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  • Moonbeams in my window, Train horns in my ears - w4m
    • I now i live next to the same train tracks that first sparked my love for those giant moving metal machines. The horn sounds as i lay in bed wondering where you are, what fields you have slept in, what pains you feel, and the sunsets you've seen. I k [...]
  • Sorry to leave so quickly - w4m
    • We met at a bar and had quite a fun night. You are traveling with no end in sight? Email me.
  • I massaged you - m4w (cheyenne)
    • You responded to an add I had on here and I came to your place and got naked with you and massaged you to great levels. We were going to get together some more and I think or hope you had phone problems. Would love to massage you again and do the oth [...]
  • birthday girl 08/29/14 - m4w
    • Im looking for the cute girl that always comes into my work. I've tried getting the courage to ask you for the number or to tell you that i think your beautiful. you came into my work last night when i was closing down my register for the graveyard s [...]
  • guy working on my block - Monroe St - w4m (Laramie)
    • Today you worked in the neighbors back yard. You contract. Couldnt keep my eyes off of you... I was sitting in my yard. Red hair. Please tell me you noticed. Cuz I did. Tell me what color shirt you were wearing and company on the side of the truck.
  • last night - w4m (Cheyenne) 21yr
    • This is a long shot but I met you at the bar last night. You really left an impression on me. I kind of got rude at the end and im sorry, just a lil tipsy and felt disrespected. I want to get to know you beyond last night. I think I gave you my numbe [...]
  • John Michael Robert Pruss Munn - mw4m (Gillette)
    • If you know him, please show him this ad.

John, now that you are of age you need to think seriously about contacting some of the Pruss family, or even your dad. There are 2 sides to every story and the only side you kids have ever heard was your mot [...]

  • Lady in maroon suburban - m4w (Laramie) 43yr
    • You live on Peirce, I see you every now and then, I've always thought you are very beautiful, great smile, we finally waved for the first time today, you pulled into a bank, I would love to talk and get to know you, maybe have a beer? I hope you're n [...]
  • looking for Alison lee Harman/Alison lee Hand - m4w (laramie)
    • we met in 2008 threw a dating site and became friends but then life happened and we started dating other people and stopped talking I would love to hear from you. so I know its really you tell me what site we met on and where you were living when we [...]
  • Casey Heimann - w4m (Gillette)
    • Hi I am trying to find Casey Heimann he lives in gillette and last I heard has a wife and a couple kids. I am just looking for him as an old friend so if anyone knows him please have him email.
  • Is your name Kima? - m4w (CA) 36yr
    • This is intended for Kima from Jackson, WY. I knew you here in California and worked with you. You left to Colorado, and last I heard you were back in Jackson. I've thought a lot about you over the years, and as I have grown up I've realized what a j [...]
  • Lost without You and I Love You - m4w
    • It has been months since we have been together. My heart still beats only for you. I desire only you. I miss your touch, your perfume, your smile, your kiss. Let us both take a leap of faith and stop being two lonely people and become a loving couple [...]
  • Blonde Girl In Cheyenne Wal Mart - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • Hey, saw you in Wal Mart today but never really had a chance to say "hi". I think you were checking out air fresheners? :) We locked eyes pretty good twice if you're wondering if this is the right guy. I have NEVER done anything like this before, but [...]
  • Maverick on the south side of town - m4w (Sheridan) 28yr
    • We were in the maverick this morning and you were wearing scrubs, I was dressed like a member of the village people.. for work I promise! Haha, any way i think we kept checking each other out, if that sounds like you, hit me up, and tell me what I wa [...]
  • Conway driver - m4m (Laramie)
    • You know who you are. Über sexy man. Tell me how many spaces down from the double wide. I kinda sorta really want your penis in me mouth and/or bum. Yes please. Next time you're in town, I've got enough parking for you! We can Walk to that bar, or p [...]
  • searching for Brenda - m4w
    • I'm searching for a lady named Brenda. She lived in Alpine an I lived in Wilson. She cut hair at mikes in Jackson she had a son in Alpine with athe last name of Fitzgerald. I would love to reconnect with her. I heard she moved back east. Thank you.
  • micky I meet you at the center bar - m4w (Gillette )
    • Hay doll I know its along shot but I enjoyed talking with you sweetheart. This is the cowboy.
  • Let's talk - m4m (Laramie)
    • Your initials are RH, saw you yesterday in Walmart, we've talked face to face before at Coal Creek. Please reply so so we can clear some things up.
  • I miss you and I am sorry - m4w (Wright)
    • You know who you are, I acted so stupidly and all I do is think about you. I've tried everything to get you off of my mind. I wish there was a way to take back the things I did and the way I acted and we could get back to where we were. Just know I l [...]
  • Donating blood today, Best Western - w4m (Sheridan )
    • Not sure if you were flirting with me but if you were, I'm interested. You were donating plasma and I was donating whole blood. We said a few things to each other and made loads of eye contact. Wow, this is embarrassing.
  • want to get to know you - m4w (casper)
    • I am looking for the lady who won the wet t-shirt contest in Casper Saturday night I am the one paid for the first game of pool I would like to get to know you better
  • You should have invited me to come home with you - m4w (sheridan wal mart)
    • Last night, well early evening... Right there at checkout line we talked we smiled...... You seemed very interested ....Movies, doritos.... tell me about shirt I was wearing and I will know it is you :-) Well that is if you r are interested
  • Sierra hope you're ok - m4w
    • Looking my friend sierra. Haven't talked to her in a couple of weeks. Worried about her. She's a cute blonde and really nice. Hope you are ok girl. Never forget...Unicorns
  • clerk at ranch store (riverton)
    • you waited on me yesterday i bought some plumbing stuff you helped me a lot then took me to the counter and rang it all up i think you were checking out my bulge which kept getting bigger. would like to get to know you better. you are older than i am [...]
  • blonde waitress at Village Inn - m4w (Casper) 44yr
    • I was waiting at a table this morning and had no waitress. The customers in the booth across from me got your attention and you waited on me despite it being another waitresses table.... thanks. I think your name is Tracy, but I am not sure. We made [...]
  • old bull rider - m4m (riverton)
    • you came to where i work you bought a lot of fencing and we talked about riding bulls and broncs if you see this tell me what you where calling me by the wrong name and what i told you my name really is.i would really like to get to know you a whole [...]
  • the gorgeous girl in the black kia - m4w (casper wyoming)
    • Just wanted to tell the girl in the black Kia on center street how insanely gorgeous you are. I couldn't take my eyes off you as you drove by.
  • Codi - Bar Nunn Loaf and Jug - m4w (BarNunn) 45yr
    • I hope you read this or someone who knows you will and you contact me.

You are an amazing woman!! So very attractive you have a great smile and those eyes just make me melt. I would really like to meet you and see if we have anything in common. You [...]


I ordered a BLT and thought you were cute. You bantered a little bit when I made fun of wyoming. you said you'd moved back from Loveland. Anyway, i'd love to chat if you're in [...]

  • 5 antb - m4w (I80 east bound)
    • This is for the young lady driving east bound between Cheyenne and Laramie. I passed you twice and waved you passed me and I waved you smiled, I would like to get to know you better please reply with how the weather was.
  • Twins Hat at the Mint - m4m (Sheridan)
    • You were in the Mint last night wearing a Twins hat. I was chatting with a guy who was setting just down the bar from you and we made eye contact a few times. If you are interested in some dl fun, hit me up.
  • Silver honda at cenex - m4w (Buffalo) 29yr
    • I know you seen me looking at you because you were looking just as hard back at me or so it seemed! Your physique and just everything about you was mesmerizing I hope you see this if so write me back it was around 930 pm
  • child support office - m4w (Casper) 33yr
    • I don't know if this is something you will see but. We seen each other today in the waiting area. I would love to chat with you some more maybe take our little ones to the park and get to know each other. If you do see this and are interested great. [...]
  • Waitress at The Fort - m4w (Casper)
    • I met you today, but not at work...though you got really good news and you were happy. You seemed like you wanted to say something more but weren't sure you could. May have misread you but thought I would take the long shot and post here. I seriously [...]
  • Grey Dodge with a For Sale sign - m4m (Sheridan)
    • You drive a grey dodge and it has a for sale sign in the back window of the camper shell. I have seen you around a few times and you are good looking. If you swing this way hit me up. Love to suck and jo.
  • Bike rider yeserday (8/20) in front of Sanfords - m4m (Sheridan)
    • You were riding your bike down the side walk yesterday around 3:30 in front of Sanford's. I was setting at the stop light on Main Street and you waived at me. The light turned green before you got to Main. If you swing this way hit me up.
  • Asian girl at walmart - m4w (walmart)
    • Saw u today at Walmart 8-20-14 around 6pm. U was in a beige mini skirt with white top. U was walking with a young girl..wanted to tell u...u had nice ass and u look cute.....contact me
  • whistle pig beers - m4w (moran) 25yr
    • Oh well, what could have been! :) two days of working and too much gabbing, plus the food was craptastic!!!!! Should have gotten pizza.. lol!
  • Custom painting & coating guy - w4m (Laramie)
    • Silver truck - hot dude. I want your cock inside of me . Hmu and tell me what kinda and color hat u had on today in laramie?
  • Blonde in heels at Jimmy Johns - m4w (Sheridan) 45yr
    • You were dressed to please in red heels and a nice short dress about 115 today, if you see this and want a little NSA fun mail me back... Willing to spring for a few dozen roses if that's what it takes!
  • Brown Girl - Elkhart Park Trail (Way Up High)
    • Thanks for just being you and being there.

Sometimes we don't know how we positively affect others in our normal, daily routine. I'm letting you know that God used you in such a way without you knowing it. Peace.

  • Bar Nunn Loaf and Jug - m4w (Bar Nunn) 45yr
    • I just saw you tonight you were working (at the loaf and jug)and as I came in you were going out, I think you were taking out the trash or something..... was hoping you would open your register and I would get a chance to say hi but all we got was a [...]
  • nice car at atm - m4w (Casper )
    • Saw you at the bank today, you told me I had a nice car. Wish I would've let you know you have a nice body and beautiful face!
  • hit me up... - m4w (bar nunn)
    • It said in your back window, beautiful blonde at the gas pump! Didn't catch your number in time and tried to chase you down but no luck. Hope to hear back would love to meet you!
  • Fit, Tattooed guy - w4m (Casper) 24yr
    • I saw you at Albertsons, last night (08/18) around 8 pm. You were wearing a hat, and tank top.. You have a tattoo sleeve, I think it has a sun at the top on your shoulder. I couldnt really tell... Anyway, I was the short blonde, I was wearing light p [...]
  • Guy at Lowes RDC - m4m (Cheyenne)
    • Saw you today. You were wearing a red plaid shirt button up and had dark hair. Hit me up if you are interested. Tell me your name or the first letter it starts with.
  • sturgis - w4m (douglas)
    • heeey i gave u a ride during sturgis u asked for my number and i said no ive been kicking myself for not giving it to u i hope that u see this posting but i doubt it sooo ya hahaha respond w my hair and eye color so i know its u
  • sunday around 1230 loaf and jug.... - m4w (Gillette)
    • I wouldn't normally do this but I cant get those eyes and that smile out of my head.

I was walking out you were walking in, that look you gave me and those eyes ohh my it has been stuck in my head, such a beautiful woman.

But I just couldn't see Until' it was gone A second once in a lifetime May be too much to ask But I swear from now on If ever you're in my arms again This time I'll love you much better If ever you're in my arms ag [...]

Your eyes locked onto mine I was too shy to say hi..I'm tan skin tone You were by the OTC section , maybe near the shampoo etc Really hoping you reply

  • pizza ranch - m4w (casper)
    • We both were at the Pizza Ranch on Friday afternoon , I was sitting with a couple and you had two teenage girls with you . We made eye contact a couple of times and you smiled .I would like to say hi and maybe meet for a drink .....
  • Hot guy walking by my house - m4m (West Laramie)
    • I was outside with my dogs when you walked by today around noon. You were in all black with some mini backpack. You commented on my shirt. You're very easy on the eyes and I was wishing you would have come inside. Next time do and you won't regret it [...]
  • Sexy Cowboy - w4m (Red Feather Liquor) 29yr
    • I know this is a long shot, but you were two people ahead of me last night at the checkout. You were buying Coors. I could not help but notice your sexy but in your Wranglers. I was hoping that you would still be out in the parking when I came out, b [...]
  • Suite server - m4m (Cheyenne)
    • Damn, there's a fine looking server at the Suite that I would LOVE to sick his dick and eat his firm, round ass! He's young slim and tatted up to his neck. I'd love to hear from him if he swings with guys. Reply with your name
  • our eyes conected - m4w (casper)
    • you were in a older blue pickup with a red dog in it with you we looked at each other and I would sure like to get to know you better tell me what color my truck was we were at Center Street right at I 25
  • hi sexy ladie at antelope mine - m4w (douglas) 45yr
    • Hi u where in a. car at front of parking lot next to a blue ford f150 u looked at me i can't stop thinking of u please get in touch
  • fine dude at The Shoshone Rose casino - m4m (Shoshone rose casino)
    • I know this is a long shot but you walked in

in front of me n wow a wrangled butt and than u went n sat by a female n when u got up to leave we made eye contact and than a few times after idk if it was flirting or what but we locked eyes a few m [...]

  • Maverick 1210am - m4w (Newcastle)
    • You asked if I was going to work and... you looked at me like i was crazy. I thought you were interesting... let's have coffee sometime nothing more... tell me what my response was?
  • jackson hole , Wy. monday Aug 4 - m4w (Jackson Hole ,Wy)
    • Looking to find the Beautiful girl I met very briefly who was setting on bench in front of the "Cowboy Bar",I feel now that Fate had a hand in our meeting and I feel like I blew a one in a million opportunity to get to know the right person for me . [...]
  • Samantha at the boot - m4w (Riverton) 32yr
    • I've never done this and it's a long shot . We were enjoying drinks and great conversation when the fight broke out . Would like to visit with ya again and at least apologize
  • Lunch time at the pumps - m4w (Big D, Cheyenne)
    • As you walked out to your Jeep, I'm not sure what I saw first; your red hair, pretty face,your smokin body, or your tats. Lets just say you made quite an overall impression.

And then you seemed to look my way a time or two, as we were fueling, and I [...]

I'd like to chat, hang out and whatever. I was behind you in line and offer to pay for your stuff, you slugged me [...]

  • you were in line behind me at Walmart just now - w4m (Gillette)
    • you were just inline behind me at Walmart. I know you drive a beautiful blue truck. there was an older gentleman with you. I told you you could come home with me! email me!
  • release - m4w (37) 37yr
    • You won't be dissappointed in me. I'm 37 and very good in bed, so I've been told. I'm great with my mouth and can be as gentel or rough as needed. Please hit me up for a NSA good time. Looking for tonight only

Change subjective to age

  • Newcastle Maverick - m4m (Newcastle)
    • Never posted here before but saw a hot guy at the Maverick in Newcastle this morning. We made eye contact several times and waved at each other as I was leaving. Tell me the color of my vehicle and what you bought. Would like to meet up with you for [...]
  • battered boots - w4ww (jackson hole)
    • my crush is by turns boring and offending me. i'm back on the horn with my sister and a little queasy about it. the yazidi are stranded and we shouldn't wait for the IS to attack, we should just bomb the shit out of them. (i was saying this last nigh [...]
  • Fitness one - m4m (Cheyenne ) 35yr
    • I was coming out of the shower I seen u liked it if it's u tell me what I looked like lets meet up see what happens
  • kary - m4w
    • I don't know how to say it to you so I'll say it here. If you read it maybe you'll understand if not you can just pretend you didn't see it.. I miss you even though its been years since we dated, I was an ass and have no justification other than I wa [...]
  • Old Men With Stability LOL - w4m (cheyenne) 24yr
    • SYWF seeking successful old men to satisfy each other. hit me up if you wanna know more about me.
  • Guy camping with blue chevy and pointy shaped trailer - mw4m (Loop Road) 38yr
    • My husband and I were admiring your camper trailer when I noticed you on saturday. I didn't have the nerve to come and say hi then. I drove by your camp a few times on Sunday but you were not around. I just wanted to stop and say hello. I went back b [...]
  • Putt Hutt - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • To the girl working at putt Hutt Friday night you were very cute and funny I wish I would have got your name and number!
    • ATTENTION ANYONE***** I am desperately trying to contact my friend. His name is ALEX CALHOUN, the last time that we spoke was approx. 2 weeks ago and now I am not hearing from him, I have texted him a bazillion times and also left a bazillion me [...]
    • LOST: A Dear, dear friend. Rebecca Shane Morely. Also goes by Shane Morely. Or Shane Olson Kittleson.

She's about 5'2 - 5'3", slender (last I saw), gray/blond hair, glasses. She's a heavy smoker, and has a raspy voice. good chance she's still toothl [...]

  • Rocking The Railroad - m4w (Casper/Sheridan)
    • We exchanged some looks and chatted a bit in line. I'm pretty sure you are from Casper. Get back to me if you think you might want to see what trouble we can get in to together.
  • tall Guy that rides the bus - w4m (Cheyenne ) 23yr
    • Hey. I'm Shannon. We been seeing each other in passing on the northeast bus for a while now. you have brown hair pulled back in a hair tie. You are tall compared to me. You wear glasses. I see you looking at me on the bus.... I'm blonde, shortish hai [...]
  • looking for friends and fun - m4mw (sheridan)
    • you responded to this ad on 8/3 but your message got mixed in with another and was unable to make contact please conract again
  • White Dodge with Texas Plats - m4m (Sheridan)
    • You pulled up next to me at the stop light on Sheridan Ave. and Coffeen Ave. driving a white dodge with texas plats. We drove side by side most of the way down Coffeen until you passed me. When you did you looked back so I thought I would take a chan [...]
  • Kevin at Holiday Inn breakfast Sunday - w4m (Sheridan)
    • Kevin, you tag along with your family at a lot of restaurants, I've seen you a lot. And you are always a damn jerk! You are at least 25 but you throw fits like a spoiled toddler every time I've seen you! I take my elderly Grandmother out often as she [...]
  • virgin sub btm - m4m (cheyenne) 51yr
    • Looking for people to pnp i am laid back open and want to please im very smooth and looking for same or similar also im looking guys close to my age but not set in stone i want to be a btm and give alot of oral the bigger the better thanks
  • You were at the Thompson Square concert - m4w (Wy big show)
    • I was at the concert right up front on the left side. You were behind us and we had asked you to move up by us. We made eye contact several times and you would get the cutest shy smile. After the concert you and two of your friends where standing by [...]
  • Starbucks late Sunday morning - m4w (Rock Springs)
    • I guess you were buying for a few people... I got to stand behind you and admire your perfect frame.

I sat in my truck and watched you navigate the rocky planter in your heels as you walked to your little white car...perfection. Thanks for brighteni [...]

  • Walmart checkout line - m4w (RS)
    • I went through your line at walmart, you liked my tattoo. I'm older than you, but maybe we can chat? Seems like we could have talked for a while.
  • Friday - m4m (Cody)
    • You pulled into get gas yesterday. I started to fill my truck and asked you a question, and you responded with a gesture. You activated your card then didn't get any gas. We live close to each other and have known each other for about a year and a ha [...]
  • Lovejoy's Waitress - m4w (Laramie) 24yr
    • Hows it going? I highly doubt you'll ever see this but whatever. I didn't have the balls to make a move but you have to be one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen. You were my waitress today at Lovejoys and i was speechless for once. Yours eye [...]
  • Wrong Number at 7am - m4w (cheyenne)
    • Sorry I woke you up. You did sound a little annoyed, who wouldn't be right?

But I loved the sound of your voice! Sexy. I ALMOST said something to you like "so... now that I woke you up you wanna talk or have breakfast?" . Good thing people can't sla [...]

  • johnny j's - m4m (casper)
    • You were sitting at the counter waiting for a to-go order. Caught you looking atme a lot. It was Thursday afternoon. You were wearing blue. If you ever see this hit me up. I can keep a secret.
  • What were you thinking? - m4w (Hillsdale)
    • Reva, you must have changed jobs and frankly that sux. I never went there for the food. I was just curious about the 'diamond in the rough' that you appeared to be... I'm sorry that we didn't get to talk more, that I didn't ask you out... you seemed [...]
  • have you met Melissa? - m4w (cheyenne)
    • I was introduced to you by your friends the same way I introduced my friend to you:) if you know Melissa tell her to reply.
  • Looking for jerry d from washington - w4m
    • I responded to an ad a long time ago and u were looking for out of state chats. Ur number use to end with 8466 but its changed. I was out of a phone for so long. If you see this i miss you so so so much. I really love you jerry
  • Local bank. - m4m (Cheyenne ) 22yr
    • I've helped you out on numerous occasions. We always make eye contact and you're always nice. If you can tell me the place and who you are maybe we can make that connection ;)
  • God! Plumber stud! - m4m (casper) 29yr
    • So here is a shot in the dark. I saw you yesterday briefly, You were beautiful! I would say your 25? Very well built looking, blond or brown hair? (You were wearing a hat) Scruffy face, amazing looking arms! I know your a plumber for sure since I saw [...]
  • HQ BBQ - m4w (Casper)
    • To the cute but sexy blonde waitress. You brought me two salads. You forgot to bring me a beer. You forgot to bring me a menu and I forgot to give you my room number. I'm staying at the hotel behind that restaurant until Fri. I know we can have some [...]
  • Casper grocery store - m4w (Casper) 24yr
    • You work at a grocery store, I'm in often, at least once a week. I think You're extremely attractive! Hoping you might be interested in chatting or having some fun. I'm tall, brown hair, glasses. Message me with the name if the store. I don't want to [...]
  • Purple Skirt Washington Park Sat Morning - m4w (casper)
    • You were playing fetch with your beautiful dog and i was sitting on my bike saturday morning in Washington Park. I sat and watched, and we locked eyes a few times and even spoke. You are very sexy and have great legs! If you read this and wanna chat, [...]
  • cheyanne va hospital - m4w (cheyanne) 28yr
    • You where a gorgeous blonde taking a tour it seemed, maybe a new intern. I was the ginger with tattoos

I caught your eye, but didn't think you'd want anything to do with a "broken vet" but thought id say you where beautiful. Ive never posted to thi [...]

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