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Now this 20 [...]

You told me when you meet my mother the correct annunciation of sauna is sowna. You persuaded me to move west, then told me the next duck you caught you would make me duck with raspberr [...]

DOB 1/3/1972 I am flabbergasted that everything you told me was a huge LIE. You told me when you meet my mother the correct annunciation of sauna is sowna. You persuaded me to move west, then told me the next duck you caught you would [...]

  • Superior Vs. Duluth.
    • In my time living here in hell I've noticed a few things. Trashy people are everywhere. In Duluth there's a tad more segregation going on but you're still gonna find an asshole neighbor you can't stand. West end is full of assholes and trashy Shites. [...]
  • Re fuck Sooptown
    • So, with one neighbor living in a garage and the other burning trash, I take it that you don't live in Billings Park or on Barker's Island. Then you comment on trashy people in Walmart. Walmart...trashy people. have you not been in any other fucking [...]
  • Fuck Superior (Superior)
    • So I think superior WI is the armpit of America! What a fucking shit hole of a town. My neighbor lives in a fucking garage while the other neighbor burns shit in a trash can every day. They have been working on the same car for like 6 months and they [...]
  • To the guy selling his rental car (Duluth)
    • You sir are a complete GENIUS! I wish that I had that big of balls!


along the boundary, fasten a stainless steel mesh fence to retain the fish in the legal fishing area. Mark it with buoys. Let the indians manage their waters and and we can [...]

  • New Red Lake Regulations (Northome) 40yr
    • Are you serious?? A 2 fish limit. Now we're starting to look like Millacs. No new Indian regulations I am sure. We all know the problem COMMERCIAL NETTING!!!!!
  • lies
    • Why do you continue to constantly lie to me? You aren't good at it that's why you get caught!! The way you act gives it away...don't lie say your sick then go out dont lie say your in cities at convention....don't lie and say nobody else then take th [...]
  • Re:New Red Lake Regulations (Cambridge) 28yr
    • Was on the Red lake nation web site 11lbs walleye for $153. With their quota that's over 10million dollars per year!!! And that does not factor in all the illegal activity. That's what the minnesota taxpayers and fisherman gave them by restocking the [...]
  • Re:Red Lake Fishing (Deer River) 50yr
    • You need to go over your handbook the crappie limit is 10 not 25 and most have died from old age... Furthermore it's not about the limit its about the DNR allowing the over fishing by RLN. They don't want anybody to know what's really going on!! They [...]
  • Tap House Ray (Duluth)
    • I sure hope the powers that be at the Tap House decide to do something about their little domestic abuser Ray.

I really can't believe that in the city of Duluth where the Duluth Model was originated to prevent domestic abuse, our local business owne [...]

  • Walmart Hermantown sucks (Duluth)
    • The hermantown Walmart sucks. Empty shelves and what a mess. You think somebody could pick stuff up and straighten the shelves. What a joke.
  • DICKEYS BBQ yuck
    • I will never go back. Can't believe they call that crap food. We will see how long they stay in business.
  • red lake fishing (duluth)
    • Has anybody heard how the crappies are doing lately ? I would prefer to take some nice slabs along with my couple of walleyes .what the hell you can take 25 I think or so of crappies along with 2 walleyes that gives you 27 fish total . isn,t that eno [...]
  • RE: Esko schools (duluth)
    • Well with so many more people discovering Esko and moving in with kids and all you can surely bet they will jack the taxes up ,up,up just like Duluth with a long and I do mean long term investments in their school district and with nobody paying thei [...]
  • re oakland and north country (duluth)
    • for the sake of god we all know now that both of you are unsatisfied customers of oakland radiator and north country cooling and heating you the oakland guy boo hoo so they were rude to you mabe they thought you are an idiot wanting a brand new car b [...]
  • Red Lake and fisheries management (Duhhhhhhhlooth)
    • How stupid are you racist idiots? Did it ever occur to you that the tribes also have fisheries management programs, hatcheries, and contribute to the fisheries of Mille Lacs, Leech, Red, etc.? I love the whole "those stupid timber n*****s are wreckin [...]
  • Esko School uprade plan(s) ??? (Esko, MN) 33yr
    • My family is considering a move to the Esko or Cloquet area, preference being Esko. Don't want Duluth requirements or Hermantown taxes! However, i have been watching all districts (except for Esko ) to invest in new schools. First Duluth ( red plan), [...]
  • Oakland Radiator (2801 W 3rd St Duluth, MN)
    • Oakland Radiator, Very Rude over the phone after I had concerns of a $700 fix they preformed on my truck, their response to me was "you are not a smart person, I've been doing this 30 years! you don't know anything!" and hung up on me. Yet I'm the A& [...]
  • North Country Heating & Cooling
    • If you value your family's health and safety stay away from this lying deceitful POS..................................................................................
  • GATEWAY DRUGS coming soon !! (Zenith City)
    • I heard a rumor that there is a big pharmacy chain like Walgreen's and CVS coming to the area

called Gateway drugs. Is this a joke or is it real? Any feed-back on this? Aren't there plenty of places to buy drugs already?

  • re re dumb ass people (duluth)
    • every time I hear or read something said or written by a racist native or black I have to ask myself. Do any of these racists actually think they without the white man they would have better lives. Lets start with the racist native who posted. If the [...]
  • Re dumb ass people about red lake
    • Have any of you racist asshole ever think that maybe the state doesn't want red lake to be like Mille lacs??? If you don't like it then stay the fuck off it!! The state Always goes over there limit of fish by hundreds of the thousand of pounds..but i [...]

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