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  • Ashley Furniture, Buyers Beware! (Everywhere)
    • If you're thinking of buying a new sofa, do your homework before buying one from Ashley. Here are some photos of my 3 year old Durablend sofa, which I purchased new from Ashley Furniture Homestore in Lynchburg, Va. I live alone and am very careful wi [...]
  • RE: WSET (Lynchburg)
    • WDBJ7 covers Lynchburg much better that lame WSET. Everything WSET does has to be approved by Lucky U. or it doesn't make it on tv.

Investigate the origin of the ever popular pre-trib rapture doctrine that has made them rich and famous. Read God's W [...]

Christ shall return exactly as He said. Read God's Word not Lahaye's LIES.

Here are the [...]

Mar 1 Man Looking To Love this evening - m4w 20 (anywhere) casual encounters Mar 1 ***** On going FWB ******* - m4w 20 casual encounters Mar 1 Athletic Stud - m4w 22 casual encounters It's [...]

Let me start by putting it out here that I'm not looking just to screw in a day or two. I'm about 300 pounds with barely b breasts. I'm looking for a SINGLE, clean ddf guy for to meet up with. I am unable to host. I prefer meeting up a time o [...]

  • WSET DOT COM (Lynchburg)
    • The station itself is sad enough when it comes to news reporting but the website is in a league all it's own. If you want to know anything about the $1.7 million allegedly stolen from the Centra Credit Union, you have to look at WDBJ's website. It's [...]
  • ISIS behaeds 15 Christians 2/27/15 (Lynchburg)
    • 15 Christians were beheaded by ISIS friday.

Don't be deceived by the modern day heresy of pre-trib rapture that has made fake preachers rich and famous since 1830. Investigate the origin of the ear tickling,money making LIE of pre-trib rapture. Rea [...]

3pm-6pm M-F repeats 9pm-12m M-F I know how this guy really shows us the lies of the dark side called Liberals/Demon-cats. Obama is the evil one , the ev [...]

however you have a nice delevery driver and should treat your people better.

  • RE: Fried Chicken (Lynchburg)
    • The best chicken there ever was Mitchell's Store chicken. Unfortunately the are closed now.
  • re: Do LBG parents not teach kids how to WALK?
    • It is a common misconception that pedestrians always have the right-of-way, it largely depends on the state and locality. Here's the Lynchburg city code. I've noted some of the interesting things pertaining to the movement of pedestrians.

Lynchburg [...]

Christ shall return exactly as He said He would. Read God's Word not Left Behind LIES.

The city has spent, or forced developers to spend, millions for the land, concrete, & labor to build sidewalks. You're not supposed to walk or jog in the road. There a [...]

Investigate the origin of this modern day heresy,that has made fake preachers rich and famous since 1830.

All religions are man made. All gods are man made,

  • RE:Islam (Lynchburg)
    • They are killing Christian men,women,and children in the Middle East but American Lamestream news says nothing. American churches say nothing. American Apostate church still holds to the false teaching of pre-trib rapture.

Investigate where this ear [...]

Investigate where this false doctrine came from and how it has infiltrated American churches. Don't be deceived by the satanic rapture LIE!

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