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craigslist | missed connections in worcester / central MA

Tell me what you were wearing if you are her.

  • SOUAD - mw4w (Worcester)
    • Are you still creeping Craigslist? If you are, we miss you. We got along so well, cooking dinner, doing nails and hair. What happened to you? :-(
  • I really want you despite your Yankees tattoo - w4m (Southbridge) 38yr
    • I don't see enough and would love to. The times that you are at your business, you are always working. You are a hard worker. I see you in your work cloths sometimes sweaty and it really, really turns me on. When you stop to come say hello and assist [...]
  • countrybank in west brookfield - m4w (parking lot)
    • You left in a white M5 I was sitting......drop me a line lets talk....what was I driving?
  • tractor supply girl - m4w
    • To the cute girl at tractor supply in millbury...you asked how the item i purchased from you is working....tell me what it was so i know its you...not sure u will see this if you do contact me.....
  • cumbies 420 today - w4m (Hudson) 27yr
    • I saw you at combines getting a coffee. I'm sorry I left without getting your number. I haven't been single long so my skills are lacking. I'm hoping my post in the creeper classifieds will find you. If you're the guy I'm looking for, tell me what ca [...]
  • JD - m4m (Dudley)
    • We used to fool around back in high school. Loved your long beautiful cock. I've been thinking about you a lot lately and would love to rekindle the special friendship we had.
  • freeballing gray sweats - m4m (barre)
    • Saw you at the store this morning, we arrived at same time, I was waiting at the counter when you came in. Would love to see what was making the bulge in your sweatpants. Hit me up if your interested.
  • W S COURT - m4m
    • Hey guy we were , yesterday 9/16 in Worcester Superior Court , room 318 , around 9 something am , you're married , you was dressing in dark kaki pants , green shirt , greenish jacket , you wear glasses and you're a very handsome guy . Before entering [...]
  • late night planet fitness - m4m (gardner) 29yr
    • Saw you last night working out. Wicked hot. We exchanged a few glances. Wouldn't mind helping you relax after your workout.
  • Looking for Rebecca - m4w (Mass ) 40yr
    • Does anyone know a woman Rebecca lived in Worcester area about 10 years ago ..

She lived with her grandmother and has a daughter. She was involved in a really bad accident that ended in a death. If so please let me know. She was a close friend an [...]

  • Leominster Court / 9.17.14 - m4m (Leominster)
    • Hey saw you this morning,you were i think with your mom,black joggins pants,facial hair,nice round bubble ass and big bulge,we look at each other couples times,and i follow you to the bathroom but you where checking your face at the mirror. To chicke [...]
  • HANNAFORDS GARDNER--redhead/strawberry - m4w
    • This will never work...but just in case fate is on my side....I have never seen such a beautiful woman in all my life....you were shopping alone in Hannafords 9/16.....So tall...looked like a model...but even prettier....ready set dream.....let me kn [...]
  • Sally's Beauty in Webster Square (A while Ago) - w4w (Worcester) 20yr
    • You have blue hair, maybe with black in it (or at least I think you did last time I saw you), lots of tattoos, and a nice smile. You're a curvier girl. I never do stuff like this, but you seem super sweet, and I think you're absolutely beautiful. I d [...]
  • Maura from Secret Sage - m4w (wormtown) 34yr
    • I am trying to contact the former bassist of Secret Sage. During Wormtown 2013 she and I met on the trail. She had her bass strapped to her back. She told me she was in a band, but I was tripping so hard I didn't recall the name. She had given me the [...]
  • A tale of two cities - w4m (Mass)
    • Caught in the lowest point of my life and not sure where to turn.

You were the longest love of my life but oftentimes I felt more alone than I should have. Keeping my distance from you is hard but I know that it's right. I miss you though and "I rea [...]

I am writing a newspaper article on the topic of Missed Connections. I would love to hear about your stories. Whether you found whom you were searching for, or you just can't get them out of your head, please share your stories with me! Opin [...]

Standing upon the deck we learn to endure the tempestuous sea as it sways your barnacled bride back and forth across the tumultuous waters. In the first moment you step aboa [...]

  • Planet Fitness - m4m (west boylston) 30yr
    • working out last night, around 730 pm, you were an older male, thought I saw you check me out im into your type. tell me what color shirt I was wearing.
  • Hey! - m4w (Spencer)
    • Hey! Not much to say just amazed at the way everything happened. So what now. I wish you the best. Reply if you want.
  • My beautiful S-I-L - m4w (Fitchburg)
    • I have watched you grow from a cute, shy little girl into the most amazingly beautiful young woman! If you asked me if I ever had sexual thoughts about you I would be lying if I said no! Like I said, I have watched you grow into this beautiful woman [...]
  • lab at umass - m4w (worc)
    • Hi I saw you and wow. I tried to say a few things but as we know its an aggravating place there. You are very pretty. I walked out when you left to see if you were there but you were gone. Well long shot but if you see this get back to me.
  • Ed sheeran concert - w4m (Mansfield, MA)
    • This might be really silly and far gone. We sat next to each other at an Ed Sheeran concert last week and I saw you looking at me during "Give Me Love". Were you as lonely as I was?

Did you want to reach out? I think you did. Anyways a friend told [...]

  • letting it out
    • I wish I could keep calm and craig on like you do. I use to.

Now this place brings out the worst in me. Part of it has to do with the ticking clock on my shoulder and the thought of never seeing you again. It doesn't make overcoming your cold-shoul [...]

Figure I would give this a chance to see if I can get in touch with you. Thanks

I loved our chats and would love to have some more, come say hi to me. -Dad

  • Hottie looking at an apartment - m4m (Worcester)
    • I know this is a long shot, but I have to try. We were both looking at an apartment complex in Worcester yesterday. You were there with two other guys when I walked into the office. We kept making eye contact, you were really cute. Then when you turn [...]
  • Gap Cashire - m4t (worcester)
    • You are the cutest little thing and you work at the gap factory store. I bought some jeans from you on Sat. If you'd like to be an older guy's first gurl, write me.
  • We hate car troubles - w4m (Framingham) 27yr
    • We talked briefly while waiting for our cars to get inspected at an auto repair on pond street. I looked like crap no make-up, but you were easy to talk to. Strange but I didnt want to leave you. You prob have a gf but just giving this a shot. I woul [...]
  • at gym in spencer - m4w (spencer)
    • saw you today at the gym in spencer you were wearing all black running really hard on the tread mill i was down at the end near the bath rooms you looked pretty hot did not want to sit and stare so i only took a few quick looks maybe we could become [...]
  • black mercedes - m4w (rt 9 and lake ave)
    • i think we shared a glance, what was I driving and doing? I want to know you. You were beautiful and I think we have a connection
  • Customer from Miami Beach wearingspandex shorts - m4m (worcester) 30yr
    • You came into my job today and I helped you. You're from Miami Beach and you were wearing spandex shorts. I know you saw me check out your junk, and you seemed flattered but nervous.

If you think it was you, tell me your name or where I work.

its the 13th and i just left the wayside inn. i helped a young woman and her photographer, but was unable to ask a few questions, like what were your speaking, why the pictures, why be sorry for a moment of eye contact? I would love a c [...]

  • Miss you Jenn - m4w (worcester)
    • Wish things didn't end the way they did. I think and worry about you a lot. Hope you are ok.
  • B from Kareoke last night - m4w (Pete's)
    • Goofily sang with U a song though I couldn't carry a tune in a tune bag if I had one. Wanted to ask for ur number but didn't....
  • Postal Person - m4w (North of Worcester) 63yr
    • We have been chatting at my mailbox for some time now.... You're very attractive and an unattached women. You know my situation, but I would love to see you socially and more..... I sense some energy between us.... If you see this please reply with m [...]
  • Half Hour for Lunch Girl - m4w (Gardner Subway)
    • You were the cute girl who worked at the Credit union behind me in line at Subway yesterday. You only had a half hour for lunch. Wish I had invited you for dinner!
  • Loved your chest piece at hotel v's - m4w (worcester) 26yr
    • Couldn't stop staring at you chest tattoo. It looked so sexy on you!! Wish I could see it again.
  • RE: I Want To Let You Go
    • It's only been five months. Time heals EVERYTHING, trust me. You don't sound in love; you sound obsessed and that is not love. Please, seriously, please get some counselling. You need it badly. This too shall pass but you must seek help. Get a therap [...]
  • Boston market guy - m4m (Marlborough)
    • Hey! You were really sweet and helpful today. I had no idea what to get and you helped me. I was new to the area and you seemed really cheerful and nice. I wanted to give you my number but chickened out. You worked at that boston market. What's your [...]
  • 9-12 at 119 Memorial Belmont St. - m4m (Worcester)
    • Saw you this am 9/12 around 11:30. Your name start with R - - - - T,you know i was checking you out couples times and you at me,lol. Your latino,black skin,skinny,short black hair,red shirt; yellow sneakers white and ? And a mostazza jeans with a ver [...]
  • Across from dmv - m4w (Leominster )
    • I was a little embarrassed when you saw me starring. I'm sorry if I offended you. But you were so beautiful. Did not even notice I was starring till you smiled at me. You were driving a green Mirage. Doubt you will see this but had to try. Again so b [...]
  • price right Worcester - m4w (price right)
    • I saw you at price rite supermarket this morning. You where sitting on a bench in front of store. You had white shirt and black pants,blond hair. We looked at each other a few times. Your so beautiful. I wanted to say hi, but was too shy. I'm older t [...]
  • Big chubby bear / Starbucks / worcester/ E. Central st - m4m (Worcester)
    • Man what a fucking beautiful chubby bear you are. Saw you Thursday early evening. I think you caught giving you the body scan & undressing you withy eyes a few times!!! If you see this & you ever mess around with guys - you hit me up!!! I'm mid 40's [...]
  • Jogger at Wachussett Dam - m4w (Clinton)
    • We made eye contact this morning, I was sitting in my truck, you jogged by me , you had on grey running pants, Hope you see this,
  • Amazing Girl at Rotmans... - m4w (Worc., Ma)
    • I knew I was going to buy a bedroom set but what I didn't plan on was seeing the most Amazing woman ever... You literally made my heart drop into my stomach to the point where I couldn't even speak..you looked so good in your Turquoise skirt.... I do [...]
  • fairfield inn - m4m (auburn )
    • To the handsome guy outside of the Fairfield inn smoking around noontime today. Just wondering if you're into guys. Hit me up if you are.
  • Inventory at sutton country store - m4m (Sutton ) 34yr
    • Stud Thursday AM working with a clipboard & looking sooooo good! I couldn't take my eyes off you!

I'm 6'1 19o Discreet! Nsa

  • two hotties Wed afternoon (Exchange St Athol)
    • I seen you by the YMCA then followed you down Island & Marble to Exchange St, then you went across the bridge. I think you are both really hot and was wondering if you wanted to hook up at some point?

So that I know that it is actually the two of yo [...]

  • Girl who works at dunkies next to the old Hess - m4w (Fitchburg)
    • You've served me coffee for over a year on and off, and I just wanna say I think you're beautiful and would like to take you out for a drink; or ironically, a coffee. Hit me back! I'm def not creepy Or sketchy, and I think you'd be happy to see who p [...]
  • To the beautiful blonde in starbucks this morning - m4w (Framingham) 21yr
    • To the blonde girl sitting at her laptop in Starbucks this morning in the Whole Foods plaza -- you are STUNNING. Your eyes are incredible. We made very brief eye contact, but I was already 15 minutes late for work, so I didn't have time to come talk [...]
  • you were posting for another cd - t4t (not sure)
    • I responded you responded back but then nothing, if your curious or want to chat or meet I'm in ymail listed as nutcracker71. Here is your pic and my pic. You are so gorgeous I want to meet you
  • Where is my leggy friend - m4m (fitchburg)
    • Been out for awhile but back now and looking for T Missing your soft sexy legs in your hot black satin panties and your soft licks on my big hard cock. I REALLY NEED you to see this post and get back to me so I can climb all over you again. D
  • Ma Pike reststop - m4m (MA Pike West bound)
    • I was in the stall and you started peeking through the hole. We stroked for each other and even stroked each other a bit. You were wearing Doctor Who underwear. I'd love to do it again. Message me!
    • You were a Champlins. I pulled up for gas and we spoke for a minute, I told you I would be back to pick you up ....when I came back you and your friends had gone, you all had pink shirts on.....guess I took too long. I would like to get to know you a [...]
  • adventure - m4m (sturbridge) 31yr
    • Hello all. I met a great guy today. He was handsome, charming and had a wonderful smile. In the off chance he might see this, I hope he'll respond and we could have a great adventure together.
  • Delivery guy - m4m (Worcester )
    • I deliver to you for the second time today on Goldstar Boulevard first time you asked me where do you know me from

If you serious I would like to meet you

White Pickup with ladders MA plates, heading south on Rt 103 between Rutland and Ludlow, VT last night (Tue sep 9) around 7pm. Tall, 30's, goatee, Italian looking, great shape. Construction. You stopped at Mac's market on Rt 103 south, EastWa [...]

We were getting along so well. What happened? We really clicked in an immidiately obvious and uncommon way. Where did we go wrong?

  • I Want To Let You Go - m4w
    • I spent a year getting to know you. I spent a year developing a hard crush on you. I hadn't wanted any one specific girl since probably elementary school. You quite literally made all other girls blur out of focus. It was only you. We spent a year to [...]
  • Hope is Eternal - m4t (Gardner) 62yr
    • I didn't really know what category to write this under so, I chose this one. I guess everyone reads the others just out of curiosity. Maybe not though but, we will see. I am kind of looking for another person my size and, maybe in age as well. I am e [...]
  • suzi?? - m4w
    • we use to chat..you got in a relationhip i lost your number? i'd love to hear from you again if this is you tell me my name and what we use to talk about.
  • blonde at jillian's - m4w (worcester)
    • white shirt black shorts.. hot ..you were fighting with your man. checkin me out a little. was with my chic. your beautiful and would like a hot date sometime?
  • In line at Price Chopper-You were buying beer - m4w (Off West Mountain st)
    • We met briefly in line at the Price Chopper today. We chatted a bit about different beers. I would love to get to know you better. If you feel the same let me know by responding to this ad. Please tell me what beer you were buying so I know it's you.
  • missing ID - m4w (Webster)
    • Check down the street from you, eddy st (up staris) webster or contact 774 It's 334 known 0672 there is a stack there.
  • uxbribge Cunberland Farms Saturday - m4m (uxbridge )
    • I saw you at the Cumberland Farms in Uxbridge, you were driving a silver car with a veterans license plate, and the passenger side of the car was damaged, you were talking to a big guy, outside the store then inside and then you pumped gas and left a [...]
  • Er** A***** - m4w (Auburn)
    • Changed since I last saw you but still looking good ;)................................. .........
  • walgreens on park ave - m4w (worcester)
    • Your name is alexa you work at the walgreens on park ave in Worcester I have a huge crush on you! I hope you see this I actually asked you about Tylenol and we also spoke about me being on blood thinners . Hope to hear from you :-) ...........
  • swimming pool construction guy - w4m ( so.worc co)
    • Lately i cant help but think about some of the guys at the swimming pool place i work at. [not getting any at home]. Im a mature petite dirty blond. 34b. glasses. kind of stand-

offish on the surface. a little gentlemanly charm goes along way. im an [...]

You were in Francos buying a bunch of pizza's. approx 12:00pm..You are very pretty ..Would have loved to strike up a conversation, too shy..Hope you see this. Hope to hear from you.

You just moved in a couple weeks ago you said, if you knew what I was thinking when you were on the stepladder ... If you'd like to know, you know how to find me, tell me where your chef duties are. Hope you [...]

Hopefully she will not grow up to become a bad mother like you. You need to have your children taken from you.

  • Dont Look at me!! :)-IHOP 2 am - m4w (worcester)
    • Single guy here walked into Ihop and I was seated across from 3 of your beautiful BBW's. Cutest of the 3 girls - you were in total mess, hungry and no patience till they served you. But you looked cute :).

As I smiled and looked at you, you shouted, [...]

  • sunnyside in webster - m4w
    • to the nice girl who was staring at me ,you said you knew me an called me a certain name of a guy im interested in talking to you ,i like your look ,tell me the name of the guy you thought i was so i know its you .
  • Linda White - m4w
    • Linda the one who lived on wall St. like to get together saw you sell stuff at worcester flea market many years ago hope see you again Jimmy
  • Peterson oil, white car on your way to work - m4w
    • Sorry I was not paying attention to you. Hopefully you could forgive me?? Any ways not sure if you read these or not but I would like to hear from you. Maybe dinner next week. Or fill up after you go to work!! Next week.

If this is that girl in the [...]

If you stil have it.

  • Lets hook up - m4m (worcester) 38yr
    • Right now it is 3:00 pm on fri sept 5, 2014 I am new to Worcester and I am looking for new friends, I am a amputee I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident I am hoping to find a man who can host and who likes to have adult fun seven seven four two four [...]
  • Whistlestop - m4w (Oxford)
    • I was at the Whistlestop in Oxford this afternoon I made short conversation with you. You had dark hair and you were with a friend. I thought you were cute. I wanted to talk to you more but didn't know what else to say. But if you see this we can tal [...]
  • cute brunette in maroon 5:30 - m4w (wegmans)
    • You wore a maroon shirt. I wasn't able to say anything to you then, but certainly would like to try another time.
  • Webster Dunkin Donuts - m4w (Webster)
    • To the woman in the blue SUV who purchased my coffee for me this morning... thank you very much... that was a sweet gesture. If you're single, feel free to reply!
  • north central mass policeman - m4m (fitchburg) 34yr
    • hot young police-man from the dirty burg.

mad-flagger doesn't think there are any gay cops...haha.. or maybe HE knows the truth.... I'm in public safety too and would love to thank you for your service

1. you're gorgeous you were visiting Tonight & ... Let's meet up for a beer and see what's up ... obviously our secret on all levels Msg me ... tell [...]

  • cute brazilian girl at NERB - m4w
    • You had worked at the millbury st. Dunkin donuts and I recently saw you working at new england roast beef. I wanted to say hi but you were busy behind the counter. You drive a gold suv. If you see this, Im the guy who always got coolatas.

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