Central Hillside is i [...]

  • smoking (usa)
    • this is something that the democrats came up with,the democrats are slowly eroding your rights away. keep voting them in,the next thing will be that you are forced to pay union dues for nothing. gun lovers are losing ,free speech is losing,what next [...]
  • RE:RE: kemps milk....huh?
    • Boy are you stupid, high fructose corn syrup is NOT SUGAR.....DUMB ASS.....its obvious you are a fat turd drinking the crap,why do you think all young people have midriff bulges better do some checking on the internet, and not on Craigslist to find y [...]
  • kemps and herpes (duluth)
    • it's chocolate milk fool, not a health drink. i'm guessing you got laid off or fired from kemps. maybe you can get coke put on the lunch menu.

oh yeah cloquet romeo, I realize the wife must be gone but you're in the wrong section. try the s.t.d. pag [...]

  • kemps milk....huh?
    • This is what's wrong with society, too many dumb people. High Fructose Corn Syrup is just SUGAR....sugar is sugar no matter what you call it. Scientists tried to put together the perfect sport drink and guess what? They came up Chocolate MILK! For go [...]
  • Kemp's Milk for our Children Dangerous! (duluth) 27yr
    • I think Kemps chocolate milk in the half pint size...any size for that matter... should be BOYCOTTED IN ALL DULUTH SCHOOLS. It's all filled with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS). How did Hermantown, Cloquet, Esko, and Proctor get so lucky, while all t [...]
  • tripper (dangerous city)
    • wow, glad you made it out of town and back to mayberry safe and sound. next time you feel froggy and feel like venturing out into some big city, try orlando. there are some spots down there you should thrive in. *hint* wear big mousey ears.
  • My pup is okay!! :) (East End Superior)
    • To the person in the white Chevy truck around noon today on East 5th St. in Superior: my big white poodle mix pup got loose and bolted into traffic on East 5th St. I had his leash and toy and he saw me across the street so tried to run to me. You sla [...]
  • Re: Annual Trippin (Duluth)
    • So you don't live here, you come here annually, look at certain people as you pass by certain areas & assume they are bums and no good to society. You know what the catch-22 is? It's people like you who are the real leeches, the door closers instead [...]
  • Annual Trip to Duluth (Duluth) 55yr
    • Once again I made my annual trip to Duluth. Made the mistake of going downtown. Superior Street looks like First Street, dirty and full of bums that do not work and leech off the taxpayers. Thank goodness the city I live in downtown has not decayed a [...]
  • re:Snyders (downtown) 42yr
    • Snyder's lost my business when the heavy set red head girl mumbled under her breath fat ass and she kept repeating it over and over as she was ringing me up. I am a bigger guy but I'm by no means huge. I hope the new owners fire her sorry disrespectf [...]
  • Snyder's
    • I think when a customer is purchasing food at a convenience store, the cash register girl behind the counter should act respectful and not mutter "dirty rotten slut" under her breath when ringing up purchases. Even if the customer in question is in f [...]
  • Let it go (Duluth)
    • The snow glows white on the mountain tonight

Not a footprint to be seen A kingdom of isolation, And it looks like I'm the queen. The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried! Don't let them in, d [...]

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