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craigslist | missed connections in salem, OR

age : 40 Hey man you were both from seaside but one of you were moving to portland and the other lives in salem and goes to chemek! You showed me how to shotgun beers and then the cops ca [...]

You were the one for me.. Its been almost 3 years since it finally ended and you still have my heart. I love you and wish I would of realized my mistakes when I could of changed the way it ended. 5611 will forever and always ho [...]

  • Safeway on Sunday night - w4m (Keizer)
    • I thought you were very handsome. We were in store shopping same time, left same time, parked same place. Any chance you may read this looking for me? If so, email me here, describe me? Our vehicles?


  • red robin - m4m (salem)
    • U drove ur in ur red truck looking pretty good...u met two buddies sitting in the bar...I was there with my girl but thought u were pretty hot...wanna hook up onthe dl?
  • Red haired beauty at planet fitness - m4w (Salem)
    • You caught me watching you several times and yes, it was no accident! You have incredible stamina, I must say, running on that elliptical for over an hour. I started out on a treadmill behind you, then moved to my own elliptical but you still outran [...]
  • Looking for the Woman whose name begins with "Z" - m4w
    • We met briefly in a Portland Bar this last weekend and you were very kind. I was exiting the restroom and excused myself past you, and you had more than nice things to say................you said you lived in Salem and didn't do computer communicatio [...]
  • Commercial Street Walmart - m4w (Salem, OR)
    • You work at the Customer Service center. I won't post your name, but it starts with an N. We chatted a little bit while I was there working on something. I'd love to get to know you more. It was around 6:30pm (8/25)

If it's you, tell me what you gav [...]

  • keira at the firehouse - m4w (salem)
    • I came in, saw you, we said hi and even chatted a bit. I watched you dance (you looked sexy), and i tipped you. I was worried you'd recognize me from my previous post and have me kicked out. But you don't know, and thats good. I'll be back soon. I ho [...]
  • You tell me I'm amazing - m4w 26yr
    • and I just want to tell you how much I love you. I miss you. I want to know if there's a chance.
  • Wine tasting made eye contact - w4m 28yr
    • I was tasting wine and you were having brunch at the tasting room. You checked me out across the bar and we made eye contact. You're a handsome man with dark hair... Just thought I'd try to make a connection. I can always appreciate someone who likes [...]
  • Looking for Brandon H - m4m (Salem)
    • Hey just trying to get in touch with Brandon h. Pictured below. If you know him and can get me in touch that be great. Need to tell him something.. Thx!
  • chat on qwikmeet - w4m (salem) 34yr
    • You: Steven from salem Me: Ash from Portland

I sent you my skype but you never added me. If you see this reply or add me.

  • Bearded guy at speakeasy sat night - m4m (Salem)
    • Hey by chance if the guy with the beard and grayish long sleeve shirt that was unbutton sees this.. Or anyone that knows him.,, email me?! We where texting on the screen last night (sat) at speakeasy.. And time Dan out before I could say hi in person [...]
  • south salem burger king - w4m (salem)
    • I was at burger king with a group of people, you were there too we made eye contact quite a few times. Write me an tell me what you were wearing so I know it's you :) it was at about 5:15pm
  • gay guys having garage ne salem - m4m (ne salem)
    • Hey this is for the guy with the longer hair. Dude ur pretty sexy and id love to see u naked. I caught u looking back my way a couple times as well. Well email back if u ever want to see eachother naked.... oh if u respond tell me something that we t [...]
  • Tattooed Guy at Lancaster Walmart - w4m (salem)
    • So I was in Walmart this afternoon... You kept walking past me (maybe about 4-5 times...) I didn't know if it was coincidence or not.... I just wanted you to know I noticed you too...each and every time...i was pressed for time...beat from the heat.. [...]
  • Great Clips Keizer Station - m4w (Keizer, OR)
    • You have me a haircut around 6pm (8/22)

I thought you were just adorable. I was too shy to really say anything. I'd love to grab coffee sometime or just talk. If it is you, exactly how much did I tip you?

  • lady with her man? pardos - m4w (salem)
    • Your short very tight looking body very cute Sandy blonde hair you where with a guy who was super tall u bought two packs of smokes and food I was sitting with a guy and girl would live to chat with you more we kept checking each other out ...dam u a [...]
  • white ranger on McGilchrist - m4w (salem)
    • I was turning onto Mcgilchrist about 2:00 Friday afternoon when we locked eyes and you smiled at me a beautiful smile. I smiled back but you may not have seen.

I'd like to see that smile again. Please get back to me and tell me what I was driving so [...]

  • dog walk - m4w ( minti brown)
    • You where walking a chocolate Lab. Just have to say you have a nice ass I was also walking my Lab.
  • Looking for the one in the Shadows... (Wonderland)
    • We haven't spoken since last year, and this is a long shot. But I miss you, I hope you're doing well, and I wish I could get a hold of you. I think about the time on my porch often, and that one kiss just doesn't cut it.
  • South Fred Meyer Pharmacy - m4w (salem)
    • Thanks for your help today with my prescription. You are very sexy! Reply if you would like and describe my shirt color and what you had on so I know its you!
  • In town for biz today/free tonight... - m4mw (Salem) 52yr
    • Missing company for tonight (Friday, 8/22)... intelligent/highly educated, sarcastic/fun, masculine, professional, bi, clean, single, casual style. I'm in town for some scattered meetings, then staying the night with friends so I'm unable to host... [...]
  • Center market dog walker - m4w (salem)
    • You were wearing a pink hoody 2 days ago and extremely gorgeous. Tell me what u bought.
  • Steven B. I saw you today, it's Megan! - w4m (Safeway)
    • It's been over 20 years... But I recognized you right away. It would be fun to catch up :)
  • Jeremy-blue truck 2011 - w4m (ne salem) 29yr
    • We hooked up at my place on 15th st once and lost touch. Wanna do it again or ongoing? If its the guy im looking for tell me what color hair I have.
  • ER nurse wednesday night - m4w (salem)
    • You were helping my grandmother after she broke her hip, I noticed you were the most beautiful woman in the world. Couldn't help but comment on your lack of ring though decided asking you out then would be too disrespectful to my gran.
  • Jen this is Matt - m4w
    • Our first date I had to stop at big 5 and bought ammo. You work in health care. We got into an argument about how you always work and we lost contact. I miss seeing you.
  • To the hot woman with pink hair - m4w (Salem, OR)
    • You came into my work tonight. You explained that you were a hair dresser. I was very attracted to you, but had to remain professional. Would love to have an affair with you.
  • Waitress at Los Arcos salem - m4w (Salem)
    • To the waitress at Los arcos in south salem with the pink lipstick. You waited our table and you are beautiful. It was Wednesday evening around 6pm. I would love to get your name and maybe number? Maybe we can get together sometime and hang out?

If [...]

So you had a threesome with a friend of your and me about two years ago..... It was the first time you had tried something...... She was smoking hot, and you lasted a lot longer than me. If your out here, are interested in trying another [...]

Man your fucking sexy shave head and beard. Would you like to get a blowjob? Hope you see this and email me.

Sincerely, Larry

  • i saw u jacking off at fm - m4m (ne salem)
    • Hey i saw u jacking off at fred meyer on market st. It was hot but i think i scared u off......
  • Pf - m4m (Salem) 21yr
    • We were in the ab workout section and you smiled and said hello to me. I would have talked to you but i am pretty shy. You were wearing a hat. Tell me what i wore. Was between noon and twelve thirty on August nineteenth
  • Waiting - m4w (Salem/Keizer) 53yr
    • I was at the light you were crossing the street must have just got off work as u still had your jack in the box uniform on

I waited for you to cross and smiled at you it was 1020pm well want to meet up and hang out and go do things and see where it [...]

You're short, with short hair and glasses.

I feel you are farther down the rabbit hole than I presumed. I am watching you slip away and there is nothing i can do to bring you back. You blame me for your cravings. The last few months have been like living in a mental ward without the luxur [...]

  • Fred Myer Saturday in furniture section - m4w (South Salem)
    • I kept seeing you in the furniture section of Freddy's Saturday. You were with your mom..? We had LOTS of eye contact. I think you were wearing a yellow shirt and jean cut off shorts
  • luck penny at walmart - m4w (salem) 33yr
    • I should have said the penny was only lucky if I could get your number. You were very cute and I feel stupid I didn't say more. Tell me what Walmart this was at and what color my shoes or sweater was so I know it's you.
  • Brook who use to go to the night deposit - m4w (salem)
    • I am looking for an old friend her name was brook or thats the name she went by she use to go to the night deposit in salem we use to hang out and have drinks she was a tall girl we lost contact over the years Dos any one know her or how i could cont [...]
  • alone at the movies - w4m
    • You were at the mall going to a movie by yourself, I was waiting for a friend to come out of the movies. We had just introduced ourselves after you met my dog. Maybe sometime we could sit together at a movie?
  • Mature blonde in Freds... - m4w (Keizer) 31yr
    • ...we caught eyes a few times in the produce section and then by the yogurt. You look nice.
  • Damond/Demond - w4m (Ace store Downtown)
    • You stopped to introduce yourself because I looked "interesting" you have a lovely smile. Very inviting. I'd love a bit more conversation. You'll know who you are. Or should I say who I am?
  • Red hair ish , handsome hot and muscle - m4m (Adult shop Lancaster ) 29yr
    • We get together in one of the big booths , you asked me if I was clean ? I said yes , you got on your knees and start sucking me , you have a very hot body and amazing ass , you are 5'10-5'11 tall , muscle body , you had a thank top and shorts and ca [...]
  • SAW YOU TODAY - m4m
    • Saw you today about 11:30am riding you bike on Lancaster by the Mall.you latin,blue jeans and black tank top.....What I saw from behind I wanted to get an up close and touch kind of get to know you....Not sure if you will ever see this but it is wort [...]
  • A Red Yarn Bracelet As A Parting Gift. - m4w 31yr
    • I noticed you were wearing it when I came in for that final office visit.

I'd made it earlier that morning, but I didn't have an opportunity to fit it to you properly. Even though you are older then I am, I thought you were quite attractive; had th [...]

  • Cute Roth's Girl in South Salem - m4w (Salem)
    • You bagged my groceries, and we smiled at eachother. I went to my truck and when I was leaving you were helping someone out to their car with their groceries, and smiled at me again when I was driving past. Really think your smile is beautiful, and w [...]
  • Taco Bell N Lancaster - m4w (NE Salem) 35yr
    • Stopped in Wed afternoon and you were working the counter again. Just want to say how gorgeous and sweet you are every time I come in. Your name starts with a T and you have a tat on your neck that starts with an S. If you see this I'd love to hear f [...]
  • DMV Woodburn Bearded Guy - m4m (Woodburn)
    • You came into the DMV right behind me, I was No. 148 and you were No. 149. You were sitting against the wall as I left and I walked by and we acknowledged each other. What were you wearing, would like to meet you!
  • looking for a friend - m4w (portland ore) 64yr
    • Hell-o I am looking for a friend that I new along time ago her name is Diana Morley if anyone knows her whereabouts let me know.i think she used to work with Mary Kay
  • RE:subaru - w4m (south salem)
    • theres a lot of black subarus in south salem, can you be more specific :) times days maybe a brief description of you so one could look for ya ;)
  • girl walking her dog at the Dallas Park - m4w (Dallas Oregon)
    • it was a couple weeks ago during the car show I was sitting by the horseshoe pit and you were walking your black dog he was getting little bit crazy you wear sunglasses dark hair we just have this beautiful smile you and I looked at each other for a [...]
  • fishslayindc - w4m (Monmouth)
    • fishslayindc I don't know how to reach you. I am not a member of that matching place.

I would like to chat and maybe meet jrjr3

Does anyone know who she is please email me 503 [804] eight nine zero seven

It was exciting performing for you and miss the times we had.

  • VW girl - m4w (Salem OR, Winco) 21yr
    • I saw you (As soon as I did my jaw dropped) out the corner of my eye, at Winco South Commercial in your black VW Jetta and for some reason I had to keep looking back. Ive never had anyone intrance me like that before. I wanted to say something but I [...]
  • Safeway - m4w (Silverton) 25yr
    • Black skirt and a red bra, nice skin tone a little tan, you bent over right next to me to pick something up and I definitely looked, down your shirt, not on purpose, in fact I looked away fast enough that it probably seemed unnatural lol, anyway...


    • My name is Will I'm 30,tall,had a blue Bud Light hat,blue plaid shirt,jeans and brown boots. We talked,danced and hung out Saturday night at the Silver Spur. You were wearing dark khakis,a plaid shirt and white shoes. You said you were 26 and Texana. [...]
  • do I? - w4m (salem) 39yr
    • It's been three years since you walked away for some very silly reasons..after a year I tried moving on and am still trying . he isn't you. He can't make me smile on my worse days. He isn't a bad guy and doesn't deserve to be cheated on or hurt... I [...]
  • Pre-school teacher - m4w
    • We hooked up a ccouple years ago off casual encounters. You came over to my place for a weekend and squirted all over me, dozens of times. Are you out there ?
  • Subaru - w4m (Sout Salem)
    • I allways see you driving in a black subaru

I have this wierd crush on you. I allways stare at you. I dont know if you seen me. But your very cute. I would love to buy you lunch or some shit hope you see this.

  • Looking For Val - m4w
    • You must have changed your # and I don't see your profile on FB anymore. I used to come into your work when I lived in the area but I moved to Portland and lost touch with you. I would really like to hear from you again :) 


  • every time I look at you!!!! - m4w 38yr
    • So I bring you and your friends work all the time, and when I do I see you sometimes, and it drives me nuts. Standing there in your blue uniform with your short black hair, that sweet thick ass of yours, all I want to do is find a open room and grab [...]
  • Hey... - m4w (98662) 34yr
    • for one last ditch effort Ill be at the wifi hotspot I way around 12:30am

I miss you a lot I be there come if you want and im sorry for getting out of line. Ill wait for 15 mins its all good if theres a no show ................................. [...]

  • Renaissance Cosplayer ;) - w4m (Salem ) 18yr
    • I know this must be weird, searching for you on craigslist when really I can just call the place you work, but that just seems stalker like. Anyways, I met you today at the Salem Center at the AT&T store with my friend. You were helping her set up a [...]
  • Fred Meyer South - self check out - m4w (South Salem)
    • You were working self check out a few Sundays ago, commented about me always using self check & then talked about my shoes and how they changed color.

I then saw you later that same day at Safeway in West Salem where we chatted again. Haven't seen [...]

I lied when I said that there WOULD be times that we got weird and fought and didn't want to see each other, because it's too crazy to think it's impossible. Did you find it?

  • Bubbles at Firehouse Cabaret - mw4w (salem)
    • I was there with a date and she didnt come up to the stage til your second time around. I have dreads she had darker hair. i told you i wanted you.....hopefully you dont have a man and would like to join us....
  • Looking for David - w4m (Wilsonville)
    • Last summer I met the coolest guy, David. We laughed for hours at the Sharis in Keizer. We laughed and talked for hours at my place too, on a couple different occasions. I was not in a place to offer what he wanted and out of embarrassment, deleted h [...]
  • Sweet young girl - m4w (Keizer) 44yr
    • You came into my work to take care of your checking account. I so want to hug you every time I see you but not sure if it would be ok.
  • Big Smiles At Skyline and Kuebler - m4w (salem)
    • You were smiling really big, you were in a dodge car I am not sure what the make was. But I am the guy on the motorcycle. We had a brief moment. I doubt you will see this but in the event you do tell me what I was wearing. Hope to talk to you soon
  • Woodburn Safeway, Lunchtime 8/5, IHS or IFS worker - m4m (Woodburn Safeway)
    • Saw you at the Woodburn Safeway today during lunch, 8/5. Rugged man, trimmed beard, reddish colored / tan work pants, getting a sandwich from the deli with a coworker. Your's was done first and you browsed the chips, etc while waiting. I couldn't hel [...]
  • prego blonde at pietros pizza - m4w (salem)
    • Hi. I saw you at a kids birthday party. I don't remember your name but I went withymy cousin there. I'm the big asian guy. I thought you were beautiful. I don't know if you're taken but I saw you were crying and I felt bad. Didn't know what was going [...]
  • broadway road - m4w
    • So asked u question about McNary golf course. Hope to hear back from u. Thanks for the info cause I found it :)
  • NOT
    • To have gone through life without being a missed connection some would think that to be good thing, only never having a connection at all either has left me hollow. I have met people don't get me wrong, I can have as many friends as I want. Never any [...]
  • Missing fun... - m4mw (Salem/Keizer) 49yr
    • Bi, fit, educated, masculine, professional man in town and headed to a gym in Keizer now.

Single, clean, picky about people I see... fun, intelligent, honest about their situation. I don't judge. You name what you seek and let's see if we click. We [...]

I had no makeup and my hair was in a rats nest, but you smiled at me before you drove off towards walmart. Fingers crossed that you see this! I'd love to chit chat and get to kno [...]

  • safeway woman in line purples toe nails! - m4w (ne salem) 55yr
    • u wanted me to pay I said what are you cooking lol holler back id love to have dinner with you.
  • With David in the dungeon - w4m 22yr
    • We met at a pajama party, we connected before I left.....I wish I had gotten your contact info. This is probably a long shot but if you see this and would like to get together again let me know!
  • red head at life source at 6 - m4w (salem)
    • You are stunning and I couldn't help but overhear your convo about some poor come on. I was hanging eating and although I wanted to approach you had the look of don't bother me.
  • red pontoon in jefferson - w4m (jefferson)
    • You were on a single man red pontoon wearing a hat. I couldnt tell if you had a girl with you or not. I should have said something but im shy. Anyways you looked good.
  • Sushi kyo - w4m (S. Salem)
    • Big guy at sushi know last night around dinner time. I thought you were attractive and felt like I've seen u somewhere before. If u respond describe me.
  • N. Lancaster Wal-Mart (Ne salem)
    • There is an employee of the North Salem Wal Mart who is the sexiest guy I have ever seen. Tall..manly..trimmed dark beard...big black and white athletic shoes...was wearing a fleece vest over a tshirt today and a hat. Works the night shift i think, g [...]

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