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craigslist | missed connections in worcester / central MA

  • Your new bunny from the fair - m4mw (the park)
    • We met in the park after you got your new bunny at the fair. You seemed like a very nice, down to earth couple, & i'd like to get better aquainted. Email me if you feel the same, thanks.
  • Dunkin - m4m (Milford)
    • Saw you this morning at the Dunkin in Milford and thought I caught you looking back at me. You work for a solar company. Let me know which solar company and which DD you were at so I know it's you. BTW - cool socks.
  • Mobile Holden - m4m (Holden) 41yr
    • Filling up at Mobile Holden this morning. You had a grey Phoenix t-shirt. We exchanged looks as I was leaving. Was that anything? If you're interested in safe clean M2M NSA fun respond with your vehicle make and color in subject line. Not looking for [...]
  • Hannaford-Shopper ☆ 8.21.☆/Lancaster St. - m4m (Leominster)
    • Hey saw you yesterday thursday 8/21 around 4 pm,you where with a lady and a child,you where always playing with the child. We made eye contacts many times,even at your way out. You look brazilian ? Around 5"4,skinny,black short hair,black jeans,white [...]
  • walmart garden - m4w (trashcans on wheels)
    • I had asked you about trash cans on wheels.....gave me 2 places to check....had to go to second one....tell me where the second was ....
  • You cut my hair at Supercuts in Grafton - m4w (Grafton)
    • You cut my hair the last two times I've been to Supercuts and I think you are really cute. I thought we had a great conversation and maybe a connection. Hopefully you feel the same way. I wish I had asked you out. Maybe next time if I see you. I was [...]
  • Girl in Red Lexus - m4w (worcester)
    • For a second time, you and your mother came in to where I work today.

I wanted to somehow ask your name the first time I saw you, and then you came in again and I kinda got distracted by just looking at you! You seem like a nice person. It seemed [...]

I thought you had a great smile and had the same interests. Hope you see this.

Standing upon the deck we learn to endure the tempestuous sea as it sways your barnacled bride back and forth across the tumultuous waters. In the first moment you step aboa [...]

you were wearing black running pants,tall shaved head. If you read this get back to me. You are the cutest,sexiest guy I have ever seen OMG gorgeous...I was walking o [...]

  • Emily - m4w (Central Mass)
    • Princess do you really want to say goodbye for good? You know you can contact me when ever. Its a crushing blow to do it this way. I hope the best for you if this is how you want it. I hope you kept all my info for I will always be here for you.
  • Assabet Valley class of 77 - m4m (Centeral mass) 54yr
    • I was looking through the year book recently i can't believe it has been 37 years. A lot of good looking guys in that class. Any guys from the class looking to play around with a former classmate?
  • Christopher's - m4w (Leominster)
    • You were drinking at the bar and eventually asked me if I was from Worcester than you walked away. We kept locking eyes after, I was nervous and building up liquid courage to talk to you but than you left. I hope you read this and message me.
  • re: nude massage 64 - m4m (worcester)
    • Posted ad last night and lost all answers. Specifically looking for the guy that gets out of work around 8. If you see this tell me first thing we will do.
  • driving school - m4w
    • I was the one checking you out today (I couldn't help it, you are hot). I think you're a very attractive woman (nice hair) Love to talk some.
  • seen you in town - m4w (webster) 47yr
    • you drive a maroon gmc jimmy I seen you this morning I was going to see if you were having car trouble but you drove off, I was wondering what your name is ?
  • Ludlow street....you walk your dog - m4w (worcester) 42yr
    • I think you have a boxer....you are very curvy....always have those large sun glasses on....So dam hot!!!! I kinda waved today....I had a unique kind of car....and Color. Not sure if you are single....I can never see a ring....some day I will say hi. [...]
  • laye night shopping - m4m
    • Saw you at a specific store. Would love to suck your cock sometimes. Tell me what you said to me right before we left.
  • st john - m4w (ebkfld)
    • christina p wow. you r more beautiful now. not sure if ur married didnt c a ring. fyi damn ur hot....
  • Oak Hill Fire Stud - m4m (Fitchburg)
    • Medium skinned guy in his 20s working on the fire engine. Saw you & just think you're beautiful.

No idea if you'll see this, but if you do you should msg me. Privacy is a must both ways! It would be cool if we had a secret :) I'm 30s 6' 195 & I'm D [...]

Wicked hottttt couldn't stop peeking lol No clue what ur pref is but if u see this I'd love to chill

  • we talked at Sole Proprietor tonight - m4w
    • you were adorable, we had a great talk with you, me and your mother...and I got your name, but no way to connect with you...I'd love to see your smile again. I hope you enjoyed the movie. I liked your sparkle. Send me a note and challenge the fates w [...]
  • Southbridge package store - m4w (Southbridge)
    • We were at the package store at the same time yesterday. I held the door for you and then was in line behind you. You are very attractive and would love to share a bottle of Gothic Red with you sometime.

You said goodbye as you left which gave me ho [...]

  • You caught me looking at your - m4w (worcester ) 38yr
    • Camel toe:-p you smiled at me cuz my face turned red with embasment but what do u expect Lol you knew what you were showing especially in those yoga pants if your single I would love to play with it make you cum:-) you obviously thought I'm cute and [...]
  • Spencer Fair - w4m (Spencer)
    • You were very cute, wearing a Son's of Anarchy sweatshirt, love that show!!! Before you had that sweatshirt on, you were wearing a Jack Daniels t-shirt. You had a chain on your jeans. We made eye contact a couple times. You were with one other guy, i [...]
  • Holiday Pizza in Auburn - w4m (auburn) 34yr
    • You pulled into a spot in a silver Saturn (I believe the Saturn part). I was outside talking/laughing with someone. You caught my eye when you pulled in and got out of the car. We were both in the pizza shop for a very limited time together and you w [...]
  • Hannaford/Lunenburg July 28 Friday 7PM - m4w (Lunenburg, MA)
    • Hi. I'm the tall, dark dimpled handsome graybeard who met you in frozen foods and got you to come to my open checkout lane. It has been a month so far and I have watched for you ever since. You are the tall, perfectly-proportioned young woman who is [...]
  • Mother In-Law - m4w (Dudley)
    • You are my sexy mother in-law. I would love to undress you, and slowly make love to you. Over the years, I've seen you looking at my cock, and touching me when I walk past you. Maybe we could meet someday, and I could just take every inch of you. You [...]
  • it was you again - m4w (northbrige) 47yr
    • Gray jeep and dark hair and sun glasses at Cumberland farms around 12ish what's your name and are you single?
  • Blonde at Staples Shrewsbury - m4w (Shrewsbury)
    • You were at staples as i was with our kids this Monday. We kept checking each other out all the time. If you read this i want to tell you that you are very pretty and cute. I was wearing a purple T.
  • Barnes and Nobles Lincoln Plaza - m4w (Lincoln st)
    • You were next to the window, across my table with a pink sweater and an Apple metallic iPad. Drinking a citrus Izze, our eyes keep looking to each other...I wish I was alone...
  • Cute girl and dog 495 south - m4w (495 south )
    • So we were both stuck in traffic and you're cute dog was hanging out the driver's window of your gray little focus. I just wanted you to know that it was incredibly surprised to see you ALMOST as cute as that little dog
  • lil red head girl - m4w (westboro)
    • to the lil red head girl standing in line this morning at the DD in westboro around 10am

Nice smile I know I should have said it then but That DD is so slow and I was on my 15 min break I saw the apron you wearing that you work in the area hopefull [...]

You were wearing a peach/tangerine colored dress that was mid thigh, a darker color jacket or something over it hiding your shoulders, high heels, red hair, beautiful smile and eyes that made me melt. I first noticed you as the lights went [...]

We lost touch and I want to see how our doing. If you see this or if someone knows her and see's this tell her Bob is looking for her

  • walnut st southboro - m4w (walnut Street southboro)
    • 8/27 drove by twice this morning , you were doing something in driveway. I was looking for an adress across the street.you looked beautiful I think you are absolutely perfect. Hope u see this. If you have someone, just consider this a nice compliment [...]
  • Re: you were special - w4m
    • Was I special or was I an asshole? You REALLY need to figure out what you want and go for it.
  • You were special - w4m
    • I can't believe I'm still thinking about you even though you were a complete asshole to me. How could you just stop talking to me like that? You meant a lot to me and then you just get up and leave with out even saying good bye. It's crazy because I [...]
  • latino at green hill park - m4m (worcester)
    • I saw you at green hill park on 8/26/14 and thought you were really handsome, especially with your shirt off. You asked me what time it was. I would've interacted more but I was nervous. Let me know what time it was or what kind of car you drive so I [...]
  • BSC - m4m (Franklin)
    • A few weeks back we started checking each other out in the shower, sauna and steam room. We ended up leaving together and having some fun out behind your work. I gave you my email but mistakenly gave you the wrong provider. Would really love to met u [...]
  • Happy birthday cutie ;) - m4w (Toby keiths bar ) 22yr
    • I saw you with your family i think its your 21st bday you: short but gorgeous, blonde hair, glasses :) i think i overheard your name, melissa? If anyone knows a melissa who fits that description please let her know you were so cute there idk why your [...]
  • just by chance - m4w (worcester)
    • To the ladie that had a flat bicycle tire on lake ave,which I gave a ride to plantation.

I would like to go for a city ride with you sometime. If your interested send out a shout : ) and just so I know its you what was I going to look at? LoL

  • westboro walmart - candy aisle - m4w (route 9)
    • we passed each other a couple of times and ultimately wound up staring at various racked candy for far too long with nary a word. in retrospect, I was a dolt and should have readily told you that you were by far the most appetizing and had the most a [...]
  • Cvs pharmacy in spencer - m4w (spencer)
    • You were picking up a med today and had you son (I think) with you. I thought you were incredibly beautiful and happened to notice you were from Leicester as well. i hope you're out there somewhere and read this. I'd love to get to know you.
  • cute girl in pink strapless dress 4pm - m4w (northboro)
    • I was exiting the bathroom just as you were entering -- would have liked to say more;-)
  • Whistle Stop - m4w (Oxford)
    • You were sitting at the bar near the door today (tuesday) around 12:30. Looked like you were waiting for someone that did not show. I was going to send a drink over to you but you left. You have two tatoos on your back. After you paid you did what?
  • jen with a vw at sears auto center - m4w (leominster) 34yr
    • You got some tires and I handed you your keys I had a blue necklace on and brown hair,blue eyes. I would love to talk to you:-D
  • A & B Liquors-Monday-3:45pm - m4w (Worcester)
    • To the GORGEOUS lady who was in the dark colored 4 dr Audi. Man...you are H-O-T !! You were wearing a white, low-cut top, sitting in your car in the parking lot, texting. I really, really wanted to speak to you, and DAMN, I should have!! I know you s [...]
  • Honey Farms W Boylston St - m4m
    • You are a Spanish kid working overnight on Monday night. Love to know if you r gay or curious maybe. Luv to meet up. Let me know what you wore for short, and shoes so I know it's you, and next night you are working. I'll come in and say working again [...]
  • Return Customer - m4w
    • I know you will never see this but I wanted to put it out there just in case. You returned an item to my store on Friday and forgot something in it. You came and picked up your things and than bought an other item on Monday August 4th for your boss. [...]
  • Pink tank/stop&shop - m4w (Grafton st) 30yr
    • This monday night i walked pass you and couldnt shake the fact that you looked absolutely amazing. You were probably in late 30's ;) very short brown hair pink tank top with yoga pants as if you just hit the gym. I seen you pull off in a accord. If y [...]
  • Lincoln plazA - m4m (Worcester) 24yr
    • I work in the plaza. I have seen you come in a few time during the days. Everytime I see you I want to rip down your pants and suck you dry.
  • North Brookfield--Aug 25th - m4w (main st)
    • You were getting out or into car on main....wearing purple and white dress.....made my day

say hi if you want or see this.....I was the one that beeped in bmw

Almost everyday, i dont know if its yours, i dont know if u are married or anything wish we can talk ... You are short, cute and sexy Text me maybe one day i can be Your friend :(

  • Boston Donuts rte31 - m4w (Fitchburg) 25yr
    • I saw u sunday 26th and i have seen you before we know, u used to work at DD before where i first met u, i saw u months ago in walmart i think u have boyfriend, hope we can talk
  • Looking for Heather - m4w (8/27/80) 34yr
    • You were my first love. The one I dreamed about night after night, year after year. You were the one who I wanted from the beginning, even when you rejected me. You were the one who came back to me telling me to leave the past in the past, knowing ho [...]
  • rt.290 - m4m (northboro)
    • Hey man, I was in a big truck you in a Grey vw gti. I looked over and you were stroking your cock through your pants. I fell behind and flashed my lights. I wanted to pull over but had to get to the job. If you want to meet up get back to me by telli [...]
  • Looking for J and K millbrook st - m4mw (Worcester ) 58yr
    • Looking for a couple on millbrook st in Worcester. Initials are J and K. Been a long time. Hope all is well
  • House 78 - m4w (Worcester ) 24yr
    • You live on a dirt road. You were wearing a nice dress and cleaning your car. You saw me across the street smoking. You showed your ass more than once while bending over and you were wearing a purple a thong. I know you probably won't see this but if [...]
  • Lexis Sladdin - m4w (webster)
    • Are you out there? Anyone know her? How to contact her? I have something of hers.
  • Nutcracker at the Y - m4w
    • I saw you again. I even talked to you this time, however due to gym rules I am afraid to ask for your number. I think you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever laid eyes on. You have beautiful hair that flows down your back. And you have a very bea [...]
  • Maroon 4 Door Charger 190 North Today - m4w (190 North Exit 5-6)
    • Passed you about 950a this morning going North on 190 around exit 5. Maroon ish four door Charger. I looked over at your sweet car as I passed and saw that you were even sweeter. I slowed down to get you to pass me. You did and looked over. I had to [...]
  • I'm looking for Elly Cieszy... - m4w (webster)
    • Hello. I'm looking for Elly Cieszynski. We partied and hung out, had a great time. Lets do it again.
  • bear hunter - m4m (gardner)
    • saw you early saturday morning, you were scouting for bear hunt. we talked for a minute. not sure but do know i couldn't talk me eyes off your package. very very nice. tell me what kind of car i was driving, then lets get together, i'm sure we will b [...]
  • Applebees - m4m (Leominster)
    • Tall dark and handsome server working Sunday. If your interested in getting sucked dry

let me know. No recip needed i would love to suck your cock.

" neighbor" lol PUT what you were selling at your table in the subject line. That should be enough for now. :)

  • Cutie at Big Lots - m4m (Dudley) 37yr
    • So, I have a habit of picking up items without price tags and you have a habit of not pricing things. :) You have a great smile and I felt like you were flirting and yes, I was definitely flirting back. Hit me up sometime, if you're interested.
  • Walmart - Saturday 8/23 - m4m (Lunenburg) 26yr
    • Saturday morning 8/23 you helped my mother and I get storage bins from the lawn & garden area.

Wicked cute and would like to get to know you!

  • want to meet again - m4w (clinton)
    • meet you fri at family dollar with my son talked alittle bit would like to talk to you again long shot but you never know i was buying cups for my son
  • Mel from Worcester Were did you go? - m4w (Worcester ) 24yr
    • looking for my ex sweetheart mel from worcester, we had something going on, or so I thought. email me were we used to go every Saturday so i know its really you.
  • Hannaford Lancaster St Dairy section - m4m (Leominster) 35yr
    • It was a few days ago that I was in and I came around the corner and you were filling the milk. You thought I was going to ask you something. Then we chatted a little and I was playing shy/being in a rush. lol You are really cute and am not sure if y [...]
  • Miss & Love you soo much - m4w 37yr
    • So, its been several months and i miss the crap outta ya....you were my everything! I just want u to know that....BOTH OF YOU!!!....MY F'ING family had to mess things up!!!sux....but also, your fam, didnt do any better, KT! I LOVE YOU....YOU'VE MOVED [...]
  • Big Bunny... - m4w (Southbridge)
    • This is probably ridiculous, but we were shopping this evening and you caught my eye...literally, we were looking at each other over a shelf! I thought you were beautiful and would have loved to say "hi"...
  • JOHN PAUL WHERE ARE YOU? - w4m (worcester)
  • you made my heart skip a beat - m4w (Mass )
    • Today at lunch you sat next to me at one point you touched my arm to show me something

my heart skipped a beat and after that I have no idea what you said to me I could have gazed into your eyes all afternoon watch you smile at one point I just w [...]

Available from Amazon. Trailer on Youtube.

  • Tamara - m4w (uxbridge)
    • I would see you occasionally at the BOA. Haven't seen you since you complimented the color of my shirt and told me you needed to to start going shopping with me. If you happen to see this let me know the color of the shirt I was wearing and your last [...]
  • Longhorn - m4w (Millbury)
    • You had come up to me at Longhorn asking if I was a guy you knew lastnight 5/23. I didn't realize at first but now I know who you were since your hair is different color now. Anyways it looked like youre doing well and if you want to catch up or hang [...]
  • Wicked cute curvy gal on Lincoln st - m4w (Lincoln st)
    • It's 9:18pm and at 9:13pm I was driving home, taking Lincoln street. I seen you, standing there, perhaps waiting for someone? You had ripped style jeans.

If you see this, message me!

Would love to make contact with you

  • I fixed your faucet - m4m (fitchburg) 35yr
    • I fixed your faucet because u didnt have pressure.I was hoping when we went down in your basement you would force me to suck your cock, i love older daddys and could not help to notice your cock through your jogging pants. If you read this and are in [...]
  • Eyes at Rest Area 495S just off 3 - m4m 50yr
    • Took a piss next to you, thought you were hot. Nice jeans! Rest room was very busy. You put your hand down your jeans and adjusted! We caught eyes several times while washing hands. We both knew. You left first. I saw you outside the restroom and aga [...]
  • girl from conn.in black car - m4w
    • Hey...you asked me if I smoked....somebody robbed you...you were so cute..I was in white van...with lettering....you wanted a cigarette...nobody would give you one... I wanted to help you...hope you see this...contact me...you were in Dudley yesterda [...]
  • Jo at the McDonalds RT 20 Window - m4w (Auburn)
    • To Jo who works the morning window shift at the McDonalds in Auburn, RT20/Greenwood Street. I think your wicked cute, you have stunning eyes. I have always been attracted to red heads......I was wondereing if your attached? I see no ring on your fing [...]
  • World Gym - m4m (Worcester) 29yr
    • You are a hot long hair blonde male hottie. Around 30 year old. Sexy as hell. I am in shape, athletic. I would like to meet you. To nervous to approach you. I'm 6'2" 200 lbs
  • Older woman at Ellers - m4w (Leicester)
    • We were both at Ellers Restaurant Wednesday night. I was with a group of friends and you were with another woman. You were older than me with blonde hair. I wanted to go say hello but thought it might be kind of awkward we glanced at each other. You [...]
  • dd on chandler st - m4w (dd)
    • saw you in dunkin on wendsday night we smiled man we were on the same page what was I driving
  • Cab driver late Tuesday night - m4m (Worcester)
    • You gave me a ride to Barre even though it was 3am and I didn't have any money on me. I enjoyed listening to you talk about your life and I can tell you're a genuinely good guy. If I wasn't so shy, I would have asked for your number. I hope you see t [...]

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