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craigslist | rants & raves in flagstaff / sedona

My fate is so close I can taste it Love enters my world again I owe it all to you My walls are crumbling The fear of letting you in is slipping away Don't give up yet I do not dare deny the stars Our fate is so cl [...]

a rant and/or a rave I seek but instead a poem, so weak don't trick my mouse click with your dumb title trick why do waste my time with a rap quality rhyme a poem left for interpretation Ughh, screw this, your poem suck [...]

lived all over arizona...difficult to believe that clarkdale/jerome, once had the greatest collection of educated people in the state, mine engineers, smelter engineers, locomotive, and electrical engineers... now it has a few generations deep [...]

cracked dry souls so stubborn will turn away and wash dust off feet in another back yard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmR0gkojHDs

facts suck...Bundy never owned the land...his welfare family grazed on open range...wants the goodies without the minimal cost associated with a lease.

And if you think KNAU/NPR listeners would see Cliven Bundy as a hero (if only you could "END THE COVER UP!!!"), you're profoundly ignorant. Most people ou [...]

  • re- stranger danger (America)
    • you are pathetic, religious organizations do much for charities without spending much needed funds on administrators. AND the money is offered by parishioners of free will , not forcibly taken like another tax. Not to mention if churches were taxed, [...]
  • Re:KNAU Refuses to report on the Bundy Ranch Standoff (Flagstaff)
    • So...what's your beef? The fact that the NAU pukes won't report on this and seem to employ a double standard? or that this thug Bundy is not getting enough press time? It's like you said, unless you're head is buried in the sand (welcome to Fartstaff [...]
  • stranger danger
    • never get in a car with someone you don't know....

sheesh! http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/04/16/kids-get-lift-in-pope-mobile/7779885/

Even our local KNAU refuses to cover this [...]

Same goes for ladies finding assholes, you know...just to give you some perspective. They always start out nice and charming, and then their true (asshole) selfs come out weeks o [...]

Meanwhile, I go through a string of girls so batshit crazy that I rarely even get far enough to want to take them to bed, [...]

  • Panhandlers on Butler Ave (Little America) 32yr
    • Everyday I see the same homeless people holding up their signs. They take turns, one seems to be there an hour, then another one gets his or her turn. When they get enough money for booze and cigs they go off to the woods behind Little America. You c [...]
  • Re Earth
    • Are you female? Was this in Flag? If so, where? Maybe you will find what your looking for!
  • RE: Married buds ad/strictly platonic cat.
    • Why did you post this ad. on Mon. 4/07/14 with a pornographic pic, under the catagory of strictly platonic? Are you really that stupid??? Clean up your act and only submit that filth under the correct catagory!!! Or not at all!!!
  • Maybe it is a big deal (Earth)
    • ...and maybe you should tell them how you feel. Your post brings hope where hope has been lost.
  • Rant: Century Link can...
    • ...lick my sweaty, dirty bunghole! They SUCK! They are, hands down, the worst ISP I have ever dealt with. If you're considering which ISP to use, please, do not get suckered in to their whole, "...and with our award-winning, 24/7 customer service..." [...]
  • Please stop. Because it hurts. (BP1) (Sedona) 32yr
    • Hi everyone.

Mental illness sucks. It rips apart families. Holds people back. Costs lives. Stifles otherwise productive members of society. We are often silent. Being a bipolar man, as I am, is not something I mention when I first meet you. Probabl [...]

  • Looney Vacation (Anywhere)
    • Nice to get away to do what? Wife has a problem with everything: Drinking water ( will only drink bottled water! Wonder how the pioneers settled this country?) To her everything is a pollutant: air sunshine ( afraid she will get skin cancer). Hates t [...]
  • The Grove, Flagstaff (The Grove)
    • If you are a serious student or the parent of one, NEVER waste your money here. Don't even bother looking. All anyone who lives here cares about is sex, drugs, and alcohol. There are parties in every building every weekend, people are ALWAYS playing [...]
  • Information about the Tonopah area (Tonopah)
    • I am looking at a home in Tonopah. For the moment I am located in the Pacific NW. I don't know anything about the area and would appreciate some information. I was raised in Tucson so I know a bit about the SW. It is Phoenix and the surrounding area [...]
  • Canyon Pet Hospital (86001) 20yr
    • Do you hate Canyon Pet Hospital?

Do you want an alternative option for your pets' emergency needs? There's a new emergency clinic in the works! Contact info at nazpetemergency dot com for more information, including how to invest!

Cost to educate one public school student in the United States about $12,743. Wouldn't it be nice if we cared more about the health, education and welfare of [...]

  • something to ponder
    • Although I agree with the OP, it's obvious the last poster was black. I am sixty and I've seen blacks riot at the drop of a hat and destroy downtown areas in four cities.

I lived in California in the sixties and witnessed the burning of Watts riots. [...]

it is as is was isas. Yellow sun, ggreen feilds, stuf suf

In my world, I like to look at society through my own perceived stereotypes. A lens that perceives ignorant, jackassed f***headed people--such as yourself-- in a similar light. However, I doubt y [...]

  • I Must be Dreaming
    • Ok...Rod Serling...come out, come out where ever you are! I can't believe it. Something must have gotten dumped in the water. People were actually nice...no...were actually courteous today. Everyone from the deli to other customers at Frys must have [...]
  • Another Scam on Craigs list (Flagstaff)
    • $100 Mar 23 Sewing maching for sale $100 (flagstaff) pic appliances - by owner

Great sewing machine for sale......Please contact me at susanramartinez(at) gmail............ They are not selling anything!

I need to surround myself with people who appreciate what it has to offer. There was a little more to this late-night rant that I didn't elaborate on. Regardless, I need [...]

  • jerome 45yr
    • Went to.jerome today. Fuckin awesome. Listened to live music at the spirit room. Sat on the steps and watched awesome couples walking around. Ate at a new place madame bistro. Something like that by the flat iron. Fantastic food and fun. This was a g [...]
  • Re:omething to ponder and a couple of questions
    • There won't be 10 people read what I'm about to write and figure it out. No way will the OP get it but: Have you ever wondered if it isn't the white people that are all screwed up?
  • something to ponder and a couple of questions
    • Why did black people celebrate and literally party in the streets when OJ Simpson was acquitted but then riot when Zimmerman was found not guilty?

Why didn't whites riot after OJ Simpson's acquittal? Why didn't whites party in the streets when Zimme [...]

  • Raven's Nest Trading Post (Sedona)
    • This guy is a full fledge crook...he takes in jewelry from owners for repair and promises 6-12 months. That date approaches and comes and he disappears like the wind..no snailmail, phone calls or emails..he is never on this FB page. He doesn't belong [...]
  • Ashley Furniture (flagstaff)
    • I have to say, I'm extremely glad that my mattress issue with Ashley Furniture has been resolved. The manager Aaron, ended up being very helpful with resolving the issue and he even made it a better deal. Just want everyone to know, what I posted las [...]
  • Hitchin Post Stables (flagstaff)
    • I just thought that everyone should know that Jim Peterman who is LEASING the stables is nothing but a crook. He makes some of his wranglers stay in a trailer with no running water or heat. The cook does not have his food handler's card, etc. He also [...]
  • Shout out to my main man! (World)
    • I want to give a shout out to my main man - Jesus Christ - who loves me more than anyone ever has or will and actually died for me so that I can live forever.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth i [...]

  • Fun in sauna?
    • Come have fun with me at the sauna or hot tub! its over at tTmberline place next to fourth street :)
  • Re: Ashley Furniture
    • Its not uncommon for places to make mistakes, they should just switch mattresses for you and call it a day. I have dealt with this store before and you need to just keep calling them and keep explaining the problem to them. They don't like to admit t [...]
    • You ought to consider having somebody help you learn how to spell, you semi-literate, homophobic, racist moron.

I sincerely hope I didn't use any words that were too big for your little flat-topped head.

    • Dude, you can lead an NAU graduate to verbal water, but you can't get them to learn. Besides, it gave you something to do and you probably laughed out loud. I say keep 'em comin'!

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