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craigslist | missed connections in worcester / central MA

  • Emily - m4w (Central Mass)
    • Princess do you really want to say goodbye for good? You know you can contact me when ever. Its a crushing blow to do it this way. I hope the best for you if this is how you want it. I hope you kept all my info for I will always be here for you.
  • JOHN PAUL WHERE ARE YOU? - w4m (worcester)
  • you made my heart skip a beat - m4w (Mass )
    • Today at lunch you sat next to me at one point you touched my arm to show me something

my heart skipped a beat and after that I have no idea what you said to me I could have gazed into your eyes all afternoon watch you smile at one point I just w [...]

  • looking for William Gustafson - w4m 32yr
    • I'm a girl from your past...and I'd like to reconnect...if you are him or know him...message me :)
  • Friendly town pizza - w4m (Athol, MA)
    • You were sitting by yourself in a booth at friendly town while I was waiting for my order. You ordered two slices of pizza and I heard the waitress call your name. I wish I had gone over and introduced myself. You're a very handsome guy, maybe I'll b [...]
  • Hannaford-Shopper/Lancaster St. - m4m (Leominster)
    • Hey saw you yesterday thursday 8/21 around 4 pm,you where with a lady and a child,you where always playing with the child. We made eye contacts many times,even at your way out. You look brazilian ? Around 5"4,skinny,black short hair,black jeans,white [...]
  • Finally! A Convincing Love Story
    • My Favorite Person: A Non-Fiction Romance

Available from Amazon. Trailer on Youtube.

  • Tamara - m4w (uxbridge)
    • I would see you occasionally at the BOA. Haven't seen you since you complimented the color of my shirt and told me you needed to to start going shopping with me. If you happen to see this let me know the color of the shirt I was wearing and your last [...]
  • Longhorn - m4w (Millbury)
    • You had come up to me at Longhorn asking if I was a guy you knew lastnight 5/23. I didn't realize at first but now I know who you were since your hair is different color now. Anyways it looked like youre doing well and if you want to catch up or hang [...]
  • Could it have been more? - m4w (Spencer, MA) 32yr
    • I wish things were different, I still think about you quite often.

I see your posts on Facebook, you look good with the red hair:-) Well you look good with any color hair actually. I'm missing you. I'm missing the times we walked in the woods, the [...]

If you see this, message me!

Would love to make contact with you

  • I fixed your faucet - m4m (fitchburg) 35yr
    • I fixed your faucet because u didnt have pressure.I was hoping when we went down in your basement you would force me to suck your cock, i love older daddys and could not help to notice your cock through your jogging pants. If you read this and are in [...]
  • Eyes at Rest Area 495S just off 3 - m4m 50yr
    • Took a piss next to you, thought you were hot. Nice jeans! Rest room was very busy. You put your hand down your jeans and adjusted! We caught eyes several times while washing hands. We both knew. You left first. I saw you outside the restroom and aga [...]
  • girl from conn.in black car - m4w
    • Hey...you asked me if I smoked....somebody robbed you...you were so cute..I was in white van...with lettering....you wanted a cigarette...nobody would give you one... I wanted to help you...hope you see this...contact me...you were in Dudley yesterda [...]
  • Jo at the McDonalds RT 20 Window - m4w (Auburn)
    • To Jo who works the morning window shift at the McDonalds in Auburn, RT20/Greenwood Street. I think your wicked cute, you have stunning eyes. I have always been attracted to red heads......I was wondereing if your attached? I see no ring on your fing [...]
  • You caught me looking at your - m4w (worcester ) 38yr
    • Camel toe:-p you smiled at me cuz my face turned red with embasment but what do u expect Lol you knew what you were showing especially in those yoga pants if your single I would love to play with it make you cum:-) you obviously thought I'm cute and [...]
  • World Gym - m4m (Worcester) 29yr
    • You are a hot long hair blonde male hottie. Around 30 year old. Sexy as hell. I am in shape, athletic. I would like to meet you. To nervous to approach you. I'm 6'2" 200 lbs
  • Older woman at Ellers - m4w (Leicester)
    • We were both at Ellers Restaurant Wednesday night. I was with a group of friends and you were with another woman. You were older than me with blonde hair. I wanted to go say hello but thought it might be kind of awkward we glanced at each other. You [...]
  • dd on chandler st - m4w (dd)
    • saw you in dunkin on wendsday night we smiled man we were on the same page what was I driving
  • Cab driver late Tuesday night - m4m (Worcester)
    • You gave me a ride to Barre even though it was 3am and I didn't have any money on me. I enjoyed listening to you talk about your life and I can tell you're a genuinely good guy. If I wasn't so shy, I would have asked for your number. I hope you see t [...]
  • Boston Donuts rte31 - m4w (Fitchburg) 25yr
    • I saw u sunday 26th and i have seen you before we know, u used to work at DD before where i first met u, i saw u months ago in walmart i think u have boyfriend, hope we can talk
  • Pushing a baby cart - m4w (Gardner)
    • I have seen you pushing a baby close to pine st

Almost everyday, i dont know if its yours, i dont know if u are married or anything wish we can talk ... You are short, cute and sexy Text me maybe one day i can be Your friend :(

  • very very horny!!!! - m4m (worcester) 43yr
    • My name is Roger, I am 43 years old! I am a amputee I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident, please don't let that stop you from receiving a great head job from me!!!! I can't host so please contact me if you can host and loves sex just as much as I d [...]
  • Hey Mr Dj - w4m (Spencer)
    • Hey Mr Dj. Tried to find you on FB. Can't for some reason. Heard you left her. I heard she was crazy. I'm glad. If you see this we used to hang out before you left for Florida. Come see me. Actually come see us. Remember our mutual friend? You rememb [...]
  • Black woman in worcester - m4w (worcester) 39yr
    • I saw you walking again from Lake Q park to your home at 8pm. You are fine and I love the way you move. I know you see me in my silver SUV. If you are interested in dinner waive and I will approach you to introduce myself.

Sixone7 three zero one zer [...]

  • shelly - m4w
    • Not sure how much longer I can go on without you. My one true love. You haunt me every day, you defeated me, you win. But do you ever think about me?
  • Helped fix your car on Ayer road - m4m (Harvard) 19yr
    • I stopped to help you fix your car on the side of Ayer road near south shaker. Seemed really appreciative and I wanted to know if you ever got it fixed at the shop... If you see this what kind of car do I have and what kind of car were you driving... [...]
  • what happened to "naked lunch" - m4mm (worcester) 55yr
    • Hey I used to go to a naked lunch party at Lou's place on Tuesday's. I haven't been there in a long time and don't see any posts about it anymore. Is this still happening?
  • Wish I could have you - m4w
    • everytime we talk you make me smile

I am aware nothing could ever become of it in a strange way I think you feel the same

  • Imperial gas - m4w (Mendon)
    • Pulled up to full service pump Saturday you came out we talked I pumped my own gas u were beautiful what was I driving or wearing
  • a fun time - m4mw
    • looking to open up my sex life more with some couples. i've had a couple threesome before n loved them I would like to try an more experienced couple n see how it goes. im a 24 yo male average built n ddf,well hung, drinks hear n there open minded. w [...]
  • from the eastern lands - m4w (worcester)
    • you rode into my life

atop your black steed we fell many orcs made honey love indeed our time was short but the passion was long like nothing ever written our passionate song the way our bodies folded the way our lips danced the way our bod [...]

  • beauty at the Bank - m4w (leominster)
    • So I saw you in line thinking wow this women is beautiful, tried my best not to stare but couldn't contain myself I had to say something, what did I say and what was I wearing. I would love nothing more than to take you out and get to know you.
  • Hi Lover - m4m (webster) 42yr
    • Hi Love I found out the 16th was your birthday today and sorry missed it. Wish we were together for the day and doing things you want to do. Maybe we can. Love you Dalton.
  • nice young couple at mason rd school playground - m4mw (Dudley )
    • so this is a platonic post.. I met a sweet young but mature couple at the playground tonight.. talked about life and was really nice. I had said that I don't get a chance to meet people and the parks and playgrounds were the only place I could make f [...]
  • walking in cleghorn this afternoon - m4m (fitchburg)
    • So you were walking down Pratt and then onto Daniels street this afternoon. Tall and thin with short dark hair. Super cute and with a woman. i think you came from the park area. Bright blue shirt and white/blue shorts. I just had a feeling about you! [...]
  • Mitsubishi... Belmont Screet - mm4m (Beechmont Hotel Area)
    • Vehicle: red mitzubishi

Plate: 1MZ845 Driver description: male; wavy shaggy hair; diamond earrings; beautiful pale skin Location: Belmont St., Worcester, MA Date: 8-18-14 Time: 6:45pm Event: waves back and forth. Expectations: a reply with pic [...]

  • Sharon 47 from Worcester - m4w
    • I need to get in touch with you......British. ....harmony.........kev.........................
  • Bank teller - m4w (Webster, MA) 29yr
    • You=black button up and glasses. Sexy as hell. Fast transaction and could not help but to be captivated by your beauty. Hope to hear from you....
  • riverside conven store you held the door for me Prince albert;-) - m4m (millbury) 38yr
    • I'm sure it was you, we met some years back when u lived in northbridge you have or had a fetish I won't say over the net:-) but you were a trainer and had a prince Albert that was so hot! And the sex we had was amazing you had the most amazing ass I [...]
  • Searching for Kierra - w4w (Worcester)
    • At the time we were together you were tall, thin, short curly hair very light skinned AA woman with freckles and with 1 child......a little girl. We, were together in the late 90's I've never stopped thinking of you and would like too reconnect with [...]
  • Devon's friend? - m4m (McDonald's, Gardner) 24yr
    • You were working the register on drivethru last night at about 3:20pm. You seemed interested and asked if I was Devon's friend. you said that I looked kind of familiar. I was just wondering if you would like to have a conversation over coffee.
  • rt2 flash - m4w (rt 2)
    • 1130 on a boring Monday work day and as I drive to go get parts all of the sudden you were next to me. Didn't catch the first, second you were sitting to low, but as I missed my exit and you got off you made sure I caught em.

You seem like fun :) an [...]

  • Single Mom at Oxford's Childrens Day - mw4w (Oxford)
    • To the single mom with the little girl at the face painting booth...my wife and I were standing in line beside you. We both think you are very beautiful. You and my husband kept looking at each other. If this is you let us know what line we were stan [...]
  • You live on Woodland st fitchburg - m4m (fitchburg) 26yr
    • Hey don't know if you'll see this but by any chance you do hmu. I dont know how to approach you so thank god to the internet. You live on woodland st in a blue house 2nd floor and i believe you have a daughter. I dont know if you're into guys but im [...]
  • You were shopping at Stop & Shop today - m4w (Grafton St) 30yr
    • This was at about 3pm. We crossed paths a few times, and we joked around about it. I wanted to talk to you & maybe ask you for your number, but for the first time in many years, I felt butterflies and I couldn't. Now I want to kick my own ass, and I [...]
  • Britney's Cafe blonde woman - m4w (Northborough) 20yr
    • Hey I saw you there today waiting by the bathroom door for your son I believe you were a blonde woman I smiled when I walked by you you smiled back this happened multiple times, not sure if you'll read this but contact me
  • cutie on the bicycle - m4m (Fitchburg, Cumberland Farms)
    • I passed you shortly after the auto sales place just after the bridge this past Saturday. You caught up to me while I was gassing up at Cumberland Farms on the corner by the rotary. I Drive a red car and you had said hello when you rode your bike pas [...]
  • Jayson - m4m (Barrett Park Leominster)
    • Jayson, you told me you'd jog 5am before school and 7am on weekends at Barrett Park. if you are still interested in meeting up kik me.

If you stil have it.

beer but we talked for a bit. I know we are both into chicks but thought it might [...]

  • You were on your motorcycle in a plaza - w4m
    • I caught your smiling eyes through your helmet as they followed mine, passing through an intersection in a plaza in Worcester, just a few hours ago. Soon after I thought I might like to see those again...so I'm giving it a shot posting here. I was in [...]
  • Cute blonde at car wash Saturday - m4w (Worcester)
    • Attractive woman in yoga pants.... "Vacuum lacked suction" Wish we talked more....
  • Walmart in Northboro - m4m (Northboro)
    • It was just about 11 AM today and after leaving the urinal I was rubbing my crotch as you came out of the stall. I could not help but notice the buldge in your jeans. Your eyes went right to my hand and you looked interested but then you turned and w [...]
  • Cute dude walking dog Oakhurst rd - m4m (hopkington) 38yr
    • Saw you today walking your dog I was in my truck working driving by you waved and and smiled at me and you made me smile, you have nice arms and so damn cute! Love to get to know you hit me up if you see this and tell me what company my truck was :-) [...]
  • Fun Frank - w4m (Framingham)
    • I'm looking for my buddy Fun Frank, I kicked your ass at pool at Hampton beach...you had to pay my tab....our birthday was 2 days apart.....I lost all my contacts in my old phone but I'm single now and I'd really like to have my toes sucked...lol.... [...]
  • centerfolds shot girl? - m4w (worcester) 45yr
    • Hey what happened to Odette? Heard she was let go? If your around drop me a line. Tell me what color corset I thought you would look good in!!! ;) love to see you again.
  • "So Long, Good-bye" - m4w
    • It been 2 weeks since i last heard from you and now i am feeling lonely again. I get why you cant txt, but i need to talk to you, I need to see you. I feel like i've lost my best friend and i really dont even know you all that well. And the worst par [...]
  • Cutie singing in blue civic - m4w (Leomisnter)
    • You were in front of me, I was having fun watching you sing your heart out! Definitely a cute one! you went left I went right. I know you couldn't see my face, but if you're interested reply back with what was I driving.
  • At the liquor store Friday - m4w (West Boylston) 45yr
    • You were having a smoke when I stopped to pick up a six pack at the liquor store you work at. We talked about eating honey and you pulled a piece of lint off my shirt. I think I should have asked you out for a drink. Maybe you feel the same way? I ho [...]
  • Burlington Coat Factory - m4m (worcester)
    • You work at my doctors office and I saw you today at Burlington Coat Factory off of route 20. You saw me 2. I would like 2 meet you.
  • Tiger Tatto at Planet Fitness - m4w (Milfod)
    • See you often, love all of your ink, but especially the tiger. The tiger has always been my favorite wild animal.

You look like you could be wild, given the right circumstances. Any other good ink you'd like to show me, that I haven't seen?

  • I still miss you - w4m
    • I wonder if you still think about me. You were my everything. Seeing you, just made me happy. I was going to leave my boyfriend for you then you disappeared. Where did you go?
  • Jons Pizza - m4w (Clinton)
    • I saw you today in Jons pizza. You completely caught me off guard with how nice you were. You had your son with you. You were driving a silver/gray toyota I believe. If you see this and are wondering when the next time I am going out will be (you see [...]
  • Gardner Rest Stop - m4m (Gardner)
    • Saw you today at the Gardner Rest stop around 3:30. You parked next to me briefly. Got out stretched. Then got out put a sweatshirt on and went for short walk. Very handsome. If you see this and interested tell what state your plates from or color of [...]
  • Chop House 111 - m4m (Worcester)
    • Recognize this is long shot but was at Chop House 111 during happy hour on Thursday, August 14. I was with a group of friends so wasn't able to come say hi. Plus am little shy at first. You were initially sitting alone in the bar but not at the bar. [...]
  • Alan - you answered a 'dropped towel' ad many months ago - m4m (northborough)
    • we hooked up once at my place, (brief) and once at yours, I sucked/jerked you. I'd love to see you again
  • Dyed hot little redhead - m4w (Southbridge) 33yr
    • "Does the carpet match the drapes?" Lol... You answered "no" but were so caught off guard that it was actually pretty funny. I'm a bit older than you, but just know, you are hot and such a catch. Also, I'm moving to Worcester too. Didn't get to menti [...]
  • Woman I gave prescription to CVS - m4w (Fitchburg) 47yr
    • Thinking there may have been a connection when I was waiting to give you a prescription on friday afternoon? Guess I am hoping so anyway. If this sounds like you, Maybe drop me a line? Never know!
  • Zach at Bjs - w4m (leominster)
    • Handing out samples of baby food this afternoon at Bjs, you are a cutie pie :) ......
  • swimming pool construction guy - w4m (worc co)
    • Lately i cant help but think about some of the guys at the swimming pool place i work at work. [not getting any at home]. Im a mature petite dirty blond. 34b. kind of stand offish on the surface. a little gentlemanly charm goes along way. im an offic [...]
  • Cute smile at Price Chopper - 1 AM - m4m (Webster) 35yr
    • You were behind me at the register and wearing a blue t-shirt. You were smiling at me and seemed to want to strike up a conversation, but I'm pretty shy. I waited outside until you came out, I was wheeling my carriage back, but I couldn't work up the [...]
  • Scott from Marlboro '97 or'98 - w4m (Marlborough)
    • Looking for Scott who lives/lived in Marlborough MA. mid to late '90's

We knew each other around '97 or '98 We met on AOL....I was 22 or 23 at the time from Walpole MA We had a casual relationship..one night in particular there was a "miscommunica [...]

We lost touch and I want to see how our doing. If you see this or if someone knows her and see's this tell her Bob is looking for her

  • Desirae - m4w (leominster)
    • You are new at your job and I see you looking at me. You are either real friendly or flirting I hope its flirting. You were sitting when I got close and I thought you were looking at what was eye level. ;). You work at night
  • East Main Street - m4m (Webster) 42yr
    • Dear Sir I met you at your hang out and you are by far one of the sexiest men ever. I so wanted to have you come back tonight so I can get your name and to do with you exactly what you want sir. What ever it was I would of done it X3 X2 there was no [...]
  • You needed a jump for your car - m4w (Blackstone Parkinglot) 22yr
    • You and a guy needed a jump for your car, you were asking people as you left. Luckily I had my jumper cables in my trunk still and helped you out. I don't know if he was your boyfriend or just friend to see the movie. If he isn't I really wish I coul [...]
  • seen u today at Greendale mall - m4m (greendale)
    • U was in the men's room sum punk shut the lights off. I was leaving an u looked right at me I hope you see this. I think u had blonde hair. An Damn u was hotttt
  • Shaws redhead - m4w (shrewsbury)
    • I think i saw you in a Silver bmw. Had a kid. Maybe we can meet up sometime? Maybe you saw me too
  • Getting gas this AM - m4w (Northboro)
    • Long shot I know.

We met this morning at BJ'S I was getting gas and (unfortunatley) you were being towed. Not sure if you are married (didn't see a ring). If you are interested let me know. Thanks

Who are you ;) You made me laugh not sure how to end this post


  • Gym in Lancaster, Chris keep up the great workouts.. - m4m (Lancaster)
    • Chris, didn't get a chance to say, that your workouts are paying off, you have a different method that your trying. I was going to mention it to you when you came out of the gym, but didn't.. Guess I got tongue tied. Anyways if you tell me what color [...]
  • beautiful receptionist/secretary - m4w (southbridge) 30yr
    • Not sure why in God's name I would assume you would look here BUT no harm no foul in trying.. also not sure what I'm looking to accomplish with this ... anyways I came in to the office today and you were the receptionist.. I has to fill out paperwork [...]
  • Cumbies Rte 20/12 Tues morning - m4w (Auburn/Oxforf)
    • We chatted a bit about the comfy gym clothes. I wanted to talk more but I had to leave. Say hi if you see this. What kind of car were you driving? I hope to hear from you.
  • Noticed that bulge - m4m (Clinton)
    • Wow man, I couldn't help but notice that bulge in your pants this morning. If you need and want some discreet attention to take care of it I would be glad to help! Hope your coffee was good and hope to hear from you.
  • walmart express checkout - m4w (oxford)
    • dont know if youll see this but its worth a shot i saw you as i was leaving and there was a tornado warning i was tellin my mom that worst case we would get an all expenses paid trip too OZ you agreed and said yould like to meet the tin man and compl [...]
  • Shaw's - m4m (auburn) 58yr
    • Caught your eye briefly Monday at Shaw's. Did not want to stare, but I suspect you know I noticed. We both had shorts on. You were lean, something younger than I. Facial hair for you, not so for me. That should slim it down to maybe 500 options, but [...]
  • Wading pool at Ward Park - m4w (Marlborough) 50yr
    • I know why we are being so coy with each other - the age difference.

I'm there with my granddaughter and you're there with your son. Maybe the age difference should be no difference, if everything else seems so right. I'm a gentleman, so I won't be [...]

  • Tall..dark and handsome?? - w4m (Central Ma) 39yr
    • I had you once in my life maybe i will find you again! Life is way to short to let it slip by and not enjoy it. I had love once ..the deep kind.. kind that most wish they had until it was taken from me. A hardened heart can be the worst when you want [...]
  • Cumberland Farms Sunday - m4w (Leicester)
    • I saw you in Cumberland farms in Leicester around noon , you had a cute outfit and low cowgirl boots, we glanced at each other a few times , Your eyes sparkled, I so wanted to say hi but lost my chance as you got ice and left

I know a long shot but [...]

Thank you so much for your attention to the detail in this matter.....

that any time you want a bj you are more than welcome to come over. I have plenty of beer if you just want to hang

  • Burger King East Boston
    • You are a young Latino guy working the drive through. You needed to take a dump. Lol. Look pretty cute standing there trying not to mess yourself with your tummy ache.
  • BOB - w4m 32yr
    • I love you in a secret, off limits, dreamboat type of way.

We are so much alike & you have everything that I want. I think of you everytime. You're the best.

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