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  • 420 Oregon Weed On Wheels Project 420 (Salem)
    • I know this posting is going to get flagged. Hopefully I can rake in a couple of new clients before that. I can't believe how timid people still are about a little weed. I mean honestly, as long as you're not moving pounds or growing mass amounts nob [...]
  • rumors in stayton saturday night - m4w (stayton)
    • so.. i met this really cute gal saturday. you were at the island bar talking to some other folks and i just had to admire your stockings. then you said you were single and i introduced myself. i wish i had given you my number or asked for yours. but [...]
  • Keizer adult shop - m4w
    • You work there .I asked you something and you said all the time.Tell me what i asked you!!!!
  • ♦Reply♦- Moved Back To Oregon - m4w (front of the Peanut Gallery) 38yr
    • I say the exact same thing. People always tell me to love myself....aaaaahh... i do love my damn self.....infact i want someone to love me LIKE I love myself......people just dont understand that some people have actually prepared themselves for a re [...]
  • Did she Grow up here in Salem??? please take a look..... (Marion County/Salem) 37yr
    • I was hoping someone might recognize the name Natalie Ri$%*g , or perhaps her pictures that I posted here today. If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you would please give us any information about her no matter how small. Thank you very kindly. [...]
  • south Salem Safeway at Deli - m4w (se salem) 64yr
    • I approached the deli about 7:30 Sunday night, wanting some fried chicken strips. The male customer service rep was at the other counter helping you, a pretty, short, blonde woman. When he said he'd help me as soon as possible, I looked at you, and y [...]
  • I moved back to Oregon... - w4m
    • ... mainly because I hoped against hope that you and I could try... but once I actually got here, I lost my nerve, and convinced myself that you didn't want to be with me, and I also convinced myself that looking for you would be stalking, if you did [...]
  • Orange short shorts at gym - m4w (south)
    • Im not sure if you were eye fucking me or just one of those girls that just happens to accidently make eye contact with a guy. But we keep making eye contact and your are hot. This was today Sunday out south. Tell me what I look like and send a pic s [...]
  • Kaya at the Goodwill Bins - m4w (Salem.)
    • Spoke to you, you were friendly..thought you were cute, but I didn't have the guts to ask for your number, or if you were single..
  • sugar your sweet honey - m4w (pine) 40yr
    • Sugar you are so missed. I really hope I could see you. I'm on my way to church. Call me
  • Amber ... I could always count on you - m4w (Salem) 40yr
    • Amber ... I could always count on you when we were together healing from our individual broken hearts. I never really said thank you and never really told you how much I appreciated that time you gave me. Of course we had our challenges, but you were [...]
  • JODI Housecleaner - m4w (S. Salem)
    • Jodi the house cleaner I met on Wednesday, March 19th. We talked for nearly an hour in your car. I gave you my number and you apparently miss dialed, so I have no contact info. for you. If you'd like to reach me, please reply to this posting and I'll [...]
  • So What? (S.Alley 02)
    • So What, go On,go 'Way

That's all We have to say.. Been up all night fighting... Now you're on your way... So what,go on,go 'way. I'll say it again...So what? go on, go 'way.... How the hell did we end up here? Just when I thought the coast Was [...]

  • RAM's Friday Night - Tattooed Blonde - m4w (RAM Salem)
    • You - Vivacious, captivating blonde with a cool sleeve of tats on your left arm. You were sitting between a female and male. Not sure if he was your BF or I would have said hello; as I thought we kept making eye contact. But then again, could have ju [...]
  • Boots, at Keizer Goodwill - m4w (Keizer)
    • Saturday night around 8 to 8:30 pm. Let's try that again. Things will end up differently, that's for sure! Tell me what you were wearing for pants, and I will know it's you. How could I forget....
  • Still Looking for Dustin - w4m (Salem) 29yr
    • Back in Two Thousand Three and Two Thousand Four I worked at the Taco Bell in South Salem across Fred Meyer. I was 17-18 at the time. I met a man named Dustin. He was a few years older than me, mid length brown hair. Lived with his aunt and uncle on [...]
  • Burger King SE Commercial & Walmart - m4w (se salem) 64yr
    • My son and I ate at Burger King, across from Walmart Friday night. You served us our order, which was a chicken sandwich and a Whopper Jr. with cheese and fries, and gave me some "Fry Sauce". I was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and white shorts. Im an [...]
  • south salem fred meyers - m4w (salem)
    • you where going to the checkout line and i walked past we locked eyes three times. you had glasses on with short hair and piercings.
  • Re: Left Hollow (Hollow words?) (Universe) 37yr
    • Perhaps you dont realize that by not at least giving a clue to their identity you are not doing a thread of good for yourself. You sound like someone I know... a little more delusional than usual and definitely a far bigger coward than you used to be [...]
  • Lenora - m4w 19yr
    • Damn CL flaggers! your ad was in casual encounters, there was a pic in PJ's but damn you were sexy haha I tried to reply but don't know if you ever received it. Anyway if you randomly happen to see this I'd love to get in touch :)
  • Ross keizer station, Fri 3/27 3pm - m4w (keizer) 34yr
    • You had on black pants, with a blue shirt and sweater. We locked eyes a couple of times while I was waiting to check out, and then I saw you in the parking lot when I was leaving. I'd like to get to know you, have lunch sometime. Let me know what kin [...]
  • My Mt.Angel - m4w (The place i broke your heart)
    • Truth be told I love this girl

T.L.C Butterflies Red head Crazy Starbucks I ruined the best thing I've ever had I wish I hadn't left it all at your door

  • why why cant be asked - m4w (Salem)
    • We met from ways we can not say spoke words that can never be told and with that came stories of truth and some of lies. People we were and the roads that brought us to be what we were lives we've loved and lost a place we will never forget. You told [...]
  • Applebee's on Commercial - w4m (Salem)
    • March 27th, around 7:30. You were at the bar and I was at a table with a friend. I alerted your friend to a potentially embarrassing situation. I was in the dark shirt and boots with long dark hair. I thought you were really cute and had a great smil [...]
  • Melissa m. - m4w (Barbershop) 40yr
    • Call me mel. Once again it was amazing cum over again miss you. Hurry and get rid of nerd guy

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