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Big Pole for BBW - m4w - [...]

Ok girls and boys because you do not act like adults. I think its HIGH time you all grow up face your responsibilities and keep your noses in your own business and not everyone elses. You all have skeletons in your closets, s [...]

We recommend ALL ladies (... and MEN too) STAY AWAY!! We can't believe he is so de [...]

The only ones who complain about the ridicule of the overposters are the overposters themselves!! Women in Boots - m4w (Lynchburg) casual e [...]

  • fellas beware (Amherst )
    • Norma can't u c that he don't want u. First of all u lied from the beginning telling him u were a nurse when u r really a temp at tritech and when he laid eyes on u it made since 2 him y a suppose 2 b nurse would drive 5 hrs 2 pick up a man she meet [...]
  • Fake: on going fwb/ attractive couple/ let's watch netflix (Lynchburg)
    • These are from the same fake who posts nearly every day pretending to be a college student, usually with fake pictures. All of these are from the same loser as well. Give up, we aren't interested.

see a movie at regal? 21 (lburg) men seeking women [...]

you run your butt off bringing them their food and they always have an issue with it, even flat out lying about the transaction, from not getting ther [...]

Ok, forget the dear departed You-Know-Who. We made a [...]

He's b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!!!! We don't quite know how he did it, but he i [...]

We can't believe he is so dense as to make it obvious that his posts are all from the same perso [...]

  • scooter taken on 9/14/14 (lynchburg city)
    • looking for a scooter taken on 9/14/14 off brook st costom parts lots of crome yollow TAG NUMBER 2021 motofino 50cc 10d costom seat and parts
  • RE: I would love to go down on you! female only! S H A C K MAN again (Sunnymeade Rd Shack)
    • He's back again. No this is not a random selection of postings being attributed to the same person - they are all from the same person. No he is not a imaginary person - he emails us and posts his rants because we are ridiculing him for posting const [...]
  • facts (Lynchburg)
    • I keep hearing about how black people are "superior". Personally this is stupid every person in every race has the same God given rights....so no superiority exists. But what I don't get is this. Blacks kill each other more times than any other ethni [...]
  • shackman police (USA)
    • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • For the Shackman police (burg)
    • We all get the gist of your hatred for Shackman and the other people you harass. The emotional nature of your posts perhaps speaks volumes about your own situation. Most of we R & R readers would love to see you go away but if you refuse, please at l [...]
  • Re: RE: FUCK THE FAKE HATER...erm...
    • Uh, I think the whole point is this: All supposedly threatening remarks aside, Why in heaven's name should *anyone* believe the so-called SHACKMAN "police" reports over anybody else? It's *Craigslist,* folks. Anyone can post anything whether it has a [...]
  • RE: FUCK THE FAKE HATER...erm...
    • Ok, first off mr in sales...you realized you just threatened blackmail....right??

Which is a pretty serious crime.....you realize this, RIGHT??? This is MUCH worse than the fake hater. There is MUCH more hate in your post. You all are COMICAL, fre [...]

Ladies ... and MEN STAY AWAY!! David is the KING of the overposting losers. If you like old men with scraggly long grey hair, this [...]

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