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  • american sniper
    • he bragged and profited off of shooting innocents in the back, big man. teabaggers need to stop being such pussies and cowards.
  • Hero ???
    • It's obvious you have never been in a combat sit. I watched my Brothers at Arms die in in this stupid war so you can be happy and free. How about removing the heads of your Mom & Dad or fucking your sister in front of you? Stupid Stupid Stupid You mu [...]
  • Re: Obama, the FCC and Your Internet (Flagstaff)
    • You need to do more reading on this subject. The goal of net neutrality is for all internet traffic to be treated equally, as it always has been (until recently). Large ISPs want to change that, charging content providers extra for so-called "fast la [...]
  • American sniper Chris Kyle
    • was a racist serial killer and murderous teabagger who shot kids in the back for money..a true teabagging coward. The marine that killed him is a hero
  • Cancer Patient purse stolen Valentines Day at Twin Arrows Casino
    • Cancer Patient passed out in ladies room from seizure. Shoulder bag was stolen when she was passed out. 3,200.00 was in bag that was needed for treatment the next day. Please return what is left. No questions asked. She will only survive one week wit [...]
  • Re:At least "Gun nutz" are not sheep
    • Why don't you do the rest of us law abiding, CCW folks a favor and STFU! All you do is draw attention to us and end up in pissing contests that you can't win. It just wears you out and irritates the crap out of me. You're like all these Navajos that [...]
  • Re: re: Voting Republican& re re gun nutz (Realityville)
    • You crack me up! You make not a single salient point that hasn't been made a zillion times before and plunge head long, right in doing EXACTLY what you claim the more liberals do...name calling, baiting and failing to make any point what-so-ever. Bei [...]
  • Re: Voting Republican& re re gun nutz (Realityville)
    • Well by your post, and your response to someones post who actually had to think to make it. You are a typical sheep of the liberal bent. It is the people such as you that cannot debate anyone without calling them stupid, racist, or any number of name [...]
  • re: re: gun nutz
    • dirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirkadirka [...]
  • At least "Gun nutz" are not sheep (Liberal Island)
    • As a former veteran, police officer, and business owner I agree that not all people that have guns are trained with them enough to be safe with them. As a shooting instructor with the police I saw a lot of officers that were not trained enough with t [...]
  • Voting Republican
    • [...]
  • Looking for my sister (usa) 62yr
    • Help me find my Sister its been over 20 years since I've seen her, Last time I knew of her whereabouts it was in the Sedona area. Her name is Judy Rolland Smith. She would be

around 70 years of age. Help a little brother find his big sister Please.

  • Wake up!!! (Flagstaff)
    • No disrespect but please wake up. Things are getting worse!!! More taxes, less jobs, and those lucky enough to still be middle class are are working so hard and paying more taxes than ever. Poor do not even earn scab wages. We need to fight back peop [...]
  • re christian terrorism
    • you sound like an angry repressed homosexual priest lashing out at your slavemasters in the vatican on your secret internet connection..stay away from young boys please
  • Christian Terrorism
    • 'Fair and Balanced'

The Fourth Crusade When Obama cited the Crusades, it was to conjure the image of Christians doing their own brand of Jihad in centuries past. But what kind of Holy War was the Fourth Crusade? As always, the goal was to take Jeru [...]

  • Flagstaff's militarized zone (Sunnyside/Lower Greenlaw)
    • Don't expect the same leisurely drive to the store they have in other Flagstaff neihborhoods tonight. Be ready for your allotted amount of harassment for not being one of the elites. How many people did you scumbags pull over tonight anyway? Its ridi [...]
  • Obama vs ISIS
    • "The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant. I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is active [...]
  • brian williams
    • He was the most honest sincere news anchor you you haters are just jealous and racist right winger and ignorant hicks.
  • Re x3: Brian Williams
    • I totally agree with the first poster. Much of the world including Americans worship their television personalities and live their lives according to whats said by them on television. From how to dress, act, etc.

People worship the image of the beas [...]

Well put...especially the lazy part. I find it absolutely amazing the way pe [...]

I'll bet that 4 out of 5 people who are going nuts over this scandal also love to dis the "mainstreaml [...]

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  • re: think isis is bad
    • you are right, americans also use genocide as a birth control method. Evil, deranged, satanic mass murdering death cult that puts isis to shame, these evil americans, oh yeah, the hung a black man way back in 65 and now we have one for president. hor [...]
  • think ISIS is bad? look at your history America (die Weldt)
    • The United States practiced a unique cultural ritual that was as least as gruesome as the "medieval" punishments meted out by ISIS against its foes.

American Exceptionalism blinds those who share its gaze to uncomfortable facts and truths about thei [...]

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