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  • Douchbag alert (Duluth)
    • Here is Josh Monroe. He used to work at CSL plasma, drives a maroon blazer, is 6'3, 200 lbs, and this is the link to his facebook. His girlfirend, family and friends don't know he hires whores on craigslist. His number is

show contact info https://www.f [...]

  • Vote republican 8th district NO THANKS!!!!!
    • Yes vote republican if you like nothing getting done Biggest do nothing party in history. And Mills in the 8th district Wow thats a great choice. Glad I don't live in mn.
  • Blain's farm and fleet is my choice
    • Good luck 8th district you need it...............................................................................................
  • Donny Ness (Duluth)
    • the reason old Donny is not running for mayor this time and I have wagered better then even money on it is this. The Democrat party bosses reached out and touched mister tax and spend. And told him that when Nolan loses this race he will get the nod [...]
  • Franken (Duluth) 54yr
    • I just heard one of Al Frankens ads. He was telling everyone that what has to be done is rebuild the middle class. Just in case any one has missed it Franken Reid Palosi Obama and all of the other big goverment big tax junkies have been driving the b [...]
  • RE Stewart mills hermantown store
    • I hope it's not a scam for votes just a little funny weeks before november ...Google Stewart mills is not for the people.... you will find your answer the star tribune reported his union attack ad of the union iron range working talking about nolen w [...]
  • Tips 45yr
    • I don't wait tables. I used to yes and I've run many restaurants. These people do have educations or are going up school but they live on their tips. They're providing you a service they are our children,kids, nieces,nephews they have bills to pay. W [...]
  • The Buffet Rule (about time....)
    • The Buffet Rule

We must support this...pass it on and let's see if these idiots understand what people pressure is all about. Salary of retired US Presidents . . . . . . . . . .. . $180,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate members . . . . . . . . $ [...]

President Obama signed an executive order creating a task force to advise the federal government on how to deal with the impacts of climate change. Included on that nationwide task force is Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chi [...]

  • Diver and the class 1 air designation (end of Cloquet ?) (Fond du lac reservation)
    • If this class 1 air designation passes for the Fond du lac reservation what will this mean for the city of Cloquet? This city was built around the three mills that reside there, Sappi, USG and Jarden. Will they survive are will they have to fold thei [...]
  • wake up people islam is not a peaceful religion
    • Before you want to argue this point go get a koran or quran and read it. Just some points in the beginning of the koran it states if you don't believe in the koran you are an infedal and all infedals are enemies of god. Then I heard some one say that [...]
  • re:Tipping - 69 (superior) 45yr
    • great news...then you can cook your own food, bus your own tables, and make your own coffee. They work their asses off to pay their bills, they have to tip out the bussers then put up with people that complain about every little thing because they th [...]
  • RE: Fees (Superior) 70yr
    • Our "rain water run off" fees are actually "rain water (& snow) run ON fees. Much of that moisture soaks into the ground, and there are different amounts of precipitation in different areas of town.

Suluth DOES already pay for waste disposal and a f [...]

you think the po-leece don't know what's going on in there? they've got snitches in there gi [...]

what would Duluth look like if HRA, county EBT, methadone handouts all dried up? a lot better I would say.

  • losing freedom to post or speak (duluth)
    • I posted some stuff regarding a club and all the info I wrote was true since I witnessed it and I reported it to the owners and they didn't care just as long as the club made money I reported it to the police in superior and they said they wouldn't b [...]
  • This chick is wasting people's time and money (Amnicon) 26yr
    • So my husband and I see and add on here for a nice sectional for 200$. So I email the person and get the phone #! We drive from floodwood to amnicon with our 5 month old baby and this chick knew we were doing so. We get there and find that we have to [...]
  • Tipping (superior) 69yr
    • Tipping is pointless ! The cook cooked your food the bus-boy cleaned up after you and the waitress just takes your order & brings you 1 cup of coffee ! POINTLESS
  • not even close (around) 24yr
    • re re re re danalee nordin:

you have no idea what any of you people are talking about. just because I didn't elaborate the whole situation you assume all this stupid bullshit. it was meant for her skank ass. And if she puts 2 and 2 together she will [...]

  • Mills Fleet and Farm (Hermantown)
    • I have no doubt that Mills will put a fleet and farm in Hermantown , whether he wins or loses. Look at Dan's Feed Bin in Superior..it's always packed. And he is such a rip off. There has been a need in this area for a bigger feed store and some compe [...]
  • re; danalee nordin

Insecure and Passive/Aggressive much? That's freaking hilarious. Freaking out and threatening a stripper on a public internet forum for 'hitting' on a married man. You DO know they 'hit on' men for a living right? That t [...]

  • danalee nordin (stripper) 24yr
    • you nasty stripper hitting on a married man. or maybe you didn't know. but you better hope I don't find you, I will teach you a lesson. I will smear your name around Duluth superior and Hudson where you live. try me I fucking dare you. the last inbox [...]
  • RE: Learn how to drive & learn how to drive 65yr
    • Both of you are idiots that can't spell. How is it you can read road signs when you can't even spell correctly in a post on CL? Also, 50ft is not a whole lot of distance between you and the car in front of you or behind you, you don't know when someo [...]
  • MN Child Protective Services Meeting for general public tomorrow (City Hall)
    • Tomorrow there will be a meeting at city hall with members of DHS from the St. Paul office about how to improve child protective services. I read a lot of complaints about how people are mistreated by St. Louis County and how they mismanage cases - t [...]

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