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craigslist | missed connections in wyoming

Tell me what you fixed...

Looking for someone to share an intimate encounter. Anything from cuddling & kissing to some of the best sex ever. Night/day let me know. I can slip out my meeting for some fun!!! I'm 6'4" an [...]

  • Great Clips west - m4w (Casper) 53yr
    • Hi didn't get your name you live in Montana. We talked about jobs and driving. Let me know it you are going to be coming back I would love to talk, Please tell me the color of the shirt that I was wearing you commented on it. Thanks
  • Kum n go on 14 16 - m4w (Gillette)
    • U were working at the Kum n Go in gillette on 14-16.. I was in at appx 9:30 sunday night. Just needed to say that u have the most beautiful eyes.. I was barely able to to say thank u. Btw.. I bought the burrito and asked u where the microwave was.. I [...]
  • Met at the Pharmacy in walmart - m4w (Cody)
    • So I was sitting there,and you came walking around the corner,and we both smiled at each other. Then you sat beside me while we were both waiting on the pharmacy to open. Dropped what I need of and walked out,but intended to wait,and past you at the [...]
  • I am hot and I would like to meet a tall hot - w4m (wyoming)
    • Hello,

Don't have any plans today and I would like to smoke and chill with some company. I am hot and I would like to meet a tall hot white stud. I can send some picture if u are interested in hanging out

You opened it, so you believe in it too. Something good will happen to you between 12:00 pm and 9:00 am tomorrow. No catch. It could happen anywhere, anytime. To spread the positive karma repost this within another city in the next 10 minute [...]

you would swing that way or not. I extremely discreet lol did really want to tell you how I feel ab [...]

You opened it, so you believe in it too. Something good will happen to you between 12:00 pm and 9:00 am tomorrow. No catch. It could happen anywhere, anytime. To spread the positive karma repost this within another city in the next 10 minute [...]

  • manager at Walmart - m4m (Cheyenne ) 24yr
    • You were so handsome we locked eyes a couple times, you smiled tell me if it was you ..
  • Nick Snelling - w4m (Laramie) 22yr
    • hey I know this a long shot...saw you in your cute cowboy hat having a long island the other night. Let me know if you would be interested in chatting.
  • in the mall today - m4w (Rock Springs) 39yr
    • I was at the mall today while i was in a store doing WHAT I HAD TO DO. i seen something i wanted Im sure it wasn't for sale but i would still like to have it ..you were very nice and polite and i enjoyed meeting you write back if you know what Im tal [...]
  • My Bad Teacher - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • It should have been us together. From the time that I laid eyes on you freshman year at UNC, I couldn't get you out of my mind. Nearly 13 years later we still keep in touch, even just to say happy birthday. I don't know why we could never make it hap [...]
  • shopko - m4w (thermopolis) 26yr
    • To DG I bring things to your work but you are leaving :( just wanted to know how sexy i think you are and how attracted i am to you ;) you are older than me but the things id do to you ;)
  • papa johns delivery guy - m4m (cheyenne (lincolinway))
    • You delivered pizza to my place a few nights ago and I thought you were really cute and very nice. We chatted briefly about a missed call I might have on my phone unfortunately no missed calls were on my phone. Write back if you get this and tell me [...]
  • Village Inn Bobbie - m4w (Douglas) 39yr
    • I was at the Village Inn this morning and you were my waitress... I love your eyes and smile. Are you single?
  • You saw me in the Shower - m4w (Camping)
    • Hi there!! I was looking for the woman who accidentally saw me in the shower at one of the local campgrounds. I did NOT see your face, because it happened real quick and the bathroom was pretty steamy. You did say I had the Biggest package you had ev [...]
  • Sexy cowboy driving through Colorado yesterday - w4m (Colorado) 31yr
    • I am posting this here since you had Wyoming plates on you silver Dodge flatbed. I was behind you yesterday afternoon from Grant to Conifer during the snowstorm. I had to turn off in Conifer, wish I could have followed you, lol. From the glimpse I go [...]
  • miss you baby (boothill) - m4w (gillette) 42yr
    • Well this Sunday the 13th will be a year since we talked. It sucks. I wish we could talk again. I miss you more than you will ever know. I know you will never read this. But you are still my last and first thought of every day. Bye love.
  • girl at tensleep bar Friday nite the 11th - m4w (tensleep)
    • We talked for about two hours. Then went back to my motel. We got along great. I woke up and you were gone. No number and don't remember your name. If anybody knows let me know. Would drive back to tensleep for her.
  • stormi - m4w (gillette )
    • I seen you at work today around 2: 00 Sunday afternoon. I came in with my daughter who messed up your change tray and you didn't want to sell me any chew. I should have asked you then but Id like to see you sometime when you're not working. If you se [...]
  • virginian - m4w (Jackson hole) 32yr
    • You work the front desk at the virginian Lodge. Honestly think you seem cool as hell, and extremely cute. I gave you my number to help me out while I was in town but was hoping maybe you would just hit me up to chill. You prob won't see this but I'm [...]
  • grub steak - m4m (Atlantic City) 37yr
    • Met you today hmu if interested

You wore a ua hat I had bright color hat. Tell me the color.

  • Ireland tattoo - w4m (Cheyenne)
    • We met I didn't know if you really wanted my number or not? I am not sure if this is helpful or if anyone really checks these? Cheers :)
  • UW Engineer - m4m (Laramie) 22yr
    • Sam Gates- I ran into you last night at the bars and we talked for awhile. I have to say you're an amazing guy and you're super sexy! I would love to mess around with you sometime ;)
  • Little America - Michelle - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • Just wanted to say that you were the prettiest, most charming woman I've seen in Cheyenne. That you'd be working the main desk at the prestigious Little America complex seemed . . . appropriate and perfect somehow!
  • Rawlins hot guy! lol - m4m (rawlins) 33yr
    • I dont know if this is going to work, but I will give this a try...you drive a black Dakota, and live in rawlins.i would say mid 20's. have talked before in person. I didn't see a wedding ring and dont know if you have a girlfriend?? Every time we sp [...]
  • Saw you downtown today. - m4m (Sheridan)
    • You were standing at the stoplight, waiting to cross Main. When light turned, you ran across the street and kept running. Damn, I wanted to chase you! I was in a vehicle, you didn't see me. You were cute, slim, jeans, short sleeve shirt. Just tell me [...]
  • Barb walker in Casper - m4w (Casper) 48yr
    • I met u recently and would love a chance to hook up with you. We talked about the wild parties you used to have. Let's make one of our own
  • live links - m4w (loveland)
    • hey,

I was talking to a girl last sat. night and got disconnected. If that was you, please get back to me (carter lake girl) (Joanne)

I want you Jon. I need you! I will ALWAYS larve you, all the much. I can't help it, to this day, you are the smartest man I have ever met. Say we can, pretty please? Yours forever, Puddinhead

I was thinking about you some and I didn't know where you went. I hope everything turned out for you in Cheyenne. You are and always will be special to me.

  • Ramada inn lounge - m4m (Casper)
    • we made eye contact and greeted each other at the bar last night, I had a phone call, if you were thinking what I was get in touch
  • my true love - w4m
    • So long ago I loved you so much. I screwed things up and in the end I don't know what happened. I deeply apologize from the depths of my soul. Here it is all this time later and I still love you. I miss you deeply. I wish I knew if there was still a [...]
  • Sean working at Starbucks - m4m (Cheyenne) 23yr
    • I came in to get a drink for a friend. Thought you were hot as hell. Tell me what I ordered and what I was wearing.
  • Stripe shirt walking dog - m4w (Evanston)
    • Saw you today, 4/7, walking your dog by police station... you were wearing jeans and a stripe shirt... you kept looking... tell me what I was wearing and we can go from there... you looked good from what I could see :)
  • I always see you round town - m4w (Gillette) 30yr
    • I allways see you at Walmart you talk to a little to day. I seen you before years ago and and I allways see you still. Wanted to say you are beautiful. And I some time thing what if I talk to you before he did. It's to late now but a allways Fill som [...]
  • I'm sure you won't read this - w4m
    • I'm pretty sure you don't read these but..... I miss you and yes I still love you. I have always wanted to tell you how sorry I am for everything. Even if you do read this you won't know it's you. Just wanted to say I love you. It feels nice to say i [...]
  • Looking for Shea Foster - w4m (laramie) 28yr
    • I am looking for Shea, he graduated in 2004 and moved away. I haven't talked to him since high school and just wanted to catch up with him. Any help please
  • sheridan rest area - m4m (sheridan)
    • We met this afternoon at the rest area, but didn' t get a chance to exchange info. Tell me what kind of vehicle u had and we will see where it goes
  • Black honda at lions park - m4m (Cheyenne) 23yr
    • You were in a black honda civic. Missed hooking up with you tell me what I was driving and where the hook up spot was
  • Waitress - m4w (Sheridan) 21yr
    • Today at the country kitchen myself, my two friends and one of their little bros came in with us... Wish you had been our waitress in that pink shirt and tan pants, damn! You were friendly and always smiling at me when walking by...

Write back if yo [...]

  • brandy i wish you knew. - m4w (Gillette)
    • To tell the truth id give you my all. The guy your with don't deserve you yet I don't know what made me bite my tounge. It scares me how strongly i miss your company, and the feelings I have just talking with you like a teens first crush. Part of me [...]
  • King soopers Cheyenne - m4w
    • You where shopping with your mom or someone to that nature on sat 4/5/14 around 2:30. You had on jeans and a black jacket with the most amazing smile and eyes. We caught each other looking a few times. Just as y'all where waking up to check out I wal [...]
  • seattle... - m4m
    • Yeah those broncos got handed a beating....but it is a great conversation to have!
  • Cathi libal - m4w
    • I wonder how you're doing. I'm over the hurt & all. I still think of you. Would be nice to know you're well.


Not something I've ever done before but I think about quite often. You mentioned something that [...]

I am a DM looking for more party members for my D&D campaign. I have two members already and I would love to have more. I run version 3.5, not entirely by the written rules, I have done this for years and am very experienced please feel free [...]

  • Hot Tamale - w4w (Cheyenne) 68yr
    • I saw you walking. Your hair was long brown and flowy. You had a nice, cute butt. I let out a breath and said "oh mama" as you walked by me. I may have offended you and I apologize, sincerely. I would love to get to know you and make you my little ci [...]
  • you were at wearhouse market - m4m (sheridan)
    • tell me how much money you had in your wallet.you were there about 4:30 pm .you forgot what you came for , then checked to see how much money you had. this is a long shot but I think it would be worth it :)
  • ymca private men's locker room - m4m (cheyenne) 25yr
    • Wow...man. Latin guy, 20s, fit, and hot. Saw you in the locker room and in the steam. I watched you shower and dry off the big bulge. Pretty fit here too, young, and packing a big dick. Hit me up if you swing this way.
  • burger king girl in laramie - m4w (wyoming) 21yr
    • I always see you when I got there, which is not that often... your name is amber, and you have the cutest smile and sweetest voice. it will be a miracle if you read this... but just in case you are. We should get together sometime, just as friends. I [...]
  • sign in at DN - m4w (cheyenne)
    • I see you every day,but there is allways someone in the room- you like my accent,its very southern.Youre working the night shift now so i wont be seeing much of you any more. what type of vehicle do i drive and its color-maybe we can meet for a beer. [...]
  • You were digging in your trunk - w4w (gillette) 28yr
    • I saw you pulled over on Butler Spaeth and you had your trunk open. We locked eyes for a second. You had on a green plaid shirt. Shoot me a message if you see this.
  • Lunch , Bread Basket - m4w (Cheyenne) 24yr
    • Met you today S. You were looking oh so beautiful in that red top. We talked about you applying for jobs and that you're at Olive Garden now. Wish you didn't have to get back to work, wish I would've gotten your number
  • hanks watress - m4w (wright)
    • Are you 18? Or older? Lol. If you know what I'm talking about and if you are interested send me a message. In subject line put what shirt you were wearing tonight at work. (monday night)
  • Evanston McDonald's Drive Thru - m4m (Evanston )
    • I have a doubt this is gonna get me anywhere, but I see you all the time. You come through drive thru, you drive a truck, your always smiling.

If you can tell me the color of the truck, or my name. You should totally reply.

I know this is a long shot, but I saw you as I walked in from the snow into the Country Inn and Suites. We locked eyes as I went to the elevator, and I wished I had said something. You were with a bunch of other people. You were beautiful. I ca [...]

  • Guy at loaf n jug as I pulled in for gas - m4m (Cheyenne Yellowstone and Carlson)
    • I got out of my car and we locked eyes. You smiled and I smiled. I thought you were cute. Maybe we could get together and have some fun ;) tell me what I was wearing and the car I drove. You were driving a white Subaru hatchback (or something similar [...]
  • comfort inn - m4w (rs)
    • we locked eyes, exchanged hello's I should have said more, you have been on my mind
  • 1night in deadwood - m4w (gillette)
    • Hi I know this is a long shot but I can't get you out of my head. I met you in deadwood last fall at the bodega I bought you and your sister a drink. The bar closed and we kept the party goin then we walked most of the way and got a cab to your hotel [...]
  • the guy in the base gym sauna we talked - m4m (fewarren) 33yr
    • Hoping this works cause u seemed cool and would like to take u to a movie or something. We had eye contact and smiled at each other and then we started talking u said u havent been to a movie in 6 months. We got out of the sauna I went and took a sho [...]
  • One to end all - m4w (Cody)
    • That smile. Damn I miss that smile.that's about it tho. Oh and that ass. I fucking gave you everything. You took everything. That's why you'll settle for a lesser man. This is my fuck you! Have a marvelous day spout. Haha even afterwards I did what I [...]
  • you said i would regret marring him - w4m (jackson)
    • well i do....i think about you more than you can imagine. what i had with you was insane. i have never been so in love and it scared the shit out of me. i never loved him. i dont know what i was thinking. i dont even know if you will ever speak to me [...]
  • Wrong to miss you.. - w4m (Cheyenne ) 24yr
    • I miss you.... It's wrong to miss you. We ended on REALLY bad terms. To the point the law was involved, I didn't want it to be that way, I had no choice. But it wasn't always bad, it was amazing. I hurt about how much I wish things could go back to t [...]
  • trouble that works in loaf and jug - m4w (Gillette Wyoming ) 26yr
    • Hey I doubt you will ever see this but your the only reason I ever come into the store is to flirt and give you shit you have an awesome sense of humor and I know your attached and so am I so I doubt anything will ever come of this but if you happen [...]
  • let's see where this goes - m4w (worland)
    • Hey good lookin!! We ran into each other at IGA Saturday evening. Then talked in the parking lot..you were looking real good ;) don't know your guy situation, but message me if you want
  • Hi Shane - m4w (Wyoming) 50yr
    • I miss communicating with you.

I would like to hear from you I enjoyed the conversations that we had I am sorry we had to end them You are a good person.

  • Shadows - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • You served me James and a couple beers and just got back to my hotel room and realize I should've told you how beautiful you are! If I missed something, let me know...
  • Ali I miss you! - m4w (Casper) 18yr
    • Ali you replied to my post with subject line monkey. Then I took you to Walmart b4 u left town. I called but some guy answered saying he got the phone from a random chick. I love you an miss you please contact me.
  • Karma
    • Good Karma

You opened it, so you believe in it too. Something good will happen to you between 12:00 pm and 9:00 pm tomorrow. No catch. It could happen anywhere or anytime; you will fix your relationship problems for the next 2 years, maybe it was so [...]

  • Lifetime - m4m (Casper)
    • Hi, we know you from school. you run track. Today we ran in to you at the gym. I figure you will never see this unless you play on our team also or are at least curious, so we figured that even if you knew who we are you would be cool about it. We ju [...]
  • I've been trying to find a way to talk with you more... - m4w (Gillette) 30yr
    • You must know I'm completely lost when I see you. I get nervous and can't think of anything clever to say. Then I leave wondering what I could've said to make a difference.
  • Smoker friendly - m4w (Laramie)
    • You started working at the SF/gasmatt on 3rd. Long dark hair, big eyes. I bought smokes for a friend on Thursday about noon or so. I recognized you, (or you look really familiar) but I don't think we've ever met... If your not married ( I looked...no [...]
  • Waitress...Petro Truck Stop....Laramie - m4w
    • You waited on me...I had coffee and cranberry juice. You waived and smiled just before I got back on the road. Your beautiful smile captivated me and I felt a stir inside I haven't felt in years. I wanted to pass you my name and email before I left.. [...]
  • Looking for Cindy L - m4w (Riverton) 25yr
    • Looking for Cindy L in riverton. You used to live in northern CO but left a while back. We met at my work, wondering if your phone# is the same. If you see this email me, I'd like to chat again.
  • waking out of Wal-Mart - m4w (Rock Springs)
    • You were walking out of Wal-Mart talking on your cell phone with your jeans painted on and a black shirt. I let you cross in front of me and gave you a wave. You smiled and we exchanged another few glances as I parked the truck the next isle over. As [...]
  • friday delivery - m4m (laramie)
    • you delivered something to my house today, taller and stockier than me, we spoke a little about what we are doing this weekend... tell me what I said I was doing, would like to talk more
  • Stunning lady - m4w (Downtown Casper)
    • At 7:15 this morning there was an absolute stunningly beautiful lady walking west on 2nd Street downtown Casper. You were wearing a short black and white dress with tall black boots. Thank you for starting my morning right and making my day.
  • Blonde Hottie at Arbys - m4w (Cheyenne) 32yr
    • Your hair is blonde, but looked like some darker hair underneath. Your eyes, lips and face are soo cute, and obviously you work out that body! It was a busy lunch rush and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate a guy making a pass at you, but damn i just n [...]
  • girl at ty's - m4w (lingle) 29yr
    • Hey Ashley your sexy....hit me up if you get this maybe we can do something on the side...

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