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craigslist | rants & raves in flagstaff / sedona

it's fast it's easy and it's fun Contact the Investigations Unit at show contact info thank's and have a great day

show contact info or if you are his son give me a call! just want to know you are alright. James White.

The bible thumper with the AR might not agree with my pagan beliefs, but she wouldn't kill me for it. The Jihadi with the AK wouldn't even want conversation on the matter, just murder. [...]

  • Rave about local Nissan dealership
    • Recently my wife and I and our two daughters were on our way back to Coalinga, California from Heber Springs, Arkansas. We experienced transmission trouble while passing through Flagstaff. Long story short, Chris in the service department really help [...]
  • Fat Asses Need To Walk (Walmart) 62yr
    • years ago a store MIGHT have one electric shopping cart for a disabled person, now they have to park an entire fleet of the frickin' things; because fat asses are too lazy to walk in the store. Since they don't walk they get fatter leading to pain le [...]
  • My condolences to Walgreens' Families (Walgreens dist center)
    • Don't worry, Mayoral Canidate James Hasapis is busy creating high-paying jobs with benefits for Y'all.
  • Re: Condolences to the Walgreens' folks
    • Don't worry high paying jobs are on the way. Mayoral Canidate James Hasipis has your back!!
  • Re: what's the difference?
    • You make a good point. Then you ruin it with a string of meaningless obscenities.
  • what's the difference?
    • fucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktardsfucktar [...]
  • Flouride
    • are stupid enuff to still be ingesting this shit?


and i said how about we go to you hop yes you hop your ass in the kitchen and fix us something

  • I-Hop (flagstaff)
    • Went there for brunch this morning...got a salad. The greens were rotted. They had to know. There was so much of it bad..Had way too much salad dressing. Slimy, totally rotted greens....
  • ancient navajo secret - comes alive (page / kaibeto)
    • is it true??? someone told me that there is an ancient navajo secret that is actually a rage on the Rez...story goes: some families are doing weird sorcery to people...they bury shit like rocks - human bones and crazy shit like that..and even run aro [...]
  • Exit 66 Adult Boutique and Arcade (I-40 East of Kingman @ Exit 66)
    • Come on out and check us out. Short drive east of Kingman at EXIT 66, up on the hill next to Speedco. Big rig parking. Reasonable prices and quality merchandise. Arcade is up and running

$1 for 3 minutes. Clean, quiet and well lit. Something for all [...]

Curbstoners are amateurs who flip cars. Some are crooks, but most are just car guys trying to make some extra money. Thei [...]

i got a car from him i wish they had this law then

  • Put out the fire!!! (Parks) 40yr
    • We all knew this would happen when the NFS said they would "manage" the fire and let it grow. What was a simple lightning strike that could have been extinguished the first day is now out of control and encroaching into residential areas of Parks. It [...]
  • Its the weekend 99yr
    • No more work for 3 days!!!!hell yeah riding time no rain$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$
  • Re:Re spelling and grammar (Flagstaff)
    • When dealing with an illiterate, Flagstaff, NAU, border jumping, public school moron, just offer them another moon pie and a Bud and move on. You can't help some people.
  • Re spelling and grammar (Flagstaff) (flagstaff)
    • ==============================================================================================================================================
  • spelling and grammar (Flagstaff)
    • quoting a recent post:Now for a special hello to the neat, anal retarded, special individuals.

"those who sit and look to bash people for spelling mistakes or punctuation errors so they can feel important and make there self's feel like they have cha [...]

he worked on a friend's truck screwed him good

BTW, some Indians (Sikhs) do wear turbans, which is why a bunch of them got killed in Wisconsin by a guy who thought they were M [...]

  • re: speedi 99
    • Hey Bud, there are Camels in India! They came from Australia hence the name camel jockey. You best stick to carrying your gun to Walmart where you can feel proud buying Chinese electronic junk along with a suitcase of Keysone using the cans for targe [...]
  • Re:Re: Paper Plate pussy, Speedi Car Wash, etc (F'Staff)
    • I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess when you refer to "Big Truck Parking Guy", you're talking about me. First off, sarcasm aside, thanks for the compliments. I detect a whole lot of left handed prose but this is Flagstaff and no one will fig [...]
  • RE: Speedi car wash 99 (Flagstaff)
    • Nice posting, part "rant" part "rave". Interesting to hear some background on the establishment "Speedi Wash". To my limited knowledge a business has the legal right to ban weapons on their premises and if a person does not comply, then Law Enforceme [...]
    • WOW! You all want to call the owner names and such but don't you realize your a moron! The owner is from INDIA they don't wear turbins there. So therefore not a towel head. You might be white with B/O and haven't shaved in a week so that must make yo [...]
  • Re: Paper Plate pussy, Speedi Car Wash, etc (Flagstaff)
    • Hi Flagstaff!!! Your "Rants & Raves" are weak.

Speedi Wash dude is obviously super dumb, how dare people from other countries open businesses here! Why didn't you shoot that f*cking Rag Head right between the eyes and do this country a favor? Aren't [...]

As allowing gays to marry each other HELL YA let them it wont hurt anybody --- MAKE SURE THEY PAY ALL SAME COST TO BE DIVOR [...]

  • Hope ~ (Sandy)
    • I have been thinking lately about the tremendous courage it takes to be a human being. As Sting put it, "There's a little black spot on the sun today," and I didn't have eyes to see it yesterday. What happens to a soul in that moment when we fall fro [...]
  • Re:Paper Plate Pussy (Flagstaff)
    • Well...this BS certainly has a lot of interesting angles. First off, boys, I drive a full size 4x4. I know it doesn't fit in some places without risking door dings from soccer moms and peckerheads. I try to park out in the hinterlands so I don't get [...]
  • Paper plate pussy? (Flagstaff)
    • An inbred hilljack driving a truck he's obviously unable to park properly is upset that someone left him a not calling him on being an asshole? Yeah, there's a reason why people driving oversized trucks end up with a reputation as douchebags. Apparen [...]
  • are you stupid enuff to get another flu shot?
    • Read this label. Here are some other gems from the same instert:

"Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children." (And yet this vaccine is routinely administered to pregnant women.) "S [...]

You parked like an asshole and you're now upset because someone left a note that, even though it didn't mention anatomical parts, has belittled how you envision your testicular area. You're upset about the note AND [...]

Boycott? Go for it, dude... I'm sure they'll miss you. In fact, I thought you were already done with that place, cuz of the firearm ban. Then you [...]

  • Re: To hell with Speedi car wash. (Flagstaff)
    • You smell a boycott? What you smell is the rot inside your stupid, ignorant, red neck , bigoted, uneducated ass passing through your mouth. You don't like the policies at Speedi, then DON'T SHOP THERE you stupid POS! It takes a real genius to figure [...]
  • To hell with Speedi car wash.
    • First they tell us NO firearms on the premises, now you can't spray your motor off in the wash bay even though they offer degreaser. What a bunch of fucktards. Three of them came over and jacked me up because my hood was open. So I demanded my money [...]
  • re: well walmart is getting smarter after all in winslow az (Winslow, AZ)
    • Before you go ranting about how Wal-Mart is getting smarter. . . have someone proof read your post for grammatical errors that make you sound like an ignorant prick. I will break it down for you.

Walmart in winslow (Winslow, proper noun, should be c [...]

    • I work for joe manager of harry Cab he is ailliterate rude unprofessional drug addict high strung unstable of handling a businessin in a professional manner stay way from this co. if you know what is good for you!!!!
  • well walmart is getting smarter after all in winslow az (winslow)
    • Walmart in winslow is using some brains after all getting smarter adding some security for there products. Good! its about dam time that Walmart in winslow az take there head out of there ass's and do something for a change to show they need to keep [...]
  • Blackjack inconsistency at Cliff Castle (camp verde)
    • Anyone finding Blackjack card counts seldom add up at Cliff Castle? I find this happens on a regular basis. Counted down more than a dozen shoes and the Ace count is ALWAYS in their favor by more than -6 and is many times -10 or higher (lower) This s [...]
  • never underestimate...
  • Salesman @ St. Vincent de Paul (Flagstaff) 45yr
    • I was so happy to see you working today! You are an absolute joy, thank you. You are the happy senior that is blessed and you'll always be remembered. Thank you.
  • Curbstoning Legislation Passes
    • The AIADA formed a task force in May of 2013 with the goal of passing legislation that would help eradicate curbstoning. We did it! The legislation was signed by the Governor on April 16, 2014. We look forward to this being the first step to signific [...]
  • Shout out to my main man! (World)
    • I want to give a shout out to my main man - Jesus Christ - who loves me more than anyone ever has or will and actually died for me so that I can live forever.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth i [...]

I am 100% disabled having served in Viet Nam and receiving 5 purple hearts, being exposed to Agent Orange produced diabetes, and heart failure, amputations, neuropathy in what's left of my hands and feet. I need so [...]

  • No job and maybe a reason why.
    • Well I'm tired of applying to a lot of places and not getting hired I know I am nailing the interview and I am qualified for the jobs I am applying for, I have noticed some of the jobs I had been chosen for I got set aside for someone who is attracti [...]
  • trails -n- paths (flagstaff)
    • I know what you mean about inconsiderate douches in the forest. Once while I was changing my oil in my v-10 excursion , some asshole road his mountain bike through the puddle, splashing it all over my $6500 custom paint job. And another time some ass [...]

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