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craigslist | musicians in myrtle beach

well versed in funk jam reggae rock and more hit me up for details https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHR_sKOLQHnuUSa-xL2PE_Q/feed?view_as=public

  • Looking for Reggae Guitarist/Vocalist (MB Area)
    • Solid bassist and drummer looking for a guitarist and or vocalist to play reggae and related genres. Both of us have extensive experience in the genre and playing in bands. We do have connections around the area as well, but someone else with some pu [...]
  • Booking For Country Band (myrtle beach)
    • Looking for someone with an IN to find gigs in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas for up and coming Nashville country music act. You book, we pay.

www.scottstevensmusic.com Thanks, Ryan Mitchell

  • Bass player available
    • Hello! I am a musician that has been playing for about 6 years. I just moved here from Nashville and am hoping to join a band! Willing to play anything you want! Hope to hear from you soon!
  • just wanna make good music (conway sc)
    • well im daniel a drummer looking to start up a new band with new people so call or txt and let me know what u do and we will go from there call or txt anytime eight 4 three 331 2291
  • re:Myrtle Beach music scene (Myrtle World)
    • The scene is blah,bla,blah,blah,blah......now everybody shut and go practice,perfect your craft and use this site to network.Quit with all the band reviews its not freakin American Idol.There are good bands and bad bands up and down the strand.Whats [...]
  • Myrtle Beach Music Scene
    • Wow, thanks so much for your opinions on the bands. We were all dying to know what you think! Your wisdom and experience appear to be bottomless.
  • Myrtle Beach Music Scene (myrtle beach)
    • I moved here six months ago and I am a musician. I grew up playing, and for over twenty years traveled around the country with bands. I grew up in Florida, played in LA and Atlanta, Memphis, you name it. So I have seen lots of areas and bands.

I hav [...]

  • Drummer Available (Strand)
    • Drummer with, some backing Vocals, Equip, Transportation and plenty of experience in all Genres looking for "Established Paying Gig" No Startups, No Beginners Age Range for me 35 & up

Influences, Steely Dan, Yes, Genesis, Crimson, ELP and more.

{[Anyone with excellent music can do it too. Learn how by watching the 5 FREE videos on my own web site: http://getheard [...]

I have been doing music production for 7 years....I know how to make tracks, mix, arrange, [...]

I'm into many different styles, I don't have any particular direction I would like to go in...the main thing is that were making good music. Must be dedicated, and willing to play shows, travel, etc... I'm not interested in do [...]

  • good bass player looking (surfside)
    • Good bass player with lots of experience looking for a good band. Beach, boogie, classic rock, country, blues, soul. Good equipment and transportation. Surfside.
  • Christian drummer (conway)
    • I am a Christian drummer looking for SERIOUS MUSICIANS who want to play outside the 4 walls of their church , need those who want to do outreach ministry , will be contemporary music for events in this area and maybe other parts of state , would also [...]
  • Hobby Band Seeks Vocalist (Loris / Conway)
    • We are three guys, bass, drums and guitarist who love to play but all have jobs and families so a serious band had taken a back seat to life. We would like to find a singer, male or female who likes the same music and can jamm one or two nights a mon [...]
  • Seeking musicians to play extreme metal (ESPECIALLY DRUMMERS) (Conway/Myrtle Beach area)
    • Hello there!! I'm seeking to restart an old band of mine here in SC, but first I'll need some musicians who are willing to play. The band is a blackened death metal band and is influenced by bands like:

Marduk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz0_Nrd [...]

I describe it-all in the 5 training videos I posted on my own web site (don't worry it is free) http://moneyformusicians.org/s/?423111 [...]

Very Solid Bass & Drums looking for Lead Guitar and Vocalist/Frontman or Lead Guitar that does Lead Vocals 40 plus Age Range. Genre is Progressive Hard Rock, we are from the Days of Schenker, UFO, Rainbow, Sabbath, Led Zep, D [...]

at very affordable pricing flat $45 per hour pay as you go or (Package Pricing) Call for Quote between 10 am till 5 Pm Mon. thru Sat. - call show contact info ask for Victor [...]

I'am looking for a Classic Country, Rock'in'Roll, Western Swing or Swamp Rock or Blues group. Played some in 02 & 03 in NC. doing Classic Country, BlueGras [...]

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend with the $$$ CASH $$$ I will pay for your instrument !!! Older tube amplifiers, working or not, don't worry, I buy those too. Cal [...]

  • Beats for your next project
    • If your looking for some beats to work on for your next project, download my beat-tape(Enter the Dark Side) 13 dark rap and hip hop beats...


show contact info thanks...Private collector in Surfside Beach with CASH and fair prices [...]

IT's A JAM Thanks Don

My Stage Name is Keith Eugene. I am an R&B, Pop, Motown, Singer and Keyboard Player. A One Man Band. I perform songs by Stevie Wonder, Adele, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Burt Bacharach, John Legend, Carole King, Marvin Gaye, C [...]

  • Beer 30 jam (surfside beach)
    • Thanks for the comments from you guys but it's not necessary, I have learned in the 30 years I've been playing that when you put yourself out there in public, you'll have folks that like what you do and folks that hate it. I have no problem with bein [...]
  • RE; RE: beer 30 (surfside beach)
    • well some real asshole went and hammered Tim Allen last night or early this morning, I have posted now for the 27th time some sort of a stand up for Tim response and it keeps getting flagged so I guess we should all just flag the original poster's po [...]
  • Re: beer 30 - open jam
    • If you're really such a professional musician, why would you waste your time posting ANONYMOUSLY on here criticizing talented musicians? No one told you you had to stay in that bar and listen. This is exactly the reason why this "music scene" doesn't [...]
  • Classsic Rock/Hard Rock Band for hire (myrtle beach sc)
    • We are "WATSON STEEL". We are a working rock band from Myrtle Beach,SC. We offer our services for live events, festivals, private parties, Company events, bars looking for new talent. We are professional musicians with professional equipment. Rates a [...]
  • Band Looking For Lead Vocalist (Male/Female) (Murrells Inlet)
    • Hi, our band is looking for a lead singer to complete our sound. We are looking for someone who is a singer first, but if you also play an instrument (Guitar/Keyboard) that is a plus! We focus mainly on original music, but are willing to play a few c [...]
  • I Buy Old Guitars, basses and amps (myrtle)
    • text or call me

show contact info thanks...Private collector in Surfside Beach with CASH and fair prices wants to buy your Vintage guitars and amps from beaters to new like items. All guitars and amps from the 50's through the 70's. considered. I HAVE CAS [...]

almost 200 members in under 2 weeks or so thanks to you for supporting it.

Rock'a'Billy, Rock'in'Roll & Southern Rock. Started playing Country in 1968. I'm not looking to be a star. Just looking for the right group! Thanks Daddy 'D'

  • beer 30 - open jam
    • so i went to beer 30 to grab a drink last friday night after work and i walk into to have a beer in peace and i hear this atrocious dog barking on the mic... I hate to throw the rest of the band under the bus because the bass player was phenomenal an [...]
  • Quality Bass Player Needed ( BACKSTAGE PASS BAND) (myrtle beach)
    • Top 40 cover band seeks Bassist. Band just moved from Florida to myrtle beach. Guy/Girl vocals, covering party songs from Katy Perry-Kesha- Paramore -Pink- Tom Petty-Def Leopard-Kings of Leon-Foo Fighters etc. We have a all pro PA. including digital [...]
  • Musicians Wanted (Myrtle Beach)
    • Soulful punkish alternative modern rock singer/songwriter guitar, bass, and drum for mostly original project. Please email me if you are interested.
  • High Quality Studio Recording $35/track (socastee/myrtle beach)
    • Audio Recording $35/Track or 2 for $50

Beats Starting At $75 with Exclusive Rights... Need A Track Mixed/Mastered That You Recorded Somewhere Else? $30 Graphics Starting At $25 Features $50 Verse Ghost Writing (for those who need it) $250/Track [...]

ZZ Top Tom Petty Stevie Ray Vaughn Many, Many others. Looking for immediate paying project. Jeff

My name is Michael. I am 35yrs old, and I have performed w/ multiple bands, for many moons. I moved here from PA about a year and a half ago. Since I've moved here, I have met a lot of talented musicians. I just haven't had much luck with [...]

Because so many musicians and producers have asked me how it's done I made a FRE [...]

I have a baby on the way, and after doing my finances, I realized I need to get creative on using my engineering skills to put food on the table. Have your song mixed by someone who has an industry ear, JoDell Playmaker Music. It works p [...]

  • RE: Can't We All...
    • I'm in Myrtle Beach, not in VA....:) Igmore the map thingy...
  • Can't We All Just Jam Along?!
    • The Band, Steve Earl, Widespread Panic, Allman Brothers, Phish, horns, accordions, Piano, Synth, Funk, let us mold it all together. Only the moment exists, that few seconds surrounded with other players and you first felt it, the force, the moment. W [...]
  • Lead Guitarist Available (aynor/conway/myrtle beach)
    • i am a lead guitarist looking for a experienced band in this area. I have 15 yrs experience. I have my own equipment and have recording equipment along with 10 yrs of mixing and recording experience. I am looking for a rock/alternative/somewhat metal [...]
  • Experienced Guitarist Looking to Play Good Music (murrells inlet)
    • Experienced guitarist (40 years of performing) looking to play. Have played most all styles, open to play most all styles. No job conflict, but not looking to play 7 night a week.

For demos/pictures/bio/equipment list: www.brownsoundmusic.com/kurt [...]

Because so many musicians and producers have asked me how it's working I decide [...]

  • Drummer Wanted (myrtle beach sc)
    • Bassist and guitarist/singer duo looking for a drummer preferably in the age range of late teens-20's in the Myrtle Beach area. We are in our early 20's and have some live playing experience. We play various styles such as blues, hard rock, alternati [...]
  • Darius Rucker tickets (CCU)
    • Darius Rucker concert tickets (2) for sale. $125 for both. Saturday night at CCU.
  • Vocalist Song Writing (Myrtle Beach)
    • Hello everyone - I'd like to link up with others like myself who share the goal of perfecting a craft such as song writing and vocals. This could all be done via email and kept completely confidential, but, I'd like to converse with others and brains [...]
  • I Want To Make Music (Myrtle Beach)
    • Alright, I'm gonna be real frank. I'm 21 years old. I play keys, guitar, etc. I want to make really good music. If you are near my age and want to make good music, too, contact me. Please.
  • Female R&B Singer (VA)
    • Hello My name is Senay and I will be in the area from the 24th-28th. If in need of my services contact me at Senaymusic @ gmail and we can go into detail etc. Here are a few links : www.reverbnation.com/senay

www.soundcloud.com/senay-1 www.youtube. [...]


I moved here in May and thought oh sweet there will be a ton of people and SURELY I'll find some cool kids to play music with, but NOOOOOPE. Unless you're a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, booze-guzzling daddy trying to stumble [...]

show contact info thanks

I have produced over 255 Horn Section Charts for your band... These have been professionally played and are PERFECT for your Rock, Soul, R&B, Blues, Swing, Disco, Oldies, Classic Rock and other [...]

Interested bands go to our facebook page and LIKE it and leave your link to your band. If you have any questions we encourage you to email us. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Apollyon-E [...]

Affordable Prices and Quality work is what we stand for. Professional Recording Studio Environment show contact info Accepting All Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Metal, Indie, HipHop, [...]

For a Limited Time only, were offering $150 for 2 full songs! EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED! Tracking & Mixing Time (15hrs included, split into at most 3 days (4-5hr days)) Master CD Mp3's (for your reverbnation p [...]

Could this passibly lead to a jazz society for the preservation and promotion of jazz , and create a commercial interest in jazz performances i [...]

show contact info thanks...Private collector in Surfside Beach wants to buy your Vintage guitars and amps from beaters to new like items. All guitars and amps from the 50's through the 70's. considered. I HAVE CASH IN HAND WAITING... Conta [...]

  • Professional Native American 8 Hole Flute
    • Hello I am Jimmy Davis of JD Flutes. I can create any key you like. I am all over YouTube just type in JD Flutes and you will see me. In the mean time, check out my new 8 hole flute that I created from Cedar. This flute is amazing! For more informati [...]
  • Indie Artists or Filmmakers?
    • I am an ASCAP songwriter and publisher. Seeking to collaborate with indie artists and filmmakers.

Indie artists -- Are you seeking songs for an upcoming release? Large catalog of songs available. Pop, rock, and country only. Must have recording budg [...]

  • Keyboardist wanted- Rainbow-Kansas
    • We've got the band and the vocals. Looking for the keyboardist interested in mostly original deal, along with the classics of Rainbow, Kansas, that genre. Seasoned musicians. Reply for more info.
  • Keith Atwood. lmao
    • You have some balls posting you can outsing anyone. From what ive heard about you, outdrink anyone is a more accurate statement.

As far as your apparent ego goes, the smelly piss holes you play in dont care who plays there. If the band can play 4 se [...]

Essentially, the two of us (guitarist and drummer) have been looking for more musicians to complete the lineup. We are in need of another guitarist, a bassist, and a [...]

  • Looking to start a Music Group (myrtle beach sc)
    • Hello my name is Dre' Terrell and I am a singer/songwriter and I dance a little bit. I would like to start a r&B, alternative rock, indie type group. I am interested in artist such as Frank Ocean, Luke James and Ro James. Look up these artist! I woul [...]
  • Hello from Eric Ness of P.B.R.
    • Hello Everyone, First off I would like to appologize to anyone that has been negatively affected from the hate and drama that has filled the musicians' section. Apparently I have a person (or people) who do not like me on a musical or personal level. [...]
  • Local Music Scene (Myrtle Beach)
    • check it out and join free


    • Come out and Jam tonight at "THE WATERING HOLE" Open Mic. Hosted by Vern Cygan, Chicago Bob Hess and Oscar. 7-11pm. Across from Friendly Pawn on 17 Bus. Garden City Beach

show contact info

  • Put your name on it if you wanna talk shit
    • Leave your fucking name pussy. I swear you fuckin scrotum wrinkles are so fucking pathetic. I hope you grow some balls and leave your name in your post if you wanna talk shit. That way we'll all know who's fucking ass to kick for trolling up the musc [...]
  • Thinking about Forming Duo or Small Band (myrtle beach sc)
    • I've been thinking about forming a duo or 3 pc band. I play guitar and sing with 30+ years blah, blah, blah. Another guitar or keys, maybe keys and bass...I dunno, just knocking around ideas.

classic Rock, Country, maybe some newer stuff, whatever w [...]

  • musicians needed for new project (strand)
    • Bassplayer forming a band to play dance, motown R&B, disco etc. to play parties, weddings and private events. Looking for guitar, keys, drums, (any with lead vocals a plus). Also looking for a female vocalist. Contacts in place for bookings. Looking [...]
  • RE-pbr
    • Just a clarification to whatever ass wipe is speculating any member of Little Soul has anything to do with any of this childish bullshit going on. A member of PBR was once a prominent member of Little Soul and knows better. Little Soul has always sup [...]
  • To the anonymous Bed Wetter (your moms bed)
    • To the keyboard commando....just stop. Just because your mommy grounded your no talent ass, there is no need to bash others. Go make a pop tart , and watch Justin Beiber videos......and SHUT UP! You are a clown.
  • pbr
    • 1st off props to keith atwood for being a man n tellin it like it is. second to the person who says eric crawled back to the band it was the bands decision. and i do know who you are n i knew your band member who passed away. you even did a show in n [...]
  • ELECTRONIC drummer (Surfside)
    • Looking for a drummer, any age, who can play electronic drumset and keep a beat-- vocals always a plus --------- I have a a new Yahama electronic set w/amp, free to use with our group- local real band here with: lead guitar, bass, keyboards, rhythm g [...]

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