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craigslist | rants & raves in lynchburg

I want lap dance - m4w 39 (Lynchburg) casual encounters massage - m4w 40 (lynchburg) casual encounters PANTIES - [...]

We recommend ALL ladies (... and MEN too) STAY AWAY!! S H A C K MAN is the poster child for all of you clowns wh [...]

  • shackman police (USA)
    • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • For the Shackman police (burg)
    • We all get the gist of your hatred for Shackman and the other people you harass. The emotional nature of your posts perhaps speaks volumes about your own situation. Most of we R & R readers would love to see you go away but if you refuse, please at l [...]
    • I got to agree with The Fuck the Fake Hater Dude or Dudette, That is what the Section is for Rants and Raves and who gives anyone the right to tell anyone else who or what they can say, Obvious he or she can say whatever they want but when the FAKE H [...]
  • Re: RE: FUCK THE FAKE HATER...erm...
    • Uh, I think the whole point is this: All supposedly threatening remarks aside, Why in heaven's name should *anyone* believe the so-called SHACKMAN "police" reports over anybody else? It's *Craigslist,* folks. Anyone can post anything whether it has a [...]
  • RE: FUCK THE FAKE HATER...erm...
    • Ok, first off mr in sales...you realized you just threatened blackmail....right??

Which is a pretty serious crime.....you realize this, RIGHT??? This is MUCH worse than the fake hater. There is MUCH more hate in your post. You all are COMICAL, fre [...]

Ladies ... and MEN STAY AWAY!! David is the KING of the overposting losers. If you like old men with scraggly long grey hair, this [...]

Posts every day pretending to be a college student, usually with fake pictures. All of these below are from the same loser as well. Give up, we aren't interested. see a movie at regal? 21 (lburg) men se [...]

Allow me to please you. - m4w 45 (lynchburg) casual encounters If I said you had a beautiful body........ - m4w 47 (lynchburg) casual encounters How can I please you? - m4w 46 (lynchburg) casual encou [...]

    • Who the Fuck cares who is fake or who is fucking anyone else, This idiot is the one who is clogging up the lines here, I believe he or she needs to have a fucking Punch in the face, I am so tired of this thing constantly passing judgement on other pe [...]
  • CL "real" REALLY?! (lynchburg) 59yr
    • Ok, so just let me get this "out there" and then I'll feel better. I am sooooo tired of

men on CL and how they claim to "be real" and then they proceed to post a pack of lies about themselves. Isn't this just a waste of everyone's time? Case in poi [...]

  • Not Sure What to Do... 20yr
    • This is one of the hardest situations I think I have ever been in, and I don't know what to do. I'm not going to lie, I was very hurt by what you said earlier... There is already four of us, I just don't want to add a fifth. I tried to tell you how I [...]
  • Re: Flag Loser Complaining about Overposters
    • Yes, the loser complainer is a bully. And it's she(s), not he. They suffer much butt hurt and have become what they hate.

I also find it hard to believe that they can keep up with so many posts in multiple cities. It could very well be that the wron [...]

  • Bartender "Give me a Mike Brown 53yr
    • A guy goes into a bar and says, "I'll have a Mike Brown!!" So the bartender gives him 6 shots!
  • BCSO (Bedfprd) 25yr
    • The BCSO is always looking 4 more $$$$$ 2 but then new cars but wen r they tryin 2 fund their investigations? I have not jeard from my investagtor n 2 ywars.. !!!
  • m4w personals this week... (Lburg)
    • ....are pretty decent!!! WTF?????? (haven't looked at the casual encounters yet though)
  • Chads low rate lawn care (lynchburg) 49yr
    • Anyone who used this guy probably saw him on the news promoting his petition against AEP. Im sure you all regret using his services as much as I do being that he made you sign a contract and pay up front and then didnt follow through with his end of [...]
  • Lynchburg is Laughing Stock (Lynchburg)
    • The Shackman police have made Lynchburg the laughing stock of CL. This ignorant person who is obsessed with the Shackman needs mental help. Look at R&R in other cities in Va. or other states for that matter. It proves Lynchburg has the dumbest people [...]
  • Workplace Criticism (Madison Hts.)
    • There is an old saying: "Don't fault the dark when you refuse to light a candle."

People these days get so frustrated with the idiots that they have to report to. People who have learned how to keep their jobs just keep their mouths shut, watch the [...]

  • To the White Trash female at Walmart Wards Rd 52yr
    • Apparently a young couple with an infant had locked their keys in their car at the Wards Road Walmart. They were screaming at each other about the situation "F**k this", "F**k you", "F***kin etc. etc.... The mother then started screaming hysterically [...]
  • Rants & Raves? (lynchburg)
    • This should be changed from Rants & Raves to PSYCHOTIC SHACKMAN POLICE.

You are FLOODING R&R so you are just as bad as he is! Did you ever think he is getting off at your posts in R&R? FUCK.....GET A LIFE.....You are as BAD AS HE IS or possibly wo [...]

Any legit ladies here for fun? Sex starved ladies here? No real ladies here or decent ones? Everyday we used to get bombarded wi [...]

The guy that continues to post about Shackman is a born Loser...He sets around and jerks his pathetic cock all day looking at the Shackmans post wishing he [...]

  • Re:Shackman? (loserville)
    • The guy that continues to post about Shackman is a born Loser...He sets around and jerks his pathetic cock all day looking at the Shackmans post wishing he could be like him...The Loser was a virgin until he was 21..his mother felt sorry for him and [...]
  • RE: under 35 and thirsty - S H A C K Man goes M4M again (Sunnymeade Rd Shack)
    • Once again, no action for Shackman so he has to try an M4M ad. LOL!! And he finally admits to 6" instead of the 7" he has posted endlessly for years. We have been telling our fellow sisters to avoid this loser so here is one more reason to do so.

Da [...]

Today's attempts, so far: S [...]

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