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  • dreadlocks in the lot - m4w (neosho)
    • You were walking out of walmart just after noon heading to the lot looking for your car. Twirling about, lost, walking one direction then the other. You are incredibly hot and I couldnt take my eyes off you. We met eyes a couple of times as I was wai [...]
  • dealer (amanda) - m4w (downstream)
    • I wanted to ask you if we could hunt together but you were gone. If I being honest I just wanted to talk more.
  • Love and Freindship are just an Illusion - m4w (Everywhere)
    • Just what the title say's if you think love is real BULLSHIT its real till your used up or no longer useful to the other side.I am older and through many painful years of trial and error i have found this to be true. love is often one sided there's w [...]
  • Im Sorry - m4w (Cathage)
    • I'm sorry if I was pushy. I know you're still hung up on your bf and I was trying to be a friend. Since I met you we have spent so much time together at my place that I thought there was more. I guess I don't do the one night thing very well when I k [...]
  • Casey's 20th / conn. - m4m (Deli section)
    • the guy making pizza's and sub's in the morning a couple days ago, you are very nice I would love to go down on you. I need nothing in return. hit me up if you see this.
  • Casino Fun - m4w (Downstream) 40yr
    • Looking for a woman I met 8 months ago at Downstream Casino. I answered your CL ad and we got along for the 3 nights I was there. I hoping to reconnect with you. Please tell me your name.
  • Bookstore - m4m (Joplin) 40yr
    • I saw you late last night in a bookstore in Joplin. We were looking in the study section. I asked you a specific question just so I could make this post. I have to admit that your bulge in those jeans was amazing. I don't think you were even hard but [...]
  • 7th street family Video friday night - m4w 37yr
    • It was friday night, 12/19/14

You were maybe 5'7 +/- 1" Beautiful black hair, I couldn't tell if you were Hispanic or maybe native american. All I do know is that you had a gorgeous body with perfect curves, I passed by a few times and thought abou [...]

Secrets that may be painful when brought to the attention of people close The pictures are mine to do with what I like. My name is not Matt.

  • Girl at Webb City Burger King. - m4w
    • So, I hope this isn't to weird but there is a girl who works at the Webb City BK that is absolutely gorgeous. I have seen her a few times and she has a smile that is deadly. She worked the drive thru tonight and her name starts with a K.
  • Neosho Walmart - w4m (Neosho) 35yr
    • Ok I think you have a post on here and I'm wondering if you are the guy I saw at Walmart smiling at me. Let me know what section we were in about a week ago
  • black women Webb city Walmart - m4w (webb city) 22yr
    • You a beautiful older black mom type, you bought a green thing of bubble wrap which was the same color as your jacket, your very pretty and I wanted to meet you. What animal is on the back of your jacket if your real
  • 6868ioweuone - m4w 39yr
    • Ever wish you hadn't burned that bridge? The words hurt the most because they came from the heart. Didn't know how much I cared until I knew how much it hurt.
  • Mccalisters - m4w (Joplin) 26yr
    • You were getting food to go in your workout clothes. You gave me a smile as you got into your Altima and it froze me. I had been checking you out already and am kicking myself for not asking for your number. If this is you tell me what color your car [...]
  • Jasper Fastrip - m4w (Jasper)
    • We walked in the store together, I held the door for you. I wanted to talk to you but you left before I could. You were very sexy and a brunette. You were driving a silver Dodge truck. Contact me, I want to talk to you.
  • that charming look. - w4m (Nevada, mo) 35yr
    • You were my cashier at wamart yesterday morn. I've been through ur line before as well. We've talked both times. Don't know if it was just you being nice or part of it work ethic. I enjoyed our conversation would like to b able to talk to you more. W [...]
  • Guy At Price Cutter - m4m (Joplin)
    • Ran into the store early evening on 12/16/14 to pickup a few things. Was trying to pick something out when I noticed you walk by and stop and linger for a minute and then walked down the isle and we made eye contact. Thought you were cute and you see [...]
  • Unforgettable smile - m4w
    • I was standing behind you at McDonald's on 32nd and Maiden Ln about a week or so back. We spoke, and I even brushed something off the back of your black coat for you. You had a smile that I will never forget, and I would love to get the chance to see [...]
  • blowing kisses at Freeman hospital - m4w (joplin)
    • Thought you were hot and thought it was cute when you blew me a kiss. Wish I had the chance to get your number and talk to you. If by some random chance you see this tell me what I was doing when you blew me a kiss so I know it was you.
  • This is a long shot. - m4w (JOPLIN) 53yr
    • I hope this works. I'm looking for the attractive lady we sort of met at savalot your attractive petete darker skin black hair. I walked in the store. You made a comment about a hot guy to you friend. I would like to get to know you better. Over coff [...]
  • Sunday at walmart - m4w (neosho)
    • That one little smile let me know you caught me looking at you. I'm sure you know where I was looking at. Tell me what aisle we were by so I know it's you.
  • Lucy - w4m (Up a hill)
    • I just wanted to tell you that you are wonderful and I love you very much your voice warms my heart and right or wrong I never want to lose you I know you will be busy today with company at the office and wasn't sure I'd get to tell you but I love yo [...]
  • Linda - m4w (nosho) 49yr
    • You were there. For me in a very tough time in my life. U helped me with things no one else could and I want you to kno I appreciate it.you lived in Anderson at the time

The tough things have returned again and I miss just talkin and aggravating the [...]

  • Sherry where are you??? - m4w (Joplin) 43yr
    • Looking for my old friend Sherry whom I lost contact with several years ago. We met almost 20 yrs ago up on Main st. back when she had her old camaro and then both got married and kind of lost touch. Don't remember her last name cause it changed when [...]
  • Downstream Saturday night? - w4m
    • You called me over to your table Saturday night at Downstream. Very nice looking and sexy older man. You had on a ball cap and black shirt. Tell me what card game you were playing and what I was wearing so I know it's you. I would like to see you aga [...]

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