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craigslist | missed connections in joplin

  • You are 18-19 years old - m4w (Joplin area) 37yr
    • First, let me say this is a very for real ad. It's been raining a lot this Spring/Summer in the Southwest Missouri area. I'm seeking the young lady I saw who is 18-19 years old, to spend time with once a week or so, someone who will truly make time f [...]
  • Hot Sarcoxie MILF working in Joplin - m4w
    • You today: purple Sarcoxie tshirt, black capris (so hot) and glasses. You also have a cute little tattoo on your right calf. If you're curious to know who I am, you should consider responding to this ad. If you have the hots for a guy at the job you [...]
  • Dennys on FF - Sat 7/19 - m4w (SW MO) 52yr
    • Had a meal and coffee Saturday night and 'lots' of coffee - we sat in the smoking section. You asked me if my tattoo had hurt when I got it. Would like to talk to you more.

Where was my tattoo?

  • Walgreens Carthage - m4m (Carthage)
    • Does anyone know the cute boy Ben that works the register at Walgreens? Tall,dark hair, glasses, skinny and very cute. If your him replying please send me a pic so I know its you and if it is I would like to hang out and talk?
  • Sweet Corn - m4w
    • You sold me some sweet corn and you were right it was good. I thought you were also very sweet and attractive. This was a week ago and for some reason have had a difficult time of forgetting you. I am not sure if you were married or not.
  • Lady at Lowes - m4w
    • You were looking at books near the exit. You had a killer body. I am sure you are not interested but if you are let me know
  • RX Label - m4w (Joplin/ W.C.)
    • I was delivering to RX Label today (Thursday) about 1:30 and you were standing outside the door to receiving having a smoke. You have a slim build what appears to be multi colored hair, it was hard to tell because you were wearing a cap septum pierci [...]
  • Roper Honda-Joplin - m4w (Joplin) 30yr
    • To the GORGEOUS woman at roper Honda today between 3:30pm-4:00pm. You were getting your car services, and when you came through the doors, I was instantly hooked and couldn't keep my eyes off you. You caught me looking at you...haha. I SOOO wanted to [...]
  • La Quinta / Pitchers - You needed a light - m4w 36yr
    • Wow you were sexy. You were parked out front of La Quinta saying goodbye to a friend. You asked me for a light for your cigarette... You were smoking hot!! I wanted to say something but wasn't sure who your friend was... bf, husband?? If you see this [...]
  • To My Lost Prescott Love - m4w (From Prescott To Joplin) 29yr
    • Justina I hope you are well and that your life has gotten better. I found the letter you wrote to your future self before we got married and I have never been so touched in my life. I don't know how things got so bad between us when they were once so [...]
  • Wal-Mart 7th Street - Mon 13th evening - w4m (Joplin) 43yr
    • Handsome guy in khaki work clothes... We said hi when you passed me browsing near the bras. LOL If the attraction was mutual & you happen upon this, I'd love to see more of you! Send pic to verify please.
  • stocky built Aaron - m4m (Joplin)
    • Thought you were interested. Your a stocky built guy. Your a stocky built guy. Tell me your line of work
  • BWW Waitress - m4ww (Joplin) 23yr
    • I just have to say that I would so fuck and date pretty much any of the the girls at Buffalo Wild Wings in Joplin they are hot and if any one of them are single and looking for anything reply to this add with the subject line reading BWW. I am 23 6ft [...]
  • Summer Help at Local Factory - m4m
    • They hired you for summer help to clean the air conditioner condensers at my place of work. You are a younger guy. Im an older guy. You told me you are from Oklahoma. I have seen you alot and we have had conversations before. Seen you today at work. [...]
  • Barrel Racing Girl fm Columbus, KS - m4w (cici pizza in joplin)
    • i talked with you as we went thru the line on saturday about 130pm. you told me about your barrel racing and the fast horse that you had for competition. you are a intriguing young lady and i would love to speak with you a lot more. tell me how you w [...]
  • Counter girl at Little Caesars - m4w (Maiden)
    • Near 7th. You told me how you got flour on your hat and what you did to your arm, but despite all that I still think your really hot and would like to get to know you. Do you remember what I ordered or went back outside for ?
  • miss u so much (swmo)
    • Cindy I miss you so much . I just wish things were different . Just wish I could be your everything
  • Walmart 7th street - m4w (Joplin) 29yr
    • I went to Walmart to get some groceries, I saw you and you saw me, we had an instant connection. I would love to get to know you. What shirt was I wearing?
  • Goodbye - w4m
    • I know I will never love again, the true unconditional love, that I had for you all these years. For that I weep, it hits me out of the blue, all of a sudden. Never again will my heart flutter at the sound of your voice.

I will continue acting as th [...]

  • Fancy pants... - w4m (Joplin/Carthage)
    • What a waste & shame that nothing else brings you as much pleasure as they do! You could've been cherished, treasured & yes, even loved very dearly. But no... You're just another empty shell stumbling thru life, trippin' on your puppet strings. Guess [...]
  • Man in the steam room at the Y - m4m (Joplin)
    • We met in the steam room at the Y. We showered together. I kept checking you out. I followed you to the locker room and talked for a bit. You're probably in your 40's. Hot hot body. I would love to suck your dick and give you a massage. I'm in my 20' [...]
  • Garfield's hostess - m4w (Joplin)
    • You seated my wife and I. Thought I heard a server call you "Hailey." If that was your name, I thought you were very cute. Very sexy seeing you loose light brown top slip over your soft looking shoulder. If you are unattached and like older men, love [...]
  • MILF!!! (20th Rangeline)
    • DAMN!!! Sexiest redheaded MILF I have ever seen next to me and my buddy at light on 20th and rangeline this morning. Jamming to country music in your yellow mustang and we kept trying to get your attention and you took off and we tried to catch up. I [...]
  • I miss us
    • We have both moved on in our lives, but I want you to know I think about you now and then and I miss you, I miss us. Everyone said we looked good together and that we were the perfect couple. I wish it could have worked out. I really loved you, love [...]
  • plaid shirt , glasses at braums - m4m (joplin)
    • You were with a female but made a lot of eye contact with me.. Do you have interest? Let me know...
  • fastnal - m4m (joplin)
    • So this is a long shot but what the heck so was there this afternoon u helped me out had a group conversation ur a nice looking guy
  • that guy - m4m (joplin)
    • If you know this guy please let me know!!! If he has been in your life at any point better steer clear of him.
  • Shawn at ford dealer - m4m (Joplin) 28yr
    • You helped me a couple of days ago and all I wanted to say was "let me get under your pants" Man, I'm masculine so you would of never known I'm into dudes, if you want me to drain you, email me. No recip needed. I'm discreet as hell. I know you have [...]
  • Please Contact Me Becca - m4w
    • I know I screwed up everything good when I lost you!! I should have been honest with you and not lied but now you will not even speak to me. I tried emailing you several times with no reply? Then I tried again from another email still no reply? I kno [...]
  • Vegas Video - m4m
    • We met this afternoon and enjoyed a few moments together, though we had more company than we would have liked. I would love to meet up again sometime. You told me where in MO you live, and I told you what state I am from. I still think you're handsom [...]
  • I Do..... - m4w (far away)
    • You'll probably never see this... Who knows... nevertheless, I just need to vent.

I still love you, always and forever. I wish things were different but a hundred years will never change how deeply you were hurt. Nothing I said or ever felt for you [...]

From oklahoma Into Missouri

  • mandy jones - m4w
    • If you read this Mandy will you email me. You work at the cemetery I seen you today
  • CAN YOU HELP MY SON? - t4m
    • On July 3 my son was traveling through mo,and stopped at a town called Seneca.My son is djsablex and had just cashed his ss,diability ck.He stopped at a Loves statTion for gas and use the bathroom he had his cash in a bank ck.book cover.he put this o [...]
  • I STILL LOVE YOU!! - m4w
  • Chinese buffet Rangeline around 2 p.m. - m4m (Joplin) 35yr
    • To the hot black man with the stunning bulge sitting by himself earlier today: If I hadn't been with a friend's female friend, I would have walked right up and given you my number. I'd LOVE to unwrap that package sometime. I tried not to stare too mu [...]
  • red tank top - m4w (walmart)
    • You walked into the garden center just in front of me. You were wearing a red tank top black shorts and a ball cap. You were looking over by some chairs. You have an awesome Rack!!!

Would love to take you for a ride on the Harley and get to know eac [...]

  • Amazing legs! - m4w (Carthage) 35yr
    • You were in Carthage Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon around 2 pm. You have short bright red hair, a gorgeous smile and eyes. I'm thinking you are in your early 30's but I'm not very good at guessing ages. You had on a Molina t-shirt and short black Nike [...]
  • missing you my sssd - w4m (joplin ) 29yr
    • I've always wanted you. I doubt I'll ever see you again. I just can't seem to move on. I wish you would've stayed so I didn't go through all this heartache. No one else will ever compare. Every moment we spent together I will never forget. Everything [...]
  • Woman with butterfly tat on right breast - m4w (webb city) 37yr
    • I know this is a long shot and u probably wont even read this. You have a butterfly tat on your right breast, a tat on your neck and a tat on your lower back. You are very pretty. I passed you at walmart in webb city and smiled but, you didnt smile b [...]
  • Red sports car/black tank top - m4m
    • long shot-----you pulled up in front of store, looked curious/horny, sit there a little bit, then pulled out and left. Yeah there were a couple of people in shop, but they left, cum on back, cum in, and we'll take care of you. The shop is on 32nd.
  • Almost you - mw4w (Here, there)
    • Check out Tom beck- almost you

It may remind you of something or make you remember things you forgot.

  • Slender lady long grey hair - m4w (Books a Million)
    • We saw each other at Books a Million around 1 today...Friday..You were reading around the Sci Fi/Music section..I wore a blue t shirt...should of asked your name..your quiet pretty...If your single would you like to chat and maybe meet for dinner?
  • Kevin Rogers or Rodgers - w4m (U.S.A)
    • looking for Kevin Rogers or Rodgers...has newer Ford F150 burgundy Here in Joplin Missouri visiting his 27 yr old son. Blue eyes Brown hair..or what's left up top..LOL. I am supposed.to meet you....help me find him!! Please let's start our life of HA [...]
  • We shared a taxi Last night July 3rd - m4w (Joplin)
    • It was a packed cab to start with you sat next to me then started cuddling up to me. I never got your name, and I never gave you mine. By the way you are a great kisser.
  • Webb City Dollar General - m4w (webb city) 37yr
    • You were a absolutely gorgeous blonde checking out in pink shorts and a gorgeous face! You asked me my name and I couldn't take my eyes off you!
  • looking for someone (se of joplin)
    • Anyone know the moellers between Wentworth and PC in looking for him for couple years. He drives a truck for a company out of my Vernon
  • Ewert pool, joplin - m4w 39yr
    • Saw you at the pool Thursday pm. You were the smoking hot number with a tat on your lower back and pink sunglasses, I was the guy with a beard in the white polo shirt.
  • Beautiful woman at the mall with amazing flower tattoo on chest. - m4w (Joplin ) 20yr
    • I'm sure this is creepy and the odds are slim, but hey, there is noone to judge me but myself. If I weren't ok with this then I wouldn't do it. At the mall today, around 3:30pm I seen you for the umth time and I couldn't take my eyes off you. You hav [...]
  • J. Tatum - m4w (Neosho area)
    • I'm hoping to reconnect with you. Not sure how you're doing or where you are at. Please get in touch with me soon. I really miss talking to you.
  • looking for paul - w4m 35yr
    • Looking for Paul, he has a son Ashton who should be about 5 or 6. He may be in cape Girardeau area or moved to california
  • Lady at Shoal Creek on 06/29 - m4w
    • I moticed you while you were walking and I know you are married but I also noticed you were fit and very attractive. If you read this and are interested reply
  • I came back with a helmet Wendy - m4w (Nevada)
    • Wendy you stopped me on my Harley at Allison and WASHINGTON in NEVADA. I went and got a helmet and came back for you. Get at me and let's go for that ride!
  • Delivered a package - m4m (Joplin)
    • Saw you at front entrance as I came in with a delivery. You asked if it was for you. You were looking mighty good and loved the fur showing. If by chance you may be interested, hit me up and let me know where you were.
  • seeking Nancy Marti - m4w (Joplin, Missouri)
    • If anyone knows Nancy, ask her to call Bob. I should have stayed in touch. Thanks
  • Rock 3405 - m4m 30yr
    • Im looking for the cute dj. Your always inside and looking so hot. I want to get to know you. Please hit me up.
  • Joplin Swimming Pool - m4w (Joplin) 35yr
    • I've seen you there numerous times. You're really sexy. You might work there, but maybe not. I'm just not sure. You're around 5 foot 6 inches. Average build. Straight hair. Tattoo. Tell me your hair color, and where and what your tattoo is??? I'm a c [...]
  • need to find . patricia boone - m4w (joplin mo. )
    • havent seen her in yrs , was a friend that worked at tri -state trucking company . short ,cute, has a son named brian he now at least 30 . needing a friend
  • Hook Up 420 - m4mw (Seneca)
    • Looking for the hook up. Text me if you know Mary Jane. 33four-6four8-four355

No 5O

...checkin out the candles,etc. Wanted to say hi but hesitated....passed you several times. You had on a white shirt I think, middle age, nice looking. I am middle age too...had on g [...]

  • GL with black beard - m4m (Joplin )
    • you have been in my new store a couple of times, today you seemed like you might be interested in more than was on the shelves. You were wearing a black company t-shirt and work a couple of doors from me. Would like to show u the backroom, let me kno [...]
  • WM grocery on 7th - m4m (joplin)
    • Saw you in the aisle a few times today and made eye contact with . You have a nice tan and wore a hospital tee... would like to know more.. yell back if you have interest.
  • Redhead shopping Carthage Walmart - m4w (Carthage)
    • Hi I am the guy you smiled at and we said hello to each other in paper towel alise around 6 pm wed. you are petite auburn short hair / glasses your really cute we are both 40ish would love to meet for dinner if you find this and would like to.
  • Monday morning fun - m4w (Joplin) 55yr
    • I saw u on the 5th floor. Your name starts with a C. I think you are beautiful. Would love to get with you.
  • Webb City Price Cutter - m4w (Webb City) 28yr
    • This is a long shot but. In Price Cutter in Webb City I seen you and let you buy. You said I was polite and we passed. I seen you again leaving the store. You were older but a very nice woman. Please reply if you happen to see this.
  • price cutter - m4w (webb city)
    • We walked by each other in the frozen food Isle., we smiled and said hi as i looked back at you I noticed you wete looking back as well.. I am tall and bald. Id like to smile at you again ..
  • Sherry where are you??? - m4w (Joplin) 43yr
    • Looking for my old friend Sherry whom I lost contact with several years ago. We met almost 20 yrs ago up on Main st. back when she had her old camaro and then both got married and kind of lost touch. Don't remember her last name cause it changed when [...]
  • Smokin Hot Blonde - m4w (15th ST Laundry Mat, Joplin)
    • You were dressed in all black. You are Smoking Hot.. Would like to get to know you.. I see you have a ring on.. Sunday early afternoon.
  • hole needs a beeting - m4m 18yr
    • looking to get my hole dominated by a dude 18-30

dick and face pic needed your place

  • Its been a while - m4w (today) 27yr
    • I hope life is good your still on my mind. I just thought I would let you know. 8months today
  • clb/p - m4w (joplin) 25yr
    • You came up to my work with your husband and what seemed to be his parents. I really wanted to talk to you alone but I knew that wasn't happening. I bought your drink and parted my way. I hope you see this.

spare me just three last words. . . That [...]

  • seen you at bucks - m4w (neosho)
    • You got your phone stolen at the bar that night your finance was so wasted drunk i seen him fall out of his chair! but you was so beautiful you sang you danced we caught eyes from across the room i made ny way to your your table and made small talk j [...]
  • Pretty Lady Shopping With Her Mom - m4w (Mall)
    • I am a young man with light brown hair with an athletic build kind of more on the skinny side though.I am tall and have dark blue eyes. I was at the mall on Saturday looking at car stereos and you walked by with who I presume to be your mother. You h [...]
  • Sure do miss those late night tator tots!!lol - m4w (Joplin)
    • You will know who it is just by the tator tots statement if you still have any interest then reply. Kinda weird putting on here but we will see if works.
  • Big R's - m4w (Joplin)
    • My heart has butterflies for the beautiful brunette hostess at Big R's she has a beautiful smile and was wearing glasses working the register...If she is single I would like to chat and take you to dinner and a movie...your the prettiest lady in Jopl [...]

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