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  • Stopped you in Shaws, twice. :) - m4w (manchester)
    • Saw you in Shaws, and stopped in my tracks when u walked by me. i actually stopped you and told you you were 'adorable' .. worst compliment ever, it just came out! lol then said hi to you at the register too. you said you lived in the area (then u sa [...]
  • re: I've loved for the last time - m4w
    • Women want what they don't have. Plain and simple. If they got a bad boy, they want a good guy. If they have a good guy they want a bad boy. I say the hell with those manipulative, controlling, money sucking biaches and be single. Amen brother.
  • Just wondering..... - m4w (Nek/barre ) 39yr
    • We met here 2 years ago talked and stopped, started again a month ago and we seemed to really connect..... Maybe too much so and that's why you stopped completely. I meant no bad at all, I was ok with the "rules", situation. I just feel badly, becaus [...]
  • Doctor office - m4w (georgia)
    • In a very horrible time in my life I meat this person that made me feel good and wanted. looked for my presence and reached out for me when the world was scary and made me feel needed and wanted. she amazed me with her interest and her talents as wel [...]
  • Dear Jon H. - w4m (Milton)
    • Dear Jon,

If you are reading this, I hope it's because you noticed me today too. I was afraid to say hello to you because I was unsure of how you would respond to me. Perhaps you didn't notice me at all, and that's okay. I spent Christmas with you [...]

  • Ashleigh at Peoples bank - m4w (Williston)
    • My eyes have to be decieving me!!! She is total beauty she took me by surprise from the 1st time I saw her her beauty is forever etched in my eyes!! Wow ive never seen a more perfect redhead...now if only I had the nerve to tell her how I feel instea [...]
  • All I want for Christams - w4m (Barre) 33yr
    • All I want for Christmas is for one more kiss, one more hug and just a little bit of your time. I feel used and just need to understand what you want. You went from hot, hot, hot to cold! What changed? You will probably never read this but I am putti [...]
  • I've loved for the last time - m4w (Burlington)
    • I've loved a couple of times in my life and this last one just took the wind out of my sails. As a middle aged man I am tired of being the "nice guy" and always stuck in the friend zone. I just don't have it in me anymore. I can't do it again. To all [...]
  • all eyes on you - m4w (Lyndonville) 34yr
    • I see you all over. Our paths seem to cross often and it always makes my day. You are stunning! Your eyes, your body, your ass. Its almost not fair. I can't stop myself from staring.

You drive a white GMC Yukon. Blond hair. Everyone seems to knows w [...]

  • I am your Angel - w4m (Southern area) 53yr
    • What is wrong with the guys on cl ? I thought we were making a connection via chats...then poof you disappear. I guess it's just a meat market here. I can't apologize for wanting more. I don't think I can find a gentleman here that is worth my time. [...]
  • 99 restaurant - m4w (williston) 44yr
    • I came in for lunch yesterday with my daughter and her boyfriend. You were our server (Shelley I think). You told me you are a bruins fan. Tell me what hockey team's hat I wore. You are extremely beautiful and seem to have a great personality. I woul [...]
  • Emiley - m4w (South burlington)
    • Ec at work in south burlington. You need a big smile hopefully i can get you to smile. You looked amazing. I have always been attractive to you and would love to get to know you more. I'm all yours. All you have to do is let me know if the feeling is [...]
  • Costco today - m4w (Burlington)
    • We crossed paths 3 times. Damn funny. Seemed to be a glint in the smile.

Heck ya never know. Im pretty tall and you have what color hair?

I would wish for just one kiss___________________ @}----

I don't mean to, but I get so lost without knowing if or when I'll get to see you next. I understand that you're busy and have a life, but I'm terrified that one day we'll just stop talking. I'm terrified [...]

We worked together in health care. We used to have breakfast after I got out of work. I've moved on professionally and want to contact her. Ron

  • Miss the part of my soul you were - m4w 37yr
    • It has been a few months since I last saw you. My heart aches everyday. EVERYDAY. Still dont know what happen. Why did you leave ? What did I do ? Did you ever love me like you claimed to ? I don't think you did. How could you ? How could you abandon [...]
  • johnny boys rutland - m4w (woodstock ave rutland)
    • About 12:30 Monday afternoon. I was sitting with someone. You were sitting a couple tables up with an older woman, maybe your mom. I noticed you kept turning around and looking my way, even as I came back from the restroom. Attraction? I thought you [...]
  • Green Bay Packers game - m4m (Fair Haven) 30yr
    • We were both out watching football. You were a big GB fan. You seemed interested in conversation, maybe more. Get back to me so we can meet up again. Put the location in the headline.
  • books in southburlington - m4w (south burlington) 20yr
    • I think you caught me looking at you and then you looking at me. I was then fortunate enough to have you at the checkout line. Your smile was so perfect. I saw your name on my receipt, if you remember me tell me something about my books/jacket anythi [...]
  • Putting My Toes In The Water Farmgirl050568 - m4w (Newport Vt)
    • I happen to be going through Farmers Only.com, and OMG you were the only Gal that even caught my attention by your beautiful looks, but then I read your post and you finished me off. Is there a chance that you are a real person?
  • Hot stuff at milton liquor store. - m4m (Milton)
    • You work at the Milton Liquor store. Always have a smile on your cute face. Would like to get to know you better. Honestly don't think your into guys but why not try. You: Tall good looking work afternoon-closing. Just got a new hair cut. Looks great [...]

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