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www • FranchiseConsulting • Net FRANCHISING IS AN EXCELLENT EXPANSION METHOD Franchising offers a number of significant benefits and solutions in terms of expansion capital, local unit [...]

Written in 1981 ... in Shelbourne Towers. Only took 32 years to record it. haha Hope you enjoy. Stacey (The Black Tornadoes)

  • Why Would Erin Kent Magee start a write-in campaign?? (The PRIMARY IS OVER!!)
    • There are only a few possible answers [none good]. 1) Ego! (Loves to see his name in print); 2) Is really a Liberal Democrat knowing every Republican vote for him is actually a vote for the Democratic candidate; or 3) Is really STUPID enough to think [...]
  • Candidate Vows to Create Jobs (Knoxville, TN)
    • Are you tired of career politicians that sit and do nothing? Erin Kent Magee, a Write-In Candidate for US Senator (TN), will sponsor a bill that allows taxpayers to allocate up to 20% of their Federal Tax to projects that will create new jobs, get a [...]
  • Lets stop illegal immigration. The Ritz crackers are taking over
    • Lets stop the Mexicans and Whites from taking our land before it's too late. Oh shit, guess it's already too late.
  • Protest For TN Universities (Knox)
    • I am going to protest the abusive policies of the Tennessee Board of Regents during their quearterly meeting in Knoxville on September 25th and 26th. I am seeking support from the community there. The TBR is the source of the manifold attacks against [...]
  • Have you been assaulted by a Loudon County Officer???
    • Hello, I'm posting this listing, trying to find anyone who has been assaulted by a loudon county Tennessee officer. I am looking for people who would want to pursue legal action such as myself, and people who have solid evidence of the assault. I was [...]
  • blue pit mix (cosby)
    • Pit terroir mix her name is jewels very sweet dog sleeps with my girls every night she don't leave their side house trained loves to plat catch but she will run from you when you try to get the stick from her needs a good home I have 4 kids and one i [...]
  • Activists and world changers unite (knoxville)
    • I want to put together a group of Individuals who want to join forces in making a difference. There is much to do, as the world is changing faster and faster by each day. The true nature of our soul is unique to each of us, working in groups with oth [...]
  • you're invited (world wide)
    • Join us this November 5th World wide (and Knoxville local) for the Million Mask March.
  • Traitor wins election (realityville)
    • Liberal lamar won the election again which proves their are still plenty of uninformed voters who are unaware of his voting records against the people of Tn. Here's a couple of facts about Lamar though.
  • Lamar lost the election by a landslide in hi [...]
  • Thanks to the TRAITOR Lamar Alexander (tn)
    • All Tennessee's Employment Growth Since 2000 Has Gone to Immigrants; Yet, Natives Accounted for 60% of Population Growth

The Gang of Eight immigration bill (S.744) passed by the U.S. Senate last June, and voted for by both Tennessee senators - Lamar [...]

  • Tea-Party Karr is the winning ticket
    • The time is now VOTE CARR.. Alexander and his love of Amnesty is partly responsible for the border crisis. and he LOVES Common Core. Alexander represents big business and Washington insiders. NOT TN.

It is time to remove the Republican establishment [...]

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