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Each morning morning so far, as I drive to work in silence... I can't help to replay everything in my head. It's as if it was all a bad dream that I might wake up from at any moment. As I reach the end of my memory of just a few days [...]

I hope I wans't the only one, ya took my breath away....coffee sometime? I had a silly hat on...

  • next door - m4w (independence)
    • It's all good, we can keep this discreet. It's normal behavior I'm really sad I've been having to hold back. When it happens it's gonna be something you'll never forget
  • visting hot blonde at work - m4m
    • So, i know this will never reach the actual person i want to see it, or if u by some miracle do see this, U will will be completely straight. Ha! So, we work somewhere specific in Salem with a lot of other employees. You have blonde hair, facial hair [...]
  • safeway hottie - m4w (keizer)
    • you gave me the sweetest smile . cutest lil young brunette im parking lot while i was loading up to go. we exchanged smiles and you hlgot into your car. i was getting into my truck. wish i said more ......i was a bit preoccupied and regret it. hope y [...]
  • Lancaster Walmart on 2/26 - m4w
    • Saw you a couple times, got behind you in line. You, huge amount of groceries, Nike zip up, yoga type pants & boots. Me, lots of groceries & hungover..
  • red head at center safeway - m4w (salem)
    • I come in that store all the time in the evening and I always look to see if your there. If you are I make sure to stand in your line just to say hi and see how your day has been. Idk exactly what first attracted me to you, I love your hair for one l [...]
  • I miss you so baby. - w4m (Lebanon)
    • D,

I can't believe after all your pushing you are still hanging out in my mind, holding onto my heart. It pisses me off because all I ever wanted to do was please you, to give into you. Your last words to me were meant to hurt me and I don't think [...]

I see you at work once in awhile and you full lips and sexy ass smile drive me crazy. The way you walk with that full shapely body and great ass have me in a Trans every time I see you. That b [...]

  • Vagabond Brewery - w4m (Salem) 32yr
    • You had a red Blazer's hoodie on... Kept exchanging smiles - I was going to hit on you, but I thought I overheard you talking about a girl... Right before my friend and I left, she told me it was your friend talking about his girl...

Does that mean [...]

  • South Salem Vet Tech - m4w (Salem) 40yr
    • We've enjoyed two lengthy conversations now during my recent visits and I seem to think about you a lot. I think you'll see yourself as too young for me (not to mention other complications we have, I'm sure), so I kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed [...]
  • Keizer Post Office 2/26 - m4w (Keizer) 32yr
    • I was sending some paperwork on Thursday, around 3:45-4pm. I ran out to my car a few times. I felt like you were checking me out? lol

If you see this, send me a message with "PO Box" as the header.

  • Nordstrom coffee stand - m4w (downtown)
    • Hey I got your number while back and at the time I thought I messed up putting it in but didn't ask and I texted you but haven't gotten response so if you see this and I did mess up message me. You usually work nights, your petit with dirty blond hai [...]
  • Dallas market - w4m (dallas)
    • You work at the dallas market downtown off of main. Tattoos, are you single? Id like to see if youd want to go out if so :). If not this is just a compliment!
  • daddy needs a play toy - m4m (salem)
    • Daddy looking for a nice twink to have a good time with. 18+. Thinks like assplay, light bonage, toys, sucking, and fucking. Send pic . We will have a good time.
  • Willamette Tour - m4w (Salem)
    • We were in the same tour group together. During lunch, I sat across from you and we spoke about Japanese. I offered a ride to the bus station and was wondering if you made it home ok.
  • Did she Grow up here in Salem??? please take a look..... (Marion County/Salem) 37yr
    • I was hoping someone might recognize the name Natalie Ri$%*g , or perhaps her pictures that I posted here today. If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you would please give us any information about her no matter how small. Thank you very kindly. [...]
  • you and your little girl at albertsons tue. - w4m (keizer)
    • I dont ever do this but what i saw was just so cute. I felt i might have been rude but i was so busy trying to find everything i was trying to get. You were shopping with your daughter. I was shopping with my two girls. Your little one was trying to [...]
  • RE Better Off - m4w
    • If this is for me(name starts with a D) you kinda stopped talking to me... acted like you didnt want to me in your life anymore so i backed off... If this is who I think it is... I would like to try to be friends again... if not i'm sorry lol
  • Keizer Safeway - m4w
    • I was shopping after work, partially covered in paint Wednesday night alone, and you were with a friend.

You and I kept looking at each other but I don't know why I didn't come over and say hello. Your a very pretty, and apparently stylish young la [...]

Golden colored jeep.. With a very handsome man driving it.. i was in the silver and red dodge ram.. but they waved to me.. and id like to [...]

  • Niki - w4m
    • You are very beautiful and I think about you a lot. I have had a crush on you for quite a while.
  • Two Different Worlds - m4w (Mine)
    • Breaking bending twisting and turning reds blues greens and yellows mixing and matching in a blank canvas. Cells bars traps and crucibles on light and dark. Faces full of the empty emotions and hellish actions hidden from the truth of angelic images [...]
  • Beautiful blonde - m4w (minto)
    • You got out of a small red pickup with a heavy set guy. You started walking the trail along the river as I did. It was Monday at 11:15 and a brisk day. I had the pleasure to walk behind you for a while. You have long blonde hair down to the small of [...]

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