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  • serenity - m4t (cheyenne wy)
    • Hi im looking for serenity we met up once and shortly after that i lost my phone and i really want to see her again please hmu if your still around
  • Lovely RED Head at McDonalds - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • I must say the young lady at McDonalds on Dell Range is lovely and would love to talk to her. You have red hair. I kept meeting eyes with you.

If you happen to see this give me a reply. Let me know what item you gave me wrong.

I was at Spencer's and over heard a conversation between you and your friend. It started like ths : " ooooo look at these handcuffs, I need to find a man to put these on and make him pl [...]

about elephants here!!! Are you serious in what your doing here? Dont waste anymore time.

I checked in this afternoon and you saw me by my room and then again downstairs. We both kept staring at each other. In fact, you stopped in the middle of the hall and I thought you wanted to say something, I know I did but also know can get peo [...]

  • hopping for good odds - m4t (casper) 26yr
    • Ok so a couple of months back i drove through wendys on cy u were working the first drive through window. I loved what i seen, your sexy cd/ts?!?! Self i wan to get to know more
  • Looking for madison - m4w (Cheyenne) 25yr
    • This is a long shot but I did work at the house you just recently bought. But anywho I think you are absolutely gorgeous! We do both know each other because we had a nice conversation. But I couldntz stop looking at you and I felt the same from you.. [...]
  • she drove a Jetta - m4w (cheyenne) 45yr
    • Yea years ago she befriended me and I flaked out on her, hope she's doing good these days with her health. She's only one in wy that I think of, I'd like to do that night over.
  • Carnival of Madness - m4w (Pinedale)
    • It has been quite a while, but I have to give this a shot. You sat next to me at the Carnival of Madness concert in Casper waaaaay back in 2010. You were afraid you were going to get kicked out of the seats you were in because they were not your seat [...]
  • Fronter Mall in front of Chick-fil-A - m4w (Chey) 43yr
    • I seen you at Chick-fil-A on Feb 23 in the mall at Cheyenne, Wy. You were the most beautiful Pair shaped woman I have ever seen. You had on these floral patten kind of retro 70s disco tight pants with the flared legs at the bottom. With every gracefu [...]
  • Lots of missed connections.. - w4m (Wyoming) 28yr
    • If anyone reading any personals on Craigslist are like myself, then normally you might look at these ads for entertainment because let's face it the person thinking they found their true love in the cashier at McDonald's is pretty hilarious. On a ser [...]
  • Rock Springs - m4w (RS)
    • You were at the Qudobas in Rock Springs passing through with your 3 kids. We made eye contact on many occasions. I was smitten right from the first sight but too bashful to approach you with your kids there. Next I saw you at the gas station next doo [...]
  • The Beacon - m4w (the beacon)
    • I was in Saturday night and you were my waitress. I was sitting alone and left once, then returned. I'm new to town and think you are gorgeous. Didn't see a ring so I'm hoping you are single ;) if you see this and remember me, I'd love to take you ou [...]
  • Saw you studying - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • Saw you sitting in the corner studying. You were absolutely gorgeous. Hope to see you again sometime
  • tif are u there - m4w (wheatland)
    • i heard u got married..again..if it is you tell me who u were married to when u lived in casper...had the hots for you then but i was married too
  • young lady in Walmart - m4w (Gillette)
    • The young lady in Walmart. We spoke twice and made eye contact you had on a green sleeveless jacket with a knitted hat. You was gonna let me front of at the check out line because you were using cash. If you get this I would like to have coffee with [...]
  • Taylor-Loaf and Jug - m4w (BarNunn) 42yr
    • We have caught each other's eye more than once. I come in just to get a glance of you mostly on the weekends. Your name is Taylor and you work at the Loaf and Jug in Bar Nunn. The last time i got to see you was last weekend or the one before it. You [...]
  • david isles - w4m (gillette)
    • My name is jessica I'm looking for david isles This is the name you used for privacy reasons. I am wondering if you have any interest in emailing again now that i know your full story. If you do reply with your real name so I know it is realy you.
  • i saw.you at walt mart valentine cards - m4m (walt mart east side) 27yr
    • you were with a friend, i looked you twice, you said hi a couple times. your friend picked a valentine's card and i was there. you're prettry handsome. if you are here on cl let me know and tell me what color was my jacket. you wear boots, blue jeans [...]
  • the chop house server w/ first name starts with a J - m4m (sheridan) 24yr
    • I'm not sure if you swing that way, but I think you are kind of cute. Your name starts with a J you wear glasses and do you have a beard lol i'm discrete hit me up if you want to I'm close to your age haha in the subject line put your name so I know [...]
  • Saw you at the Depot - m4w (The Depot, Douglas)
    • I saw you waiting tables at the Depot on Thursdayand I cannot get you off of my mind. I was there with a group a little before 1:00 PM. I know it seems corny to post on here but I needed to get it off of my chest that you have me mezmorized. You were [...]
  • sad goodbye - m4w (laramie) 43yr
    • I know I won't be around much longer .I'm starting to accept that I can't beat this round of the sickness. when I was told that I only have a short time my first and only thought was of you. I would give anything to spend what little time I have with [...]
  • the love of my life - m4w (gillette) 27yr
    • I've known you for almost a year now and even though you are dating another man you and I both know he treats you like shit. He's left bruises on you when you tried to leave and he's even cheated on you some of which was with your own family. Yet whe [...]
  • jackson hole , Wy. monday Aug 4 - m4w (Jackson Hole ,Wy)
    • Looking to find the Beautiful girl I met very briefly who was setting on bench in front of the "Cowboy Bar",I feel now that Fate had a hand in our meeting and I feel like I blew a one in a million opportunity to get to know the right person for me . [...]

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