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craigslist | rants & raves in duluth / superior

Dumbass, I AM a Marine (it's spelled with a capital "M" btw, Captain Internet Research) and if you've got any sense in your head, which at this point I don't think you do, try to follow what I say here [...]

  • Don't help Ruby Slippers. (G.R. To Duluth)
    • Don't help Ruby slippers. Why? Because those damn slippers are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in not bordering a quick clean million. And i'm talking the price drop because they'd need to be fenced. They're one of a kind. They were taken from [...]
  • slippers/firewood/group homes (go away)
    • Ruby slipper seeker.....firewood guy combatants..group home posters..go fuck yourselves. Really really tired of you.
  • Ruby Slippers - Looking for Tips (Grand Rapids)
    • I'm looking for tips regarding the theft of the ruby slippers from the Judy Garland museum. From what I understand, the investigators overseeing the case did not take it seriously. This ad has been posted off and on for over a year, and I've received [...]
  • Ugh Group Homes 100yr
    • These Group Homes are the worst. I have been in the field for over 20 yrs. One of the Companies I have worked for didn't pay me. Recently they are being investigated for ID Fraud and Tax Fraud. This Company ruined my life! I cannot not even access my [...]
  • Speaking of Group Homes license to kill
    • After reading the posts about group homes I need to put in my 2 cents.

Do not ever put your loved one on hospice. The group home owners have no obligation to keep them alive once you sign those papers. They legally let them dehydrate and starve to [...]

  • More on Jesse Ventura and UDT
    • If you google was Jesse Ventura a navy SEAL you will get "while on active duty in vietnam Jesse was on the underwater demolition (SEAL) team 12." So yes he was a navy SEAL.
  • RE: Jesse Ventura & the UDT
    • You may need to learn more about UDT and the seals. If you google udt then click on wikipedia it states there that the UDT was the precurser to the seals. If you have any arguments maybe you should take it up with wikipedia. I was first told by a mar [...]
  • Jesse Ventura & the UDT teams (Duluth)
    • To the poster who left the reply about UDT being a "precursor" of the SEAL teams, you may wanna do some more learning on the subject.

The UDT teams had a different mission than the early SEAL teams, underwater demolition and beach prep for amphibiou [...]

  • RE:Congradulations Jesse Ventura
    • First he was actually suing the widows husband when he was alive, for defamation of charecter. The husband wrote a book and in the book lied about Ventura. Ventura's lawsuit was against the husband but he died so the suit went against the person who [...]
  • Flag the over posting fire wood guy (copper top)
    • I also flag him every day. There is no need to post more than ounce a day in several catigoriese that have nothing to do with wood.
  • good GROUP HOMES (duluth) 42yr
    • Interim Health Care was the best place that I worked. That is where I would want a loved one to live if need be. Same issues as most places but not because of staff, clients vary in what they are capable of but a good staff is hard to find. Those goo [...]
  • Congratulations, Jesse Ventura (Duluth)
    • ...on being such a man and suing a widow and winning $1.8 million out of the deal. Obviously Mrs. Kyle is not destitute, but that's not really the point, is it? Good on you, big guy!

By the way, to anyone in the media out there: please stop calling [...]

  • Re: Firewood guy (duluth)
    • So let me get this straight, you had a box of split firewood and 20 ounces of gasoline which is over a 1/8 of a gallon of gasoline and you STILL could not start a fire, so you blame the material???? Then you admit that the gas has never been included [...]
  • Duluth is a great place to... (duluth) 24yr
    • flag a guy for selling firewood in multiple categories on craigslist! You should let your friends and family know as soon as possible as they may want to take part in the flagging!

Anyone interested in getting together for a moderation and flagging [...]

With a filthy piece of work like you roaming around East End of [...]

  • Re: Lies...
    • It's a scientific fact that you human beings lie at least once in any given short conversation. It's a near certainty that a person will lie to a loved one at least 5 times in a day. But it's the depth, scope, and impact of a lie that is what matters [...]
  • Tailgating "COEXIST"er (Blatnik Bridge)
    • Hey. You stupid cunt in the lime green sub-compact around 4:10 pm today, Superior bound riding my ass down the hill. I'm exceeding the speed limit like always, and you're still pushing. Then you get around me and I see your bullshit "COEXIST" bumper [...]
  • to all the firewood flaggers (coppertop) 28yr
    • FYI ...He posts in materials as well.....

Love, Firewood flagger for life Flag one or flag them all!!!

  • Whom am I to judge (Scannell)
    • Who am I to judge, you sick fucks out there who like little girls or boys will be put yo shame by my office. You are sick bastards that need to be taken off the streets, I don't give a shit about your sick little lives or that the mother of your chil [...]
  • Why me
    • Are there any mothers or fathers out there that will let me touch your 17 year old daughters breasts as long as I tell you I'm sorry for what I will put you through. If your brat daughter won't tell on me I will be able to keep my government position [...]
  • What investigation
    • In all of the sex with minor cases I've seen or read about mentioned the internet activity of these offenders, Scannell must have just had these impulses overnight because there is no mention of checking his work and home hard drives which is detecti [...]
  • Group Homes what are the good ones (This area)
    • After reading the posts about local group homes I really wonder which ones are the "good ones"

There should be some type of a forum for disgruntled employees and residents to air what goes on in these homes and to be able to remain " Anonymous" May [...]

  • OH SHIT 17yr
    • I shouldn't have posted that to ms. Scannell because now I will be labeled as a stalker and The honorable Mr. Scannell will probably prosecute me. I just want to apologize to the Scannell family, I didn't really me it, it was just the heat of the mom [...]
  • Revenge sex 17yr
    • Ms Scannell, I know you don't have the body of a 17 year old but if you want a discreet relationship let me know, your husband may be gone for a while.
  • re: tweekers
    • Try Carlton county, St Louis country jail, and Douglas county jail. If those are too inconvenient keep posting wanted ads and eventually you'll get picked up and brought to these places.
  • Scannell Scandal
    • Are you fucking kidding me, a sexual offender with a law degree gets the opportunity to have his position considered because he has 5 months left on his current term. What is this world coming to, how broken does our system of things have to get befo [...]
  • re evolution
    • Christ never mentioned evolution or Adam and Eve, or anything of that nature in the bible.

Matter of fact, the version you read today was rewritten human English king's decree to fight his views. It's barely even close to the original. Maybe you s [...]

  • re no ears
    • Nice try, dumbass. Where did you get your facts, Fox News, or fix you pull them out of your ass.... dance thing no matter how you look at it.

I work on the insurance industry, and I can tell you that any changes to Medicare (that's how it's spelled, [...]

Awesome article on why men sext

  • tweekers (duluth/superior)
    • Where is the best / most likely place to meet tweekers? I've been lost here for months. I know they exist but where. Bars or neighborhoods anything will help. Also if you don't approve. I don't give a shit.
  • Evolution Is A Lie
    • I am so tired of hearing all those atheistic so-called scientists spouting this bullshit! All you need to do is pick up your Bible and wave it at them who is more intelligent than you are. Jesus said it. I believe it. That settles it.
  • re: group homes "all over the bloody place" (residential'ville)
    • re Group Homes (Duluth)

Because idiots who say they want the job. Show up for the interview with a list of demands. Or they start and figure out hey these are peoples lives. And caring for them may be too hard.

  • Superior View (Hermantown)
    • You can swear under oath all that you want to, but the residents are locked inside with no emergency escape and employees were told to unlock the door if state comes at a few different staff meetings so there are many people who can back up this clai [...]
  • re: Superior View (Soup)
    • I think you'd better re-read the op, who is indeed a former employee or someone with a hard-on for jason or the family. He said they lock the doors when the state isn't around and unlock them when they show. Nobody locks out state inspectors and reta [...]
  • re:Speaking of Superior view.
    • Awwwww is somebody a former employee? Your statements are pure lies. I have personally known the Family that owns this place and i can swear under oath your lying. First off employee's have to pass a criminal background check. This takes min 4 days t [...]
  • disabled and city streets (duluth)
    • the city is fixing the streets all you have to do is look at Superior street 4th ave east to 5th ave west.
  • Speaking of Group Homes (Superior View Assisted Living)
    • Superior View has to be one of the worst places around. They don't even train people before they leave them alone to work because they are so short staffed. I know one person went in for an interview in the afternoon and was left ALONE to work the ov [...]
  • GROUP HOMES (Droctortown) 42yr
    • Not all homes house the same kinds of clients/residents. Homes DO NOT alert neighbors of residents with sexually charged substantiated criminal proceedings/charges against them. Most of the residents/clients at least in the behavioral/mental illness [...]
  • Dam Group Homes (Duluth) 100yr
    • I'm glad people are talking about these crappy companies. They treat you like shit, don't pay anything and YES they put these stupid little bitches in charge that don't know how to do shit! Bitches I mean little dumb girls. They have Violent clients. [...]
  • RE ; Mr Maryland
    • Your so full of bullshit!!!!! You live in maryland but post on duluth c-list.........Ok loser sure you do get a job or maybe your just a free loader full of bullshit.
  • re: 2 ignorant men
    • You tell those desparate bastards. No one should ever settle. I can relate to their frustrstion wanting someone they cant have but their reaction only makes it more concrete. Seems like men dont know how to treat women in this city, so perhaps some o [...]
  • im surrounded by old bitter assholes (east end superior)
    • Are there any normal people in east end? the kind that mind their own fucking business or is east end full of whiney old bitches? I chose east end because its peaceful but I seem to have moved into the quiet-no fun block of east end that hates childr [...]
  • vitamin malfunction! (my gullet)
    • Standing at kitchen sink...water glass still in-hand...vitamin C goes down nicely, but multivitamin hangs up! More water! Aaaaaarrrggghhh! !!!
  • 2 Ignorant Men Saying I Should Settle
    • I think it's funny how people get mad when they don't fit what you are looking for in the personals and then once they get turned down they get bitter and try to be mean. I am a confident attractive woman that does have some extra pounds on me but th [...]
  • Racism
    • Does anyone talking on this subject ever read or watched Amistad? It has some very interesting history about slavery and what the times may have been like then. Sure whites were using, buying, and trading slaves. But there was a wide variety of slave [...]
  • Let's send the irs a message 31yr
    • The government is failing on a monuMENTAL level. Corruption and deceit at the highest levels. It is a joke, we are laughing and crying about it. Heard a woman speak yesterday named Amy barnhart look her up had very interesting things to say about how [...]
  • Re : Racist (superior)
    • Why are all the black people pissed at the whites..............We.also voted and gave a black person power of the usa .....Never again worst ever obama care is a joke and we are so far in the hole we will never get out .......Thanks for all the help [...]
  • Group homes
    • In an ideal world I would make the ridiculously rich and tax free religious organizations pay for the upkeep of adults that are too retarded or disabled to live on their own. Why should humanitarian issues land on the back of an already overburdened [...]
  • group homes
    • Maybe if the ppl who ran these group homes weren't such lazy asses who don't want to do work u could keep ppl working there. Oh ya how bout you pay more per hour for such hard work. Cheap and lazy asses keep posting ur ads under jobs with noone respo [...]
  • re Group Homes (Duluth)
    • Because idiots who say they want the job. Show up for the interview with a list of demands. Or they start and figure out hey these are peoples lives. And caring for them may be too hard.
  • Local social group for HSV1, HSV2 and HPV
    • Local social, help group for locals that have herpes type 1 or 2. Aka oral, or genital..also HPV

The purpose of this group is to educate, socialize and make friends within the condition. It is nice to know that you are not alone. If you seem like li [...]

  • Group Homes (Duluth)
    • Why do all the group homes keep spamming the job openings? TBI and a few smaller ones keep posting the same ads over and over for months on end. Looks bad for your companies that you can't keep employees.
  • Re; Race (OP) (Global)
    • I totally agree with your summation of the problems being the black community has brought it's own destruction upon itself here in the States. I spent the last two years in Memphis TN, (Where the Rev. Martin Luther King was assassinated by the way) a [...]
  • Trashy Hillbillies of Dickerman Avenue (Denfeld Area)
    • Please kindly, MOVE.

Between the screaming kids (screaming HELP! HELP! ...when they don't need REAL HELP, because believe me, I get up and look to make sure EVERY. TIME. ), the dirt bike screeching around constantly and the pedophile status you carr [...]

  • re. alcoholic deaths high in duluth 33yr
    • This posting forgot stats like car accidents, abortion so the mother can keep drinking, homicide, accidents, the list goes on. I think weed be thought about more seriously. I find it awful that so many people go home drunk or drink by themselves, mak [...]
  • Re: Best Food In Duluth/Superior (Duluth)
    • If you want to try a great pizza and love sauce and crust most, go with Do North in Hermantown off of 53 and Lavaque. Great pizza! Sandwiches are good too and if you get a salad it'll feed two people with a small side of garlic bread.

I've heard tha [...]

  • Broke & Black in Duluth (Duluth) 30yr
    • It's annoying...living in a place where the color of my skin is an automatic strike against me. I've gotten asked by employers, "so where are you from, Chicago, Detroit?" I hate to disappoint them when I say Tucson, AZ. They usually tell me "how arti [...]
  • Re Race (OP)
    • I knew a reply such as the social workers would come, but I didn't think that it would be so off the mark.

Not once did I ever mention the word welfare. That word is nowhere in my original post. So why go on and on about it when it wasn't part of th [...]

I wanna know who has the best food in town I vote Green Mill love there pizza and also Smokeys over in Superior has anybody tired there smoked meat sandwhich, its delicious!

  • Truth about USA (USA)
    • Wanna know the truth about our country and where our world is headed? If you have charter cable, watch channel 16 It's an eye opener and we need to be outraged at what's going on. Wake up America! Let's do something about this!
  • re: re: about race issue 58 canal park (Canal Park) 58yr
    • You can put any spin that you like on it the numbers that I used were simply an example. If you had read what I have wrote the numbers were representing the issue of who commits the must fraud. Not who i serve but yes the Caucasians number is greater [...]
  • Re: Sexting cheating
    • Sexting is cheating! Anything you would not do in front of your significant other is cheating! I don't care if it's sexting, looking at porn, or even eating a doughnut. If you won't do it in front of him or her it's cheating!
  • Re: No truer words have been spoken 28yr
    • Well put sir. Well put. For some reason racists can't understand that whatever 'problem' some people propose it's situational, has nothing to do with race. Black, white, asian, mexican, canadian, english, whatever; they're people. Just plain ol' peop [...]
  • re: re: about race issue 58 canal park
    • It is funny how you try to make it sound like more white have problem than blacks. But by your own ommision blacks see you more than whites if you go by statistics. You say you see 13 whites to 2 blacks. I bet there are at least 25 whites to one blac [...]
  • re:re: Race/drug/housing (Canal Park) 58yr
    • Families are limited to 60 months of benefits. And in some instances we do grant exceptions to these time limits for certain cases. But unfortunately some people do slip though the cracks and come from a different state applying for benefits some soc [...]
  • sexting and fantasies (somewhere) 47yr
    • so I hear about all these people saying sexting cheating just talking about sex is cheating.so is it inappropriate and cheating if a guy talks to another guy about it or a girl talks not another girl about it. People told me that talking to females w [...]
  • re:re: Race/drug/housing.
    • 1. Doctors in duluth have alot to do with current drug craze. They handed out Oxycontin like it was Asprin when it hit the market because purdue was offering big incentives. Then when the D.E.A said whoa not so fast you have to require this this this [...]
  • Re: About the race issue (Canal Park) 58yr
    • Did you all forget about Carlson and the last place on earth the man was selling and smuggling more drugs then anybody!

You blame Afro American people for the so called problems Duluth faces.Your excuse as to why this town is a bad place to live. Bu [...]


  • Really? Look at what you just wrote. You really are a fool. But I suppose you can't fix stupid.
  • About the race issue
    • Now, just in Duluth, where has the drug problem "come" from. Who is responsible for most of the drug crime, the majority of the murders and violent crime in Duluth.

It's just a simple question with quite a definitive answer. When I talk about the d [...]

We hate to miss your sale. Oh, yah, quit posting on the light pol [...]

    • Unlike the rest of the human race,Niggers are slipping backwards on the evolutionary scale.During the days of segregation they sought to emulate some of there finer points of "WHITE SOCIETY"( as best they could) in order to attain better lives for th [...]
  • let me jump in here....
    • Maryland. Been there. I have to say in all honesty, I have seen dumpster fires with more appeal.

Of your there, what the hell do you care about a jerk water town like Duluth for? This is like watching two verified special needs people trying to argu [...]


  • I've been to Hermanton once. Why back in the day I had just graduted from East and me and the guys were cruising. It's on the outskirts of Hermantown there you will find all the rejects they live by rummaging through the trash of the people that live [...]


  • Re: Mr.Maryland
    • LOL I've never laughed so hard in my life. You know, I was gonna reply back to your comments , but what's the point!? You yourself JUST showed my point as to why DULUTH is a shitty town with the inbred white trash like you hanging around they'll stay [...]
  • Gangsters and free housing (central hillside)
    • Just wait till they open that new free housing they are building on 1st ave west and forth street. there is going to be so mutch crime going on the cops won't be able to contole the HOOD!! just the other day i stopped by 4th street market and i count [...]
  • [[http://duluth.craigslist.org/rnr/4581998637.html|Re: Mr Maryland and Mr Hermanton


  • It's spelled Hermantown. There's too many grammatical errors for me to even try to read that or take you seriously. Oh my goodness I am just too embarrassed somebody like this is living in are area.
  • Mr Maryland and Mr Hermanton
    • Maryland puke, so living in Detroit makes you a bad asd, huh? Punk ass bitch is more like it. Where you were and where you are should make you an expert on shitholes since those two you lived in star on top of the list. No niggas here give you any pr [...]
  • mr maryland...
    • You moved from Detroit to Maryland.. wow, what an upgrade. That is like moving from a latrine trench to an outhouse. You're slightly father from the shit, but you're still stuck in the stench.

And you live "near" black people. You win a fucking cook [...]

  • Racist Rants (duluth, mn) 49yr
    • As a white man you make me disgusted! I actually read the original posters ad and it's refreshing to see someone with the intelligence to realize at the end of the day we're all human beings. Where exactly do you think all this hatred is gonna get yo [...]
  • re:re:cartoon county
    • Really how would you know how a victim acts? What kind of crime was I a victim of assault, robbery, rape, identity theft. .. never did say so how should I act!? Sorry I wont sit down and play the victim!! I just expect our legal system to do there jo [...]
  • re: racist rants
    • I'm the person who said Duluth was a crappy shit hole town and I know it for a fact! Fuck, I use to live in Detroit bitch ! I've seen the good and bad in each and every race. I currently live in Maryland and yes i do live near black people you moron. [...]
  • RE racist
    • Yup, the POTUS is waging peace all over the world! Israel is being attacked, Hamas gets money. Our borders are pouring criminals, Cartels, meth, heroin, disease, gangs and he sends money to the lawbreakers.

Ukraine is being attacked by Russia, he go [...]

It's because of the white trash fucked up people like you that make this whole town garbage! I fucking live here so i know. You'd never have the courage, to say this to a black person! Do you know why? Because [...]

  • re Weed/Smoke
    • Of course smoking IS not good for you Dumbass ANY smoke is not good for you including standing there breathing in smoke from a fire pit. There are things called vaporizers that deal with that problem of smoke or you can use it in cooking as well
  • racist rants
    • "First off, I work with, friends with, live near...." etc.

Thanks for prefacing your bullshit with more bullshit to raise yourself to a higher level than you're really at. Why is Duluth a shitty run down place? Because the welfare cases, white tras [...]

  • re: racist rants
    • Both of you sound like complete idiots and to the other poster I work in an area where Afro Americans and Mexican Americans are the majority in my workforce and never once have I heard any claim on race if one was to be let go I've been a manager for [...]
  • RE re racist rant
    • So, the Repubican party brings peace and prosperity?

Let's talk about the peace portion of that shit pile of a statement. Tell that to the families of soldiers that never came home or vets came home with pieces missing, from the middle east. Tell t [...]

  • Hippy Librul Duluth
    • Will never change. Keep voting for those union bought and paid for DFL'ers.


  • Funniest post I ever read 4 types of men on cl
    • This is the funniest and truest post I've ever read on this board . This lady outted all you guys out hilariously btw. Please Please write more post make duluth r&r interesting again.

4 types of men on cl I put up a normal ad looking for a normal m [...]

Second as far as the DA is concerned he could c [...]

  • cartoon county
    • Ok so whats the deal with the district attorneys I get victimized (person is arrested) da takes over case but doesnt call the victim or return my calls wtf I know its now a state case but I bet the asshole gets away with it because our lovely da does [...]

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