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I am a mature, business professional, experienced, divorced man who enjoys helping a woman learn more about your naughty thoughts and darker desires. I am very sincere, discrete [...]

  • You alone hold the key... - m4w (Rochelle )
    • I am a prisoner held captive in my own heart. It is supposed to be filled with love, and love is, what I am told, being given to me... On the contrary. I only see evil and hatred and a controlling other that burns away my tender feelings with their h [...]
  • K D was ur name - m4w (Rockford area) 22yr
    • We met about a year ago you told me your username u used was K D but u called yourself kat and responded to a post about me being a Virgin and you were willing to help me out. Btw my name is zach. I thought u were really sweet and were really patient [...]
  • Ernie - m4m (rockford )
    • Hi. Just looking for you. Let me know what you drive if you this see and respond.

Just posting more cause it says I have to.

We met at Big Foot, and went out once. I think about you, and would like to get in touch again. I hope to hear back from you.

  • Have missed seeing you everyday ... - m4w (Rochelle)
    • I miss seeing you everyday. Having worked with you, talking to you, discussing life, sharing jokes, stolen glances, I miss reading your eyes and silent facial expressions. I miss your beautiful, womanly form, perfect in my eyes... I only see you in t [...]
  • bridge street and N 2nd friday night..... - m4w
    • Big longshot you'll see this but we were at the intersection of bridge street and N 2nd together. You, a hot, dark haired beauty, smoking a cigarette in a white car. We both looked and smiled at each other. And after the light changed we both watched [...]
  • Black Nissan SUV/Crossover at 7 eleven - w4m (DeKalb)
    • We usually run into one another at our morning commute stop, 7 eleven. We never talk, just see each other often.

If you think this is you, tell me what else I would notice about your SUV..

  • Union Dairy - m4m (Freeport)
    • I was in Saturday night, and you were working but did not serve me. You have been there for a number of years, and you look like you have some pretty good size muscles on your arms. If you are into guys, let me know. To make sure it is really you inc [...]
  • Barnes and Noble Friday Night - m4m (Rockford)
    • We were both at Barnes and Noble Friday night, and we seemed to be making a lot of eye contact. If you are interested in more than just looking, send me an email and let me know where we were at in Barnes and Noble or what either one of us was wearin [...]
  • ↔ ↔ Explore your SUBMISSIVE desires - m4w (Rockford Area) 49yr
    • Are you a mature woman over 40 looking to explore your hidden desires?

I am a mature, business professional, experienced, divorced man who enjoys helping a woman learn more about your naughty thoughts and darker desires. I am very sincere, discrete [...]

  • Food court at Cherry Valley Mall - m4w (Rockford)
    • I was eating by myself after work at the Cherry Valley Mall food court friday around 5:30. You were with a friend and smiled and said "hi" to me as you walked by, and I smiled back. I was wearing a plaid button-up shirt, and have a short trim beard. [...]
  • Looking for Candy - m4w (Str/RF) 28yr
    • Looking for Candice (Candy). You came into my work to get a part for your Charger. I looked it up for you. I was thinking the entire time how attractive you are without showing it. Loved the way you did your hair, and you have pretty eyes. I have lon [...]
  • It was only one night - m4w (rockford) 28yr
    • We talked a bit, We met. It was great. Then you disappeared on me. Uncool. I still think about you. I want you.
  • girl at mobil on 20 and pear - m4w (belvidere)
    • you work at the mobil in town and you asked me about the tea I bought. was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime when your not working? probly wont see this but worth a shot.
  • Cute girl at The Vapor Shop - m4w (mp)
    • I came into the store today after work at about 4pm. You asked me for suggestions after I sat down, which caught me by surprise because I'm sure I looked filthy. You particularly liked one of my suggestions. If you happen to see this, tell me what fl [...]
  • Looking for Judy in Freeport - m4w (Freeport)
    • Judy, I've lost your number and I've been wanting to get in touch with you for awhile now. So you know who I am, we've gotten together a few times in the past, and I live in Rockford. . Just so i know its you responding, my name begins with "B" , tel [...]
  • Belivdere Aldi - m4w (Belvidere) 43yr
    • Today I saw you in the store. You took my breath away! you were a blond wearing a black shirt, black shorts and black flats. In the checkout line you smiled at me briefly. Although I didn't see a ring I assumed that a woman of your beauty was in some [...]
  • miller beer truck driver/delivery guy - w4m (loves park )
    • I have seen you a few times at your stops in the morning around 830ish first at road ranger on forest hills and harlem and then today at shell on forest hills. You deliver for miller and you have shoulder length dread locks and you work with another [...]
  • Cheeses Days Saturday - m4w (monroe)
    • Cheryl, met you at the Minhas/Lions Club beer tent. I waited on you. You showed me your drivers license, and you are from Rockford, never got anymore info, other than your birthday year was 1959.You have longer hair and wore glasses, You caught my at [...]
  • I seen you at a garage sale off Guilford - m4w (rockford)
    • You were buying something , I just stopped by too look. You were driving a blue van and smelling good.

if you read this, reply back in subject line what you bought

We used to work together. I haven't seen or talked to you for a long time, almost two years. You were a positive light during a time of darkness in my life. I never really got to know you, but you often pop int [...]

  • Waitress - mw4w (DeKalb) 4028yr
    • Wife and I were in your diner last night (Tuesday) and we were both turned on by you. Would love to get together and see what kind of fun we can have. I ordered the same thing that you do.

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