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You know the saying where there is smoke there is fire and I am believing there is a pretty good fire going [...]

The dangerous situation was made aware several times to SLC by the grandparents. HOW MANY CHILDREN HAS SLC FAILED [...]

  • From a fan Anne
    • Is this the same Anne that runs the Guardian ad Litem service that destroys itleast 50% of families that they come in contact with? If so, The corruption is MUCH MUCH worse then you think. I know things that would start a riot right in the Duluth str [...]
  • I just saved
    • I just saved a bunch of $$$$ by dumping you're ass before Christmas!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  • 10 states that binges drank (MIn)
    • So You really think Wisconsin and Minnesota would make 5-6 on the list come on now Minnesota goes pretty hard but Wisconsin even goes harder. Thank the alcoholics for the revenue generated
  • 10 Drunkest States in America = boring (Twin ports)
    • 5. Wisconsin

Binge Drank in the Last Month: 26.71% Total Economic Cost of Binge Drinking: $4.18 billion Cost per Capita: $752 6. Minnesota Binge Drank in the Last Month: 25.9% Total Economic Cost of Binge Drinking: $3.54 billion Cost per Capit [...]

  • being a single woman in this town
    • Its really hard having all this extra time and money to do what I want with. I can afford to drink Patron and eat out whenever I want to, and there's no one to around to ruin my fun. I can post anything I want to....it is terrible.
  • Skinner Building re woman beat 47yr
    • Seeing a woman beat up in front of the Skinner building is not an unusual sight. I used to visit a friend there and I hated that place for just that reason. I have seen two women get beat in front of that building and god knows how.many are beaten be [...]
  • Smoking in your home no more
    • against the law to smoke within 20 feet of a public building

n 1975, Minnesota became the first state to limit smoking in indoor workplaces, with the exception of bars. Last year, Minnesota passed the Freedom to Breathe Act of 2007, a comprehensive [...]

If bitches be bitches, and snitches be snitches, when bitches snitch, bitches get stitches. Tralalalalalilolil

That is all I have to say about this piece of shit place.


  • ATT cell post/scam alert
    • Do not fall for this posters scam. If you contacted them with "just your cell phone number", call ATT immediately as you have been scammed.

Why the hell would you give your cell number to someone you don't know? They day they are working with ATT en [...]

  • it's for the kids... (umd)
    • ...ain't that what big education says when some nasty scrooge wants them to explain where the money goes? today we find out the womans' hockey coach at this podonk keg party called umd was making $215,000 a year. I believe that broad has punched hers [...]
  • Taxes Duluth citizens taxed to death (666 Hitler)
    • Duluth's growing tax base helps hold line on city taxes

Duluth's tax collections will grow by $647,000 next year. That's 3.3 percent more than the $19.4 million the city levied in 2014. But Duluthians should not see any increase in their tax rates d [...]

  • A T & T Cell phone customers with issues (Duluth)
    • If you are a current AT & T cell phone customer and are expierencing your calls going straight to your voice mail (without your phone ringing), dropped calls, can't get service or other issues, please let me know as I am working with the AT & T Engin [...]
  • re train horns and off meds
    • Maybe if you and everyone else weren't so freely insulting to people who actually need meds, taking them wouldn't be so stigmatizing.
    • You're right they don't have to help. But if they don't there will be a big law suit on their hands. What does it say on all police cars "to protect and serve." Plus the good samiritan law that was passed years ago. So if the police are watching you [...]
  • train horn jrk (range)
    • Last time I replied that the trains have been there over 100 years, and to 99 percent of northern Mn residents it is music to their ears! It means someone, probably someone who lives there knows or is related to someone who works for the RR, or on th [...]
  • The Dumbass strikes again
    • So... Train Horn Guy/Ranger Hater stirs the pot again.......

"I knew it your just a wuss, that's part wimp part pussy.all Iron Rangers are!! Last chance to MAN up. I didn't think so, just keep hiding behind your keyboard you weak little man or wom [...]

By News Tribune Today at 6:32 a.m. Email News Alerts Difficult driving conditions are being reported across much of the Northland on Tuesday morning in the wake of several inches of sleet and [...]

St. Louis County commissioners will pass a 2.9 percent property levy hike today when they meet in Ely for their last regular board meeting of the year. The county levy increase will raise a total [...]

  • More from the Dumb Bastard
    • DB Thomas emailed me again since his argument is shit, based on idiots that try to change what had come into existence long ago, like some whiney liberal.

Here's his latest keyboard spewing. "Please reply to this email so I can get your real email [...]

(Yo slick, the train horn rule(you know the one that went into effect in 2005 that's when they started blowing that fucken horn at every crossing whether anyone was at the crossing or no [...]

Constantly bitching about train horns, over and over. You have got to be off you friggin meds. Some of these railways have been in place since the late 1800's, and yo [...]

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