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craigslist | missed connections in worcester / central MA

  • Hannaford/Lunenburg Friday 7PM - m4w (Lunenburg, MA)
    • Hi. I'm the tall, dark dimpled handsome graybeard who met you in frozen foods and got you to come to my open checkout lane. You are the tall, perfectly-proportioned young woman who is letting your old blonde hair grow out to the darker, natural color [...]
  • becca from lunenburg - m4w
    • Hi becca, i havent seen you in a while. I wanted to tell you that i have been thinking about you the last couple weeks. Your so beautiful. The way you suck your lips , and that lip ring you have mmm. Im so interested in you. Ill like to get to know y [...]
  • Looks in the elevator - m4m (Worcester) 25yr
    • Held the elevator for me today in a soon to be closing building. I had someone with

Me but we kept making eye contact. Then in the lobby we made eye contact more.. Think I overheard you saying to someone you were ICC. If you're looking hit me up, le [...]

I can't get you out of my mind. The massage you gave me was amazing. I enjoyed our conversation tremendously. I would really like to see you again outside of work, as you suggested. I have many flowers for a beautiful kind person like you! [...]

  • Sunday - m4m (Erving)
    • We met on Sunday. You have the best kiss. Sorry I left so quick without saying anything, I was really nervous. I think you left the same time as I but we got separated on the highway. You are a very handsome guy. I got a little tongue tied. Hopefully [...]
  • papa gino's delivery driver - m4m (Boston Post Road Marlboro) 24yr
    • You delivered my small chicken tenders and blondie brownie to door 4 and forgot my blue cheese for the chicken. Lol. You were soo hott! Ever want to hang out, let me know. You drove a jeep and had black hair. This was Monday July 28th around 7:30pm.
  • Boston Donuts rte31 - m4w (Fitchburg) 25yr
    • I saw u yesterday and i have seen you before we know, u used to work at DD before where i first met u, i saw u months ago in walmart i think u have boyfriend, hope we can talk
  • K the artist - m4w (fitchburg)
    • I talked with you last week one on of those really hot and muggy days. You were waiting for someone, telling me about where you're from and where you wanna go. Just wanted you to know I really really liked talking with you, and maybe I should have ta [...]
  • friends with benefits? - m4w (Leominster) 30yr
    • hi I'm 30 years old looking for somebody in friends with benefits420 oklet me know if you're interested I'm very tall
  • Thai Time - m4w (Clinton)
    • you went hiking up Wachusett Sunday, long blonde hair... you are amazing!!!! Hope you liked the Thai Tea!
  • Sat American Legion - m4w (Grafton)
    • To the smoking hot chick with blonde hair and red pumps. You where absolutely gorgeous!! Wish I went up to you!
  • Cutie in Framingham from Zoosk - w4w (Framingham) 41yr
    • Thought I'd take a chance on the rare chance that this might work...

I'm looking for a Zoosk.com member with the profile name of Cutie. We've "winked" at each other and both expressed interest in meeting, but since I'm not a paying member that's all [...]

  • Blonde at Meadowbrook Orchards - m4w (sterling)
    • not sure if you will see this, but this morning around 9 i walked into meadowbrook orchards i was wearing a cutoff green shirt that said bartlett tree experts in yellow on it with tattoos on my arms and you were sitting in the middle of the room u ha [...]
  • Uruguayan? - m4m (Leominster) 40yr
    • Hey, you don't know me at all. One night, several months ago at a Mex. restaurant, I overheard you talking to some guys you were with. You were bragging that your cock was big, like all Uruguayans. I see you around town a good bit & I have been dream [...]
  • Happy D-day - m4w (berlin )
    • Happy Birthday Nikki L. hope it is a fun day for you. Wishing you many more to come.
  • planet fitness - m4m (west boylston) 35yr
    • you were on the treadmill in front of me this morning - you got a shaved head and really nice looking ass. think i saw a ring on your finger...

anyway - have seen you before and been on machines near you. if interested in chatting give a shout back.

  • Cruise night/ Kimballs - m4w (Lancaster)
    • Sharon, You were at Kimballs in Lancaster last night with your father and two adorable little girls. I was feeding your youngest chocolate ice cream and we chatted briefly. If you ever find yourself alone, your fathers friends all know me. I thought [...]
  • Hot blond at Ocean State in Leominster - m4w (Leominster)
    • You looked at me and when I looked up you looked away...say Hi of you see this and tell me what you were wearing ;))
  • Compare Foods - m4m (Worcester)
    • Thanks to all for read my ad. Two mexicans short guys working there are so fucking hot. Every time i got there i saw both of this guys in a very tight black jeans and looks that they have a very big size down there. Are those big bulges are real or t [...]
  • Target - Black Summer Dress - Saturday - m4w (millbury) 41yr
    • I was sitting at the food area and you checked out with a cart. You walked right by me around 6:00. I wanted to stop you and tell you that you are so sexy and was wondering if you needed a sex slave... totally inappropriate though but one can hope th [...]
  • Target - Saturday night - m4w (millbury) 41yr
    • You were the front end supervisor last night around 6:00. Tall blond. You were so sexy taking charge of everything and telling everyone what to do. Would love for you to boss me around.
  • Big Lot cleaner - m4m (Gardner/Cinema) 45yr
    • This is a long shot saw you at Big Lot cleaning.I was with my girlfriend i followed you around but you was sweeping.I asked you where the bathroom was and was staring at your big bulge.Was hoping you followed.You had orange shirt,black hat,shades on [...]
  • Woman In The Hat Working Out - m4w (Leominster)
    • Planet Fitness Saturday afternoon. You had a had a baseball cap on pulled down. Kicking myself for not stopping to talk to you on the way out
  • Friday night at Chili's - m4m (Leominster)
    • Saw you at Chili's Friday night having dinner. You had shorts and black boots on, grey hair, very handsome. If you see this say hi. I was sitting by you but I don't think you noticed me.
  • Blonde in a white f150 - m4w (Hudson ma )
    • Saw you in your white f150 with pink tow hooks black grill and wheels turning into the plaza me in my lifted f150 was gonna turn in and say hi but was nervous it's a long shot but if u come across this or know this girl let me know
  • sales woman - m4w (northborough)
    • A few weeks ago you were in your territory and there was a gathering where I work. There was a car there and we took a picture together. When I was leaving you waved at me and I can't help but feel there was some connection. I wanted to give you my n [...]
  • hannofords - m4w (orange)
    • You were in the checkout line around 1 or 130 today you were wearing something pink.you are pretty
  • June 26- Your Birthday-Dunkin Donuts-Shrewsbury St. - m4w (worcester)
    • You stopped in DD on your way to meet your friends. I opened the door for you and made a comment to you. I know you remember what I said - It prompted a big smile.
  • Shaws in Northbridge - m4w (Whitinsville/Northbridge) 44yr
    • You and I were in the Northbridge Shaws market Friday morning. I was lost in my own world, grumbling over the price of grapes, when I looked up and you gave me a wry but understanding smile. I, of course, got embarrassed and didn't do a damn thing. W [...]
  • sales rep reconnecting with former clients - w4m (Wilmington)
    • I'm looking to re-connect with some of my former customers. Back then it was Karen G in sales for D B Roberts. If you think you remember me lets connect. I am a married mom of two now.
  • toll both girl from the beard - m4w 24yr
    • You caught me off guard early this morning, I was tired from driving all night and I should have given you my number right then and there
  • Fire station in worcester - m4m (Worcester)
    • so this would probably be the most awkward hook up in craigslist history .... but here it goes...

1. you're gorgeous you were visiting Friday night & I'm pretty sure we were checking each other out.. Let's meet up for a beer and see what's up ... [...]

  • Lester recycle - m4w (Leicester)
    • I saw you today at the Leicester recycle .. you had a blue Honda and my friends were picking on me about looking at you .. just wanted to tell you that when you smiled at me today I felt my heart skip ...
  • Auburn RT 20 shell hottie - m4w
    • I know you seen me checking you out. It was impossible not to. You are amazing!

Grey sun dress...

you were pumping gas, walked in to pay.. Couldn't keep my eyes off you.. short little thing.. great body.. beautiful upper half.. I towered over you in line.. you bought a pack of ciggs... wish I had a sack,, id of said something t [...]

I don't think you realize how attractive and sexy you are. I would do anything you wanted. I know you are married, it is such a shame.

Hmu with what u kept running around with or something else about u so I know Uniform guy here too :p

  • Dining Room Table - m4m (Leominster, MA) 25yr
    • Hey man, I sold you a dining room table recently that was slightly damaged. Gave you a good deal, and we chatted a bit when you came in to the store. It was a pleasure meeting you. If you remember me or would like to chat more, shoot me an e-mail. Th [...]
  • missing you j - m4w
    • Sorry for the way things turned out If I could do it again I would you'll never know what you mean to me and I know I could save us but I dont think you care at this point ...j
  • Cute guy at Littleton Gas Station - m4m (Littleton) 45yr
    • You are the cute guy at the gas station in Littleton at night. You told me something about the place last night. Not sure if you are gay, but I felt like you were. Get in touch.
  • Price Chopper Auburn - m4w
    • You work as a cashier and you are super cute. You have dark brown hair with really nice eyes.

I came into the store but was at the Customer Service desk, and I thought you looked at me as well. I hope if I do some grocery shopping again I'll get th [...]

Elevator for me. You are young very cute guy,wearing all blue,beautiful bubble butt You talking to the lady about new technology,we look at each other ,then again at [...]

I was flirting with you a bit when I walked in and checked out. I so wanted to ask if you needed any assistance by me licking your pussy and then s [...]

  • ANH.... why am I dreaming about you? - m4w (01566) 33yr
    • Why did I all of a sudden start dreaming about you? You haven't been in my dreams this consistently since we split... and all of a sudden, a decade later, BAM! You enter my dreams like a grappling hook breaching a castle wall. No matter how I try, I [...]
  • Stop and Shop - Grafton Street - m4m (Worcester)
    • We passed each other this morning in Stop and Shop a couple of times around 8:00 AM. We both left the same time and you were driving in back of me and then pulled into Honey Dew. You were pretty cute.
  • 605 train from worcester to boston - m4w (Worc/Bos) 24yr
    • I see you every morning either on the train or getting off at the Yawkey stop. We walk the same way up the stairs you go left I go right. Today we smiled at each other as we stopped and got situated when we got off the train. I hope you see this, you [...]
  • Bullshit at Mayhem Fest - m4w (Xfinity Center)
    • You were the other girl, not directly involved in the argument. I noticed that you sat near me after I...interrupted (hehe). Did you plan on talking to me and then get too nervous to say something, or were you hoping that I would say something instea [...]
  • worcester palladium 7/19 - m4w (worcester) 30yr
    • you name was danielle dressed very nicely different than anyone else there. we hung out for a while i bought you a few drinks. i never got to ask for your number. tell me what you were wearing.
  • "Ev" - lets go - m4w (HC)
    • I totally love your jewelry style and that tan - the way you dress.

And those glasses - oh my Lets spend lunch together with a smoke and a bourbon

Would [...]

  • Lowes-shouldve helped you lift - m4w (Lincoln st)
    • I was at lowes this week. I should have helped you lift you table and chair set. I figured you and you boys had it covered but i felt like a jerk and a little bashful. I think you are beautiful and im sorry i didnt extend a helping hand but i can mak [...]
  • Elizebeth please call me - m4w (spencer area )
    • Elizabeth I wanta talk to you I got moved its been along time please call me larry
  • cute woman on 84 east Sunday - m4w
    • I saw you and you waved at me a couple of times. I wish we stopped so I could ask you your number but there was never a chance. I was in the black SUV. I hope you see this but know ItS a long shot.
  • The sexy "36" yr old... - m4w
    • U left the lake far too soon. I wish I knew how I could get in touch with ya gorgeous self smh
  • Market Basket - w4w (Oxford)
    • You were the cashier for 12 items or less, around 3ish. Short blonde hair with "edgy" cut. You said I was so beautiful.
  • Home Depot Sunday afternoon - m4w
    • I noticed you at the returns desk at Home Depot in Leominster on Sunday afternoon. You are asian, gorgeous and smoking hot with short shorts and a halter top. You have the most amazing muscular body. I saw you again at the checkout and regret not spe [...]
  • westboro - m4w
    • I sit near you at work and can't stop staring, I think you catch me a lot. You always brighten up my day, I just don't have the courage to say something. I always make it a point to walk by in hopes I can see your smile. I am way too shy so please be [...]
  • JAnthonys - m4w (Oxford)
    • You were with a friend you had brunette hair, black shirt with a white sweater. You were outside on the patio but moved in to the bar. We made eye contact many times especially when I was leaving. Email me if you get this.
  • Heather - m4w (Ashby)
    • We went out last year.. you had too much to drink and so I drove you home. The next morning I showed up with coffee and we went to breakfast then to get your car. As much as I wanted to see you again, you said you weren't ready. I've missed talking t [...]
  • Rt. 2 Rest Stop - m4m (Gardner-Templeton)
    • Stopped to take a quick leak last night eastbound. Never been there before. Looked active. GL guy with pickup standing by his truck at the ready. Running late so couldn't hang. Anyone with info on this place? safe? may come back. Thx
  • Donald from Uxbridge - m4m (marlboro)
    • Looking for a friend from Uxbridge that owned a Farm in Uxbridge. His name was Donald.

Figured this was a shot in the dark! It was 15 years...ago...so a real long shot!

  • hannaford/lancaster st. - m4m (leominster)
    • Never posted here,but curious about all this ads here seemed nobody looks at this section. Wow there is couples handsome youngs guy working there 18 +,but one of then have my attention,lol. G - - -N R. You looks very shy,around 5" 7,skinny,short hair [...]
  • Sexy Truck Driver - m4m (Mcdonalds) 46yr
    • I let you order ahead of me.You are one Amazingly,Handsome,Sexy Man!!!......After you got your drink,you waited to say bye and have a nice day.....I wanted to lay across the seat of your truck and swallow every beautiful inch of you!!!....Let me know [...]
  • Bagel Inn - Holden. Birthday Girl - m4w (holden)
    • Your very cute, your blond with glasses and you don't look it but you were 22 this week

If your not attached, please reply

  • Target - m4m (Westborough) 38yr
    • I saw you in Target this morning at about 11:00 picking out DVDs. You were wearing a white shirt and grey pants, and you were incredibly handsome. I know you're probably not into guys, but I'd love to get on my knees for you. Say hi.
  • SaBumNim - w4m
    • nan dangsin-i segsihadago saeng-gag

.................................................. .................................................. ..................................................

  • Jermaine Sade - m4m
    • Jermaine are you out there, or does anyone know where this kid is, he's so hott. Luv to hook up, let me know the day of the month that you were born so I know it's you, or anybody let me know where he hangs, hopefully a gym so I can get a peak at him [...]
  • Derek - m4m
    • Derek, you are the first guy that I ever did anything with years ago in the steam room at the gym years ago. Have seen you at the same gym a few months ago, so expect you are still a member. Would love to hookup in the sauna or steam room again, just [...]
  • I still love you - m4w
    • Sorry! Im afraid to be cursed!


  • my beautiful sister-in-law - m4w (fitchburg)
    • I have watched you grow from a cute, shy little girl into the most amazingly beautiful young woman! If you asked me if I ever had sexual thoughts about you I would be lying if I said no! Like I said, I have watched you grow into this beautiful woman [...]
  • My beautiful S-I-L - m4w (Fitchburg)
    • I have watched you grow from a cute, shy little girl into the most amazingly beautiful young woman! If you asked me if I ever had sexual thoughts about you I would be lying if I said no! Like I said, I have watched you grow into this beautiful woman [...]
  • katrina6969 28yr
    • you know who you are, if this is you, tell me where I got this user name from. would really like to chat, make a new friend, and more if possible in a friend-kind-of-way. figured this is easier than paying lol ;0p
  • Clever for JJ - m4w (RI)
    • So, zoosk is confusing. hehe. Sorry this is kind of weird. Send me a message. I promise I'm not a nut case. Well not completely nuts.
  • You used to work next door - m4w (Worcester)
    • You are the girl who used to work next door. I think you quit. Not going to say your name but

wanted to say hello. If you think you know who this is, let me know what color hair I have...

  • Amazon brunette Goldstar DCU Wednesday - m4w (Lobby 2:30pm)
    • You were at the teller window for about 10-15 minutes with a lime green blouse and a sheer dark green short skirt and matching green and yellow scarf. You're at least 5'10", gorgeous long raven black hair and THE MOST awesome legs. Easily in a class [...]
  • Corolla tan at church - m4w (worcester)
    • I see you smoking away in your older model corolla once in a while parked near a church. Message me!
  • Ecotarium - m4w (worcester)
    • I was in the EcoTarium Museum in Worcester, MA this week. We glanced at each other. You smiled and walked away. I believe you had white pants dark hair. Coming out of the womens facilities. We should meet! If you believe you fit this criteria. Please [...]
  • Ryan (Use to work at Cumbies) Lancaster - m4m (Main St Lancaster Mass)
    • I was wondering if any one knows any thing about Ryan that use to work at Cumberland farms on Main St Lancaster Mass, the last I heard was he moved back to New Bedford and was not working, if any one knows how to get in touch with him let him know so [...]
  • girl at west Boylston st papa gino's - m4w
    • You liked my truck you where making pizzas. I thought you were very cute. I would like to meet up get a drink or something sometime.
  • You; Red hair, blue shorts, silver Honda - m4w (Lunenburg)
    • I was the tall, very fit, older guy behind you in line at the Mobil station on Mass Ave in Lunenburg on Tuesday around 6. I didn't get a chance to talk with you but, I'd like to. email me for my phone number and we can chat. Mark
  • I STILL LOVE YOU! - m4w
  • Price Chopper, Spencer - m4w (Spencer)
    • Monday, It was freezing in the produce section. It was great talking with you. I would like to continue our chat. I hope you remember me. Say hello if you read this. We should've exchanged numbers.
  • Sabrina 22 - m4w (Wrcstr Cty) 40yr
    • Hey sexy CN Sabrina. I don't have membership anymore baby. Message me here I miss u. Daddy.
  • old hook at your workshop/work (chris?) - m4m (worcester)
    • Few years back Id stop by your work and we'd play in your office spot of the workshop. moved jobs and didn't see you much after that. Im in your area again. would love to connect. you drive a blue car and love your nips played with hard. youre near m [...]
  • To the three women in Dudley house of pizza - m4ww (dudley) 29yr
    • i know its a long shot but i saw you three ladies in dudley house of pizza i had on a white t shirt and jeans i thought all three of you were absolutely beautiful would love to get to know 1 or all three of you as firnds or more maybe anyways heres a [...]
  • Construction Lady - Queen Street - m4w (Worcester) 41yr
    • I saw you when I drove by.

Oh my goodness you are gorgeous. You are so sexy wearing that construction outfit with those mirrored sunglasses. I would do anything you asked.

  • under armour shorts at church sun nite! - m4m (Worcester)
    • Damn, man! How can you go to church wearing those hot black under armour shorts and tight shirt, making girls there and me (and prob some other bi guys as well) have sinful thoughts, lol. Jealous of your lucky wife/girlfriend! If you ever discreetly [...]
  • Why do you have to be married? - m4w
    • I wish you wernt married Kayla. I feel like there is a connection between us. But it may all just be in my mind. You are beautiful with a great personality. I wish we met before you met him.
  • Dunkins Central street Sunday Blonde - m4w (leominster ) 33yr
    • You had commented to me about this was a bad place to go while in a rush. lol I just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely gorgeous! I think you were driving a corvette :)
  • Where are you - m4w
    • It feel like you don't wanna find me . But I've looked for years ,I'm wondering if you still exist . I want u to know that I won't cheat or lie and I'll love u as you love me . But I'll love u more . I promise to hold you and care for you and cook . [...]
  • Antiques and Resale - m4m (North Worcester) 56yr
    • You and I were in a shop at the same time July 12. We didn't talk, but gave a nod to each other, and as this post makes obvious, I wish there had been a chance at least to speak. We can trade more details if you happen to check this site and this sou [...]
  • Open for Most Anything Fun and Safe - m4m (Central Ma) 67yr
    • Single fit guy open for mild to wild sex. 6 160 mostly smooth not into fat or harry.
  • bus station - m4w
    • You asked if I was in line for Dunkin Donuts I told you I wasn't. I'm hoping that there is some tiny chance you might see this. I think you are absolutely stunning.

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