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craigslist | lost & found in tyler / east TX


Must describe and reply with phone number

  • Found Pitt Mix Pit Mix (Tyler )
    • This is somebody's dog. He is fixed, well mannered, shakes, sits and likes to chill on the couch. REALLY likes car rides. Didn't want to get out of our truck. Found near TJC and was following the neighbor girls age 6-8 around. He got in a tussle with [...]
  • Found Small Dog By 323 & Copeland (Tyler)
    • Small dog was found in the intersection of 323 & Copeland. I would like to get this dog hom immediately. Please call or text anytime

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LOST A PET!! CHECK OUT SMITH COUNTY HOLDING FACILITY***!! MANY STRAYS FOUND HERE!! you can also be pre-screened for adoption . Rescues with 501c welcome also. ONLY HAVE UNTIL TUESDAY TO BE ADOPTED OR TAGGED before 5 om and [...]

  • Lost Dogs (Chandler)
    • Our two dogs got out of our back yard last night during the storm. We live on Ally Kate Drive which is behind Winchester Park.

Jackson is a large male german shepard. Mya is a corgi german shepard mix. Both are friendly and not aggressive. Please [...]

finding lost or stolen pets. www. thepetrescue. com Or call: show contact info

Does anyone know who may be missing this blue male? He was found in Elm Grove. He is very thin & friendly. The home owner can not afford to keep him. I'm hoping we can find his home if not I will look for rescue to keep him out of Klien! To c [...]

  • Your dog is NOT safe from being stolen in Tyler, Tx (East Texas)
    • Representative Matt Schaefer will tell you that your dog is NOT safe from being stolen in Tyler , Texas!! Stealing a dog is only a Class "C" misdemeanor a $50.00 fine at the most for any dog, and Representative says that is all it should be. Why prot [...]
  • Found pitbull! (Arp)
    • I've got a pitbull that's shown up today. Of your missing one email or text me the discription and ill let you know if its your dog. Thank you.
    • found a male Chihuahua off of 69 in Lindale. Very well groomed and wearing a bandana. Must describe the dog and bandana to claim. It is missing it's loved ones. Please call

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    • MISSING IN PALESTINE, TX: During an unfortunate event during transport, LUCY was LOST at CR 358 & Hwy 155 about 3 miles north of Palestine. This happened at 2 PM on 6/21/14. Despite our best efforts, Lucy is nowhere to be found. Lucy was just rescued [...]
  • bring your pet back home (east TX)
    • Lost your pet, answer a click away if your pet is lost information is the key the pet rescue can cover

over 50 miles radius with its 65,000 professional contacts. We are all you need to bring your pet back home we are the pet rescue at Thepetrescu [...]

finding lost or stolen pets. www.thepetrescue.com Or call: show contact info

finding lost or stolen pets. www.thepetrescue.com Or call: show contact info

  • Lost yellow and white 3 legged cat (Mineola)
    • Lost cat from area of County Road 2220 area near the Hickory Hollow dance barn. Boy Kitty is yellow and white with a bobtail and is a king among kings in the cat world. He has only one back leg because he left home one night for some fun on the town [...]
  • found old black and white dog (778)
    • Found sweet old black and white dog. husband has seen her in different spots for the last five days and she jumped in his truck Today. please call anytime if she belongs to you.
  • Found: domestic pigeon/dove (south tyler)
    • I have found a domestic pigeon. Please contact me with a description if you think this may be your bird, or if you know anyone that may have lost him. Thanks.
    • Lost your Dog or Cat? Free pet listings LostMyDoggie list your lost dog or cat for free, instantly notify all your neighbors


Black and Tan. Family missing him show contact info

  • REWARD Lost Black Cat!!!! (Longview)
    • We lost our 1 year old black male cat on June 25th. He was wearing a collar at the time he was lost. Please if you find him, contact the above contacts! He is very loving and will come to you. He is medium hair.
  • Lost black cat (longview)
    • We lost our black 1 year old male cat on june 25th in Longview. Over by gilmer and hawkins road on Longmorn lane. If found contact me ASAP!!!!! We miss him dearly..

He was wearing a collor and is very loving...


  • lost yellow lab (Tucker )
    • Lost Yellow Lab, Male, young and goofy. Has collar and tags. Please call, no texts. He was lost from pvt rd 6907, off 2907. Near the Wal-mart warehouse in Tucker. Answers to Mikey.
  • Found dog (Judson )
    • Found yellow lab, male. Near Judson middle school, off 1844. Very friendly! Misses his home!
  • Lost black striped tabby cat (Tyler, TX)
    • Willie is a 4-5 year old male. He has been declawed and neutered. He got out when the cable man came Thursday, 7/10/14. I'm offering $100 reward. I live in area of Chapel Hill close to loop; Mansion Creek Circle, CR 273, Hwy 64E close to Mansion On T [...]
  • Found weaner dog (Bullard)
    • Found black wiener dog on Timberline drive, call

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  • Please help us find our baby girl (Lindale)
    • Our baby girl Shelby is lost. She is a black miniature schnauzer with a pink collar. She has a schnauzer haircut and is spayed. Last see at the conner of Jim Hogg Road and Cr 498 in Lindale. She is very loved and missed dearly. Please call with any i [...]
    • Birds are one of our specialties! No one else has the experience that we do, when it comes to finding them. Lost African greys, Macaws, Amazons, we have found every variety. We have had great success at finding Cockatiels. Let us find your Love Bird [...]
  • Found bicycle (Bullard/Mixon area)
    • I found a little girl's bicycle last night (Thursday night) on a FM road. It seems new. Please reply with description and possible loss location to claim it.
  • Found
    • Gladewater Bears Texas All-State ring Class of 2005 found in Van Alstyne while tilling for garden. Call and Describe. Call

show contact info

Last seen on 154 near Lake Fork. Please Help us find it, we miss him very much. Call or Text If you have any information about our "Negrito", Please, Please help to br [...]

show contact info David

  • LOST DOG! Please look! (Winona, Tx)
    • She went missing July 05, 2014 at night or July 06, 2014 early morning. Her name is Bella and she is shy but friendly. She was wearing an orange collar with a tag from North Tyler Veterinary Clinic and a flea collar. We have no clues as to what happe [...]
    • I have lost my black persian cat with orange eyes. She is a small persian (about 8 lbs.) lost in the White Oak area near 301 E. Old Hwy 80. Her name is Coco. There are some neighborhoods nearby, someone may be feeding her. If found please call me. I [...]
  • LOST! 3 gold rings, one with diamond (Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    • We were in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sunday, July 6th at 2:30pm, lost three yellow gold rings, one was a wedding ring with diamond.

Went back an hour later to look for them, park employee said someone might have turned into 84th precinct; however, the [...]

  • Family dog taken in pittsburg (pittsburg)
    • He is still a puppy, about 14 weeks old, who ever took him, took off his leash and tag he is mainly black with white markings, he is part pit bull part lab his name is Syrus, he likes car rides and is playful, my kids miss their dog, we need him retu [...]
  • lost black lab. REWARD.
    • Medium sized black lab mix. no collar. Went missing july 4th in ymca area she may have gone far. she's very sweet but probably scared. If you've seen her or know where she might be please contact me. she is a family pet and missed very much we are of [...]
  • Lost momma and pup (Longview)
    • Two of our dogs are missing! Our black pup went missing yesterday and his mother today. The pups name is liquorice he is 6 months old with a purple tongue. Mommas name is Serenity she was spayed two weeks ago. They are both sweethearts and we miss th [...]
  • Lost 2 female dogs in Gladewater (Country Club and McKean)
    • On July 2, 2014 after 10 pm our 3 dogs (pets) broke out of their fenced back yard. We believe some one threw black cat fireworks into their pen causing trauma. We did get our male dog (blonde one in pic) back because of his tags but have not found th [...]
  • Found Female Lab Mix (CR 3323)
    • Found Female Black Lab Mix, approximately 50 pounds, near Farmers Market Road 1564, around 1 am on Thursday, July 3rd.
  • found pit bull (overton)
    • Pit bull wandered up the 4th after 10pm. Didn't want it to get hurt or into the wrong hands so its at the police station. They said they would take it to henderson shelter then, unless someone calls looking for it before hand. Didn't have a collar on [...]
  • Lost Dog - Part Great Dane (Lindale)
    • Neighborhood fireworks scared my dog off tonight. Part Great Dane. About 170 lbs. Looks scary because of his size but is very friendly. Please call

show contact info Cross streets are FM 2710 and CR 452.

  • Lost Dog- miniature pinscher mix (tyler tx)
    • Our female miniature pinscher mix went missing July 3rd around 9:30 pm. She's about 15 pounds, black with brown feet and a small brown and white patch on her chest. Last seen on Heritage South in Tyler. Please contact if you have seen her or have any [...]
  • Lost Beagle (Van)
    • We have an 11 yr old Beagle who got out a few days ago. She's gotten out before but usually would come back home without issue. So we are a bit worried. She's kinda chunky and has a skin condition that affects mostly her back. She also makes a cute g [...]
    • Bella got out of her kennel Thursday night July 3rd. Near CR 277 in kaufman County. She isn't aggressive and will come to bella. I am a disabled vet an bella really helped me out with alot. Please contact me if you find her. There is a reward.
  • Lost Kitty near Green Acres
    • Lost Kitty. She is due for her monthly meds. UTD on shots and spayed. If you have seen her please contact me

show contact info Has red collar and tag w info.

  • Husky Dog with Black Colar (Tatum Zachry Office)
    • I work at the Zachry office in Tatum. A healthy looking white gray black husky wolf looking dog just ran through warehouse like it was lost. It stopped for moment and let me pet it and look at rabies tag on black collar. Then it was off again heading [...]
  • Lost Grey Kitten in Longview! (Estes Pkwy to Loop 281)
    • Missing my 3 month old Grey Kitten. She has Green eyes and had a Pink collar on. She was last seen on Estes Pkwy and I believe she may have climbed in my engine and hitched a ride when I went to work (Texas Roadhouse). I made 2 stops on the way there [...]
  • Lost Mini-Schnauzer (Lindale tx)
    • We lost our sweet dog Friday night in the downtown Lindale area. We have searched for her. Please help us locate her. She is black. Her ears haven't been clipped. She is fixed. She's eight years old. One ear has had surgery so it's a little messed up [...]
    • Someone stole my 2014 CanAm Renegade XXC 1000 last night from Gator Run Atv Park in Tatum Texas. PLEASE keep your eyes and ears open for me! It has snorkels, 2 inch wheel spacers all the way around, 14in rims with 32 in silverbacks. They do NOT have [...]
    • We are searching for our Tip Tip. We think she was stolen off of our property. She is a medium, long hair, black and white border collie. No tags. Very smart. Loves 4 wheelers and herding cattle and horses. If you have a 4 wheeler, start it and she w [...]
  • Lost & Found Dogs (Smith County)
    • These dogs were found in Smith County near Tyler, TX. They were pick up by AC and are our of time. If you think one of these dogs belongs to you or you want to adopt one of them, please see the FB page @ facebook.com/savinganimalsfromeuthanasiaintexa [...]
  • lost male mini pin (rural van, tx)
    • Missing male mini pin, last seen Thursday June 27, name is Little Bit , please call

show contact info or show contact info

  • lost female black and white austrailian shepard (bullard)
    • Missing for three days. She must have gotten out of our yard and maybe someone has picked her up. Wife has cried for three days so if you see her or have her please contact me. She loves kids and doesn't know a stranger and is a part of our family an [...]
  • Found Female Walker Coonhound (Sweet Gum Rd )
    • Found female Walker Coonhound. She's been wandering our neighborhood for over a week now and I finally got her to come to me. Please call or text with identifying information if she belongs to you.
  • Lost Dog (Big Sandy, Texas)
    • Lost Dog missing as of Wednesday, 6-26 on or around the Silver Maple Road location. Dog is male and answers to the name of Teddy. He weighs 40-50 pounds. He is blond or biscuit colored with a black collar and blue dog license. I am the owner and was [...]
  • Found siamese male cat (Tyler)
    • We have found and cared for a male Siamese cat. If you have lost your cat please email me. We already have cats, and someone took one of ours and then this cat showed up. So please email if you think it's yours
  • 1000.00 REWARD..RETURN MY GOLD RING (155 s to Frankston)
    • lost last year and just noticed this catagory. Gold nugget on sides with platinum/diamonds on top with my initials in gold. LARGE REWARD!!! Initials are D P ......please call if you know anything about my ring. I had it made 31 yrs ago . Please call [...]
  • Lost Little Girl (Balsam and Blueridge)
    • We have lost our little girl. She is a 2lb chihuahua. Her name is Chica. She should have been found around the Blueridge and Baslm area in Longview.
  • lost black cat (longview)
    • We lost our 1 year old black long haired cat on the 25th of June in longview off gilmer and dundee in that subdivision. He is very friendly. If you find him please contact me asap! He is wearing a collar. Long hair black with grey under his legs. .
  • LOST... SOFTBALL BAT AND GLOVE (987 Old Kaufman Road) canton)
    • A little girl has lost her bat and glove and possibly an all star jersey #55 at the park by the lake in Canton. She was practicing Thursday evening and these items were picked up off of a picnic table. This bat a sentimental value and needs to be ret [...]
  • Lost 2 basset hound/lab mix dogs (noonday/ Flint)
    • On friday the 27th my two basset hound/lab mixed dogs got out of the fence near cr 1100 in noonday...we cannot find them anywhere. Their names are Blitz and Volk and are normally very shy and scared of cars. They love females though. They were not we [...]
  • looking for a friend (winona)
    • i miss my best friend please help me find him asap
  • Found Yorkie with collar (tyler)
    • found a yorkie with collar this morning near Chilton Ave & Houston Street
  • Lost black and white cat (Lucky avenue)
    • Hi! My family's cat has gone missing in the last week! she's a fourteen year old female shorthair black and white cat. She has white front paws and white back socks. She has a white chest and mouth and a white strip that goes up between her eyes! She [...]
    • Missing great dane 8 months old, mostly black and has white nose and belly.

Goes by the name of REX. REWARD. please help show contact info Kenzie show contact info Ryan

  • Lost Australian Shepherd (Fred, TX)
    • Please, Please help us find my son's dog.....Her name is Sassy....she is a 7 year old, fixed female Australian Shepherd - Red and White (reddish brown and white- very fluffy right now). She is a very friendly, very gentle dog - is our family pet, but [...]
  • lost chocolate lab and pit mix (Harleton, tx)
    • Lost dog. She got out and left around a week ago off Anderson rd. In Harleton. She answers to Chevy. She has a white patch on her chest, her paws. Best way to contact me is via text. 5zero12861seven08 or 9034two4265six thank u. $200 reward.
  • Found small black female dog (near TK Gorman)
    • Dog Found.

Small, black, sweet, female. Be prepared to identify using specifics.

    • Lost Australian Shepherd red/white merle..last possible sighting around I20 between willowbrook and 110 mile markers 544 and 545
  • Lost My doggy Cats Found (01)
    • 1000's of lost pets posted in your area, check now to see if someone has found them HTTP://LOSTPETS-OH.COM
    • Folks, please stop dumping your animals off on the side of the road! You might think that some kind heart will take your animal in and care for it and give it a "happily ever after". While there is a slim chance that may happen, your animal is in for [...]
  • Found brown and white older puppy (Gilmer)
    • I found an older white and brown puppy cowering in the ditch on a road off 300 a few minutes south of Gilmer.

Must id the breed and markings to reclaim.

Old Golden Retriever and his name is Max older dog has been trained and went missing Saturday 6/21/2014 And Max Also has a Harley Davidson collar on his neck (no Tags ). If Found Please Respond to this [...]

  • Found: Female Lab (Palestine)
    • This sweet girl was found approximately one month ago near 287 and Balloon Base Road. She fetches, sits, begs and shakes. Someone has invested a lot of time into this beautiful girl. Let's get her home soon!
  • Found a Dog (Mt Enterpiseid )
    • found black and white dog If you miss a dog pllz call

show contact info

  • Looking for Kathy Hanes (tyler tx)
    • Looking for Kathy Hanes. Also had the last names of Brooks and Guss. It is very important to me that I find her as I need information regarding her daughter.

I will ask personal questions to verify that it is the correct person. She is probably in h [...]

Between wills point & terrell.

  • Help Needed
    • Please try to help this man . Share this photo on your Facebook pages so maybe he can get his shirts back . Thanks ( I'm just posting this to try and help him)
  • Found: Dog in Marshall near Walmart (Walmart, Marshall, TX)
    • Local rescuer found dog wandering Walmart parking lot in Marshall in 93 degree heat. Skinny, so either has been underfed or has been on their own for awhile. Medical needs are being attended to shortly. Sweet and timid.

Call/text/email to describe s [...]

  • Found puppy! (Mineola)
    • Found this pup, he wondered on my porch today. He looks to be about 5 or 6 months old. Very sweet. He is maybe a lab/German Shepard. Please help me find his home. Or if you want him let me know. We can't keep him. Thank you!
  • FOUND : brown puppy (LongviewTX)
    • Found sweet brown puppy in Towne Oaks apartments located right off of Long Park Trail. Had blue gingham collar on and is very skinny.
  • Missing Black Schnauzer (Alba area)
    • Loved family pet, lost Wednesday evening, 6/18, in the Alba area off 17. Solid Black, blue collar, very friendly and affectionate. If anyone has seen a stray schnauzer fitting this description, we'd be very grateful if you'd contact us @ 90 three, 7s [...]
  • REWARD $500.00 Searching for Norman and Breeze (Last Known Kaufman)
    • REWARD of $500.00 will paid for information leading to the safe return of my horses. I am searching for Norman and Breeze - 2 horses I gave to a man D. Freeman in Kaufman Texas (my longtime friend of 15 yrs recommended him and they both promised he w [...]
  • HAVE YOU LOST OR FOUND A DOG? (Lost & Found)
    • Lost Dogs of Texas is an all volunteer organization, helping to reunite lost and found dogs. We will post the information about the dog, sharing it with thousands of people. We also create a colorful flyer for you to post in your neighborhood. This i [...]
  • Lost and Found Dogs PLEASE READ (Northeast TX)
    • If you have lost a dog....please don't think that your dog can't end up in the Animal Shelter......it can. Well meaning people pick them up, then can't find the owner and they can't keep your precious animal.........so they are taken to the shelter. [...]
  • Lost dogs (Greenville)
    • Mama and daughter shepard mix rescue dogs escaped from fenced yard during bad weather in April in Greenville, near L-3. Mama looks mostly like shepard with floppy ears and daughter is a couple of months old and mostly black. These dogs were being fos [...]
  • Is this your lost dog? (tyler tx)
    • These dogs were picked up by Animal Control and are currently located at Smith County Holding facility. If one of them belongs to you, please PM Facebook page facebook.com/savinganimalsfromeuthanasiaintexas for information on how to claim. Alternatel [...]
  • stolen bird ! (bullard/flint)
    • My house was broken in to and they stole My best friend ! They also stole other items.just want my best friend back . If returned to me no questions asked if sheriff finds u its a first degree felony your facing up to 20yrs.if any one has imformation [...]
  • Lost Chihuahua - FOUND - Amazing Rescue! (North Tyler)
    • Thank you to all you lovely people who jumped into the search for our lost Chihuahua. It is an amazing rescue story. Little Chiquis (Chee Kee) somehow stepped on the window's power button and fell out of the vehicle at 70 miles per hour. My double ba [...]

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