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craigslist | missed connections in vermont

If you cared so much for your person why do you play games? Women want words from the heart, not sad sap posts from craigslist. If you are the "timid one" then end this madness and [...]

We are even thieve.

0--------------------------------------------------------------------YOU LOVE ME----------------

I've noticed you for awhile, but I do not know if you're single. I saw you smoking in your balcony, I was walking towards the building. I noticed when you went in your room, you looked out and I waved a "hi" to you. You are very pretty and I wou [...]

So pretty. So smart. Let's paint the town red. Maybe next time.

I've chosen myself, because the timid one didn't want me. No one is in the bed but me and has been for 2yrs literally! Ha! beware is a jest, a joke, your kitty must have run off because it's never been her. IT's only me, myself and [...]

  • Just missed connecting - m4m (The Cue Bar, Brattleboro VT) 26yr
    • I was at the Cue Bar in Brattleboro tonight. This is a long shot but I saw you talking with your friend towards the end of the night. You and him kept pointing to me and I know you wanted to say hi. Your friend was trying to tell you I was gay. Hopef [...]
  • Price ChopPer - m4w (Rutland) 59yr
    • for that Lady with shoulder dark hair with glasses, I saw you in the store and we smile, saw at the register, and we smile..... drove on the front of you in my red truck, I waved and we smile .... if you want to smile again, just contact me .... I wi [...]
  • Waitress at Mulligans - m4w (Manchester)
    • You were our waitress tonight in the Tavern area. I was with a blond on a first date and you kept smiling at me. Just being friendly?(No connection with the blond)
  • beware of - w4m
    • Past mistakes coming to eat your eyes from your head. They will cook you up and serve you to their friends...don't be fooled...

It's armageddon!

I'm sorry you're mad at me! Please just send me a message!

  • Wow, nice smile - m4w (Rutland K-Mart) 50yr
    • Me, blue jacket, short graying hair, about 50. You, younger, long hair, beautiful smile. We caught each other's eyes and smiled. Wish I had followed up.
  • Kris at Cumberland Farms - m4m (Colchester)
    • You were working at Cumberland farms when I stopped in on 4/16 around Four thirtyish. You said it was your day back to work in a week. When I was getting a fountain soda you came over talked to me. Tell me why you were off work and where you will be [...]
  • I know how you feel "All of me loves all of you... still" - w4m (Vermont) 34yr
    • I found my sole mate. He left me because he didn't think he could deal with changes in his life that were coming up. Now he's got a new woman he's hanging out with, but when I even thought to put myself out there to pass the time, he flipped. Should [...]
  • Milton guy with nice cock - m4m (Morrisville) 40yr
    • We hooked up last week and I gave you some very good head. We both came. Ready for round 2? I want your dick again.
  • Small car next to big truck on Williston rd - m4w (Burlington)
    • You pulled up next to me at the intersection of Williston rd. and 116 on Wednesday around 4:15. You had two kids in the car. There was lots of eye contact and a song on the radio....what was it?
  • Com Truise Single Kitchen - m4w (Burlington) 24yr
    • You said I was a good dancer, I had a shaved(ish) head and a beard and you were wearing a black and white stripe shirt. You didn't know the dj and you were with a friend. Anyways, this is a long shot and I hope you read this. I thought you were super [...]
  • Silence = Selfish (Communicate)
    • It never ceases to amaze me how easily some people can shut themselves off when all they needed to do was fully communicate with the other person. Abrupt or ongoing silence often causes hurt feelings and confusion. Sometimes you may not have anything [...]
  • Placekicker56 wink - w4m (Rutland)
    • Hi, you winked and I winked back. Not a member for emails anymore. Would very much like to connect...spring is here, I promise....


  • Looking for Stephanie.... - m4w (Albany NY)
    • I am looking for Stephanie, attractive girl just had a child about a year or so ago. The last I knew she was living in Vermont with family. Stephanie if you see this please contact this ad. Thanks.
  • U asked if I knew where the coffee was - m4w (Big lots)
    • Knelt down and pawing thru some boxes on the self, I heard a soft voice from behind me..."Do you know where the coffee is?" At first I did to realize you were talking to me... Then I turned around and looked at you smiling and looking at me. I was a [...]
  • we were from gf - m4w 28yr
    • If somehow you see this, I wish you well. You seem happier now. I'm chasing my dreams in California finally. Leaving in a month. I wouldn't mind hearing your voice one more time. It's too bad how things fell apart and I had to give you up. I'll alway [...]
  • Treadmills at planet fitness - m4w (Essex jct)
    • 4/15/14 We were on the back row of treadmills (one out of order one between us) I thought you were looking at me I looked at you we made eye contact more then once. I thought you were cute. Email me what you were wearing and what I was wearing. Hopef [...]
  • Red Camaro lady - m4w (Rutland) 40yr
    • Have seen you in rutland with a red Camaro... You are beautiful, are you single?
  • Exercise? - m4w (Castleton)
    • Why not? I think it would do us both some good, and it would give our self confidence a boost. Of course... the workout I'm thinking of is a bit unorthodox. If it works why not? Your SO and mine aren't available as much as we'd like them to be. And I [...]
  • Murdo fron Costco - m4m 42yr
    • I serviced you today but not in the way i would have liked. You gave me a wink, and asked my name. Interested in playing? I am strawberry blonde.
  • Juniors Pizza Boy - w4m (Burlington ) 20yr
    • I didn't come in today but i saw you from outside.. I've only been in a couple times but damn... I have a huge crush on you, though this is incredibly cliche I just hope you see it.
  • Hgr 4 restroom - m4m (S burlington) 45yr
    • Watched you under the stall today at work . I tapped my boot several times. Wished you came over. Ill be back there after lunch at 1215 wednesday. Im very discreet and hope you are too. I hope you are play the same game i do. Just thought if you see [...]
  • I dont know why (lamoille county)
    • I have no idea , what i have done for you to go silent. I dont think you know how much this hurts and bothers me.
  • Winooski Photographer - m4m (Milton) 56yr
    • You took some high quality nudes of me a few years ago and put them on discs. Unfortunately, I lost info on how to contact you. If you're still doing it as a hobby, I'd be interested in updated photos. We met through Imago classifieds.
  • I see u all the time, I want to suck ur cock - m4m (Rochester) 40yr
    • I usually see you every morning and think you are such a hot man. I want to suck you off so bad. No-strings or bullshit, just me on my knees taking your load down my throat and leaving. No one has to know. If this is you, please let me know if you ha [...]
  • NYC Reverend S. I miss you - w4m (NYC- Vt) 30yr
    • Seems every day I think of you.

Music. Art. Beauty. Creativity. You made a mark on my soul and I wake every morning with thoughts of you. I fear I made a mistake. I guess I'm shooting this out into cyber space with thought that if you respond, I [...]

Definitely caught your vibe and interested in meeting up sometime, Discreetly. There was some [...]

you were going from winooski to essex u had on a short skirt we talked about my novel would love to get together for coffee i lost your phone number :-(

  • Saturday April 12 Dollar General Shelburne Rd - m4m (Shelburne Rd) 49yr
    • You: tall dark and handsome. We made several eye contact while cashing out, care to meet? Let me know what you were driving, I made a mental note of your vehicle.
  • Chinese Restaurant - Friday Night - m4w (Springfield)
    • Was at the Shanghai Garden Friday night. You were sitting with your mother (?) back to me but kept turning around to look. You are a BBW. I kept looking at you as you tuned around. Would like to get to know you. Where was I sitting?
  • dark hair beauty - m4w (woodstock)
    • I see you around and you really catch my eye, but I was caught off guard. CL is such a long shot but I haven't seen you lately, I saw you waving to me at ace parking lot, drive by my house once in a while. maybe was it you at the elementary school?


In bad health lately Jean. Would really like to try and talk to you and J**s one more time. Please soften your heart............36 years has seemed like [...]

couldn't chat but would like to get together if you are interested. very discrete here interested hit me up

If you would like some company or would like to hook up. Hmu I would like to see you tonight Had a blue shirt ,black pants and glasses on Saw you around 6ish Hope to see you cutie

  • RE: say something - w4m (CVt) 32yr
    • I read the missed connections daily, hoping to see the one I love is missing me. I know you're ad wasn't for me, but I agree, that song sums up all my feelings perfectly. I wish you luck. Thanks for posting.

Say something I'm giving up on you... < [...]

  • re :giving up
    • I'm wondering if this post was meant for me , can you give a hint to location ? something ....
  • giving up
    • maybe there was really nothing to give up on. it was nothing but a big mistake and regret
  • I keep seeing you at CCV - m4w (Winooski) 21yr
    • We hooked up a while ago and had a good time, I wish it could happen again but you won't ever see this. If you do please let me know
  • Black Jeans, Plaid Shirt Near CCV - m4m (Winooski) 28yr
    • Saw you walking in Winooski in the CCV vicinity. Let me know of the outfit I described seems familiar.
  • IntoTheMysticNow / 52 Woodstock - w4m
    • Crazy amount of responses from this ad. I believe I located the individual I was looking for. Also believe all if this is way over my head! Lol. Wanted to thank the cool people that I did talk to here on CL. Every spring brings good beginnings... Goo [...]
  • UVM Showers - m4m (UVM) 29yr
    • Loved looking at your cock in the shower this evening - love to see that nice package grow even more. Hit me up with what details so i know its you.
  • you have gorgeous hair... - m4w (battery st.) 28yr
    • I saw you from afar and as I ran by and you got closer and closer I was not deceived...you're gorgeous. I only commented on your hair...but I meant that YOU are gorgeous.
  • re giving up... - w4m
    • ...I think I thought you already had.


  • re re Miss You Lots - w4m (I wish)
    • Why not message me on here vs. put up a new message? If you are my MC then you know how to find me. If you tried messaging her and she did not respond, then I am not her, sorry :( I checked my phone and e-mail, but nothing from my MC :(

Sucks to be [...]

Please make it easy on me.

I enjoyed your company a lot. We met again down the cape and caught a red sox game. Would love to see you again.

  • Pretty in pink - m4w (Georgia) 28yr
    • I hope to see you every morning I visit the market in Georgia..You're usually there around 7:15...You're stunning and sexy beyond belief...All day I picture that tiny body laying in front of me, waiting for me to ravage it to new heights of ecstasy.. [...]
  • Yar Booty So Sweet - mm4mm (Three Needs)
    • Pirate Captain jackhammer-face Meatloaf stormed out of his cabin. "Argh!" he cried. "Who stole me candy polyp? I was savin' it for a special occasion. It's the tastiest candy this side of kansas!" The crew members medicated in their boots. No one wan [...]
  • re: Thou shalt not lie - m4w
    • To be generic to protect yourself is necessary, but he will never know.

If you want the world to know your misery write a novel, if you want him to know your interest give him clear signs, if you want to keep that attraction hidden from your 'friend [...]

  • I seriously want - m4w
    • A blowjob. Seriously. Saw some cuties down here today :D Now realizing I have no soft lips to spray my load on. Attach a pic. Be real.
  • Thou shalt not lie. - w4m (Burned bridge.)
    • I had never been in love before and perhaps I never actually will be. For the shortest time this winter I woke each day to warmth and the reminder that when you are wanted anything is possible. Now that time has passed and hindsight has made it clear [...]
  • Saturday 4/5 Mcgillicuddy's Bar - m4w (Montpelier) 42yr
    • Hi, I was headed towards the restroom wearing my Detroit Tigers T-shirt when you said nice shirt. I asked if you were a fan and you said you were from Detroit. We started talking about the 84 Tigers when your bathroom got free and I never saw you aga [...]
  • Kate at the Shaws in Berlin - m4w (Berlin) 28yr
    • I see you in the store from time to time and if I may say so... Errrr Mherr Geerrrd, you are so gorgeous. When I swing in and you're there, I can barely keep my eyes off you. Ugh
  • workin out at WMill gym - m4m (winooski) 32yr
    • hey man...not sure you are interested, but always checking u out at the woolen mill gym. Def a sexy dude...you asked me to spot you today and I think we catch glances at each other. hit me up if this is you and describe who you think I might be in yo [...]
  • Happy Birthday T - m4w (Burlington) 40yr
    • Happy Birthday T. I hope you have a great 40th. I wish we could be celebrating together, but things didn't work out for us. I am sure someone will be there for you, whether it is family, friends or another man. Though we ran our course and ended our [...]
  • Missing a Barre mom of one - m4w (fx)
    • You left here over 2 yrs ago. The rational part of my brain worries about trust and other issues. The emotional driven center doesn't give a rip about "rational" and craves more of your free spirit back in my life.

I love the way you are with our da [...]

  • haha! who caught who looking? - w4m
    • That was funny, and admittedly a little embarrassing.. glad the light turned green so soon after lol! Nice arm tat btw ;) just got my 3rd piece done :)

You had a silver suv.. I had a silver ? This evening heading towards wallingford

maybe you're scared. maybe you just don't know wtf to say anymore. It has taken me a long time to come around. To see things differently. When and if we had the chance before, it didn't work because I loved someone else. No [...]

  • Positive Pie Host - m4m 40yr
    • Made multiple eye contact with you in PII tonight, you were the host and very cute....if we connected, HMU.....you had a great smile, nice body and great ass......If you are in, tell me what you were wearing......
  • Do you ever think of us? - m4w (Williston)
    • How often do soul mates meet on CL?...but we did. Over 3 years together. You were one-of-a-kind...probably too good for me but I still can't believe the unexpectedly strong connection that we had. Anyway, if by some chance you do read this, I wish yo [...]
  • You wanted me to see and did I ever - m4w (colchester)
    • You, walked out and placed your hand on your hip and then swung that ass right out there, THANKS!
  • chair lift at mount snow - m4w (mt. snow) 53yr
    • Took 2 rides with you on the lift, needed one more, didn't get the chance. Was hoping you were free for dinner. Hope I see you tomorrow.
  • Dunkin Donuts Williston - m4m (Williston) 40yr
    • This afternoon we were checking each other out in Dunkin Donuts. Said hi, you were wearing a black shirt and green pants. You drove off in a black Chevy. Let me know if your interested in learning more.
  • looking for Anthony - w4m (long island) 45yr
    • are you there? Just want to know of you are ok...................................................................................................................................................
  • At the Gym! - m4w (NEK)
    • You first caught my eyes at the gym because of the way you workout (active.) I like it, and wanted to complement you or ask if you were training for a special occasion. I also noticed how attractive you are. Since then, I have seen you numerous times [...]

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