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craigslist | missed connections in wyoming

  • cute red head at sherries - m4w (laramie)
    • was sitting in a meeting and you walked by a couple times, we made eye contact a few times. i kept looking away first. i know its a long shot but if you see this and remember me... maybe we could meet for a coffee?
  • burger king - m4m (rock springs) 25yr
    • You were working in the back you had brownish blond hair you had gauges and we're wearing skinny jeans if you want to meet up some time I would love to go on a date with you
  • Cowboy at airport - m4m 33yr
    • Hi bud, know we were checking each other out last night 7/22 at airport. Would love to get to know you. Obviously I am married with kids but always looking for a friend with benefits. Hmu
  • saw you in jackson - m4t (jackson)
    • Saturday you were looking so sexy at a hotel bar. Tight little skirt, beautiful, sexy. I am lusting after you. Would love to meet you
  • to Army bebe (baby). - w4m (Nebraska♡.Che.)
    • somewhere near the wheat field. I miss you and I miss thinking of you,it is sad that you stay away for just a misunderstanding,we both lost in communicating, lost the opportunity to have someone who loved and pampered you.I was willing to make you ha [...]
  • Beautiful mocha woman riding on CY - m4w (Casper) 24yr
    • Just paying a compliment.

To the gorgeous woman on the light motorcycle with the long, curly, brown and golden hair, you`re absolutely captivating. A nice spot of ebony sunshine lighting up the road.

  • Caught Me Checking You Out - w4m (Frontier Mall Cheyenne Wy) 23yr
    • We walked past each other in the mall. i can't remember exactly where but i had the aquacolor. hair. i was checking you out hard and you looked up at me n smiled cuz you caught me. but you had on a bandana on your head, a black shirt and a pair of je [...]
  • Cliff S - w4m (Casper)
    • It's been years since we have spoken and I miss you so much. I miss the time we spent together but most of all your friendship. I miss talking to you and hanging out playing Super Mario Brothers. I know you are happily married now and would never wan [...]
  • Applebee's rock springs - m4w (Rs)
    • As you came in you stared and as I left you did the same why If I may ask tell me what I was wearing so I know it's you
  • HWY 59 Terrys Furniture - m4w (Hwy 59) 99yr
    • Saw you walking down hwy 59 today at around 9 am.

You were smoking a cigarette and turned right at Terrys Furniture it looked like. Thought about asking you if you wanted something else in your mouth but drove by instead, looked like you were looki [...]

  • bluest damn eyes & long blonde hair - m4w (sheridan)
    • I was in line behind you at sheridans street dance. You had long blonde hair and bluest damn eyes i ever seen. Crazy blue. You had on blue shirt and jeans. Its a long shot but if your single I would love to get to know you.
  • waitress at Perkins - m4w (Casper) 58yr
    • I doubt you will see this , but wearth a try, I was in Perkins with my sister and mother last evening you and I made eye contact several times , you have medium length blond hair , glasses and very pretty if you happen to see this tell me what I was [...]
  • girl at ty's - m4w (lingle) 29yr
    • Hey Ashley your sexy....hit me up if you get this maybe we can do something on the side...
  • My first love - w4m (Laramie)
    • I feel pathetic, but they say you never forget your first love and for me this is so true. It was a high school love, and it has been over two decades since we have spoken, but every day I think of you and wish you love and light. You said that you h [...]
  • Safeway produce - m4m (Casper)
    • This is a long shot but, we exchanged glances in the produce section and I caught you looking back a couple of times.

If by some miracle you read this, get in touch and tell me what I was wearing or anything else you recall

  • fox farm storage - m4w (cheyenne) 28yr
    • you were at your storage unit tonight and did what looked like was got ready to gobout by changing your clothes and doing your hair, If this sounds like you please write me back with what you were wearing before the black dress cause you have a kille [...]
  • looking for someone to use my toys on me - m4m (Riverton) 24yr
    • I've been trying to find someone to fuck my ass with my one of my two dildos I bought off of zoofur.com, so I'm look someone to play with them with me. I can also give a blow job.
  • Damsel in Distress - m4w
    • The keys were locked in your car, I was helping unlock the back door, you cut loose with expletives and forced your arm thru the cracked window. I enjoyed your attitude and would like to buy you a drink.
  • at the depot - m4w (cheyenne)
    • You were coming out of the Albany and I was walking in we both knew we remembered eachother but you were with someone a boyfriend or husband so I didn't say much. I can't stop thinking of you, hope you read this.
  • saw you at Mcdonalds tonight - m4w (casper) 53yr
    • saw you with you 2 little guys tonight sure wish we could have hooked up

tell me what you remember

tell me you favorite color car

  • Looking for Michael Bernett - w4m (Cheyenne )
    • Looking for my long lost friend. Please email me if you are him or if you know how to get a hold of him
  • Journey Concert CFD two years ago - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • I know this is a real long shot but since CFD and concert season I thought I would try. At the Journey concert two years ago we were standing next to each other for part of the concert. Everyone holding peoples spots while others went for beer and/or [...]
  • McDonalds Breakfast - m4m (Laramie)
    • Hey caught eyes with you a couple times. Would like to chat and get to know you more if you'd like?
  • boot in Riverton - m4m (Riverton)
    • chatted with you at the bar last night, thought we had a connection, sure would like to go further with you. you are one goodlooking hot guy and very nice as well. if you see this email back
  • Beautiful Paramedic - m4w (Cheyanne) 35yr
    • It was Sunday night you were part of the ambulance crew that transported my dad from the VA to CRMC. I didn't see you till I got to my dad's room but I thought you were so beautiful and appreciated how patient and caring you were with my dad. You hav [...]
  • You Were Helping an Older Woman in a Wheelchair Tuesday Aft - m4w (Capitol City Cinema Cheyenne)
    • I know the odds of you reading this are phenomally low, but I had to try this. You were tall and wearing glasses, and helping an older woman into the cinema around 3PM. I thought you were amazingly cute in a very intelligent, professional, and intell [...]
  • At the Bread Store - m4w (Cheyenne) 20yr
    • You were dancing around working to the Cure. Incredibly bubbly and helpful for the early hour. Thanks for breakfast, your quick smile made my bleak morning bearable. I saw no ring. Next time Ill speak up and ask you to lunch. Id love to see you dance [...]
  • Smiling redhead at Kmart - m4w (Sheridan) 41yr
    • I've seen you a few times and you are always smiling. No ring on your finger, BBW, freckles but not to many. I'd like to get to know you. Good job, not married, not a weirdo, etc here.
  • Hey Hopeless Romantic - w4m (Casper Wyoming) 18yr
    • I love and miss you, I dont know how things turned out this way, but I do know I can never have you back in my life. I search through here everyday with the faintest hope that I might hear from you. Thursday is my birthday... I wish for one day I cou [...]
  • jennaxoxo - m4t (casper)
    • My email got deleted. I've been dying to get with you again. Message me on here to find out who it is.Please send pic so I k ow its you
  • country pride - m4w
    • To my waitress yesterday. i want to say thank you. I am a truck driver who was having lunch with his trainer. Him and I were having a conversation about a crazy girl i had been talking to when you advised me to just run away. I took that advice and w [...]
  • G from the bank - m4w (Laramie)
    • Hey,

in another time I would have gladly taken you out for your special day. We seem to have a connection and it would have been a good time. Hope you don't be as boring as you said you were going to be. Have fun.

  • AKA AMF Stud - m4m (rock springs)
    • You see me in there with my sis we sit at a high top and drink AMF I seen you looking at me and well you are cute. would like to get to know you more and see what's up. tell me what I was wearing and where I am talking about so I know that its you I [...]
  • Redhead getting gas - m4w (Riverton)
    • Me - just getting off work, being harassed by another just going to work

You - Redhead shorter than I (which isn't hard), cute, well rounded, cute, ahead of me in line, cute, drove by me while I got gas and looked (but didn't slow or stop :( ), and [...]

I think I saw you on your motorcycle today. On Lakeway around 2 PM. I think you saw me too.... And this is fricken lame posting on here like this..... But I remember you saying you sometimes read these pathetic sho [...]

  • Nice looking blonde, striped shirt. S. Greeley Safeway - m4w (S. Cheyenne)
    • We passed once on an aisle then again as you were headed to the checkout. You smiled as we passed. A little after 7 tonite. I had one other thing to grab and was gonna come back and say hello but you were gone. Doubt you will ever see this, but shoul [...]
  • Hottie at the MAC/CPN Golf Tournament - m4w (Warren AFB) 30yr
    • You were running a hole at the golf tournament and looking soo hot! We have known eachother for a little while and im always trying to flirt a bit with you. We both are married and im not looking to change our situations, just wanted to give another [...]
  • Wendy L. - m4w (Casper) 30yr
    • Just wanted you to know I miss seeing you around the office. You're sexy as ever and I regret never telling you how bad I wanted you.
  • Sara from Casper-Street Dance - m4w (Sheridan) 31yr
    • I'm gonna give this a try, but guessing you wont see it. We were hanging out last night towards the end of the street dance in Sheridan. We were having ALOT of fun but then your friends made you leave. I had the Pendelton Sticker (yes i know, everyon [...]
  • menards cashier - m4w (cheyenne)
    • Your the bigger cashier at menards dark hair dont know if youll see this. I gotta say you look good. You said you had a boyfriend I'm married don't know if you possibly wanna hookup sometime and have some fun maybe you could show me your tattoos then [...]
  • From Dell to Dillon - w4m (Southwest Montana)
    • We we're both driving down the I-15 just North of Monida July 3rd, flirting back and forth with each other. I was driving the Sante Fe with CA plates, you had a truck with Wyoming plates. I just wanted you to know that you brought a smile to my face [...]
  • S. R. collect your baby's child support from him!
    • Know the facts ladies

Men are financially responsible for thier offspring. Children are entitled to support whether the paternal father wanted a child or not. A sperm deposit culminating in a child equals child support dollars from the father. Q. W [...]

  • Jimmy Johns? - m4w (Wyoming)
    • I went in to get a sandwich. You worked there and smiled at me. Sorry, I didn't have the time to say anything.
  • Holy assets - m4w (Cody)
    • To the strawberry blonde at the mobil station wearing a button up shirt an what I can only describe as a denim thong. You should be declared a national treasure. Marry me.
  • on the bright side - m4w
    • idgaf miss high and mighty. when he grows up he'll come looking for me and when he does he'll resent you for keeping me away from him. but if that's the life you want, then youcan have it. it is your choice afterall. you are clearly nuts. i take back [...]
  • That look - w4w (CC )
    • You were working at CC tonight... Sold me two items at the counter.. I asked about positions..you're pretty. I wish I knew your name... I forgot to look
  • At Dillards West - m4w (Cheyenne) 30yr
    • We saw each other twice at Dillard's today (Thursday) and each time I got that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. Its been years since we had seen each other, and you look GREAT! I tried to wink at you, but didn't want to make it to obvious a [...]
  • howard johnsons desk clerk - m4w (gillette)
    • I came in and got rooms for my employees, you where very cute!! You had a ring on but I couldn't tell if it was a wedding ring. I hope to here from you you! I love a chance to visit more!!
  • I do still love you... - m4w
  • Lovely Nohaya from Duke's Bar - m4w (Saratoga)
    • Maybe it was just me, but I thought that there was a connection between the two of us. I could have talked with you all night long, but you were so busy doing your job. I sincerely meant my comment about you being lovely, you are a beautiful woman wo [...]
  • Appointment - m4w (Cheyenne) 28yr
    • I saw you today at my appointment around 9am. We talked briefly about frontier days and where we're from. Anyhow I thought you were cute and would like to take you out on dinner or coffee.
  • Martina McBride concert, July 4th - m4w
    • You and I sat next to each other at the Martina McBride concert on July 4th in Greeley, CO. You told me you are from Ohio and that you were going to college in Laramie...Business Marketing I believe is what you want to be when you grow up. We sat in [...]
  • Every Monday morning - m4w (Casper/mills) 30yr
    • I look for you every Monday morning when I am getting loaded or strapping down your blonde hair and cute smile and wave gets me every time our jobs are very similar yet very different we never talk but I want to plus a lot more other things u pull tw [...]
  • Amaya Starbucks - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • i hope this gets through but i was at Starbucks today i ordered a double chocolate chip frappe i was with my mom and we chit chatted very little but i thought you were very beautiful and thought we could chat more maybe hang out some text my number i [...]
  • You recently moved here - m4w 23yr
    • You are hands down the hottest mom I've seen in cheyenne. You got something from us today and I must say bringing it to you was the best part of my day. Your smile is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for showing it so much while I was there. I don't k [...]
  • Camera girl - m4w
    • You do a lot all the time. You are the most capable, smartest, beautiful, deserving, and original ladies I have ever met. You deserve the world, I could never give you what you deserve, and you will never know who I am I just wanted you to know how m [...]
  • Red mustang - m4ww (2nd st, casper)
    • I was in my mercedes. You and a friend were driving next to me and kept looking over. You were both super sexy. Wanna meet up and party? You seem like pretty down chicks.
  • missed you 2 years ago - m4w (Cheyenne )
    • We met at a Toby Keith concert 2 years ago, you're name is Rachael (sp?) I was on a blind date... that didn't work out. At all. We shared a cigarette and conversation. Let me know if you're still out there!
  • RS arbys - m4m (Rocks springs )
    • You were working at Arby's in rock springs wearing a green shirt....thought you were very cute and just seeing if this works :) made eye contact a couple times. Tell me what I was wearing to weed out spam
  • Yellowstone Beer Fest - m4w (Cody )
    • Very beautiful tall blonde caught my eye. We chatted near the end of the fest. I'd love to continue. What did we talk about? Email me.
  • pink hair - m4w (casper)
    • I saw u walking by the college a couple times a few weeks ago. Bright pink hair jeans w a big ass belt buckle. very sexy. i am too. where'd u go
  • not even noticed - m4w 29yr
    • Its crazy seeing one who you have never even really spoke to. you don't know there name. you don't even know the things they injoy. but the simple glance upon there face makes your day.

our kids play here and there at our little playground. your tal [...]

  • re:re: In Walmart - m4w (cheyenne)
    • She was wearing a pink top and drove an older model ford truck. She waved at me in the parking lot. I should have approached her,stupid moment for me. Hope she sees this
  • miss you so - m4w (Gillette)
    • Been over a year now. Still can't get you out of my head or heart. Miss just talking. I know nothing will ever happen we us. Just don't know how to get you out of my mind. Wish the best for you because you deserve it. Have a great summer. ...
  • In wal-mart - m4w (cheyenne) 33yr
    • So if you seen a guy noticing you today who was wearing a superman shirt reply to this. A certain girl I noticed today I hope sees this.
  • CNP at Health Reach - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • You are a beautiful and caring provider at Health Reach! Thank you for treating me so well. I wish i could have spoken otherwise i would have made a pass at you. I am all better now and would love to connect with you. I know you are married (so am i) [...]
  • Sexy Ass Neighbor - m4w (cheyenne) 28yr
    • I keep seeing you and think damn you have a nice ass body. Id love to see you naked. You go for jogs on occassion. That ass and those legs. Wow. HMU
  • Cadillac ranch - m4m (Cheyenne ) 23yr
    • There were so many fine guys at the ranch last night!! If you're into guys hit me up and we can see if it's a good thing. :) your pic gets mine
  • casper fair - m4w (casper)
    • I was walking in and u was in a suv in the back and yelled chow was up want to meet up and get freaky
  • Looking for Lindsey vann from 3 bears - m4w (West yellowstone) 40yr
    • I was in a tricky situation before but not so much anymore. Are you still in yellowstone would love to grab a beer...you also have a very attractive friend who was a bartender who had an eye for my friend. If you remember us let's talk I'll be there [...]
  • U work at the bar - m4w (Yoder )
    • U work in the bar at yoder. I was in asking directions and I'd like to know more or at least chat
  • Cheyenne Mall - m4w
    • I was in chick-fil-a on friday July 3rd. You handed me my food and you were gorgeous. Hoping you're single and let me take you out sometime. Your name is Abby ;) I am new to Cheyenne and would love to get to know you. Hopefully you see this or somebo [...]
  • YMCA Steam Room - m4m (Cheyenne) 25yr
    • Wow man. Saw you in the steam room. You had to have been in your 20s, fit Latin mix with a huge dick. You were laying there with a huge bulge. Hit me up if this is you. Always in the steam room.
  • City Park on the 4th - m4w (Lander)
    • you were in the park today you were wearing a white shirt you have blonde hair and you have the most adorable smile you helped my son get his frisbee out of the creek HMU if you see this!
  • Monique - Omaha, Omaha Hurry,Hurry - m4w (Maverick on 59)
    • Talked to you today while waitin in line. I told you your Oakley's were sweet. You have the prettiest brown eyes I've ever seen. First time I've ever been happy to wait in line. You looked sexy as hell in those jeans and broncos tshirt. All I know is [...]
  • Missing you like crazy! - m4w (Gillette)
    • Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. I miss everything about us. I know it probably would never work between us but we sure tried over and over. I'm sure you've moved on, I just want you to be happy. I still love you and always will. Prett [...]
  • cooling off at the pool - w4m
    • You showed up around 3 and did not stay long

Something about you was so extremely attractive. I am not sure if you're single or not. I send me a message with a description of what I was doing while I was lounging

Hope you see this.

  • The women riding in the white car - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • You rolled down your window to get a better view of me as I waited to turn. Just wanted to say your beautiful and thanks for showing your interest.
  • My motorcycle ran out of gas - m4w (Gillette)
    • My motorcycle ran out of gas this morning about 5AM. You and your friend stopped to give me a ride and I thank you very much. I would love to get to know you and spend time with. If you are interested please place the name of my apartment complex in [...]
  • Chilis - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • I saw u eating at chilis tonight and you were by yourself. We kept catching each other looking at one another. You looked liked you had a long day. Tell me what color scrubs you were wearing so I know it is you. Would like to meet you.
  • seen you at all outside of five guys - m4w (your truck)
    • Seem you outside of 4 guys talking to somebody then you went to your truck and the eye contact and the flirting was definitely there. So beautiful and so thick if I was by myself and if I didn't just see you talking to someone I would have had to sto [...]
  • Woman in walmart - m4w (Casper)
    • I was in the movie section and our paths kept crossing . I felt something for you , and if you felt something for me , I'd like to hear from you .
  • I Flashed My Twins June 28th - w4m (Casper)
    • June 28th ~ 5pm You were getting on motorcycle in front of ComeOnInn on south side of Casper, after a rain storm, you were wet and leaving. Hotel lobby was very full. Several people waiting to shake your hand, as I too turned around & left to find an [...]
  • Capital Movies - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • I was walking out of the theatre and you were walking to the restroom, on the way back it seemed like you had a little flirt in your walk since you were walking differently on the way back. If you see this, let me know it's you!
  • you lost your phone - m4w (casper) 26yr
    • you lost your phone, then you found it and I helped you out. I thought you were incredibly sexy and gorgeous, if you remember me helping you out and you agreed. then email me back, i know its a long shot but its worth a shot anyway
  • girl at cinn-a-bon in flyinf j - m4w (cheyenne)
    • I have been coming into this gas station for a week now. Your always working and you are so beautiful and always smiling and have the sweetest voice. I havr talked to you several times and would like to take you ourmt if your open to it. I dont know [...]
  • I miss you - w4m (Gillette)
    • I miss you like crazy. We haven't talked for months, and I guess that's what I miss the most, talking and laughing with you. I know it never would have worked with us, but I did/do love you. I hope life is treating you well my old friend.
  • Albertson's Tan Hottie - m4w (Cheyenne)
    • To the Tan Brunette Hottie that I just saw at Albertson's on Yellowstone, I saw you looking. What color was my shirt?
  • You wear your sunglasses inside - m4w (casper)
    • You had some problems with a bill that you needed help with. I was the guy lucky enough to help you out. If you remember what we did let me know. I found you incredibly sexy withthose sunglasses on.

Let me know if the feeling was mutual

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