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With every beat of my heart I grow weaker. Nearly unable to stand. It hurts.. It hurts so. if your pain would ease would mine lift. My heart is forever scarred, a gaping hole that steadily bleeds. S [...]

  • Young guy - m4m (milton)
    • I know you'll probably never see this but in hopes I'm posting. You came into my work today and I had to card you. You drove in in a honda and bought two items. If this is you initials JC with a honda tell me what you bought or tell me what I said be [...]
  • Delivery Guy - Wings - w4m (Winooski)
    • So I was really startled at how fast the delivery was, also how cute you were. I completely spaced on the tip... sorry.

You: Black shirt, black hat, super cute...

  • the shrug off - m4w
    • missing her more...and she'll only show up again to dig her heel into my bleeding heart. I got a few kind words from her not long ago then she fled again like Goldilocks in the bear's den. Now I'll drift along wonder just what the heck to do...You wi [...]
  • Needs Nugget Tosser - w4m (3 Needs)
    • We met at Needs then ran into each other again at Nectars. You have a great smile!
  • 1432 (Always)
    • That will never change.

................. ............... .... .......... .. ......... ... ..... .. ....... .... ... .. . .

  • ref Scott Lee - m4m (Colchester) 32yr
    • hey bud. Scott has not gone anywhere. I met him the other day and he is very much alive and well. If he does not answer your email take a hint and move on. A stud like him can afford to pick and choose who gets his services :)
  • Done trying - w4m (down the road)
    • Really too bad- but I'm done trying and playing games. I saw the smirk on your face the other day as you were leaving. I'm not mad, hurt, angry or otherwise- just fed up.
  • A few years ago at Legare's, I came to pick strawberries - w4m (East Montpelier) 23yr
    • You had beautiful long chestnut hair pulled back into a braid and gauged ears. You seemed so interesting. All these years later, I'm still curious to know who you are.
  • Goodwill Gal - m4w
    • You smiled at me when I walked into Goodwill in S. Burlington then later joked that you were stalking me as we walked out one after the other. You gave me the Deniro "I've got my eyes on you, Focker" while we were driving north on 7. I rolled down my [...]
  • Hot wheels - w4m (Windsor)
    • We raced on the highway and you stopped at Cumby's. Maybe saw you flash your brights? but I was in a rush to get home. That was cool, wassup. Confirm with make and color of your and my cars
  • I only miss you when I'm breathing - m4w
    • Heard that song today and thought of you

............................ ............................ ............................ ............................ Ps. The title of this post is the name of the song silly.

  • Hannaford - m4w (Brandon) 57yr
    • Saw you around the store,.... you cut on a front of me few times, you smile, I smile, this little smile was so cute on you, and the cap also ... mmmmm. saw you drive a way from the parking lot,,,,, with a big regret to not have say more ........
  • St. J Auto afternoon 9/17 - m4w (Western White Mtns)
    • To the gorgeous blonde waiting in service dept...drives white ? I know what you drive, watched you discuss detailing your vehicle w/ service rep.

Would love to hear from you, you smelled so damn good too. Tell me what I was wearing & make of your v [...]

Are you a psychic and/or empath? To answer your first question: Yes i do! Why you ask? Because he's fake as fake gets. Nothing about us was real to him. It was all about the challenge. But for me I really loved him a [...]

On the long wait for you, unexpectedly I meet an angel. My love for you was so great it makes me proud. - you should She said, and so for, I know, I love her . I set you free ........a

I feel like your hello in the [...]

I am in my 20's and am unsure how old you [...]

  • Blue eyed princess at the cock - m4w (Bethel) 37yr
    • You were so cute with those blue eyes and your little dreads poking out. Wanted to say hi, but didn't get a chance. I'm a natural guy to who's hoping your single and maybe wants to grab a beer at the depot.
  • Re: This "trap" could be paradise. - m4w
    • Wondering where this post is located?... Just wondering if you're maybe who I think you might be. Got initials for the place of meeting?.. Cause if you're the one I'm wishing for you'll always have my permission cause I'm swooning and I simply can't [...]
  • may I join you... - m4w (Middlebury)
    • So what to say.. last night you took my breath away, ironically We are both smokers, but was diggin our talk out side my work while you were waiting for your modern dance performance to start.. again today you took it away when you came in for lunch [...]
  • This "trap" could be paradise. - w4m (So close, yet so far)
    • Look, man. You have got to make the move. I can't. My feelings for you, this unencouraged growing desire to be with and love you is eating me alive. If you are into me but want me to make the moves, I just need you to show me I have the right (i.e. Y [...]
  • Caught, again and again - m4w (in your trap)
    • Damn it, right back into reality, I still feel it even though you claim it's not happening. How is it that you can be exactly what I need and I be exactly what you like (yes I caught that post) and yet here we are, unable to connect so far? Even if o [...]
  • Scott Lee gone for the winter already? - m4m (Milton) 22yr
    • Hey Scott. I miss that hot tatted bod and cock. I know you said you head out for the winter but a little early lol. No answer to my emails but hope you are still interested. You are the first to dom me and make me your little cock bitch and I would l [...]
  • Sticks and Stuff in Derby - m4w (Derby)
    • You work at Sticks and Stuff in Derby. I just love going there and being greeted by your beautiful smile! You always make me smile.

I know you probably will never see this, but worth a try :)

  • Hot blonde going into hannafords - m4w (brattleboro)
    • You .. Hot blonde going into hannafords around 3 sunday. ive seen you around before and think you are Hot as hell. makes my heart race a little seeing you smile. we looked at each other a couple of times as i was getting into my truck. love your smil [...]
  • Re: Heartache (All over Vermont)
    • Maybe one of the reasons you're alone is that you don't look at women whom you might think are not attractive. Maybe if you gave a woman who is alone a chance, you would discover a warm, wonderful, funny, intelligent, generous woman who will love you [...]
  • Chelsea A. at Pizza Hut - m4w (St. Johnsbury) 37yr
    • I took my daughter out for dinner Friday night. You were our server. I loved the gentle way about you and was captivated by your smile. I would love the chance to get to know you better... Email with something you remember from Friday, or so we can t [...]
  • Translation : true vision - m4w
    • Translation :

There is a bunch of idiots f....g, as you must if you want enlightment. Join in and feel the delight of been the biguest whore of them all. F...k the man you love and you will be on disgrace and end on hell. Refuse reality, fallow b [...]

Join it, and feel the delight of walking in the noisy street and being the noise. Drink all your passion, and be a disgrace. Close both eyes to see with the other eye.

Email me and put your apartment number in the subject so I know it's you.

  • Lip piercing, red and black leggings - m4w (berlin) 19yr
    • I'm looking for the woman who was at McDonalds earlier tonight around 1930, she had black hair, black shirt, and red and black designed leggings. I believe her name may be Carry, Carry, Caroline, etc. due to the fact she went my the nickname "Care." [...]
  • Last weekend at the LEDGES on "CABIN FEVER" - mw4mw (Harriman ) 52yr
    • We are trying to make contact with the couple on "CABIN FEVER ", you invited us to your boat a few times and we wanted to meet you this past Saturday when the storm hit. We are the couple in our early fifties with the petite korean wife and I have th [...]
  • Outside the Men's Room - w4m (on Main) 40yr
    • We keep bumping into each other in the doorway to the Men's Room and you coming from offices upstairs. This last time you had a sweet looking black dog. We met again, you and your doggy crossed the street in front of me in my VW and you smiled. I bet [...]
  • i'm hopping around - w4w (goddard)
    • from one foot to the other, just waiting for you to make your move. i'm not into eternal waiting. i'm into direct action. you could, i do believe, get my home phone from a friend and give me a jingle. or snag my cell # from my file and send me a text [...]
  • UVM showers.... - m4m 24yr
    • you are the hot UVM jock with the big cock who enjoyed showing off for me in the showers in the locker room. Would be hot to see you jack off and play with your ass at my place... maybe we can get into more if you want...
  • wednesday night girl for older girl/tomboy (the roxy) 26yr
    • you: longish hair, blonde highlights, glasses, sweater, jeans. with three friends (you guys took up the row.)

me: long dark hair, fitted cobalt hoodie, jeans, sambas, alone. we left the theater together and i walked a short distance behind your group [...]

Hey there. There's no doubt in my mind that you're real. It's just hard to find girls out there like you that really do exist!! This daddy would Luv to give that hot lil ass a good spanking. As I said. I'm 53 hei [...]

ruff tty guys hggg huh tty jg duty hatching gbfdf

  • heartache - m4w
    • My heart and soul feel so empty and alone. Sometimes I wish I had someone to hold.
  • Daddy's Here - m4w
    • Any college girls miss their daddy and need someone to take care of them?

If so give me a shout.

White Pickup with ladders MA plates, heading south on Rt 103 between Rutland and Ludlow, VT last night (Tue sep 9) around 7pm. Tall, 30's, goatee, Italian looking, great shape. Construction. You stopped at Mac's market on Rt 103 south, EastW [...]

We met at recycle north in household goods. You were looking for vase for beta fish. Your son was a great kid. I wished I got your number but not sure if you are single. I hope you find this post. You seemed so great and beautiful too.

  • Two Hot Beards - m4m
    • Two hot beards kissing Fri. by the river. Tell me what color third guy was wearing and what he did.
  • early sat morning at Fair Ground Bev - m4m (99 Pearl St Essex Jct) 42yr
    • You boughta a coffe and we chatted. You were on your way to work at Macs. Coming from other job til midnight and you said it was to keep yourself out of trouble. I noticed a nice bulge. And a hot ass. You play on the same team? Would like to play wit [...]
  • Yours is in Cali, mine is closer - m4w (Castleton)
    • You just got back from the West Coast a couple of weeks ago, where you got a nice tan/burn and did some fishing. Do you get lonely? While you were with your ex I know you considered such a thing. You suggested 50 Shades to me. It could be 100 shades [...]
  • Taxi driver - m4m (Burlington) 58yr
    • Saw you at waterfront hotel. Had a nice chats thought you had a great, hot body. Was very early in a.m. Would like to connect. Mention something about me and I will respond. Hope to hear from you. Ps. You were not born in vt.
  • Seeking the one who glanced - m4w (so. VT) 70yr
    • It happens all the time .... to those of us who are lonely in a room full of people. We look for that one person who can be a friend .... possibly a lover .... but indeed a pal who can relate to the feeling of being alone and seeking that evasive rom [...]
  • You must live in Town - m4w (Montpelier) 28yr
    • i always See you around montP. you work in the deli at shaws but i See you walking downtown too. i Saw you yesterday as i was Leaving the farmers market. i hav dark hair and a navy shirt with glasses, You hav your glasses a super short sexy skirt wit [...]
  • Do you know him...? - w4m (Burlington)
    • Looking for the guy in the pic. Does anybody know him? We were talking and then he just randomly stopped talking to me. Just wanted an explanation or making sure he is ok.
  • Mature Blonde Beauty at Shaw's - m4w (Williston) 50yr
    • You were at Shaw's on Saturday dressed in your workout clothes. I ran into you a couple of times but you seemed like you were on a mission. If you have any interest please get back to me! You exude beauty!
  • The Beautiful Girl At Hannafords - m4w 45yr
    • To the beautiful girl in the half orange shirt in the checkout line at Hannafords Saturday around 5pm...I should have asked for your number....
  • Young blond man in Hiensburg - m4m (Lantman's) 58yr
    • Saw you at the grocery store . Our eyes met briefly. Very interesting. You look a lot like me at your

age (I'd say 20's) You are blond, athletic build, some facial hair. I am in 50's, 6'3", stache, still blond and more muscular now. We could be Dad [...]

Not sure if you've ever had the same kind of dirty thoughts I have constantly.. Sometime I wish we could just go out and meet for a late night cigg and fuck in my black car.. You're a bit older tha [...]

  • Pudding Pop. - w4m
    • I'm sure you do miss her. Lots! I can tell by your obsessive rants. One minute you love her the next hate. What a sick game you play here. Stalking her whole life. Your fake concern and lies. You and your girl should get a life and stop posting all o [...]
  • my heart stopped - m4w (so barre shell 630am)
    • My heart stopped and you took my breathe away when i saw you. You are without question the most beautiful woman ive ever seen and i cant stop thinking about you. You were behind me in line and i couldnt speak, we listened to the cashier and another c [...]
  • You asked me if I was okay - m4w (S union)
    • Hey,

I was kicking my skateboard down the road, kind of bummed, throwing my hat at it, when you rode by on your bike and sweetly asked me if I was okay. I said no, and probably bummed you out with my dumb story, but I'm actually a nice, interesting [...]

I usually don't do this kind of thing, but I thought "what the heck?" If you see this, get in touch. I'd like to see where this goes.

  • You: White Jeep, South I-89 Today - m4w (I-89 South)
    • Hello blonde smiley in the four door white jeep St. A. To the Islands. Passed each other twice and exchanged smiles. Long shot of course but if you are out there... what was I driving? :)
  • blonde, white honda, bennington - m4w (bennington)
    • I saw you the other day at the stoplight by Home Depot and Hannaford....you were in a white 4 door Honda. Good Lord you were gorgeous. You flashed your headlights in my mirror as you turned into the hotel parking lot, I only with you were directing i [...]
  • I need you - m4w (champlain valley)
    • Everyday i see you i wish that some way you could be mine.You are exactly what i need to make my life complete. The one thing in my life that is missing is a wonderful woman , someone i would love to do anything for.You make my emotions go crazy.Its [...]
  • To the red jeep at the lyndonville laundrymat a few yeas back - m4w (Lyndonville vt) 23yr
    • To the beautiful woman in the red jeep from the laundrymat a few years back. I just want you to know I think about our crazy encounter on a regular basis. We starting chatting about how nice the day was and all of a sudden I was in your car on a wild [...]
  • Flagger girl - m4w (West Dover)
    • You were working on rt 100. We made eye contact then at the last min you waved. Doubt you will see this. Email me back with what I was driving
  • Tiki Bar Watkins Glen NY - m4w
    • You were the beautiful girl in a bachelorette party, and I got to dance with you for two songs. I never got your name, but I remember you were from Colorado. I was the firefighter from Vermont, involved in my friend's bachelor party . I have never do [...]
  • Dan ta! - m4m (burlington) 23yr
    • yoo man we actually friends, but i couldnt tell ya this in person! haha you got mad nude pics of you online :) looks old but lookin good man.
  • a long shot - m4w (southern vt) 33yr
    • Well where do I start? We met at a party n really liked you. U gave me your number but have ignored my txt. Was it not what I thought it was or what? Maybe u haven't resonded because of your predicament. You probably won't ever read this but if you d [...]
  • Emiley - m4w (South burlington)
    • Ec at work in south burlington. You need a big smile hopefully i can get you to smile. You looked amazing. I have always been attractive to you and would love to get to know you more. I'm all yours. All you have to do is let me know if the feeling is [...]
  • Guess you were too good to be true :( - w4m (Burlington ) 27yr
    • You are from Burlington. You were sweet, attractive, nice, willing to accept my daughter, fun, everything that I wanted in a man. Then with out any explanation, you just stopped calling and stopped texting. You fed me a bunch of crap and I fell for i [...]
  • Frozen- literally! - w4m 27yr
    • With just the very few months that we shared, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I just can not seem to help it. I miss you. I know you probably do not want to hear from me considering your situation but I guess I just hope o [...]
  • We were at the same party this weekend - w4m (NEK)
    • Out in the middle of the NEK. Me and you have met a few times before, but I have never seen you this fun and talkative before. We were all very drunk. I grabbed your nipple, you touched my tit. Only in passing, but I loved it. When we all went skinny [...]
  • Delivering oil & Caught you pissing - m4m (Fayston) 52yr
    • You were making a oil delivery today. I walked around the truck and caught you pissing by your oil truck. You tried to hide but I liked what I saw and stood there watching as you tried to get closer to the truck.

Would enjoy helping you out if inter [...]

I don't know who you are. I thought I came close to meeting you. I hope I do someday. I have been trying my hardest to find you, and was told by many that you would find me. However, I don't think in this day and age that is possible. I ha [...]

  • New World Festival - m4w (Randolph) 23yr
    • I felt like such a fool yesterday. Here I was at this wonderful music festival, and I found myself taken aback by the beautiful lady working one of the food stalls, you had Black Currant Lemonade/ I kept trying to think of something witty to say to y [...]
  • Girl with GOLD TOOTH -black hat, blue BIke - m4w (montpelier)
    • You pulled up beside us, gave me a painted rock , smiled WITH A GOLD TOOTH! two pink diamonds in nose AND rode away. I don't think that hat makes a good helmet and you should were one the way you went into traffic. It was on main street, by the music [...]
  • Yellow Pontiac - m4w (Riverside Ave) 34yr
    • Most fun I've had at an intersection in a long time. Tell me what we talked about and why you didn't wave when we parted ways.
  • GTO stylist - m4w (GTO)
    • Tall, thin, beautiful stylist usually working at the second or third chair when I come in. You have never cut my hair but I can't help but notice you every time I have an appointment. If you think It you that I notice and if you are interested, pleas [...]

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