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  • Citizens United (Scranton)
    • We're now five years into the Citizens United ruling and it's more clear today what a mind-fuckingly awful decision it was. Here's something I wrote about it at the time:

http://tomdegan.blogspot.com/2010/01/its-fascism-i-tells-ya.html Get used to [...]

  • WIAMoron News... (Scranton)
    • great pic this morning..on top we have baltimore burning to the ground..and on the bottom we have some fake driftwood as a back up setting featuring some chick who plays a violin..i guess a need a little culture..
  • WIAMoron FM News (Scranton)
    • colorful artist to lease WATRES ARMORY..!! think about how the Catholic Church operates in scranton..it's strictly a business operation..instead of paying your rent monthly to achieve salvation..they figured out a way to get you to pay 4 times a mont [...]
  • WIAMoron FM news.. (scranton)
    • we all know there are only 2 blocks in scranton that can be considered..prime real estate..and we all know that there are only 2-3 homes on that block that could fetch 1-2.5 million dollars..check the county assessment on these properties..now take 2 [...]
  • Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (Scranton)
    • Thanks for responding to our ad. The Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. Committee was formed to secure Wilbert Gay's freedom. Wilbert is a 58 year old Philadelphia man, who has been incarcerated for over 35 years. We are struggling to get Pennsylvania to g [...]
  • WIAMoron News (Scranton)
    • what a moving story..raising lambs for slaughter..hopefully some day we'll all be on someone else's dinner plate..!!
  • WIAMoron News.. (Scranton)
    • cocktails for a cure....cocktails in the park...cocktails by the brook...cocktails at the library..cocktails at the everhart...cocktails for your heart..cocktails for your nose..cocktails for your nostrils..black and white cocktails..red and blue coc [...]
  • WIAM oron FM News (scranton)
    • sorry..the miller documentary sucked..!!
  • WIAMoron FM..Hugh Rodham pissed..! (Scranton)
    • spirits usually gravitate to their burial site for comfort. an unwritten law states that if a deceased person isn't paid a visit at his / her resting place within 20 years of passing..then the spirit has legitimate right to commence into an anger fit [...]
  • tommy boys...... (nanticoke)
    • be careful parking at tommy boys..some old dude who drives around at 1 am thinking he's going to heaven and that the blessed virgin mary is his mother will tow your car from the lot across the street..
  • WIAMoron FM..Trouble with Cali 2 (Scranton)
    • Upcoming Casting Call..Trouble with Cali 2..a remake of the Lackawanna county based film is presently in pre production.seeking actresses for cali..cali is a pretty hott 21-24 lackawanna county native who works her way through the echelons of county [...]
  • shichon
    • puppies available contact for more info
  • WIAMoron FM Radio (Scranton)
    • Friends of Poland announced today that they will fight the landlord garbage tax recently enacted by the 3rd Reich.

in court documents filed today in Warsaw..friends of poland state that single family homes located in blue ridge ( an exclusive enclav [...]

  • WIAMoron FM news (Scranton)
    • september 20..1939 after occupying poland for over 20 days..officials announced tonite that there will be a regional zoning meeting. the 3rd reich will present testimony as to why it should expand territorial boundaries. interested citizens are encou [...]
  • Catholicism 101 (Scranton)
    • trust us..all the gold and silver being taken out of the closed churches is finding new homes in other churches..!! trust us...trust us..trust us..trust us.trust us.trust us.trust us. trust us. trust us.trust us..

now say 3 hail marys and stop askin [...]

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