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I am looking for an old friend. I was living in some apartments off Myers Lane & we meet in 1988 or early 1989. I was going to T.S.T.I. & your name was Debby Smith at the time. If you are still around & you see [...]

  • April in elm mott - m4w (waco)
    • I messaged you before and I said I would move on because you had a boyfriend but the thought of kissing and hopefully more keeps running through my mind. If you see this and want to get together in a nice discreet fashion send me a sexy picture of yo [...]
  • White Fiat at Starbucks - m4w
    • Hey, hope you see this. Had no other way of trying to find you again. We talked while waiting in line for our coffee. I was in front and tried waiting for you to get you order and maybe go for a ride. You complimented me on my engine. What vehicle wa [...]
  • Promises - m4w 40yr
    • I really hope you see this as I sit here deleting one picture at a time my heart grows in sadness I see the only thing that made me smile slip away again just seem like ever time I get you in my life it gets ripped away again I know I will never be t [...]
  • I think you're Caroline? - m4w (Waco area)
    • You allured me.

I wanted to hold you. I think you said you worked in TV? My bad for not kissing you when the thought popped in my head.

PS. really just want to l [...]

  • Before you graduate - m4m (Waco)
    • You're graduating this semester and moving away. When we hang out at my place, I sometimes get the vibe that you're curious. Tell me where you're moving back to and your name, and if it's you, let's do it. I promise you'd enjoy it.
  • You drive a white Land Rover. - m4w (Waco)
    • I needed to tell you but I didn't know how, so someone told me about this very slim chance!!!! I know you will most likely never see this but hopefully......

Okay I saw you twice on Friday and once on Saturday. Friday we only exchanged smiles but we [...]

id freaking pay to see him naked!

  • Olivia - w4w (china spring)
    • I miss you bo, its Ben almost 5 years, do you think of me like I do you? I miss the nights you'd hold me and wisper all those beutiful words to me. I know I fucked it up, I just wanted you to open your heart up to me, I wanted to give you what you ha [...]
  • luis. feet - m4m (waco)
    • A few years ago you let me service your feet.....I moved and still think about our encounter...id love to do it again..tell me where we met
  • Promises - m4w 40yr
    • I'm guessing things were complicated today sure wish I knew what's going on starting to feel abandoned here please let me know something or tell your friend to let me know please I'm in the dark here
  • I miss you A. F. - m4w (Corsicana)
    • There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Some days I cry because of the friendship we both lost and miss. Some days I laugh and smile because of the friendship we had. I really wish there was another way to remain friends. I wish oth [...]
  • Hillsboro Fire Station - m4w (Down town)
    • Thanksgiving day, Hillsboro, you were the smokin hot girl that ran out of the fire station to wave at the train! I was the engineer on the train that "toot tooted" my horn at you when you did. You were cute; write me. :)
  • Jalisco in Lorena woman 9:30 - m4w (Lorena)
    • I saw u sitting there with ur husband u have a super low cut white shirt on with a tattoo on ur left should I would really like to give my huge man hood idc if ur husband joins or watches
  • cute hispanic girl in purple at Christmas party - m4w (waco) 23yr
    • You were attending a Christmas party where I work and wearing purple. I waited on your table and I noticed you kept smiling at me and I finally smiled at you while you were leaving and never got the chance to say hi. I highly doubt you'll ever see th [...]
  • Still waiting for your call - w4m 41yr
    • I gave you my number last week in chat on okmeet. Your first name is David. Call me if you still want to do something this weekend.
  • car broke down at churches chicken on thanksgiving. - m4w (east) 26yr
    • You were deaf. And i know only a little bit asl. I thought you were super cute. Would like to talk more if i get the chance. You have my card. You can text me. I'm the guy who let your friend or mom wash her hands
  • hot guy corner store - m4m (hewitt) 27yr
    • You checked me out this morning. You are sexy and i thonk you caught me looking at you. Email me if you are interested. Put your name in the subject line
  • Looking for Tonya? - w4m
    • If you are the person "looking for Tonya" Message me ... Please send pic so I know it's you... Please do not flag I am real it's really wArm outside today . If you responded and I did not respond back it's because you are not who im looking for. Don' [...]
  • You're hard headed & you don't listen for SHIT! (Beating my head against a wall)
    • Oh, honey...I wish you would listen to me...I mean REALLY HEAR what I'm saying. Every fiber of my being is screaming for me to run to you, but there are obstacles that CANNOT be overcome by that!! It would just cause more problems than it would solve [...]
  • I got you on wifi through bluetooth - m4w
    • If you happen to see this I wanted to say how sexy you are but I was too scared. Email me
  • brad for s - m4w (waco)
    • Hey sweetie, you're probably wondering why you haven't heard from me. I lost my phone. Email me if you see this....


  • guy from hallmark at Richland mall - w4m ( waco)
    • Looking for the guy from hallmark on friday at around 9-9:30 pm who asked me how tall I was... he was pretty cute after I stopped being weirded out by the question I wished I would have talked to him. If youre him message me back with my height

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