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craigslist | missed connections in rockford

  • Where's my Candy? - m4w (Str/RF) 28yr
    • Looking for Candice (Candy). You came into my work to get a part for your Charger. I looked it up for you. I was thinking the entire time how attractive you are without showing it. Loved the way you did your hair, and you have pretty eyes. I have lon [...]
  • "lap boyfriend" - w4m
    • I don't need to say much more :)

If u understand the title you know who you are. What happened where did u go? You came into my work but I was to busy to talk. .. I went back looking for you and they told me you were gone :( Please get a hold of me. [...]

  • Brad
    • You sure are a gorgeous young man, Brad. From those mischievous blue eyes, to those sexy lips, to that hot body.

Damn. I hope if you have a girlfriend she appreciates what she's got. :)

  • Friday Night at Barnes and Noble - m4m (Rockford)
    • We were both in Barnes and Noble Friday night, and we were both looking in same section. We seemed to both linger and stand pretty close to each other while stealing looks. Was there something there? I was in shorts and a t-shirt, and you were in kha [...]
  • whiskeys rockton - m4w
    • You were the blond that was more than likely in the mid 30's and you were out side most of the time I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself but you were smoking!
  • kiestle berg park - m4m 55yr
    • i saw you at kiestleberg park saturday morning 8-30-14 about 9:00 a.m.

you were driving a silver honda civic.i sat in the pavillion behind where you were parked.would like to talk to you.please put what i was driving in the subject line.

Then we met again in the checkout line. The cashiers thought we were a couple. I got embarrassed. I was purchasing a lot of a certain beverage, and you mentione [...]

  • 1227 22nd st - w4m
    • I drove by as you were unlocking your gate this morning (8/30). You looked up, I slowed down. We smiled. You are very attractive sir. Definitely hoping you're some type of available..... do you remember me? What was I driving?
  • Mcdonald s on samuelson rd. thursday night friday morning - m4w (rockford)
    • You are the manager on the night shift. I come in there around 3am. I wish I knew what nights you work. I would come there more. You have black hair and you wear glasses. You are a beautiful woman. Anyways if you see this and you think you know who I [...]
  • Blondie, ex-employee - m4w (Rockford) 28yr
    • You used to work for me for a time, a couple years I think. You recently quit to work elsewhere, Im glad because the owner is an ass and cheap. You had a friend work there for a small time as well, your best friend as you stated many times. My nick n [...]
  • Carlson Ice Arena Milf - m4w
    • You asked me where one of the party rooms were. After I told you you smiled, said thanks, and winked and strolled off with your kid. You were smoking hot and hope you find this and maybe we can hook up or something
  • WOW how cute. - m4w
    • I know this is a long shot .. But nothing lost // Nothing gained.

We live close together.. I think you have a mate. We see each other almost every day.. You drive a small blueish / purple light colored 2 door newer car. I know you have a small whi [...]

  • Ready Now - m4w (se rockford)
    • Looking for sexy women for some random action. Free now your pic for mine. Real deal no games let's get it on . subject line NOW
  • Hottie at Hardee's - m4w (loves park)
    • I came thru the drive thru at noon on Friday. After I paid, you asked me to pull up and wait for my order. I don't believe in love at first sight, but could not mistake the connection I felt.

I am a dom...hoping you wish to be trained as a sub. Res [...]

I was at the shop that towed ur pacifica Hit me up if ur interested

I have a scene I think you would enjoy, contact me. Lets do something casual. Sir Henry from Oz

  • chubby blonde girl leaving road ranger on alpine with a friendyesterda - m4w (rockford)
    • Hi there, I was coming in to road ranger on alpine and northridge yesterday around 9pm as you were leaving. Your a chubby blonde girl maybe early 20s? You were with a friend. Would love to talk more, wasnt sure if you caught me checking you out or no [...]
  • chick at peak sports club, waiting outside mens locker room last week - m4w (rockford) 28yr
    • Hi. U were waiting outside the mens locker room last week, waiting for someone...a friend, boyfriend?(hope not) anyway you left me breathless with how lovely you are...literally. I have no intention other than for you to know I wish I would have stop [...]
  • Cute lil Asian at Golden Chopsticks - m4m (Rockford)
    • young shy twink that works at Golden Chopsticks. Was in there for lunch today with a friend. Think your very cute. Into older guys?
  • sexy vidal Castro hat - m4w
    • Saw you grocery shopping in Byron. You had two gallons of skim milk in your cart and you drive a ford SUV. I was the tall older athletic ,biker mustache, guy. You were athletic/ slim .....that explains the two gallons of skim milk....or your washing [...]
  • Chatted at my work today - m4m (south of rockford)
    • this is a long shot but u came in to where i worked today we chatted a little bite i told u i havent seen u in a while plus u posted on here about 2 months ago m4m i sent u a few emails but never heard back from you are u still looking? fwb tell me w [...]
  • galena..westbound on 20 - m4w
    • I noticed u Saturday morning parked in the Galena McDonalds parking lot as I drove by on hwy 20. You caught up to me and passed me just out of town. We were both headed west..you were in a black jeep Cherokee with coffee in hand. Very sexy legs you w [...]
  • massage - m4w
    • I know its a long shot, and I'll be vague and brief. I was very genuine and enjoyed talking. I meant it that you should contact me. Although I doubt you will....prove me wrong and tell me where you havent been. Take a chance.
  • Lonestar....god this is awkward... - m4m (Rockford) 25yr
    • You were the really cute blonde waiter. Like medium/long haired, pretty tall. I thought you were insanely cute. I was out with a family group kinda thing. Doubt you'll read this but would like to chat sometime.
  • i eat at 5 coins a lot - m4w 52yr
    • i eat a 5 coins and when u qwait on me and smile it makes my heart warm and flutter and want to ask you out but am shy and scared of rejection your name is kristy and i like your long hair and curvy figure maybe one day i will get courage to ask u ou [...]
  • You were working out at the Y late Monday 8/18/14 - m4m (ymca)
    • You were working out at the Y late like until 9:45 pm. You were on the bike the entire time. You were still at your car as I pulled away, wish you had followed me. I wish I could talk to you and see where things go. Tell me which Y you we were at and [...]
  • spotter driver - m4w (rockford) 51yr
    • This is for the beautiful blonde spotter driver with the blue eyes that spots trailers at Lowes RDC...you were in the transportation office sitting at the end of the desk..I come in and we were talking about the rain thursday am..I asked you if you h [...]
  • Searching 4 Sunny37111 - m4w (Beloit )
    • Searching for Sunny37111 ,,,, lost connection with her...

Sunny37111 contact me this is Rick....

  • delivery - m4m (Freeport)
    • I made a delivery to your house Monday morning I liked what I saw but I didn't get a chance to talk with you tell me what we delivered to your house or what you were wearing when u answered the door
  • girl - m4w (n main)
    • girl - was going to let you say goodby since you never did. you just left and never said a word. was in your area but did not see a payphone. kinda like the time you had to dive all the way to Harvard to make a call. but you probably don't care anywa [...]
  • Upset UPS driver - m4w (Riverside/Rockford)
    • You were visibly upset when I handed you the UPS packages I needed sent. I hate that I didn't take longer to see what was wrong and try to at least help more than I did.

If you need anyone to talk with, or need help to get out of a situation that ha [...]

My life is dull and pitiful now too but a couple sayings come to mind......."you always take what you have for granted until its gone" and "you ma [...]

  • re: like older women? - m4w
    • Not sure if I'm the guy who took the last of something but this sounds familiar. I stepped around you to grab something and caught your eye.. And to answer your question if I am your guy, yes I do. If you can let me know what store we you saw me at a [...]
  • you wore an orange dress today...wow - m4w (Rockford) 54yr
    • To see you sitting there on your porch again, and this time, in an orange dress that accented your body in ways to many to describe. You waved as I drove by. I imagine you will not read this, but for a guy that wishes, you sure made his heart beat so [...]
  • waiting for perogies - m4w (rockford) 46yr
    • Waiting in line with you.was diggin your vibe from the get go.they were running out.long shot I know but me and patchouli want to talk hippy girl
  • Re you moved a while back - m4w (rockford)
    • Have any more specifics? Or initials? This sounds like me. It could be anyone though.
  • I can't move on - w4m (Rockford)
    • I know things are over between us.I know they have been for quite some time,but I was just in denial for the last 2 years.And now I'm just supposed to pretend to be your friend.Your friend with benefits.5 long years together and this is what our rela [...]
  • Gentleman with micro dreadlocks - w4m (Barnes & noble Rockford)
    • I was looking at books in the center aisle, looked up at you and your daughter, and looked down again. I've stopped smiling at people in public due to responses from creepy people. I just wanted to say thank you for saying hello, and not being creepy [...]
  • marathon on N2nd - m4w (machesney park)
    • I was in on Saturday, You were there too. You were behind me in line singing the song in the radio. You felt bad because I had overheard your singing lol. You bought one of my items. If this is you tell me what that item was or the item you got yours [...]
  • cute window girl at Belvidere burger king - m4w (Belvidere burger king)
    • was about 5 when i went through and got my usual.. you were about to end your shift and kept saying "i'm out" while i waited for my change and food.. i thought about saying something but couldn't come up with anything on the fly lol.. anyways if you [...]
  • Winn. Co. Fair White dress Green top - m4w (pec)
    • I saw you by the food stands and was checking you out, not sure if you noticed. You passed me by the hippies tent and we made eye contact. I like the vibe I got from you. Let's talk
  • monster misses his lady - m4w
    • u know who u r rockstar. email back or text me. i do think of u every single day n i know u do the same. theres been so much bs but u know u miss monster as much as i miss lady. lets fuck but NO BODY can find out
  • Shell on Forest Hills - m4m 35yr
    • You were in a Mitsubishi with tinted windows sitting at the gas pump then pulled into a stall to smoke. We made eye contact several times. What color truck was I in and r u interested in chatting?
  • handsome young nurse - m4m (dekalb)
    • Young nurse at a place in dekalb. Early morning patient, you were helping. Not sure but I thought I saw a tent. If you cum back lets talk. Tell me where this happened and what time
  • legit help please - w4m (Rockford. bago area)
    • Need to come up with $800 can anyone help me out. Need to keep my car. short on a few bills from repairs necessary. I would honestly appreciate the help. Long shot asking I know. But I figured there might be one person out there.
  • Lost in Translation IV - m4w (DeKalb/Sycamore)
    • You would place your hand on my heart when we embraced.

I still hold your hand with my heart. I miss you friend.

  • Acura mdx - m4w
    • To the drop-dead gorgeous woman with stunning blonde hair who drives "her boys" in her black acura mdx......you are fantastic!!!!
  • Sycamore Jewel - m4w
    • You were wearing a pink shirt and had a tattoo on your right upper arm. You're a smoking hot brunette. And drive a Hyundai.

You're picking up a 12 pack of beer and telling me you were going to get drunk because your boss was an asshole. I regret no [...]

  • Still trying to catch my breath! - m4w (Rockford) 54yr
    • Sometimes your just in the right place at the right time, or just missing it alltogether! but the way you kissed that guy! and then sucked his cock, I am still trying to catch my breath. Your beautiful dark ebony skin, and the thought of you aginst m [...]
  • County market - m4w (Dixon)
    • Saw you Sunday at county market and can't stop thinking of you since! You had a blue shirt and yoga pants shopping with your man. You kept smiling at me as our paths crossed around the store.

Put the color shirt I was wearing in the subject line so [...]

  • 911 dispatch - m4w (l) 30yr
    • Looking for girl I lost number from. She work as 911 dispatch and drove a jeep. Her family ran a firefighter store. Email me
  • mobile on n2nd - m4w 41yr
    • I was in the mobile today August 12 around 1 I was with my sister in a grey van you was working the counter and looking verry beautiful I didn't want to hit on u in front of my sis but if your singl I would love to take u out I will stop in tomorrow [...]
  • Hot platinum blonde caregiver, Luther center elevator.... - m4w (downtown rockford)
    • I was in the elevator on my way down. It stopped, the doors opened and there you stood looking hot as fuck. You got in and we exchanged some small talk. I know I was checking you out, but I kinda got the feeling you were checking me out too. If you s [...]
  • plumber - m4m (rockford)
    • I know this is an extreme long shot, but to the young good looking plumber... you seemed like a cool guy. If you see this and would be interested in hanging out , respond back and tell me what you asked to play with before you left
  • stunevol lost his way - m4w (rockford)
    • Well, this is hard for me. I messed up badly and lost the most important woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is beautiful, caring, strong, independant, sexy, a wonderful mother to my kids, and an all around amazing woman. I failed her mis [...]
  • ↔ ↔ Explore your SUBMISSIVE desires - m4w (Rockford Area) 49yr
    • Are you a mature woman over 40 looking to explore your hidden desires?

I am a mature, business professional, experienced, divorced man who enjoys helping a woman learn more about your naughty thoughts and darker desires. I am very sincere, discrete [...]

  • Domino's - m4w (State Street)
    • You seem to be the principal pizza pie prep chef. When you turned to look at me, I'm not sure if it was in interest, or (more likely) a non-verbal communication saying "Yeah, I'm a rockstar. And I know it."

Regardless, you are both delicious and int [...]

  • Strolling home - m4w (dekalb)
    • You were slowly walking up street second street while I was walking my dog. We just nodded hello to each other, but both turned back to see the other. You have a beautiful smile. If you see this and would like to meet sometime, tell me which way you [...]
  • the beautiful drive thru cashier at hardees by I90 - m4w
    • U r so beautiful u leave me speechless. I've seen u there a couple times n can't bring my self to ask u out. If u see this I hope u felt the same connection . Ur name starts with a
  • super cute blonde on N 2nd turned on Harlem - m4w
    • I know this is one in a million, but I think you are too. Fri the 8th. Driving north on N 2nd, you turned onto Harlem. I was driving a red Ford truck, you a silver Saturn suv. We exchanged smiles, your daughter was in the back seat. Tell me who was i [...]
  • AOL screenname "sugarcomagrrrl"?? - m4w (Rockford IL)
    • Is this you? email me your name so I know its you. Its been many years...I hope life is going well for you.
  • big woman looking 4 men to sit on - w4m
    • I'm doing this, because I can't find a job to hire me. I'm homeless. I'm at my biggest size ever (324). I'm ok with it. So if any men out in the area of Rockford, Il who wants me to sit on them. Please reply back. No sex here just sitting on you.
  • Black Drive Thru Guy at Sonic - m4m (Riverside Sonic) 40yr
    • Looking for the cool black drive thru guy at Sonic. I was there a few days ago in the drive thru....and thought you'd be someone I'd like to meet.

I am 5'8" 190lbs white bi 40ish nice looking brown hair. Send a note back if you remember me and want [...]

I just saw you tonight, but it wasn't enough. It is never enough. I miss you. Love, Khaleesi

We made eye contact and wished I could have helped you both out. Tell me what kind of car you were in and what street you were west bound on. Love to pleasure both of you if y [...]

  • alpine and pepper drive - w4m (Rockford)
    • I was turning right on to pepper dr from alpine heading east yesterday (8/5/14) and as I turned I seen a fine man in a silver suv he looked to be doing something on his cell phone but we caught eyes and I wish I could have stopped. Id like to speak t [...]
  • Hot checker at Valli - m4w (loves park)
    • I was surprised by your age, and thought you were flirting with me. If you were tell me what color shirt I was wearing and my age.
  • Friday night bartender - m4m (Office)
    • You were at the second bar last Friday night. A hot farm boy from Wisconsin. Like to chat with you see what happens. You name starts with a 'R'
  • "X" in Dixon - m4m (DIXON)
    • We have hooked up a few times and you like POPPERS. Your posting on craigslist you to say

"RE: Anyone want to hook up tonight? - m4w - 21 (Dixon)‏ " If you see this HMU with an address that works, my emails to you keep coming back "undeliverab [...]

  • planet fitness - m4w (Rockford)
    • You have an amazing smile to match an amazing body! We look at each other quite often but turn away when the other realizes it. I see you there 3 days a week usually. If you really are intrested. Describe me and send your picture. I doubt this will w [...]
  • Driving 90 west extit Genoa rd. - w4m (Belvidere )
    • We were smiling along the highway.. You asked me to keep my eyes on the road.. When I realize you exit on my exit I got shy.. You turned into walmart!! I think you wanted me to follow you but I kept driving .. I went back to look for you but you were [...]
  • You bought lunch from me, we used to hook up - m4m (Perryville)
    • You came in with a few of your coworkers to my restaurant for lunch. We hooked up a few times a few years ago, and lost touch. I was on the register. Tell me what restaurant this was, would love to see you again.
  • TL - w4m
    • I know this is a long shot but I really want to talk to you. Please email me...I will be a good girl I promise... I keep hoping that you will see this and email me. tell me what the tat is on my back so I know it is you....


  • YMCA - m4m (rockford) 37yr
    • I've seen you at the Y for a while now and we chat often in the steam room. We're both small framed type guys, but you are more defined. Just wish you'd ask me to get a drink sometime.
  • Walking on 251 - m4w
    • I picked u up today walking down 251 toward rockford. you were pulling a small suitcase.

I gave you a ride to the gas station in Davis Junction. Your name was Linda.. --- what was my name. You said you were from dekalb YOU ARE A VERY BEAUTIFUL WOM [...]

Were at the parking lot. Very handsome guy I was in the blue lexus driving.

  • Schnucks - m4w (Roscoe)
    • Kept running into you at Schnucks. I stalled on leaving for a bit just so I could check you out more. You passed by me by the razors. Reply with the color shirt you were wearing if you see this.
  • #Sierra - m4w 24yr
    • #How much does a polar bear weight? I lost your number!! I"ve been trying to get in touch with you forever it seems like :-/
  • liz from datehookup - m4w
    • she told me , im nurse asistant work at wound center rockford. Got a cute little girl, imiss u ,all the numbers are out of service you got mine !! Callme please

I'm your "PA"

Why not try. You are a really cute,petite blond woman I saw first at Meg's off Perryville around Noon Saturday.. You captivated me. Then I saw you again at Starbucks around 3! I know. Whatever. I'm not sure if you noticed me. I wasn't stalking y [...]

  • dearest s... - m4w (far away)
    • I miss you a lot. I hope you are doing alright. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. There are so many posts on here that could be you, but the ones that I thought might be you seemed to be about how you were missing your ex. I tried to message [...]
  • CSL in beloit - m4w (53511)
    • you were on a bed next to mine, we talked about divorces, animes, and a few other things. it was nice to meet someone i have a lot in common with.

tell me what character you liked and what color your hair color used to be. lunch is on me :)

I'm in there a couple few times a week . We talked briefly I say hi to u and wave . I would like to get to know u better and not just see u at ur work . H [...]

  • Met at the Marsh on 8/1 - m4m 54yr
    • We met at the marsh today around 1PM on Annie Glidden Road just north of 64. Chatted for about half an hour...my name is Karl and your name is Tom.

Had a great time chatting, etc. and would like to meet again. Taking a chance that you'll see this. I [...]

  • Seeking my long lost love - m4w 44yr
    • Hello - I am trying to find an ex love of mine who resided in the Rockford area while I worked there about 7 years ago. We fell out of touch, broken phone, lost phone number couldn't contact her. I lived in St Louis at the time and have somce moved t [...]
  • Cute Girl at Fuller Pk - m4w (Rockford,il.)
    • Hi. Long shot but I seen u there on your bike today[7-31]I think your cute and would like 2 get 2 know u if your interested? Im probaly older than u but hey if u dont care neither do I!! lol. Tell me what the only vehical was there when u got there s [...]
  • u drive a 00 champagne silverado crew cab! - w4m (belvidere) 41yr
    • I have seen you around town several times. I hear your favorite sweet is red hot, extra moist, mini muff? Grab your oven mitts and let's cook up a batch up at my house! I can hardly wait to lick the frosting your spoon!
  • harlem high school registration - w4m (mavhesney park) 29yr
    • Thursday july 24th I was at harlem high school registering my kids for school and I was at the third step when I had to walk back to step two when I turned the corner I almost ran into the most beautiful black man ive seen in a long time. You were wi [...]
  • Gas Station - m4w
    • We ran into each other entering a gas station.. think it was on the 27.

You had darker hair pulled up on top your head.. darker eyes. You were wearing white gym short with green trim.. We kinda met up in a couple of the isles in the station . i he [...]

  • Woodmans - m4w (rockford)
    • Whenever I go through your line we always chat but you're always busy and were tired when I asked you out after work once. Not sure if you're interested or not but we always seem to give each other the "look". If you are, let me know what I told you [...]

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