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Kept thinking about how much I wanted to touch your beautiful, brown skin. Maybe next time we can have a drink together

  • Amanda - m4w (Fall City)
    • hey I'm looking for a women named amanda that live in salem but moved to fall city she came to meet me in woodburn
  • You called me Poptart - m4w (independence) 27yr
    • Several years ago I dialed the wrong number and you answered the phone. After a brief conversation about the mix up, I apologized and we hung up. Maybe an hour or so later you called me back. We spoke for a while because you were bored. You're name s [...]
  • Talked to you at Costco, had your 14 son - m4w (Salem) 50yr
    • Hi, Talked to you at Costco, shopping with your 14 yr son with you Saturday 13th at 3pm,I told you my son is 16, I tried to catch up to you as you left the store with your hot dogs, hoping to ask you out for a drink, I was so impressed with how nice [...]
  • i want to make this work - w4m (salem, or) 27yr
    • Its hard to believe this has been going on for two years everytime i see you it feels like the first time. You try to open up to me about how you feel but have a wall up cause of past relationships. If you could realize how good it could be sweetie y [...]
  • My Queen - m4w (salem)
    • E, each day without you seems more like years..I'm sorry I messed things up between us the way I did. You deserve the world. I still love you forever and a day, that won't EVER change. ALWAYS AND FOREVER
  • Kelly at Harbor Freight, I need your warmth around me. - t4m (salem)
    • you are a nice big warm man I want to spend my holiday season with. I know you well enough by now to trust you and all I want is to be close buddies, I want to lay on the couch and cuddle into you while we watch television or something. I want you to [...]
  • safeway last night - m4w (silverton)
    • We chatted on the tea aisle last night. Doubt that you will see this but thought you where really sexy.
  • Yvonne - m4w (Monmouth)
    • You have shown me the true meaning of a shallow person... I'm happy for you, you will always have a special place in my heart for what we had... that you decided to make your choice as you did...The love you proclaimed you had for me should have keep [...]
  • Red Robin Waitress - m4w (Salem, OR)
    • Myself and my significant other were at Red Robin tonight (Dec 15th) around 6 or 7pm. You brought her a drink and claimed you weren't old enough to drink yet and hoped it tasted fine.

You were very sweet, and I was wondering if you'd like to chat so [...]

  • What happened? - w4w (Salem)
    • I just wish I knew why you stopped speaking to me. ...truth is that I think of you a lot of the time, probably more because of this situation where you've cut me out. Now I spend so much time just wondering.

I miss you, J. I miss being friends, and [...]

Me - dark brown hair. Helped you with the stressed out sales associate, he ignor [...]

  • chatted today a little hope you feel better - m4w (albany) 46yr
    • Clean chat like always but thinking of your dark skin and those beautiful soft lips is a true turn on see u in a week S
  • At the apartment gym - m4w (salem) 28yr
    • Hey beautiful. I saw you at the gym today, and let me tell you I couldn't take my eyes off of you. With those luscious breasts and that fiery red hair. I rarely see anyone in the gym, most of the people in the complex are fat hill billies, but you we [...]
  • telecris plasma, Salem, OR - w4m
    • Jason, blonde, glasses. . You're amazing. you're so funny and your personality is incredible. you always make me laugh. I wish you knew how much you make my day every time i go in. I honestly look forward to seeing you every time i go in and when I d [...]
  • Nikiyah B. - m4w (NE Lancaster)
    • I was sad that I didn't see you this week. I've always wanted to tell you that you're a beautiful girl and I love what you did with your hair recently. Send me a message, if you'd be interested in something casual.
  • just wanted to chat - m4w (keizer)
    • Ever just wanna chat? Let chat if your in my local area. Clean, or dirty, it's entirely up to you.
  • albertsons - w4m
    • You work at albertsons in the meat department. I see you all the time when i go in. You have beautiful eyes and always wear a beanie. I never say anything to you. I'm too much of a chicken. I just wished i knew your name.
  • Electric scooter at walmart - m4w (Turner rd Salem) 27yr
    • I saw you rolling through Walmart on an electric scooter the night before Thanksgiving...I'm sure that when I looked into your eyes you felt the same as I did that moment & I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since! I can't believe I'm wri [...]
  • osp officer house - w4m (oregon) 23yr
    • looking for officer house, he was just at my residence conversing with my father, I think you're beyond handsome! If this isnt you please do not respond!
  • Winco on commercial south Salem - mw4w
    • Saw you at Winco today Sunday the 7 th of December. Lots of eye contact. You were very well kept, dressed and upperclass looking. Blonde hair. Maybe in your late 30s to early 40s. You held a Short conversation with the produce guy. Not sure if you we [...]

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