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craigslist | missed connections in vermont

  • It's been years since we talked - m4w (nh) 42yr
    • It's been years since we talked are even seen each other thing we bad at the end and we went our separate ways last I heard you moved to vt from nh now after all these years I still think of you and want to talk to you again i still have the farther [...]
  • Friends. :) - m4w (Vermont) 30yr
    • I know we are just friends....we have tried more and it just didn't work out. I can only thank you for sticking around and keeping this friendship working. I NEVER wanted to lose you as a friend and would never want to see you unhappy. I'm excited we [...]
  • Redhead at Shaws This Afternoon - m4w (Central VT)
    • You looked so sexy!! We were looking at each other when I drove in and you were standing out front.

I saw you again by the pharmacy, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. If you see this I would love to talk with you! Let me know what you were weari [...]

  • Downtown laundromat (Burlington)
    • We talked briefly at the laundromat. I asked you not to leave me alone with the drunk homeless guy, but truthfully I just wanted to talk to you. But what do you say to someone in a laundromat? I would love to see you again!
  • Jamaican Beauty, I took down your chimney. - m4w (Stowe)
    • Today... After finishing up a quick job, I walked up the stairs and saw you sitting there on the couch. You looked me up and down real quick before I walked away.

I want to rock your world. I just didn't have the chance to strike up a conversation w [...]

You moved here in the fall. Older, 40s-50s, outdoorsy, ruggedly handsome. You have a huge smile and a great laugh. I have the biggest crush on you. Whatever would happen between us would have to be discrete. I'm very real....It's Tuesday here i [...]

LIKE A BLISTER IN THE SUN LET ME GO OOON BIG HANDS, I KNOW YOU'RE THE ONE" --Violent Femmes Dude, play ya bass for me again sometime... You asked for my friendship. Don't you want it anymore?

late 30's, BBW, Romanesque build with a beautiful face................. you like ducks

  • She's always prettiest after the rain. - w4m
    • An old Cherokee told his grandson "My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empa [...]
  • I will always - w4m (Stowe)
    • I came in like a Breaking Ball

I just wanted you to let me in I knew what pain is by your rejection little did I know worst is your indifference I will always want you I lied you are awesome everyone is proud of you and I love the hat You must fo [...]

Not sure if you were just being friendly or not.

  • Emiley - m4w (South burlington)
    • Ec at work in south burlington. I saw you today laughing with a co worker. You looked amazing. I have always been attractive to you and would love to get to know you more. I'm all yours. All you have to do is let me know if the feeling is there for y [...]
  • Oh, Chelsea... - m4w (Vermont)
    • Hello young grasshopper,

I am sorry for all the loss you feel. Keep that song close to your heart. The one you mentioned and sang. Let your smile radiate the warmth and love I see in you. You are SO wonderful. Don't forget that you are so wonderf [...]

How do you want me to contact you? I don't know what your work schedule is now and don't to be a bother by calling or sending a message at the wrong tim [...]

I was too shy to approach you :/ other than dancing next to you. If you were interested and want to get to know me outside the club environment, send me a reply. Tell what [...]

Get in touch as I heard you mention that Burlington was your final destination.

  • Handsome guy having yard sale Saturday - m4m (Milton/Georgia)
    • Very handsome guy having yard sale Saturday 7/26 between Milton and Georgia with girl friend and 2 dogs. I was with my sister. I sure wouldn't mind getting my tongue between your legs (front and back). If you occasionally swing on my team, tell me wh [...]
  • Stunning Blond EJ Farmers Market - m4w (essex junction) 23yr
    • 7/25/14 around 6:30 I saw you an adorable Blond in a denim dress walking a yellow Lab Puppy Ordering Ice Cream my hands full of diner and my reactions to late I should have told you their and than that your smile as you tasted the cream on your lips [...]
  • Macs in mo-Vegas - m4w (Macs store )
    • Amber, you're cute and you always seem to give me this little smile that makes me want to ask you when your shift ends. Hit me back on here, love to get to know you a little ;)
  • missed you before leaving ice cream - m4w (BJ's)
    • Tall blonde lady with your 3 boys was having ice cream and visiting the area. I was visiting as well with my kids. We spoke some and each kept looking with smiles. Hope you look here because I would like to chat more.

When you reply tell me how many [...]

I was there with my older aunts and you were by yourself, but you and I kept crossing paths in the store and meeting eye contact. We met eye contact even before the store when you were walking outside and I was pas [...]

  • Aubuchon Hardware - m4m (milton)
    • I know it's a long shot but I had to get it out there. To the younger guy with the chin strap. I don't know if you play for the same team or not but if so would deff like to chat more. You helped me with two things today which you needed to call some [...]
  • Immersed in information
    • You were in the library AND you were explaining a sexy database to a helpless first year. I love the way you strung together your search terms to get exactly the right sources -- ooh la la! ❤️ Your mastery of filtering your results whil [...]
  • Guy in the café car on the Amtrak Vermonter - w4m (white river junction, vt)
    • You were sitting in the café car with a laptop on the Amtrak Vermonter train yesterday (Thursday). I sat down at your table to eat because the other tables were full and then came back with my laptop to work and sat at another table. I think you got [...]
  • Milton hannafords - m4m
    • Damn you are hot......have not seen you in years!, you knew my name, I don't think you are on

My team......but....if you ever want any NSA pleasure, a beer, whatever and you see this ad let me know what you use to do and where you have worked for 1 [...]

  • looking for Matt Maxson - m4mw (Milton/islands)
    • Im trying to find a gentleman named Matthew Maxson. I have a very important conversation to have with him. It's more urgent than anyone could possibly believe. If anyone knows who he is or how to contact him please let me know.

Thank you

  • exit 3 going to greenfield? 10:30 - m4w (brattleboro)
    • I wish I had said yes, so I could get to know you a little. You were cute, had pretty lips, and sophisticated. And you really seemed like you needed to go to greenfield. I told you I could yet you to exit 1. Long shot in the dark? Hope you made it sa [...]
  • Joiner Brook, Bolton - m4m 51yr
    • Saw you at Bolton Pothole today. Have to say I loved that tan line of yours. Considering you like to sun nude as well it looked really good on you. Damn. I was the only other there at that point. Unfortunately you got dressed and was leaving as I ret [...]
  • Thurs eve 103 pulloff - m4m
    • guy in white truck you were there tonite i would like a repeat you seem nervous you cAN come to my house i live alone get in touch hope to hear from you
  • Sitting Behind Worthy Burger evening 7/20 - w4m (S.Royalton)
    • You were walking to your car and noticed me enjoying a comfy spot at the picnic bench. I was a little out of it after spending the weekend at Hempfest with my friends. You offered me a beer but I needed water at that point. You gave me a Powerade to [...]
  • The sun is gone. - w4m
    • I will cloak myself with your darkness;

When did I fucking die?; The light is gone; I just wanted my Daddy to love me; I'll be a fucking ghost then; and haunt a world that I was never wanted in; This is the sorrow that I feared; This is the so [...]

You had muscle tee and shorts with huge bulge. Me nerdy shy guy with glasses. We exchanged glances and u adjusted your package several times. Would love to swallow your load.

I live in that truck (obviously). I need some of those things back. My passport, paperwork (binders and notebooks) and office keys (on the red caribiner) being the most important. Please leave them at Goodwill, if you would b [...]

Available from Amazon. Trailer on Youtube.

You were driving a darker gray SUV with an after market roof rack. I believe you were blonde Would love to see th [...]


Just want you to know that I want you!! XOXO

At Shaw's in Stowe, When my Olives needed a price check I started checking you out, you caught me and we exchanged smiles. You called me a trouble maker. I was too shy to tell you how beautiful you are. Haven't been able to get you [...]

  • Because (lalaland)
    • Because you are smart and witty, honest, and thoughtful. You have a great sense of humor. You are respectful. I like the way that you walk, talk, smell, taste. Because you are so sexy. Tall, dark, and handsome. Deep eyes and strong hands. Thick hair [...]
  • Two hotties at Rock River - m4ww (VT) 35yr
    • It was refreshing to see a few nice young ladies bare it all at the river. Was this first time? Lets meet up sometime for a nice naked dip.
  • Laundromat Lamoille Plaza - m4m (Morrisville) 29yr
    • On 07/20 Sunday afternoon , some hot guys doing laundry at the same time...one with a black cap backward, a short guy wearing big black sunglasses driving the sx4, the other is short and stocky ..the other picked up his dry clothing and went in a bla [...]
  • black volvo/staples center - m4m (staples parking lot) 25yr
    • we used to meet up in your car and you would pull your cock out for me to suck while you watched videos.

you: good looking married man we should reconnect. if you should see this, get back to me

if you recall and want a bone to play [...]

  • Shirley C. from Mansfield Ma. - m4w (florida)
    • I think of you once in a while, then I seen your name on classmates and sent you a couple of notes. my name is Steven Mahan I lived around the corner from you, I finally got up the nerve to tell you I liked you but it was on the week you were moving. [...]
  • B.W. - Can't stop thinking of you - m4w (Tunbridge) 32yr
    • I helped you out with your kayak racks about a week and a half ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about you. You're way out of my league, but I'd love to see you again, maybe go for a paddle.
  • Drag Idol - m4m (Burlington ) 30yr
    • You had on a t-shirt, short brown hair and dark framed glasses. Very handsome, wish I had said hello.
  • Getting Flashed while driving - m4mw (Interstate 89 South b/w Exit 11 and 10) 24yr
    • I was driving a small blue/teal colored hatchback. I was driving much slower than you in the right hand lane on one of the long straight aways between exit 11 and 10 on 89 south. You came out of no where to pull up next to me in a ____ colored BMW __ [...]
  • Prince Albert at Rock River - m4m (Rock River)
    • Prince Albert at the river today, Sunday. How are we going to connect again. Loved it, hope you did too, let's get together again in a more suitable venue. Drop a line bud.
  • cabot flirting... - m4w (cabot tasting in Waterbury)
    • I saw you sampling cheeses with what I think was your mom and sister? As soon as our eyes made contact... I knew I'd lost control of any further thoughts...kept trying to get you alone to tell you how drop dead gorgeous you are and that I'm about two [...]
  • Rutland WalMart - m4w (Rutland) 50yr
    • Keep seeing you in Walmart, but your POF wont accept a message. Tried to circle back to chat with you today, but you were already gone. You are Loving Life 1979.

I would love to chat. Thanks.

  • Brattleboro Ford - m4m (brattleboro)
    • I was working with a salesman and you came in to get something from him, this was Friday 7/18, you sat down next to me and gave me a thumbs up when he asked if I was single and I said yes.

I don't know if you swing my way but if your interested writ [...]

  • Rock River today (Saturday) - m4m (VT)
    • Kevin. I had a lot of fun meeting you today. I would like to do it again sometime. Either at Rock River or somewhere else.
  • Stowe bikepath Thursday - m4w (stowe) 28yr
    • I was just getting back to my car, you were biking past with a friend and shouted "cutest dog ever!" I was hoping we could connect for a walk or bike ride.
  • Last night at bar - m4m (brattleboro)
    • Last night. You were sitting at bar with buds eating and having some beers. I came in and sat around corner. You caught my attention. I didn't think I caught yours. When you left you came up and wished me a nice rest of night. Very unexpected. I was [...]
  • Saturday Rite-aid store - m4m (barre) 55yr
    • I thought you looked pretty sexy !! Red hair and goatee, we kept seeing each other at the end of the isles as we looked for the isle we wanted, then we met in the same isle looking for what ? You tell me ? You weren't alone, I saw what you finally bo [...]
  • Outside Lenny's - m4m (Barre)
    • Friday, July 18th. You were working on your truck, we talked about the rust on your truck and...hit me back if your interested in meeting again. It was great to talk to you.
  • You Recommended Movie XXY (Tops in Hardwick)
    • Good call. It was a very good movie. Any more you'd suggest?

You might take a look at Le Havre.

  • billtownusps - m4w (williamstown )
    • You came into the post office behind me.. we were waiting for assistance. You saw me roll my eyes and you smiled and pushed the button.. when you left I was sitting at the desk filling out forms.. you smiled and said push the button.. a few minutes l [...]
  • Biker in Leather - m4m (Brattleboro)
    • You were standing next to your red or orange bike pulling on your gloves. They were tight and so were your black leather pants. Not bulky, but smooth and tight. I wanted to watch you finish putting on your gloves, but I was driving by. You were on 9 [...]
  • PF muscular guy today - m4m (Essex) 27yr
    • You are light skinned and muscular. Had a grey shirt on today. Im similar and was there at same time. Hmu
  • Ramuntos - m4w (Bennington) 32yr
    • I see you here for lunch with your friend almost every week. you- 5'8 ish gorgous long brown hair, around 28? beautiful all over and full of kindness and charisma. Thats what draws me to you over and over again. Im pretty sure i overheard a conversat [...]
  • You stopped to offer directions or assistance - m4w (Near Peacham South of Danville) 45yr
    • Looking to thank the beautiful and kind woman who stopped her SUV to ask if I needed directions because I looked lost. This was on Thursday 10/3/13 in the afternoon. I was so flustered by your kindness and smile that I mumbled "No" or something like [...]
  • Princess, I Miss You - m4w (Mass.) 69yr
    • Hello Princess,

I miss you and think of you often. Hope you're doing alright. Love, Papa Bear oxoxo

We worked together in health care. We used to have breakfast after I got out of work. I've moved on professionally and want to contact her. RL

Looking for what you are looking for FWB, NSA!!! Pete3013

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