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  • Using Psychology (Lynchburg)
    • Left Behind really scares ignorant people. Bush's No Child Left Behind,and now roofing companies have started no roof Left Behind.

The writers of the FICTIONAL Left Behind B.S. that has made so many fake preachers rich and famous came out with their [...]

Jan 29 Its All About You - m4w (Lynchburg Area) Jan 29 Your Dream Come True- GIVER - m4w (Lynchburg Area)) Jan 29 Long Term Intimacy Me 4 You You 4 Me - m4w 52 (Lynchburg) Jan 29 Something New - m4mw (lynchburg ar [...]

Jan 28 Are you into Bi-Guys and Multiple play? - m4w 29 (Lynchburg) Jan 28 Share My COCK - m4mw38 (Lynchburg) Jan 28 Big Pole for BBW - m4w35 (Lynchburg) Jan 28 Any women into strap on play - m4w 28 (Lynchburg) Jan 28 M/F [...]

  • RE: Poor WSET (Lynchburg)
    • Yes it is a fact. WSET will delete anything about LUCKY YOU (L.U.) if it's doesn't glorify Lucky You. Begging and preaching the false doctrine of pre-trib rapture built Lucky You and nothing more.
  • Mind Control (Lynchburg)
    • Sun Myung Moon was a cultist controling the minds of his 1000's of followers. Why did he donate so much money to Lucky You (L.U.)? Why would they associate themselves with Moon?

Beware of the false doctrine of pre-trib rapture. Christ shall return e [...]

Christ [...]

  • Flagging Rapture Truth (Lynchburg)
    • You flag the truth about the LIE of pre-trib rapture because you have been lied to by your fake preachers that are tickling your ears with HERESY.

Investigate where this evil satanic pre-trib LIE came from. It has made false teachers rich and famou [...]

  • this chick is wacked (Madison heights) 61yr
    • This Hooker called me up and said that she is pregnant by me. Wtf, I only seen her twice but I know she seen the $$ in my wallet so now she wants to have the kid.. for all you guys stay far away from bunny Renee. It will cost you and her stuff wasn't [...]
  • $$$Left Behind$$$ (Lynchburg)
    • Don't be deceived by the ear tickling,money making LIE of pre-trib rapture.

Investigate where this false doctrine came from and how it has infiltrated American churches. Don't be deceived by the satanic rapture LIE!

Maybe since Sun Myung Moon donated so much money to it,they are leaving it to t [...]

  • Chickenshit ..... "Joe Mama"
    • So in response to my post about the lack of journalistic integrity of wset, I get this email from "Joe Mama"....

You're an idiot. They have better things to report on then a school fight and "something" on a principals computer. Why would they waste [...]

  • Ashley Furniture, Buyers Beware! (Everywhere)
    • If you're thinking of buying a new sofa, do your homework before buying one from Ashley. Here are some photos of my 2 1/2 year old Durablend sofa, which I purchased new from Ashley Furniture Homestore in Lynchburg, Va. I live alone and am very carefu [...]
  • knock off the stupid posts (the burg)
    • Whomever keeps posting about Lucky U seems really obsessed with them for some reason... To the point of psychosis. Who really gives 2 sh*ts what they do?

You ought to see somebody about that!

Jan 20 Share My COCK - m4mw 38 (Lynchburg) Jan 20 Any women into strap on play - m4w 28 (Lynchburg) Jan 20 SWM for Curvy Cutie : Love Plus Sized Ladies w/ Ample Curves 30 (Lynchburg) Jan 18 Big Pole for BBW - m4w35 (Lynch [...]

Jan 18 Big Pole for BBW - m4w35 (Lynchburg) Jan 18 Want older white woman with big ass - m4w30 (Lynchburg) Jan 18 Are you into Bi-Guys and Multiple play? - m4w29 (Lynchburg) Jan 18 M/F couple wanting to worship big cock t [...]

Christ shall return exactly has He said,not as the false,ear tickling,money making,Left Behind crap.Read God's Word not fiction wri [...]

  • KERNel of my woes
    • Let me tell you a story about a User, a Loser, a Liar and a Cheat -- But most of all about a xUSSY on two feet! (Here I'll give you a small taste with more to come)

User He moves here because his wife makes him -- he's out drinking with his buddies [...]

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