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  • spirit Halloween store - m4m (waco tx )
    • I know this is a long shot but you were cute I was outside and you saw something On the wall outside what was it ?
  • McDonalds - m4w (marlin)
    • We had a few glances at each other, you shook your head as being apologetic for the guy you were with.........you were a beauty and I felt bad for you........if you want to ever talk or something with someone who is more considerate for you and your [...]
  • Dog groomer - m4w
    • I need to talk to u but I lost all ur information. Write me.

It said that's too short so blah blah blah blah blah

  • ashlee at heb - m4w (valleymills) 33yr
    • I walked by yesterday afternoon and i saw you and i know you saw me. You kept look over at me while i was waiting on someone else to check out. I would like to talk to you but cant realkt flirt with you the way i would like to while i am on shift. Do [...]
  • Big bear of a guy - m4m
    • On Hewitt drive in a truck we looked at each other. Email me your info or picture. Your very attractive.
  • Brandy at Cracker Barrel - m4w (Bellmead)
    • Dang she is nice.. Worth the visit.. I'd like to see more. Hoping she sees this and lets me know how she was wearing her hair today so I will know it's her.
  • looking for a old friend - m4m (Waco) 20yr
    • Looking for a friend a lost contact with hispanic male by the first name candy if any body knows of him let me know..... Ok apparently that was too short for cl see if this is enough
  • Advice - w4w (anywhere usa)
    • I have had my heart broken so many times and I find the best way for me to deal with it is by putting my feelings in words. Craigslist has been an outlet for me to express my feelings and in return, believe it or not, for the most part, get positive [...]
  • All alone - w4w (Where ever) 24yr
    • You pushed me away, why? Why couldn't we have just been happy? Why did we have to fight over stupid shit? Was it because we were to afraid? I honestly don't know its Ben so long since I've seen you I know you can never forgive me but I forgave you a [...]
  • The thrill is gone - w4m (Waco)
    • Those four words keep popping up in my mind. The thrill is gone. Hot and heavy- to nonexistent. Yes, who am I kidding. The thrill IS gone. Why is it that I always feel sorry for people,

but somehow I am the one who gets hurt in the end. Was I wrong [...]

Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Times: 8 a.m to 1 p.m. Please only message me if you are being serious about getting a massage. I look f [...]

  • Looking for an old friend - m4w (Waco)
    • I am looking for an old friend. I was living in some apartments off Myers Lane & we meet in 1988 or early 1989. I was going to T.S.T.I. & your name was Debby Smith at the time. If you are still around & you see this & can remember the name of the apa [...]
  • Talk guy in maroon at Muddle - m4m
    • Tall guy, at least 6'5, wearing maroon shirt last night at muddle. Think you may have had on college ring. You stayed until they closed.
  • Black woman I gatesville HEB meat section - m4w (gatesville tx) 53yr
    • You was a very Beautiful black woman in Gatesville HEB meat department about 3:45 pm today. i was turning to go down an isle and couldnt help but to notice you, you smiled and we exchanged eye contact and a brief hello. I really wanted to say more to [...]
  • You came to Champaign and took my heart - m4w
    • We met last week, sunday night (Oct. 5th), at a bar called "memphis on main". You told me your name is Sam and you were here, for 2 weeks, for job training. It was your last night in town and we both just happened to be out drinking.

Since you left [...]

everywhere) Wish I knew this long ago. That way I wouldn't make all those other mistakes.-GIRLS or boys THAT DON'T KNOW OR DIDN'T APPRECIATE TRUE LOVE FROM THE ONE MAN THAT GAVE EVERYTHING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN AND YOU BROKE HIS/HER [...]

  • Whataburger - m4w (Waco)
    • You brought my food out to me this morning. Your name starts with a B I think. I had someone else in the car with me. You had the most beautiful smile and eyes and I have been thinking about you all day. I know you will never read this but it's a lon [...]
  • waiter - m4m (waco tx)
    • You were I waiter at chueys your name was Blair you were cute I know this is a long shot
  • 10-22 lady in hummer at pharmacy plus - m4w (robinson)
    • We caught each others eyes several times, tried to catch up with ya in my silver truck, You had child with you, so I didn't want to be a creeper.
  • La Fiesta - m4w (Waco)
    • This was last night 10/21 around 6-6:30. You first caught me checking you out in the parking lot. I was walking behind you and admiring your long sexy legs. Then when I got in you were seated at the bar and we made eye contact and smiled at each othe [...]
  • Looking for an old friend - m4w (Waco)
    • I am looking for an old friend. I was living in some apartments off Myers Lane & we meet in 1988 or early 1989. I was going to T.S.T.I. & your name was Debby Smith at the time. If you are still around & you see this & can remember the name of the apa [...]
  • McDonalds - w4m
    • We talked as kids played... Should have given you my number but I'm a bit shy and we were both pre-occupied. Hoping you see this! Provide details of our conversation so I know it's you!!
  • After 10 Today - m4m (s.Waco ) 34yr
    • Looking to get my dick sucked and maybe slide into some clean ads.I am free by 10pm so come and enjoy.Send stats and pic in first reply.
  • i miss u. - w4m (Waco)
    • I miss u and u have a girlfriend and I have a bf but I miss u so much u treated me so well u moved by dallas and I moved here everyday I hope u talk to me again I hope u at least want to chat with me I miss u and if I could id be with u and we would [...]

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