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  • Wal-Mart Minot - m4m
    • I was at Wal-Mart last night and stopped in the restroom in the back. You just walked out. I wanted to tell you were hott but you stopped me dead in my tracks when you spoke...oh my gods you were adorably cute as fuck.

Your name badge said Ryan. Yo [...]

  • Good Looking Guy - m4m (Minot ND)
    • We were in the same area of the men's clothing at Wal-Mart tonight 3/4/2015 around 8:00 - 8:30, I looked at you a few times, not sure if you noticed. A short time later I went over to K-Mart, was in the men's clothing area when you showed up, we were [...]
  • beautiful woman at Fuddruckers - m4w (Fuddruckers)
    • You are so gorgeous , thank you for taking our order although we came in late , you are light skinned , beautiful thick body, ( I love a woman with extra curves) , I just wanted to let you thx, If I wasn't married, you would be in trouble, I'd still [...]
  • Mick or Mack - m4m (Minot) 24yr
    • So we met up at the grand hotel. Talked a lot. If ur interested in not hearing noises next door hit me up. Tell me something bout urself U told me so I know it's you. U can come stay in my room. Maybe more.
  • hostess at ground round minot - m4w (minot)
    • To the hostess who was wor ki ng at the ground round at noon sunday. You are a bigger girl but I just wanted to let you know that you a beautiful. Thank you for your friendly service and a nice view.
  • Sexy dark haired girl getting gas - m4w (Belfield)
    • I stood behind you in line and wished I'd said something, you're gorgeous! Maybe I'll get lucky and you'll see this and respond. I'd love to buy you a drink. Put what color your car was in the subject
  • black hat - m4m (minot) 38yr
    • sat next to you at the pig wheel table, u wore a black hat, hit me up if wanna have some fun.
  • guy in line outdoor/garden sneek out lol - m4w (walmart minot) 30yr
    • You're in line with me I say omg everyone knows the quick sneek out route:/

You had nail polish n had a cute smile n we waved driving away heyjack. Text me

  • I'm looking for a girl named Baxter - m4w (Williston)
    • Just a long shot, but I'm hoping to find a girl I met a couple of times whose name was Baxter. It's been over a year now, but I can't forget your smile, and the thought that if we'd had a better opportunity we might have been able to get to know each [...]
  • You're hot! - m4m (Devils Lake/proz)
    • You work at the bait shop right next to proz lakeside. I see you sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the Night.

If you read this email me with what you think I look like. I wanna buy you a drink sometime.

  • Walmart money center - m4w (Williston)
    • You were standing in front of me in the Walmart money center. You have a tree tattoo on your right forearm and a cauy fish tatt on your left arm. Also said you have a poem tatted on your right arm. Wanted say hi when I glanced at you but was shy lol. [...]
  • Missing you - w4m (Minot/Tioga) 41yr
    • In October 2013, I had the opportunity of meeting a man who impacted my life greatly. Things fell apart and we stopped talking. I have tried to call and found that his number is no longer in service. The Lord brought him into my life for a reason and [...]
  • Vikings mittens - m4w
    • We were talking at garden valley staying warm on the bus waiting for kids to be let out. I touched your mittens and we talked about teams. I know this is a long shot but you have always looked tasty to me
  • I've lost my way - m4w (Nd) 32yr
    • I've just lost the one I loved for all-must four years. And now I have lost my way. I don't see god the way I did two days ago. I hate him for taking her away from me. Want happen???
  • Trish at the Blue Rider - m4w
    • This is probably a long shot, but I met you and offered to detail your SUV last night. Though I was serious and would've done so, I'd much rather have had the chance to chat with ya and take you to dinner, footrub optional.
  • why what happened to us??? - w4m (Minot) 44yr
    • After talking forever every day for three months n falling to sleep, with you on the other end of the line.

only because you had a way of relaxing me, making me feel comfortable. The weekend came for us to be together ... the sex was awesome. now [...]

  • Titan oil - m4m (Dickinson)
    • You got dark hair and blue eyes. I wanna fuck around with you and suck your cock tonight.
  • Cashier at Cenex in stanley - m4w
    • Hi you have A beautiful smile. You also liked my hat as well. Wanted to talk more but you had A lot of customers. If you see this and would like to talk just email me.
  • shannon from mcdonalds - m4w (williston) 27yr
    • you probably wont see this but it is worth a try and I hope that I hear from you and I just want t take you out to a movie and dinner for paying for my lunch a few days ago if you would like to do something like that just let me know looking forward [...]
  • You said hi to me at walmart - w4m (Williston) 34yr
    • We met in the auto part of the store. You said hi to me and I asked for your help on oil. Tell me what said to me and I replied that I taste better and walked off. Was hoping you would ask me out. Hope you see this. I worked out this morning and thou [...]
  • White woman that liked my hat At van hook - m4w (Newtown)
    • Hi sorry didnt hear you the first time. I hope I didnt seem rude or anything like that. Your A good looking woman . If you would like to talk just email me back. I like the pattiots as well.
  • Honk Honk - m4w (Williston)
    • You keep honking but you keep driving... "HI, B-Mine, and something else" plus a hammer.
  • Christina from Buffalo Trails - m4w (Williston) 33yr
    • I'm not sure I'll ever see you again, but if it was meant to be then I'm sure we will. I always wondered what could've been with you, but you were married and I chose to respect that, and now I am too. But I feel like we're both trapped in dead end r [...]
  • kum and go: burdick - m4w (minot)
    • cashier pink hair...I looked into those eyes and felt butterflies fluttering inside me. I find you mesmerizing...I was the tall man with the V8.

hot and spicy!

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