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- When you meet the unbelievers, chop off their heads. - Fight and slay those who don't convert wherever you find them. - Believers, take neither Jew nor Christians for your friends. - Those who follow Muhammad are ruthless to unb [...]

  • Muslims (Mecca) 666yr
    • Muslimsare all terrorists or terrorist supporters..FACT...Read the Quran and you will clearly see why these shitbags are beheading, terrorizing, cutting the clitoris from children, molesting children, flying aircraft into buildings, raping children a [...]
  • i have a question for weman (seriously)
    • are there any real weman left

do you all shave all of it off are there any weman left with a bush ah i love bush

  • Honesty (Flagstaff)
    • Is it really that easy for some people to create completely false identities or images just to meet up with random strangers? In "casual encounters" I can understand to a point the need for discretion and anonymity.

"Strictly platonic" is another st [...]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSbK7dHNT0o Shortly after posting, they asked, "How do they get down?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARPN-TfmwZ8

  • Campus Coffee Bean (Flagstaff)
    • Need a great cup of coffee--just coffee, not a specialty drink--try Campus Coffee Bean in the morning, if you have A LOT OF TIME, that is.

You go there and stand in a line and watch while the poor barista takes one order at a time, makes that drink, [...]

  • lu lu bells bbq (ashfork) 30yr
    • Do not go to lu lu bells bbq there food is the worst ever and there servers are illegals the only white one they have was drunk as she was serving us.. I have friends who live in ashfork they said when it first oppend it was amazing but they fired th [...]
  • Tattooed thief called Scott wendt (Flagstaff) 53yr
    • This guy has short hair. Tattoos on neck says Harley davidson and color on other side. Right hand is broke sleeve tattoos. Stole 1100 bucks while I slept. I helped him, fed him, clothed him and now I want him fucked up. He's headed east or west on in [...]
  • excellent service and food (mamma Luisa)
    • Thank you for an enjoyable evening kind sir, everything was perfect, my only wish was i could've left a fatter tip. My drunk uncle sure enjoyed his lasagna and the Alfredo was perfecto. Molte grazie.
  • stop flagging me! (east flag)
    • Why would anyone want to flag my ad? Big girls need love, too! I would beat your ass if you would crawl outfrom behind your computer. Stillrwishing you were here..
  • Here's How Unfair The Tax System Is In Each State
    • ...take a look at this gentle citizens, it's an eye-opener:


Watch that...our whole society and economy is built on insanity. It's a wonder things are as calm and peaceful as they are (probably from the fluoride in the water like they used in nazi germany to subdue [...]

In Eloy's Fiestas Patrias Parade, some of Ann Kirkpatrick's volunteers had a float wit [...]

  • RE: RE: Murica (your mouth)
    • "Crawl back under your rock, Sodomite..Muslims would be raping your mother and sister, if it were not for an armed citizen population..Go back to France, Pussy and chew on some tofu and watch MSNBC with your soulmate, some hairy Frenchman, muslim cov [...]
  • RE: Murica
    • Crawl back under your rock, Sodomite..Muslims would be raping your mother and sister, if it were not for an armed citizen population..Go back to France, Pussy and chew on some tofu and watch MSNBC with your soulmate, some hairy Frenchman, muslim cove [...]
  • why is AZDailySun so f***ing slow!
    • jeez, the AZDailySun takes forever to update about the news etc. Take the big manhunt last weekend for example. The next day they didn't get anything into their website until mid-morning.

If you really want to be on top of what is happening in Drags [...]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g [...]

  • Heritage square thief rachael (downtown flagstaff)
    • Rachael give me my vaporizer back. U took it from me. U walked off. U stole it. You're bullshit. Faking whatever u think u r. I'm disabled, you're sad. Someone call a cop. Yoga instructor, doubt it. Rant & rave u thief. I need that.
  • flu shot (flg)
    • Whoever posted that warning about flu sots is an idiot. Millions of people have received the flu shot without mis-hap. The few who get sick probably had the flu virus in them before receiving the vaccine. Stop posting such nonsense and get your facts [...]
  • Re: Renters beware (Flagstaff)
    • Sadly, keeping deposits without good cause has become standard operating procedure for quite a few landlords. There's a high reward, and little or no consequence.

I had a similar experience with a short-term rental in another town. We cleaned it to [...]

  • Re- flu shot 38yr
    • Myth:The flu shot contains dangerous ingredients, such as mercury, formaldehyde and antifreeze. (Not exactly, and the ingredients aren't dangerous.)

Single dose-shots of the flu vaccine and the flu vaccine nasal sprays do not contain any mercury com [...]

5 ingredients of many vaccines including flu vaccines, and valid reasons to question the safety of vaccines: Aluminum - A light metal that causes dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Antibiotics - Chemical [...]

  • Renters beware
    • If you rent from Flagstaff property management, prepare to get burned. Don't matter what you do or how clean you leave the rental, your deposit is history period.

I was told by a few reputable people " including a judge" that you can kiss your depos [...]

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