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  • Driving Rant
    • Who are these assholes that honk behind you when you're making a left hand turn and can't see shit. Uh excuse me, I will turn when I'm positive that I'm not going to get t-boned, thank you very much. It's a couple of minutes of difference you douche [...]
  • re: abortion
    • fucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktards-fucktardsfucktards-fucktard [...]
  • OMG E Sedona is the absolute worst (sedona) 99yr
    • I've had to sign up with them on a temporary basis.... the worst. Go back to 1994 and 14,4000 baud speed, they suck. They cant even stream consistently and I'm 2 blocks away from the booster antenna on the local super 8, one drop of rain and youre ou [...]
  • real people here (Flagstaff) 50yr
    • I wish this was my ass, but it isn't. Lovely though, isn't it? I wish I were 32 again, but that cannot be. I wish there was some hope of finding real, actual humans on craigslist in Flagstaff. I wish every third ad here wasn't a scam. I wish men were [...]
  • Bargain Smart , Camp Verde Expired Food
    • I purchased a small bag of smoked almonds . After eating the first one I could taste that old rancid nut oil flavor.Ate 2 more just to be sure.Checked the date .They were 7 months out dated.They know they sell out dated food,they bank on the fact tha [...]
  • Raven's Nest Trading Post (Sedona)
    • This guy is a full fledge crook...he takes in jewelry from owners for repair and promises 6-12 months. That date approaches and comes and he disappears like the wind..no snailmail, phone calls or emails..he is never on this FB page. He doesn't belong [...]
  • re:Re: Raven's Nest Trading Post (Sedona)
    • Looks like Bob's got a buddy posting for him...here's another unsatisfied customer from his FB page..just go look yourself..and to all the people posting that they have bought beautiful jewelry there, sure you did, it just belongs to somebody else..l [...]
  • RE:RE, Clueless
    • Mr Cab Driver..I agree with the fine waitress, who, very eloquently, I might add, expressed her honest opinion, based on experience with Flagstaff Cabbies and offered a tidbits of advice designed to increase your non-existant respectability level and [...]
    • Awwwwwww---did Cabbie Wabbie have a bad day? Sounds to me like YOU might just be the one that needs a bit of education. First, you're credibility might rise a half dozen notches if you'd stop using profanity, attempts at humorous slang and put a cogn [...]
    • OK Kiddies here it is, this might even be helpful...

When calling for a cab: 1) Know where you are, dispatchers are far too busy to wait five minutes for you to get your act together. 2)Know where you are going, nothing is more frustrating than yo [...]

  • relationship between the senate and wall street
    • republicans-republicans-republicansrepublicans-republicans-republicansrepublicans-republicans-republicansrepublicans-republicans-republicansrepublicans-republicans-republicansrepublicans-republicans-republicansrepublicans-republicans-republicansrepub [...]
  • re: abortion
    • christfag christfag christfagchristfag christfag christfagchristfag christfag christfagchristfag christfag christfagchristfag christfag christfagchristfag christfag christfagchristfag christfag christfagchristfag christfag christfagchristfag christfa [...]
  • re, sedona scammers and new age idiots
    • new agers have totally destroyed Sedona.. My family has been here for over 100 years..pioneers..i recently had some new age cunt (and I never call women cunts, but this was a really special case) scream at me because I was driving a 4 wheel drive..an [...]
  • Arizona Mona from Sedona (Joe's Place)
    • I knew Chevy man he used to hang out @ Joe's Place and the Museum Club he always bought me drinks etc. such a nice true gentleman always had women around him mostly N8tiv like me :) Was a sad day in the FLG when he passed away :(
  • Re:New age scammers in Sedona
    • Speaking of "weak minded" and scammers in general, why did you post that pic along with your warning? No hidden agenda here now is there? You're a douche.
  • Sedona new age scammers in Sedona (sedona)
    • beware of the dozens of new age scam artists in Sedona, preying on the weak minded....this weeks scammer spotlight is on some fucktard who uses the name "ThreeTrees Sedona" every scam they run is designed to get into your pocket..RUN
  • drug overdose
    • is overdose painless method of going away? if so, what to od on, heroin? prescriptions? just curious
  • Re:Fat People
    • Let's take a quick look at the bottom line...just in Fartstaff. Assume we take all the "fat" people out of Flagsux. Think about all the fast food and Chinese restaurants that will close. If that happens, where will NAU pukes work? And what about all [...]
  • Fat people
    • According to a new study, obesity costs us as much or more as smoking and armed conflict! See the deets here:

http://www.bbc.com/news/health-30122015 Quick synopsis: The worldwide cost of obesity is about the same as smoking or armed conflict and [...]

As some of the others have mentioned, I to have waited in line for nearly 35 minutes with only TWO cars in front of me. Absolutely ridiculous. About 10 minutes of that waiting time was spent at the speaker box waiting fo [...]

  • OoH gawd jos PLace again
    • how bout yu shut tha fuk up jo we had enuff of tihs crapp 10 yers ago we ddont wanna her yer stupeid blogg
  • Joe's Place, Viking Man & the K-Y vat (FLG - REZ)
    • Ha-Ha I remember those posts they were some funny shit lol ! Used to go to the old Joe's Place and play pool with that Chevy man he was a righteous brother always with his Navajo Lady or two :) That stuff about Viking and his KY vat was the best ! Ti [...]
  • Re: Raven's Nest Trading Post (Sedona)
    • I feel ashamed that I haven't posted this before. I have seen the ad being reposted for months and each time I saw it I would re-read it, and move on. What a piece of shit I am.

The truth about Bob: I worked alongside him in the tourist info booth a [...]

  • Remembering the late great "Chevy Man" (On the Rez) 69yr
    • Been ten years since we scattered the Chevy Man's ashes where he wanted them ... Joes Place, Museum Club and Rezwood were his favorite haunts !!! A truly great chevy dude he has been missed by all ...
  • Datsoft on 4th Street 30yr
    • How does this J.B. guy stay in business? He is a grumpy and rude old man, his shop is cluttered like an episode of hoarders, his inventory is from the 90's, and he charges more for repairs than buying new from Best Buy.

Beware of his lack of ethics. [...]

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