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craigslist | missed connections in waco

  • donor - w4m (waco)
    • I am a 22 year old female. My girlfriend and I are at that time in our lives where we are ready to start a family. I need a donor though. WE ARE NOT DOING IT THE OLD FASHIONED WAY!! Please if you are interested in helping message me. Only serious inq [...]
  • I wish I could talk to you - m4w (Hewitt) 57yr
    • we were high school sweat hearts. You fell for a really good guy that I can't argue with as being a great one for you. I have fallen short in life and am just trying to rethink some things. To this day, you are still the only person that I have been [...]
  • come eat - w4m (TwoOneZero!Four4Six!SixFiVeThree8) 28yr
    • heavy cummers wanted

free haircut Lets meet i need out* one plus one equals 2 <<->>

You are around thirty white and good lookibreakng looks like you work out during your lunch break. Tall white gentle men shaved head or very tapered down with light eye either blue or hazel. Did I mention [...]

You are an attractive girl! You even know me by my name (B) and remember me when we keep running into each other at your work & college. Yes, I'm older, but I wanted you to know my thoughts. Cheers! Your admirer, B

  • We are in the same class... - m4w (Bellmead) 23yr
    • We are in the same audio/video class at TSTC, and today we took a field trip to our instructors house for the final project. You were wearing some pink shorts and pink wedge heels and you looked absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't keep my eyes off of you [...]
  • it's been a while, B - m4w (Bellmead)
    • It's been a couple years. We had some interesting conversations. You couldn't figure out how to send a pic. I got the nerve up to meet and then you disappeared. Hope all is well. Let me know you are okay. Tell me where we originally planned to meet t [...]
  • you work at heb on wooded acres pharmacy - m4w (waco )
    • you have natural hair your african american im white i always used to walk inand we would make eye contact this is a long shot but im trying
  • TSTC guy living on campus - w4m (lacy lakeview) 24yr
    • You live a couple houses down from me on opposite side. We are off of bolling drive. You drive a red car. Latley I have seen a black one there. You recently moved in. I like to smoke on my front stoop. You attached? if you know who I am tell me what [...]
  • luis. feet - m4m (waco)
    • A few years ago you let me service your feet.....I moved and still think about our encounter...id love to do it again..tell me where we met
  • hispanic lady at sams reafood resturant - m4w (waco) 54yr
    • you were standing outside sams seafood resturant next to the ice machine with your family n we made small talk about how busy it was inside ! I was wearing shorts n a white t shirt n u were surrounded by family or ma b ur husband - not sure but i thi [...]
  • HEB valley mills...tall white man dark polo - m4m
    • Was later in the night, and I caught eyes with you at the HEB on s valley mills. You're older than me (probably late 20s early 30s), and you were wearing a dark polo shirt with jeans. What aisle were we in? I had to move out of the way for you.

I wa [...]

  • McGregory - m4w (Hosts) 60yr
    • Do you not have any hot chicks that need pussy eaten? How about baby sperm inside your pussy? Send me phone number and picture I know some one want to play but I lost that number
  • The white guy at H.E.B - m4m (HEB Bellmead) 29yr
    • I hope this works.. As i was walking towards HEB in the Parking Lot i caught Eyes with a White Guy that drove a Trail Blazer. For any reason you see this hit me up Please.. Im the Black guy that Caught Eyes with you as you were Leaving HEB and i Was [...]
  • Muddle - m4m (Waco ) 28yr
    • You were at Muddle last night, sitting with ur friend who had a beard. I sat next to you in my favorite spot. We left early and you didn't want us to. Hit me up man
  • Lost Friendship - m4m (Baylor)
    • We used to spend evenings together just talking and bonding. I made the mistake of taking that more than what it is. We had a falling out about a year ago. You're a senior now and majoring in business. Your initials are CC. You terminated our friends [...]
  • Starbucks Drive Thru - w4m (Hewitt/Woodway)
    • Im not sure if it was a guy or not but you were in a gray truck in front of me at Starbucks around 3pm today and you paid for my coffee. I dont know if it was one of those pay it forward things or what but either way thank you so much!!! Ive had a te [...]
  • Ashley, we were roommates in cove - m4w (waco to cove)
    • We were roommates in cove, but both moved because the lease was up. Anyway, I had to get a new phone, so I don't have your number anymore, and I miss talking to you. So if you think that this is you, drop me a line with a picture, so I know for sure. [...]
  • the girl at the car wash - m4w (waco)
    • The girl that works at the car wash off villy mills I paid for a monthly pass u put the sticker in my car if u see this I would not mind talking to you
  • Hewitt wal mart - m4w (Waco)
    • I ran into you a few times shopping. You came up behind me to and waited in line. You had a big kids ball. I would like to talk to you. Tell me what color shirt I had on.
  • Gift store in La Veta, CO - w4m (Colorado)
    • You were looking for a rock for your boss :) You can into our store while it was a mess and I helped you find a few gifts ( a bottle opener and arrow heads). I wanted to let you know that you have a beautiful smile and are very handsome. I wanted to [...]
  • walmart pharmacy hewitt - m4w
    • this is a long shot but you wait on me when im getting refills think your name is April you are very pretty and super hot if you interested get back to me
  • Cutie with dimples at George's - w4m (Waco )
    • You walked in, I was laughing and I accidentally snorted. You said you thought it was cute, and I thought you were cute!! I would love to see you again!!!
  • Looking for my red truck - w4m
    • Been awhile a lot has changed you see this hit me up please been thinking bout your cock without a rubber
  • cute smile Guy at camreon park - m4m (waco) 22yr
    • You was on trails at the park. Im blk guy in black shirt with army shorts who u look at an smile i thought you was cute. If u see this connect with me
  • Recognized me in a porn - m4m
    • Im trying to get in contact with the person I was talking with. I lost them and cant get ahold of them. I have my vids to refresh your memory. But I am still interested in making money. So I hope you see my ad.
  • s valleymills car wash - m4m (waco) 25yr
    • I know you might not read this but if you do i would like to talk to you.

I seen you today at the car wash you was white, very handsome we had made alot of eye contact an what not you was in a gold impala, also u was in the service i think cause you [...]


  • You were walking into the plasma place - m4w (Waco)
    • I was standing by a blue car waiting on someone to come out of the plasma place and you were walking in. I couldn't really tell if you were Mexican or white, you had dark hair and were wearing some kind of black tights or yoga pants. You were so damn [...]
  • Thursday 3/28 HEB Wooded Acres - m4w (Waco)
    • I hope you read these!! You were wearing a white shirt and black denim slacks, had dark hair and you were probably 5'7" or so. You caught me checking you out a couple of times and I will not apologize for it. ;) You are a gorgeous woman, so if by any [...]
  • hobby lobby - m4w (waco tx)
    • You work at hobby lobby. we locked eyes when I walked in.. I turned to look at you again and you were already looking at me. your absolutely Beautiful! I said something about your eyes..
  • Planet Fitness - m4m (waco)
    • I swear you were checking me out...you're a cute latin guy who had on red gym shorts and a white pf shirt...last night between 7-8pm...you were a few tread mills down from me. If you read this shoot me and email back and put what colors i was wearing [...]
  • Hewitt gas station - m4w (hewitt) 32yr
    • Saw you this morning around 8:00, you where behind me in line, I tried to stair but you where very very good looking. After I got what I needed we both got something at the donut part..

I am sure you wont see this but if you do it would be cool to h [...]

  • The girl in the white corolla driving down 35 - m4w (I35) 21yr
    • I kept trying to get your attention while we were driving down 35. I just wanted to say you have a really pretty smile and hope maybe you'll see this. I know it's a long shot but hey, I can still hope right? Tell me where we were and what I was drivi [...]
  • At Ross today! - m4w (Waco)
    • Blonde hair and beautiful smile! Nothing more than a couple of smiles exchanged and kicking myself for not speaking. You drove away in your red Nissan. Had my son with me. Tell me what you remember.
  • you want to loose weigh I can help you. - w4w (waco) 27yr
    • Hello everyone I'm here to help women how to loose some, let's get together and make this happened. Let killed this fat if you interested. Email me I can help.
  • wild west - m4w 26yr
    • seemed like you were trying to find things to talk to me about before the show. I couldn't talk to you very much because of work, but we kept catching each others eye. write me back if you were thinking the same thing as me.
  • Supper - m4m (Hillsboro)
    • The two of us helped friend. He bought supper for a thank you. The two of us never have met before. I was very attracted to you but don't know if you swing this way. I would like to get to know you better on the down low. If interested hit me up and [...]
  • I saw you at Walmart gas station - m4w
    • Hi I saw you at Walmart gas station wed night 3/ 19 at 10 pm gatesville

you where wearing jeans and a ball cap l had a black cowboy hat on you look back and saw me checking you out. I should had said something I wanted to say something I wish I had [...]

  • Heb - m4m (Heb nth19) 33yr
    • I know this is a long shot, But I always see you shopping at heb dressed real nice, sometimes cowboy type other time regular clothes. Always thought you were very nice looking. ;-) you bought some blue cigg refills,what kind if this is you?!
  • behind the desk - m4w (waco) 30yr
    • I see you every week or so where you work. You are a blonde with EVERYTHING going on. We're professional/polite and I come in enough that I'll keep it that way. But damn . . .
  • gas station - w4m (waco) 24yr
    • this is a long shot but.oh.well today at a gas station you gave me a compliment. You were in.a.white car if.this.is.you please email me an tell me what it was an which gas station
  • walmart employee - m4w
    • Saw you in pharmacy aisles stocking. You stared a few times. Thought you were gorgeous. You had medium dark hair and very slim body. Tell me what I was wearing so I know it's you if your interested.
  • Aaron Watson - w4m 23yr
    • To the adorable guy in the tshirt that held my jacket as I danced.. I'm so sorry I didn't talk to you!! Anyway your adorable and I would love to hear from you!! Tell me what I was wearing with that jacket that I basically threw at you lol.
  • Crazy girl in redfire mustang w/ camo stripes - m4w (waco, tx)
    • We played around on La Salle. Im assuming that was your father that was behind you and you were on the phone with. I really wanted to talk to you. You're definitely one wild chick and i'd like to get to know you. If you see this respond with what veh [...]
  • Looking for my Old Friend: 'Marie S.' - w4w (South Waco) 24yr
    • I'm looking for my old friend, I never did get your full name so I'm not sure how to be more specific then "mariesauceda".

We were suppose to go shopping one day at Wal-mart on Franklin+New Road but I didnt hear from you again. That was two years ag [...]

  • M.V. Acosta - m4m (Waco)
    • Mike I would love to talk to you. I last asked you what you wanted for your bday and you replied food. I hope to hear from you.
  • I left you a msg in Houston... - w4m
    • Since it seems were playing hide & seek...the title will probably irk u you some. You're too stubborn to see it from my point of view. Too hurt to see that you hurt me, too. I can't trust you either. Just for different

reasons. It's just a thought, [...]

  • u wrote bazinga - m4m
    • Im still interested u answered my ad...if you see this tell me where we met. And whatwe had a mutual iinterest in
    • This is for the girl in the red dress at scruffs last night (Wednesday night). You were wearing a red dress and looked really great. I really should have talked to you, but unfortunantly I didnt. I'm pretty sure you work at HEB. If you see this, emai [...]
  • You asked if I was at Target Monday night - m4w (West Waco) 39yr
    • At the doctor's office you asked me if I was at Target Monday night, and said I looked familiar. You were with your son. You had turquoise shoes on, so you have to know if this is you. Anyway, you had an amazing smile, and I'd love to figure out wher [...]
  • Orange shirt - w4m ($tree)
    • Think we made eye contact a few times! Email with What color.shirt I had an around.what.time.of.day
  • Weekend resale shop - m4w (waco)
    • Hoping you will see this. If not then I will for sure tell you all this in person next time I see you. You work Saturdays at a resale shop that I go to. There is a substantial age difference between us and you may not be comfortable with it. But you [...]
  • C. Dominguez - m4w 24yr
    • You replied to a post I put up but it was about a month when I actually saw it. You were not sure which earrings. Which two did you say? Also. How old are you?
  • Alyssa Malloy - m4w
    • We met a while back maybe like 1 year ago or something and lost connection of each other,

I'm jay, Guy with the black hummer h2 You were pretty fun, If you read this get back to me, maybe we can hang out again :) Jay

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