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craigslist | missed connections in north dakota

  • train nd - m4w (minot)
    • Should have at least asked your name ... You are a cutie :) Now I won't see you again for another year!
  • Menards girl in Dickinson - m4w (Dickinson) 27yr
    • Hey to the girl that works at menards in Dickinson that was by the out exit doors around 11am Wednesday the 23rd. You really was not very sneaky about checking me out 4 times. Anyways hmu and you can check me out over a nice dinner meal. You was dark [...]
  • Re: In another lifetime - m4w
    • Maybe you should take the chance. You only get 1 life. Live with no regrets. Listen to your heart. You'll wonder what could have been the rest of your life if you don't.
  • Tanya Nelson. Are You out there? - m4w (Grand Forks, ND) 41yr
    • Its me, Adam P. We were childhood best friends.... Haven't seen or heard from you since 1990! Miss you!!
  • Jen at Exxon fuel stop - m4w (Williston)
    • We keep flirting with each other and I would like to get to know you, so if your available and interested please reply to this. I'm the guy you told smelled good, and I always get a receipt from you.
  • In another lifetime - w4m
    • I hated you at first. I was Elizabeth Bennett and you mr. Darcy. Now I can't seem to get you off my mind. I wish i had the guts to tell you how I really feel. I hope one day I do.
  • Walmart employee - m4w (williston) 28yr
    • I see you about everytime I come into Walmart. You have braces. Your between 5ft and 5'4". You have brownish hair. Ur white. Around 20-25. I wanna talk to you and see if you are interested. But I don't wanna make you uncomfortable by being just anoth [...]
  • Schatz!!!!!! - m4w (Minot) 48yr
    • Seriously any of the cashiers at schatz . You are all gorgeous!!!! Would love to hook up.
  • The lady at cash wise - m4w (Williston)
    • I saw u this morning spoke a few words to u just wanted to see if u wanted to go out for a coffee of something if so hit me up put ur job position in the subject to weed out the spam
  • girl at OK tire - m4w (williston) 28yr
    • We see each other in the mornings and flirt a little every time. Message me today's topic if you are interested.
  • Matt H - w4m (Minot)
    • Looking for Matt H. You worked with Jeff and Dennis last year. Everyone is worried about you! Please get in touch.
  • Exxon truck stop by Walmart - m4w (Williston)
    • Your name is Jen and you told me I smelled really good

We'll I must say you really look good, you have a very sexy ass, and a beautiful Smile and eyes. Are you available ? Or do you wanna be? Get back at me and let me know.

  • Jaasiel - w4m (Minot ) 23yr
    • I miss you a lot iknow we both said things we shouldn't have and did things we shouldn't have to each other... but did you seriously have to leave?? Wasn't this something worth fixing?
  • sanfords - m4w (dickinson) 43yr
    • We met at sandfords u gave me a ride to mu hotel....i enjoyed our short time together. Wish we could meet agian. What hotel was i at?
  • girl drinking at south park last night (watford city)
    • I sat by you for a while..you were wearing a shirt that had flowers on it...wish you stayed longer than you did but idk if you were interested in the guy on the other side of you...wish we would of talked more..you were beautiful
  • gas stamps - m4w (minot)
    • It was Sunday 4/13/14. You were at the MPF by hardies. I asked if you wanted my gas stamps. When you took them from me our hands touched. Your hands were as soft as silk. Tell me what you were wearing so I know you are who I'm looking for.
  • Your Truck says FMR on it???...I see you at the Cenex - w4m (New Town) 33yr
    • I keep seeing you and I didn't see a ring..so I hope your available. You have the bluest eyes. I almost didn't recognize you without your beard but I see you have it again. I hope you see this & we can make contact. You drive a white welders truck.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Bis - m4w (Western nd)
    • Was there Fri/11th waitress says my dinner bill is paid. No who what or where. I should have got a number or gave mine,before I left. Didn't see anyone I knew so was at a loss whodonit. Get back to me so a can personally thank you.

Ps I'll be back o [...]

People call me Sexual sexy You had long hair Jeans and a shirt and shoes You was sexy as hell We was at the store in Minot I think you looked at me When you was talking to your friend I know it was about me If you did tell me [...]

I dropped the ball! I looked for you tonight and you are not there:( I hope you reply because I really only want to whisper sweet nothings in YOUR EARS! I really really hope to hear from you!

Made eye contact and said something to me! NO SPAM/SCAM!

  • Alerus Home Show - m4w (Grand Forks)
    • you were breastfeeding in the hallway and made eye contact w me! you also said something to me!
  • Blonde in Pool at Beat Western - m4w (Minot)
    • Wow. I couldn't stop looking at you. Went down to sit in the spa so I could get a better look at you, then back up to my room and still watched you. You were with a friend and a kid...doubt you will see this, but I'm pretty sure you were looking my w [...]
  • B at 1565 - m4w (williston)
    • We had a nice convo. this evening. I enjoyed the talk as much as looking at you. I told you about some drama I had to deal with in billings this morning. I'm not sure what your situation is and certainly don't want to cause problems, but if you want [...]
  • Walmart williston - m4w (Williston)
    • You are tall dark hair nice tight jeans. Me, tall jeans, tan shirt and green cap

We spoke briefly I was picking out instant Mac and cheese. I just wanna say WOW!!!! And damn girl girl you are sexy.

Me: running laps upstairs then on the weights downstairs... I wanted to talk but you know how it is... can I get your number?

  • sexting kinky girl - w4w
    • I want to sext. Pics and dirty talk please help this horny sexy girl... I am I need of help for you sexy ladies send pic and number
  • Lukenbill booth at home show - m4w
    • I asked if you were getting tired , you said you were watching my daughter. Tell me what kind of dress you were wearing. I found you incredibly sexy and wanted to take you away for a few hours. Let me know if you're interested
  • Beautiful dark haired woman in Kmart - m4w (Dickinson )
    • I was in line behind you and your daughter on Saturday. You have an amazing smile and I couldn't stop staring. I wish I had said something, but couldn't think of a way to start up a convo. I'm sure you have a man, but I didn't see a ring. If you happ [...]
  • missed at rec center - m4w (williston) 27yr
    • u wer pushing a stroller and had grey sweat pants on. i had on a blue jersy and blue shorts. first saw u down by the teen center then wen i was throwing a football u came n the fake grass room.
  • Simonson's Cashier - Williston - Neon Green Skirt & Black Tights - m4w (Williston)
    • I asked where you were from, you replied, "S-----." If you see this, you know the answer. I commented on Williston being a "melting pot." I'm not looking for a "casual encounter" or anything sexual (perhaps you recall why), however, I would very much [...]
  • We work at the same company - m4w (Williston)
    • We work for the same company yet I don't know you very well just yet.

I think you very attractive with your blonde hair and sexy smile. I know your probably taken and all, and that's why I'm putting it on here and not saying it To you in person. I [...]

  • missing my Kat - m4w (Williston) 29yr
    • we got together for "lunch+" and I enjoyed eatting you so much that id love to do it again if you r still around. tell me what I brought with me and lets do lunch ;-P
  • Kay Jewelry - m4w (Minot) 25yr
    • I can't get you out of my head. You're the blonde headed girl who helped me pick out ear rings and you were flirting with me big time. I had on my work jacket and told me the company name was catchy. If you see this and want to talk tell me what the [...]
  • Looking for Clarissa - m4w (Williston) 31yr
    • Looking to get in contact with Clarissa she worked at the candle wood suites in Williston. You were fine but we couldn't interact the way I think we could've bc I was staying there. Anyways if interested message me
  • Hunter at OK Tire (Williston) 26yr
    • Stopped in today and bought some drinks before a run, you smiled back when I smiled at you, hopefully you think I'm cute as well?
  • wild bison truck stop - m4w 39yr
    • You were at bison trk stop this morrnibg had a binny type hat on and some lip peircings i ask how ur day was and we smiled at eachother. As i left u smiled again and again when u got in the white pickup withvyour freind if u remember what i was in or [...]
  • Looking for my real dad - w4t (williston)
    • i am looking for my real dad im 22 years of age and i dont know who he is all i know is his first name is William jackson my mother never really told me who he is im his daughter his real daughter just seeking out who is he i would like it if he cont [...]
  • Landmark Occupational Health - m4w (Williston)
    • I came in to Landmark Occupational Friday March 28th and checked in with you. We talked about the NAVY for a few minutes and really got a great vibe from you. I would love to get to know you even though you probably will not ever see this. I hope to [...]
  • Beautiful Hess woman - m4w (m4w)
    • I'm sure you are married but I had to try. we were lost and I walked over to ask you directions to a well site. I was at a loss for words when you rolled down your window and smiled. you have the most beautiful eyes and smile I have ever seen so it l [...]
  • ALCO - m4w (Watford City) 41yr
    • I was in Alco on Wed. the 26th, looking for a cable for my ipod. You are a blonde employee that was helping me. I also had a question on a return. If you by chance see this, hit me up if you would like to chat.
  • Acme - m4w (Williston ) 26yr
    • I saw you as I walked in and you gave a smile. First I thought you were just being nice. Then we looked at each other again and you gave a flirty smile. Let me know what we talked about or what I was wearing.
  • hope you see this - m4w (williston)
    • Hey I came into the gas station you work at...the first day you were getting a delivery from a guy...you finished up with that and you check me out from my purchase...I came in today and you were taking someone else's purchase so I had to go to the o [...]
  • Chinese restaurant Great Dragon march 25 2014 - m4w (Jamestown)
    • March 25th around 7:30pm or so? As I was walking out I saw YOU standing with two others a male and a female, perhaps family members. By a silver/gray truck (chevy I think) in the parking lot. I looked over saw that you were looking my way.You were we [...]
  • Cashier At Westside gas station - m4m (Williston) 27yr
    • I see you pretty much everytime I go into the gas station.I like the way you do your eyebrows and the gauges.You are so hot lol idk if you will ever see this but if you do reply ill shoot you a pic till then I guess I will have to just stare everytim [...]
  • Minnesota IPA guy - m4m (Jamestown) 35yr
    • Hey, we talked about IPAs at the liquor store. You said you were from MN and I wanted to ask what you were doing here in Jamestown.

If you see this and you want to get together to drink a beer or two shoot me a message back; I'm open to more too:-) [...]

  • Cattle Man Into Art - m4m (Minot ND) 50yr
    • The handsome grey haired cattleman who came into a certain gallery today, you purchased a white/brown necklace. We visited about cattle, horses and type of work you did. Your location is to the east and have remained single throughout life. This is h [...]
  • brenda walmart cashier - m4w (dickinson)
    • You were my cashier at Walmart around one today. We talked about the nice weather and how it was supposed to be chilly this weekend. I said something about just my luck having it chilly on my days off. You said u had to work. I would Luke to get to k [...]
  • Looking for Casey - w4m (Subway Williston Walmart)
    • I talked briefly to you at the Subway in Walmart a couple of Saturday's ago. Would like to hear from you.
  • $50 bill - paid for your lunch - m4w (Pita Pit)
    • was in for lunch around noon on 18 March (tuesday) at Pita Pit in Minot - you were in line in front of me - i was with my best friend (you might have thought she was my wife or girlfriend) - you only had a $50 and they couldnt make change for it - I [...]
  • Redhead at Subway in Dickinson - m4w 30yr
    • I stopped there today and thought you were really cute, if you're single and want to take a chance, email me and let's see if we have any chemistry
  • coward - w4m
    • You call my phone from an anonymous number for months and the one time you even say anything you have the guts to call me a slut!!!! Really try and be a man and call with
  • Wyoming cowgirl tonight - m4w
    • We talked about Spokane tonight and where your from. Talked about the yuppies in Jackson hole. If you need some help I'd love to help and spoil you. Contact me if you rember and let's grab a drink and dinner
  • boot barn minot - w4m (minot )
    • 3/16 you were here today with another guy, you were wearing a camo long sleeve shirt. You went to the front to get a boot stretched and also said howdy to me. I thought we had cut you in line. Tell me who i was there with soi know who you are. Youre [...]
  • BEER AND A GUITAR - w4m (minot)
    • Hey...I have been trying to remember to do this for a few days now! cool cool! anyway, my name is Tammy and you, your buddy and i had a pretty fun night listening to you jam on your guitar and sing. i didnt get your contact info but would love to han [...]
  • Skinny sexy cowboy at casino - w4m (Newtown) 30yr
    • I seen you at the casino tonight I thought you were sexy in your cinch jeans plaid shirt and boots I asked you where a bar was besides in the casino you told me as you walked to your truck I'd really like to talk to you write me back if you see this [...]
  • the gas station - m4w (belfield)
    • I've seen you a couble of times there. We talk for a minute or two. I saw you today. But forgot to ask you if you were single? Maybe.you want to get a bite to eat sometime
  • You work at the pilot - m4w (Williston) 26yr
    • We met in the pilot north of Williston. We made comments about some water in the store. You were wearing a blue shirt. Describe what we were talking about so I know it's you.
  • wal mart on Wednesday night - m4w (minot) 44yr
    • This is to the girl that I should have met in wal-mart on wednesday night in Minot North dakota. You are hot girl, and if i would have had the balls I think i have, i would have gotten not only your name, but your number too.... you were dressed in a [...]
  • truckers: Lee Cook? - w4m (North Dakota) 42yr
    • I am searching for Lee Cook, once a truck driver, from Jerome Idaho, but from the Dakota's before that. An old friend and any info would be greatly appreciated! If you know him or can even give him my contact info that would be awesome!
  • Smokin Hot chick works at loves - m4w (williston ) 32yr
    • Hey i came in and u were cleanin coffee creamer up we made eye contact a few times and then u came into the truck part section and we both smiled at each other. I just wanted to say ur super cute and If u respond put if u can remember wat my hat said [...]
  • sos - m4w
    • I feel like im drowning and... I need something like a kindred spirit even if only for a minute
  • Radio voice - m4w (minot nd)
    • We talked about Mew Orleans and fishing.

I feel foolish for not asking you out. Sorry

  • Lovely lady at the gym - m4w (watford city)
    • Saw you a couple times in the morning working out on the treadmill. Culdnt help but steel a couple glances at you and your butifull long braid while you wher walking away listening to your head fones. Would love a chance to chat with you. You're real [...]
  • Lady with amazing smile - Sport RV Boat Show Minot ND - m4w (Minot, ND)
    • I saw you once before we walked past each other with the people we were with which would've made it awkward to talk. You are gorgeous! We walked past eachother in between some campers, you were smiling and i looked over at you and we instantly locked [...]

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