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craigslist | missed connections in huntington-ashland

  • Dollar Tree - Cannonsburg - m4m
    • You are a cashier there. You're very handsome - not sure if you are interested but if you are into guys - especially older guys - hit me up - you checked me out this morning (8/31/14) and we had a discussion about an item I bought - tell me which ite [...]
  • restaurant - m4m (ashland)
    • you were walking with your girl into an oriental restaurant....we made eye contact several times...tell me what kind of car I was in. hit me up if your interested. Tell me the color of your hair.
  • cute guy harbor freight - m4m (kenova)
    • I seen u.at harbor freight u was with your family we made eye contact several time if u see this let me know what we was both looking at
  • ALI at MochaPet in new boston - m4w (new boston) 29yr
    • I was in MochaPet last night. I had never been there before. Ali was the woman who waited on me. She was very sweet and beautiful. would love to find out more about her. I was in a hurry to leave because they were closing. I didn't really get a chanc [...]
  • Kyle at McDonalds - m4m (Ashland)
    • You were working at the drive thru on Saturday. I drove through and think we may have made a connection. Have seen you there before and think you are VGL. If you are interested in getting together, tell me what kind and/or color car I was driving.
  • Amazing energy at Westwood Dollar General - m4w (Westwood) 43yr
    • Amazing energy between us is what I felt. I think you felt it as well. You were with your friend in a white Ford Escape I think. I asked if you had a number. You seemed a little concerned that I asked. I felt like you were married or attached. It's o [...]
  • T.A Truckstop in Winfield - m4w (Winfield)
    • Looking for a lady named Jessica. She visited with me in my truck maybe two years ago. Brown short hair, maybe 5;6 130ish lbs or so. She probably lived nearby. Does anyone know of her?
  • New car - m4m (Carter Co)
    • You just recently bought a new car it's blue. I see you when your working. If your interested hit me up. Discreet is a must.
  • You live beside where you work. - m4m (Grayson )
    • You can look out your window an see where you work. Tell me where you work and what you drive. We run into each other all the time. If your interested in playing and it stays only between us then hit me up.
  • Walmart 8/17 South Point - m4w (south point)
    • This is a total shot in the dark. We waited in the checkout line for like 25 minutes at the Wal-Mart in South Point around 3-4. You had your little boy in the buggy. We exchange several long glances. Finally you switched to another checkout that open [...]
  • The woman at Wendy's !! - m4w 34yr
    • Went to Wendy's west end u said u like my truck I said I take u for ride u responded with I may take u up one that message me when ur ready and tell me about my truck !!!
  • frog town sunday - m4w (frogtown )
    • you were setting on the deck waiting for the band to start playing we made eyecntact a few times u had rings on ur hand but u acted interested hmu if u see this and are interested tell me what color shirt u were wearing so I know it u
  • Treadmill :) - m4m (Ymca)
    • Saw you Tuesday afternoon...let me know if you wanna have some fun....what color was I wearing? Hit me up!!
  • saw you at family dollar on westend - m4w (huntington)
    • you were waiting in line to check out.. u hqve blonde hair a beautiful face and body and a few tattoos.... i have a shaved head, tanned skin and muscular body, big arms and chest, i was wearing a tank top, i have lots of tattoos.. we made eye contact [...]
  • Searching for Taylor with Ohio license plates - m4m
    • This is a long shot but you've been on my mind ever since I pulled you over. I pulled you over in charleston for a cracked windshield and gave you a warning citation. Where are you? I've been trying to find you since December of 2011. Is that spark s [...]
  • lady at walmart on 60 Sunday Morning - m4w (huntington walmart)
    • You were walking to get super donuts by the door, and i was working on a display be the entrance...we made eye contact and you said good morning...You had on brownish sweat pants, and I saw you stop at the ATM after you checked out....if you remember [...]
  • we met at foodland - w4m (catlettsburg)
    • We met in Foodland one evening, talked in check-out and I gave you my #. We talked and text a couple of times. You sent me a text, but I didn't get to respond or save number before phone messed up and I lost your number. You should still have mine, b [...]
  • lady bville park - m4w
    • I passed you today as you were walking at BBarboursville park...you look at me and smiled. I have seen you there and Ritter walking and you're always alone. You seemed interested today when you made eye contact n smiled. Tell me what I was carrying w [...]
  • Grayson Lake shelter - m4m (Grayson Lake) 45yr
    • Looking for the hot guy that stopped by Grayson Lake. Would love to suck your cock. You seemed nervous but did speak to me. If you are interested in meeting one evening let me.know.
  • To the woman who stole the purse out of my car - w4w (CVS Huntington)
    • I get it. I left my door unlocked while I ran in for 3 mins to grab something. You saw the purse I had my 2 make up bags & razor in & probably hoped it was a much better score. I only had it in that purse because I was going to change bags today.

So [...]

  • Auto parts guy - m4m (Ashland )
    • You helped me put stop leak coolant in my A C tonight we talked for long time I came back and you did the coolant for me. You're very hot 30 years old. If you ever want some fun let me know. I'll repay you double for your help.
  • Tuesday Morning 8/19 - m4w (Huntington)
    • To the classy and attractive female that I've seen a few times in the mornings at the same location, I thought I would post here and see if you happened to read this. The past few times I've seen you, you've been looking in my direction. Today was on [...]
  • cutie at Wal-Mart - m4w (South Point) 35yr
    • You were wearing a light blue top and blue jeans. I think you had pinkish glasses on with long black hair. I just could not stop starring at you and I think you saw me looking because you came my way and pasted me where the dish washing liquid is. I [...]
  • Isaac from the 313/248 - w4m (ASHLAND, KY ) 48yr
    • Hi Isaac. I know you are in prison, and I am sorry for your current situation. Your family must be so heartbroken. I wanted you to know something. I will always love you. I never stopped. You are remarried, so I hear. I will always love you, but I wi [...]
  • Missing our email chats Ms. B - m4w 57yr
    • You responded to an ad I had about lonely but married and wanting email friend. We chatted a few times and then someone flagged my ad and I couldn't email you through Craigslist and we hadn't exchanged real email names.

Your first name started with [...]

You are a wildcat fan.

  • Tammy L. Kay - m4w (Huntington )
    • There used to be a women that lived on West road by the name Tammy L. Kay, used to be married to a Sherman Kay. Does anybody know where she is now? and what her phone number or last name is now? I'f this is u reading it then send me a message.
  • Krogers parking lot... - m4w
    • I was walking to my vehicle and you almost hit me lol. Your were in a white Chevy car and you rolled down ur window and we spoke briefly. If you get this write me back and so I know it's you tell me what u remember about me..
  • Searching for 34 yr wm Portsmouth Oh - w4m (portsmouth oh) 34yr
    • Im searching for a man I had met in Porstmouth oh nearly 11 yrs ago. We had met at my place of employment. You where 22 at this time in 2002 an would be around 34 yrs old today. You had given me a ride home one night because my ride never showed. I l [...]
  • I love you Meagles...forever and always - m4w
    • I know you'll never read this, but my heart is dying without you. I'll never be able to make a bigger mistake than letting you go. You will always be my one and only true love. I wish you all the happiness in the world. My happiness just moved away a [...]
  • Taco bell drive thru - m4w
    • You were behind me in line...I'm wanting something discreet if u see this get at me..
  • you were buying mulch - m4w (Huntington ) 44yr
    • I meant what I said. You said your not single, but if that changes you know where to find me. Your a real sharp Chick. I really hope to hear from you.
  • Russell Kroger - w4m (Russell) 31yr
    • I know that this is a long shot...but you are a manager there and I can't stop thinking of you ;-)
  • remenber this time? - t4m
    • hey baby if you remenber this picture, when you and me got room in that hotel, we hat a grat time i remenber wish i see you again if you see it email me i wana see you again...
  • short redhead i work with - m4w (barboursville) 20yr
    • you may be new to krogers but I feel like we would get along great, we don't talk much but we talked a little bit tonight. id like to talk more though and maybe even hangout every now and then....

sincerily the tall ginger bagger.

  • blow pop at ashland park - m4w (ashland patk)
    • I know this is a long shot but I have to try. You were at the playground with two little girls. You were enjoying a sucker as we kept making eye contact. If you see this and want to talk tell me what I was wearing and what I looked like.
  • Stunning! - m4w (South Point) 29yr
    • This is a longshot and hope you at least get to see this. I saw you working at a popular restaurant in Barboursville, next to the mall on Friday 8/8. You are a hostess there. you have blonde hair and the most amazing curves. I was with my gf but, wer [...]
  • Cole from Barboursville mall - m4m (huntington mall)
    • This is a long shot feel weird doing this but anyway. You were about to watch a movie. I noticed your sports team by your hat bc they were playing tonight.

Would like to get to know you and have a beer. If its you reply by telling me what team did [...]

  • Putnam Stadium - m4m
    • To the really hot guy in a navy blue shirt and blue jeans standing near the Putnam Stadium entrance on Fri night 8/8/14 - I couldn't stop looking at you - I drove by you twice - tell me what color and make of car I was in if you're interested.
  • Huntington walmart route 60 - m4w (Huntington wv) 50yr
    • You were the blonde that was checking out and we kept making eye contact. I thought you were amazing. The last time I saw you were going into mcdonalds there at walmart. If your interested contact me.
  • Amazing Blonde walking near Huntington YMCA Sunday afternoon - m4w (Huntington)
    • I was leaving the Y and you were walking down the road, white blouse, black pants, carrying a green jacket, sweater...you smiled kinda waived, I did the same...you were stunning..you were heading toward Ritter park...wish I would have stopped
  • JC Penney - Ashland - m4m 50yr
    • You work there. You told a new employee that your name is Terrence. You have an awesone beard and are one handsome man! I wanted to flirt but was with family ;)

If you are into men at all - especially older men tell me what department you were in.

  • Ashland Speedway 8/1 - m4w (Ashland )
    • You walked in speedway towards the counter and I looked your way and we both said"hi", but when we made eye contact it was like true MAGIC - there was Angeles singing.Would really like to talk with you! I know this is a long shot but I can't get you [...]
  • girl sitting in the parkinglot - m4w (ironton)
    • seen you tonight when i was going down third street u was in tan shorts and a tank top had dark hair you hollered at me and i yelled hey back, sorry couldnt get back around the block because i had to head to work, tell me what i was in or send a pic [...]
  • girls walking in rain at bville park - m4w (barboursville)
    • Hope the 2 girls that were caught in the rain this evening walking up and back down the hill at bville park made it to their car safely...one had on a red tshirt and the other had one a grey tshirt and was tucked like she was carrying a baby or dog i [...]
  • cute guy Dairy Queen Adams ave - m4m (huntington)
    • I seen you today in Dairy Queen on Adams Ave around you was wearing a checkered flannel shirt and baige shorts and your a real cute young man we made eye contact several times and spoke a few times while laughing at something if you see this and woul [...]
  • Shelbe - m4w (Kenova) 32yr
    • I stop by your workplace semi-frequently and I'm always smitten by how adorable you are! ;) I'd really like to get to know you better, perhaps over dinner? If you see this and reply, tell me where you work or something so I know it's really you, hope [...]
  • Young Hottie in Taco Bell Barboursville - m4w (barboursville wv) 40yr
    • You were with someone - we made eye contact several times - you know what I was thinking...
  • Pick n save parking lot - m4w (Ironton ) 26yr
    • I was sitting in my truck, you pulled up beside me in a f 150. You had two kids with you. We keep checking eachother out, you had huge knockers! And a white shirt on. If you see this we need to hook up!!
  • Manager at dicks - w4m (Dicks sporting goods)
    • I saw this great lookin guy when I went to Ashland today and went to the dicks down there to buy some body glide. The manager was wearin a red polo and khaki pants. He looked at me with the kindest eyes I have ever seen on a man. He had beautiful flo [...]
  • REDHEAD in Mustang - m4w (West Portsmouth)
    • To the READHEAD in the passenger side of the mustang...Seen you with a blonde haired friend at a gas station on the west side wensday. You were wearing grey shirt,red pants and flip flops. Followed you and your friend and caught up to you on highway [...]
  • Belks-Beckley, Late December 2013 - m4m (Beckley)
    • Belks, Beckley, Saturday evening December 28, 2013: We encountered one another in the major side-aisles near the west entrance. There was more than intense eye contact; in fact, our eyes locked solidly & deeply for several moments--becoming a bit unc [...]
  • rudyfest 2014 - m4w (hyden) 35yr
    • You said you live in hyden. Really wanna see you again if you come my way. We spent one morning in the tent with your finger in my ass while you were sucking me off. Hollar at your boy.
  • You were walking, I picked you up - m4w (Greenup, KY) 3129yr
    • I know this is probably a long shot but I'm going to try anyway. I picked you up in Greenup yesterday. It was hot and you were walking. You were cautious at first but warmed up and talked after a few moments. I really liked talking to you and hope to [...]
  • Ashland Walmart - m4w (Ashland)
    • You work midnights you have blonde hair a beautiful smile you have a boyfriend or a husband I don't know which but I would really like to get to know you but I am shy and can't say a lot I would like to know more a about you
  • Laidback Bar - Mike Rice - w4m (Ironton)
    • We met briefly around 4:20...lol Im the blonde in the white pants. If you see this contact me and lets take a ride one day.


I tried to explain to you how to get there but , you said it did not make any sense to you That you ended up at the Marshall plane crash... You were looking for car rental place .... Ended up in Kenova lost....

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