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  • Fappening photo collection 30yr
    • Anyone know where I can find all of the Fappening photos. I know it's kind of a lame request but I didn't get to see any before Google and everyone took them down, and felt left out. Not looking to circulate them or anything.
  • Fake: college sex/see a movie at regal (Lynchburg)
    • These are from the same fake who posts nearly every day pretending to be a college student, usually with fake pictures. All of these below are from the same loser as well. Give up, we aren't interested.

see a movie at regal? 21 (lburg) men seeking w [...]

Same ads every week: Hello Lady Looking (Bedford) Looking to talk Sexy on the phone (Lynchburg) looking to hang out naked (Lynchburg)

It is a shame that the party and people that is so profound in not wanting [...]

  • RE: Thank you Shackman police (Lynchburg)
    • So you and your girlfriends were sitting around reading CL personals? That's a laugh. We assume this is one of the constant over posters, most likely the Medical Restraints / Women In Boots creeper.

We also notice S H A C K MAN has not posted in ove [...]

"I will agree that most college aren't very bright. You want someone to blame, try Democrats. Don't believe me look who has been in control of the education system in our country the NEA which is full of Democrats. Yet we keep throwing mon [...]

  • Question for the ladies (lynchburg city)
    • Do you really take the warnings of this so-called Shackman police seriously? If I were a woman, I'd be offended as hell at the egotistical pomposity that generates these daily warnings. Aren't you insulted that this person assumes A) that you NEED to [...]
  • Thank you Shackman police!! (lynchburg city)
    • Me and my girlfriends were out having dinner n drinks, and one of them showed your CL posts to the rest of us and omg we laughed our effin asses off!! You think we need ur help staying clear of freaks? LMAO we actually like men, but ur a freakass man [...]
  • RE: Women in Boots - what a creeper (Lynchburg)
    • Over and Over again with the same tired crap. Give it a rest, we are not interested.

Women in Boots - m4w (Lynchburg) casual encounters Straight Jacket, Medical Restraints m4m (Lynchburg) casual encounters Kinky Nurse - m4w - (Lynchburg) casual en [...]

  • Shackman Police (Lynchburg)
    • There are people and places that can help you with your obsesion with the fictional character Shackman. You are scarry you could be another Slenderman follower. Please get the mental help and medication you need,Homeland Security should be watching p [...]
  • this chick is wacked (Madison heights ) 61yr
    • This Hooker called me up and said that she is pregnant by me. Wtf, I only seen her twice but I know she seen the $$ in my wallet so now she wants to have the kid.. for all you guys stay far away from bunny Renee. It will cost you and her stuff wasn't [...]
  • RE: dumbass college students (USA)
    • I will agree that most college aren't very bright. You want someone to blame, try Democrats. Don't believe me look who has been in control of the education system in our country the NEA which is full of Democrats. Yet we keep throwing money at the pr [...]
  • Dumbass college students 69yr
    • As we spend tens of thousands of dollars to send our children off for those college degrees, our sacrifices are worthless! The young adults are getting dumber. They can't even cross the road.

I thought that the can't cross the road syndrome was limi [...]

  • WSET...at it again (Lynchburg)
    • Once again, WSET is deleting online comments that question the integrity of LU. Seriously, does LU contribute that much money to the station?
  • RE: Some people are just stupid (Lynchburg)
    • I'm sure they were niggers. Or wanta be white niggers. You should have did everything you could to provoke the bastards.
  • 5 More "P O L I C E" Posts Postulating Psychopathic Lunacy
    • Ah, where would we be without our favorite tragically-detached-from-reality D O U C H E-B I T C H? Here she is again, assuming that one person is responsible for a variety of posts. She actually expects people to take her incessant ravings seriously! [...]
  • Moronic Mistaken Overposting Overposter Police (Lynchburg)
    • It's laughable now - the S H A C K M A N police psychopath, who seems to think separating letters makes her posts seem more legitimate, one can only suppose, is lumping my extremely creative (and damned funny) posts together with the hillbilly shackm [...]
  • Shackman Police E X P O S E D ! ! ! (Lynchburg)
    • BREAKING NEWS: The Shackman Police of Lynchburg R and R has been identified by a Special Investigator in the Astral Planes as none other than the dear departed You-Know-Who.

He's b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!!!! We don't quite know how he did it, but he i [...]

Ok, forget the dear departed You-Know-Who. We made a [...]

Women in Boots - m4w (Lynchburg) casual encounters I need a good spanking please - m4w (Lynchburg) casual encounters Straight Jacket, Medical Restraints m4m (Lync [...]

  • Some people are just stupid (Lynchburg)
    • I decided to run out to Taco Bell for a quick pick-up for lunch, As I am sitting in the drive-thru line waiting on my turn, there is a vehicle at the speaker placing an order.

After a few minutes, I hear screaming from inside the vehicle, I roll dow [...]

Here are the pictures 'skinny' guy and the postings he used to have daily, 3 times a day. Top needed - m4m 43 (amherst) cas [...]

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