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craigslist | missed connections in joplin

  • Will AMJ see this in time? - m4w (Asbury, MO)
    • Not sure if it was you that posted an ad earlier, but I just wanted to let you know that I will be in town this weekend and I would love to see you and the girls. I miss you terribly and need to see you. I hope you are doing well and would love to ca [...]
  • Twins - m4w
    • You are a twin and I am a man who is considerably older than you are. I am married and you have met us both as we both have been over to your house. This is a little awkward do to the situation but I find myself thinking about you on occasion.
  • Playmor Saturday - m4m (Joplin)
    • You stopped me at playmor and whispered something to me. Hit me up would like to talk
  • Early - m4w (Joplin)
    • This morning,

All day you have been on my mind you have always been on my mind but today was every minute. It's almost as if God is keeping you in font of me for a reason? I missed you today all day.

You were standing next to the trolly stop, holding a white & brown dog on a leash. There was a small boy of maybe 8? You were wearing a brown tank top & brown shorts, like a jogging outfit. I rode by on my bike & just [...]

  • Crowded Joplin restaurant - Sunday 8/31 - m4w
    • We were in a crowded restaurant on Rangeline this afternoon around 1:30 or so. You: blond hair, very little make up, sitting at a higher table. We caught one another's glances a few times just before you left. It was unmistakable, but nice, really ni [...]
  • fast trip on 32nd and Conn. - m4w (joplin) 23yr
    • I came to fast trip at 2am and you were there talking to the woman that works there. We had a small convo in the store and if u read this i want u to tell me what we talked about, and what did i ask ur friend for at the store. I noticed u had a ring [...]
  • Micheal's in joplin - m4w (joplin mo) 29yr
    • we talked for a short time, we are both artists, would love to get to know more about you sometime...i know this is a shot in the dark but i thought id try lol...send me an email with what i was buying so i know its you
  • quick cummers - m4m (Joplin) 25yr
    • look for a quick cummer to cum together. hmu. stats n pic required around my age. ddf an discreet.. :)
  • Cassy from Joplin - m4w (Downstream) 40yr
    • I met you about 4-5 months ago at Downstream Casino. We had a awesome time!! Sadly your phone is now disconnected so I'm not able to reach you. So I figure I try here hoping you or someone that knows you see's this ad. Please contact me asap. Before [...]
  • Rhoneeda at Grand Lake Casino - m4w (grove)
    • You walked behind me at the casino lastnight while I was playing a machine, you asked me if I was married and told me I was hot, introduced urself and said you was gonna be setting on the other side of the bar and wanted to have a beer with me, well [...]
  • Mail lady - m4w (Seneca)
    • I know this is a long shot but, I saw you driving the mail truck in Seneca as I was passing threw. You looked kinda sad but when I smiled you smiled. I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and should always wear that beautiful smile.
  • I miss u valiore - m4w (granby)
    • I miss u valiore u lived in monett then moved to auroa we use to hang and I would come over to your apt. i sent you a special gift in the mail. last I talked to you u were pregnant with it second I hope to hear from you!!!!
  • I miss waving to you - m4w (neosho)
    • You worked at scholastic in neosho And we would wave at each other than we talked on the phone i miss u I hope to hear from u agian
  • Dish installer - m4m (31 and Mingo)
    • You installed my new satellite this morning. I thought you were very attractive. I would loved to have blown you this morning. Hit me up if you are interested.
  • Hardee's Counter - m4w (Joplin)
    • I've been in two days in a row. Had to come back today for a second look. :) You have the most amazing eyes. Pulled me right in and I think there was something between us because I caught you looking hard too. Tell me what I was wearing and in the su [...]
  • In the still of the night... - w4m (Joplin) 43yr
    • ...your eyes haunt me still...

...takin' away all my will... ...yearning, burning, longing for you... ...never again, just can't be true... ...I wanted to take you to such heights... ...Show you ohhh so many delights... ...Would it really be th [...]

  • Thrift - m4w (Carthage)
    • You smiled stared when walked in and seemed nice in talking. If was you hit me up if want to talk.
  • The front desk at Booneslick lodge. - m4w (Jane, mo) 28yr
    • Hello. I checked in later in the night. I don't even really know what to say other than I thought you were very beautiful. Sorry for being some what shy. I do like the tatts. If for some type of luck you see this can you let me know what where I said [...]
  • Home delivery yellow truck - m4m (Rual)
    • Hey so this is a long shot u drive a Schwans truck ur a nice looking guy u have a nice smile don't no I f ur interested in exploring or not u deliver on Tuesday tell me what I got
  • Samantha Johnson - w4w (lost)
    • Looking for my aunt Sam. Respond with the name of the Doberman you had and gramas wiener dogs name and I'll get my number to you
  • peter rabbit - m4m (exit 22) 60yr
    • we were in one of the back booths, and you were behind me, and I asked if you were Peter Rabbit....HMU
  • Looking for friends/email buddy - w4m 48yr
    • Pretty tired of having nobody to talk to, but always being there when someone else needs me to be. So I'm resorting to this. Pass me an email to start chatting. Don't care if you're male or female. Just be a caring human being. Thank you :) See you a [...]
  • Pierced clerk missed busty blonde - m4w (Rangeline)
    • You came into my store with your lady friend, and we had a little talk. I would've said more or given you my number, but you guys took off before I could. If you want to get to know me like I want to know you, reply with what you and your friend left [...]
  • saw you at anniversary party.. - m4m (Joplin)
    • We know each other.. Met you at anniversary gathering. Like to "talk" more with you. We have some things in common.. Discreet.. clean.. contact me..
  • Beautiful Redhead (Joplin )
    • I am your friend, we talk now and then but you have no idea that I have a thing for you. I have seen multiple posts on here about you and when you are told about them you say they are not about you or it embarrasses you. It shouldn't, it should flatt [...]
  • If I had only one friend left - m4w (Brighton)
    • I miss my friend, and daughters. I would love to hear from you again. Miss you girls.
  • should have been something wonderful - m4w (joplin mo)
    • ive tried meeting on here i know some wish me harm may have even put a curse spell or whatever on me i hope your happy because your so selfish if you liked me deeper then a friend you should have should made a move or told me im a man be honest baby [...]
  • blonde at books a million - m4w (Joplin)
    • we were both looking at magizines around the music/sci fi section you white shorts, great legs:) aqua t shirt me blue jeans and blue t shirt would like to meet you for lunch if your interested.
  • Kamrie in Miami - m4w (Miami)
    • I want you so bad sometimes I think it'll drive me crazy. All I can do is look from afar. You are such an amazingly beautiful and talented young woman. If I could I'd make love to you until my last breath. But if you knew who I was I doubt you'd take [...]
  • Mean & Rude - w4m (Joplin)
    • I knew that you had a mean side but to call me what you called me was just plain rude and uncalled for...all you had to say was leave me alone. I completely mad at myself for catching feelings for a person like you. And to think that I actually cried [...]
  • fair chance - m4w (Paradise)
    • Today is almost over tomorrow is quick to come you don't call I thought you would I thought you meant some of the stuff you said I thought you might prove me wrong and you didn't I continued to pray about it there was something special there sorry we [...]
  • Hope you read these - m4w (Neosho)
    • Me 21 you 23. I dated your sister but always had a thing for you. Hope you read this. We had great connection for the two weeks we basically lived together. You know my number text me
  • Best day ever!!! - w4m (Carl) 27yr
    • The day I met you was one of my luckiest and I'm so thankful for you and your positive spirit. You complete my life and I've never been happier. I've never been so confident. I've never felt so secure. I've never trusted anyone as I do you. You're am [...]
  • Bruce Lowry - m4m (Joplin)
    • I lost touch with him in the last year or so. If you know how to reach him, give me a shout.
  • was it you - m4w (joplin) 34yr
    • Your the only woman I've ever loved the days and nights we spent together were the best of my life my kids loved you and you loved them your lids loved me and i them then you called it off and lied to me and everyone else and broke my heart i will ne [...]
  • Security and the fisherman Couple I met in Joplin - m4mw (Joplin)
    • I hung out with a couple in Joplin at a motel around thanksgiving greatest time ever I drew a beer can on her leg and the rest of the night was a blast!! Please get ahold of me I would love to hang out again!!!
  • Steve !!!!!! - w4m (Joplin) 29yr
    • If anyone knows a Steve Hendricks lives in Parsons and works at the Green Country Chevy dealership. Tell him Courtney from Joplin misses him and is sorry for everything that happened.

I would like to talk and see him again. He was such a sweet guy! [...]

  • Cassy - m4w (Downstream Casino) 40yr
    • Looking to locate a hot, white, in 40's woman named Cassy. She wore glasses and had dirty blonde hair with color streaks sometimes added. I met her at Downstream Casino about 4 months back. We were contacting eachother via cell#, but received a call [...]
  • park play - m4w (McClellan park)
    • I seen you today in Joplin playing with you daughter at the park you were wearing black pants and blue shirt. You drove Chevy sonic . I was sliding with my grand daughter . You were so friendly and very attractive I'd love to talk to you some time
  • Mindy Big Rs - m4w (Joplin)
    • You were our server Wednesday night. Thank you for the good service and smiling face. But, great thank you for being a sexy lookin lady! After we ordered our beverages, one of the other tables you were a server had left, and they left a tip next to t [...]
  • Stephanie from bww - m4w (joplin) 28yr
    • Stephanie from bww, you have dark hair, you are kind of short and attractive omg you are just gorgeous
  • Carol - m4w (Joplin) 40yr
    • We used to date back in 99 I had a ford truck like to get back intouch put my name in sub. So I know it's u
  • At parts and in ford long bed kids in play room - m4w (Joplin )
    • I feel we have a moment. You just came into my work I smiled and greeted you as you was at the parts counter. Leaving we met again you was in ford long bed older model I pulled over you passed me in the lot once again I feel had a moment. Call me cra [...]
  • Cassy from Joplin at Downstream - m4w (Joplin) 40yr
    • I met a hot 40ish woman named Cassy at Downstream Casino. We had a few fun nights that included drinks, food, gamble and fun. I cannot reach her via cell number. If you are reading this or if someone knows of Cassy please contact this ad asap. Like t [...]
  • Adelie at Joplin Cheddar's - m4w (Joplin)
    • You were my party's server Sunday evening. I think you had the sexiest eyes, hair and smile. And, of course you are a young hot lady. I smiled at you, said thank you over and over--you smiled back. I even put a smiley face with a wink on the meal tic [...]
  • hot bored and sweaty as fuck... yard sale 125 highland ave - m4m (125 highland ave)
    • Come on out guys, I'm bored hot and sweaty.... havin a garage sale to help a friend out.... All alones of course, Uggg
  • blonde at laundry mat 15th st - m4w (joplin)
    • You were wearing a black shirt with gold writing. . Black shorts with white stripes. . I think you are great looking. Drop me a line ..
  • looking for a victoria adams - m4w (joplin,granby area)
    • Im looking for a victoria adams. She is a white female in her mid 40s i believe. She was married to a truck driver. I believe she lives in the joplin/granby area but im not sure. I met her at freeman hospital in joplin around the first of march of th [...]
  • Lady at briarbrook club house 8-5-14 - m4w (Briarbrook ) 46yr
    • I was running late Tuesday evening and past by you on my way in.

We both smiled and said hello. I would like to talk with you some time

  • Hispanic or Asian ladies wanna get maried - m4w (Carthage) 34yr
    • If you are Asian or Hispanic and want to get married right away...I'm your man. I have my own house, nice car, and a good paying job to support us. If you would like to know more about me then just email me and we can exchange info. Thank you ladies [...]
  • Wilson Tire Employee - w4m (Nevada)
    • Date: Sat, Aug. 2. I bought a new tire due to blow out & had my spare patched. You were wearing jeans, boots, and a red polo shirt. We talkd bout my 70 mph blow out. You also put my spare in my trunk. I was wearing all black. You have really dark hai [...]
  • Smoking - m4m (Joplin MO )
    • We sit outside and smoke together, we haven't talked a lot really until today and we talked a little bit. I think you're really attractive. I don't know if you're even interested in anything like that, but if you see this and are interested respond a [...]
  • Amazing legs! - m4w (Carthage) 35yr
    • You were in Carthage Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon around 2 pm. You have short bright red hair, a gorgeous smile and eyes. I'm thinking you are in your early 30's but I'm not very good at guessing ages. You had on a Molina t-shirt and short black Nike [...]
  • wall mart selfie - m4w (nevada)
    • you asked me to take a selfie with you at wallmarts this afternoon. I love random crazy lol.

get ahold of me, I want a copy of that picture ;)

  • Begin Again - w4mm (Moxie)
    • I saw you at the Moxie today. You were with what seemed to be your boyfriend (he was wearing a hat) and after the movie things didn't seem to be going so well. I hope you are ok. If you need someone to talk to let me know. Can we "Begin Again" with a [...]
  • Please help. Single mother - w4m
    • I would never ask this if I wasn't in serious trouble financially.

I have recently lost almost everything I have and have had to move to this area. I'm having a hard time finding good work. I have numerous bills and no way to pay them. I'm going to [...]

We were with others or we would have followed you into the bar [...]

  • Jardens-Blonde - m4w (neosho) 51yr
    • U know me! I was falling in love with u!!! Then u run off in a blaze. It hurts at least I thought we had something well I know we did.I remember the good times and the love we made.if u find this put me and u in the boat to get rite of spam.And how m [...]
  • Smart Style - m4w (Joplin) 23yr
    • You cut my hair on Thursday. The male in the shop helped you do a fade. Tell me what haircut I got and what town I live in so that I know you're real. I would love to get to know you.
  • Casino Fun - m4w (Downstream) 40yr
    • I'm trying to contact a woman in her early 40's that I met and had awesome fun with at Downstream casino3-4 months back. I answered your ad at the time and we met. Cannot contact you via phone so I'm hoping you are checking out these ads.
  • Cutie off 20th and Grand. - m4w (J-Town)
    • So here is the deal. I did some work one day about a month ago at your friends house. You tried to get her to reschedule so you all could go shopping.

You sent your friend out to look at my hands as I was working looking for a ring. Lol. I would hav [...]

  • Sherry where are you??? - m4w (Joplin) 43yr
    • Looking for my old friend Sherry whom I lost contact with several years ago. We met almost 20 yrs ago up on Main st. back when she had her old camaro and then both got married and kind of lost touch. Don't remember her last name cause it changed when [...]
  • Hot MILF working in Joplin - m4w
    • You today: purple tshirt, black capris (so hot) and glasses. You also have a cute little tattoo on your right calf. If you're curious to know who I am, you should consider responding to this ad. If you have the hots for a guy at the job you just star [...]
  • stocky built Aaron - m4m (Joplin)
    • Thought you were interested. Your a stocky built guy. Your a stocky built guy. Tell me your line of work
  • green eyes at fire - m4w (grove) 21yr
    • This is a long shot but two years ago you were at a fire I went on your friends trailer caught on fire. After we got it out you came and talked to me and I asked what happened you also said your two friends were about to fight lol I was about to give [...]
  • BWW Waitress - m4ww (Joplin) 23yr
    • I just have to say that I would so fuck and date pretty much any of the the girls at Buffalo Wild Wings in Joplin they are hot and if any one of them are single and looking for anything reply to this add with the subject line reading BWW. I am 23 6ft [...]
  • 7th st. Walmart around 6 pm 7/28/14 - m4w (Parking lot)
    • U were wearing a purple top driving a black Chevrolet car. I offered to take ur basket and, u smiled and said thank u! I said ur welcome and we made some serious eye contact. U impressed me with those beautiful eyes and how sweet u were to this stran [...]
  • Cassy - m4w (joplin)
    • I met you at Downstream casino about 3 motns ago. You posted a ad and I responded to it. We met the first night, which continued everyday until I left. Been in contact you via phone but the last few weeks to no avail. Today I found out that you don't [...]
  • Casey's, Baxter Springs, Sunday morning - m4w (Baxter springs)
    • You work the register. You're blonde, and short. You have the most sincere smile, and stunning eyes that I've ever seen. So beautiful in a simple, elegant way.
  • To Waffle House Jesse - m4w (Webb City, Mo)
    • Enjoyed talking to you would have loved to take you for a ride on the bike bet we could have some fun love to see all of your tats up close and personal

Your biker friend

Hit me up if you see this.

  • Vegas Video Black Truck - m4m
    • I know this is odd but had a good time. If you want to meet up when our women (assuming you got a girl ) ain't putting out hit me up. Let me know what I drove. Don't want names just relief. Just want to nut and go. Could meet there again or somewhere [...]
  • White Grill, Nevada 6-22-14 - w4m (carthage) 51yr
    • I missed the opportunity to talk to you that Sun around 2:00 pm, was passing through town. You sat down 1 stool away and I'm kicking myself for not striking up a conversation with you. Never posted here before, but worth a shot.
  • Man in the locker room at the Y - m4m (Joplin) 24yr
    • I've seen you there a few times but we had never talked to each other. I finally talked to you this morning. What did we talk about? And what do you drive?

You would never know I'm into men. Masculine and discreet.

  • Counter girl at Little Caesars - m4w (Maiden)
    • Near 7th. You told me how you got flour on your hat and what you did to your arm, but despite all that I still think your really hot and would like to get to know you. Do you remember what I ordered or went back outside for ?
  • Dennys on FF - Sat 7/19 - m4w (SW MO) 52yr
    • Had a meal and coffee Saturday night and 'lots' of coffee - we sat in the smoking section. You asked me if my tattoo had hurt when I got it. Would like to talk to you more.

Where was my tattoo?

  • Walgreens Carthage - m4m (Carthage)
    • Does anyone know the cute boy Ben that works the register at Walgreens? Tall,dark hair, glasses, skinny and very cute. If your him replying please send me a pic so I know its you and if it is I would like to hang out and talk?
  • Sweet Corn - m4w
    • You sold me some sweet corn and you were right it was good. I thought you were also very sweet and attractive. This was a week ago and for some reason have had a difficult time of forgetting you. I am not sure if you were married or not.
  • Lady at Lowes - m4w
    • You were looking at books near the exit. You had a killer body. I am sure you are not interested but if you are let me know

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