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Plus I might even wash your clothes! ;)

  • i met you in my store you were too shy
    • you come into my store about a month back you were shy to me and asked me my name and i asked yours, you helped me pick up something that i dropped and you were getting a donut!! i would like to have a conversation sometime!
  • You used to be.... - w4m (Williston) 34yr
    • I used to come here looking for you. To see if you were looking for me. Not as often anymore. I knew where you were, where you are. I just wanted you to be looking for me, longing for me. But not anymore. The way you filled my heart, the way you made [...]
  • chiropractor - m4w (Dickinson)
    • I recently started to come in to the chiropractor that you work for. I know I am getting ready to head home for the season but we will be back next year as well come to find out. I'm the guy from Iowa. Maybe we can spend some time together before I t [...]
  • New Receptionist At Work - m4w
    • Whoa...I met you today. You caught me off guard. You know what I liked? When we were introduced you looked me right in the eye and said hello. Not everyone does that and I like it that you did. I was making travel arrangements when we met. I know how [...]
  • Outlaws - m4w (Williston) 30yr
    • You are a cute new blonde waitress at outlaws restaurant in Williston. We ate in the bar this afternoon and there was 3 of us and you served our table at lunch and were training. We made eye contact a few different times and you had a great smile. Th [...]
  • You're gonna get me in trouble - m4w (Dickinson)
    • You're a barmaid in Dickinson. We sort of work together. You wanted to party last night. I couldn't but really wanted to. Bought you a shot anyways.

Something about you says Im gonna get in trouble with you. If you can handle Very very discreet FWB, [...]

  • Travel Company - m4w (ND) 49yr
    • Heading down south in my car on Sunday looking for a female who want to travel south to Florida for company and entertainment. Put Florida in the subject line and send pic or detailed description so I know who I am talking to.
  • Portable Band Saw - w4m (Watford City)
    • At Fastenal in Watford on 10/22. You had your saw on the floor and I came in looking to buy one. Cord or no cord? I was busy with work so I didn't say much but wanted to. I liked your style and something about you has me sending this out on craigslis [...]
  • Roughnecks get weird when you ask... - m4m (Dickinson) 27yr
    • them to do your laundry. You know who you said this to. I'll gladly do your laundry among several other things.

Hit me up. I can help you with your other question too. I just wished I woulda asked before you left the laundromat.

I hope you get this an [...]

Sandy blonde w/ mini bun hair White blouse/jeans Gorgeous white smile Caught each other's glances a couple times... Would have loved to talk. (Powder-blue polo) MSG back if u felt same!!

  • hot chick in KR end dump. - m4w (williston)
    • I talk to you all the time but I dont know how to tell you that I really have a thing for you. Im from California. I dont want to ruin our friendship but if you would like to hook up and keep it on the down low, give me a sign. Its lonely out here.
  • to the guy at three amigos - w4m (Williston) 25yr
    • I don't know you're name, and I have only gone in there twice since I don't like the food. But, had to order for a friend. I think you're cute. I know you guys can be busy but, do you really have to be such an a**? What's eating you? Or are you alway [...]
  • I really liked you - w4m (williston) 23yr
    • Totally liked you...never had that affect from someone before...soo kinda SUCKS. just venting, I don't expect a response and you probably won't know who you are. I'm positive I never even cross your mind..but its ok. was fun while it lasted...
  • rental - m4w (Dickinson)
    • You and a friend came by today to check out the place that we are currently renting. You and your friend or just you should get a hold of me so we can set something up for this upcoming weekend on Sat. and kick back in the hot tub with a few drinks.
  • Shannon - m4w (Minot)
    • You are in your early 20's and smoking hot. Doubt you'll see this, let alone respond, but thought I would try again. I want to get to know you, even if it's on the DL, with our situations both being the way they are.
  • Dairy Queen Drive Thru - m4w (Devils Lake) 28yr
    • You had the most beautiful blue eyes. Wish I would have asked for your number. If you see this get back to me ;)
  • Day care - m4w (Watford ) 25yr
    • Hey I wrote you back on here something happened to my email. You have a pretty daughter and saw me at the liquor store. Hopefully you see this
  • Ca$h wise grocery store in Stanley, ND - m4w (Stanely) 28yr
    • Tall, dark haired lady with a gorgeous smile. I was going out as you were coming in and you had me all flustered with my shopping cart. But I did see that smile. Well if this thing works it would be great and if not I hope I run into you again. Maybe [...]
  • rice n spice girl in leggings - m4w
    • We spoke for a lil you got mad that they wouldn't cook your food never got to get your name or number

Go Huskers

  • Sarah L - m4w (nd..) 29yr
    • Sarah L. I know you think wrong of me but I love you. I want to bring you home int my house. Why did you delete everything. Gd damn it I hope that battery did you r right.
  • Cute Blonde at gas station - m4w (Belfield )
    • You were in front of me in line, very petite and had a pierced nose and leather jacket. I didn't see a ring, so if your single and want to take a chance, I'd live to get to know you. Tell me what you were buying and lets go grab a drink
  • I met you out side DKS and offered to take you home on my motorcycle - m4w 22yr
    • Hey I met you before I went into DKS my phone didn't save your number after we went upstairs and to grab my affliction jacket, you called me but my iPhone didn't save your number:(. We danced with some dude from Montana and I introduced you to my co [...]
  • At A Rig and At The Brewery - m4w (Williston)
    • I've had the pleasure of talking with you twice now...first on a rig site while I was trashing a skid while you were trying to clean it! Then, to my surprise, you showed up at my table while I was having a working dinner at the brewery. You asked me [...]

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