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craigslist | missed connections in waco

  • all american girly - m4w (waco ) 36yr
    • You have to be the hardest friend i have to get in touch with lol. Just heard of your loss and would like to keep in touch with you my horrible friend .
  • Guy in roofing company truck - m4m 27yr
    • I saw you on Sunday stopping by a friends house in Hewitt. Your friend wasn't there and we kept looking at each other from across the street. Email me back if interesting. Also, tell me what was I doing when you saw me so that I know it's you.
  • Business Fellow - m4m (Waco) 29yr
    • We corresponded a while back. You're a "Business Fellow". You were interested in getting tied up and played with. If you're still interested in this, send me a message and your first name so I know it's you.
  • Looking to connect with a mature woman - m4w (Killeen)
    • DO NOT FLAG ME. I am very real and can easily prove it.

I am looking to openly connect with an older single woman or one straight couple. I am completely interested in a quality, open, mature, and pressure-free relationship filled with fun and long [...]

  • Looking for an old girl friend - m4w (Waco)
    • I am looking for an old friend. I was living in some apartments off Myers Lane & we meet in 1988 or early 1989. I was going to T.S.T.I. & your name was Debby Smith at the time. If you are still around & you see this & can remember the name of the apa [...]
  • Wooded Acres HEB (Sunday) ...You told me you like Taco Bell - m4w (Waco)
    • I've never posted anything like this before, but I can't stop thinking about your smile. You asked me a few questions about restaurants, then told me you really liked Taco Bell. I admitted I did too. Maybe we should talk sometime, perhaps eat some Ta [...]
  • Sanger AVE Laundrymat - m4w
    • Well that was an epic fail on my part. You had a bright green shirt with I ❤️ Austin and BU sweat pants. I thought you were extra cute and would of liked to talk.
  • met at cameron park saturday - m4m (waco)
    • You and I met Saturday. I was in a car, you were in a pickup....we walked down the trail, embraced, fondled a little bit. I went on about your gorgeous and enormous penis.....tight body, etc. you work out of town, I live out of town....I still realll [...]
  • Logan - m4w (waco)
    • You came through my line late tonight, we declared ourselves friends. My boss makes it hard to talk to pretty girls when I'm working and I wasn't able to say that I'm dying to know more about you. If you see this message me with my name or something!
  • Gholson cutie - m4w (Waco)
    • :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : [...]
  • This week - m4m (Waco) 25yr
    • You came by my work this week. You used to work there but now you work downtown. You asked me how I liked waco and we chatted. Shoot me a message with my name and yours so I know it's you.
  • Baylor guy at golds gym - m4m (New Road) 20yr
    • You were working out at golds gym tonight in one if the side rooms and walked through shirtless but you were holding your bright orange shirt and you were super ripped and hot!!! I'd love to meet again ;)

If you get this tell me what car you have an [...]

  • Cougar at Home Depot - m4w (Waco)
    • Saw you there on Wednesday around 12 noon. You were in the cleaning supply isle and you had on this long sun dress thing. You smiled my way as we passed. You looked sexy in that dress. I saw you again in another part of the store and you followed me [...]
  • Again at Cotton Patch - m4w (Waco)
    • I ate lunch yesterday at the Cotton Patch Restaurant and I didn't ask for you but you were my waitress again. You are sexy with long black hair and tight ass jeans. Man you can feel them out.

Your name starts with K. You are very friendly and I'd li [...]

  • red pt cruiser - m4w (north waco)
    • Was driving down Bosque this morning around 7:30 and I noticed you staring at me or atleast I thought you were....I wish we could of got to know each other you looked gorgeous... let me know if you want to chat a bit
  • Belmead watermelons - m4w (waco) 35yr
    • I seen you and you caught me staring. Your older than be but who cares. Let's be fwb. If you're interested Tell me what you were doing when you caught me staring. And what I was driving.
  • Need some head 32yr
    • Hey anybody wanna stop by and swallow my load 32 m here cd/ts welcome too lkjhlkjhlkjhlkjhlkjhlkjh
  • Temple Valero - w4w (Temple)
    • Saw you on a pitstop...you thought my boys were cute...especially the youngest.

I thought you were cute. You were with a young man....maybe 11. I can't get you out of my head.

  • China Spring. Sonic - m4w (Central)
    • Friday. Night. You. Wore blue jeans. Green t shirt Mountain Dew Drove white car. Bought ice Cream. Stayed. Till. Closing. I would. Love to know. You.
  • N. 25th St. Morning walker - w4m (Waco Tx) 22yr
    • Idk this is a long shot. It was maybe 7:30am Today 8/5/14 as I was driving down north 25th I saw you walking. You had some gym shorts on & no shirt. You are a black male & I believe you had some chest & arm tattoos as well as some white ear buds in. [...]
  • Family Dollar North Waco - m4w (waco) 22yr
    • we where standing in line together you turned around and said hi. I wanted to ask you for your number but was to shy. You where an AA female light skin had tattoos on your arm and neck. Also was wearing red shorts and black shirt. If your out there I [...]
  • red dress - t4w
    • Looking for the lady that have me clothing I am a cross dresser .would like to meet up again and thank her .Mel from bellmead .

PS if any women would love to help me with my dressing up or have any clothing . I would love to hear from u . I am tall [...]

I would. Love to know. More. About. You

  • Married Buddy Lost Contact - m4m (Waco)
    • You had a unique email name and we met a couple times for beer and visit. Have seen each other at local Waco events but no opportunity to visit. Give me few details about yourself, where we met and anything else that might assure me it is you and I w [...]
  • blue ford Torres in i-35 south from waco - m4w
    • was driving next to you for the longest time. You where watching cartoons on your phone while it was on your instrument cluster. I'd like to get to know you. If you read this what kinda truck was i in
  • u wrote bazinga - m4m
    • Im still interested u answered my ad...if you see this tell me where we met. And whatwe had a mutual iinterest in
  • luis. feet - m4m (waco)
    • A few years ago you let me service your feet.....I moved and still think about our encounter...id love to do it again..tell me where we met
  • back rub for me - m4w
    • I'm 715looking for a back303 rub....... nothing more8988 and I can return the favor. I can host and would really appriciate it!!!! Text if you're willing thanks in advance
  • 2010 mcc - w4m (Waco tx) 24yr
    • Extremely random. I meet you at MCC in 09 or 10 not exactly sure. during an evening class. You are a tall, light skinned blk man. We kind of had something going then again it got no where. We did run into each other a while ago & yet again nothing ha [...]
  • Baylor game - m4m (lot a) 24yr
    • Hey, you were the hot black working on lot A tonight. We talked for a bit. Send a message if you see this and think it you.
  • stood up - m4w 19yr
    • well i was hoping to meet but i guess you didn't know if you delete your add you can't comunicate
  • Jasmine at Poppa Rollos - m4w (waco)
    • I had lunch around 3:30 Sat. You sat me and my friends to a table. I was wearing shades and a San Antonio Spurs cap.I think I heard one of the workers call you jasmine. I found you to be super cute and you seem like a genuinely good person. I would l [...]
  • Gatesville HEB - blonde w/ huge bottle of water - m4w (gatesville HEB) 49yr
    • you was in the check out line-Sunday 8/24 about 2pm- you had 2 small blonde haired lil girls with you-- guy put 5 or 6 gal jug of water in your cart. You was sooo friendly-- sooo cute--wonderful smile- I know you was married but would love to meet yo [...]
  • WEST FEST - m4w (west/waco)
    • Well we made eye contact anytime we crossed each others path. Noticed you checking me out while I was getting food. If this is you tell me what line I was in getting food..id like to talk to you ;)
  • no bs this weekend just fun - m4w 35yr
    • 36a1 fun 94seven want to party 84and the last to is six five pix or text all good ill send
  • scruphy Murphys - m4m (waco,tx)
    • You were doing karaoke tonight you had on a green shirt dono if your straight or not but you were cute we made eye contact a couple of times I wasn't sitting far from you
  • Chrysler - Gas Station - Waco - I held the door for you - m4w (waco)
    • and you waved as I drove away.

Love to chat... Wish I would have come over and talked to you but was with my business partner.

  • you cut my hair for my birthday - m4w (waco)
    • you had cut my hair for my birthday. you were very beautiful with amazing blue eyes and black hair. if you are reading this, please reply with either the place you work at, what we were talking about, my name, or how you made me feel really good and [...]
  • Brynn Green - m4w (Waco)
    • I just wonder how you are. I think of you often and I hope you're doing well!! You probably will never see this, but if you do please either reply with something only we would know i.e. where we last saw each other and just let me know that you're ok [...]
  • MCC in the mornings - w4m (Waco)
    • You are the most handsome professor on that campus, I wonder if you notice me. Our eyes meet many times during lecture and you smile at me. I have not noticed you do that with anyone else. If I still feel this connection with you after the semester i [...]
  • Plasma center - m4m
    • You had on Black shoes a tat on your forearm I think blue jeans greenish beige shirt clean shaven with a beard looked darkish Mexican or mixed..I was sitting across from you! I seen you watching guys asses..let's talk! (;
  • old friend - m4m (waco tx)
    • Lookn for an old friend Alex Venegas. Long black hair. Hispanic. Age 35~40. Does hair for living. . If u know him please give him my number and have him text or call. He will know who i am. Thnks. 940 seven 8 one. Eight seven three seven
  • lake waco head - m4w (waco area)
    • looking for a white lady we met at Hewitt tx walmart and we went to lake Waco and you gave me head til we got caught and left.... looking for you again im a latino if you remember and it happened like September of last year 2013
  • Haircut yesterday - m4m (Waco)
    • You came into Supercuts on Valley Mills Dr yesterday (Saturday). You sat next to me while we waited our turn. I went first. You ended up in the chair next to me. You seem like a real nice guy. Would like to talk to you maybe meet. It was around nine, [...]
  • Chilli's - m4m (Waco) 21yr
    • I was there for dinner around 5. You were my waiter for table 32. I sat with my friend and ordered a margarita. I'm Hispanic. You also looked Hispanic. I really liked you, joking around and all! Respond if this was you.
  • Black Toyota SUV - m4w (United Super)
    • I am looking for a woman, in a black Toyota SUV. you were getting a snow cone today (saturday) at about 3:30 PM in the United Super parking lot. You were sitting in your car and I came up beside you. I got in line for service and because you were the [...]
  • Help someone you love! You never know where there head is! - m4w (Baylor)
    • Beaten as a child,

I seldom felt love, you were my angel, I stompted you like a rug. You see im not a bad guy, im just a worthless lost soul, the pain I feel now has taken its toll, Im just to weak, I have nothing to lose, Oh, this needle i [...]

  • BK drive-thru employee - m4w (clifton)
    • I came through late. We didn't talk much at all, I was a bit stoned, but I wanted to let u know you're looking good. If u see this holler. Hope u do cause burger King Sucks girl. ;)
  • Big mistakes=huge consequences. Forgive me - m4w (balla dr.)
    • Losing your friendship is the price I pay. I have so many regrets. Nothing I can take back! I care about you. I will always have your back like you had mine! I will NOT EVER turn back to the life style that ultimately cost me my best friend and cause [...]
  • re: The sad part is i still love you - w4m
    • God, I wish! If only this post was meant for me, from you. I'd die &, go to heaven. That's what it was w/ my sweetest love. Bradley, tell me you need me, tell me to pack it all up & come be w/ you again... forever!
  • black charger at walmart - w4m
    • U were fine. U dropped ur homeboy off at the door. Kept tryin to make eye contact w u but unsuccessfull. If this is you tell me what kinda car I drive. U drove by me like 3 times too lol. I just never see good lookin men in this damn town.. :) hmu
  • sexy thongs - w4m
    • I will sell any of my worn panties u just tell me how dirty u like it I can get them as dirty as u want them
  • looking for good time - w4m
    • I want a sexy white man im 26 and looking for a good time money is always a plus I just love a man in cinch jeans
  • missing you - w4m (Dallas)
    • Sometimes at night

for no reason at all I seem to lose sight of any and all How can ones soul be full to the brim Suspended in emptiness Emptiness within I know you exist At least in my heart Things will never be right When we are apart.

  • Waitress at Heitmillers - m4w (Waco)
    • I was in for lunch today and you waited on the table across from mine. You're about 5'5', beautiful face, blonde, sexy ass and perfect Playboy tits. Please contact me if you see this or if you know her. I was with someone and couldn't talk to you, bu [...]
  • Leon we met at Jewell Lk campgrd - w4m (BC)
    • Leon your statement that you were looking for something struck a chord with me though I was too shy to ask you over for a glass wine and conversation. Providing details will get a response.
  • For Arizona - m4w (Waco)
    • Day 4 without you. It feels unreal. Like I'm in a unfamiliar daze, wondering around a new world. Days come and go and I dream about you every night. I wake in a cold sweat expecting to be home instead of this shithole hotel. I'm starting to come to g [...]
  • Planet Fitness - m4m 43yr
    • I worked out with you. We are in business together. You say you are not gay but I really wish you were. I would love to go on an actual date. Maybe you see this it is worth a try. If you think it is you text me and actually ask me out on a date.
  • mcc boat ramp - m4w (mcc boat ramp)
    • I helped you work on your boat motor tell me what kind of motor it was you was such a cool person would like to get to know you i hope you see this i know its a long shot
  • looking for girl I met in line at DMV-Registration office - m4w (Waco)
    • Looking for this super cool super cute red head chick I met in line at the DMV/Registration office on friday 15. We talked from the back of line til the front, and I didn't get a chance to get ur name or number and am kinda regretting it now. So if b [...]
  • Wal-Mart checkout/parking lot - m4m (waco,tx )
    • You were checking out the cashier was talking forever and I saw you smoking a cigarette by your car we made eye contact twice..What color shirt was I wearing you had on a black shirt
  • Looking for LEONARD ORTEGA JR. - w4m (WACO) 30yr
    • I'm looking for my ex who I'm still in love with deeply. I'm sure he has moved on,but I would love to see him again. I want to tell him how much I love him and miss him. Please if you know how to get a hold of him lead him to this post. Tell him Crys [...]
  • Looking for the goddess that maced me - m4w
    • The burning in my eyes was nothing compared to the burning in my heart and my loins. Mostly my loins. I met you yesterday in that place at that time, remember? I was the guy you maced-I know that's kinda vague, but hopefully that helps. As I rolled a [...]
  • Last week HEB checking out. Crossfit Shirt - m4w (HEB Waco )
    • I was behind u in the check out. You had on a Crossfit shirt. We started small conversation. But I regret not asking you your name. Hopefully you will see this.
  • just saw you at heb on valley mills - m4m (valley mills)
    • Hey you were a handsome larger man we made eye contact as I was walking in snd smiled. you were wearing a white button up I was in all black if interested hit me up
  • LovemyboyT - m4w (waco)
    • Hi,

This is not a missed connection, but saw your picture on Zoosk and wanted to get to know more about you. I'm not going to pay for a dating site, so if you find this reply back and we can go from there. I sent you a message *wink wink (thats the [...]

As you pulled out of the McDonald's parking lot, i nearly hit guys. But you smiled at me. Well... I can't stop thinking about that s [...]

  • Beautiful - m4w (Waco)
    • To the beautiful woman at Wooded Acres HEB. Tats and glass. Just wanted to say hi again and I think you're very sexy!
  • autozone - m4w (waco)
    • I was sitting in my car in the parking lot and you dropped your keys. I just wonder if you dropped them intentionally... ;) i've seen you there before. The first time I saw you you held the door open for me and I see you looking and I know you see me [...]
    • What makes me a great partner 1. I am trustworthy. I say what I mean, I'm where I say I am going to be and act as though my significant other (partner) and family is my first priority. I could care less if my partner looks at my e-mail or cell phone [...]
  • motel 6 - m4w (waco )
    • I came up to your room we talked about your life, and i just enjoyed looking at you while you talked I was going to stay longer but I left I just want to see you again
  • Does any body like seeing 11" through pant at stores - m4w
    • I have a massive white cock it's veiny super thick and fucking long does any one like seeing a cock like that through there pants in a store bc I know u can see my massive cock when I walk around store but no one seems to look or show any attention t [...]
  • Csl - m4m
    • You're a white guy, we talked about the job hobbs and you work construction. You wore black Jordan's and black jeans. I want to give you head
  • Hey You!! You are the Best.. - m4w (AirG1)
    • Hi tis the Michael that misses his Yvonne it's been a very long,while we haven't spoke to each other You a country girl me a yorkie, you an R.N me security guard. Hopefully when you get this you respond. Yvonne the Best.
  • heb valley mills 815pm on 8/5/14 - m4w (heb valley mills)
    • you have blond hair, white top, tan bottoms, white shoes. I was in all black, just got done working out. We kept making eyes. Please hit me up. We both walked out to our cars. You were behind me.

You said excuse first in the store and I said hi.

You're a hairdresser and used to be in China Spring and now are working out of your place in Bosqueville. I know you're back with your old man C and have more worries and no time or interest in anything, but I had to tell you that I want you so b [...]

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