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craigslist | missed connections in rockford

  • "Adorable" - Jason - w4m (Rockford) 30yr
    • Looking for Jason. It's been a long time since we've even talked. I was a bartender, you came in and kept saying I was "Adorable". One night (well early morning by the time I got off work) I came to your hotel room. Had great great sex. You were amaz [...]
  • your sausage - m4m
    • What did you want me to do with your sausage you'll know who it is and I will just tell me your dogs name
  • looking for boober - m4w (s.e rockford)
    • hey boober if your her just give your real initials known you for a while hope your curios
  • Looking for Kay Anger of Rock Falls - m4w (sterling) 32yr
    • I am looking for Kay Anger of Rock Falls, she is in her early 20's.. works in Sterling. We had a brief relationship a few years ago and I would like to see if she would like to rekindle what we had.

Im sure your probably know who this is that is loo [...]

screenname, unknown real name) who may possibly be working at Pratt & Whitney in Rockford. Might have a twin brother named Neil, who may have passed away a few years back. University of Nebraska fan or al [...]

we talked every friday night i saw you at local pub that I used to work at here in rockford . First time we met, you were with your friend, and after that you seemed to have came alone.. You told me that you had to m [...]

About 3 years ago we met online, I think chat somewhere. Well anyways we talked a couple of times and texted a lot. In fact you sent me a text on a Wednesday "Hump Day" with a nice picture. I immediately left work in Rockford and [...]

  • you are my boss - w4m (173 area)
    • Lately I have been having a lot of fantasies about you. You say things sometimes that can be interpreted otherwise. I know you look at my body. I want to make a move but still a little unsure of how that would go. We both have lives and careers to pr [...]
  • White/Ivory 4 Door Ford Pickup - w4m (Rockford) 42yr
    • I have seen you a few times going South on Kishwaukee around 7:30ish am. Once you were behind me at a stop light, I almost said hi but didn't have the courage to do it....I drive a black Ford Focus. If you feel it's you and want to say hi....tell me [...]
  • Gotta look my best if we're gonna break up - w4w (rockford)
    • Its been almost a year since ive looked into your eyes. You only exist in memory and yesterdays now. You are so quick to judge my situation without taking a glance at your situation. We now sit where you put us, high up on that shelf. Instead of shri [...]
  • Looking for Karen - m4w (Walmart Riverside)
    • Looking for Karen. I met you at the entrance to Walmart on Riverside. You were coming out and I was going in. We both though we were knew each other. Send me a note if you want to talk or meet up for a drink.

Please put my name in the Reply line if [...]

  • Hey douche... - w4m (Rockford) 41yr
    • Eventually everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences, I'm here to tell you those that listen usually get a better table. You should think about what you've done and what she's asked for before she tells your pregnant wife that you're a doucheba [...]
  • Girl in red car - m4w (M.P. )
    • It was Easter Sunday when I pulled into parking spot on your right with you in the passenger seat. You were in a red car. I got out to go in store. You had some kids with you in the car. You had on a skirt and I know you knew I was looking. When I ca [...]
  • good conversation - m4w (galena) 41yr
    • enjoyed chatting while my wife looked around. hope dinner was good. if you want to chat again. we would love to hang out. you seem like a nice lady.
  • Cashier at Five Guys - m4w (Rockford) 38yr
    • To the cute cashier at Five Guys that liked my wallet. I would love to talk to you but I guess I was too shy to talk to you there. Please respond and tell me what you liked about my wallet so I know it is really you.
  • Blue Painted Toes at YMCA Belvidere - m4w (Belvidere) 41yr
    • OMG, you signed up again for swim lessons. Not yourself but your little one. I am completely in love with your feet and have been since I first saw them. You have petite feet with the sexiest blue toes. Today, you were sitting on the edge of the pool [...]
  • Walmart pharmacy - m4w (Walton rd (east state street))
    • You work in the pharmacy you are drop dead beautiful long shot but hey who knows we caught each others eye a few times maybe you will see this.
  • bacon - m4w (dekalb/rockford) 40yr
    • giving this a try again. we met while u were a temp at my job in dekalb in the beginning of 2012. saw each other on mondays after work. mostly at sweden house lodge in rockford but we met at red roof inn a few times. we stopped meeting because your m [...]
  • Fran - m4w (Rockford)
    • I am looking for a woman that I dream about almost daily. She was one of the most incredible women I have ever met in my life. Unfortunately, at the time, our age difference made things almost impossible. And ultimately, she said good bye. I often wo [...]
  • Ms Poovey - m4w (Rockford)
    • I am looking for an old friend that we called Ms. Poovey....if this is you, I really want to hear from you.

I miss you and think of you often. I am hoping that you are ok. I am a male friend that was younger than you when we hung out together. I hel [...]

  • I miss my bf - w4m
    • I miss my best friend... I miss hearing Oma... I wish our friendship didn't end the way it did.
  • Jen - m4w 34yr
    • We see each other all the time. But yet we are still a missed connection. I know what needs to change for us to start again. And I promise I am nothing but focused on achieving that goal. I am focused and will not fail. I could never live with myself [...]
  • The Laundry Room - m4w (machesney park)
    • You work there...we talked a little bit outside...after that I was to shy to try to talk to more. Plus you seemed a little busy working. I don't know if you were just being niceor a llittle interested maybe...lol...i thought you are an attractive wom [...]
  • wow - m4m (rockford)
    • was at a restaurant tonight and u where there with your gf or friend not sure u where skinny tall and long blonde curly hair just have to say u where hot i noticed that u rubbed your crotch didnt know if u noticed i was checking u out let me know wha [...]
  • Would you worm your own hook? - w4m
    • Life is too short for regrets. If you are lucky enough to find that one that makes your world turn, hang onto them forever. Did you know that Taco Bell is open on Easter?
  • You - w4m
    • I am that woman that gets hit on by men. I never can figure out why they're drawn to me. I never dress provocatively. However, I am told thatmI'm that woman men say exudes sexual sensuality. I am intelligent, sassy and classy I am single. Know thatli [...]
  • Am I still on your mind ??? - m4w
    • Even though our time on earth is brief. We sometime's come across someone that

stick's in our memory and our thoughts. Even though it may never work out and become what you want . Sometimes you have to put it out there and hope that some kind of e [...]

  • Aaron - w4m 26yr
    • I wish you could see just how much I love you. And how great we would be together.

But we will never get that chance, and I can't find a way to let that go.

  • Looking for Amanda B. - m4w (Sterling)
    • I am trying to find a woman that I miss. She moved to the Sterling area about a year ago. We dated for a bit but it didn't last. If you see this please get in contact. I miss talking to you and having you in my life and I know you can't just erase me [...]
  • Hey Angela - m4w (Harvard)
    • I heard you were in Harvard tonight. I wanna get freaky with you. I want to look at your tits, squeeze them, suck on your nipples for hours. I want you to go down on me and I want to go down on you. I want to cum in your mouth, and then later fuck yo [...]
  • massage - m4w
    • I know its a long shot, and I'll be vague and brief. I was very genuine and enjoyed talking. I meant it that you should contact me. Although I doubt you will....prove me wrong and tell me where you havent been. Take a chance.
  • wow - w4mw (rockford)
    • You people creep me out! how come you cannot even walk into anywhere without someone maybe stalking you! I get you want to meet the ONE! but really sometimes it is just nice to smile at someone and not mean anything but to be a nice person! just sayi [...]
  • missing what we had - w4m (Rockford/Loves Park) 33yr
    • I miss you and the friendship we had. I really miss the little miss I never had. My heart is broken over not seeing her anymore. I'm sure you're in a new relationship and I'm dealing with my "condition", but I wanted you to know I think of the two of [...]
  • Schnucks pizza - m4w (Loves Park) 38yr
    • Hope this finds you somehow...

I asked about your pizza and salad. You looked so gorgeous and I looked like crap from working outside all day, otherwise maybe I would have tried to continue our conversation and suggest we combine our purchases into [...]

  • u work at cvs - m4w (rockford) 30yr
    • I know its a long shot but u r a beautiful girl that works at cvs. I come in often and we made eye contact today. not sure if ur interested but I am.
  • Remember parking garage? - m4w (Rockford) 42yr
    • Looking for Sue. Miss the positive, fun conversations. Wondering how you are doing?
  • Ts Jamie star - m4t (Rockford)
    • Hey there, not sure if you come on here at all but we hooked up a couple times and I enjoyed them both I have tried to contact you since but to no avail not sure if you're still in the area or maybe you decided to quit hooking up but if you see this [...]
  • I am tired of crying over you - m4w (Freeport) 42yr
    • You came back into my life after 23 years expecting me to just give up what I have and run to you....I cant do that even though I want to ....I thought I was over you ..I thought my love for you was gone...then all you had to do was say hello and I f [...]
  • Beautiful Blonde at Tatget - m4w (Rockford)
    • You past me while shopping, twice, once very close. I should of said something but didn't. You are absolutely gorgeous and I just need to say that.
  • I STILL MISS YOU G!!! - w4m (Rockford) 43yr
    • Trying this again...........We met here on CL about 18 months ago and saw each other regularly up until this fall. I canceled our last time together because I wasn't feeling well. A lot of things happened after that and as a result, I was without a p [...]
  • mason at cv menards - m4m (cherry valley)
    • was wondering if you were bi curious? sexy redhead. we talked briefly on Friday.
  • discount tire - m4w (machesney park)
    • your name starts with j and you drive a gold car. you were in today in a cute hoodie and torn jeans. we made eye contact quite a few times, but I didn't have anything clever to say. you were even two feet from me, I couldn't help but check you out. m [...]
  • hot guy working on roof - m4m (rkfd)
    • you are working on roof man you are hot we spoke briefly tell me where we are working if interested sure would love to drop donw on my knees for ya
  • Cash Store Beauty - m4w (Loves Park) 24yr
    • Hey, you were really kind, and smart. Not to mention pretty! You suggested I go to Craigslist for love. Well, I pondered that and realized there's a missed connections section. If you are single, and wouldn't mind going out some time, get back to me [...]
  • Hottie on my street - m4m (South Rockford)
    • well this is a long shot im more here to tell u that u are so hot i know u are probably 100 percent str8 and i know u have a girlfriend and a child but when i see you outside u always look so hot well i hope u read this and maybe u will figure me out [...]
  • laura g - m4w (rockord, des plaines) 24yr
    • Hey, we dated for a year. We broke up and 3 weeks later u found a new bf. I thought u knew what true love meant. After everytime we broke up, after every fight, i always csme back and apologize. The one time i needed u to do it, u didnt. U let me dow [...]
  • Ivana at Culvers on Harrison - m4w
    • You just need to know how beautiful you are. You have the best smile, eyes and I love the curly hair.
  • you can return for D/A training - m4w
    • You can return for your D/A training now

I think you learned your lesson. Bring your board and cards to be cleansed.

  • Saliva Show at Murphys - m4w 36yr
    • You were watching the Blackhawks game and I was trying to set the stage for the opening act for Saliva. I kept grabbing stuff by your feet and you asked if you were in my way. We talked briefly and you said you were a Bear and Viking fan. I replied t [...]
  • Where are u - m4w
    • Looking for Nicole king , miss chatting............................................D
  • Downtown Rockford - m4w 35yr
    • I saw you at Stewart Square this afternoon. About 5 foot, light hair, lips that I want to touch. Your ass called to me every time you got up from your chair. It said "hellllooo, is it me your looking for?" And my loins sang back "I've been alone with [...]
  • want to hang out? - m4m (northern lasalle county) 23yr
    • whats up guy , if your bord and want to get a load out let me know? send me pics of c0ck and face n you'll get mine... looking ASAP
  • young lady walking from cvs - m4w (Freeport) 44yr
    • I saw you walking home today from CVS. I'm pretty sure we have met before. If you are who I think you are please respond if you see this. I am sorry for before and would love to talk with you again. You are a younger Lady that I met online before. I [...]
  • Woman from Janesville shopping for her daughter (25) - m4w (rockton ave)
    • You came into my store yesterday to purchase a phone for your daughter. We had a very light conversation but I couldn't help but notice a few things. Your body at the age you are is quite amazing...
  • Ping pong - m4w (Loves park )
    • Saw you Saturday we made eye contact a few times. You asked me about ping pong.tell me what bar and what color hoodie I was wearing. I would like to get to know you. I thought you where very sexy.
  • You Remembered Me From Machesney - m4w
    • Hi, this is a long shot.... but maybe you'll see this?

You said you remembered me. I actually remembered you too. I am kind of shy and did not say anything because I did not want to hold up the line.... Anyways, I'd like to get to know you!

I was wondering (if you even see this) IF you were free to [...]

And feel much better have a good weekend all

We use to joke around alot and all of a sudden your gone What happened???żżż I forgot something once when you were working Your name was karen. What did i leave behind

and was going to counter. And DAMN-- Instant hard on. I seen a woman most likley in here early to mid 30's. longer hair. Sandy Blonde. Cute smurk. and beautiful [...]

I think you are beautiful and have a great smile! I doubt you'll ever see this but if you do and would like to chat thatd be nice!

Guy in white suv
  • looking for phippis - m4w (machesney park)
    • I was in the army with her and am staying in chicago. Wondering how she is doing, havent seen her since she attempted to take her life in ait.
  • Come on over - m4m 20yr
    • I'm free all day looking to mess around with someone. I'm 20 6'4" and weigh 180. No pic no response
  • Gas Station Clerk - m4w (Lena)
    • You were working the morning shift and we had a conversation. . . You said you had a bf but if you are interested tell me what your daughter said about that book and maybe we can find out why she said it.
  • You waived- sincerity or mistaken id? - m4m
    • I rarely do this but you waived saturday night. I dont think we knew each other but you are totally my type. Hopefully i was yours as well and you werent waiving because you thought you knew me... yet. We were on the road side by side, tell me where [...]
  • Skin Walker on AFF - m4t (Rockford) 25yr
    • Hey my phone got bustd!!! I lost your number :(

Text me!!! Or hit me up thru email. You know who I am!!! :)

  • sprint store - m4w
    • i am a pig seeking a woman that was in the sprint store. We made a "connection" ( eye contact) - are you that brain dead, dumb, gulliable, & stupid- i felt it really really fely it, mostly in my pants & not for you but your daughter- please believe m [...]
  • Sprint store Last Monday of 2013 - m4w (Machesney Park) 54yr
    • You were there with your daughter. She was getting a new Iphone and you were getting her old one. We made eye contact when I walked in and again as I was walking out. While we were waiting, we talked about a couple different things. If you see this a [...]
  • Awesome teller I use to work with - m4w (rockford)
    • This goes out to a special girl that I use to work with at a bank. She was a teller and she was short, blonde, cute, piercings, and have sexy tattoos(especially the dolphin on your stomach). We were both seeing people when we worked together but we a [...]
  • hot blonde at roadranger in loves park in the black suv - m4w
    • Thought you were hot..would like to chat tell me what we talked about and the color of my car
  • L. Bates...... - m4w (Rockford)
    • Miss seeing you! Always looked forward to our rides together. Wish I had gotten the courage up to ask for your no. or email, last time I saw you. Always hated to see you leave, but loved watching you walk away....
  • Checked out SUPER 8 - m4w (Rochelle)
    • You were the super cute blonde I passed in hallway on 3/19. You were in black coat and stocking hat. Wish had known u were right down hall! Hope you find this I wanted to talk more we both checked out about same time. Hit me up!!
  • baby time - m4mw (sterling) 25yr
    • i is a adult baby/diaper lover looking for a mommy and daddy that can take care of me and baby me. and bath/feed/breastfeed/bath me and take care of my needs. ims also looking to be a adult baby pet slave. any age and size if fine with me. im clean a [...]
  • 3/18 birthday - m4w (Too far away)
    • Happy Birthday 3/18, M. Gresenz. Haven't seen you for way too long. I think of you often and hope all is well with you.

Mike from PC west

  • the fake road ranger - m4w (loves park)
    • Just wanted to say I enjoyed talking to you last night your very cute I didn't know that was a road ranger. Hope you have great day thank you for telling about deal on monsters
  • Pam Anderson - m4w (loves park)
    • have not seen you in a long time. you were in you 50's lived by Peak fitness. just wanted to see how you were. email me
  • Secrets looking to see what you have - m4w (Rkfd)
    • I came into your store(Secrets) this past sunday around noon time, just looking to see what you have. I thought you were a nice looking person and I would like to get to know you better. I did purchase something. If you could tell me what I purchased [...]
  • Target Worker - m4w (rockford)
    • I know this is strange but I see you all the time at Target. You are always working, putting stuff on the shelves when I get there early in the morning. I have always wanted to come over and ask you out but I don't want to make a fool of myself. If y [...]
  • all the eye candy - m4m (Rockord)
    • Out of all the eye candy that I see when I'm at the Mobil on State and Lyford. someone or more has to be gay. Let me know if you are. I would like to see where things could led. Send picture in your email and I will know if I have seen you there or n [...]
  • Missing You - w4m (rockford)
    • I know you still read these just like we used to. I still miss you. I know you don't love or care about me anymore but, i gave up so much to be with you and you just walked away so easily. I can't figure out what went wrong with us. Maybe I'll never [...]
  • I served you a Chicken Quesadilla - m4m (Rockford) 49yr
    • You came into the restaurant and I served you a Chicken Quesadilla! You had a lumberjack shirt on,a beard,and was with a friend. I have to tell you,,,I am wayyyy attracted to you! I noticed that you did not carry a band on your finger,,and if you wer [...]
  • Alley at Tilted Kilt - m4w (Rockford) 37yr
    • You asked me how I was doing and you liked my response on Sunday night. I am sure you get hit on alot working there but you seemed different than the rest, very real and down to earth. If you would like to talk please respond with my response to you [...]
  • Machesney Burger King new girl - m4w
    • I really think the new blonde girl at the machesney park Burger King is such a doll! She messes up my order every time but I don't mind as I get to see you blush and you always give me a smile as if you like me back. If you are interested in meeting [...]
  • Dancer from tiger tail - m4w (Tiger Tail)
    • I met a cool dancer from tiger tail on Friday night. She looked like my ex. I really want to contact her. I'm hoping she either finds this ad and responds or hoping somebody will point her in the direction of this ad. She had the side of her head sha [...]
  • Was that a sloth on your shirt? - m4w (cherry valley)
    • Girl falls Tuesday night while smoking outside at the district. We both laughed. You said you liked my shoes. I was mostly speechless when I had seen you again Friday night, and thought it may have been some sort of coincidence. We enjoyed another sh [...]
  • Married Girl at Hope and Anchor Sat Night - m4w
    • You told me I looked just like your husband. Are you interested in pursuing this any further?

Reply and tell me what I look like.

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