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craigslist | missed connections in vermont

Me: walking on sidewalk Not sure if you saw me but hoping you did. Let me know if you are interested

  • Rutland Area Health Club - m4m (RUtland County)
    • Hey i saW YOU today for maybe the third time. You have a perfect strong body great skin amazing ass wear all the right clothes timberland shoes great gym bag nice truck And i hate you whatever you do im an old man leave me in peace thank God i never [...]
  • Chris and Tams snack shack - m4w
    • I just wanted to say that the folks at this place in the fair are some great people......but I also want to add that I have for the last couple years been totally awe struck by the most beautiful woman that just makes me melt when I see you....I thin [...]
  • RE: I only wish there were a way (just down the hill) - w4m
    • Well I am the angry women and the author of what was removed last night. (Someone in a previous post mentioned the one that was removed last night). It was removed because he showed up at my door with the same ole' story line and I listened to what h [...]
  • Roof of Blue - w4m
    • Careful with this one. I can assure you he is most definitely fucking more than one person at a time, pretty much at all times. How he is able to balance all that with his wife and children, I dunno. Props to him. But seriously, make sure he's wrappi [...]
  • RE: I only wish there were a way- w4m (just down the road)/ Blue Roof - w4m (Not just down the road)
    • I am laughing too hard. Right on, set this pathetic (and apathetic) manipulator straight. Sounds exactly like the manipulative and self serving guy I've had fwb's who described the house I visited him at as having a blue roof. This guy is a narcissis [...]
  • (edited 2:30pm) RE: I only wish there were a way... (OP) - m4w (just down the hill)
    • EDIT: Not Middlebury, Not Derby. Sorry. (Actually about right in between the two. Closer to Montp.)

To the "Angry Woman" that posted. This post was not for you, as you sound like me! Lol In my situation , I am the hard worker that gives all and gets [...]

You: younger, lovely smile with a touch of naughtiness in same. Would you like to meet and just have some mutually enjoyable fun, with you as the center of my attention?

I'd love to get together with you. So sweet! J

I miss our sexy time together more than you could imagine. I dont miss the rest, because we have both [...]

I miss my fwb. We have so much fun together and no drama!

  • One woman only - m4w (over here)
    • Follow your heart.I like you so much. Your sweet, kind, professional. loving, well spoken, educated, to name a few. So hot to.!You have filled my dreams and thoughts.Hopefully we can break through and actually go out for dinner and a drink some time [...]
  • You were sunning nude at the river today - m4w (Richmond)
    • I have been going to this spot for years and have never seen you before. Are you new? Will you be going in the future? Tried to give you as much privacy as you needed but I won't apologize for looking when you got up to take a dip. That spot is such [...]
  • Cute punk rock chick at boloco - m4w
    • Saw you in boloco on church st around 6:30. You had short plaid skirt and misfits shirt and bunch of tattoos. I had tattoos (knuckle tats easily visible) and converse shoes and slipknot shirt. Was gonna ask for your name and tell you nice tattoos but [...]
  • Hello Neighbor in Short-Shorts - m4w (Burlington Area)
    • So, hello to my neighbor in the short-shorts. I spy you mowing your lawn and taking your trash out :-P. You are often admired by your attractive neighbor!
  • avidskier - m4m (stowe)
    • hey avidskier I see you all around town I think your hot would you be up for some hot m2m action
  • waterbury grocery store - m4m (waterbury )
    • I saw u again today in Waterbury grocery store a little afternoon, dam u r so handsome and have a great body, I look at u and u know who I am, must be very descreet but do u have any intrest in chatting? I hope the answer is yes, today u had a checke [...]
  • outdoor gear xchange sleeping bags - m4m (burlington) 25yr
    • I was looking at sleeping bags at OGE. you're super hot and might have been checking me out too.
  • what were the odds we would meet on here? :) - m4w (williston) 22yr
    • 19 months ago i came back to Burlington after having the most difficult and trying year I could have ever imagined. coming back here was the start of my new life, the life i knew i deserved. I took a chance and made a post on here, i was such a lonel [...]
  • Your initals are C.H - w4m (Lyndonville)
    • C.H-

You moved here last year, in the fall from NH. Older, 40s-50s, outdoorsy, ruggedly handsome. You have a huge smile and a great laugh. I have the biggest crush on you. Whatever would happen between us would have to be discrete. You seem to spen [...]

You were a sexy blonde with some hot high heels on. I believe you were meeting a guy on a date and you arrived first. I was there alone and I noticed you as soon as you walked in and we caught eyes as I was leaving. If you see this, I hope to he [...]

  • S barre shell/Roland's Sunday eve. - m4m
    • You: young handsome dude, black hoodie, John Deere hat. We talked some. Me: way older, goatee, white pickup, waved to you as we left. Wanna meet?
  • cute watress at tap house - m4w (Rutland) 26yr
    • You seem very nice, have a great smile and beautiful eyes. we talked about the dark beer, you told me to comeback in a few weeks and try the new ones. I will be coming back, but I'm more interested in talking to you than trying the new beer. I got tw [...]
  • Waterbury res. - w4m 28yr
    • Hey. I was the girl fishing on the shore with my daughter. You were the guy going out on your boat with your buddies....You asked how the fishing was.... I think you are cute. If you think the same hit me up :) I'm single and looking. I'm shy, otherw [...]
  • Woodstock Ave At Bellevue Ave...Sunday noon - m4m (Rutland) 43yr
    • You caught my eye and then waved to me. I waved back but could not stop. Let's meet and see where it goes.
  • Pittsford Brunette in Apt. - m4w (Rt.7)
    • I have seen you a few times since you moved in in your gray tank top, nice tits & blue pajama bottoms, you are a hot brunette. Looks like a little on the Goth side maybe? I've noticed a couple times when your BF leaves for work, you have other guys s [...]
  • Always great to see you Kasey P - m4w (St A)
    • You know I will always love you but also know that you can't love me. I know you won't take me back but can't you at least get rid of that fat ass loser and cheater and find someone that can treat you the way you should be treated? Every time I see y [...]
  • RE: wish we never met - w4m (None of ya business)
    • wow how did you know what i was thinking?? I really need to stop wishing for things so deeply..............
  • Hannafords 8/22 - w4m (Bradford) 27yr
    • I let you cut me in line. You had one item. You'll probably never see this but you had gorgeous eyes :) I wanted to ask your name but I chickened out. If you see this email me :)
  • Mel from walmart - m4w
    • I think your braces and laugh are cute! Get back to me so I can introduce myself!


Fit and muscular here. Hit me up if you read this. Let's hang.

Then my friend ended up leaving his iPod in the backseat of yr car. Gimme a call a [...]

  • You know what eye miss too - m4w (esex )
    • Maybe you are just using her and she might want tosneak over and see me, let me hear from you hun.
  • Shaw's Manchester - m4m (Manchester)
    • Noticed you in the produce section and we kept bumping into each other in several aisles. You're tall, with blonde crew cut. Me: a bit older and was wearing flip-flops. Man, I hope you see this. Get in touch!!
  • Petite Rechead at the fair!! - m4w (Essex Junction )
    • I saw you at the beer tent with your friends but could not work up the balls to saw hi. Then I saw you again near the rides dancing to a song shacking your cute little butt lol. If you see this and are interested please respond. I was wearing tan pan [...]
  • Pic-n-shovel - m4m
    • Saw u at costco today...u have waited on me in Newport.....so cute, any interest? I think you saw

me? You might have been with your mom.

In very bad health lately Jean. Would really like to and talk to you and Jess one more time. Please soften your heart. 36 years and 1097 miles.

  • Cut your hair - m4m (Shelburne Rd) 52yr
    • We chatted while you were working this morning (Friday). I didn't recognize you as you had cut your long hair and donated it. Awesome that you did that. Would like to get to know you more as your hair grows back.

Re: shower door purchase.

  • followed me in red honda - m4w (brattleboro)
    • I saw you getting gas next to me and then you pulled in next to my car at another store. said you need a windshield. You're hot.. HMU.. email me what my car is so i know its you.
  • Elmore Construction - m4w (Flagger ) 31yr
    • I see you daily. You have glasses and black hair in braids I think. You are so sexy. Wonder what it would be like to kiss you every day.
  • Route 12 Flagger - m4w (Elmore, morrisville )
    • I have never seen so many sexy flagger woman. Would be interested in chatting with single woman looking for a good guy. She has black hair in braids. Yesterday she was by the graveyard. So sexy.
  • Emiley - m4w (South burlington)
    • Ec at work in south burlington. You need a big smile hopefully i can get you to smile. You looked amazing. I have always been attractive to you and would love to get to know you more. I'm all yours. All you have to do is let me know if the feeling is [...]
  • It was nice to see you, Christina! - m4w (Warner's Snack Bar)
    • Hi! It was a really pleasant surprise to see you Monday... I've thought about you more than a few times since my divorce, but had no idea how to find you! I know at one time you were interested; any chance you still might be?? If so, we should get to [...]
  • Quechee couple - m4mw
    • I was at the condo today and like both of you and the feeling seemed the same. We are the same age, but she is a little younger and very attractive and very sexy. I am very interested in knowing you both better and enjoying a little intimate fun. If [...]
  • Hottie at the YMCA - m4m (Winooski YMCA)
    • Hottie working out at the Winooski Y in the mornings. Not sure if we play on the same team but I'd love to service you.
  • JoAnne 989 - m4w (Barre) 58yr
    • Backroad 58 would love to chat with you, and you know why. Hit me up soon, so we can enjoy some hot stuff together.
  • Stoner plumber - w4m (NEK) 35yr
    • You worked on a job for me a few weeks ago and you were supposed to come back and bring me a little something afterward. What happened? I'm not mad, just curious. I thought you were cute and thought I felt a spark from you. I'm here for a couple more [...]
  • penguin mart - m4w (bellows falls)
    • You work at penguin mart you have red hair and are very beautiful. you are married which stinks for me and I have someone to. Don't know what I'm trying to say except your very beautiful I saw I today before I went to work u had a pink t shirt on. I [...]
  • Re. re Painfull - m4w (vermont)
    • Does your kindness and sweetness just ooze right out of you? Are you wicked hot? Are you within 30 mins to Burlington? Im always so uncertain of myself when it comes to a woman that i know is a keeper.You got my undivided attention a while ago. Someh [...]
  • At&t middlebury - m4m (middlebury)
    • Saw you working in att yesterday. You tall redhead sexier seth rogan look alike. I think your name is Johnathan. I was the dark haired Asian you were helping. you smiled and laughed at all my jokes. would love to grab a drink sometime and see if ther [...]
  • You were getting your mail..... - m4w (Williston )
    • I was driving by, slow. You were making a long walk to the mail box with your dog. We waved and waved again when I was on the road behind the house. You were a vision and I was speechless. Message me!
  • shaws colchester - m4m (burl) 42yr
    • wow i shop shaws colchester and see so many hot guys especially on front end. any guys there looking for other guys? let ,me know lets play sometime
  • Blonde Cutie in the white dress-hannafords - m4w (North Ave) 22yr
    • To the cute blonde at hannafords in the white dress, you were looking very very sensual. You fogged up my glasses on multiple occasions . Ps nice eyeliner ;)

North Ave , Burlington

  • East Dorset General Store - m4w (East Dorset)
    • Cassie, I get in the store once in a while. Your gorgeous!!!!! you make my day!!!!
  • ludlow shaws - m4w (ludlow)
    • i highly doubt this will work but i was at shaws today around 5ish. i was in the line with u as my bagger. u then moved to the cash register down from me. as i walked out we stared right at eachother and smiled i think u are really qute and would lov [...]
  • You bought my Grocerys at price chopper - m4w (Brattleboro)
    • So. . .. You payed for my groceries at price chopper around 11.30 tonight. I was stunned and caught off guard. I didn't know what else to say other than thank you. you said it was a random act of kindness. I wish I had asked your name, at the very le [...]
  • Hot Bartender - m4m (Woodstock) 49yr
    • You are the HOT bartender at Prince & The Pauper. I was in Saturday 8/16 for dinner. We made eye contact several times, but I was not alone. We both have shaved heads. Would love to meet up sometime.
  • Painfull. - m4w
    • I have had enough pain to last me a life time. Not interested in anymore. Im just on the hunt for the perfect wife. Thats why im here. This is not the place to being looking either. Although im almost hopeless. And it shouldnt be the case. I believe [...]
  • You: READING, VT we met at PONDFEST - mw4mm (PONDFEST)
    • We hung out at Pondfest and were camped near each other and relaxed by your fire. Our initials are J and J. You are three buddies from Reading. For some reason we didn't exchange information. Your CBD's changed my life.
  • the girl of my dreams. - m4w (here)
    • Will probably never see this. Shes alot like me as far as our interest go. That is hard to find these days. Shes a very attractive woman to. She has a great personality and incredible figure. Shes perfect. She keeps me always thinking about her . She [...]
  • Newfane Convenience - w4m (Newfane) 25yr
    • Hey... Looking for a guy working in a convenience and liquor store in Newfane around 5:30pm on Saturday. Right near that store that sells quilts and fudge.

Anyway, walked in with my mom, and my heart fell out of my chest. Gorgeous. So my type. Tall, [...]

  • Ramuntos - m4w (bennington) 32yr
    • I see you here for lunch with your friend almost every week. you- 5'8 ish gorgous long brown hair, around 28? beautiful all over, kind and charismatic. Thats what draws me to you over and over again. Im pretty sure i overheard a conversation about ve [...]
  • Saturday Matinee - m4w (Weston) 45yr
    • I saw you today at the Matinee in Weston.

You had on a spectacular dress. I complimented you on it and you said it was the first time you'd worn it. I might add that you wore it, oh so well. :-) Thank you for making my day It was a pleasure seei [...]

  • are you in love - m4w (champlain valley)
    • because im not. i hope i didnt screw up. i really think we can be awesome together. its crazy this stupid internet. your so sweet it scares me. but i always look forward to seeing you. i do anything for you. what a sweety. i always wanted a woman lik [...]
  • Common Rd - m4m (Waitsfield)
    • you were running with your dog on Common Rd in Waitsfield today around 3pm, you are early to mid 20's I would guess. I drove by twice and you waved te second time. I was driving a commercial vehicle. I think ou are hot as hell and would love to get t [...]
  • Re:naught secrets? naughty CL EMAIL! - w4m - 19 (!!) - m4w
    • Don't bother guys. She only responds with 2 or 3 words responses...she doesn't say much at all....usually "yes', "no" or emoticons...I felt like I was doing all the talking till I stopped from complete boredom trying to keep the convo going.
  • Ti gas station - m4w (Ticonderoga ) 45yr
    • You were the vision in pink having trouble with the gas pump. I had "fabulous whiskers" you had to touch. I can not get you out of my head. Please let me buy you dinner.
  • From Poultney to Rutland - m4w (D.D.) 28yr
    • I had heard a rumor you were going to a new place and was disheartened when I came to work this Friday and you actually were not there. I feel totally ripped off though because N. told me you visited at 11. The city has become dismal and gloomy since [...]
  • Montpelier Book Garden - m4w (Mont, VT)
    • You came into the bookstore and we had a lovely conversation about whether you should buy a 3rd book or stick with two. I think you made the right decision going with the third and would love to get a cup of coffee and hear how they turned out if you [...]
  • hi at McDonalds Friday night - m4w (Rutland McDonald's )
    • Hey there, here's to hoping you might see this. I was at the McDonald's in Rutland around 9:30pm and we exchanged a few smiles checking each other out, you were sitting with a friend a couple booths away from the bathroom. you had said hi to me as I [...]
  • Mid July-black man on the large rock - mw4m (The Ledges, VT) 45yr
    • You were a good looking black man hanging out with a white friend. You were both well endowed. We were sitting in front of where you were standing on the big rock. I am a bigger, sexy lady with reddish hair and my husband was there with me. I wanted [...]
  • Dalye Sargent - m4w (So. Burlington VT)
    • I spend the night July 4th 2013 with you atop the parking garage of the U mall in south Burlington watching the fireworks getting to know each other! You are and were so beautiful. We left in my car and almost connected. I brought you back to your ca [...]
  • Jeep on 91 south - w4m (91 south wrj)
    • I passed you going south on 91 between exit 12 and 11. You were in a jeep. We made eye contact. You're very attractive.... You got off exit 11 and went left while I went right. If you see this what color car was I in...?
  • Never ask for anything. Always be disgusted - m4w
    • is the philosophy she lives by, so why do I even bother.--------------------------------
  • tb05641 - w4m (vt)
    • You have been gone 2 weeks & I am really missing you. Lunches will never be the same :'(
  • Saying goodbye - w4m
    • to you was the second hardest thing I have ever done. the first was losing my mom 2 years ago.

I always told you it was about you and only you But what's mine is mine I dont like sharing. I fell for you honestly and deeply Only wanting to wake in y [...]

  • It's just You, You are such good looking..... - m4w (Colchester)
    • I see you every day ( Almost ) and would Love to just talk to you one on one and maybe even Hug you and hold you as it has been a long time for me to have hugged a Woman like you. I do not want to cause you any trouble and this is probably a silly wa [...]
  • Drive home last night - m4w (91 North)
    • I doubt you will see this but you very cute and we played cat and mouse on the highway for a few exits. The last time I passed you, we made eye contact and smiled at one another. We both drove similar cars, if you see this write me and let me know wh [...]
  • Lisa at Jolley Market Wilmington - m4w (Wilmington )
    • Lisa I've seen you a few times, I think your adorable and would like to get to know you better. I tried going to Your register but you were busy, I'm going back to MA, but let's talk if your interested. You always look like an Angel to me and I like [...]
  • after 2 years - m4w (central)
    • Still after two years i still find myself coming on here looking on missed connections looking to find you responding to Me with open arms and a open heart hoping you will have some revelation and maybe You will except some responsibility for this fa [...]
  • RE: Victoria - w4m
    • Can you tell me where we met so I know you are talking about this blonde named Victoria?
  • City Market hottie cashier - m4w (burlington)
    • we both see each other all the time and its when we are both working, you at check out me running to get produce we ran out of,(Im a chef not at City Market). I deff have felt some energy, and would love to hang out sometime. I have 2 half sleeve tat [...]
  • hottie at the Inn - m4m 39yr
    • You were sitting by yourself in the corner on the porch. Our eyes made contact and I got to see how handsome you are. Tell me what color the chairs are if you're interested.
  • Montpelier Coop - w4m (Montpelier)
    • You: 6'3; 230lbs; blond. Me: 5'6; 130lbs; blond. I walked in and saw you standing in line to pay at the lunch area, you saw me too; then I peeked around the corner where the tables are to get a glimpse of you before leaving, and you looked up. Would [...]
  • Friends. :) - m4w (Vermont) 30yr
    • I know we are just friends....we have tried more and it just didn't work out. I can only thank you for sticking around and keeping this friendship working. I NEVER wanted to lose you as a friend and would never want to see you unhappy. I'm excited we [...]
  • how about a walk in the rain. - m4w
    • Im still thinking about this one girl.Shes probably pissed off at me.I just went to bed early last night.She used to come around more often. She hasnt much latley. I hope that is going to be changing soon because i have wanted this for far to long. I [...]

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