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craigslist | rants & raves in lynchburg

David is the KING of the overposting losers. If you like old men with scraggly long grey hair, this winner is for you. He has been trying for at least [...]

LET'S TRY THIS - m4mw (Lynchburg) casual encounters Adventurous couple wanted - m4mw (Lynchburg) WOMEN KISSING WOMEN..?? - w4w (Lynchburg) casual encounters A WOMAN AND HER TOYS - M4W (Lynchburg) [...]

David is the KING of the overposting losers. If you like old men with scraggly long [...]

I want lap dance - m4w 39 (Lynchburg) casual encounters massage - m4w 40 (lynchburg) casual encounters PANTIES - m4w 40 (lynchburg) casual encou [...]

Travel to you... - m4w 30 (You [...]

  • RE: college sex - FAKE (Lynchburg)
    • Posts all the time pretending to be a college student, usually with fake pictures. All of these are from the same loser as well. Give up, we aren't interested.

fun time with a stud ;^) - m4w 22 (travel to you.) pic casual encounters Let's watch net [...]

  • cmc rebar (farmville) 46yr
    • This place is like a prison.. start u at $9 an hour and promise that after 6 months to pay you $12.. all bullshit, guys been there for 10yrs and only make $9.75.. the manager is a wimp and scared that somebody will beat his ass that he has the police [...]
  • Why are you in that section? (all over VA) 40yr
    • I see this shit and wonder.. do people not know the definition of the word platonic?

platonic: ( usually lowercase ) purely spiritual; free from sensual desire, especially in a relationship between two persons of the opposite sex. Yet low and behol [...]

won't tell you anything much or send a pic first because, after all, HE PLACED THE AD??? Have men forgotten how this man-woman thing works, and the decent ones the [...]

    • What a creep - posting this same ad all over CL in several cities. No college girl is interested in you. Get out from behind your computer and meet some real women.
  • So Many Different People to Be
    • Multiple personalities? Multiple fishing holes? Multiple body stats, sexual/non-sexual preferences, and ages? Multiple posts on CL just to see what will bite? Just how desperate are you to get laid? The thing is, any intelligent woman worth her weigh [...]
  • lynchburg jobs (lynchburg) 39yr
    • Lynchburg sucks for finding a good job. Unless you know someone, Or you are screwing someone who has connections you aren't getting a job that pays more than 8 or 10 an hour. I mean it really sucks. 10 bucks an hour is not enough to live on for a sin [...]
  • Worst interview... (Forest, VA) 23yr
    • I went to my interview at (hippy chain that claims to help people). It was awful! I have never been made to feel so small and inadequate. First off I was interviewed by two people. One sat in front of me the other sat beside me. I didn't know who to [...]
  • RE: Top Need Now = Bottom Loser Overposter (Madison Heights)
    • It is the same fat old guy who used to post 3 times a day so don't bother replying.

The post says "hot gl male" LOL!! Here are the pictures 'hot' guy and the postings he used to have daily, 3 times a day. Top needed - m4m 43 (amherst) casual encoun [...]

fun time with a stud ;^) - m4w 22 (travel to you.) pic casual encounters Let's watch netfli [...]

no, i ain't gonna have sex with you. no, i don't want to see your 'pic' (often a dick). no, i am not a bank. no, i ain't second when your first got bitchy rag issues. no, i ain't dating your bf/gf, their drama do [...]

  • strictly platonic 1yr
    • why is it that people look for sex and weed in this section? why do people reply to ads that have clearly stated no sex, no nude pics, just friends, with sex request and pic trades, etc? it says 'strictly platonic', not the 'one night stand at the no [...]
  • RE: college sex/let's watch netflix (Lynchburg)
    • Posts all the time pretending to be a college student, usually with fake pictures. All of these are from the same loser as well. Give up, we aren't interested.

fun time with a stud ;^) - m4w 22 (travel to you.) pic casual encounters Let's watch net [...]

  • re re this chic is wacked ?!
    • Just curious - If this "wacked hooker " was NOT that good to begin with , why in birth controls sake did u lay it down for seconds ?? And I take it that everything you learned about sex was NOT from a bathroom wall? Because you insist you have ONLY b [...]
  • re re freeloaders - 152
    • Absolutely , they are using you ! Don't EVER allow Anyone - man or woman , to manipulate you for anything in your possession. Normally if you had been offering a variety of luxuries to them , my suggestion would of been to STOP doing these things. An [...]
  • Re: Freeloaders (Lynchburg)
    • Yep, that's the human condition. It's a shame but there are lots of users out there. They love you while there is something in it for them but when they have gotten all they can then they just move on to the next person.

I don't know if I would go a [...]

  • freeloaders 152yr
    • say you have a pal, and you went out your way for that person... but then cause your job makes it so you can't be around them much or give them rides.. they just stop talking to you, and brag how the new friends give rides and free stuff? what kind o [...]
  • RE: Looking to hang out naked/new friends (Lynchburg)
    • This is your typical two-faced posting(s) - one claims to be looking for friends but the other one is what he is really looking for - a woman for sex. Yes, they are from the same person - posted over and over again.
  • Barber shop information (Lynchburg)
    • ok, it's not standard issue Lynchburg offerings such as LU bashing or griping about over posters and pervs BUT here's a question (I know, it's a novel concept to post a legit subject)

does anyone know of a local barber shop that does straight razor [...]

Looking to please - m4w (lynchburg) casual encounters want to be spanked - m4w (lynchburg) casual encounters looking for bbw to spend time with and have fun - m4w 49 (lynchburg) men seeking w [...]

LYNCHBURG: Married or Single women? NSA? - m4w 30 (Near Lynchbu [...]

  • Re: Who The Fuck Cares ! (Lynchburg)
    • I have lived here all my life. Just when I think I have seen the lowest of low Red Neck, In-Bred silliness I come here to R & R. Lo and behold we have a new Village Idiot! This clown that rags on the Shackman and whoever else is trying to get a littl [...]
  • Turds (Lynchburg area)
    • Why do some turds float? Why do some turds sink? What about the turds that one end only floats or one end only sinks? Inquiring minds want to know. I guess I really don't know Jack Schitt.


  • Re: Re: Ovreposting CL Police (lynchburg)
    • The overposting CL police overposters have been up so late throughout the day and night, that they can no longer spell. It must be horrible, struggling to stay awake, reading the last ad posted that day, and attempting to type a final keystroke. They [...]
  • RE: Ovreposting CL Police (lynchburg)
    • The only people complaining about the CL Overposting Police are ... the overposters.

Which one are you? Our guess is 'Bobby Baker', Mr. Blue Ridge Time Warp (51 in Ronaoke; 55 in Lynchburg). LOL!! S H A C K M A N Fat Hotel Maintenance Man Glass o [...]

Yes, sadly, they have failed. No more is Lynchburg and surrounding areas safe. CL personals are STILL FULL of 95 to 99% losers, rejects, perverts, and assorted, marginalized societal outcasts. We, the people, [...]

  • sigh (lynchburg)
    • Sigh............................................................................. .....................
  • dude. (where's my car)
    • ok. so people. CL is the only place I can think to express such things... I apologize in advance if u read this lol. please don't judge but rather laugh at my crazy. pleeeeease don't judge.

I am losing my mind lol. I just have some crazy days and so [...]

  • Sidewalk to Nowhere (Fort Ave) 30yr
    • Can anyone tell me a logical reason as to why the City thought it wise to put a "sidewalk" complete with crosswalks on Fort Ave. & Long Meadows Dr.? It has to be the most useless ass sidewalk in all of history. It's crosses ONE street. It doesn't eve [...]
  • RE: Married or Single women? NSA? - m4w 30 (3 cities daily)
    • He's been posting constantly for over a year and every day for the past week - must be on vacation from the truck driving job.

No one is interested. Give up. L O S E R LYNCHBURG Married or Single women? NSA? - m4w 30 (Near Lynchburg/Lexington) ht [...]

  • Re: "Tiffani" The Hooker-Scammer (Concord)
    • She wants you to prepay with a gift card to "book" her.Claims to be avoiding cops.If you load the card,she asks for the PIN and guess what..... NO Tiffani...well duh..what'd you expect.
    • Deal Properties?????? Anyone had any dealings with any of these rental properties in or around Lynchburg???? If so, I'd really be interested in what your experience was. Good or bad, let me hear from you.
  • Asshole "CL Police" Spamming The Board (Concord)
    • Whats the difference between what the CLP does and what it accuses others of doing? Nothing as far as I can see. CLP, go away and let the adult readers decide for themselves.Whoever the "Shackman",the "photographer",or the others are,its freedom of s [...]
  • Morons are out and about (Lynchburg)
    • Well now that we have nice weather the morons are out in force on their motorcycles. Today on 460 traffic was thick but moving at 60mph when a complete idiot flies down the center line in between the two full lanes. Later in the day I got to see one [...]
  • Asshole 'photographer' spamming the board (Lynchburg)
    • Stop ruining the board with your clown postings.

A WOMAN AND HER TOYS - M4W (Lynchburg) You forgot all of the other stupid posts from before: WOMEN KISSING WOMEN..?? - w4w (Lynchburg) casual encounters LOOKING FOR A "PHOTO FRIEND" - m4w (Forest) [...]

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