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craigslist | missed connections in salem, OR

  • Evening at the Vault - m4w (Salem)
    • You made my dinner so exceedingly wonderful! The food was fantastic, but it was overshadowed by your presence and smile. I didn't want to embarrass you, so my glances were quite stealth, but often nonetheless. Would like getting to know you, but if n [...]
  • I want you again please - t4m (salem)
    • You were really cute, had a great cock and really fed me and bred me bb on the bed next to my sleeping wife. I want you again. You really fucked me good that morning and I have thought about you since. If you see this comtact me.
  • Heather from Stayton - m4w (Stayton)
    • Heather, we met here on CL when you responded to my post. We texted for a while and then I came over and we fucked. You decided you had a problem with me being married (even though you knew beforehand, and said you were married yourself). You were an [...]
  • Scooters coffee Thursday afternoon.. - w4w (Salem)
    • You complimented my hair color from the other side of the drive through. I was with family and could say much but thank you. You were cute, should have asked you for your number. If you interested too, say hi, tell me what color my hair is and what s [...]
  • Under my skin. - w4m (Salem) 29yr
    • You have dug deep under my skin. You irritate me desperately but secretly, I like it. All I can think about are those hands... you could really choke a bitch with those things.
  • Lancaster Walmart on Thurs Night - m4w (around 940-10)
    • Yesterday, the 18th you were working cashier I think your name is Lia. It was close to 10 PM I believe. Anyway I just thought you were super cute and wanted to chat. You seemed annoyed last night, figured you had a long day. Email me and describe wha [...]
  • Looking for Heidi L of South Salem - m4w (South Salem?)
    • I am trying to locate Heidi Latham. It's been 30 years since we have talked and I would like to reconnect with you and see how you are. Last time we were together, you were working as a hair stylist and living with your parents in South Salem.

I rod [...]

with it. hit me up if u read this

I sent you my skype but you never added me. If you see this reply or add me.

  • No Where Left - m4w (Salem)
    • There's not an angle I haven't tried, a stone I haven't lifted. Just seemed like there's a fix somewhere. Truth is, I've run out of possibilities. All the permutations have been tried and there are no remaining possible solutions. The marriage is dea [...]
  • Jonathan hill - w4m
    • I am looking for an old friend of mine he was located in mill city center years ago and would love to know how he is doing.
  • Brunette in pink pants thick theighs on Barnes st a salem - m4w (S salem) 27yr
    • Thick girl in pink yoga pants or sweats walking down Barnes st in s salem earlier. Pretty sure we made eye contact what was I driving? Ps you were hot.
  • The girl flagging on South River Rd - m4w (Salem) 24yr
    • You are directing traffic on S River Rd. I drove by a couple times for work today in a Chevy truck. I was going to ask you for your number the last time through but traffic started moving. Looks like you have pretty sweet whit car? Hit me up with the [...]
  • White ford focus. - m4m (Salem) 29yr
    • I have see you a couple of times on I5 you driving a white ford focus you drive from I5 south to Woodburn.

Man your fucking sexy shave head and beard. Would you like to get a blowjob? Hope you see this and email me.

  • Subway worker - m4w (hawthrone/market)
    • We give each other the eye everytime we see each other. You have tattoos and your name starts with a J I would love to get to know you.
  • beautiful blonde on Northgate Ave - m4w
    • You are so beautiful, I see you around sometimes and am just taken back by how beautiful you are. You always have an amazing smile, beautiful eyes, and beautiful blonde hair. Curly or straight! You seem nice and would love to chat sometime. Although [...]
  • Sabrina...the story of you+me - m4w (Salem?)
    • Its the story of you+me. I met you. I adored you. Then I loved you. This part of the story will never change.

Later you moved on. Really no goodbye and no looking back. I guess I understand. None of this changes the earlier part of the story above. [...]

I like to meet up again. West salem

  • cute blonde with white Knight baggage at main street pub - m4w 23yr
    • Had a great time. White Knight was entertaining. You didn't want me to leave but i had to go home. I'm not hipster enough for ipa's but ireally enjoyed finishing your bud light compliments of our saudi ufc fighter. It was quite the night. I couldn't [...]
  • Downtown TZone - w4w
    • I came in yesterday and bought a rolled cigarette holder. We talked about stones and rocks. Then about hops and brewing. You seemed pretty cool. I would love to go rock hunting with you sometime :) Hit me up if you are interested :P
  • Mona might still live on 18th st - m4w 30yr
    • We met at Kelly's bar on market a couple years ago , after closing came back to my unces house with me my uncle and his girl for a few drinks. Didn't have a pen when i dropped you off so i didn't get your number.
  • Blonde looking back at me - m4w (Buffalo Wild Wings)
    • You were with someone and so was I.

I stole a glance, but you saw me. I smiled and you smiled back... A look like something that seemed to say, we were where we didn't want to be. I suppose that if you feel the same, you might find me here. You a [...]

Open to hanging out? Always nice to meet someone friendly and personable. Mention what you were reaching for or any specific de [...]

Dear Brandi & Caleb I miss you, I know I messed up going back to her. I haven't been able to get you off my mind since and I've regretted it so very much every day. Her and I are no longer together and have [...]

  • Guy at H2O in Dallas - w4m (Dallas) 48yr
    • Damn, I was in H2O in Dallas not long ago and there was this hot guy there.... think he works there. His eyes are a bit different then most people and that makes him all the hotter. I wish I had to nerve to talk to you that day. I wasn't alone that d [...]
  • Captivating beauty at S. Salem restaurant (CY) Monday at 6:15 - m4w (south salem)
    • Likely someone else has posted here regarding you at sometime...you are absolutely stunning!! You were having dinner at a South Salem Restaurant (CY) 9/15 approx. 6:15 pm. I can't remember being so enamored and awestruck by someone's beauty. Simply c [...]
  • Audi girl - m4w (West of Salem)
    • I do miss seeing you and the conversations. Simply said, I do miss the simple things.
  • My neighbor next door - m4w (south salem) 30yr
    • Hott neighbor next door I can't keep my eyes off of. you moved in a month or so ago. you drive a blue van that your park in the garage. we have shared a few glances at the street and through the fence. I know you probably wont see this but I just can [...]
  • American eagle - m4w
    • you walk past my work a lot in the mornings you have blond hair. you came by yesterday the 15th and you were wearing white top with black pants. I think your beautiful.=)
  • You work at clothing store and got black and white dog. - m4w (downtown)
    • you work at one of the retail stores in the mall you came by my work the other day pushing your dog on cart and your older with blond hair. you were telling me about your and your dog getting hurt at mento brown, I think your cute and will like to kn [...]
  • Outback Waitress - m4w (Keizer, OR)
    • I came in to Outback in Keizer today (9/12) around 4. I showed up before the other half of my party did and I sat in the back corner. You came over and you were so sweet and helpful. Best waitress I've had. I left you a tip on my card and you didn't [...]
  • Disconnecting - m4w (Salem)
    • Three weeks in another country and not a stir from you: call, email, or card. Nothing. Then you come home and act like I'm some chump, who worships your every step. What were you thinkin? I had better deals when we met and I can find them again! You [...]
  • id be lieing - w4m (everywhere but nowhere)
    • Id be lieing if said i didnt Miss you, when i see you my feelings say different. I wonder if you think of me from time to time. So close but so far away! ;-)
  • I Fell in love.. - w4m 47yr
    • I actually fell for u before I even realized I did. .I chose to be ur friend but falling in love with u was out of my control. .people who think they know what they want are only fooling themselves cause no knows who or what they want until.its stand [...]
  • Kafka shirt and High-waters - w4m
    • I tried to write you a funny, quippy message, but Craig's List has just informed me that "Your Posting Description is quite short. We do not charge per word--please elaborate!" I am grateful they are not charging me by word, but I am so sorry to disa [...]
  • derrick from (okmeet) - w4m (salem) 32yr
    • We met this morning in chat and you said you were going to add me on yahoo but I didn't get your request yet.

If you see this get hurry up..

Hello! I am looking for a girl that I lost touch with long ago. Her maiden name was Shelley Janine Phillips and she originally lived in Kaiser but was in a girls home in Salem when I met h [...]

  • In line at the post office - m4w (Post Office, S Salem) 28yr
    • I talked to you in line at the post office on Friday. You were mailing chocolate internationally, which you had questions about. If you see this, I would love to talk to you again. Include the country you were mailing to in your response so I know it [...]
  • Am I wrong... - m4t
    • For liking what I like, knowing and wanting what I want. I can't stop thinking about it, you and I.
  • snacks - m4w (salem)
    • good seeing you again. I keep my distance but the feelings are still there. glad you are doing well.
  • Green Dodge Northbound I5 - m4w (I5)
    • You were in the fast lane heading north today around 1130. I ended up taking the same exit as you only to realize I had to keep heading north and hopped back on I5. If you see this and think it's you shoot me an email.
  • Out of this world - m4w (Somewhere)
    • You are the most amazing, drop dead gorgeous bi-pealed humanoid female I have ever seen in all my travels. I saw you in the west side of Salem Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, in the Untied States, in North America, on the Northern Hemisphere of Ear [...]
  • applebees hostess - m4w (lancaster) 23yr
    • so we talked last night and you made me laugh when i had a crap day. i didn't even ask for your name. so i guess this is me hoping you would see this because i am to shy to go to your work and just hit on you but if you remember me and want to hang o [...]
  • At Silver Spur - m4w (ne salem)
    • You have short brown hair, normally sitting by stairs that go up to dj area. I think your name is Dawn. Just wanted you to know you are very beautiful and hope to see you smile more. When you do smile, you light up the whole club.
  • RE: Re- It's a Z thing you wouldn't understand - w4m - - w4m (salem) 43yr
    • looking for clutch- a nickname of his from long ago... at least so he told me. I have never really been into older guys.. but I have never, EVER found anyone that I have connected with as much. Take me fishing babe?! It has been quite awhile since we [...]
  • Downtown Starbucks - m4w (Downtown Salem )
    • I come in almost every morning and usually get the same thing every morning. You remembered my name pretty quickly and while I know that's your job there's something in your eye that says there's more to it than that. I doubt you'll see this but I ho [...]
  • Cute cashier at comic book store - m4w (keizer) 31yr
    • Hi. Hope you get to read this. I came back to the store but it was closed. Didn't want to wait till Tuesday to see if you were working again. I'm sure you know who you are. I wish I said something but we were in a rush to a bday party.
  • Still Searching for Dustin - w4m (Salem) 28yr
    • Looking for Dustin. We worked together at the South Salem Taco Bell across from Fred Meyers in '03 and '04. You lived at the Silverwood Apartments on Liberty Road with your aunt and uncle. I was 17 when we met. You had brown hair. You took me to your [...]
  • Dog Walk - m4w (Minto Brown)
    • To the woman i met with the nice ass. I would like to meet you again and go for a walk.
  • Mt Angel Oktoberfest - Sausage & Elephant Ears - m4w (Mt Angel) 25yr
    • I stopped by the Silverton K of C booth twice last night: once because I was hungry (I got a sausage on a bun w/ sauerkraut), but again later because you were REALLY pretty (two sausages on sticks and an elephant ear). The first time, I told the kind [...]
  • Looking for Kent Marcotte (Salem)
    • Hi there,

I am looking for someone who knows Kent Marcotte or is friends with him. Just trying to get a hold of him. Thanks.

Did you like what you saw? ...................\ .............. ...... ....

  • To the guy that lives below me - w4m (Willamette terrace apt)
    • I see you every once in awhile and you are always nice and always saying hello when we see each other. Maybe sometime we can hanging out with each other and just talk because you seem like a really nice person. Send me an email with a picture and apa [...]
  • Renaissance Cosplayer ;) - w4m (Salem ) 18yr
    • I know this must be weird, searching for you on craigslist when really I can just call the place you work, but that just seems stalker like. Anyways, I met you today at the Salem Center at the AT&T store with my friend. You were helping her set up a [...]
  • I was running & you were walking downtown near Willamette U - m4w (Downtown Salem)
    • We exchanged smiles yesterday evening as I passed you on my evening run near Willamette and the Capitol. You were wearing a blue shirt and cute shorts, and when I turned around to get one more look at you I noticed that you caught me looking. I doubt [...]
  • handsome guy at Dallas Safeway - w4m (dallas)
    • I see you behind the deli counter now. I can't help but picture you in a pair of acu's, hair cut high and tight. we've joked around once and it was almost like I already knew you. anyways, I bet you'd look hot in normal civilian clothing instead of t [...]
  • Woman wearing red top at Woodburn Safeway! - m4w (Woodburn Safeway )
    • You were gorgeous. Wearing a Lacey red top and blue jeans. Wednesday about 330pm. I saw the way you were smiling at me.. I was tall and tatted. Send me a message, I'd like to take you out!
  • Miss my Lady of the Lake - m4w (Mill City)
    • Miss hearing Jackinese. My heart has a hole. None can replace. Meu amor para siempre!
  • jsw -sorry - m4w (Dallas)
    • I am sorry for the way I treated you. I would have loved you till the day one or both of us died. I am sorry I seemed and may have been insensitive. and I am so sorry my words and actions hurt you so deeply. I wish I could go back and redo them but i [...]
  • Re- It's a Z thing you wouldn't understand - w4m (Salem) 43yr
    • Who are you and what color is my ride? I'm the only one with that saying on my ride...
  • Red truck - m4m (Keizer) 25yr
    • Hey man, you're only back for a couple days before goin back to work for a month, so you through the drive through. You're a regular. It was weird cause I wanted to talk with you more but we were busy.

Email me back with where we saw each other toda [...]

  • Looking For Val - m4w
    • You must have changed your # and I don't see your profile on FB anymore. I used to come into your work when I lived in the area but I moved to Portland and lost touch with you. I would really like to hear from you again :) 


  • Time Slowly Passes - m4w (West of Salem)
    • I wanted to say hello in case you might see this. Time is passing but I think of you often, very often. I do look forward to the day when our paths cross again.
  • salmon pink shirt n shortshorts safeway ne - m4w (ne salem)
    • I wanned to say hi and talk to you but you kept walking after you gave me a big smile and I lost my nerve lol, you were wearing sandals, a salmon britght pink Billabong shirt shortshorts and u were slim built and gorgeous, MISSING a tooth, brown hair [...]
  • Hot blonde walking on River RD Keizer. tan Pants - m4w (Keizer )
    • You were walking down river road at 515 on Tuesday, kinda across the Burger King area. You looked sooo good, blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, thick legs in your tan pants. I yelled out the window but you had headphones in. Message me. I'm a go [...]
  • High fives around the Riverfront park - m4w (Salem)
    • I was running around the riverfront Monday night (Sept 8). Every time I ran passed you, you gave me a high five. You were with 3 or 4 other girls. I was wearing a white T-shirt. I thought you were the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. I would of asked fo [...]
  • Puddin Pops Dad - w4m (3366 ) 41yr
    • I went to the park today where we would go at times..find treasures (: its just not the same..i miss that connection we have.. Anyway, when we kinda reconnected on fb again awhile ago and you was gonna help me out on a fence when i moved back..i was [...]
  • Turner Road Walmart - m4m (Mens Room)
    • Tonight, I was in Walmart when you and I both entered the mens room. You stood at the urinal and proceeded to take your piss and I decided to wash my hands at the sink right next to you. You were turned so i could watch you piss. It was amazing and b [...]
  • Lanc. Winco - w4m 24yr
    • Saw you this morning/we exchanged numbers. I misplaced your number. I do not want to put your name out here, so your name starts with C, you said you were a meat guy
  • Shooters Saturday Night - w4m (salem)
    • I spoke to you a little bit, my group took up half the table and yours took up the other half, the table closest to the bar and the machines. You asked me what song I was going to sing, anyway you disappeared quick but I would love to chat if you are [...]
  • Military Convoy - m4w (Around yamhill)
    • I was in the military convoy. You drove by, we locked eyes, you were so beautiful, I wish that we could chat. I was wearing my uniform obviously.
  • Top Dog - m4w (salem)
    • We were both at Top Dog Sunday watching the football games. You were with your friends and I was with mine. We only spoke once outside for a very short time before your friends came out and our conversation was cut short. Just wondering if you would [...]
  • it's a Z thing you wouldn't understand!!! - w4m (salem) 43yr
    • you used to come in all the time, your slipping away from my memory... is that what you want? I can forget you... hard though when your in my dreams babe :( I feel like we are fire and water.
  • metal/rocker guy...s. winco... - w4m (winco s. commercial) 34yr
    • I was wearing an iron Maiden shirt, tattoos, brown hair with a touch of pink in it.... you goatee, black shirt, kinda chubby (what I like)... you gave me metal horns I didnt realize I should've done more than a half ass smile. You looked like you wan [...]
  • winco today...comercial - m4w (se salem) 35yr
    • Today at winco I saw you. Stiped shirt, black shorts, sexy legs, perfect everything. Brown hair and so beautiful. I was in produce, getting lettuce when I saw you. I am still thinking about how beautiful you looked. Im the guy in st.Louis hat and whi [...]
  • Hello ....... - m4w (West of Salem)
    • Hope you are well and enjoying your time. Miss the conversations and friendship. Just wanted to say hello
  • Home from the bars and bored - m4w (South salem) 23yr
    • Home from the bar! Bored and lonely! Could use some company I am blonde hair blue eyes 200lbs 6'0
  • Buybacks - m4w (Salem )
    • I saw you at buybacks you were with your two kids I was there with my son nephew and sisters you had white pants and what cap you look so beautiful wanted to ask for you number but your youngest was Making you work extra hard to keep on eye on him ho [...]
  • Rachel from wyo - m4w (Bagby Hot Springs) 35yr
    • My friend and I went to Bagby and meet the most gorgeous girl Rachel she was from wyo and lives in salem wishing I had gotten your number call me if you ever read this Tyler
  • Re: Re: Stayton Grocery outlet - w4m
    • This could have been me, but you gave no description other than the fact that she was with her mother. What did she look like?
  • Curly headed mommy... - m4w (Hyacinth)
    • Okay so I woke up way not feeling too good in the place. I go for a smoke and a drink and wow, a ray of sunshine. I am in awe. I'm not even in your league and I'm sure you won't see this, but if I could I would love to get to know you.
  • im the pathological liar??! lol ok.. - m4w (salem)
    • notice how people are telling you to find yourself someone and stop trying to figure out my life? i never cheated on you; just so everyone knows. i never cheated on her- and ive only wanted to be a part of my sons life. you have some weird fixation o [...]
  • Blue dodge northbound I 5 - w4m (I 5 north between Salem and portland)
    • I was in the blue Subaru today. Tell me what we were doing :) put it in the email ;)
  • Looking for Jay - m4m (se salem) 35yr
    • Jay - we got together once and had fun. But then I freaked out.... But now, if you're still up for it, I'd like to get together again.... Hope to hear from you.

Cheers. Mitch

  • Re:woman for Man - w4m (salem) 39yr
    • Sounds like someone is BITTER. If he left you and he "will never have another chance", why do you care if he leaves her or not? It's none of your business, right? My advice...stop letting it bug you. You said it yourself, being single is better. MOVE [...]
  • pathological liar - m4w (Salem)
    • If you are the other woman; ya kinda deserve all you get. Cheaters are the most vile beings on the planet and deserve every STD for the damage they cause to the one being cheated on. Sounds like you knew what you were getting into in the first place [...]
  • Woman For MAN - w4m (Salem)
    • You waltzed back into my life and pretended to care. You always screw everything up so you know. All you are is one big F***up. You will never amount to anything and I hope she leaves you flat on your ass. You are so right, I can do better! In fact b [...]

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