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craigslist | missed connections in salem, OR

  • Renaissance Cosplayer ;) - w4m (Salem ) 18yr
    • I know this must be weird, searching for you on craigslist when really I can just call the place you work, but that just seems stalker like. Anyways, I met you today at the Salem Center at the AT&T store with my friend. You were helping her set up a [...]
  • SFNY pizza girl in red dress - m4w (Salem)
    • You were at SFNY pizza today about 2:30. You looked great in that long red dress. Looks like you were going commando. Nice buns. Tell me how many people you were with so I know you saw this.
  • north fork girl with two kids ;) - m4w (salem)
    • you are beautiful. it would be nice to talk to you hmu and we can maybe do something.
  • black truck again :) - w4m (Turner/salem) 22yr
    • Saw you again today at the store, I want you to take me for a ride some time ;) reply to me with what you were wearing so I know its you. Oh and your truck is a chevy so I don't get all the other black truck owners responding :) hope you see this and [...]
  • Park couple - m4mw 38yr
    • It was nice meeting you today. Hopefully I didn't blow my chance but I wasn't sure if you were the right ones. I would like to have another chance to be more fun. Let me know where we met and where we went.
  • Keizer Safeway - m4w 49yr
    • For the beautiful woman, with the sweet smile, that seemed to be every where I was, at the same time, in the store: whenever I turned around there you were with that sweet, inviting smile; by the milk, the chips, the fruits/veggies, near the checkout [...]
  • Lost my Mommy - m4w (The Internet)
    • I was trying to be so good for Mommy, but then she went away. She is probably with her special friend. She is happy with that friend, but I am sad without her. I want to tell her more stories.

Thank you, Mommy. But I miss you.

  • Ashly, Road House Meeting - m4w (Road House)
    • Ashly, we met breifly outside of the Road House on Thursday the 17th of July, you were with your daughter Ema, I believe that was her name. I didnt want to interupte your night with your daughter, but thought there was something, and would like to ta [...]
  • physiq gym girl - m4w (salem) 32yr
    • California Love hat. U so fine girl. N also u look like Amy Adams but only u way hoter than her. Just want to share that with u.
  • Worst of lonly - m4w
    • I have lived my life as an overly kind man, being kind even to those that only abuse the fact and I allowed myself to be used by them. Many people know who I am even though I have never met them in person. Once you have met me, even without trying I [...]
  • One month ago - w4m
    • I lost my best friend. Cold turkey. It's hard to get to anywhere in Oregon without crossing the path of a memory...somewhere you kissed me...A joke only we got...a private adventure...one of our songs. I think you read these when you are bored at wor [...]
  • Monday July 21st - m4w (Salem)
    • Commercial street walmart.Well I wish I would have said something when I met you. But I sensed some hesitation with you being around your kids and I mine. You were in electronics and my son and I were happening by. You asked us about the Disney Infin [...]
  • Red hair, wearing pink and white strip dress. - m4w (salem)
    • you came by my work told us two gentlemen to start working. I walked passed you on bench and said hi and when I was walking back I saw you staring at me.
  • "I STILL LOVE YOU ANN." - m4w (dallas)


I came in around noon today...you didn't even flinch when I left..you are awesome! Best...clerk...ever.. Lol

It was exciting performing for you and miss the times we had.

Does anyone know who she is please email me 503 [804] eight nine zero seven

  • I rented a room at your house - m4w (salem)
    • The other summer I rented a room at your house. I know you got a boyfriend but I wish something happened between us. There was a spark or a connection that I felt. We have hung out a few times since and I try to be respectful and act just as a friend [...]
  • Wish I gave you the thrill - m4w (S, Salem)
    • That your gambling addiction does. 400k gone in your life and counting. So many lies, so much deception only to dump me when I kept cornering you. You are one sick puppy and I only pray that one day it all catches up to you again, maybe then you will [...]
  • Stacie Stayton bridge - m4w (stayton)
    • Hey talked to you dater day I should have got ur number you sat in your car looking so dam fine yum hope u see this would love to talk with you again it was late
  • Orange Mocha - m4w (Silverton)
    • Today you came into the coffee shop I was working at and ordered an Orange Mocha. You looked as though you had been hiking or something. I wanted so badly to tell you how beautiful I think you are.. I'm really regretting not introducing myself and as [...]
  • I should of talked to you. Enchanted Forest - m4w (salem)
    • I sat across from you at the tunnel slide. You are very attractive. I wanted to talk to you but didn't know if you were with someone. You have brown shoulder length hair, beautiful bright blue eye's. You were wearing flip flops, black shorts, a blue [...]
  • Love doesn't end so easily - w4m
    • A Passion

We were water and oil Day and night But we had LOVE Magnetic forces couldn't keep us apart.... Until now. It hurts. I miss you so much. I still love you.

  • Looking for Nicholas Bender - w4m
    • My husband was in tanker school with him in Fort Knox. I guess somehow they lost contact and I am trying to find him because my husband talks about him all the time. If anyone knows of him he would be in his 30's. Was in the Army.

Thanks for your he [...]

  • Looking for Val - m4w (keizer) 38yr
    • You must have changed your # and I don't see your profile on FB anymore. I used to come into your work when I lived in the area but I moved to Portland and lost touch with you. I would really like to hear from you again :)



  • Hot blond Turner Rd Walmart - m4w
    • Couple days ago i was walking into walmart you were the greeter at the door your bday was july 16 mine the 22nd i was in the ducks shirt as i was walking away we kept staring at each other. youre so beautiful all i wanted to do was kiss you. maybe i [...]
  • Black Toyota Tacoma racing White 4Runner - w4m (Driving I5 through Salem) 24yr
    • Hey! This post is to the cute guy driving the gorgeous Black Toyota Tacoma with Chrome accents, tinted windows, 4 doors, Washington plates and you had a Blue Cooler in the bed of the truck. We played tag and flirted up and down I5 through Salem. I wa [...]
  • hey tweakie!
    • I just woke up from a dream. I was back on Gary st. making your lunch to go on the loop and I started to cry, then I threw up.

Yes I'm very sick regardless of you but that's beside the point..... Why do you now think so little of me? Why must I be [...]

  • Seeking Morgan J. Barnes - m4w (Salem area)
    • I am looking for my daughter, Morgan J. Barnes. She is in High School. She was born in Portland but is believed to be living in West Salem. If you know her, please, PLEASE let her know that her father has been looking for her for several years. I wan [...]
  • Reply to Love is Patient - m4w (salem area) 25yr
    • This could be you, or I could be mistaken. The Circumstances certainly were not ideal. If you can tell me where I work and where we first met and you are who I think you are I'll reply with where you work.
  • Dark Hair Blue Eyes at AT&T Commercial - m4w (Salem)
    • You're super smiley, it's awesome! Your arm tat is rad! I'll have to stop being a wuss, go in and ask you out, but doing that while a girl is working seems so greasy.

Decisions... :) -Dreadlock Guy

Hope you remeber running into me at the fruit stands. Rich

  • Call center beauty - m4w (salem )
    • I have seen you around our work quite a bit. I don't have the courage to really ask you on a date. I would like to take you out and show you what a woman like you deserves. I have a distinct feeling you have never been treated like the queen you appe [...]
  • Two girls walking on Main St in Dallas - m4w (Dallas)
    • There were two females walking on Main st in Dallas around 8:30 tonight(Tuesday). You were wearing cutoff jean shorts that were cut super short. I can't really describe much more than that because I was focused on your two sexy bootys. Thank you very [...]
  • Kittycorn! - m4w (pudding river area)
    • It's been quite a few months, and I hate how things ended. I hope you are doing okay - I think about you everyday.

If you get this, explain the title of the ad so that I know that it is you :)

  • Winco on commercial, Tues 11:30a.m. - w4m
    • Super hotttie in neon orange running shoes checking out paper towels and checking me out as I walked in with my 2 kids. I hope you see this and are able to remember the color of my dress or the color of my tennies! ;)
  • dish network technician - w4m
    • I'm looking for a dish network technician that did work at my sisters house a couple weeks ago. I think your name is Kevin. You are really good looking and we flirted a little bit don't know if you have a wife or a gf but honestly I dont really care [...]
  • Dish Network techincian - w4m (Salem)
    • I am posting again because i never got a response from you. I really hope you see this. your name is kevin and you are a dish network technician you did work at my sisters house and i really want to meet up with you.
  • West Salem Safeway 5/10/14 - m4w (Dallas) 35yr
    • To the blonde gal that was with your mother that I spoke to in the parking lot next to my car. I had bought flowers for my mom and a first date I was going on. I wanted to get your number but didn't. Been kicking myself for not jumping at the chance! [...]
  • love is patient - w4m (salem area)
    • I don't know if you look at these, but we have been put in a tough spot due to our circumstances. I know it's scary, but I think we should do this together. I am just as afraid as you are, but I don't think that we were truly over. Just because we ar [...]
  • to relax, a reflection of a better time....secure
    • If only for a few moments........

I am seeing white..... As I look up through the window filmed with condensation I see the raindrops splashing on the other side of the glass. The song "love will follow" by kenny loggins is playing drowning out th [...]

  • Blond, fit dude that cycles. - w4m (Keizer)
    • You work at Dutch Bros. in the mornings, I think. You are incredibly attractive! And super sweet. You seem like you'd be fun to hang out with. I'm sure you're probably seeing someone, which, that's great! Anyway, just wanted to say that.
  • keizer station starbuck - m4w (keizer)
    • I saw you sunday 7/20. We both smiled at each other. You were wearing a white sundress. If you happen to see this I would like to get to know you. If this is you tell me who I was with or what I was wearing.
  • face tattoo gorgeous eyes - w4m (salem) 27yr
    • I was doing demos in Salem last week at a gas station. You came through with two friends in a truvk. You purchased something. You had some face tattoos on in particular stood out looked like an animal scratch by your eye. You had gorgeous eyes. If it [...]
  • Daycare Worker - m4w (Salem ) 37yr
    • You work at a daycare and you are smoken hot.....I would love to meet you after work and fuck you...I think you are 18-19 long blonde hair nice big tits and a very nice ass...

I would do anything to have fun with you and to get you naked in my bed o [...]

I am too scared to tell you but I cannot stop thinking of you. I do not want to force us and wished it was natural between us. Anyway, I am not sure how to move on when all I think about is you.

I hope so, you are beautiful Me

I'm a fit, intelligent (ya, I know I'm posting on CL!?), above average in appearance (so I'm told), active man with more free time now tha [...]

Pix on laptop, if interested I'll find time to send some.

Nicole Sangsuree died in Thailand today. All of her songs, memories of the time we shared at the beginning. Now she is gone, too. Just like us.

  • Looking for fun tonight?? - m4w (Salem )
    • House party this Saturday night. Friends (guys and girls) are coming over tonight. We would like more people to come. Beer pong, dice, card drinking games will be played. Plenty to drink but also welcome to bring more lol. Please send a pic or two if [...]
  • Elizabeth at the Riverfront - m4w (salem)
    • Noticed you at the Salgado show at the Riverfront yesterday. You commented on my green eyes and green shirt, I commented on your hair and red dress, we talked for a bit, you were funny. I was attracted by your sexy smile but I had a date. Contact me [...]
  • I appreciate
    • Your sentiment and apology as well.

(I hope its you). I am truly sorry I hurt you. Please know that the last thing I ever wanted was what actually happened to us. I'd give anything to change it and had always hoped for that opportunity to come. Yo [...]

  • Rachel from wyo - m4w (Bagby Hot Springs)
    • My friend and I went to Bagby and meet the most gorgeous girl Rachel she was from wyo and lives in salem wishing I had gotten your number call me if you ever read this Tyler
  • don't wanna get a DWK - w4m (Super Duty)
    • Love you sooooooo much my blue eyed bay bay. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Handsome Bald guy at HD!!!!! - w4m (Salem) 49yr
    • I have came in several times, wanting to give you my number. Not sure if your seeing anyone and I chicken out every time! You have the cutest dimples I have ever seen! And I have said that to you, hope you see this!
  • Best Head Ever - m4m (Bobs) 25yr
    • You gave me the best Head I have ever had. I am a straight guy and you kept wanting me to suck your dick but I have never done that so I just couldn't. If you happen to see this tell me what my truck is and where we went after bobs.. If we can meet u [...]
  • No Sunglasses Strong Enough - m4w (Woodburn Premium Outlets)
    • You were so kind, sweet and let's just face facts, GORGEOUS! What in the world was I thinking as I tried on pair after pair of sunglasses while we chatted and then I headed out of the store? Like I could find a pair that could lessen the glare of you [...]
  • the best babe ever - m4w (ne salem)
    • I fucked up. I fucked up so bad i cant talk to you and even if i could you wouldnt talk to me. I apologize love. I should have given you space when you asked. I was scared when you first told me to go. I thought you wanted me gone for good and i pani [...]
  • ah.........smell them cherries in the rain!!!!!
    • You have no idea about anything having to do with my life!! YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!

You never gave an opportunity to talk or explain anything!!! EVER! I saw all the nasty shit you wrote and how you've made so much fun of me!! I hope you feel better. D [...]

Holding moon beams in a mason jar Sweet scent of the garden You hang the moon for me Get less sleep Stroke my fire Let's do it all over again

  • I stopped for at the cross walk on mission st - m4w (sale)
    • I stopped for you in my work truck, it had a ladder rack with ladders on it. You were waiting to cross by bush's park. You were wearing a pink tank top if i remember correctly. You seemed to appreciate that i stopped, i appreciated how pretty you wer [...]
  • want to clean up your creampie - m4mw
    • I would like to clean your cream pie after you fill her up I like the bbw ladies but I don't mind the smaller ones I can host if needed I am ddf and don't smoke or drink much if this is a possibility let me know and we can go from there this could be [...]
  • Rockin Roger's Sunday on South Commercial - m4w (Salem, OR) 63yr
    • My son and I had hamburgers and you were our waitress. Wow you are good looking! Your name starts with a "J" and we loved watching you walking away! You have a swing that makes any man's heart pump hard! I loved making eye contact as you walked by se [...]
  • I still love you Kim C. Asian Amazon - m4w (Portland)
  • gorgeous older woman - m4w (epic fitness ) 29yr
    • saw you today at epic fitness around 130 this afternoon. you looked amazing! i caught you looking at me a few times and i think you caught me checking you out more than a couple, we locked eyes a few times and smiled. i moved to an area closer to you [...]
  • Keizer Safeway - m4w (Keizer, OR)
    • You may have been with your boyfriend tonight at Safeway, but you gave me a couple long looks, one in particular when you were leaving and I was behind you in line.

Let me know if you're free to chat, and tell me something you remember about me.

  • Commercial Walmart Blonde - m4w (Salem, OR) 25yr
    • I've been at the Commercial St. Walmart a few times last week. You work at the customer service counter. You have long blonde hair and wear pretty make-up. I don't know if you're single or what. If you'd like to chat, let me know.

I'm slim, attracti [...]

  • short shorts at the ferry - m4w (wheetland ferry)
    • Just saying I'm pretty sure you were smiling at me but I was at work and could not say anything...... Those cut offs were amazing and that smile could stop a guy right in his tracks anyway hit me up if want but at least I wanted to say thanks for mak [...]
  • I still love you JC - w4m (portland, or)
  • SAW YOU ON YOUR BIKE - m4m (salem)
    • saw you on your bike on Fri 7/11/14 about 10:30 am at the corner of Hawthorne and D St....you were shirtless and in shorts,baseball cap....I was driving by and had to turn around to take another look....would love to give you something else to ride
  • Guentner's nursery - m4w (S. Salem) 38yr
    • Thanks for helping me get some sand.

I have to say those short shorts and tennis shoes were killing me. I tried not to stare but you caught me a few times. I am certain you caught a long gaze or three at your drop dead sexy eyes to. Thanks for work [...]

  • i still love you eb - w4m
  • Mike "Jones" or "Javon" - w4m
    • Hey daddy I see you found out where my house is and u have been driving by quit often..........
  • You left - w4m (South salem )
    • You left on friday.... But before you left you hugged me...... when your chest met mine... I'm not afraid to say that it was magical. I've posted on here before, your not my boss anymore.... wish you still were though .......
  • looking fir nary fron kindred-avamere - m4w
    • Hey im steve we met on cl a yrar ago and you came to my house off center st a couple tines. I really enjoyed your conpany and was thinking we would see eachother again then i lost my phone and your contact infi with it.i still think of you often hopi [...]
  • "I doubt you're into younger guys..." We had same college major - m4m (Grindr)
    • That's how you started the conversation when you found me on Grindr. I'm not from Salem; but, you're there on summer break. We had a good conversation back in May; but, you haven't been back online since and I was kinda hoping to keep the conversatio [...]
  • Sexy - m4w (South Salem)
    • I know you and you know me.....I think you are very sexy and very hot.....I know you're only 18 but I would love to provide for you in ways you never have had it....

The stories you would tell me while I lay in my bed made me wish you were here fuck [...]

  • 11:30ish Gov Cup - m4w (Downtown Salem)
    • You walked in with an older woman at about 11:30 or so. You were wearing black slacks, a white blouse, and a black coat. You had dark curly hair. You went and sat upstairs to chat together.

I was sitting near the window, by the door, wearing a blue [...]

  • Blue scion, Keizer Terrace - m4w (Keizer)
    • Hi neighbor, you always catch my eye here at the complex. We said hi to each other and I'd like to say hi again...
  • bree. - m4w (salem)
    • hey you use to work close to me in a retail store you have blonde hair and we talked and had kinda of a little thing but I was seeing someone at the time. if you see this reply with your number you know who it is.
  • Pre-school teacher - m4w
    • We hooked up a ccouple years ago off casual encounters. You came over to my place for a weekend and squirted all over me, dozens of times. Are you out there ?
  • Re: Re: Re: your for me - w4m
    • Fishing at sunrise on the Oregon coast.....you left me behind and went with the "guys"...you came home pale from having seasickness and our dinner made with your "orange and black striped" catch was wonderfully tasteful!?
  • rhinestones from stars cabaret - m4w
    • I know this is a longshot mostly you probably don't read this Attila beautiful lady that I had a dance with a few times from stars I was hoping we could chat more about my proposal hit me up tell me where I worked
  • Albertsons - m4w (keizer)
    • You were sitting on patio furniture outside. I flirted with you but you got scared haha I even rolled my window down at the light... You should have said something

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