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Fucked up the way a asshole cop pisses off some fucker and another cop pays for some other asswipe cop's fucking around. Happens in LA all the time. There is a 5 foot tall bitch at the detention center at 911 B [...]

Also, the increased food prices in restaurants reflect the all around increase in the cost of living. Servers in Arizona still make well below the mi [...]

  • tipping
    • I don't owe any of you a tip. why should I pay you for doing your job, when ur rmployer is already paying you?. In flagstaff horrible service and shitty attitudes of servers is the rule of thumb and we are already paying insane prices for your usuall [...]
  • Yes to most on the restaurant thing (Flagstaff) 99yr
    • but on the tipping amount. Is 15% - 20% BEFORE taxes:

http://www.itipping.com/tip-guide-restaurant.htm and with how much the restaurants have raised their prices over the last few years, servers have gotten a big raise. Consumers, don't be intemid [...]

  • Joes Place Grand Re-Opening Event (Route 66) 187yr
    • Joe's Place in beautiful downtown Flagstaff Arizona come one come all happy hour drink specials 9am-1am all day long live music featuring the KY Jelly Vat Band with special guest stars Viking Man and the late great (dead) Chevy Man !
  • Re: i loved you so much
    • You don't know what love is. Your hell is your own creation. A bullet through the head is a selfish and weak attempt. But then that explains you....selfish and weak. Enjoy your misery, asshole.
  • People in restaurants (Anywhere)
    • I feel like people should have to pass a test to be able to go out and eat. There are basic dos and don'ts of how one should act in a public restaurant and I'm continuously astounded by some of the ways people behave while out to eat. Be polite, pay [...]
  • Re:a saying from the author-story for you (Funnelstick)
    • Well, Ros (I'm giving you a name since you don't have the grace to provide one. It will be Ros, you being male or female or something in between not-withstanding. Named after Amanda Ros, believed by many to be the worst writer in history) you gave me [...]
  • i loved u so much
    • that I feel like im going to die without you..i want to die without you. im going to die without you. I hurt so fucking much I can stand it anymore, every fucking day is like a black hell, a bullet through the head will end this fucking nightmare
  • A Song For You-Rod Screwart (Joe's Place)
    • My main man just wrote a new song, "Down by the KY Vat". It should be a big hit and he's shooting a video for it at Joe's Place soon.
  • a saying from the author-story for you (where ever you are)
    • Now, now boys and girls is this any way to treat a person who has shared something special to you all. it may not hold any meaning to you or to your brainless, cancer smoking, green gold digging friend, or even the one on the corner who wants to kill [...]
  • My Main Man: Rod Screwart ((Joe's Place))
    • My main man was supposed to do a show at Joe's Place recently, but had to cancel, as he wound up at FMC instead. It seems Rockin' Rod sucked down a bit too much jiscz before the show and, well, had to get his stomach pumped. Ho Li Fuk.
  • shout to jesus (hell)
    • jesus was nailed to the cross and has been going to come back any second now for 2015 years, I think he is fucking dead man , he couldn't even save himself how the f can he save u?? WTF
  • Shout out to my main man! (World)
    • I want to give a shout out to my main man - Jesus Christ - who loves me more than anyone ever has or will and actually died for me so that I can live forever.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth i [...]

  • re: 666 story guy
    • im not as eloquent as the wordsmiths so ill keep my comments brief and to the point. You, my friend. sound like a dumb sumbitch.
  • Re:re ad nauseam "a little storie for you"
    • Now, let's hold on for just a minute. I'll grant you the babble spewing from his rotting mouth is obviously from a consummate idiot but there's a certain Poe or jabberwocky element to it that can't be ignored. I shouldn't admit to this but I actually [...]
  • re re re re a little story for you
    • You sound like a blithering idiot. so fucking dumb that you should probably just shoot yourself and spare us the boring diatribe. I hope you didn't reproduce. Fucktard
  • Little storie for you RE RE RE 666yr
    • Rocky cousin uncle sister has more balls then you. You paddle down poem stream old man! Just remember night norbday she does not lay with you. You are a coward and a snake. As I puff my cig on the corner of 4th and pick my nose I prove that I am mult [...]
  • If you attend church of Christ, please read... (Flagstaff) 59yr
    • You may say I'm bashing the church of Christ, but as I see it I'm a warning sign. I had attended churches of Christ since 1986, and it wasn't until a recent life changing event that I realized how far off the members of the church of Christ are.

Any [...]

  • I dont know if anybody watches Hulu (Sedona) 99yr
    • the free tv on the net, but they run these commercials, and one of them is a site called "Lumosity", apparently a brain training site? So... I don't want to be all "book by it's cover", and I'm not sure of what demographic they are appealing to, or t [...]
  • Re:a little story for you (Forgetitstaff)
    • Well...I think you have set literature back at least 20 years. Does the term "over written" mean anything to you? And your metaphors! OMG! Let's not let the basic overdone concept escape without comment...it's been done a time or 12 before. You shoul [...]

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