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craigslist | missed connections in north dakota

  • Redhead helping Move - m4w
    • I helped you out of a small jam on your way to help someone move, I can't seem to get you out of my head.....I wished I'd asked for your number or if you had a boyfriend at least. If you see this, put what town you were headed to in the subject and h [...]
  • Yellow Corvette at gas station - m4w (Bison truck stop south of Alexander)
    • To the blond filling up her Yellow Corvette. We started talking about you driving up and the difficulties your having. Would like to chat again if you see this. I had to leave with the 4 white pickups. Tell me the state you just from to get here in t [...]
  • Stephanie from Vegas? - m4w (Dickinson) 29yr
    • Met you at the dielco crane rodeo and concert last year... Lost touch with ya and would like to get back in touch.

You told me what you did for a living and I tried real hard not to act like a douche. Maybe I tried to hard, shoulda said more of the [...]

  • Landscape Guy - w4m (Watford City)
    • To the breaded burly man who's been working on a yard on 5th street, saw you everyday as i drove by....I tired to get your business info but you were always gone by the time I got done working....would love to talk to you
  • Players Sunday - m4w (dickinson) 31yr
    • You were with a group of friends and I couldn't stop stealing glances of you. I wish I hadn't been coming from work and would've cleaned up some, but it's not everyday you run into a gorgeous woman like yourself. I doubt you'll see this, but if you d [...]
  • Stanley cenex - m4w (stanley) 29yr
    • Got behind you thought you were in the food line you were talking to I guess your friend behind the counter there. The three of us then talked about family that was affiliated with organized crime. I finally got around you and you said I should get t [...]
  • Silver Hummer - m4m (Minot ND)
    • About a month ago you and I sent a few messages back and forth about getting together, you drive a silver hummer type auto, came into my place of work one morning, wearing some very nice jeans, boots, longer hair pulled back into a ponytail and some [...]
  • gas n all, how ironic - m4w (ray)
    • You were the cute blonde and we made eye contact, then I heard you pass gas. You were really embarrassed, but still managed to laugh at the end. Can I check out that gas leak for you?
  • scenic sports gas station - m4w (williston) 29yr
    • Dark haired lady who works in mornings, hit me up we always flirt I want you, and you want me. We can feel it in the air
  • waitress at Buffalo wild wings - m4w (Williston)
    • You had a trainee with you I was sitting with two friends I was drinking water and they were drinking beer you were absolutely gorgeous and I would love to talk to so if you read this email me back
  • Jdubs waitress - m4w (Williston)
    • Diana, Maybe you were just being nice but I thought there was a couple of eye contact moments. I think you are very pretty and I'd like to get to know you. I stopped on the way out and told you thank you.
  • smooth criminal - m4w (Williston) 31yr
    • To the beautiful lady with the handcuffs on, I was sorry see you getting arrested as I drove by about 3pm. I would like to see you after you get out of jail.
  • Can't find you - w4m 25yr
    • You answered one of my post and sent a pic I thought you were/are super sexy. But now I can't find your emails. White male, black and white pic, wearing a camo(I think) ball cap, dark colored shirt with lettering across the chest, chin strap/goatee, [...]
  • I love zombies - w4m (ExxonMobil by Walmart) 25yr
    • I know who you are I sent a email in reply check your spam folder. Has my phone number.

Tattooed nerdy zombie girl

  • called my work today. - w4m (williston.) 22yr
    • You called my work today needing parts. I tried serenading you with Indiana jones. Them song. I had a lot of fun talking to you. My boss walked up so I cut it short. If it's you I would like to talk more. Maybe we can get that dinner we talked about. [...]
  • girl with green hair at watford cashwise - m4w (watford city)
    • I am curious if anybody know who the fun looking gal at cash wise is with the green hair and also them two hot Russian subway twins hit me up if u got infor or are the ladies
  • pop tart girl - m4w (Williston)
    • You work at Loves and were very friendly. You offered me some of your poptart and cheered me up on a miserable morning.

You have beautiful eyes and an awesome personality even if u did yell at me for trying to return a vapor CIG battery. Please con [...]

  • tioga....breakfast... - m4w (tioga)
    • If you are the beautiful woman from the cafe having breakfast...then you know who this is would like to talk to you more....lets see if this even works
  • Casino - m4m (North Dakota)
    • I was dealing cards to you, not sure but i think i sensed some kind of connection between us..maybe im just being hope full cause you were cute as fuck! if you happen to see this and you were feeling the same way HMU and tell me what game i was deali [...]
  • cashwise liquor - w4m (minot nd)
    • So I was walking out of cashwise with my sister today and you did seriously had your head turned in your car the whole time staring at me. Lol. I waved. Anyway tell me what color I was wearing & maybe we can talk because I though it was adorable.
  • You work in the bingo hall - m4m (Belcourt, ND) 19yr
    • I don't usually check this out but I hope you do. You work at the bingo hall at the Skydancer. I thought you were really cute but you seemed busy and I didn't know if I should approach you. If you want to have drinks sometime, hit me up. I don't know [...]
  • White guy w. sexy swagger - w4m (Minot) 20yr
    • You came into Home Depot around 5:30 ish with a coworker, bought ALOT of building supplies.You swagger was cute,caught my attention.I tried to ring you up,but your company's credit was way over board.You told me you were from Sacremento.I told you,I [...]
  • suds laundry - m4w
    • seen you at suds today wanted to talk to you so bad you were so cute I was wearing a black vest and camo ball cap
  • village inn Fargo - m4w (village inn Fargo)
    • Long shot on this one, but I noticed you looking at me few times. When I walked in the Village Inn we smiled at each other. You are quite attractive, in a long beautiful and colorful dress. Our eyes met on few occasions. Well if it is you reading thi [...]
  • great clips - m4w (minot)
    • Maybe you see this...your a cute short haired black girl who works at great clips...we were joking a lot and kinda flirting...just wondering your situation...
  • girl at kum n go tonight - m4w (watford city) 28yr
    • You got a slice of pizza, you a blue sweaten on. Anyways if you read this

I would like to buy you dinner if your willing to accept. Tell me the truck You were driving so i know its you.

This isn't directed at the tall blonde...or the older one...you are the short cute one.

  • Gas N All - m4w (Ray)
    • Looking for the "trouble maker" that works at gas n all. Would like to chat. Email me please.
  • Molly/Walmart - m4w (Dickinson) 25yr
    • Wow I saw u at walking out of walmart. I asked you if u were? You're super hot I wanna ask you out :!
  • Denis also from Mesa,AZ - m4m
    • Denis you live in North Dakota city of minot I think but u go down the winter months to Mesa, AZ and stay at a resort I would love to suck your dick very discreet cuz I know ur married. I hope u see this please tell me the name of resort :)
  • DQ - m4w (Williston) 28yr
    • Hi to the blond at Dairy Queen in Williston. I came in there around 10-11 pm 2 nights ago with my little nephew and ordered some food a #7 & #2. You have a really cute smile and I would like to know more about you thats if your single:-). Thats if yo [...]
  • Devils Lake subway - m4w (Devils Lake) 25yr
    • I feel kind of awkward posting this and I'm sure this is a long shot, but I saw you at subway today (8-28-14) in Devils Lake. You were wearing blue scrubs and a bright green hooded sweatshirt. I thought you were very pretty and wanted to talk to you [...]
  • Rebecca - m4w (Williston) 28yr
    • Rebecca you emailed me earlier about wanting to txt plz check ur email I sent 2 I'd love to here from you?? How old were you???
  • Legends lot Monday night - w4m (Dickinson, ND) 38yr
    • To the guy who waved at me in Legends parking lot Monday early evening as i was getting into my vehicle with a coworker. All I can say is Yum. Tell me something about it; my vehicle, if I was with a guy or girl....etc. Would love to get to know you b [...]
  • Grainger - m4w (Williston) 28yr
    • Cute Skinny blonde working the counter Tuesday an a cute dark headed girl another guy an I came in looking for something he talked to the dark headed girl while we looked something up. What was it I'd like to talk to you
  • little person at walmart - m4w (Williston)
    • I wad at walmart the other day and I saw you shopping. If you see this shoot me an email.
  • Beauty At The Gym - m4w (Williston)
    • I figure you won't see this but you looked amazing at Anytime Fitness. You had blonde hair, a perfect body, glasses and you were wearing a blue and kinda grey outfit. You were amazing and I wish I would have asked you if you were available for a date [...]
  • Faye Rodgers from washburn ND Where are you? - m4w (washington state)
    • Im looking for Faye Rodgers that once lived and went to school in washburn ND in the 70's you probably got married and have a new last name, me i spent the tenth grade in washburn high and would luke to re connect with you my name is Todd O,if anyone [...]
  • cash wise around 9 pm 8/25/14 - w4m (Watford city) 23yr
    • Looking for the tall guy with tattoos, you had a black shirt on that made me laugh :) it said something about cuddling. You are very gorgeous and I just wanted to say I hope you have a wonderful day!!
  • Cord W - m4m (ND Statewide) 27yr
    • Cord Wilson, will I ever find you again? I haven't seen you since you worked at Cenex in Dickinson when you came back again...
  • You were in Kmart/jc penny - m4m (Dickinson)
    • You were wearing Hurley, your dick looked like it was gonna jump out and get me.. Wished it would have, does it need some attending to? If so hit me up you know who I am
  • Great American Lodge - m4w (Watford)
    • You work in the front desk and today in the cafeteria. You have blonde and black hair, you are very very gorgeous! I wish I could sit and chat with you. I hope you see this and email me. I stay there at the Lodge.
  • Saturday evening 8-23 Applebee's - m4w (Williston)
    • You had a trainer with you when you were taking care of us. You and I keep kept joking about something what was it?
  • Liquor Store Thurs 6pm give or take - w4m (Dickinson)
    • You were behind me in line at the Dickinson Liquor Store across from Runnings. I just had a long day at work and wasn't very social. You made a comment about the amount of beer I bought. Tell me something about it so I know its you...would love to sh [...]
  • Zoosk connection - m4w
    • I know this is a long shot, but it's worth a try. We've been checking out each others profiles on a dating site for a while. I don't pay for the site, so I cannot respond to your message. I sent you an imaginary necklace to show you my interest. You [...]
  • strapon dream - m4w (wiliston to minot) 32yr
    • Have my face down ass up on the edge of the bed as you stand behind me spanking me to the perfect shade of red while teasing my cock and balls. The pain and pleasure will drive me to beg you, my mistress, to fuck my tight man pussy. But first you wil [...]
  • Cash wise - m4w (Stanley) 22yr
    • You wore a dark pink t-top shir u had what look liked brown with blonde hair u had a tattoo of a cross and words above and below it on your back if you know who you are hit me up my name is jeffory out cash wise in the subject line so i know you r re [...]
  • Hedials girl - m4w (Williston) 21yr
    • The skinny girl with glasses you are hot I'd like to feel you on the inside I'd love to take you out for drinks sometime an take you home with me then act like nothing happend
  • $7.04 every morning - m4w (Williston)
    • I'd like to stay in touch. You made me smile in a place where there aren't many of those.
  • Wal-Mart.. - w4m (cigarettes/chew isle )
    • we were in the same checkout isle..you were with a friend, he said he had to get body wash, an you were chatting away with me while he was gone, you said I needed to smile more :P I have blonde hair, bigger gal. you were very handsome ;) I hope you s [...]
  • Cutie at cash wise in Williston - m4w (Williston )
    • You are very cute girl with a great ass. You were with your mom and to be honest I'm not 100% sure if you're 18 or not, but you looked like it. We eyed each other up a couple times in the store and then again at the checkout. I hope you see this.
  • Stallion hot shot driver - m4w (Williston, nd) 32yr
    • You were unstrapping your load when I walked out the bay door. I didn't get your name, but you have a tat on the back of your neck. I was trying to get some shit strait with my guys, and didn't get the chance to talk to you. You're absolutely gorgeou [...]
  • applebee's lady behind the bar - m4w (devils lake)
    • We chatted a little I was there doing some work. Email me back if you wanna chat a little I have something Kinda random I wanna ask if you see this. Tell me were I am working out of.
  • Dalia at dickinson Wal Mart - m4w (dickinson) 49yr
    • Dalia you have the most beautiful eyes and smile I have ever seen. You are so beautiful and sexy!!!!!! Wow!!!! I have came through your line a couple of times and today you had on a dark blue see through top with a spaghetti top on underneath. I am o [...]
  • kate - m4w (williston)
    • Your name is kate u drive a blue 4door car with blacked out windows I think your sexy and wouldn't mind hooking up if u see this tell me what kind of dog u have so I know its you
  • We miss you...so much... - mw4w (beulah)
    • She does not say it...I am not allowed to say it but we miss you..so much..we want you here....so much..she was hurt so bad by you...and me..but her and me are still strong..we found someone..but she is not you. We want you..we have always wanted you [...]
  • Rice an spice - m4w (Williston)
    • The hostess that was wearing a white dress Sunday at lunch u sat me an another guy in the corner it was real busy your real hot I'd like to talk to you hope you see this
  • You look unhappy - m4w (watford city) 28yr
    • I see you with him and look sad :( I want to help. He is big and you are small. He is old and you are young and cute! I want to give you one night of fun from I guy who can make you happy! We are only a door a part. Come on in and I'll kiss you how y [...]
  • Tess at outsiders bar and grill - m4w (watford city)
    • Tess you are an extremely attractive woman. You were my server late one Thursday night and made sure my guys and my orders got in before the kitchen closed. Thank you! I wish more restaurant's had hotties that where as nice and considerate as you.
  • DMV Minot - m4w
    • Around 10:30 you came in red pants and you sat next to me. You was telling me you had to renew your license. You are so gorgeous. Hardly doubt you will see this but I'm giving it a shot. Write me a message. I want to take you out for dinner.
  • Arbys - m4w (Williston) 27yr
    • Pretty little blonde working at Arby's u were working the drive threw I came in an ordered but u seemed to keep looking at me every time u could I didn't get a chance to talk to you I would like to your really cute. What color is my hair?
  • legion-blue shirt backwards ballcap Brown pants - w4m (Watford city) 25yr
    • You were in the legion last night said your friend who I danced with was your brother fellas can't swing can 2 step alil said you were from one of the southern states your tall dark hair blue eyes sexy face Brown carhart jeans and long sleeve dark bl [...]
  • Walmart Battery for a 2006 Jeep Liberty (Minot) Friday - m4w (minot nd)
    • You asked me for help in finding the right battery for your vehicle. We talked for a short time before the store help came and i couldn't talk to you anymore. You are very beautiful and if you see this i would like to take you out to dinner sometime [...]
  • 21 Year Old at Minot DQ - m4w (minot) 33yr
    • Was in Minot this evening and you were there waiting for a friend. I asked if it was a date...you said no. Before leaving I made a joke about you being too young to be going on ice cream dates...you said you were 21. I'm kicking myself that I didn't [...]
  • We shared breakfast - m4w
    • Both of us were just finishing shift, you asked if you could join me for breakfast. I'd like to see you again
  • aint no ride like a free ride. Bowling alley - m4w (williston ) 22yr
    • You were sitting outside with two men, you had a guitar and I asked you to play something, you sang ain't no ride like a free ride. I asked if the song (s) you were singing were from you and you said yes after I tipped you a lil dough and you hugged [...]
  • Miss You! - m4m (Rolla)
    • Wanting you again..You were so very nice and comfortable to be with, you said you would call but you still haven`t, I really want to be with you again, not sure if you feel the same way???, LD please contact me! you never answer you phone, hoping you [...]
  • One block off main Watford - m4w (watford city) 38yr
    • You walked in front of my truck I was on the phone. We shared eye contact. I can't stop thinking of you.tell me the color of my truck or your hair.god I hope you read these
  • I'm lost. u moved - w4m (Springfield ) 52yr
    • I don't know what happened to us. everything was so beautiful. we had it all goin and you drew away. i can understand that n a mancamp and with the level of concentration u need for the job. but to throw me away wasn't cool baby. I know someday ur go [...]
  • Watford rib fest - m4w
    • You said you liked my tattoo. If you want to talk more or see it again get back to me ;). Describe what you were wearing or send a pic so I know its you.
  • Pilot - every morning - m4w (Williston) 26yr
    • We share a few words every morning, I want to know more about you. I doubt you would ever check these things, but it's worth a shot since I leave for days off Monday.
  • jackie - m4w (williston)
    • u work in the kitchen and i see that ur other coworkers don't like u if u wanna talk hit me up put the name of the TLM camp u work at to weed out the spam
  • apartments in dickinson - m4w (dickinson)
    • You sat in your jeep with your long sexy legs in the door as we worked thus morning digging a trench. Get at me and let's find something to do. 9lets 7hit 0the 4races 0up 4tomorrow 7night, 5this 9saturday. 3
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Waitress today - m4w (Williston)
    • I told you my job was to make your day happy. I liked the hug. I thought you were very cute. Wanna talk. I like what I ordered. Tell me what it was so I know its you.
  • Submissive pleasing his Sir - t4m
    • Slut boy showing Craigslist how obedient he is for his Sir.

Fucking my wet pussy and tight ass while thinking about my Sir using me as his personal fucktoy. Cumming only when my Sir let's me.

She helped take care of her ailing mother and also had a sister in Williston. If anyone may happen to know her or how to get in touch wit [...]

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