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craigslist | missed connections in huntington-ashland

  • You were walking, I picked you up - m4w (Greenup, KY) 3129yr
    • I know this is probably a long shot but I'm going to try anyway. I picked you up in Greenup yesterday. It was hot and you were walking. You were cautious at first but warmed up and talked after a few moments. I really liked talking to you and hope to [...]
  • Shelbe - m4w (Kenova) 32yr
    • I stop by your workplace semi-frequently and I'm always smitten by how adorable you are! ;) I'd really like to get to know you better, perhaps over dinner? If you see this and reply, tell me where you work or something so I know it's really you, hope [...]
  • snow cone - m4m
    • The snow cone driver you pass my house on ur route I think your sexy. Hit me back if you would like to stop sometime.
  • Dangerously Addictive Wacky Nurse - m4w (Ashland ) 52yr
    • I screwed up.

Maybe I deserved it. I'm not sure. Safe to say it hurt. Sadly, I think we were perfect for each other. Yet, it was not to be. Or is there some chance? Unless you really did find a way to change love to hate. Damm, it still hurts [...]

  • Ashland Walmart - m4w (Ashland)
    • You work midnights you have blonde hair a beautiful smile you have a boyfriend or a husband I don't know which but I would really like to get to know you but I am shy and can't say a lot I would like to know more a about you
  • Laidback Bar - Mike Rice - w4m (Ironton)
    • We met briefly around 4:20...lol Im the blonde in the white pants. If you see this contact me and lets take a ride one day.


I tried to explain to you how to get there but , you said it did not make any sense to you That you ended up at the Marshall plane crash... You were looking for car rental place .... Ended up in Kenova lost....

  • 31st rt 60 marathon blonde - m4w (Hunt/proctoville)
    • You were in a maroon car with Ohio plates you was with a man and a women. We locked eyes but I could t get back to talk to you before u left. Your an amazing blonde women and I would love nothing more than to know who you are. Plz just tell me someth [...]
  • Kawasaki xlr 650 / Black - m4m
    • You were playing soccer with another guy Tuesday evening 7/15/14 and drove up on your black Kawasaki xlr 650 - I want to service your cock! Tell me which park.
  • Soccer coach/NY plates - m4m
    • I've seen you several times at the park on Blackburn Avenue in Ashland. You drive a Chevy with NY plates and you coach soccer - you're sexy - I'd love to get together with you.
  • Russell Kroger - w4m (Russell) 31yr
    • I know that this is a long shot...but you are a manager there and I can't stop thinking of you ;-)
  • Judy Boyd - m4w
    • I miss you. I love you. Your my whore. I still got 20 yrs. I can't stop thinking about you. How's the baby? If you know who this is send picture cause you know I love em.thanks beautiful.
  • Last night at Pullman - m4m (Huntington )
    • I spoke to you last night at Pullman while band was playing. You have nice beard trimmed and dark hair. You had on jeans and stripped polo type shirt. Red/blue stripes. You were with a man in an electric wheelchair/scooter. Tell me where we were stan [...]
  • Taco Bell - m4w
    • White skirt......white cotton panties

Wish I could have seen more I doubt you looking here....but worth a shot

  • Onyx - m4w (Huntington/Barboursville) 27yr
    • This is a long shot... and even more of a long shot that you'll respond... Your "name" is Onyx, and we talked a lot this past Thursday at your work... you were telling me that you were into art... drawing, painting, etc.... I'd like to get to know yo [...]
  • west end Wendy's - m4m (huntington)
    • You were sitting by the windows at Wendy's playing with your cock. I watched as I ate. Enjoyed the show very much. Would like to go further. Tell me what you were wearing and the time of day, if you're interested in hooking up.
  • Work 7/2 - m4w (Downtown Huntington)
    • We work together and while we don't interact on a regular basis we talked today and I tried my best to flirt with you but I'm not sure you got the hint. Anything between us would be frowned upon by the boss but I thought I'd post here bc I can keep a [...]
  • Hal Greer - m4m (Cabel Huntington ) 50yr
    • We were both on Hal Greer Monday about 10:30. You turned into Cabel Huntington. You were in a black SUV. We looked at each other at a couple stop lights. Would like to meet and see if anything could happen.
  • Walmart south point - m4w (here )
    • You was at check out. I was in self check. You was with your man. You had a very short dress on showing them gorgeous legs. I think your beautiful. I seen you catch me looking several times. I couldn't help myself. Your very beautiful. I'd love to li [...]
  • Sam's Club DirecTV Hottie - m4m (South Point, OH)
    • This is a long shot. You were working Sunday evening. I told you that you were hot. If you see this post get in touch with me if you might be interested. Please tell me something about yourself. Tell me what else I told you. Let's talk soon.
  • Drive Thru 6/28/14 - m4w (Ashland, KY)
    • Around noon I was in the lobby ordering and you were in the drive thru waiting and I couldn't help but think you were checking me out with your repeated looks in my direction. You even drove thru the parking lot after you were done. If you see this, [...]
  • Bowling balls - m4m (Huntington) 51yr
    • Met you last year in November I think at my house on Madison. You worked with bowling.

Would like to talk with you again. Don't really care for the sites met you on so not there. Give me yell if would.

  • Kroger on 5th ave - m4m (Huntington) 54yr
    • saw you, your friend were at western Union or at the service counter,I saw you and I said have we ever met ,I have seen you somewhere you seemed cool with it and you sorta hug patted me on the back, I thought you were very handsome would like to see [...]
  • Grown Ass Folks looking for Grown Ass Folks - mw4mw (V-club (huntingtington)) 100yr
    • We love to get down and have a good time, but want to share our fun with others. If you like to get hot and sweaty and show everyone you know how to shake it you should get with us on Saturday the 5th. The more the merrier so bring friends ;)
  • Chick-fil-A Cutie (Bville) - m4w (Barboursville)
    • Long shot, but not sure how to approach this, but here it goes. I though you were absolutely gorgeous. You are young with deep beautiful eyes, and pretty blonde hair. Should you read this, and remember me, tell me how I looked if you may be intereste [...]
  • girl driving blue chevy cavelier z24 charleston/huntington on 6-22-14 - m4w
    • We past each other on sunday june 22, 2014 from 8:30-9:00 pm; from charleston to huntington several times. I held up a sign for you to read; requesting your phone number. I can't help but think about your pretty smile. You were driving a blue chevy c [...]
  • Sauna at the Y. - m4m (Huntington) 26yr
    • We were in the sauna at the Y with two other guys. You knew one of them. They both left shortly after I came in. You were on a towel and started rubbing yourself. I pretended not to notice and left shortly and went to the shower. You came in but I wa [...]
  • pizza delivery boy - m4m (huntington) 39yr
    • I was at st marys last night and was standing outside and you came in to deliver pizza at 2:40 am I think you are really cute guy would like to get to know you better you was driving a blue pontiac you spoke to me both times as you walked by if u are [...]
  • Portsmouth Massage - m4w
    • Hey a couple of months ago you were looking for a massage and we talked and then you took your ad down and you never got my emails any more. Hit me back up, I enjoyed talking to you.
  • 330am - m4w 18yr
    • I was walking home from work down Washington around 330 am when u came up to me bc u thought u knew me, you were wearing sweat pants and a big gray tshirt u idk why I didn't ask for your number when I asked for a cig u gave me 3 hopefully u see this
  • Todd Parks - m4m (Huntington) 33yr
    • Todd I miss you so much not a day hasn't passed that you haven't been on my mind and in my heart. I need you. I can't reach you anywhere please contact me here. If anyone knows todd please pass this along to him. I love you Todd.
  • a nice smile - m4w (Grayson)
    • You pulled in beside me at the store and when I looked across at you, you smiled. We both left at the same time. You rolled down your window. I so wanted to say I liked your truck. But instead I panicked.
  • Red HHR - Armco Park - m4m
    • Met you today (Monday) at Armco Park. Tell me what happened so I know it's you.

I wan to dock with you!!!!!

It's not often a guy likes cats and carries treats for them.

  • Zack at Rotary - m4m (Huntington)
    • Hey Zack, I had a really nice time with you at the park, I would like to do it again...If you are interested tell me what we did and where we did it.....:) I really hope to hear back from you.
  • Appalachian Uprising 2014 - m4w
    • Facing the stage I was on the left side watching Mashall Tucker Band by myself. I was wearing a black Harley jacket. There was a girl that started dancing in front of me and was so cute. She was wearing a long skirt with maybe a flower print. In one [...]

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