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  • At the Lincoln Wednesday 10/22 - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • We were both at the Lincoln to see the same movie on Wednesday 10/22. You were with a rather large group of friends. I smiled at you a couple times. I suspect you remember me; there weren't too many single guys there that night. I wanted to introduce [...]
  • Old Chicago - m4w (Casper) 40yr
    • You have blonde hair and was sitting to the right of me at a table of four. I was in a booth. When we looked at each other....the feeling I got...loved it! I hope you see this and reach out to me. I need to know your name.
  • black pontiac grand prix - m4w (loaf n jug)
    • Today, wednesday october 22. I was in line getting a fountain drink. You were behind me. We smiled made eye contact. I was wearing a brown hoodie, you were in a pink shirt. Im 31years old an should have talked to you. You are very beautiful. I would [...]
  • gas station on the south side. (Cheyenne)
    • I saw you today and thought you were quite striking. I just bought a pop for a guy who was giving you a hard time about your piercing.. I was just being nice, I didn't know him. So I figured it wasn't the best time to ask for your number. I didn't ge [...]
  • Sheridan Walmart Cashier, I can't get you of my mind - m4w (Sheridan)
    • Twice now I saw you at walmart in Sheridan. The first time I was at your register for a while , but there were other customers waiting in line behind me. I saw you again this past Friday, and again I could not say much to you because people were behi [...]
  • Us a bank lady - m4w (gillette) 18yr
    • You helped me set up my checking account I was super attracted to you but you would never think of meeting me
  • West side Walmart- electronic section - m4w (Casper) 24yr
    • Bought a charger. You smiled and small talked with me. You are pretty cute. Maybe I'm way off base but you seemed interested. Tell me what brand of hat I was wearing if your interested
  • Albertsons!!! - m4w (laramie) 25yr
    • ok I saw you walking out of albertsons on grand pushing a cart you were to kill for... with your shirt hanging over your shoulder and you tight little jeans... I was intimidated truthfully.. u were driving a gold car.. even walked back to my truck to [...]
  • Cute and friendly old chicago waitress - m4w (Gillette) 23yr
    • you messed up my friends appetizer. Then you messed up our birthday shots. You gave us a lecture on proper earring descriptions and I thought you were absolutely stunning. I was the guy in the red shirt who you criticized for having an eating disorde [...]
  • Married for married - m4w (laramie) 30yr
    • You and i are in a similar situation. We talk some and i feel like we have a connection. Am i wrong?
  • I was just too shy. - w4m (Loaf N Jug)
    • Friday morning... east side on 2nd st, you were delivering something... we made eye contact a couple of times, I was too shy to even say hi even when i was behind you in line... and now I'm kicking myself in the butt about it... this is a long shot I [...]
  • Saw you and family Fri night (10-17) at Altitude - m4w (Laramie) 45yr
    • I met you at Altitude while we were both waiting for tables. We had a brief conversation about football, and our college teams. You were there to show off your college to your kids. I was also there for the game, but for a different reason. We then r [...]
  • Does the word "Lamp" mean anything to you? - m4w (Cheyenne) 32yr
    • If so, what?

Been reminiscing and thinking about our past, and how much fun we used to have. Do you do that too? Do you get on here?

  • Taco Bell Drive thru - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • Hey !!! You were behind me in a silver car. I was in front of you in a silver car. You have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen and are obviously fun ! Get back to me if you see this.
  • Sexy guy with motorcycle. - w4m (wyoming)
    • I saw you today outside of wal mart. You had a red motorcycle and you were wearing khaki pants with a redish shirt. You were very handsome and I wish that I has said hello. If you see this and think that this is you send me an email and tell me what [...]
  • Jet black hair - m4w (Casper)
    • You are so beautiful, was behind you in line at the west side Walmart .. You were with your daughters .. I don't think you're married (no ring) .. Wanted to say something to you, but we were in line and you seem flustered enough.
  • I couldn't believe how gorgeous you were t - m4w (evanston)
    • We met Friday night. I had something to sell you. There were 4 people with you(daughter,her boyfriend and 2 boys). You drive a rogue. The girl with me was not my spouse. You texted me how happy you were with what I sold you. I couldn't see a ring and [...]
  • lady working at sporting goods store - m4w (casper)
    • hi katie i came into ur store and was wondering if u were single...u sound like a fun chick to hang with...i was wearing a yellow shirt and going shooting with my son...i was serious when u asked if there is anything else i needed and i replied only [...]
  • Jesica Sears at Fronteir Mall - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • Just want to tell you I really miss you, I think about you a lot and would love to talk and work things out if it's not to late, if you see this I hope you will reply back. The guy from Laramie, tell me what I drive so I know it's you.
  • Java Moon - w4m (Sheridan)
    • Yesterday morning...

sigh. I wish I would have said something. I haven't stopped thinking about you.

  • Willis Belly Dump Driver - m4w (Laramie Wy) 44yr
    • Beautiful blond lady pulling doubles, you were hauling sand to Laramie, I got to wave a couple times, never got the chance to talk with you, very much wanted to. If you see this, tell me where you were hauling to, I would love to talk and get to know [...]
  • Minnehaha at Safeway - w4m (Laramie)
    • You give up way too easy! Went back to Safeway this Thurs hoping I'd run into you in the ice cream aisle again...no such luck. I even steeled myself for more bad jokes. :)

Guess I'll just have to hope you see this and write.

  • girl with long black hair - m4w (mills)
    • you were walking out of loaf and jug and I told you it if you are snake could have bit me I wanted to talk to you but I didn't have time are you married do you have a boyfriend if not let me know where I work and let's have a beer or coffee or someth [...]
  • just moved here. - m4w (casper) 19yr
    • Hey what's goin on I just moved here to the Casper area and I'm lookin to find a girl out here. Send me a email with Ur favorite color in the subject line to weed out the junk and a pic of you and I will send one back.
  • Hardees - m4w (Gillette) 69yr
    • I bought some buttered sausage biscuits while you were working.

Older cute blonde gal, was wondering if I could butter your biscuits sometime. ;-) If it's you send a pic so I know, or tell me to fuck off, whatever.

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