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craigslist | politics in scranton / wilkes-barre

  • Looking for a good home
    • Im looking a good home for my 5 month old bichon poodle mix. . Due to a break up and a new job I do not have time to spend with him and I feel its unfair to keep him secluded for hours at a time.. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!
  • Bob Casey..Cash for Cops (Scranton)
    • bob..dont you read the scranton paper..the cops are doing ok in scranton..we dont need any more money to hire more cops..115,000 dollars per year is pretty good for a scranton cop....i didnt go to the prep..so i might be a bit slow..but i think if yo [...]
  • Bob Casey..Kids for Cash (scranton)
    • bobby..you havent said one word about the 17 year old juvenile who recently got the crap kicked out of him by a guard while he was in custody in your hometown of scranton , pa.

bobby..you havent said one word about the 17 year old juvenile who recen [...]

  • ex-WVW teacher waives hearing.. (Wilkes Barre)
    • this is without a doubt..one of the first times in history..in which the crime that this young lady committed was so heinous..every person in law enforcement..from cops..sheriffs. magistrates. tv guys. jailers..judges..wants to get their hands on her [...]
  • Marjol Battery.. (Throop)
    • during the 60s..the dunmore-jessup bus transported children from throop / olyphant to scranton.

80 per cent of those riders are now deceased..!!

Andy Ostrowski is running for US Congress in Pennsylvania's 11th district. No big deal you say. But it is. He is a single man taking on the machines of business. His hope is to hold true to the sentiment of Americans across the countr [...]

you see mr. casey..when black people get murdered by the polic [...]

  • WIAMoron FM / TV (Montage)
    • ok FM radio..it's your sister station up dere on da ski slope.No one cares a bout the steamtown malls big announcement.it's been a joke since the demolition of lackawanna avenue..i loved that block..hookers.pimps.drug dealers..shady titty bars..dumpy [...]
  • WIAMoron FM Radio.. (Wilkes Barre)
    • i dont think you possess the qualifications to make a general statement that all other countries in the world don't fly the US flag and usually just burn it. come on Mr. Radio guy..
  • WIAMoron Fm Radio (Wilkes Barre)
    • so mr. radio host..10 minutes later a guy calls in and tells you that US flags do fly in other countries..and you agree..WIAMoron FM..that's why this moniker exists..

also i have an idea for sherman hills..since there are very few white people in lu [...]

  • WIAMoron FM Radio (Wilkes Barre)
    • a dark skinned black male is a run on words.you can boost employee performance by requesting they speak less..but with more precision.for example..the woman was robbed by a dark skinned black male.can be shortened to a more effective piece of prose.. [...]
  • WIAMoron FM radio (Scranton)
    • the following program does not reflect the views of WIAMoron FM management..but we're going to run it anyway..because we were paid..and the bottom line in america is that if somebody waves a check in front of your face..take it.who cares what the con [...]

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