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craigslist | rants & raves in lynchburg

I'd be with you today I miss you more than ever Stand beside me forever If I had my way We'd never see the day Where we go our separate ways With me you'd always stay If I had my way Beside you in the grass I'd lay But I'm s [...]

Into a place without a hurtful word Save the world from lies From the sound of pitiful cries But what can I do 'cause I aint God I cannot the heavens trod I can't fly away from here All I can do is shed a broken tea [...]

  • Shackman posts THREE times; refers to himself as Shackman. LOL!!! (Sunnymeade Rd Shack)
    • The below 3 rants are from the Shackman himself. This is the level of intelligence you will be dealing with if you are stupid enough to reply to one of his postings. We guess that being known as a loser is better than not being known at all (like for [...]
  • i want to help Shackman with Losers Mom
    • Hey Shackman..that Loser that keeps posting about you really admires you a lot..next time you hookup with his Slut Mom please get in touch..I would love to help you ass fuck her like the nasty fucking whore that she is...we will use the bitch real go [...]
  • Re:Shackman? (loserville)
    • The guy that continues to post about Shackman is a born Loser...He sets around and jerks his pathetic cock all day looking at the Shackmans post wishing he could be like him...The Loser was a virgin until he was 21..his mother felt sorry for him and [...]
  • beale treasure 53yr
    • I had a dream many years ago about were the beale treasure may be there or not!!?? But this dream has stuck with me for about 30 years
  • LOSER: Married or Single women? NSA? (Lynchburg/Lexington)
    • Here we go again - the same LOSER posting over and over in 3 different cities: Here, Roanoke and Harrisonburg (see below).

Another guy who never learned how to talk to women in HS so he now posts moronic things like this every day. We will continue [...]

Soon it's coming upon a year. Your sister seemingly does not want to move forward? If I have to wait or be second or third now perhaps that may always be the case? Why did she contact me wanting to move forward? I do not understand th [...]

Looking - m4m - casual encounters I Need to be spanked - m4m - casual encounters Need to be dominated - m4m - casual encounters Any jocks out there need to be servi [...]

  • Loser wants Shackman so bad (Loserville)
    • This Loser that keeps up with Shackman wants his ass fucked so bad...the only pussy that the Loser has ever had was his skanky whore Mother and now he wants to try some cock and he is mad because Shackman has turned him down...maybe the Loser should [...]
  • If I could go back in time 8 Years.... (Chase City,Va)
    • If I could go back in time 8 Years....there are so many things I would've handled different for my Dad and Mom. 1 of those would've been setting limitations on who were allowed tovisit them thru their illnesses. I knew my Dad's family wasn't worth th [...]
  • Any Tops = Bottom Loser Overposter (Madison Heights)
    • It is the same fat old guy who used to post 3 times a day so don't bother replying.

The post says "tight good looking bottom" but of course does not post his age. Here are the pictures 'tight' guy and the postings he used to have daily, 3 times a d [...]

Another guy who never learned how to talk to women in HS so he now posts moronic things like this every day. We will [...]

  • Steps (lynchburg)
    • You know who you are... If you ever need anything, know that you have a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on.


  • Just Chill Out (lynchburg)
    • Dear residents of the city of Lynchburg who own cars with functioning horns: Look, I know I'm amazing. I don't need you to tell me this by testing your horn on me while I'm walking down the street... You are interrupting my music and my vibe. Just ch [...]
  • True Disrespect (lynchburg)
    • Dear Fort Hill Memorial Park... I do not appreciate that your gardeners cracked the vase on my Mama's gravestone. To me, it is a sign of true disrespect... especially since no one in my family was notified of the accident. Please urge your employees [...]
  • Judgemental Jackasses (lynchburg)
    • Right. So I am going to make this real clear: You will NOT hate against my friends and get away with it. I don't care if they're White, Black, Straight, Gay, Loud, Quiet, Crazy, Sane... I don't give a fuck. They are MY friends, and I LOVE Every.Singl [...]
  • Crumbling (lynchburg)
    • Even when the world is crumbling like sand, I know there are people I can lean on. They are numbered few, but loved much. I love y'all, and if you ever need me, I'll be here. You know who you are.
  • Re: If u could go back... (Chase City)
    • Go back 30-40 years and decide not to live in a shitty ex-community infested with petty, shallow, characterless rubes. Nothing left there but cows, trees, dirt, and abandoned trailers.

Look forward 8 years and imagine yourself living in a place wher [...]

Allow me to please you. - m4w - 45 (Rustburg) casual encounters Looking for some company? - m4w - 44 (lynchburg) casual encounters The only thing that would please all t [...]

  • mas yute (lynchburg)
    • well, I guess I accept your apology....this time....next time you may have to work harder for it though ;P
  • Not Fat (lynchburg)
    • To the handsome fellow I supposedly called fat a couple of days ago...

I did not actually call you fat. I actually find your weight and body type extremely attractive... Don't you ever let anyone tell you that you are fat, because that's the biggest [...]

Another guy who never learned how to talk to women in HS so he now posts moronic things like this every day. We will continue to ridicu [...]

  • Lame-Burg (Lame-Burg Va)
    • I just have to sit back and Laugh! I check in on R & R from time to time and firmly believe there is only one or two people who post here on this forum. Shackman this, Lucky-U that, someone else bitching about these two looser's.

Is there anyone who [...]

You can't have it all. Why complicate?

  • Re: Punksi I
    • There is so much insanity on Craigslist. You gotta wonder why people are so obsessed with other people's ads. Haters become what they hate. Overposter haters become overposters. They all clog up the board and you have shit left.

One thing's for sure [...]

Give it a rest. Is there nothing better to rant about? So what if they are losers. Evidently you are as well. Why don't you complain about Benghazi or taxe [...]

  • Letting you know (Lynchburg) 50yr
    • I have no idea where to really start with this. First off, I grew up in a Christian home, but over the years, I strayed away from the church, even though deep inside me, I still believe in God, I really don't live my life as a Christian. I stopped go [...]
  • A General Observation (lynchburg)
    • I do love perusing the various ads on CL and find some genuinely amusing. But what does seem peculiar is how some people get offended by other people's postings. The reality is that maybe some gay men actually meet as a result of these posts. Men wil [...]
  • Re: Pedestrian Right of Way (Lynchburg)
    • You are absolutely correct. From the 5th St. to 12th St. corridor, pedestrians assume that they can just step out into traffic. I've seen it time and time again.

These same people would last about 5 minutes in New York City before being splattered i [...]

  • Pedestrians, "Right-Of-Way" (Lynchburg)
    • There is a common conception that pedestrians always have the right-of-way, this seems just as true in the city of Lynchburg. I've lived here for a number of years and it's insane the number of pedestrians that have walked callously in front of my mo [...]
  • why is it so hard (lynchburg) 33yr
    • why is it so hard to tell the truth if you are going to sell something. If your printer is missing a power cord say so dont say new in box never opened. If you laptop has a video card problem tell the person. Why must people lie and then expect other [...]
  • the Facts (Lynchburg)
    • I keep hearing about how black people are "superior". Personally this is stupid every person in every race has the same God given rights....so no superiority exists. But what I don't get is this. Blacks kill each other more times than any other ethni [...]
  • Once upon a time in .."The Burg". 35yr
    • About 3 years ago there was a character on here who went by "The Burg". This individual had people pissed almost as much as the shack man or the shack man police. Anyway, I thought the guy was funny myself, always telling the opposer to meet him out [...]
  • Re,re: Please Go Away (Lynchburg)
    • I posted my little rant because I believe most people are tired of the same old crap here. I damn sure am! As for posting some new. When the spirit moves me I will. I, like yourself have tried that before and either get nothing or just more post abou [...]
  • Re:Please go Away (dreaded Burg)
    • Ok, do you all see the irony of these "go away Shackman police" CL rants?? You say

they are clogging the R&R section....erm.....there would not be anything there if not for these...your posts only add to the whole deal...if you want this section to [...]

  • Please Go Away!!!!!! (Lynchburg)
    • I don't know who the Troll is that monopolizes this board with their no stop rantings about Shackman & LU but please just GO AWAY. You are really giving Lynchburg a worse name than it already has. Look at other R & R sections in other cities. You don [...]
  • Glass of Wine - Blue Ridge Time Warp (Lynchburg and Roanoke)
    • Posting endlessly in Roanoke and Lynchburg, hoping someone different reads Craigslist every couple of days. But they don't so why do you bother? And look! He has discovered a time warp:

http://roanoke.craigslist.org/cas/4346238273.html http://lynch [...]

  • Re Re: Shackman Flaggin
    • We see the shackman obsession. But what about all the other postings for different people? It's not just the shackman that she targets.
  • Re: Yes You Are
    • Rejected? Hell no. I kick ass to the curb and hope to save others the trouble. The rest I'm writing just because stupid CL wants me to.

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