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craigslist | missed connections in worcester / central MA

  • Kennedys lunchtime Tuesday - m4m (Marlborough)
    • A couple of hot guys there. One really hot tall man 6'4 was leaving when we were being seated. Another stud entered, used the restroom and headed to a corner seat at the bar. You seemed to know the bartender and some of the staff. Would enjoy servici [...]
  • Mike B. - w4m
    • Looking for an old friend Mike he lives in Ct and had previously lived in RI was just wondering what you have been up to...wondering if you were single? We always had bad timing with each other ;)
  • you know who you are - m4w
    • We were in the auburn Macy's last monday evening around 430 you were in from of me on the escalator going to the second floor. You passed gas. I could taste it. We made eye contact. I want you. You were a blonde In I would assume her early to mid 40s [...]
  • Gardner Friendly's - m4w (Gardner, MA) 36yr
    • I hope you find this. I was at Friendly's last night with my kids. You were with your son and possibly your mother. I saw you looking my way a few times. I know I've seen you before. It would be great to talk sometime.
  • Christina? (Tedeschi Food Mart) - m4w (Belmont St in Worcester)
    • I think Christina is your name. You're a cashier at Tedeschi and you are just all kinds of gorgeous. You are by far the yummiest looking thing in that store. I always compliment you on how much I LOVE your smile. We've had a few conversations about o [...]
  • Leominster Court - m4m (Leominster)
    • Small Claims. You are a young hot guy,facial hair,black sox n shoes,brown belt. KK7 That means something to you ? When u where close 2 the mens room i was checking u out,then when you was at the entrance door 2nd flr,then you seated at the bench i wa [...]
  • HOT guy at market basket john fich - m4m (fitchburg) 42yr
    • You were in front of me in line checking out... while I was checking you out. We exchanged several glances then you left. Cashier took WAY to long to cash me out. I noticed you didn't pull out right away. was hoping you were looking for me. Let me kn [...]
  • Pretty Blonde - m4w (Dunkin WB Street)
    • I think we noticed each other...I certainly noticed you as you reached in front of me for your coffee and stood beside me this morning around 7:30. Would like to discretely connect, very laid back, very safe and sane.
  • Never will I ever in a million years stop loving you - m4w 26yr
    • I miss you more and more every day still...not a day goes by that I dont think about you...I will never forget the moments we shared together. All the things I told you and how you were there for me during some of my darkest times...I miss everything [...]
  • cutie at mcdonalds - m4m (fitchburg by kmart) 24yr
    • I came in around 1:50 a.m Tuesday morning. wearing a green plaid sweatshirt in a blue and white striped shirtand I asked for more cream in my coffee. You were sitting in the booth right by the door. You are very attractive and I would love to get to [...]
  • sexyguy driving a red Chevy sedan - m4m (sterling along 140) 24yr
    • On Monday, I was stopped at the light by Sterling Greenery. you had longer rocker hair and some facial hair, it looked dirty blonde.
  • Dairy Queen - m4m (Fitchburg) 24yr
    • You were the very cute shift leader Monday afternoon around 12:30pm. I came in and asked about Moolate's. Then ordered a small one. I'd love to become friends... ever chat over coffee? Hit me up if you're interested. I had long hair in a ponytail and [...]
  • ups pickup - m4m (marlborough, marlboro) 24yr
    • You have recently taken over this route and show up around 2:40pm, I'd say mid twenties, curly brown/blond hair, gorgeous face and cute blue eyes. I worked with you yesterday handing you the packages we had to deliver and again today Sadly there was [...]
  • B Bos - m4m
    • You emailed me earlier, claimed to be be 19. Looking to see what your into? Let me know specifics, stats, maybe a pic. Possibly may want to meet if your interested
  • Checkpoint install guy - w4m
    • you installed Check Point at my store recently.... tell me what store or what my name is .... or the kind of food you talked to me about.

You are from the Worcester area, I am not. You told what town but I forgot.

Wednesday at fire academy. Really wanted to talk more. Was gonna see if you wanted to swap info but it was awkward (1) cuz ppl were there and (2) wasn't sure how you'd react Hope I didn't totall [...]

guy from worc county you stopped here before superb bod...been wondering what ever happen to you. spring here bike is out and you??? riding???? you ride something else very unique what is it so i know its you??

  • RE: Hottest ass at work - m4w (Rutland) 45yr
    • My heart races when I hear you coming down the hall. Once again your ass looks so hot and sexy in those blue jeans. I want to feel it and squeeze it so bad. Come in my office and close the door so I can pull your jeans down to your ankles , turn you [...]
  • Linwood - m4w (Linwood Ma)
    • There is this really cute redhead girl with long curly red hair that comes into my office now she has glasses and looks about as nerdy (but way sexier) as me in some respects....her and her mom (I think?) just moved into the area and wow she is beaut [...]
  • 111 chop house - m4m
    • Dined at 111 on Tuesday night, seeing the hottest server one could wish to see, and meet. Tall, kinda spiked hair name is Tom. Wondering if gay, bi, or if he's maybe just curious. If Tom wants to respond, or anybody knows anything about him, let me k [...]
  • Guy From Fitchburg - m4m
    • Sorry , we supposed to meet up friday night and we exchanged a pic . My email was for some reason hacked and I deleted . You are from Fitchburg and dn't want to posted any information about you i will included only the pic that you send me and hope y [...]
  • Worcester commuter rail 4/10 - m4w (grafton)
    • Lauren from grafton, you are a student at BU and commute three times a week. your not a beer girl but enjoy gin. you are a beautiful girl and im kicking myself for not giving you my number. if anyone knows her please let her know im looking. I was th [...]
  • Market Basket Tuesday - m4m
    • Know this is a longshot, never tried this... we were at Market Basket around 4:30 today 4/15, I think we were checking each other out, I know you caught me checking you out. You, purple shirt... We hung around the same isles a little, I didn't know h [...]
  • maintainance man - m4m (worcester) 60yr
    • To the maintainance guy from my complex that stopped at my apt. .....it was nice to see you and thanks for your concern....but you seemed like you wanted more that just a routine visit and we both were a little nervous....you said you had a fiance... [...]
  • bus 22 - m4w
    • I Saw the most gorgeous girl on this bus this morning. Wish I wasn't so shy and could have said hello. Dont have faith youll see this but who knows right?
  • Liberty Tax Waver - m4m (Webster Square Worcester) 25yr
    • I was driving through Webster Square around noon a few Saturdays ago (late March) and on the way by couldn't help but notice the gorgeous guy with the Statue of Liberty suit on working the sidewalk in front of Liberty Tax. There was nothing I could d [...]
  • Heathers Ex Jose - m4m (Worcester) 26yr
    • I was Heathers friend and you wanted to fuck her together. It's been a while, but if you're still around hit me up and we can chill.
  • Sade - m4m
    • Jermaine S where are you, or does anybody know where he is, and are or is he interested in guys. J if it's you that responds, tell me the day and month you was born, or if anybody knows where he is, or maybe gym he goes to, would luv 2 see him in loc [...]
  • Hackett - m4m
    • Lkn for Jason Hackett, where u at dude I think your so hott and haven't seen you in long time. Would love to meet up. Describe ur tats so I know it's you
  • Boston Market on Boston Post Road - m4w (Marlborough)
    • I came in there and tried to pay for my meal with something other than my credit card. Tell me what it was and I will give you the information.
  • cute guy at cafe - m4m (fitch)
    • my bf and i saw you today at a cafe in fitchburg. he introduced himself to you and gave you his business card. we would definitely like to see you again if you're interested.
  • "That's very kind of you" I said - m4w (near Union Station) 36yr
    • You stopped to make sure someone would make it across safely. This environment has hardened me, made me somewhat bitter, and your kindness softened me in an instant, reminded me who I am. I should have hugged you. I should have said let's save this w [...]
  • would like to meet up with you - m4w (auburn)
    • I see you all the time walking down my street. some times with your kids, and or with your dog. you have blond hair, real nice ass. beautiful smile. I live on a dead end street. if you know who I am and want to meet, please let me know.
  • Girl in acoustic.... - m4w (Worcester, MA)
    • Well, this is weird and I am sure it won't be seen. If you do see this, then you'll know that I was looking at you. You were sitting in the café with a friend by the window. I was by myself doing some writing, facing the window from one of those low [...]
  • Talked about flying - m4m (Fitchberg Airport) 50yr
    • To the nice guy at the airport i really enjoyed talking to you.

Got the impression we could do more than talk but was afraid to ask. Tell me what we were watching so I know its you.

I have tried this before with success but recently got lots of guys who waste my time. I do love to hook-up but want a workout partner first and then a FB! Maybe we can talk about a happy medium? I am a good looking thick muscle-bearish [...]

Hi. I met you a few weeks ago when I brought someone who wayous injured. Your name is Patrick. You have such gorgeous eyes (told you) You thought we had met before...even though we didnt you said you were incli [...]

  • girl at Sinnis pub Saturday night - m4w
    • I can't stop thinking about that girl at Sinnis on Saturday night.. 2 actually but 1 In particular ... but I really wish I said something instead of going home alone.. bummer... well if you were a girl there that night and found a guy attractive, tel [...]
  • pink hair - m4t (worcester) 29yr
    • Saw u walking up plantation st. Today looking very sexy and would like to talk and meet you if possible..... :)
  • Shaws today - m4w (leominster)
    • Made eye contact few times you went to use the bathroom i slipped a piece of paper under the door, hope you got it, and hope you get this. I was in a red car, you were wearing sweat pants that said pink on them
  • cute girl at Cumberland farms - m4w (north brookfield) 26yr
    • The girl working the counter at cumberland farms very beautiful would like to take you to dinner. I came in a little before 7pm
  • Long Horn Millbury 04/08/14 - m4w (Millbury)
    • Petite blonde with air cast on right leg having dinner with son and friend (?) at the Long Horn in Millbury 04-09-14. Thought it might be a little awkward to talk to you with your son sitting there.
  • Greendale Y - m4m
    • Was in the sauna Saturday night. Two hot guys in sauna among others, taller hot guy stayed in sauna, with shorter hot guy in out couple of times. Neither of you were with each other, other than being in sauna together. Would luv to hook up with eithe [...]
  • Subway on Thursday at 5 pm - w4m (Webster) 25yr
    • I don't think this is even going to work but I had to try it out. You were in line behind me at Subway on Main st in Webster around 5 PM and we talked about how crazy traffic in Webster is and about your calf tattoo. I wanted to give you my number bu [...]
  • Funky Murphys on Friday Afternoon - w4m (Worcester) 35yr
    • I am not sure if people actually read these or this actually works. You were an attractive male with dirty blonde hair.It was around 3-4 pm on Friday 4/11/14. I was sitting with my friend at the end of the bar with my friend. We kept catching each ot [...]
  • Whole Foods - m4m (Bellingham ) 35yr
    • You were in the section where you get salads and stuff. Black shirt and jeans. We made eye contact. I've then looped around and walked by you again in the next isle. You are extremely adorable. Let me know if you're interested.
  • wanted to say hello...
    • Saw you at price chopper Monday, around noontime.you were at customer service desk.i was at the atm machine.just by chance you see this,, hello!!!


  • Hosting curious guys all weekend (Worcester)
    • Two Bi Guys hosting 3rd, 4th curious guy all this weekend. We are white, mid forties, all-American guys-looking for clean, quiet low-key guys who wanna stop by for a beer, kick back, watch some porn, see whats up. You must be clean, ddf, masculine, c [...]
  • My Angel Without Wings - m4w
    • I am desperate without you, my angel without wings. It has been a year and a half. I miss so much. I miss a love and a friendship that grew so beautifully together, I miss long lunches just talking, sharing the beauty of a future together with our tw [...]
  • Flynn's Truck Stop Dunkims - m4w (shrewsbury)
    • Im pretty sure your name is Nicolette, or thats what it looks like it says on your name tag. I think you are gorgeous and very sweet and you always make my coffee just right. I usually say 'Hi Gorgeous or Hi Beautiful' when I come in and see you. I h [...]
  • you and i - m4w (fitch/leom area)
    • hi!!

this weekend meaning sat/sun i would like to end the rut i am in. i have needs that havent been met and i feel like im going to go crazy. if your a lady 25-50 who feels the same way we should get together and have the time of our lives. i am [...]

I was with people but we made some eye contact Let's chat / chill

  • The Boynton Restaurant - m4w (Worcester)
    • Looking to buy a bike and figured I might as well make this a first. The host at this restaurant was very attractive and because of you the person who I was with got very angry since I was distracted the whole time...

If this is you who was I with?

Carry around Every stones A story It weighs me down But there is gold Hidden by rock and sand I have to search A little Harder now Sharp as a marble These stones keep my feet on the ground All this experience Weighs me down [...]

Made eye contact a bunch but didn't get to talk... would definitely like to Message me :)

  • chomp - m4w (Worcester)
    • We had a training in Worcester... I thought your U of F chomp was so cute... You were cute too.. Well more than cute.
  • Hanafords on Sunday afternoon - m4w (Leominster/Fitchburg)
    • Beautiful woman shopping at Hanafords Sunday afternoon. We walked past each other, made very nice eye contact and you smiled. It took me a couple of hours to register in my mind that maybe that beautiful smile was for me? I hope you read this

- guy [...]

My co-worker and I stopped in for lunch. He talked with you while I just hung back. Based on something you said about posting an ad, I am thinking it may have been on CL, thus you my actua [...]

  • walking and taking pictures on the trail - m4w (Berlin) 29yr
    • i've never done this before! but i thought you were beautiful. i was jogging at the place near the railroad tracks in Berlin. we passed by eachother twice and you smiled up at me each time. you had long black hair and you were taking pictures with yo [...]
  • Savers - m4w (S.Attleboro)
    • You were in front of me in line today. You were being proactive, and also very nice. I wanted to thank you very much for your kindness. You didn't have to do what you did, but I'm so appreciative! That was very sweet and very kind. The man who gets t [...]
  • Silver Jeep - m4w (Gardner Hess) 41yr
    • You had a hard time at the gas pump. We said hi as you walked by. I would like to possibly get to know you. I should've spoke up. I hope you read this. What color were those boots you were wearing??
  • light_and_eazie Am - m4w (worcester) 41yr
    • hey..hope you see this..sent you my pic and you responded collect. I couldn't open message, plus this seems more fun (if you see it)

I am in town this week I would love to hook up. your photos are great...big fan of the curly red hair..

  • Dunkin Donuts twin city - m4m (fitchburg)
    • Pulled into Mobil station just for iced coffee around noon..... left with raging boner....glad I was at drive thru....lol...u were very cute and nice...thanks for giving 50 yr old dude a big umm smile
  • cute girl from arbys on park Ave - m4w (worcester)
    • You were working Saturday night in the drive thru hope you read this and reply tell me what I was driving
  • looking for old friend in northbridge/douglas area - m4m (down 146) 37yr
    • We hooked up a few times in 06/07. Your name may be Aaron but not sure. U had a dog at ur place and i believe u were a bartender or cook. Anyways, those were hot times. If u see this give me a shout. Im from worc btw. I have dark hair and we were bui [...]
  • Dark Hair Cougar with Blue Blouse JJ's - m4w (JJ's Northborough)
    • Looking for the beautiful older woman I was dancing with at JJ's sports bar Saturday night. Long Dark Brown/Black hair. Blue Blouse with gold spikes on the sleeves. Respond with the song we danced to.
  • maki lumber lunenburg - m4m
    • To the sexy dude in the yard who loaded me and my buds pellets on saturday. WOW! Great personality and smile. Those baggy jeans which showed off your hot ass in your blue briefs!!! I had to stop helping you load so I could focus on the beautiful view [...]
  • New England Roast Beef - m4w (Auburn)
    • Stopped in to eat today (Sunday) around 12:30, when I went to sit down I saw you looking at me and you gave me a nice smile. Then a guy sat down with you??...not sure if you're serious or not with him. If not, I'd like to talk with you. Thought you w [...]
  • Bayside concert - w4m (Worcester)
    • You were with a couple of dark haired friends. You have blonde hair and a nice clavicle ;p. I was with my sister. You asked if you could hoist me up for a crowd surf and I was all "no,no,no." Yeah. If you see this let's all hang out tonight.
  • quest - w4m (marlboro) 25yr
    • You worked with me for a while now youre off on another job. Joe the sheetrocker maybe it wasnt a forever goodbye I hope not.
  • redhead near tatnuck - m4w (worcester)
    • Saw you running crossing the street. You look amazing. Lets get to know each other..
  • Olive garden Marlborough - m4m
    • To ryan bartender you gave me water instead of coke

I think your hot if you see this and are interested hit me up

I'm the married mans best kept secret and the bachelors best friend!! I enjoy spending time with the generous upscale gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life, Like me!! All time spent with me is NON-rushed [...]

We where attending the 379 engineers company send off at Mechanics Hall on Friday. she has special needs and become a very upset at all the noise you pulled us off into a kitchen area and calmed her down. It was am [...]

  • seen you at cvs near tatnick sq yesterday - m4m (worcester)
    • What did u ask me. Yesterday on Friday cvs pleasant st. Hope you see this. :) u asked me my email address but I didn't give to u. But I wish that u did. Hope you see this. Hmu. Mad chill here. Tell me what I bought there
  • McDonald's - m4m (Westboro) 38yr
    • You're a manager at McDonald's in Westboro. You have brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and a sexy, hoarse voice. I don't know if you're into guys or not, but I would LOVE to get you naked...
  • Looking for Frank & his girl - w4mw (Fitchburg Area)
    • This is Samantha from Connecticut. I use to go to Mass all the time and see you two. I know one of your names were Frank & I think your girls name was Tamara or something like that. I met you through my ex boyfriend. In the beginning I drove a silver [...]
  • connection? - w4m (worc) 41yr
    • You posted with this title about a year ago. We exchanged a few emails but it died off. Would like to see if you are still looking??? Your post was for an unusual type of friendship. Please let me know what that was so I know it's you. If this is not [...]
  • Dani. - m4w (Central)
    • Dani. I have to say I miss u. U look good

(The few times I seen u). I miss ur friendship I know ur happy. But I just want to hear from ya Talk. See how ur doing. It's almost bike season We should go for a ride. U were my BEST friend I miss that. [...]

    • You were there with a woman. I saw the way you looked at me when you were playing with your zipper. I was with my wife. I want to meet you.
  • Re; I Still Miss You - w4m (The "PEN")
    • Meet me at GOLDEN CORRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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