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and in daylight reverie I see you in a hundred people Yet your face still eludes me I see you passing on the street shopping, dinning, on the town I wonder where you come from Where you go, who you know If you [...]

  • Starbucks on Perryville - m4w (Rockford)
    • You were sitting with a group in the middle of the store around 4:45. You kept looking at me, even after my friend sat down. Most would assume she was my girlfriend or something, or I would have walked right up to you. Maybe there's a second chance t [...]
  • A Place for J - m4w (Rochelle)
    • Since my other postings expired and you already know how I feel, I just thought I'd give you the new place to chat... come on in and sit a spell, let's chat, talk, discuss, you can sit there while I adore you and show you that you are worthy of it al [...]
  • petland - m4w (rockford)
    • I know this is a long shot but here goes. We met each other at Petland back by the fish area and I had my Lil boy with me and you started to talk to me and we talked a little bit then after that we glanced at each other and smiled time from time till [...]
  • We crossed paths twice - Walmart - m4w (Rockford/Northridge)
    • I walked by you when you were stocking near the shoe department. You're absolutely stunningly beautiful. Thanks for making my night just by being so gorgeous.
  • cintas woman - m4w (rockford area surrounding)
    • You're smile brightens my day. I think you are just a doll, but I am older and well am married also. But thank you for the smiles and keep the floor mats coming.
  • Red Robin Jessica B - m4w (Rockford) 43yr
    • I was at Red Robin in Rockford on 2-28 and you were my waitress. Your name is Jessica B. I was there with my kid an I thought you were really cute. I am an older guy but attractive. If you are the right age to date and attracted to an older guy get a [...]
  • Blonde at Smart Style in Sterling Walmart - m4w (sterling) 32yr
    • So... this is pretty much like legal stalking then? Ha..

Anyways, I had my daughter with me and didnt feel like throwing the mack down infront of her. The girl in question is bleach blonde, shorter hair with some pink in the front. She is like 5'6- [...]

you said you liked my car. You are soo very beautiful and had such a cute s [...]

  • texting and driving? - m4w (ER)
    • We talked for a minute outside your room before you had to go get all fixed up. Would love to chat sometime and hear more about you. Hope your doing okay:)
  • rock cut park - m4m
    • looking for the guy in the white mercedes suv. you pulled up next to me and ask what was going on.i would like to talk to you so if you see this tell me what color car i was driving. put rock cut in the title.
  • At the DeKalb/Sycamore YMCA - m4w
    • Last Saturday you were one of three people offering roller massages to everyone. I was on the elliptical and watched you for an hour. I thought our eyes met a few times. When I was leaving you were by the door, but I could not talk because I was not [...]
  • RE: i drempt of u... - w4m
    • C,

Why do u haunt me?? I hav vivid dreams ...This is not what I want for my life! I am doing fine, that's it! If I sounded erratic, that's bcuz I was! Mad, hurt, and disrespected! Doesn't sound like someone who really loves me! I hav already forg [...]

  • Weezer misses her Lumberjack - w4m
    • Andy, I know you paused on Friday by my car. I feel like you wanted to say goodbye before you left but knew I would try to get you to stay.

You're married so it would be weird for me to try to find you, so on the chance that you come across this, kn [...]

  • hot man at nicholsons - m4m (rockford)
    • you work at nicholsons hardware and are so handsome I was staring at your package and you caught me lol you smiled and so did I. you also yawned. I wanted to suck you up so bad and swallow you up. let me know my coat color I was wearing
  • Credit Union - m4m (Freeport)
    • We were both sitting at a Freeport Credit Union Monday or Tuesday of last week. I think you were waiting to get in line, but we kept making eye contact. The pants you had on really showed off your package. If you were interested, hmu with the color o [...]
  • Looking for women from freeport - m4w (I'm in Rockton Area) 19yr
    • I am a younger guy.. 19 actually. We met up awhile back and had our version of fun ;);) but I would love to meet you again? A hint.. I got lost trying to find your house.. you had to come outside and get me. I parked in a parking lot by your house. I [...]
  • Cute short-hair girl at CJ's Lounge - m4w (uh, CJ's)
    • You're a woman. You have short, reddish hair. I think you're totally cute. You were sitting at the end of the bar. I'm the blonde guy, with a pea coat. I thought we locked eyes and "had a moment" a few times. I was positive that you were dating or we [...]
  • "Mexican tonight" - m4m (My place)
    • We passed each other tonight. You made the comment "Mexican tonight" and "I like it in ya" Tell me where we were and what I was carrying that made you say that and what I said in reply. Willing to share some of what I had with you and you liked my re [...]
  • Cougar at C2 Friday Night - m4w (2nd Cousins) 24yr
    • Hey , we kept making eye contact , looked like you were there with a friend and her husband

you looked to be about in your mid 30's , wore a gray sweater if I remember im a little younger than you but you did something when you came out the bathroo [...]

  • Looking for singles - m4m (rockford)
    • You were looking for singles- we spoke about it, but I was too shy to make a move as there was someone else there with us. I was getting in my car. You're cute as hell, I would like to cure your singles problem- even if it means providing the means t [...]
  • 11th Street - m4w (Rockford)
    • We were at a place on 11th street about noon. We were parked next to each other, and kept looking at each other before u left. I was in a truck and you were in a car. Would really like to talk and maybe meet. Please tell me what color truck I was in [...]
  • Tonya M. from Schneider electric - m4w (34) 34yr
    • We always had a lot of flirting, until one day!! I came over and you answered the door in a sex black outfit! We didnt have sex but we masturbated in front of each other! This was a few years ago at your house! I would like to do it again if you are [...]
  • Former wrestler, you workout at Peak Sports Club, hope you see this. - m4m (Peak Sports Club)
    • I see you at Peak Sports Club, I know you are a former wrestler, you must be in your early 20's about 5' 7'' tall, well defined shoulders, they stand out, saw you without your t-shirt in the locker room, you have amazing abs. I hope you see this, wou [...]
  • I'm married, you're divorced' - m4w (Stillman)
    • I'm married and you're divorced. Our kids play together a lot. I think you think of me based on when we see each other. I would love to get with you if that's what you want. Shoot me a text or email with "going out tonight" so I know its you.

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