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craigslist | musicians in myrtle beach

show contact info thanks...Private collector in Surfside Beach wants to buy your Vintage guitars and amps from beaters to new like items. All guitars and amps from the 50's through the 70's. considered. I HAVE CASH IN HAND WAITING... Conta [...]

Hey Myrtle Beach musicians, join the just started and soon to be fastest growing Myrtle Beach site at https://www.facebook.com/groups/746024418793050/

show contact info thanks

craigslist - Map data OpenStreetMap me im 44 play drums looking for people that want to start a rock/punkish jam band , don't care if you smoke, drink, 420, (no hard drugs) no hair i don't care , just lookin [...]

  • Country rhythm player ASAP
    • Looking for a rhythm guitar player who can sing. We are currently playing a house gig for the summer with one in the works for the winter. Must be willing to learn top 40 country. No drama. Must be willing to travel. We play new and old country, beac [...]
  • Can Your Music Become Popular?
    • I get asked this question all the time by musicians. Truth is, although it is necessary to work to develop your songwriting skills (of course), the quality of your music is NOT the greatest factor for making your songs popular. If recording high qual [...]
  • Bassist Lookin' for Classic Country Band ( Myrtle Beach, Little River & into NC )
    • I'm looking for an older group or startup group, playing Classic Country,

RockaBilly, Rock'in'Roll & Southern Rock with a Blues twist added to the mix. I'm not looking to be a star, just looking for the right group! (-: Thanks Don

Because so many musicians and producers have asked me how it's working I decide [...]

Our ideal candidate: has a flexible schedule, has their own pro gear and vehicle, can play to a click track/with sequencing, doesn't mind spending 2-3 weeks at a time in a van, digs bands like Metric, Param [...]

  • Bass Player Needs Gig
    • I'm currently in Florida but would make the move up to Myrtle Beach if someone could offer me a gig.

I'm versatile and a killer bass player that sings. I am well traveled, quick study, and able to go on tours. I play rock, blues, r&b, beach, funk, [...]

Because so many musicians and producers have asked me how it's done I made a FRE [...]

show contact info or show contact info ask for Victor Professional Photo Shoot Full 1080p Concert Video HD Music Vid [...]

    • Flat out I'm looking for a touring and or (good) money making band. Don't give a damn where I play, I just want to play in front of big crowds. I love it. Its that simple people!

I have over twenty years of performing live, drug free, pro equipment, [...]

  • Guitarist Available / Lead Vocalist / Dynamic Frontman as well (myrtle beach)
    • Guitarist and lead vocalist with spot on harmonies who can play professional quality lead and rhythm guitar seeks working situation. if need be I can be a front man as well to handle any and all crowds. Can sing anything from Willie to McCartney and [...]
  • Multi Instrument/Bass/Lead Guitar (MB)
    • Established band looking for a single musician that can play rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, and possibly sing back-ups and leads throughout the night. Position will open up in January and shows start in March, so there is plenty of time to [...]
  • Moving to Conway soon. Looking to form a band. (Conway/Myrtle Beach)
    • Hello! I am moving to Conway and sadly I'll be leaving my band here in Flint, Mi. I'm looking to get a Punk/Alt Rock outfit going down there. Doesn't have to be amazing. I also don't want a set sound. Elements of all forms of Punk/Alternative are wel [...]
  • Christian Rock Band Looking To Play In Your Area
    • I have a Christian Rock band based out of Lincolnton NC near Charlotte and we are looking to play in your area. We will play at festivals, churches, auditoriums, concert halls etc... If you have anything available, give us a call.

You can hear our m [...]

I'am looking for a Classic Country, Rock'in'Roll, Western Swing or Swamp Rock or Blues group. Played some in 02 & 03 in NC. doing Classic Country, BlueGras [...]

  • Drummer looking to join or form a great band (myrtle beach)
    • Pro drummer looking to join or form a band that's a step above the rest...I'm a pro drummer with a pro kit and I sing some as well...looking to join or form a rock or blues based band...I have done every type of music that you can name..AC/DC to ZZ T [...]
  • acoustic partner needed (myrtle beach)
    • I'm a working musician looking for a new partner. I don't play a specific type of music because I like it all and ya never know who your playin for. I'm 22 and don't wanna have to teach you to play guitar. Singing is a plus
  • Drummer needed who can sing
    • We are looking for a drummer who can song lead and harmony! We play a variety of music from beach, blues, southern rock, country, dance, and original . We have music on the radio and YouTube. If interested please contact ASAP!!!
  • Marshall MG Series, 100 DFX (Little River, SC)
    • Used Marshall MG Series, 100 DFX

Great condition. No repairs. Great for gigging or just playing at home. I can deliver this if needed. Give me a text or call if you're interested.

My Stage Name is Keith Eugene. I am an R&B, Pop, Motown, Singer and Keyboard Player. A One Man Band. I perform songs by Stevie Wonder, Adele, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Burt Bacharach, John Legend, Carole King, Marvin Gaye, C [...]

Our mission is to help people "Go Deeper" in their faith. We desire to help people go deeper in their walk with God through... "GRACE" Accepting grace for themselves [...]

Repaired but in good condition. 2 instrument line inputs and 1 mic input. Great for gigging or just playing at home. I can deliver this if needed. Give me a text or call if you're interested.

Even have a show in your backyard or your living room. Acoustic or full band shows, just request what you'd like. http://facebook.com/thedissents/events For booking show contact info or show contact info We love our [...]

I have produced over 255 Horn Section Charts for your band... These have been professionally played and are PERFECT for your Rock, Soul, R&B, Blues, Swing, Disco, Oldies, Classic Rock and other [...]

Essentially, the two of us (guitarist and drummer) have been looking for more musicians to complete the lineup. We are in need of another guitarist, a bassist, and a [...]

  • Lead Guitarist Needed (Surfside)
    • need good, dependable lead guitarist for classic rock band-vocals a plus == have bass, keyboards, drummer- have to be team player--we have sound equip. & practice area on Highway 707

Call Barry show contact info

Looking for Classic Rock - Alt. - R&B - Funk - Reggae Ready to gig now.

Chris is from Leand NC. & is trying to get his name out , Chris has that voice that can range from Neal Young ,To that Raspy Voice of Bob Seger ,Playing songs from Down by [...]

  • Good Job Guys ! (USA)
    • Good job guys, you all made your points ( some more crudely than others). Now can we put the musicians section back to players looking for players? Perhaps not but at least I asked the question.
  • electronic drummer with vocals needed
    • electronic drummer with vocals needed for dance band
  • RE: Give it a rest - (myrtle beach)
    • Sorry about creating a craigslist rant with my earlier post. I did not leave my name on the post because I have watched this site and how nasty and abusive some people can be in Myrtle. Its really kinda sad. I also did not leave my name because I don [...]
  • Keep flagging asshole (MB)
    • So you post a very long post trashing the musicians in Myrtle Beach and flag anyone that disagrees with your moronic diatribe. Well, I got all day. Your manner in which you posted that tells me you couldn't promote yourself to fry cook at Burger King [...]
  • Need help starting a band (Myrtle Beach/Socastee)
    • Hey there. My name is Will and my fiance and I are looking to start a rock band. I can do clean vocals and am willing to learn instruments. My fiance is a songwriter and can write our own music. Were both 19 years old and have a musical history throu [...]
  • Local Music Scene (Myrtle Beach)
    • check it out and join free


Basically, I am looking for someone who is willing to play hateful and evil extreme metal and spread the message. I've already got enough material for 2 a [...]

  • re.give it a rest (the mind of the haters and wannabes)
    • Hahaha...first of all the two non-musicians who dont play sh++(booking bands and selling bumper stickers doesnt count)are the ones who bitched and moaned the most on this thread.I have lived and played in NY,Fl,Ca,and most of the east coast.Musicians [...]
  • Open jam Wed 7;11 (garden city beach)
    • come out and jam ,at the WATERING HOLE. hosted by vern ,chicago bob , oscar. hope to see you there
  • re: give it a rest (myrtle beach) (Grand Strand)
    • I hate to agree with any of what you wrote, but you are more right than wrong. I moved here a year ago. I promoted and booked bands across the country through a large entertainment company for thirty years and finally retired. Here. I booked Big band [...]
  • re: give it a rest (myrtle beach)
    • Your so right , I have been here 3 years and have meet with about 15 people and none of them seem to have the drive, they just want to jam when there is nothing else to do , or they are bored , it's like everyone is in the vacation mode all the time [...]
  • Give it a rest (No scene)
    • Why is everybody getting so bent out of shape about the non existent music scene here. I have traveled all over the country and worked with a major recording artist in merchandising for 3 long years and have never seen such a weak area for music. I l [...]
  • Classic Melodic Hard Rock/Metal Bassist Available (Socastee, SC)
    • I am seeking to either join, or start a group with like minded musicians interested in playing the classic hard rock. Motley Crue, UFO, Molly Hatchet, Tesla, Kiss, Def Leppard...etc. Have professional gear and a very serious attitude.
  • RE: who is Rich Johnson
    • You must be the genius that keeps plugging your restaraunt on the MB fb page....

...I am not Rich...never met him..nobody cares about your menus there. Its for musicians you wingnut. If you're too cheap to advertise in a legitimate manner, you think [...]

  • PRO AUDIO TECH is available (North Myrtle Beach, SC)
    • I have an extensive resume and 15 years doing live audio for many, many acts ranging from churches, clubs, theaters, corporate, festivals, coliseums and stadium gigs. I've just moved here and off the road for a while, available to mix your show anyti [...]
  • Pro Guitarist Available
    • A short disclaimer for the trolls: Pro means I do this for a living and I am more than proficient at my craft, not that I am the best that ever lived or to ever touch six strings and wood.

Pro level guitar player available for all styles, acousti [...]

  • Female singer needed for Duo , (NMB)
    • Looking for a female singer to make a duo. Have jobs. material covered Janis Joplin, Melissa Ethridge, , Natalie Merchant, rolling stones Darius Rucker , Fleetwood mac ext.

Please send info . I have PA lights all the equipment needed.

  • $50 Music Mastering @ WaxJam Records (Atlanta Ga)
    • You have songs that has a decent, or good mix, but you can not afford the high cost of mastering; well look no further; you can now get your music mastered and listen to a clip of the before and after mastered song before you pay us for the work.

Th [...]

  • 1 day left, Were moving (myrtle beach)
    • For sale, any reasonable offer accepted. 6pc.All black OCDP drum set, all hardware, Pa. system, All Zildjian "A" custom cymbals and extras, gunsmithing bench and all supplies, Fisher CZ-3D metal detector, Everything in good or new condition. Please c [...]
  • Jazz In Myrtle Beach?
    • Could some musicians in Myrtle Beach please tell me if there is an active Jazz scene in M.B.?

I would like to correspond with any jazz pianists, guitarists, singers, horn players that play venues in the Grand Strand area to get a better idea of how [...]

show contact info THE BAND VAN! Introducing new and exciting Concert Transportation provided by Limos Of Myrtle Beach! We suggest our concert transportation services [...]

All Services Limited To 12 Tracks. - Acoustic Instrument Recording (Can add some effects if needed) - Electric Guitar Recording (Many effects and [...]

  • Wanted- Sound person for X32
    • If you don't know what it is, please don't waste yours or our time. Looking for a sound person familiar with the X32. Thanks for reading.
  • Open Jam @ Beer 30 in Surfside (surfside beach)
    • Tim Allen's Bluestime will be hosting an open jam at Beer 30 tonight in Surfside Beach right next to Wild Water and Wheels. Everyone is welcome to come and hang out, sing, play or whatever. Very laid back and fun. Perfect for those who can't get out [...]
  • Bassist for Hire - relocating back to Strand
    • Relocating back to Myrtle Beach and need immediate paying gigs with another single performer or trio or full music group playing beach, club, corporate, weddings, dance, cruises, tours .... anything as long as it's fun & profitable!

I was house bass [...]

Contact ASAP for additional information.

  • Liquidation prices on used GUITARS & GEAR! (GuitarZan)
    • Our prices are lower than EBay (a liquidation website) prices. Our guitars are in excellent condition, set up, have fresh strings and are ready to play. More importantly, we have specific standards for our guitars. All of the guitars we carry must ha [...]
  • We pay top dollar for your guitar! (GuitarZan)
    • Tired of getting low-ball offers for you guitar? We want to help you get the most for your guitar and get cash in your hand ASAP! There are many ways to sell your guitar but the only way to get full price is to have a reputable store. (Heck, we don't [...]
  • Marimba player needed (Sunset Beach)
    • I am looking for a marimba player , must be able to read and improvise solos and willing to record and perform original and variations of covers as well.

Will discuss pay and details of performance upon request and acknowledge or interest in playing [...]

  • Female Folk (ALT) Guitarist Needed! (Strand)
    • I am looking for a female acoustic player in the style of Ani Difranco, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, etc.
  • OPEN MIC (Grandstrand)
    • I don't blame the clubs for doing something cheap. If the bands here could fill the club with people that drank and stayed all night this wouldn't be an issue. It's a business thing. If you think your band can pack a room and make money, go rent a ve [...]
  • Pro Bassist Available
    • Plug in and play bass player unless it's Chick Corea or Bela Fleck music!

I like old school r&b, classic rock, funk, blues, jazz, swing, and country music! I can sing, travel USA & abroad, play some trumpet, hang, tell funny jokes.... absolutely n [...]

For a Limited Time only, were offering $150 for 2 full songs! EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED! Tracking & Mixing Time (15hrs included, split into at most 3 days (4-5hr days)) Master CD Mp3's (for your reverbnation p [...]

  • any open mic in Aug?
    • Will be at the Dunes for a week next month. I play lap steel/dobro and was wondering if there are any open mics or country bars? I do know about the Pine Lakes Tavern on Tuesday nights.
  • LIVE AT THE FILLMORE™, The Definitive Allman Brothers Band Tribute (House Of Blues)
    • LIVE AT THE FILLMORE™ is the Definitive Tribute to the Original Allman Brothers Band. LATF comes to HOUSE OF BLUES in North Myrtle Beach before heading south to the Big House Museum (official museum of the Allman Brothers Band) in Macon, GA. Come a [...]
  • Re; RE: Open jams on weekends (myrtle beach)
    • I am surprised that Cathy at Rockin Hard would do that. Not surprised Duke would do that though, heard Coman Sproles is his band, not sure other musicians are involved oir not... both love working open mics for $50
  • Beach, Oldies, Country, Southern Rock
    • Professional singer, bass/guitar looking to form or join a good group. Born and raised in the Carolina's and love all types of 50's, 60's and 70's music. I have professional equipment and good voice for both lead and back up. Looking for a band, trio [...]
  • new track - SC rock (myrtle beach)
    • Hey musicians and music fans! Check out a brand new track by SC rock band Suburban Myth - hope you like it!:

http://www.reverbnation.com/suburbanmyth/song/21048006-welcome-if-only EP "Plastic Souls" on iTunes, new album "Welcome(If Only)" released [...]

Affordable Prices and Quality work is what we stand for. Professional Recording Studio Environment show contact info Accepting All Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Metal, Indie, HipHop, [...]

Turn your ideas & scratch tracks into professional mainstream radio style music. Played, performed & recorded in a pro audio multitrack recording studio by professional [...]

  • My Friday open jam (MB)
    • wow, I honestly didn't think a little free advertisement for my jam was going to create so many posts.

I just want to be clear. I (Tim Allen) take 100% full responsibility for the jam at Beer 30 on Fridays. I approached the bar and they agreed. A b [...]

more and more bars are getting musicians to do open mics on weekends so they [...]

Looking for steady year round or tour. Email for info.

  • Guitarist/Singer wants to join or form band (Strand)
    • Eccentric eclectic electric musician wants to from or join a groovin band.All for 1 and 1 for all.Me: I am a well rounded musician needing some other diverse people to bounce ideas off,and create either a tribute band=Stones,ZZ Top,Van Halen,AC/DC,GN [...]
  • Looking for Good Musicians (Myrtle Beach, SC)
    • Hey there, everypeoples! I'm looking for some people to play/write music with. I play keys and 12-string guitar, and I do some singing; I'm working on learning violin, too. What I need is some person(s) who can

-Play (lead) guitar -Play bass -Play [...]

http://www.nashvillegigfinder.com The website is free and we encourage everyone to join and [...]

I'm a lead singer (also harmonies), acoustic guitar (also fingerstyle), bass guitar player (any style) and song writer. I live upstate in SC but have a small place near Murrell's Inlet. I also write songs and have a guy in N [...]

    • AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XIV are looking for singers and artists of all styles, male and female, ages 15 to 28.

These auditions are for 'industry referrals' only, not for the general public. We will be holding invite-only auditions these cities: PORTLA [...]

  • SOULTRY SUNDAYS OPEN MIC @ RUE 77 (Downtown Columbia)
    • Come Join us EVERY SUNDAY @ 1301 Assembly Street Columbia, SC for Drink Specials, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, & Amazing Soul Food!! Whether you're coming for the Soultry Experience or to Showcase your talent of any Genre (comedy, musicians,poetry, rap, singi [...]

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