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craigslist | missed connections in north dakota

  • TJ's Pizza - m4w (Watford City) 37yr
    • Had lunch at tj's today and you were our waitress. Long black hair, dark tan, and one sexy woman! mmm mmm
  • Black shirt jean shorts at cashwise GORGEOUS - m4w (Minot) 25yr
    • When I walked into cash wise you were checking out in the self check out when I walked by you noticed and looked up at me.... It almost stopped me in my tracks you were so stunningly beautiful. I walked down an isle to grab what I needed and told mys [...]
  • Group of Bicycles - w4m (Rugby) 18yr
    • We were at DQ and you guys with the bikes seemed so friendly but we didn't get the chance to talk. Just smiles and waves, then we went our separate ways. I'd really like to get to know you better, yes, if you're that cute one that waved at before you [...]
  • Cash wise - m4w (Stanley) 22yr
    • You wore a dark pink t-top shir u had what look liked brown with blonde hair u had a tattoo of a cross and words above and below it on your back if you know who you are hit me up my name is jeffory out cash wise in the subject line so i know you r re [...]
  • Hope This Works - m4w (Tioga) 30yr
    • To the nice woman who lives across the alley from me with two very nice dogs. I think you are very attractive...we exchanged a wave. Yeah I was checking you out. Lol! Would like to meet you but I am too damn shy..oh well...pretty sure you wouldn't be [...]
  • you work at acme tools in williston - m4m (williston )
    • Just needed to send out a compliment:-) you clean the store and are tall, thin, dark, and handsome! You have a great smile and I look for you every time I go in...
  • Walmart - m4w (Minot)
    • You were with your mom in the bottled water aisle. You apologized and moved to the side as we made eye contact and shared a smile. You had the most beautiful smile.
  • you should have said hi - w4m (dickinson )
    • You we're at wallmart with your mom & brother on July 22nd Tuesday. You were in line behind me we got eye contact once I was to shy to say anything you did get close to me a couple of times but didn't say anything. Well if you read this send me an em [...]
  • risque - m4m (minot)
    • Going to give this a shot. I was in the booth next to u as u were standing with the door wide open. I was going to come help u but wasnt for sure. I would like to meet up sometime if u would and mess around. Put what booth u were in so I no it was u
  • Brunette at money center in walmart - m4w (Williston)
    • Hi there, my check kept getting jammed up In the machine and refused to be scanned. Anyway we kept having a lot of eye contact, them eyes had me in a daze. You had beautiful silky brown hair, I know it's lame to tell a girl she's beautiful, but you r [...]
  • still looking for sally johnson - m4w (mandan)
    • Still looking for Sally Johnson:

I am Bill Maggard We met in the summer of 1975. I was in the carnival at the time. You had followed me to Minot for the State fair and then to Crosby. After Crosby I had the choice to go with you back to your friend [...]

  • Beautiful girl on Allegiant flight from Mesa to Minot today - m4w (Minot)
    • We caught each other looking a few times and I was going to ask you out but wasn't sure if it was the right time or place. Your tall with long hair blonde highlights, tattoo on upper arm I think its an angel just like you.
  • enterprise beautiful blonde pregnant woman - m4w (enterprise williston airport )
    • You just seemed so nice and I just thought about u a lot and I think I seen u for a split second today when I was there. I would love to take u out and talk more I know u r from Idaho and a couple other things but I would love a chance to get to know [...]
  • Wings N Rings 7/21 - m4w (Minot) 40yr
    • Crazy to try this I know but you had a green sweatshirt sitting in the bar with a blond haired girl. I was on the side of the wall but could hear your raspy voice and thought you were absolutely gorgeous. ...doubt this will amount to anything but was [...]
  • Redhead dickinson Walmart - m4w (Dickinson )
    • Was behind you in line late night / early mornjng July 20/21. You had some random ass shit in your cart. Hot as hell though. Coulda bent you over right there. If you're into no strings attached hook ups or friend, hit me up.
  • Tesoro - m4w (Minot) 29yr
    • I see you often, I usually ask for a specific product and u always jokingly say no. If you see this and want to chat, please tell me the product
  • Beach Cenex girl in Black - m4w (Beach)
    • Saw you at the Cenex in Beach. You walked in with 4 little boys. I smiled at you and you smiled back. Would like to talk to you. Tell me what your kids had on that all three had on.
  • great clips - m4w (minot )
    • You cut my hair today, and I just thought you were beautiful, I couldn't quite remember your name but I was the one in the air force and married, and recently got orders out of Minot, if you remember me and want to chat, just tell me where I got orde [...]
  • hostess at sakura williston - m4w 24yr
    • Hi there I'm Jason I was in there today around 730 pm I was by myself I asked if I could sit at the sushi bar you pickedmy seat for me. You were so busy but so gorgous and friendly I hope that you see this you were wearing a white shirt with a black [...]
  • Husband & Once my friend.New Town - w4m 39yr
    • Dear Husband, I made your house a home, I gave birth to two beautiful little girls. I stood by through all your bad habits. I didn't ask for much. You say I am your world but only when you hit bottom. For 16 years I held on ..loved you, FUCKED you an [...]
  • To the drop dead gorgeous girl at Northern Exposure Tanning - m4w (Williston) 27yr
    • You had me with one look. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I came in today at 10am and you just blew me away. You're petite in a red and white flower dress with a blue vest. Seeing you made me weak in my knees. I'm covered in tattoo [...]
  • Chinese restaurant Great Dragon march 25 2014 - m4w (Jamestown)
    • March 25th around 7:30pm or so? As I was walking out I saw YOU standing with two others a male and a female, perhaps family members. By a silver/gray truck (chevy I think) in the parking lot. I looked over saw that you were looking my way.You were we [...]
  • tioga cash wise girl - m4w (tioga) 27yr
    • You work checkout and self check . Your probably 5'2" , blond , straight bangs and very good looking . If this sounds like you or think you know her message me . I've hesitated too many times to say more then hello to you so I'm resorting to this
  • Smiling at me on checkoff at walmart - m4w (Dickinson) 28yr
    • You were behind me at the line near the register at walmart last night. You were with a female companion. I am the black guy with glasses. I hope to see you again.
  • Pretty girl at Trenton lake 7/16 - m4w (Trenton-Fairview) 30yr
    • Was with my dog saw u arriving

Came back to see u and u were loading up Ur name was Katie In a black dodge You were the prettiest girl I have seen I would love to talk to you Josh

  • jamie - m4w (williston)
    • i heard you quit but i still hope to cross paths. your smile is beautiful and i love hearing your voice.

i was hoping we could go out some time but i guess i'll have to wait. thinking of you. i took pictures july 4th.

I didn't know better I'd swear she was an angel.

  • RE: Cash Wise - w4m (Stanley)
    • So.....I have gotten a lot of responses to my original posting from a couple weeks ago. Most asking for clarification or just wishing that they were the one I was looking for. And even one repost, from someone saying they remember a similar situation [...]
  • Beautiful brunette at scenicu 23 saturday night - m4w (Newtown ) 48yr
    • You are drop dead gorgeous. Our eyes met several times. I'd like to meet your glance in private. I was alone at the bar in jeans and a leather vest. Wanted so bad to talk to you but you seemed to be with someone and I am a gentleman first and don't m [...]
  • re: Cash Wise - m4w (Stanley)
    • I read your post a couple of days ago, and was struck by the remarkable similarities it had to an encounter I had at about the same time... however, I'm not entirely certain that it was I that you noticed, nor you that I noticed. That's the main reas [...]
  • scenic sports clerk - m4w (williston ) 29yr
    • You work at scenic sports in morning. I see you quite often and it's always a hi how are you? Smile at each other and the I want you look. You from Michigan and smoke, have darker hair and are middle aged. We are both attached also. This could be so [...]
  • going to the lake alone - m4w
    • Going to the lake by myself this weekend looking for a lady friend to keep me company if all goes good more. I am real leave today's date in this subject box and i will replay.
  • Girl in enderlin - m4w
    • To the pretty girl working at the city view gas station in enderlin nd. Send me a face pic and I'll give u my phone number. Let's text and get to know eachother
  • Fishin fishin the bull heads - m4w (Near williston)
    • ran into you fishing on a dock, on a lake, . Your uplifting attitude with your funny shorts and sweet cowgirl boots really got me with a big smile on my face. I have a couple tattoos and was also wearing some funny shorts. If you even look here let's [...]
  • Cenex in Stanley, Tall Blonde - m4w (Stanley) 35yr
    • You probably get hit on by most guys who happen to be lucky enough to be in your check out line and even though I'm single I really didn't want to be just another annoying customer. I don't know your situation but I noticed you didn't have a ring on [...]
  • Cash wise - w4m (Stanley )
    • I think this may be a little ridiculous but I can't get you out of my head... Stanley Cashwise yesterday evening around 6. You were wearing a black T-shirt and jeans and let me pass in the produce department (I know, kind of lame!!). Anyway, saw you [...]
  • where is my best friend Denise D - m4w (kenmare) 32yr
    • hey,

there was a time where we were friends forever.... and then we grew apart.... i miss the drives over places and chatting about things... i hope all is well...if you are out there and reading this...respond back with the one song that we use to [...]

  • Looking for Dylan Travis - w4m
    • Ok... This is the last time I will try this.... I am looking for a guy named Dylan Travis. He was in the military around 9-10 years ago & stationed at Ft campbell in Dec. of i believe it was 04. He spent New Years in Nashville and then left a few wee [...]
  • sonic - m4w (williston)
    • I don't know what to say. Dissapointment is 2nd nature to me. I take it harder than most. That's why I keep my distance from most. You are special to me and I don't want to loose you as a friend. But o also don't want some pity friend zone bull shit. [...]
  • Spirit lake casino gift/smoke shop - m4m (devils lake)
    • 4/29 u where sitting in front of the gift/smoke shop about 3 pm. U looked at me & i looked at u when i went in the shop & when i came back out. U looked lonely or sad. I wish i would have stopped & talked with u. I had blue jeans & leather jacket on. [...]
  • Smile at Spring Lake park - m4w (Spring Lake) 32yr
    • We smiled at each other at the park, I was running, you were walking the opposite direction. We passed each other a couple times. Do you remember what I was wearing? You have a gorgeous smile..
  • had Me spinning - m4w (nd )
    • You came from Cross the street .asked for something . your hair is long and brown you were wearing one outfit as you walked away and came back wearing something else...you looked amazing :) saw you the next morning . I'd live to get to know you . if [...]
  • To M from M - w4m
    • I'm so glad I finally have tried hard not to think of you. It's been difficult, but things do happen for a reason. I will say one thing, you shouldn't judge someone for something so petty. I do miss are conversations, there so interesting. But I had [...]
  • Blonde at Dickinson Walmart - m4w
    • You had on a hat and your work uniform, I couldn't take my eyes off you! You caught me staring as I walked by, if your single and noticed me, put who was with me in the subject and let's talk. I'd love to find out more about you
  • MidCo Guy on Base - m4m (Minot AFB) 26yr
    • You came and installed my internet near the end of the day. You were very cute but I was too shy to really say anything. I would like to meet up with you for dinner sometime. Please email me what my two pets looked like so I know it's you!
  • Seeking hot sexy woman who works at badlands!!! - m4w (watford city)
    • hey if you are the beautiful girl with the star tattoos on ur neck and cross on ur hand who works at badlands i just wanted to give you props theres sumfin about you that brings something primal inside me lol im like damn she sexy i just like the way [...]
  • i'll never stop missing what we had - w4m (Salt lake) 23yr
    • i had the best summer of my life with you, we've both moved on but cant seem to get you outta my head! who knew i'd end up falling so hard for you! Years have past and im still head over heels in love with you! Whats meant to be will always find its [...]
  • A- i miss you so much - m4w (tioga) 44yr
    • A- I miss your face. I was fine with being the "other" guy. If u could just be honest about it. You hurt me so bad again. I love you... J
  • Girl in gray dodge truck at Walmart - m4w (minot nd) 30yr
    • You were at Walmart and driving a gray dodge truck. I thought you were gorgeous.

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