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craigslist | missed connections in rockford

  • Woodmans - m4w (rockford)
    • Whenever I go through your line we always chat but you're always busy and were tired when I asked you out after work once. Not sure if you're interested or not but we always seem to give each other the "look". If you are, let me know what I told you [...]
  • You were working out at Peak this morning at 11 am. - m4m (Peak on State)
    • You are in your early 20s, you are like 5' 10'' tall, slim yet very muscular, I can tell you are straight but seem like the nicest guy in ILLinois, You were wearing a cut off t-shirt and on the front it say " Rockford All City Track" Would like to ch [...]
  • Its been a long time - m4w (cherry valley) 28yr
    • Its been nearly 3 years, but I still can't help but wonder what if. We talked a lot, only went out once. You were very into me, and I was very into you. Something just seemed off to me. I felt like you were hiding something from me. I don't know why, [...]
  • Eric..... You stay on my mind - w4m (Rockford) 32yr
    • So this is weird and I can't believe I'm even posting this but I feel compelled to. I haven't seen you in years but your face keeps popping up in my mind so I thought maybe you were thinking of me too. I think humans are somewhat telepathic so I thou [...]
  • Hot platinum blonde caregiver, Luther center elevator..... - m4w (downtown rockford)
    • I was in the elevator on my way down. It stopped, the doors opened and there you stood looking hot as fuck. You got in and we exchanged some small talk. I know I was checking you out, but I kinda got the feeling you were checking me out too. If you s [...]
  • I STILL MISS YOU G!!! - w4m (Rockford) 43yr
    • Trying this again...........We met here on CL about 18 months ago and saw each other regularly up until this fall. I canceled our last time together because I wasn't feeling well. A lot of things happened after that and as a result, I was without a p [...]
  • You sit on that porch looking....mmmmm..nice - m4w (Rockford)
    • I pull out of the alley all the time, go down the street and as I pass your house, you are sitting there...that beautiful dark ebony skin, legs that are...mmmmm...no words to describe except you take my breath away. You smiled once and waved a little [...]
  • Searching 4 Sunny37111 - m4w (Beloit )
    • Searching for Sunny37111 ,,,, lost connection with her...

Sunny37111 contact me this is Rick....

  • bobbers yesterday - m4w (winslow)
    • You will probably never see this but I hope you do. You were wearing a blue tank top and you are sooooooo cute. I think you had angel wings tattooed on your back. I was sitting behind you and we made eye contact a few times. You kept smiling at me an [...]
  • Schnucks produce department - m4m (loves park) 42yr
    • I saw you Sunday afternoon around 1:30 in the produce department at Schnucks at Harlem and Alpine. You were wearing a tight light blue t-shirt and we noticed each other while I was looking at the avocados. I was attracted to you immediately and would [...]
  • hilander 11th st - w4m
    • You were walking in as I was walking out, I like your shirt and I thought you very attractive lol. It was about 7. I was pushing my son in a cart, you were alone. Tell me the weird thing my son was doing lol let's hang out.
  • paperback grotto - m4m (dekalb ) 40yr
    • at paperback grotto and as I left and was almost to my car u offered me a blowjob. I was taken by surprised and said a quick no. u were young (probably niu student) and polite. I'm straight and married but wish I had said yes. this is a long shot but [...]
  • to my queen leaha koch - m4w 41yr
    • I'm just on hear to tell the world how lucky I am to have a wonderful beautiful woman she's kind and loving beautiful and smart and she has two great kids and she is smart and last but not least she does all the things in bed that I could ever want I [...]
  • Lost in Translation II - m4w (Dek/Syc)
    • I said once that maybe we were just two people who found each other when they were in need.

You said, no, it was as if we were two old souls who had known each other long ago and had found each other again. I hope you still feel that way, and think [...]

Lost in Translation Lost sleep last night. You came to mind, as sometimes you do. I doubt you would ever look here, yet you used to look into my eyes. I can't express to you, how much that meant to me I hope you are doing well, [...]

  • No - m4w (Oregon)
    • You took him back? He doesn't deserve you. He bad mouthed you, broke you, threw you away because you were jealous? You deserve better, so much better. He didn't value you, you don't give second chances, why give him one!

I fell for your thoughts, th [...]

  • Last time we talked - w4m
    • the last time we talked was my birthday. I really want to know how you are doing. Please get a hold of me. I need to hear from you....
  • Mcdonalds forest hills and riverside - m4w (Loves park)
    • You were working the drive thru, handed me my breakfast. Know I've seen you there before. Can't forgot your eyes, they are mesmerizing!! Beautiful girl, who are you?
  • State cop at Subway Thurs. around 8:15 - m4m (Amboy, IL)
    • Sir, you caught my eye before I even walked in the door. Through the window I could see those long strong legs and sexy broad shoulders, but it wasn't until I was walking through the door that you spoke to me and melted my heart. Believe it or not, t [...]
  • i need you tanya - m4w 37yr
    • I need you TANYA I!! I haven't heard from you.please talk to me soon, its ur twin! its lil j lol
  • Why do I? - w4m 29yr
    • Why do I put myself in these situations? ..... I don't get it..... I wish I could see thru all the bullshit lies and just stay away but I cant help that my feelings take over....now I just sit here disappointed in myself..... I should have known bett [...]
  • Slots at Molly's - m4w (Mach park)
    • You were there trying to hit the jackpots we were talking a little bit.. I sure would like to talk again if you see this.. I thought you were very sexy... Let me know what game you were playing if you see this an your interested
  • Don Carter 7/9/14 - w4m 40yr
    • You were there for a special occasion. You are incredibly hot. I know you noticed me but not sure what you were thinking.

I'm crazy for posting but what the heck. I'll need some details of our encounter in order to respond.

  • Tiffany at BMO - m4w (Loves park)
    • We always catch eyes. I always stare a little longer than I should. You walked by the drive up window just to wave to me. I want you to know I have been thinking about you a lot. Let me know what I routinely get from the bank so I know it's you.
  • shamrock Dixon - m4w (dixon) 41yr
    • I seen you at the shamrock on 07-03-14 in the evening & you knocked my socks off. You were dressed in black. I have an idea what profession you are in. Tell me what you & the man that slide in next to you were talking about so that i know it is you? [...]
  • you were crossing the street - m4w (freeport)
    • I was turning off Henderson road onto the highway and you we're crossing the street leaving the gas station. You gave me a killer smile and wave.and I should have stopped. This was the 15th of July about 7:35am and I was on a motorcycle
  • helping... - w4m (il)
    • I suggest getting off your ass & doing something with yourself other than mooching off others & being useless, clean up your act, get a job, anything is possible, so dont give me that "but I have certain circumstances" bullshit. Been there done that, [...]
  • looking for help - w4m (joliet) 25yr
    • i am looking for help, i am homeless and living in my car, if anyone would be willing to help me that would be great. I dont have a phone i can only use the wifi at the library.
  • Sterling movie theater - Popcorn Girl - m4w
    • I was in today (Sunday) and you get an amazing sales job on the popcorn bucket. Never had a chance to get your name (or number). Maybe you'll see this!
  • Female chip vendor at woodmans - m4w (Rockford)
    • I saw you this morning at woodmans about 330am. I had a conversation with you talking about the few female vendors I see in the store. We chatted a few minutes and then I said have a nice day...

What I should have done is see if you wanted a cup of [...]

  • Harrison mcdonalds - w4m
    • You've come through a few times, I'm guessing on your way to work because you always get coffee. I'm one of the managers. We always smile a little too big at each other lol. If you wanna hang out or somethin reply with what color your truck is or my [...]
  • Rockview bar about a week ago-sara (without a "h") - m4w (rockford)
    • Looking to see if I might be Abel to find you... I owe you a few drinks! We played pool and you kept me from losing my cool on some guy that watches to much ESPN lol! I had a buddy with me and we had a great time! I should have asked for your number. [...]
  • Was it you? - w4m (DeKalb) 25yr
    • I was walking down the street carrying a couple bags from a nearby convenience store. You were wearing sunglasses and driving what looked like a blue chevy suburban. I stared at you for a moment but you turned a corner and stopped right after. I kept [...]
  • I still love you - w4m 32yr
    • I still love you... - w4m


  • Texas Road - m4m
    • A long shot but I came in for a bite to eat Friday night and you caught my eye. Smiled and seemed at ease trading eye contact. Great blond hair. Even opened there door as I left. You were getting off work. I was smitten. I wish I was more forward wit [...]
  • want you so bad - m4w
    • I want you more than anything ive ever wanted. I feel things ive never felt before.. I hope one day it works.
  • You workout at the Y, hope you see this. - m4m
    • I know this is a long shot, but you workout at the Y, you have this tattoo "Be a simple kind of man, Be something you love and understand" I'm hoping you would want to explore some man to man action, If you see this, tell me which Y you workout at an [...]
  • Outside the courthouse... - w4m (Sycamore)
    • We should get drinks. I didn't give you my number. Email me. -The stuttering blonde spaz walking her dog.
  • Edgebrook Farmers Market - m4w (Alpine)
    • Im a vendor at the market on Wednesdays. You were joking with a vendor next to me about being a cougar. I made a comment to you and we talked for a few seconds but you disappeared. I would have liked to take more and maybe see you more often. If you [...]
  • mail carrier with the beautiful truck - m4w (hampton apartments)
    • to my mail carrier with the "Beautiful Truck", when this was your route, you use to stop to talk, but now you have a new route, please come see me, I miss talking to you.
  • Rock falls mobile - m4ww (Rockfalls )
    • You and your friend were sitting on trunk of your car. I parked next to you. What was the question you asked me?? And you asked how old I was.
  • Outside jazzercise - m4w (Dekalb)
    • I watched you early this morning and have a few other times as you jazzercise in your yard. We're spoken for, we exchanged a few words years ago. I just think you are gorgeous and hot. I'd love to get a little closer.
  • leaha koch - m4w
    • Its funny I do nothing but for us and it seems you dint want me ir dint want ti be happy with me I iverlook the fact that you are sharing a house with your husband or the fact that he calls or texts twenty times a day or that u cintact x lovers over [...]
  • sparkly light blue eyes - m4w (Oregon)
    • You seem happy again the last few weeks. I think you're finally moving on. I know we've been hanging out as "friends" or with friends, but if your ready I want my chance. I know that it was important for you to make yourself happy and find your groov [...]


  • i miss our time together - m4w (dekalb)
    • You used to park your car around the corner and climb thru my window. We tried hiding our relationship and it didn't work. We let others opinions tear us apart . Those nights we spent together were magic, and not a day goes by that I don't think abou [...]
  • Mesa/Rockford Airport - w4m (rockford)
    • Looking for that guy that was on that flight from Mesa To Rockford. If you are unattached and interested please email me back. By the way the girl with me is not mine. Also if you could please put flight number in subject so i know you are real.
  • I miss seeing you... - m4w (Belvidere, Loves Park, South Beloit)
    • I used to see you pretty regularly- at least once a week. I always looked forward to seeing you. You told me I might not see you for a while. Last time I saw you, you were about to go home and we just waved. I wish we could have more than this, but m [...]
  • a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - m4w (rockford)
    • well I was always there for you but you never believed in me. helped you through some hard times with a shoulder to cry on and lean on. And just went away with out a second thought. Showed you just enough of me for you to want me for me, not what I h [...]
  • ISO Matt - w4m (Rockford, IL)
    • I think about you more than I would like to admit. You are someone that's just been hard to let go. It's been a long time since we last talked. I wish things didn't get so difficult. I wish we could of communicated more. You are a big "what if" I hav [...]
  • weakness for petite dark curly hair - m4w (anywhere)
    • I love dark haired petite women especially with curls, black, latina, asians are my favorite! I go nuts for small white women with black curly hair, but really hard to find.
  • YMCA - m4m (Rockford) 34yr
    • 3 of us sat completely naked together in the men's fitness center sauna on Saturday. We all sat there, saying nothing, and for some strange reason, I suddenly felt the urge to be with a man sexually. If either of you see this, I might still be thinki [...]
  • Midway Village Walking Path - m4w (Rockford)
    • I was at the Midway Village walking path yesterday (7/13) a little after noon and saw you twice as we walked in opposite directions. You are of Asian decent, rather short, longer dark hair, and had sunglasses on. I thought you were very sexy and woul [...]
  • Taco Bell 7/13 - m4m 35yr
    • I know this is a long shot, but we chatted about different type of drinks while waiting for our food. Tell what color truck I had and let's chat again, maybe try a few of those drink combinations.
  • Julianne/Beautiful Beauty Advisor/Walgreens - m4w (Cherryvale)
    • I was pressed for time during our brief interaction, but I was smitten at first sight... Please tell me if you are unattached!
  • Stephenson county fair animal show 5pm - m4w (Freeport)
    • I was the tall guy in the blue button up with the little blond girl on the top row of bleachers at tje wild animal show yesterday at Stephenson county fair your daughter was next to mine you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen yet you look f [...]
  • Green Subaru walmart u asked if I needed a ride - m4w ( Belvidere)
    • I seen u in Wal-Mart we made eye contact a couple times.

I was outside standing by the watermelons and u stopped to ask if I need a ride . U were driving a green Subaru outback . U are Verry pretty and I wish I could of got ur number or gave u mine [...]

I'm in there a couple few times a week . We talked briefly I say hi to u and wave . I would like to get to know u better and not just see u at ur work . H [...]

Last night our vehicle wouldn't start, you and your wife were very kind & polite to offer us a jump...we got it going and parted ways...you were an awesome couple, and we would love to meet up with you a [...]


  • Mt Morris young man pissing - m4m
    • On my way to work I saw you outside pissing in your driveway. I think you caught me looking. I wanted to stop and offer you a bj but didn't have time before work. If you see this, message me and let me know what color car I was in and what you were w [...]
  • Crossed paths 3 times a Sinnissippi park - m4w
    • We crossed paths three different times while walking through Sinnissippi park. I wanted to say "hi" or something to strike up a conversation but failed to do so. I then got in my car and drove through the parking lot in which you were parked, saw you [...]
  • Two ladies from 15th Ave. bookstore last weekend... - m4ww (Melrose Park, IL) 37yr
    • This is quite a long shot, but I don't know of any other way to do this. I met you both last weekend very late in the evening at the Beach Blanket Bingo party at the 15th Ave. bookstore. We made some very minor chit-chat, during which I learned that [...]
  • walmart riverside/alpine in white tshirt - m4w
    • hey you were super cute and I was just having a bad day...sorry..you had a white tshirt on and you seemed to be with your mom, maybe..you also decided to almost let me run into your cart...you asked me a question and I wasn't havin it..if this is you [...]
  • July 4th party - m4w (On the river)
    • You were bartending and I thought you were very cute. We talked a bit in front of the house afterwards and I regret not getting your number. You were wearing a blue top & shorts. Hoping you see this. Tell me something about me so I know your reply is [...]
  • Blondie, ex-employee - m4w (Rockford) 28yr
    • You used to work for me for a time, a couple years I think. You recently quit to work elsewhere, Im glad because the owner is an ass and cheap. You had a friend work there for a small time as well, your best friend as you stated many times. My nick n [...]
  • Cute black male worker at comcast - w4m
    • You seemed very educated, cute, mature, and handsome! I wanted to talk to you but was way too shy and was being helped by another lady. This is weird, I know... but would have liked to chatted with you to find our your age, status, etc. Hopefully you [...]
  • Skin Walker on AFF - m4t (Rockford AFF) 25yr
    • Skin Walker on AFF - Hey doll. Email me or text me. If you are single now I'd like to chat with you.... I miss you <3
  • main post office Rockford I'll 07 03 14 Harrison Ave thurs 6:30 pm - m4w (rockford)
    • We made eye contact a few times you are

A very attractive blonde women hair up blue jeans and purple gym shoes was behind you in line Wanted to ask for your # or give you mine You drive a Hyundai Sonata blue 11 or 13 model year please Reply to my [...]

  • Byron McD's - medical staffer - m4w (Byron) 39yr
    • Around noon on Thursday, 7/3. You were a lovely brunette (maybe black hair, even), with a bit of an olive complexion (or maybe just a good tan started), wearing pink (I think). You were on what appeared to be a work-issued laptop. I'm thinking you wo [...]
  • Post master - m4w (To small to say)
    • I think ur cute. We have small talk when I get my mail. I don't kno much about you, or even your name. You finally learned which box is mine! Would like to chat with you. Respond with my box number in the subject so I know it's you :)
  • Chris - m4m
    • We met at a park in Loves Park maybe 8-10 years ago. We went back to your apartment in Machesney Park. I had a real good time, you gave me your number, but lost it shortly after, and eventually ended up moving away. I would LOVE to hear from you agai [...]
  • Joe(y) - w4m (Rockford)
    • Joey. Ive always wanted you. Were both taken. I know you get on here. If you read this tell me what (specific) color eyes you have and who you think I am. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way. Will not reply if you can't answer both questions. I won [...]
  • Handsome suited man at Walmart - m4m (E. Riverside store)
    • I ran into you yesterday (Monday evening). I was going into Walmart and you were coming out. I did more than one double take, as did you. You were wearing a very handsome looking suit and new shoes. I then ran into you again today at lunch. You were [...]
  • You Know - w4m 35yr
    • I've wanted you since we first met. I've never really been given a fair shake. You judged me too quickly, I was completely nervous and didn't want to make a fool out of myself. I'm funny, sarcastic, and confident. I think you see that. I know at time [...]
  • saw you at jackson school - m4w (rockford)
    • I seen you today and you look hot......you drive a mini van and have a son named cowell. Type in the color of the mini van so I know it is you.
  • leaha - m4w
    • I'm in love with the most wonderfully understanding queen in the world and I'm such a asshol I let jelousy Take her from me I hope and pray That she can forgive Me so leaha my queen I hope Our love Is aa strong one please forgive me.

Love your assho [...]

  • June Friday the 27th - m4w
    • I stopped you curbside as you were walking by my front door, Mindy was your name, my ride showed up and I completely spaced to ask you for your phone number. If you remember my name, then you know what to do.

The odds of you reading this are slim to [...]

  • sexy blonde that works at road ranger on forest hills - m4w (machesney park) 35yr
    • U always put a smile on my face. U do know I'm married but I think u think I'm cute too. I hope u get this and email me.
  • you live downstairs - m4w
    • we have talked a few times im married your divorced i think you are into me.well im into you when i see you park your car i just want to ask you if you want to come up and talk n see were that will bring us replay back and tell me where my wife is so [...]
  • Donna from moble riverside - m4w
    • mmmmm i see you always flurting with me you know im married .but if you want sex mmmm i can eat you all night get back to me tell me what i look like and lets cum together..
  • Belvidere YMCA Daycare - m4w (Belvidere) 42yr
    • This is the 2nd time I've seen you barefoot in the daycare at Belvidere YMCA and it drove me crazy on Friday June 27. Your feet are so cute and your soles were dirty which is a huge turnon for me. I think you're really cute and I love your voluptuous [...]
  • At that party - m4w (Dekalb) 22yr
    • lol I partied with you last Saturday and I've been thinking about you ever since. You was wearing shorts and you was really funny. Tell me what I was wearing?
  • cute guy at Thai Hut - w4m (Thai Hut on Perryville) 32yr
    • Saw you at lunch on Wednesday at the Thai Hut on Perryville. You were alone at the table next to us eating lunch in a blue shirt. I was with a few friends. Message me if you noticed me too.
  • Cute girl, black Jetta by Verdi Club - m4w (Madison St.) 38yr
    • You were driving into the Verdi club in a black Jetta when I was crossing the driveway. We locked eyes for a minute and you smiled. I hung around a minute and watched you park. You were wearing a black and white stripped dress. I think you are very c [...]
  • looking for a roomie/lover - m4w (rockford) 47yr
    • HI IM BILLY LOOKING FOR women that like to have fun time,s for the roommate thing do wright me sending a photo with a way to reach you asking $200 a month wit dept
  • My man's friend - w4m
    • Your one off boyfriends best friends, I've always found you extremely sexy, don't know what it is about you but I get wet every time you come over. If you think you know who you are or who I am, send me both of our names, and what you think of me. :o [...]
  • Linda is hot! - m4w (Dekalb)
    • Linda, I want to tell you that you are one hot, sexy, and smart woman. Any man would be lucky to have you. Your secret admirer.
  • Don Carter lane Wednesday night league - m4m (rockford) 37yr
    • I think you're gay and pretty sure you know I'm interested. Just waiting for you to make a move. Fat chance you'll see this, but tell me what you wore tonight.
  • to the KEY - m4w
    • we are differnt and yet the same in many ways.

The path you chose will likely be hard for you and yours while I have opted to stay on the straight and narrow however, i still cant get you out of my mind or out of my heart. you have used me physica [...]

  • Ur bf has my name - m4w (Rochelle)
    • We work together. Talk often. Sometimes making up reasons to chat. I see how you look at me. Wonder if you have the same thoughts as I do. We talked about BBQ the other morning :) reply back with my name in subject so I kno it's you :)
  • oregon McDonalds - m4w (oregon)
    • I see you at work from time to time , usually In the mornings. But I know you don?t usually wok mornings. We always seem to make eye contact and then shyly smile at each other than I am out the door. We should grab a coffee and a chat sometime.
  • slots at the bar? - m4w (rockford)
    • Last night you were sitting at the one slot machine i noticed how beautiful you are i sat down two chairs away from you you told me your name was kelli then you left i said goodnight and thought you were o beautiful and you said aww thats so sweet u [...]
  • fondo budokin - w4m (rockford) 41yr
    • Still miss you everyday!!!! I hope you found everything you ever wanted and are happy! Wish we could still be in each others life! We could be really good friends. You are the only person that "really "got me"!

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