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  • Deb....at Denny's - m4w (Minot)
    • .....where did the prettiest waitress in Minot go? The place sucks without you.
  • Killdeer Cutie - m4w
    • I come into the gas station at the roundabout on a regular basis. You are the young blonde working at the station. You have amazing eyes and such a cute smile. I'm quite shy at first but do open up. As for me I'm usually going to or from work, I'm cu [...]
  • Chistmas is coming.. - w4m 21yr
    • Need some money for chistmas time... Are you married and just want someone to send you dirty pics and talk dirty to you? Maybe a romance unknown kinda stay distant until ready to meet. Well, here's your place to go :) shoot me an email with the subje [...]
  • Red Sweater - m4m (Downtown Minot ND) 45yr
    • This afternoon, Saturday/December 20, 2014, I was in the Cookie store on main street making a purchase when you walked into the store. You are so handsome, tall, like 6 ft or more, very fit, gorgeous face, clean cut, nice short haircut, wearing a nic [...]
  • looking for a long lost friend - m4m (hankinson) 44yr
    • Hi everyone I am looking for my lost friend Monte Hogness he moved and we lost contact i want him back in my life again if anyone can help me find him it would be so great Thanks again hope someone can help me find him Thanks! everyone!!!! hope to he [...]
  • Fudruckers Williston... - m4w (Sidney) 25yr
    • You work at fudruckers, cute girl that came to visit me a few times in Sidney late at night. You're from MN. You had blue lipstick and we hung out in a king sized bed the first time we met. I would love to hear from you again, I think we had fun.
  • Never Live With Regret - w4m
    • It took me days, weeks to find the words. To figure out how to tell you that somehow you broke through the wall I had built around my heart. I don't know when it happened, how it happened but it happened. I was scared, so scared to tell you. I knew t [...]
  • Girl at gas station in Jamestown on Friday - m4w (Jamestown)
    • Looking for the cute girl at Exxon gas station across from pizza ranch... we were both getting coffee in the morning at about 7am... I held the door open for you when we left and told you I burned myself with coffee because I was checking you out. Yo [...]
  • Country Kitchen Cutie - m4w (dickinson)
    • Hi, I was in for dinner last tuesday 12/9 I was wearing a blue vest and you were working near me. You're blonde and Everytime you would walk by our eyes would meet and you would smile. I have come in several times since hoping youd be working but to [...]
  • Goddess...where did she go? - m4w 32yr
    • She used to work at the Landing Bar dealing cards. Blonde then Brunette I believe. I saw her a few months ago at the Super Pumper on North Hill....SHE is so worth attention. Who is she? Is she married?Where did the Goddess GO? Anybody seen her?
  • Steve - w4m (williston)
    • You come in to our store all the time.

You are incredibly tall, handsome and bearded. You always have a smile for me and you wear an NCC hat. I am painfully shy and don't take rejection well so I don't say anything. I just had to get that out the [...]

  • Beautiful blond at kum an go - m4w (Watford city)
    • To the beautiful blond at kum an go , at 5:30 am , I would like to get to know U , if your single !!!
  • It's Your Job to Make Me Happy - w4m (Stanley)
    • If you actually read these and read this, I will probably die but I must say, you are one of the most amazingly beautiful men I have ever laid eyes on!!! I know it's your job to call me, email me and come see me so many times a day but maybe you shou [...]
  • fargo chick. neclace. - m4w (fargo) 30yr
    • I still love you babe. I'm going through some heavy shit right now. I could sure use one of your pretty smiles. Dat smile tho. I lost my phone and all my contacts. Shoot me a text. I miss you. And I know you miss me
  • strapon dream - m4w (wiliston to minot) 32yr
    • Have my face down ass up on the edge of the bed as you stand behind me spanking me to the perfect shade of red while teasing my cock and balls. The pain and pleasure will drive me to beg you, my mistress, to fuck my tight man pussy. But first you wil [...]
  • blue Dodge hottie - m4m
    • I saw you at the Cash Wise looking fine. You left in a blue Dodge. I thought you looked like you could use a good blow job! Email me with what your hat had on it in the subject line.
  • Goodbye (Williston )
    • Our time together has come to an end. I wished it lasted longer but my next course in life wouldn't allow it. But fuck it, you started to pull away in the end, our outings became less frequent. You were totally awesome to kick it with. I'll miss that [...]
  • cute curvy girl at kum n go - m4w (kum n go williston)
    • Saw you last night, around 615 you were using the ATM then checking out. You were a bigger girl ( but very sexy!) In jeans and a jacket....reddish brown hair and glasses. Maybe you had just finished work....Looked amazing... love to know you better : [...]
  • Bartender At Outlaws In Watford - m4w (Alexander)
    • Don't know that you'll ever see this, and if you do it might not matter because there have probably been hundreds of these posted about you in this section! I say this because of course you're smoking hot and outgoing, which means every man in a 100 [...]
  • Dakota Farms Williston - m4w (williston)
    • Just putting this out there..... you were working, had the cutest smile with a small dimple.on your right cheek, had matching shoes and nail polish. ... you gave flirty smiles back even when serving others you glanced back alot and smiled.... yes I n [...]
  • May I See Your I. D? - m4w (minot nd) 42yr
    • I am trying to connect with a lady that I met at Holiday in Minot. About 6 six weeks ago, I first met this woman. She asked for a pack of cigarettes, and I asked to see an ID. This lady was so flattered that I would ask such a question. She said she [...]
  • You know the drill - w4m (Williston)
    • I just want you to know that you have completely messed things up for me. I can't seem to get what I had with you with anyone else. I don't know if it was the excitement of getting that phone call, that text that said "Come see me" and never knowing [...]
  • girl I used to know at walmart - m4w (minot)
    • So we ran into each other tonight at walmart by soda and jerky. You stopped and looked at me. I didn't think anything of it. But I am pretty sure that we know each other and used to hang out. Especially after I saw you drive away. If you're reading t [...]
  • I miss you lover. - w4m (minot) 2839yr
    • He knows who he is. I don't know if ull see this or not, I just wanted u to know how much I love u an miss u every day. At this point I don't even know if I'll ever see u again but I'll love u forever an I hope to spend the rest of my life with u. I [...]
  • CashWise 12/10 around checkouts - w4m (watford)
    • This is just compliment.. I'd say ir n 20's n was doin the selfcheck out..

Ur mitey fine lookin guy.. .time wise 11 or maybe 12 clock hour.. u pissibly dirty blonde??

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