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craigslist | all housing wanted in kennewick-pasco-richland

Looking to cut cost and share rent and utilities to make life more affordable. Please [...]

For Sale and or Trade for real-estate in the Tri City area WA. . Historical site of the Revolutionist, Bandit and General ( Poncho Villa ) and his ruthless ram sacking and burning of the village [...]

  • desperate need (pasco kennewick)
    • I am in desperate need of a place to rent. I am a single dad my daughter is 15. I work fulltime and can pay rent. I was in car wreck august of last year and wasn't able to work until june but by that time I had gotten to far behind I had to sell ever [...]
  • Very neat quiet couple looking for a home (Pasco) $800 1000sqft
    • Hello! My husband and I moved to the area about a year ago and have been living in a beautiful 3 bdrm 2 bath house with a 2 car garage. We have been paying almost $1000 a month and our lease expires in September. We are looking to downsize to a small [...]
  • Looking for a bachelor or one bedroom for a quiet university couple (near SFU Burnaby) $750
    • Looking for a basement suit, apartment, studio, or any one bedroom/ bachelor suite suitable for a couple our price range is $750 maximum ($375 per person). We are attending Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, both on athletic scholarships. We are ver [...]
  • Looking for a house

show contact info THANKS

I am looking for a place to move into, I have a secure job, very easy going, clean, I am 20 so probably a place with other 20 year olds would be awesome. I do have a dog she's about 40lbs not big but not tiny, she s sweet, wont go to bathroom in [...]

Please respond with email Thank you

  • Looking to rent
    • Looking for roommates or a cheap apartment. Either way I'm a chill, responsible, quiet gamer/artist looking for housing options in the tri cities area. I have one parakeet who stays in her cage and is quiet and doesn't smell or is intrusive at all, o [...]
  • Looking to rent
    • Looking for roommates or a cheap apartment. Either way I'm a chill, responsible, quiet gamer/artist looking for housing options in the tri cities area. I have one parakeet who stays in her cage and is quiet and doesn't smell or is intrusive at all, o [...]
  • split an apartment or housing
    • Looking for roommates or a cheap apartment. Either way I'm a chill, responsible, quiet gamer/artist looking for housing options in the tri cities area. I have one parakeet who stays in her cage and is quiet and doesn't smell or is intrusive at all, o [...]
  • Help for a couple (Tricities) $700
    • My fiancÚ is a felon and we are looking for a place to live. There are few out there that believe in second chance. any places that felons please email us and let us know. Thank you.
  • Mobile Home/ Small House Needed!!! (Kennewick or Pasco) $600
    • Small family of 3 maybe 4 needing a place to rent in October for about a year or more. We have a few cats but keep our area clean and maintained despite our little furry friends.

Needing a mobile home or small house with two or more bedrooms. Not wi [...]

I'm looking for a room to rent during the school year. I'm a very relaxed person, don't have any pets and not looking to live in a party house. I'm looking to find a place where I can focus on my studies. I don't mind doing my portion of the c [...]

  • Please help (pasco)
    • Hi! I'm a single mom of 16 year old I work everyday I need help finding a two bedroom in pasco . I can afford 700 to 750 a month ! I would like west pasco , I'm not a smoker and I don't party , I just need a quite place to be me and my son . I have t [...]
  • one last toke (Kennewickhaha school) 420sqft
    • I have been in wa for about 3 months. I love it. For a min I didn't have Nada. But now, thank you very much my stoned ass now lives on the water. I want to hang out on my deck watch the river and have some fun. Give me a call at five zero nine four f [...]
  • looking for room to rent (Tri- Cities) $450
    • My boyfriend and I are looking for a room to rent in the Tri-Cities area... We need a place to stay by Sep 5th... We both are employed, drug free, and have no drama. We have no pets and we do not smoke... We need temporary housing until our apartment [...]
  • Female looking for room with private bathroom (Kennewick)
    • Employed older woman looking for room with private bathroom. Prefer in apartment rather than home. Does not drink, smoke, or use drugs. Very quiet and reserved person.
  • Escort wanting to rent a room for my business! (Kennewick)
    • I'm looking for a male roommate to rent a house with. Must be fine with what I do for a living. I don't do anything illegal. It's all legit the way I do it. My credit sucks right now...just getting back on my feet. I'd like to find someone who I can [...]
  • Couple seeking 1 or 2 bedroom duplex/home/mobile home! (Trie-Cities) $800
    • We're a quiet, respectful couple, freshly engaged and seeking a duplex, home, or mobile home to rent for under $800 a month.

Have two small older dogs, and two well behaved cats, with prior rental history and referrence to prove they are not nuisanc [...]

I prefer in pasco wherever I can get a good deal at I don't wanna pay no more then 600 dollars for rent. If anybody has anything can you please contact me back thank you

  • Considering a roommate (22-30 y/o preferred) (Richland)
    • I am a 23 year old female planning on moving into a two bedroom apartment in Richland around November/December. I am interested in saving some money on rent/utilities/internet. I am looking for a roommate (guy or girl) who is a responsible worker, ne [...]
  • house sitting/care taking postition needed (walla walla)
    • Would like to house sit or care take. Just moved to Walla Walla had major vehicle expenses along the way that would have gone to a house. Have a fourteen old adolescent, a big dog. need fenced yard and two bedroom, two bathroom preferably home to sta [...]
  • Need a home ASAP!! (Richland)
    • I am looking for a 2-3 bedroom home for my children and I. Please contact me if you know anybody that has any homes that they are willing to rent in the Carmichael school district area. Thank you.
  • Apt, Roomshare, (KPR)
    • My name is Mike. Iam a 50 yr. Male. Looking to rent or lease reasonable Apt. or Room. I work, go to school etc. I am looking in a price range of 400.00 to 575.00 depending on situation.

Call for more info, Mike

Just accepted a job in the Kennewick area. Looking for a female roomie in her 20's that wants to share a two bedroom apartment! Looking to pay less than $400 a piece! I have a small dog who is trained and super friendly. Would be great if you l [...]

To visit, and thanks to Murphys Law.... our car wouldnt have made it home So we.were forced to sell it. And thereford were abruptly forced to look for A room for rent on [...]

  • Nice couple needs housing (have great references)
    • We are a Christian couple recently displaced from the home we rented. The owner was given a cash offer and we had to move out quickly. We are currently in a program where we had to go through a screening process. They have not been able to find us a [...]
  • Nice couple needs housing (Have great references)
    • We are a Christian couple recently displaced from the home we rented. The owner was given a cash offer and we had to move out quickly. We are currently in a program where we had to go through a screening process. They have not been able to find us a [...]
  • Nice couple needs housing (have great references) (Tri-Cities)
    • We are a Christian couple recently displaced from the home we rented. The owner was given a cash offer and we had to move out quickly. We are currently in a program where we had to go through a screening process. They have not been able to find us a [...]
  • Room wanted in Badger Elementary school dost (South richland) $500
    • Quiet, drama free. Looking for private space to rent in Badger Mountain elementary school district. I live a healthy, active lifestyle. I am friendly but keep to myself, very clean and tidy.

Move on date would be before August 30. My budget is $500 [...]

  • Housing for two current roomies. (Tri-cities) $800
    • House we are renting is now up for sale and we get along well. If possible we would like to find a place that would rent to us both. She has two trained cats and I have one well traind companion dog. We are looking for older home or trailoe that is r [...]
  • Richland home needed sept 1st (Richland) $600800 2bd
    • I am looking for either a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom that is near Carmichael preferably, or at least in the district. I have the first and second months rent and deposit already saved, and can afford 750-800 a month, though less would be even better of c [...]
  • housing wanted (tri-cities) $1200
    • Me and my roomates are Looking to rent a three to four bedroom home. We can afford up to 1200 a month.
  • Looking for a roommate!!! (richland)
    • Hi i am looking for a roommate. My lease at my apartment is up on September 30th and i am looking to rent a room from someone or split rent for a two bedroom apartment with someone. I prefer a female roommate because i am also a female but not appose [...]
  • Rental house/duplex wanted (kennewick, Richland, Pasco, Finley) $900
    • Myself, my husband and our 6 month old baby are searching for a rental home. We also have a dog, she is a 20 lb. heeler mix that is very well trained and has absolutely no bad habits. We are very quiet, clean, responsible people looking to start our [...]
  • temporary housing for 1 month close to hospital (walla walla) $1000
    • a group of three physician assistant students are doing a one-month rotation in Walla Walla from 9/21/14 -- 10/17/14. We are hoping to find a house for the three of us too share, but are unable to stay for a long period of time and sign a lease. We a [...]
  • need duplex/house 500-750? (kpr) $650
    • I live with my boyfriend, roommate and dog with a baby due in December. Currently in an apartment lease until February but highly considering leaving early. We all have jobs, the boys work full time, I work part time. The roommate will be leaving in [...]
  • room to rent wanted in richland (richland, WA) $200300
    • looking for a room to rent, I work full time, I am respectful, quiet, and clean. I'm 28, male, laid back, don't smoke, do drugs or drink, I like pets but don't have any. email me or text me with your name, number, and any information you deam necessa [...]
  • We remodel/landscape for temp housing (Kennewick)
    • Couple experienced in all phases of remodeling and landscaping willing to remodel/update/repair/landscape etc. your home. We will supply all the labor and knowledge (we do everything from laminate to marble, simple paint to fancy faux painting, stone [...]
  • house/condo/or townhouse wanted (Richland)
    • Looking for a 3 bedroom 1 1/2-2 baths for a responsible small family with 2 small dogs. We are open to larger home with more rooms for the right price. Prefer to pay no more than $1100 per month but will negotiate for the right home. Fenced backyard [...]
  • Furnished 2Br/1Ba wanted for Temp. housing Oct-Dec (KPR) $900 900sqft
    • Searching for a furnished apartment/townhome/SF home for our small family of three (child age:1.5 yrs) as temporary housing from mid-October to December. Our furniture will be stored separately while we look for a more permanent residence, thus the r [...]
  • Swap house in Spokane Valley for house of equal value in Tri Cities Wa
    • I have a very nice house with a shop as well as additional rec room building. Located in the Spokane Valley. Nice quiet area, down private driveway. Excellent location. Looking to trade for nice house of equal value located in Kennewick, Richland, We [...]
  • Housing Needed for Working Adult
    • Hi there,

I'm moving to Walla Walla on Sept. 1st to start a new full time job at a local business in town. Currently I am in Healdsburg, California, and before that I was in Santa Barbara County. With such a short period of time between leaving my [...]

  • seeking room in exchange (Walla Walla)
    • room in exchange for cooking and/or light house work. I am quiet and easy to get along with.
  • Seeking housing (Dayton, WA) $400
    • I am a professional seeking housing opportunities in the Dayton area - ideally trying to avoid the 30-mile commute from Walla Walla to Dayton every day. I am a quiet, non-smoking single male natural resource professional trying to find living accommo [...]
  • ISO Apt/House for $500-650/mo (Walla Walla/College Place)
    • I have been looking desperately for a place to live with my two very sweet, potty-trained chihuahuas. This area has been nearly impossible to find a place to rent. Looking to pay no more than $650/month. I am a quiet, very clean, reliable tenant that [...]
  • 1 bedroom wanted. $600 (Kennewick)
    • I'm looking for a 1 bedroom rental preferably near downtown Kennewick. I have a service dog, weighs about 25 lbs and is trained. I can afford up to $600 rent.
  • House wanted (Connell Wa)
    • Looking to rent a house in Connell. My lease at the Apt I am in is up Sept 30th and looking to move the last week in Sept.
  • Need a room for just 3 weeks (Walla Walla)
    • Hello, my boyfriend and I are finishing our summer jobs, but our summer leases have ended and we need a place to stay for just three weeks until September 15th. We are both Whitman graduates and we are very responsible and willing to help with housew [...]
  • Harvest Intern looking for room in Richland (Richland)
    • Moving from Virginia. Working harvest, sept-dec. Not sure what the plan is after that. Looking for options. Contact by email if any possibilities.
  • Room/Share $350-$400 Mnthly (K.P.R.) $350400
    • I'm looking for a room share or split the rent. I'm 50 and fairly busy. Non furnished as I have some of my own. Call me and we could talk and meet for coffee. I'm a male, but gender no issue.
  • Female roommates (Walla walla) $237
    • I am a female college student at cc for nursing I would like to get a house with at least 2 to 4 females, we could all find a home together, I'm sure it could be possible of cheaper rent and I have good credit with Windermere. text or email me!
  • College place/ walla walla rental needed (Cp/ww)
    • I am looking for a one bedroom apartment. I am not a student but I work at the university. I am quite and keep to my self. Very clean and pick up after my self. I would like to pay around 400 for a small place. If you are looking for a clean quiet te [...]
  • rent/rent to own (Finley) $600800
    • we are looking for a house/trailer to rent or rent to own with a bit of land. we are a family of 6, want to stay in the finley area as our children attend the schools here. our previous land lord lied to us and sold the property(it was supposed to be [...]
  • 3bedroom wanted (house or Apt. ) (kennewick)
    • I need 3 bedroom House or floor Apartment for long term renting .. (( do not have Pets and No smoking too ))

give me a call or text at show contact info

I am looking for a one bedroom. washer/dryer/dishwasher/fridge /air conditioner

I've recently accepted a temporary position in Dayton (through mid to late October), and am having difficulty finding housing. I'm looking for a piece of property (backyard, field, unused lot, etc.) where I might put a 10x12 canvas wall tent. [...]

Looking to rent a house on acreage in the Walla Walla/Touchet/Dixie area. Two horses, two dogs, no kids - we are reliable, solid renters who are former home owners and know how to take care of a place! Also i [...]

  • looking for a 2 bed apt (connell )
    • I'm 23 years old and my girlfriend is 20 with a 10 month old baby girl, we are in search of a 2 bedroom apartment that's furnished , right now we can afford about $650 per month ( including utilities) if you happen to have an apartment for us please [...]
  • In search of house (walla walla)
    • In search of a house in the WAHI area that we can rent for at least 4 years. Hoping to move in September. We will take wonderful care of your house. Would like it to be at least a 3 bedroom. Please let me know if you have one. Would like to pay no mo [...]
  • Temporary Housing Wanted - Sept. - Dec. (Walla Walla)
    • Hello! I am an occupational therapy student from the University of Puget Sound and I will be starting an internship in Walla Walla in September. I am a clean and conscientious roommate and would be happy to live with others or by myself. I am looking [...]
  • Couple looking for a House to rent (Pasco, Richland)
    • Me and my wife are looking to move back into town from Benton City and would like to rent a 2 Br house in Pasco or Richland area. Would need to be able to have two dogs. A Garage and Rv parking area would be a big plus. IF you have such a place pleas [...]
  • House wanted
    • My husband and I are looking for 2-3 bedroom home. 900 or under. We have 2 older clean well behaved dogs. We are looking to move Asap. We have amazing rental references.
  • Needing a roommate, looking for apartment (walla walla) $600
    • I am a female that will be attending walla walla community college in the fall. I am looking for a female roommate to rent an apartment with. contact me if you or someone you know is interested.
  • Couple looking for place to live (550 monthly max) (Tri-Cities) $550
    • My girlfriend and I are looking for a place to live at the moment. We are dependable, fun people with a sense of humor and we are easy going. We don't have arguments so that is nothing to worry about. We have a maximum budget of 550 monthly (includin [...]
  • In Need Of A House Asap! Pls help! $700
    • Hello!

Im really in need of a house asap... We have to move out of the house were in(personal issues) We can really only afford $600-$700, i know thats not alot But thats all we have and were trying to look for a 2 bedroom. Heads up , we also ha [...]

  • Room allowing small therapy dog, wanted (Tr--cities) $400
    • Please contact me if you think you may be able to help. Please only serious replies. I need to rent a reasonable sized and priced room for me and my small very well trained companion/therapy dog. I am a very neat clean and pleasant lady that gets alo [...]
  • looking to relocate
    • My family would like to move over east.We are looking for someone that has a house that needs to be fixed up and willing to trade for 2 months free rent then raise the rent. We are looking for at least a 3 bedroom. We have 2 cats and 3dogs. If you ha [...]
  • My children & I need a home ASAP
    • Hi, im a mother of two little girls and work full time as a nurse assistant. I have an income of $1750-2000 a month but cant find a place due to bad credit. The reason for my bad credit is that I was laid off from my job of two years on November 2013 [...]
  • Looking for a reasonable price for an apartment (6mo lease) (Waikiki/Honolulu/Kailua) $1300 300sqft
    • My fiancÚ is stationed on MCBH in Honolulu,Hawaii I am trying to move down there ASAP but having troubles finding a reasonable apartment (studio or 1 bedroom) for a short term lease to lease. I am reliable, working, etc. Please contact me if you kno [...]
  • ill take ur lease over! (kpr) $800
    • Hey there! I am willing to take someone's lease over if it is the right price/sized apartment. Preferably in Richland or Kennewick (just not too deep in Kennewick). No more then $800/mo no less the 2 br 1 ba. Let me know asap!!
  • Seeking small apartment/place to live (Dayton/Waitsburg)
    • Seeking 1bedroom/studio apt on dayton/waitsburg.
  • basement, home,trailer (tri cities)
    • Hi I am looking for a basement apartment or a trailer/ manufactured home or just a home for rent. Must be one bedroom and I would appreciate it if I can have a dog without having to pay a fee. Please no roommates wuld like to live by myself with my h [...]
  • Looking for a temporary permanence (Richland)
    • I'm so sick of couch surfing. If 'm doing chores to stay at your pad, I want a room. Been in Portland for 3 months now. Gainfully employeed, and playing in a few band around the scene. I'm not home much, but I'm known for my stellar cleaning and othe [...]
  • Looking for a laid back roommate(s) to find a place with. (tri-cities)
    • I'm so awkward when it comes to things like this, so please bare with me. Guess I will start with a little about me, and what I am looking for in a roommate(maybe potential friend.) I have two cats, one an adult the other a little kitten. They are pr [...]
  • ISO 3-4 bedroom Clean and Cheap (Tri-Cities, WA) $680
  • Temp Housing Needed by Sep. 1 (Walla Walla)
    • Temporary Housing Needed! (3-6 months)

Leaving for the winter and need a highly reliable and responsible (46) adult female to watch your home? I have no pets, and no children. I work a respectable job but find myself without housing by the end of Au [...]

  • ISO studio are apt
    • I am recently seperated and ISO a studio or apt I vvork FT and i vvould enjoy something that i could trade painting and sheeting vvork for in exchange for the rest of this month since she vvanted until i payed the car payment and house payment before [...]
  • sinlge father looking for large house in richland WA
    • Single father comutting to WA from OR need large house. Being a single father is callenging so my credit is not great but I have no evictions and a great rental history and a great job just need someone that can look past my credit. Need at least a f [...]
  • Housing Needed
    • My name is Skylar Lamb I am looking for a low price apartment ASAP! I just recently separated from my wife and I need a safe place for my daughters and myself. Can only afford $600 a month, for rent my credit history is not the best, and neither is m [...]
  • Construction Super. looking for a furnished room (Pasco area) $400
    • I will be working on a construction project in the Pasco area, I need a furnished room with a TV if possible. Construction project will be going for 1 year or longer. I have a weekly predem I am given each week from work. I will not exceed that for r [...]
  • 26/m looking for 1 bedroom (Kennewick, south richland)
    • Hell names Nathan I'm looking for a decent and somewhat update apartment that has washer and dryer dishwasher and garbage disposal. Looking in between 6-800 on price. I'm sure I can find something decent of that. NO other offers pease, I want an apar [...]
  • invisable tenant - almost like money from heaven (k.p.r.) $300
    • good man- quiet, private, fun. need room. read and spend time at home alone or out and about with friends and family. clean as I go. just looking for clean inexpensive place to rest and recharge. am a handy guy to know. am the "go to guy" in the fami [...]
  • family looking for a home (finley/kennewick area)
    • Hi my husband and I are looking for a home to rent we are expecting our daughter in december and we have two little ones, my husband works 70 hours a week and we can afford around 700 a month in rent. we do have bad credit that we are working on rais [...]
  • Country Home for Horses (Prosser)
    • Country home for Single mom and son looking to relocate from Walla Walla. Need horse set up.
  • Room Wanted ASAP (West Richland)
    • Hello, Im in need a room preferably sooner than later. Im currently living in a 2 bd house with 8 people living in it (family) so we are really squished. Im 17 (male)and really do need a room, I can be very social once I get to know you but for the m [...]
  • looking for a new home housing friendly (walla walla college place)
    • Hello, I am looking for a 2-3 bed room place to live I have two small children and a dog who is prescribed by my doctor as a companion animal. I already have a housing voucher and qualify for a price range of 600-875 I am really looking to move soon [...]
  • female with son needs to rent rooms or two bedroom home
    • Looking for a 2-3 bd. 800-1000 rent. I prefer a home i can plant my flowers at and live long term. I have an excellent rental history. I am very clean. No parties. No animals.
  • I need a Home! (Kennewick) $400
    • I am a single 25 year old man who is seeking an affordable 1 bedroom home to rent. I currently am not employed and I have been looking, living between motels and in my car before it threw a rod. had a string of bad luck happen this last month which h [...]
  • teachers aid in search of 1bedroom apt (Sunnyside/Grandview/Prosser)
    • Assistant preschool teacher in search of a 1 bedroom apartment/duplex/home for myself. I am responsible and honest. I work full time at a head start preschool and I work part time in retail. Don't smoke and have a clean background. Looking for someth [...]
  • housing wanted (kennewick) $600
    • I am looking for as soon as possible it can be a studio, basment apt, trailer, or a regular 1 bedroom. I can up to 600 a month. So please contact me as soon ad possible. You can call me anytime or text me if i dont answer just leave your name and num [...]
  • looking to split an apartment
    • Quiet gamer/artist wants to split an apartment preferably with a woman but open to all. Responsable, friendly, low/no stress, clean and tidy. You be the same. Pets are ok with me but you have to pay the deposit for them because I don't have any. I do [...]
  • ISO: 4 bedroom home for family of 5 (richland kennewick) $1400
    • my name is Rick i am 30, Married father of 3 just got a job in the area and im looking for a newer or updated home for rent. We currently live in Port Angeles WA, about 6.5-7.5 hours away. so looking at a home will have to be scheduled. i would like [...]
  • Apartment or Room Wanted (Walla Walla/College Place)
    • Looking for a small, dog-friendly apartment or room for a college student. Preferably male roommate. Very school and work-oriented, and very responsible. Willing to share an apartment, however I am a very clean person and expect the same from any roo [...]

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