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You'll soon figure out that our country is becoming this. Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism By Dr. Lawrence Britt Source Free Inquiry.co Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussoli [...]

  • all dead and forgotten (earth)
    • I'm not sure how I feel when I realize that all of us will most likely be dead and forgotten in 100 years or less. How does that make you feel?
  • Beware of ALH (Soliere Ave -- Flag)
    • This person is the epitome of evil. She lies, steals, makes false claims, and files bogus police reports in order to hide her little secrets. She's psychotic and known to have violent outbursts.
  • That creek (Nau)
    • I drive up the creek

In search of finding water shelter and a warm place to rest I sit amongs the trees with my brown skin gently rawwing amongst my chest I'm cold and now I'm hungry and this line should say it best But only if I had water then I [...]

  • Northern Arizona C of C, take heed... (Flagstaff)
    • Attending the church of Christ can and will blind you to the truth of God. God is not a legalist, and hates those that are - recall your Old Testament readings of Christ talking to the Pharisees. He chided them for the laws the manufactured. Man will [...]
  • Re:Sheople!
    • It's "Sheeple" you clod. Now that I've irritated you let me see if I can't recover just a little bit...before I irritate you again. I whole heartedly and completely agree with you. If Fogstaff is a representative microcosm of the rest of the country, [...]
  • Sheople! (Hippie Ville, Az)
    • This world is full of non- thinking people. They are the "let mommy and daddy take care of me" or "let the government take care of me" types. Why in the hell would people want to live or love like that. Ultimately, you are responsible for taking care [...]
  • Faded Glory pants (anywhere)
    • THE SHITTIEST PANTS I'VE EVER OWNED. Since Day one of putting them on they fit like shit. The material must be a recycled time lapse spandex, because after you have had them on for about ten minutes they get loose in the waste, you tighten your belt, [...]
  • re: GO FUND ME FOR SCHOOL (86001)
    • Have you looked into porn or prostitution?

Maybe start pan handling too, there seems to be a lot of those guys in town....

Hi everyone!! I'm in a little bit of a funk this semester, I was suppose to be getting it but for some reason I did not qualify. As a result I am now responsible for the nearly $4000 bill. I just recently got [...]

How about an anti discrimination bill for all, without singling any group of [...]

  • Re: More Rants! (Flagstaff)
    • Let's get it going R&R! Been a real lack on entertaining rants on here lately. Just more of the same guy who's been posting the "Obama Terrorist" crap for the past 5 years. ENTERTAIN ME NAO!
  • the obama andministration
    • Calls Army deserters and traitor Bowe Bergdahl who abandoned his unit, causei g the death of two fellow soldiers support the enemy as serving with honor and distinction but calls all Americans COWARDS ,in the words of Attorney General, Eric Holder. O [...]
  • Re: Sedona Attorney review? (Sedona)
    • Posting the same ad in multiple categories, over an extended period of time... as the last poster has noted; it's obvious that you're not really looking for information. Whatever your game is, it has gotten old. Flagged.
  • Advice (Cottonwood)
    • I have been a fuck up my whole life i had finally gotten caught 2 years ago and spent some time in county since then i have made some serious life changes and have been doing every effort to be a better person i have since met a girl that i love with [...]
  • Shooting rampage
    • Hang that worthless peace of shit and the likes of gangbangers, the likes of Michael Brown thugs

it time America starts cleaning our streets again, deport them what ever it takes you don't see China putting up with this shit or Russia it goes on wa [...]

  • Re: Sedona attorney review
    • I was just wondering...why do you keep posting this ad? I get that you're just trolling for the guy and that you're a jackass but I was wondering if there might be another reason. Contact the Bar Association if you want credible information but I'm g [...]
  • Cancer Patient purse stolen Valentines Day at Twin Arrows Casino
    • Cancer Patient passed out in ladies room from seizure. Shoulder bag was stolen when she was passed out. 3,200.00 was in bag that was needed for treatment the next day. Please return what is left. No questions asked. Anyone with information regarding [...]
  • re:sound bites
    • Sound bites is very harsh on their employees, has a very high turnover rate. I ate there twice..both times HIGHLY disappointed in the food and service both..They had a phenomenal guitar player, Anthony Mazella, but that truly is the only good thing I [...]
  • Sound Bites in Sedona
    • Horrible,rude , slow, employes who will take your order and deliver the gruel, but don't expect them to even look your way again or provide any service.... grossly overated, mediocre food, expensive, with an arrogant, rude staff and owners who treat [...]
  • Lookin for "Bow" Bohemian Gypsy (Sedona)
    • I'm looking for my Friend ""Bow"" He's a old timer who flairs halos & also massages.

Man travels so he mite not be in town, but if you know him give me a buzz. Hippie luuking dude usually with a tiny puppy. lol Peace

  • Real hash browns (Flagstaff) 41yr
    • Why are restaurants serving dehydrated hash browns and dehydrated pinto beans? Give me and others the heads up on who has homemade hash browns and beans. Thanks.
  • Re:Take Action or Lose
    • Thank you for posting. It isn't about the issue at hand, it's about Mr. Obama and his criminal staff usurping power and circumventing the Constitution. The Founding Fathers would have tarred, feathered and run out of town any number of these pirates. [...]
  • Re: take action or lose
    • the founding fathers have to be flipping out in their graves after 6 years of the inept Boy-Emperor, Impotus Maximus bin Kenyeni-Amiriki's wreaking havoc on the USA

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