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craigslist | rants & raves in flagstaff / sedona

  • What the H man (flagstaff) 34yr
    • I know that trying to find someone on CL that is actually serious about getting you know you is slim to none. As a poly queer BBW I know that my situation isn't for everyone. But where the H are all the people at that are open to that and NOT JUST LO [...]
  • Soliere Blvd (Flagstaff) 38yr
    • I just wanted to mention that I am almost 99.99% sure that Soliere between 4th Sreet and Country Club is NOT one of the National Speedways. I too am a fan of Sammy Hagar's "I can't Drive 55" but is there a chance folks could take it out of hyperdrive [...]
  • Re.......Drunk smart Indian (N. AZ)
    • Thank you!! Now that was a thoughtful and intelligent answer. You must be one of the few educated Indians that made it all the way through high school. I would even venture to say you furthered your education beyond that based on your thoughtful and [...]
  • RE: Drunk Indian
    • Wow....there's so much hate and ignorance in your post. Do you even understand socioeconomic policy on reservations? People a lot smarter than you (although you claim to be of some sort of superior intelligence based on internet grammar) and I have t [...]
  • R u fed up yet?

Americans constantly hear about the threat of "entitlements," which in the case of Social Security and Medicare are more properly define [...]

for only 2.99 and it has 1/4 pound of meat on it what's not to like

  • Re... Sic of (N. AZ)
    • Now that is a fairly intelligent and thought out response. For the other guy, it's better but you still need some help.

What kind of ultra-liberal bubble do live in? Your head must be in stuck in the sand or the drunk Indian's ass. Do you pay attent [...]

  • DARLA (Winslow)
    • My cell phone fell off my belt at the Shell station in Winslow. DARLA that lives across the street found it and called a couple of my friends. Before they were able to contact me I bought a new phone and had the lost one de-activated. If anyone knows [...]
  • RE:One Stop gas station 27yr
    • Wow I was just browsing this section and I'm not exactly sure what post each person is responding to but as weird as it is, I just happened to be in the store the day of said incident. Now I'm not familiar with the owner or any of the employees that [...]
  • RE:White Amerika 29yr
    • It's pretty funny how you continue to bring up having an indian man in ones bed! Alot of people in the world tend to accuse others of things that they are doing or would like to do themselves. Which is it for you? I'm 100% sure it's both. Freak!!!! I [...]
  • Sic of... (Americnt) 2014yr
    • Well i insist on adding that i'm sick of any racism, ignorantly blatant or in the lower human form of a clinically diagnosed passive-aggressive innuendos. The reasons why racism is a schism are endless but it really boils down to the fact that we are [...]


  • Re...Re...White Amerika (N. AZ)
    • I am going to assume you are speaking to the drunk Indian about being jealous. Better yet, you nailed it. I am jealous of a loser, drunk, uneducated culture that takes pleasure in being lazy and sucking of the government tit. (dripping sarcasm, in ca [...]
  • Re:re:One Stop-Woodlands (Flagstaff)
    • This is beside the point...You say you're (note the correct usage) lawyer and you can't tell the difference between "Your", "you are" and "you're"? And there are some other errors but that's the most egregious (look it up, lawyer) one. Yeah...I'm sur [...]
  • VA TAKING AWAY PAIN MEDS. (flagstaff) 43yr
    • I just found out the VA has decided to take Pain Medications (narcotics) away from Vets and are going to give them nerve blockers instead for the pain.

I understand that there is Some out there who can deal and handle the changes that will happen an [...]

  • RE:White Amerika 29yr
    • You are a complete idiot who is jealous yourself and obviously one who is very unhappy being you. Get a life you mouthy piece of crap. Need I say more? I don't think so!
  • RE:One Stop-Woodlands 53yr
    • O.K. So in response to all you immature crybabies about the One Stop. I've been a customer there for a multiple amount of years now, making purchases and washing my car and my wifes car. I'll have you all know that I've had not a one problem there in [...]
  • Shout out to my main man! (World)
    • I want to give a shout out to my main man - Jesus Christ - who loves me more than anyone ever has or will and actually died for me so that I can live forever.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth i [...]

  • David Davidson (N. AZ)
    • So you're in the rant and rave section just trying to get your "d@$k" wet, kind of weird. Takes all kinds, takes all kinds...........I bet you like drunk Indian men ;)
  • Re all sex offenders are not alike (Dessie M)
    • LIFE kills you, hate to break it to you but no one leaves alive and if there is a god, he is one sick motherfucker! Besides, STRAIGHT people engage in all of those activities as well, it's not strictly the gays.
  • Drunk Indian, again (N. AZ)
    • Unfortunately Jacobson Benally, I am all grown up and educated far beyond your hopes and dreams for yourself. I can form full thoughts and sentences and even communicate them effectively. Your lack of using full words, punctuation, and sentences in g [...]
    • For all you home owners and soon-to-be home owners, stop converting the man-cave into more living space! Where are we suppose to build things? Where are we suppose to work on the car? Where do we go drink beer and talk about women?


  • Re....... Drunk Indian (N. AZ)
    • Sorry, I am not a violent person and you will have to sacrifice yourself to someone else. Too easy anyways, just like your women.
  • Re: White Amerikkka
    • ...I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!
  • Re.... White Amerikkka (N. AZ)
    • How many drunk Indians does it take to come up with a poorly worded, incoherent, rambling mess of a response? I'm going to guess at least three. You have proven your lack of education and history with your attempt at humor and sarcasm. The "kkk" in A [...]
  • Re: One Stop-Woodlands 54yr
    • You are correct about the owner. My vehicle went through his car wash years ago and someones antennae was stuck in the brushes, it made scroll mark's down one side of my vehicle. I took my vehicle back there and showed the owner who told me someone h [...]
  • Raven's Nest Trading Post (Sedona)
    • This guy is a full fledge crook...he takes in jewelry from owners for repair and promises 6-12 months. That date approaches and comes and he disappears like the wind..no snailmail, phone calls or emails..he is never on this FB page. He doesn't belong [...]
  • Sick of Native Indians.............. (N. AZ)
    • Is it just me........?

How many Indians get a "free ride"? How many Indians get a "free lunch"? How many Indians feel entitled to their "free" things? How many Indians feel more "entitled" than a U.S Citizen? How many Indians have you heard comp [...]

common with communism than Russia ever had.

I'm going to say "online dating" because I haven't gone out and asked any girls out as of late (that's always so much fun, being looked at like you're a total / creep weirdo for just wanting to ask a girl out). [...]

I wonder how many people they'll hire and so on. A lot of people showed up did any of you? Any other info you wanna share?

(Funny that such a short posting as that above is not considered by CL sufficient to get the point across. Again, You must be kidding!)

  • RE:RE:RE: Route 66 Bikeway (Downtown Flag)
    • I am a bike rider, walker, driver and tax payer. I recently stopped biking much and now walk almost everywhere. There is another problem with bike lanes often overlooked by all but the most aware, that being that there is always debris, sand and grav [...]
  • RE: Route 66 Bikeway 21yr
    • I notice the same thing, not only on Route 66 but on the NAU campus as well. They build the cycling lanes to be like 8 feet wide, and usually smoother than the road itself. But a lot of cyclists chose not too ride in it, and would rather ride on the [...]
  • Local DES office doesn't care (Flagstaff) 48yr
    • Recently I applied to the Marketplace, (Obama-care) was referred to AZ to complete the application. So far so good, until I wondered into the local DES office to drop off needed paperwork to complete the application. The bureaucratic bitches who work [...]
  • Flagstaff's Most Dangerous? (Flag)
    • Crosswalk on Butler's and S. Humphreys... Anyone else notice that if you trigger one side of the road to cross on, that either the other doesn't trigger (going southbound) or no-one driving in the east-bound lane gives a shit. First off - for those b [...]
  • Has anyone used (Flagstaff)
    • Any of the psychics in the area. Are any of them good or do they make it up as they go along. I have found one where I used to live that was actually good thought I would ask first before wasting a bunch of money for nothing. Any thoughts please emai [...]
  • why am I so bored and depressed in No. Arizona? (Cottonwood) 33yr
    • Does anyone else feel this way about this area? Is it just me?

I grew up here -- moved away for many years -- now I'm back. This time in Cottonwood. I've lived in Sedona and Flag too. Why do I feel so completely and utterly bored being back here? [...]

  • Route 66 Bikeway (Flagstaff)
    • Not too many years ago the citizens of Flagstaff paid good money to build a bike way along Route 66. I am curious to find out if there is a problem with the bike way that somehow makes it uncomfortable, unsafe or somehow uncool to use? I ask this bec [...]
  • Henry Kissinger and local friend in Flagstaff (Flagstaff)
    • There's a man that lives in Flagstaff who is part of the Northern Arizona church of Christ, and he was a hitler youth. He tells his tall tail for money about how he found Christ, and how idilic life is now. Fact is, this man worked for several presid [...]
  • Dawn, Therapeutic Massage listing (Flagstaff)
    • I normally don't rag about someone no matter what, but I feel like I have to this time. I contacted her for a massge. Very vague when asked about despcription, appearance, photo etc. It took a while before I was even assured she was not a male. Now I [...]
  • Scam (Flagstaff)
    • I drive on Butler every day and see the same people. They take shifts every hour , seems that this should be illegal. If I can, I yell at those lazy drunks. Police, please get rid of this problem. It's so easy to spot these bums. And yes, they are at [...]
  • Well hello, (Mark-I'm not gay)
    • Well hello,

I'm not gay but reading your lame post for the second time has driven me to let you know how one person at least who is somewhat normal with a lot of patience for people thinks about your views. You have freedom of speech so you can say [...]

$1 for 3 minutes. Clean, quiet and well lit. Something for all [...]

if you do do the right thing and turn him in better yet give the square some of his own treatment

  • Re:Re:small town ethics and dina milum counselor - (F'staff) (flagstaff)
    • I don't know what you are talking about! I think Dina Milum is the best counselor ever. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her. Hee hee. jk. My point is that you never know who is writing these posts. Maybe since you say she was fat and old, ma [...]
  • Re:small town ethics and dina milum counselor (F'staff)
    • You know, I'm sorry about your sister getting caught up with a crap house counselor. But honestly, did either one of you really check this bimbo out BEFORE your sister spilled her guts? I'm betting not. I sincerely hope she gets over the bad advice a [...]
  • small town ethics and dina milum counselor (flagstaff) 41yr
    • so im getting more and more mad about this the more I think about it. my sister and I have been looking to find someone to help her with some stuff. She found one online that she thought was ok and started seeing her. my sis is dating a pretty cool g [...]
  • Vote Burnt-Out, Space-Cadet for Flagstaff Mayor (Sedona Wannabe)
    • James Hasapis has the practical experience and knowledge to really Turn our Economy Around.
  • Vote Lying Douche for Mayor!! (FLG)
    • This Dude James Hasapis was caught in several lies between his two appearances on the Joe Harting Show. He doesn't want the people of Flagstaff to have good jobs, he's just interested in prolificating San Fransico values and ushering in even more pov [...]
  • re: ravens nest trading post (sedona)
    • whoever keeps writing the post about Ravens nest is a big pussy.can't even go inside and tell the guy your self how you feel instead you gotta talk shit about him over the computer . what a real big man you are or woman maybe you're a transexual,fuck [...]
  • Need some Weed (Flagstaff )
    • What's up friends I am looking for someone to hook me up with some Mary Jane.

Any amount is okay actually please reply first through email.

The bible thumper with the AR might not agree with my pagan beliefs, but she wouldn't kill me for it. The Jihadi with the AK wouldn't even want conversation on the matter, just murder. [...]

  • Rave about local Nissan dealership
    • Recently my wife and I and our two daughters were on our way back to Coalinga, California from Heber Springs, Arkansas. We experienced transmission trouble while passing through Flagstaff. Long story short, Chris in the service department really help [...]
  • Fat Asses Need To Walk (Walmart) 62yr
    • years ago a store MIGHT have one electric shopping cart for a disabled person, now they have to park an entire fleet of the frickin' things; because fat asses are too lazy to walk in the store. Since they don't walk they get fatter leading to pain le [...]
  • Re: Condolences to the Walgreens' folks
    • Don't worry high paying jobs are on the way. Mayoral Canidate James Hasipis has your back!!
  • Re: what's the difference?
    • You make a good point. Then you ruin it with a string of meaningless obscenities.
  • RE I-Hop (flagstaff) (YOU HOP)
    • my wife said we should go to ihop for breakfast

and i said how about we go to you hop yes you hop your ass in the kitchen and fix us something

  • I-Hop (flagstaff)
    • Went there for brunch this morning...got a salad. The greens were rotted. They had to know. There was so much of it bad..Had way too much salad dressing. Slimy, totally rotted greens....
  • ancient navajo secret - comes alive (page / kaibeto)
    • is it true??? someone told me that there is an ancient navajo secret that is actually a rage on the Rez...story goes: some families are doing weird sorcery to people...they bury shit like rocks - human bones and crazy shit like that..and even run aro [...]
  • Re: Curbstoning Legislation Passes (Flagstaff)
    • These posts about curbstoning legislation are not rants, or raves. This is commercial propaganda from auto dealer trade groups.

Curbstoners are amateurs who flip cars. Some are crooks, but most are just car guys trying to make some extra money. Thei [...]

i got a car from him i wish they had this law then

  • Put out the fire!!! (Parks) 40yr
    • We all knew this would happen when the NFS said they would "manage" the fire and let it grow. What was a simple lightning strike that could have been extinguished the first day is now out of control and encroaching into residential areas of Parks. It [...]
  • Its the weekend 99yr
    • No more work for 3 days!!!!hell yeah riding time no rain$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$
  • Re:Re spelling and grammar (Flagstaff)
    • When dealing with an illiterate, Flagstaff, NAU, border jumping, public school moron, just offer them another moon pie and a Bud and move on. You can't help some people.
  • Re spelling and grammar (Flagstaff) (flagstaff)
    • ==============================================================================================================================================
  • spelling and grammar (Flagstaff)
    • quoting a recent post:Now for a special hello to the neat, anal retarded, special individuals.

"those who sit and look to bash people for spelling mistakes or punctuation errors so they can feel important and make there self's feel like they have cha [...]

BTW, some Indians (Sikhs) do wear turbans, which is why a bunch of them got killed in Wisconsin by a guy who thought they were M [...]

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