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craigslist | lost & found in fayetteville, AR

  • found tan and white coon hound (highfill)
    • This dog came to our home today in highfill. Has a collar with a name, owner name and phone number. However the people at the number who are 100 miles away say they were no longer the dogs owner. Respond through this link with collar info if you beli [...]
  • lost dog- black and white beagle (216 W. Spring St)
    • Black and white beagle lost. She is about 11 months old and weighs around 20-25 pounds. Should be wearing a blue collar with no tag. She comes to Misty. Should have been seen near the Dickson area. I really would love to see her safe. If anyone has s [...]
  • Lost female chocolate lab
    • Lost 60 lb female chocolate lab on Sunday 4/20. Around 6 years old, has red collar and rabies tag from Sugar creek animal hospital. please call 5O1-69O-42O7 if you find her.
  • FOUND - Black & White Dog
    • Found black and white dog in neighborhood off of Drake St in Fayetteville. Appears to have had puppies, not spayed. Very sweet. Likely a border collie mix.
  • YORKIE: STILL MISSING!!! (Springdale)
    • Our Yorkie, DELILAH, went missing on Thursday, April17. She was last seen on Savannah Lane in the Southwinds Subdivision off Don Tyson Road. She had a hot pink rhinestone collar on with our contact info and her address (unless it fell off or has been [...]
  • Found Male Shih Tzu with Pink/Green Collar (Greens on Blossom Way, Rogers)
    • Looking for the owner of this friendly male shih tzu. He's wearing a pink and green collar, with no tags. We found him 4/20 at around 12:00pm running around the parking lot at the Greens on Blossom Way apartment complex.
    • My Part Bengal Female came up missing about 7 days ago. She was on my balcony and the only place she ever went was to the next door balcony! She is greatly missed and needed back to her family. I live in The Parc@Rogers on Dodson Rd.

Please let me k [...]

  • found minpin mix (rogers)
    • found young what looks to be a minpin mix on west pine in rogers. no coller or tags. will have to provide proof of ownership in order to pick her up. eather a picture or discription of dog will do. if you lost your minpin mix, email me to see if this [...]
  • two loving dogs (siloam springs)
    • A neighbor spotted someone picking up my dogs today on west garland street while we weren't home. They are both female mixed breed. The dark brown is a few years old had on a red collar and the blonde is four to five months old has a pink with polka [...]
  • Missing Cat from Centerton Apartment Fire (centerton)
    • Henry, a juvenile male tabby, was in Pomeroy Place Apartments during the fire. He may have escaped through an open window. He is micro-chipped. He was not wearing the collar in these pictures at the time he went missing. If you see him, please let us [...]
  • Found Male Shepard Mix (Hindsville)
    • Last Sunday afternoon we found a young male Shepard mix in our yard. He seems to be housebroken, listens well, is comfortable inside or out and gets along well with other dogs,cats, and kids of all ages and sizes. He looks to be well-taken care of. I [...]
    • My Part Bengal Female came up missing about 7 days ago. She was on my balcony and the only place she ever went was to the next door balcony! She is greatly missed and needed back to her family. I live in The Parc@Rogers on Dodson Rd.

Please let me k [...]

  • Lost Black Cat (Springdale)
    • I live in Springdale and my cat Sparky jumped out the window. This is Saturday April 19, 2014. Sparky is all black with a orange/pink collar with his shot tags and animal shelter number on it. If anyone finds Mr. Sparky, please give me a call at 479- [...]
  • Lost Male Blue/White Pit Bull (Springdale)
    • Lost Male Blue/White Microchipped Neutered Pit Bull. Most beautiful dog in the world loves kisses and cuddles. Went missing on 04/13/14 found our other dog but he was not with her. He is missed very much. If you have seen him or found him please call [...]
  • lost car keys (fayetteville)
    • I guess I have lost my car keys. They are for a Nissan altima and there is a flash drive attached to it. If you think you have them please contact me.
  • Lost Blackberry (Rogers)
    • I lost a very crappy Virgin Mobile Blackberry at the Neighborhood Market off of 8th St in Rogers. I would really like it back.
  • Lost Cat (west fork)
    • Lost our cat in the 170-156 area. Male Maine Coon cat. Fluffly tail, greys & brown coat, white nose, under chin and on chest. Close set blue/green eyes. Very friendly. Answers to Reggie.

Call 479-957-6289 if found.

  • Lost YORKIE (Springdale)
    • Our Yorkie, Delilah is missing. She is 4 pounds. And precious. She lives on Savannah Lane off of Don Tyson Parkway in the Southwinds subdivision. She has on her hot pink rhinestone collar with her address and owner contact information (as long as it [...]
  • Found, Black Male Lab Mix (Rogers, Ar)
    • Found a Black Lab mix wandering the Creekside subdivision on Apr 15th. Have contacted local municipalities and looked around to find an owner. There were no tags, but there was a collar and he's very sweet, well fed and follows basic commands. If you [...]
  • Found Dog (Fayetteville)
    • Found Pit Bull off East Huntsville Rd. and Paradise lane. Please call 479-644-8380
  • FOUND: black & white long haired cat (Leverett & Taylor, Fayetteville AR)
    • We found the sweetest cat outside of our house yesterday (4/15). It has long black and white fur and green eyes. It doesn't have a collar on but doesn't seem like a stray. Super sweet and tries to come in the house every time I open the door. Message [...]
    • Large short hair black cat that has a couple white hairs on his chest. Last seen around 8:00 Saturday. He is an indoor cat and got out so we are very worried about him. His name is Camber. Please contact me 479-841-5883 if you see him.

We live on th [...]

  • Found male Beagle
    • Friendly male Beagle found in Rogers near 1st and Nursery Road. He wandered into my house, drank my dog's water, ate some food and is now napping on the sofa. Come get him ! 479/seven one five-3503
  • Lost Male Dog, Husky Mix (Rogers, AR)
    • Please help us find Norris! He is a 4 year old Siberian Husky mix, black and gray, wearing a black collar. He got out Sunday April 13th in the Rogers area. Please call or text with any information you may have on his whereabouts. We would really love [...]
    • My husband found something that probably belongs to an elementary school student. It is hot pink and has a piece of white paper taped on the back that says "number 2". If this is your's, you'll be able to tell us more about it to claim it.

Please em [...]

  • Lost Vera Bradley clutch wallet/portobello rose (Bentonville/Rogers April 2&3)
    • This is a long shot I know, but my young teen daughter misplaced her wallet with her savings (that she had wanted to buy a camera) and a photo of her little girl cousin, and a Kohl's coupon inside. It must have fallen out of her backpack. On April 2, [...]
  • Missing black cat (South Fayetteville )
    • Black cat with long hair and a bit of grey hair on his back has been missing since Friday. No collar bc he is an inside cat. Please call if found.
  • Missing Chorkie (rogers)
    • Chikis, my chorkie has gone missing. She is super tiny! Has her collar with her name and our number to contact us. Please if you have seen her or have her contact me! My family misses her so much!!

479 five nine five- fifteen seventyfive thank you!

-If you saw him hit, moved, or running around in that area please let me know! My puppy diesel, 5lb white maltese, slipped out of the babysitters door Friday April 11th around 2:00pm. I was told he was hit by a ca [...]

I know it is a long [...]

  • Lost Cat (Centerton)
    • Henry, a juvenile male tabby, was in Pomeroy Place Apartments during the fire. He may have escaped through an open window. He is micro-chipped. If you see him, please let us know.
  • Found little male yorkie (Farmington/Prairie Grove)
    • Found this little guy at the intersection of little elm and county 62 at the flashing red light. He was cold and wet from the rain and tried to run under our car. We picked him up. Would love to get him back to his owner. Call Carrie at 479-200-3402 [...]
  • Tracker boat keys (Rogers)
    • I found a set of Tracker boat keys in Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot on 8th and New Hope. Owner can have by identifying the ring of keys. Thanks Mike 479-295-0ne-0-three-9
  • Found Dog (Bella vista)
    • Found in Bella vista, small, male, dog. Has a collar, but no name tag. Very loving. Call 14797219828.
  • Found- white poodle(?) in north Bentonville (Bentonville)
    • Smaller white dog appeared in our yard about one week ago and has staked claim to our backyard (not fenced). Hair is so long and tangled that I can't tell if it is a boy or girl or if it is wearing a collar.

It won't let us get close to it. Hoping w [...]

And....and Black and White smaller Sheltie named Shubby.

  • Found young hungry hound (East Rogers)
    • Wandered into the yard. Sweet very thin young hound with a collar. Someone's pet.
  • LOST CAT! REWARD! (fayetteville)
    • Tabby-gray, black, tan, female, 8-9 pounds, bobbed-off tail, blue-green eyes.
  • Small Beagle Missing (Rogers)
    • My small pocket beagle, answers to "Cate", has dug out under the fence while I was at work today. She is a fat little beagle, with a distinct waddle due to an injury to her back a few years ago. She is chipped through the Bella Vista animal shelter w [...]
    • Lost Medium Sized Black short-haired dog in the Cave Springs Area. She is 10 years old and her family really misses her! She has some white markings on her chest and some grey on her snout.
  • lost and found (fayetteville)
    • Reward! Tabby Cat, Female, nine pounds, with bobbed tail. Gray, black tan.
  • Found chihuahua mix (Kinross dr)
    • Female chihuahua mix on Kinross dr around 1:30 today. Took to bella vista animal shelter for safe keeping. No collar or chip. I have a large dog so I couldn't take her home.
  • FOUND Painted hat with nifty pins & feathers (Rogets)
    • I found a hat! Whoever the owner is probably wants it back. I found it on the roadside. Its a painted hat with a short brim, laser brain pin, feathers, an owl pin, steam punk type pin and others.

If this is your hat, or you know who's hat it is, sho [...]

Go to your neighborhood with a public service announcement to phones and cell phones (and facebook) with our help to retrieve your lost pet. Most on line listings like Craig's List are f [...]


Please call to identify.

  • Lost Black male pit/lab mix? (bentonville)
    • Going home during lunch saw black lab possible pit mix running with blue collar on J street headed toward central. He was running so fast and I couldn't turn around. Storm started and hail now. Saw home about 11:05am. Just a FYI if it's ur pet!
  • Reward for missing cat (Fayetteville )
    • Kiki has been missin since January 30th. I miss her more and more everyday. She is very friendly and will win anyone's heart. She is a fixed female tortoiseshell cat. She had on a pink collar on when she accidentally got out one morning. Please there [...]
  • LOST CHIHUAHUA (siloam springs)
    • PLEASE HELP MISSING DOG. My moms little dog come up missing last night. She is a chihuahua Brown and White in color. She weighs about 3 ponds. She was lost in the 800 block on E. Delaware. In Siloam. She is very scittish but does not bite. If you hav [...]
    • Lost White and Orange female cat. Minton Ln. She is mostly white a few orange spots on shoulder, orange eyebrows and her tail is All striped orange, She is shy, answers to KiKi, or PITA Family member for 7 yrs, since she was six weeks old! Please hel [...]
  • Left for dead
    • I know that driving out into the country and down a dirt road and finding a farm to dump your pet/pets off at seems like a good choice. You think that the people living there have all that land and could use a good pet or that they have the space for [...]
  • Lost Cat Parents everywhere (DM)
    • One cat lover to another. Kitty is not dumb; your cat knows where they live. They've rubbed their scent over you and everything you own. Put the dirty litter box outside the place they got out of. Put food and water with it. Check for kitty at sun up [...]
  • LOST SHEPHERD MIX DOG (Cincinnati)
    • LOST DOG out of Cincinnati, Arkansas! My daughter cannot find her dog, Lucy, since Friday morning April 4. She was last seen at my daughter's farm at 7:00 am and when my daughter came back home at 12:00 noon the dog was gone and they have not seen he [...]
  • Rescue FB Page (NWA)
    • Fur the Luv of Paws is a facebook page that post pictures of animals in local animal shelters and rescues. Hopefully someone will see their missing baby there.

Facebook search: Fur the Luv of Paws You can also follow us on twitter @furtheluvofpaws

  • fitbit (fayetteville)
    • Lost black fitbit at the Fayetteville Mall Wal-Mart.
  • Found dog (Tyson Park Springdale, AR)
    • Short legged, long haired mixed breed dog found Sunday, 4/7th. Very friendly. Male. With a collar and leash but nothing identifying owners. No chip present. Please call if this is yours.
  • Lost miniature dachshund (Bentonville)
    • Lost: brown miniature dachshund. Bentonville/centerton area off Tunbridge. Her name is Kimi and she is very old. Has grey on her face. Please contact me at 47nine6449811. Call, text, or email.
  • LOST DOGS (Lowell)
    • 2 lost dogs in the Lowell area. A female tan bull terrier and a female black & tan coonhound. Please call/text 479.936.4540 or 479.313.0028
  • FOUND Puppy (Bentonville)
    • Found a cute and very energetic puppy escorting all the children into Elm Tree Elementary this morning. Bentonville Police was also trying to catch it so it didn't get run over. I turned it over to them when I caught it. Some type of terrier. Brown/t [...]
  • lost puppy (Canehill )
    • lost dog missing from my yard. If you know where he is we would love to have him home. T-bone is 7 month old chihuahua. Please let me know!!
  • Stolen childs bike (Porter ave, springdale)
    • There has been a childs bike stolen from against my house. It is a 9 yr old boys bike, purple and green, blue seat and blue accents, painted and made by his father. He is very upset, that is the only bike he has ever really had that wasnt torn up bef [...]
  • Lost Pomeranian (Family Pet) (Huntsville, Arkansas)
    • I have lost my male Pomeranian. He is white and is wearing a red harness. His name is Mojo and we are at a loss without him. We live on 412 right before you get to the 412 business road. He is our child not just a pet. If you find him please call me [...]
  • cat
    • Found cat in springdale area

Sr Flame Point Siamese

    • Black Cat found hanging around my home on Tunbridge Drive in Bentonville. She is solid black. Her head tilts to one side. Please contact if you are missing a sweet cat.
  • LOST: Female Chihuahua puppy Springdale (off W. Huntsville between 71b & West End)
    • We lost our 3 month old female Chihuahua puppy Monday afternoon, Jan 7th, 2013. She is brown & white with darker brown spots. Springdale Police told us that someone had called them about her being loose but they were unable to catch her. If you have [...]
  • Lost Black Cat Near Ozark & Cleveland Street (Prairie Grove)
    • Large short hair black cat that has a couple white hairs on his chest. Last seen around 8:00 Saturday. He is an indoor cat and got out so we are very worried about him. His name is Camber. Please contact me 479-841-5883 if you see him.
  • Found I phone @ Atwoods Lowell (Nwa)
    • Found i phone today (saturday 4/5) @ Atwoods in Lowell around 1 pm. I turned it in to one of the employees and they were supposed to look thru contacts & try to find out who it belonged to. Just wanted to put this on here in case they didnt follow th [...]
  • ipad (Bella Vista, AR )
    • Lost ipad on March 30th 2014 around 9 McKenzie Rd. and 10 Mackenzie Rd. Please help find it Reward 50.00 call me at Thanks John
    • I bought a little ring while out of town and have now lost it. I thought it was in the car but can't find it anyplace. Now I'm thinking it fell out at the Kubota place in Springdale (April 5, 2014) as that's the only place I've been after I thought i [...]
  • Lost Dog (Fayetteville)
    • Black mini-poodle mix, male, black & white collar

Lost in Fieldstone subdivision on 04-03-14

    • 8-10 month old male cat name Mase, not fixed. On his boy parts, one is black and one his white. Mase's underneath he is all white while his top and tail have a black and gray pattern. 409-460-4515 or 479-799-0025 or 479-306-2581
  • Returned Wallet/ Thank you
    • Thank you to the person and the Washington County Sheriff's Department for returning my lost wallet from 3/13/14. I am very grateful for your kindness and help in getting this back to me! May God bless and keep you well.
    • Yes, I'm stupid and put my video camera on the trunk of my car "for a moment", then forgot it!

It's a Panasonic, lost on or close to Bunch Springs Road behind Worley's tire... or on the highway between Berryville and Eureka. The camera was a Christ [...]

  • Found long haired cat (West Fayetteville)
    • I have a long haired cat that has been hanging around my house the past few days. Its white, brown ling haired with a brown and gray face. I have been feeding it and have a cat condo on my porch so it has a safe place but when I try to get close enou [...]
  • Adorable Cat Found on Gregg
    • We found a cat outside our apartment building in Fayetteville, near Gregg and Sycamore. He is neutered but has claws. He is super playful (he even plays fetch) and really sweet! He is mostly white with gray on his face and paws and a white streak dow [...]
  • Lost cat please contact (Springdale ar )
    • Someone left the door open on 4/2/14 an he got out...on Powell st in springdale please call or txt anytime if u have found him!!! 479.530.81six9 thank u
  • Lost Great Dane/mastiff puppy (Bentonville )
    • Lost large 5 old month puppy. He is blonde with white stocking and marking. Bright blue eyes Weighs about 55 lbs now.

lost on Thursday April 3 in bentonville / centerton area.

  • LOST DOG- PITT BULL PUPPY (2729 Valencia st )
    • Pitt bull puppy lost. Her name is Gorda. About 6-7 months old. 2 1/2 weeks ago :/. I miss my baby!! She has a good home! We've had her since she was born. Treated like a queen! PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO ANSWER.

662-627-8078 or 479- [...]

Hi please help us find our lost furry family member... Adrian is apromxley 3 years old, fixed male, siamesx/ wlgeay blaze, he was sky blue eyes, short hair, and all his claws. He is very loving and good with other animals a [...]


  • FOUND - Schnauzer (Springdale)
    • I found a silver haired boy schnauzer between Springdale and Johnson. Long tailed, crooked ear. Super sweet. He was still dragging a chain and got hooked up into dumpster wheels.
  • LOST BLACK AND WHITE F DOG (SPRINGDALE 412 b/w wagon wheel & Sonor)
    • LARGE CASH REWARD for the safe return of our beloved family pet. She went missing late Sunday Afternoon 3/30/2014 around 4-5 PM on 412 between Wagon Wheel and Sonora. She is a black and white border collie mix, approximately 30 pounds, spayed, pink J [...]
  • LOST DOG - older toy rat terrier (fayetteville)
    • black and white toy rat terrier. Answers to Rocky. 14 years old with black collar with green paw prints on it.
  • Lost Dog: Lilly (Fayetteville)
    • Our dog has been missing since yesterday. Last seen in the West Fayetteville area by the Smokehouse. She is half Golden Retriever half Blonde Lab. Her name is Lilly.

She ran off after her bath, so she does not have a collar. She is chipped, though. [...]

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